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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. welcome to Ten News. Hello. I'm Natarsha Belling, asylum seekers headed for Australia Tonight - warnings of more dozens of blast survivors. as doctors treat

of utter and sheer grief - The look almost a very sad experience. it was actually in a 4-wheel drive rollover Tourist crash - two dead on Fraser Island. an arson attack on a suburban church. And a Sydney teenager charged over

is on high alert tonight But first, the navy

up to 100 asylum seekers with reports another boat carrying is on its way to Australia. rejects reports It comes as the Rudd Government its softer refugee policy that it was warned attract people smugglers. would once again to rescue the asylum seekers Just as the mission winds up, from Thursday's fatal boat explosion carrying up to 100 possible refugees there are reports another boat

is heading our way. that our force is on high alert I can't confirm anything other than for a further arrival. for the possibility the risk of further arrivals is high, Senator Evans says nothing to do with a winding back but insists that has tough stance on asylum seekers. of the Howard government's The Opposition has leapt on reports specifically warned the Government that the Australian Federal Police

once again attract people smugglers. that softening the laws would dynamite for the Rudd Government, If this report is true, it is because it means that its policies were failing, the Government was warned

yet it did nothing about it. such reporting No, look I haven't seen wouldn't report and clearly the minister responsible

is given to him anyway. on what intelligence advice 50 asylum seekers The boat carrying

this year. was the sixth unauthorised arrival the numbers speak for themselves. The Opposition says

This is further evidence position on border protection that the Rudd Government's softened

to people smugglers. is sending the wrong message a strong message to people smugglers, The Government insists it is sending pointing to a 6-year jail term by a West Australian court yesterday. handed down to an Indonesian skipper

Daniela Ritorto, Ten News. Doctors are optimistic in a boat explosion, the asylum seekers badly burned will survive their horrific injuries. to Brisbane for further treatment. Six have now been flown from Darwin of the sickest asylum seekers. The long journey continues for six to up to 50% of their body. Most have deep burns

of surviving. They ahve a very, very good chance

will be low. I expect that the mortality an air force jet was on standby From Darwin Hospital,

to fly them to Brisbane's specialist burns unit in coming days. for extensive skin grafts I'd have to say. We are itching to go, with burns patients The clock starts ticking from the moment they are injured.

involved in Thursday's drama Both patrol boats

have docked in Darwin, of three asylum seekers delivering the bodies killed when their vessel exploded. The commander of the 'Albany' says before the emergency. there was no sign of trouble were all calm The people on board at that time

of our support. and very appreciative the boat was doused with fuel... As for previous claims I certainly can't comment on that. of anything like that. I have certainly no knowledge

by the blast - Some were thrown into the sea spent 30 minutes in the water. some being treated in Darwin of the asylum seekers up here So far, just three to be discharged from hospital. have been well enough of the Immigration Department, They're now in the custody at the Berrima detention centre, and are being housed here which is south of Darwin. This is where they'll stay are assessed. until their claims for refugee status

is under the flight path The detention centre evacuating their companions. of the air force jet Like them, their future is unclear. In Darwin, Max Futcher, Ten News. in a 4-wheel driving accident Two tourists have been killed on Queensland's Fraser Island. vehicle rolled over on the beach. Nine others were injured when their in Brisbane. They've now been flown to hospital

that's ended in tragedy. It was a dream island holiday 11 backpackers were on board the troop carrier, laden with camping gear, on Fraser Island's eastern side. when it rolled to miss an incoming wave The driver has swerved of the vehicle and has rolled. and with that he's lost control A trail of debris was left for 50m along the isolated beach. a man and a woman in their 20s, Among it,

they were thrown from the vehicle. the pair killed instantly when

isn't it? It's the last thing, you'd expect, not a care in the world. Happy go lucky last night, There you go. from nearby Hervey Bay, Doctors flew in the nine others seriously injured treating in a makeshift beach hospital. Two are critical, head, neck and chest injuries. the others suffering serious

the victims' loved ones overseas. Police are yet to notify They're from a number of countries. We are yet to ascertain who they are they're actually from. and what countries involving international tourists Today's accident is one of many on Fraser Island. in hired 4-wheel drives as far as fatalities is concerned, This is the worst, since I've been here. a number with multiple injuries. In the three years, we've had to Brisbane for further treatment. The survivors have now been flown

