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Tonight, Nathan Rees in the fight

of his life as challengers line up

to roll him as premier. Good

evening. I'm Bill Woods coming to

you from State Parliament where, in

just under an hour, the State's top

job goes to the vote. Nathan Rees,

though, is refusing to go without a

fight. I will not be handing NSW

over to Obeid, Tripodi and Sartor.

over to Obeid, Tripodi and Sartor.

And I'm Deborah Knight. Also this

hour, the Sydney man jailed for 20

years for murder in Bulgaria. That

was a stunning verdict. And Tiger's stunning confession - admitting to

his family. transgressions that have let down

his family. Those stories shortly

but first let's go to Bill at State

Parliament. Bill, Nathan Rees is

defiant but the knives are out and

the numbers could be against him.

Deb, Nathan Rees's time as Premier

could come to an end tonight, with

members of the Labor caucus

gathering here for yet another

leadership vote. Ten's State

been following the political reporter Josh Murphy has

been following the day's dramatic

developments. From 8.30 last night,

Premier Nathan Rees knew Judgement

Day was coming. He'd just spoken

Labor powerbrokers orchestrating candidly to journalists about the

his downfall.

I will not be handing NSW over to

Obeid, Tripodi and Sartor. I simply

will not do it.

Then he bunkered down in Parliament, Then he bunkered down in Parliament,

eating pizza and working the phones.

By 6am this morning the message By 6am this morning the message

hadn't changed and he wasn't

resigning. I'm determined to

restore integrity to the Government

principle. of NSW and I'll fight for that

That choice wasn't in his hands as

ministers and MPs began arriving

early to find his replacement.

Former Sydney lord mayor Frank

Sartor is one of the contenders.

Your thoughts of the day? No

comment. Please can I comment. Please can I get through

to the gate?

The other frontrunner is American-

born Kristina Keneally. Ever since

Nathan Rees was elected the front

man of his struggling party, his

leadership has been under threat.

Throughout the past 15 months my

ability to do good has been

impaired at every turn. A malign

and misloyal group well-known to

the NSW community has made the business of government almost impossible.

By 11am that very gang of plotters

from the dominant right-wing

faction had secured 17 signatures

on a petition, calling for a motion

of no confidence in Nathan Rees.

From John Della Bosca, Joe Tripodi

and a cast of other MPs. The stage

was set for his departure. Should I was set for his departure. Should I

not be premier by the end of this

day, let there be no doubt in the

community's mind that any

challenger will be a puppet of Eddie Obeid and Joe Eddie Obeid and Joe Tripodi.

One of the likely challengers was

Time. asked that directly in Question

I'm nobody's puppet, I'm nobody's

protege, I'm nobody's girl. The

whole circus is pulling the Prime

Minister's strings more than anyone.

There are just too many days I find

myself being asked questions about

this. I would frankly say to all

those folk in the NSW Government -

get your act together, get your act together.

They will be attempting to get

their act together at tonight. It

as not as easy as it might seem.

There is a dominant right wing and

a minority left-wing. The entire

corpus is meeting here corpus is meeting here at 6:30pm.

They will have a secret ballot for

a leadership skill. That is likely

to pass. It is likely to be down to

two contenders for Premier. There

is Nathan Rees and Kristina

Keneally. Depending on the wheeling

and dealing that has gone on

throughout today, we will have to

wait and see. The right-wing caucus

is about to meet soon. The

emergence of Kristina Keneally this

afternoon is any indication of how

difficult it is to call the numbers.

Not all the right-wing faction will

vote the same way and the same for

the left-wing faction. The Labor

Party is a very complicated back --

party at the moment. Some people

would traditionally vote for Nathan

Rees but they have been plotting

against him. There are people in

the right wing who will vote for

Nathan Rees. The number crunching

continues as we speak. Very soon we

will hear from some politicians but

what you think. We spoke to people

thoughts. on the street to gauge their

I think they have not given her a

fair go. I think may then it is

very transparent. I think they need

to find a decent leader. I do not

think anyone is any good. I think

we need stability. How else will we

win the next election? If he has

not got the commitment from his

party... People are tired of

politics. Handing over from one bad

egg to another. It does not matter.

I think we need an alternative. I

really do. That's all from last

year. We will keep you are updated.