Jesse Grayson, Ten News. has been left devastated A Sydney community on their local church. after an arson attack

a 17-year-old boy. Police have now charged

captures the blaze A neighbour's handicam St Andrew's Uniting Church. ripping through the beloved were spotted fleeing the scene. Moments earlier, three boys

as soon as she saw the flames. My wife rang 000 to start with The fire was at the front to the top of the A-frame. and then just funnelled up

20 firefighters worked desperately to save the church, but it was already too late.

Unfortunately fire crews were unable to save the church, but due to firefighting efforts were able to save the surrounding houses. In the harsh light of day, church-goers were confronted with a hellish scene -

their sacred site of more than 30 years destroyed. I can't understand why anyone would want to harm a place of worship, because I don't really believe there's anything in there to steal. Our daughter was married here, our grandchildren were christened in the church and it's been part of our lives. Church managers have vowed to rebuild.

Tomorrow's service will be held in an adjoining hall. All the work of God will carry on. This will not stop that. Today, a 17-year-old boy was charged and refused bail. Police caught him hiding in a nearby garden.

Neighbours - who were too afraid to talk on camera - say this is just the latest in a series of attacks by a group of teenage boys. Also last night, just two doors down from the church,

a neighbour's front lawn was doused in petrol. Investigations are continuing. But from the ashes, a small sign of hope. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Queensland bikies have turned to a PR company to help improve their image in the wake of national plans to outlaw the gangs. All 17 local clubs are banding together to launch a United Council.

They say it will allow any grievances or club disputes to be resolved peacefully between senior members. The clubs also plan to use the council as a contact point to deal with government and police agencies. It follows months of negative publicity and a national debate on how to deal with increasing bikie violence. A plea for clues to the Marysville blaze as police close in on a firebug - we'll have that next.

Plus, building bridges after the Cronulla riots - the young men and women joining our diggers in Kokoda.

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Police are investigating the death of a man found lying in the stairwell of a Sydney unit block.

The man - believed to have been in his mid-40s - was not a resident of the building, but lived nearby. Police still don't know how he died but believe it could be suspicious. I'd like to reassure members of the public that this incident in this area is totally out of character

and we have no concerns that it's linked to any gang violence. Residents say they heard noises coming from the stairwell in the early hours of the morning.

There's a new twist over the death of a man at London's G20 protest. A second autopsy has revealed he died from abdominal bleeding and not a heart attack. The officer who struck him could now face manslaughter charges.

In this most compelling video evidence Ian Tomlinson is seen being pushed to the floor by a police officer. He falls heavily on his stomach. Today a new post-mortem said it was abdominal injuries that caused his death.

That conclusion contradicts an early post-mortem, that suggested

that the 47-year-old newspaper seller died from a heart attack. In the days that followed Ian Tomlinson's death a clearer picture has slowly emerged of the events that led up to it. These photographs show Mr Tomlinson in an earlier confrontation with police.

These images give a different view of the second clash. They show a police man approach Mr Tomlinson, baton raised, and forcibly strike him

before knocking him over. Witnesses have said the newspaper seller was struck twice before being pushed down. The second post-mortem, which refers to blood being in the abdomen, has completely changed the nature and the seriousness of the investigation, such that the investigation is now properly put as a manslaughter investigation. The latest post-mortem was carried out by distinguished pathologist Dr Nat Carey,

whose expertise has been called on in some of the country's biggest criminal cases. It will be considered alongside the earlier conclusion when a coroner's inquest ultimately decides what role the police played in Ian Tomlinson's death. Paul Davies, Ten News. The American captain held hostage by Somali pirates has finally returned home. Almost two weeks after his ship was attacked,

Richard Phillips was reunited with his family. He was rescued when navy SEALs killed three of his captors with just three shots.