A Sydney man will spend the next

two decades in a Bulgarian jail for

stabbing a man to death. Ten's

Europe Correspondent Danielle

Isdale is live in the Bulgarian capital, Sophia. Jock Palfreeman

claims he acted in self-defence but

the court disagreed. According to

his family, he was denying a fair

trial. His future changed in one

night. One night in which he was

forced to stab another man to save

his own life. To the court, he is a

cold-blooded killer. On this, his 26th appearance, Jock Palfreeman

was clearly used to the courtroom

chaos. Still, he wasn't prepared

for the Bulgarian judges decision.

The 23-year-old was found guilty of

murder and attempted murder,

sentenced to 20 years in prison and

ordered to pay hundreds of

thousands of dollars in

38. compensation. That was a stunning

Before it was handed down Jock

Palfreeman had one last chance to Palfreeman had one last chance to

convince the court of his innocence.

He recalled the night of the 28th

December 2007, when he and a few

friends encountered a group of

local football fans in Sveta

Nedelya Sofia Square. Palfreeman

claimed he went to the aid of a

Roma boy who the men were

assaulting. It was a courageous act

at the time. As a result, he says,

he was punched, kicked and pelted

with concrete blocks. Surrounded,

and unable to escape, he then

pulled out his knife to protect

himself and two of the locals were

slashed. 19-year-old Andrei Monov

died of his wounds. Members of the

group testified the Australian

attacked them without provocation.

I remain in no doubt whatsoever

that his story is true. There were,

of course, two families whose lives

were torn apart the night. Andrei

Monov's parents lost their only son.

The victim's father told the court

of their anguish and turned to Jock

Palfreeman and his father and said

both of them should have been put

on trial. Hristo Monov accused

Simon Palfreeman of raising a

killer but Dr Palfreeman says his

son isn't the homicidal hooligan

the prosecution claimed but a hero.

A hero he intends to keep fighting

for, with plans for an appeal

already under way.

Tiger Woods appears to have

confessed to an extramarital affair.

He's apologised after the release

of a damning voicemail from a woman

claiming to be his mistress.

It's the rumour golf's golden boy

has dodged for a week. But today

Tiger Woods is changing swing, prompted by

prompted by the release of a panicked voicemail, allegedly left

on his mistress's phone. panicked voicemail, allegedly left on his mistress's phone.

Cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubb gave

the tape to magazine 'US weekly',

claiming a nearly 3-year affair

with the golf billionaire, who's

now aired an apparent confession:

on his website.

He doesn't say 'affair' but, if

verified, the new details appear to

support rumours behind last week's

bizarre car crash when Tiger's wife,

Elin, took a golf club to his car

and possibly to him. His first-

named mistress Rachel Uchitel, who allegedly followed Woods to

Australia, continues to deny an affair.

affair. Why do women date married

men? Now a third woman has been

named - a Las Vegas club manager,

who is also denying an affair. The

very private Tiger Woods is again

publicly pleading to be left to

deal with his regrets alone.

Still ahead, more on the State's

leadership showdown. Also, blasting

the world's most destructive

termites from a Sydney home.

And gearing up for the V8s - the

streets of Homebush transformed for

the big race.


This program is captioned live.

Welcome back to Ten News. Tonight's

main story - the leadership crisis

engulfing State Parliament. For the

latest let's go back to Bill Woods

at Macquarie Street.

We spoke to Nathan Rees as a couple

of weeks ago on Ten News. He had

reshuffled his party. We asked him

if he was shuffling deckchairs on

the Titanic, how it would impact on

the electorate. Whoever wins

tonight's leadership contest will

be based with a daunting task -

reviving a Labor Party in tatters.

Many political analysts believe it

will be almost impossible for the

government to win back voters.

Ever since, Nathan Rees has been

admired by in leadership scandals

involving colleagues, with the

recent sackings meant to stamp his

authority on a fractured party. It authority on a fractured party. It

did not. Going to challenge. Not

withstanding his strong performance

at the conference, he has not

received any beast in the Labor

vote. There is now two final contenders.

Image experts believe his

replacement will have an almost

impossible job, repairing a Labor's

battered reputation will stop

whoever is Premier tonight, whether

it is Nathan Rees or his successor,

no PR man all media management is

going to save them, because they

have a fatal message. have a fatal message.

Tonight, that image is of a party

hell-bent on treachery and treason.

We will have more on that story later this news hour.