The first people I want to thank are the SEALs. They're the superheroes, they're the titans. They're impossible men doing an impossible job. Captain Phillips is now back in his home town

where he received a hero's welcome. A group of young Australians is busy preparing for the adventure of a lifetime.

They'll use an Anzac Day expedition to the Kokoda Track to help rebuild their communities, which were caught up in the Cronulla riots. Four years after violent race riots became Australia's day of shame two communities unite as one, carrying the pride of a nation across one of the world's most brutal battlegrounds. People are a lot more hesitant now to approach each other

and I think that that needs to change. And these are the young people determined to make that happen - young Muslims from the urban sprawl in Sydney's west teaming up with surf-lifesavers from the sandy beaches of Cronulla. Good job. A united enthusiasm for a united goal - to finish a gruelling 10-day trek through the harsh jungles of Kokoda.

I believe this is a great opportunity to bring these two communities together. The violence and hatred is burned in the minds of these young Australians and their efforts to break down barriers and rebuild relationships have already led to an unlikely partnership. Well, it's all about mateship. If a Labor politician and a Liberal politician can be mates then so can people of different religions and backgrounds.

It's about our communities working together, our young people sharing a future together -

and that's what our diggers made the sacrifice for. As those veterans shared memories from the muddy tracks, those about to walk in their footsteps promised to do them proud. We'll be sharing blood, sweat and tears and we'll be brothers and sisters by the end of this. The future of a city - and a country - is counting on it. Brett Mason, Ten News. Thousands of Sydneysiders have gone trackside

for Doncaster Day at Royal Randwick. There was no sign of a credit crunch, with race goers spending up big on fashion, food and the odd flutter. Lady Sonia McMahon was among the high profile guests. The 77-year-old was back socialising after suffering a serious fall earlier this year which left her in intensive care. The surviving Mumbai massacre gunman goes on trial - we'll have that next.

And is this the world's tallest man?

Meet the 8-footer who's in line for a world record.

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Popcorn Chicken, a Crispy Strip, Wicked Wings and sides, the choice is easy. KFC's All Stars Box. This program is captioned live. Police say they are closing in on the arsonist responsible for one of Victoria's deadly bushfires. Investigators are calling on the community

in their search for answers to Black Saturday. As police take statements they edge closer to answers, locals playing a crucial role in bringing Black Saturday perpetrators to justice. So many people they're homeless and it's horrible. So come on - just stand up. It would have a very positive effect, but on the other hand

it's certainly not going to repair what's been done, it's not going to bring back the people that have died. Police say they are closing in on the Marysville firebug but say suggestions as to who the culprit may be isn't helping. Speculation we've had in the last 24 hours has tended to detract from the fact that CFA volunteers, in particular, perform such a great role in the community.

Devastating to think who's meant to be fighting fires that there's someone

who's starting them, but at this stage it's still rumours. Police say this idle sawmill is where the deadly blaze was deliberately lit before it rapidly spread to nearby townships, claiming at least 38 lives. We believe that there are people there that may have seen something which could actually assist us

in terms of the investigation. The maximum penalty for arson causing death is 25 years - a punishment some believe is not enough. I think people would be a lot happier if they brought back the death penalty for him, and I don't think I'd be on my own on that one. Hermione Kitson, Ten News. The only suspected guman to survive the Mumbai terror attacks has gone on trial in India.

Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, a Pakistani, was one of 10 gunmen that carried out simultaneous attacks across Mumbai last year. He has denied ever confessing to the attacks. Immediately when it was read out to him,

he said, "I have not given this confession. "My signatures have been obtained out of force and coercion, "and this is not my voluntary confession." It is believed

a Muslim militant group masterminded the attacks, which killed 166 people. US President Barack Obama has reached out to Cuba, pledging a new beginning with the Communist nation. Speaking at the Summit of the Americas, Obama proposed ending decades of hostility between the two governments. President Obama also met with Venezuela's socialist president, Hugo Chavez.

A close call for an American family after a plane crashed into their house. The owner's nephew had just left when the twin-engine Cessna lost control and slammed into the home, slicing it in two. The 80-year-old pilot died on impact. An amazing story of true sporting talent and determination on the Gold Coast today - a young footballer missing his arm below the elbow has taken the field in Queensland's top-tier Aussie rules competition.

It's the biggest day in Matt Thompson's life. Today he's suiting up for the Magpies in Queensland's top-tier football league. What's remarkable

is that he was born with his right arm missing below the elbow, but as far as he's concerned it's nothing more than an inconvenience and certainly not reason to hold him back from his dreams. You can't let it get to you, I suppose. There's nothing I can do about it so I may as well get on with life.

C'mon boys - let's do it. He's already a talented cricketer - he took 7/51 in his cricket semifinal - but his main love is footy. I just enjoy football. You've got to enjoy life. Footy's a part of that for me. His sport-mad family have always been there on the sidelines, but with five brothers and sisters there have been no favours.

Pretty well-adjusted. He is one of

five. He doesn't get any free kicks

at home, that is for sure. Matt owned the forward pocket this afternoon, his coach delighted.

He's had a great season last - kicked plenty of goals - and is in great touch. Matt doesn't plan to sit on his laurels either, he's got his sights set on the AFL.

Matt says he hopes his success story will inspire others to go out and fulfil their goals. Just don't think 'disability' - anyone can achieve their goals. Simon Hooper, Ten News. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Rob Canning, and Rob, the Sydney Swans delighted their faithful this afternoon? Yes, Tarsh, they beat the Blues in impressive fashion - the highlights coming right up, plus plenty more.

Also ahead, Australia fights to improve its world ranking. Queensland's Broncos and Titans beat their NSW opponents. Plus, F1 qualifying from China.

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This program is captioned live.

On 'Meet the Press' Sunday morning at 8:00 - Looking around the nation tomorrow.

Now, a Chinese man has been measured as the tallest person on earth.

At over 8 feet, he's hardly difficult to spot, but has gone unnoticed for years. Hard to hide when you're 8ft tall

but somehow everyone overlooked Zhao Liang, which is odd since Zhao Liang overlooks everyone else. This is a bit like standing under a skyscraper. It's really very strange.

Do you want to be the world's tallest man? Is that something you want to be? TRANSLATOR: How can you control your own body?

How can you control how high you grow? His mother might have the answer just why his clothes have to be specially made. That is a big jacket. His two super-size 28s. "Two pounds of bread, two bowls of rice

"and two meat dishes at dinner," she tells me. Until he checked into hospital for an operation on his foot - where he lies now on two beds - this contender for world's tallest man was China's best-kept secret. TRANSLATOR: I'm definitely not like a normal person. I'm so tall that when I go out lots of people surround me and take photos. It causes a traffic jam.

If he is as big as they say he will make the man who holds the official title of world's tallest a shorty at just 7'9". In China, John Ray, Ten News. That brings you up to date with the latest news. Stay around for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. I'm Natarsha Belling, good evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

This program is captioned live. Hi, I'm Rob Canning. Welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight. We're about to assault all of your senses, so brace yourself.

You're about to see the very best of the sporting world. You're going to feel what it's like to dominate, to deliver, to destroy the opposition.

We'll taste champagne and success at Doncaster Day from Royal Randwick.

Plus, we'll hear from Warnie. The first game or two might be a little bit rusty, but hopefully I can get back into it.