Police in Melbourne are hunting up

to seven youths over the pack rape

of two teenage schoolgirls. The 15-

year-olds told police they were

lured to a park in Melbourne's

north, separated, and raped

repeatedly. Police have released

security vision, hoping to identify

several young men they want to speak to.

Indications are that it was a

planned attack, that it wasn't a

chance thing that happened.

Police have already interviewed

three youths who came forward voluntarily this morning.

Centrelink has scrapped a program

that reunited families, after

convicted paedophile Dennis

Ferguson used it to contact another

offender. The 61-year-old wrote to

his child-rape accomplice,

Alexandria Brookes, in July, using

the In Touch program. It was

suspended in September, and has

today been cancelled altogether. Centrelink's general manager says

they couldn't guarantee the program

would not be misused again.

Extreme fumigation work has started

on a Sydney home infested with the on a Sydney home infested with the

world's most destructive termites.

A huge tarp has been wrapped around

the Ramsgate house, so it can be

pumped full of pesticides over the

next two days. The West drywood termite has been confined

to the one home. The Government's

so concerned by the quarantine

breach, it's paying for the fumigation.

More than 100,000 people are about

to start swamping Homebush for to start swamping Homebush for

three days of controversial V8

street racing. But it's not all about supercars.

At breakfast this morning, a chance

for the drivers to refuel.

Apparently, dancing girls aid

digestion. Regular motorists were

still using the track itself today,

ahead of the circuit being shut

down for racing. The last of the

barriers were going in, the seats

are set, the merchandise is on the

shelves and the corporate boxes are

ready for their guests.

Really, just putting the spit and

polish on it now, and it's going Really, just putting the spit and

polish on it now, and it's going to present brilliantly.

The event is being billed as a

festival. Racing aside, major

concerts are on over the next two

nights, and other entertainment

happening throughout the day.

This is like something that people

have never seen - V8 Supercar

showcased in such an amazing precinct.

Once all the preparations over and

the event itself actually begins,

for local residents it will be one

of the noisiest events they've had

to deal with - louder than a rock

concert. But organisers say it

won't be a problem, as noise-capped

cars will only race during daytime

hours. As for those attending,

public transport's the best option.

With very little parking in the

precinct, special event clearway

and tow-away zones have been set up

along Silverwater Road, Hill Road,

the Western Motorway and Homebush

Bay Drive. Alcohol restrictions are

also in place, with more than 300 police on duty.

We will ensure that people do not

overindulge in the partaking of

alcohol, ensure that they behave

themselves appropriately. We're

here to ensure themselves appropriately. We're

here to ensure it's a really

relaxed friendly atmosphere over

the weekend.

While they won't reveal how many

tickets have been sold, organisers

expect 150,000 people over the three days.

Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

Brad McEwan joins us with a look at

sport, and how about that Green Machine?

Its fair to say Danny Green stunned

just about everyone with his

remarkable win last night against

boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. The

fight didn't even last one round,

as Green unleashed a flurry of

punches. Later in sport, we'll

catch up with a jubilant Green, and

ask, where to now for the

celebrated Jones Jr?

And at the Australian Open, the

new-look John Daly made this eagle

putt, but he had his share of

bogeys as well. All the round one

highlights are coming up shortly.

Also ahead, great news for New

South Wales quick Doug Bollinger.

Emily Rice joins us with the

weather. Emily, are these clear

blue skies here to stay?

We have had two Durras days of

sunshine. The wind is picking up,

and there is a change on the wave.

It will not head until tomorrow

afternoon and evening. Chance of a

couple of showers, and maybe a

thunderstorm at worst. It will

remain fine for most of the day

tomorrow. And sending a hallowed to

the Centre for big disability

workers. They are celebrating

people with a disability day. I

will tell you more about the

impending change and also give you

a sneak preview of a fishy story we

have on Ten News tomorrow.

Kevin Rudd returns home, and wastes

no time attacking Tony Abbott over climate change. Also, politics Argentinian-style.

And a Sydney charity's impressive

milestone - serving up 4 million

meals to the homeless.

2 X concentrate powder varieties. See your Holden dealer for better

This program is captioned live.

Some problems after an accident on

Concord Road? It is all about the

traffic heading to Concorde. Large

delays into Concorde and the Ryde

Bridge. They go all the way back

into Lane Cove. It is a tough drive

going into the Inner West. I would

be avoiding the Ryde Bridge and

going up Victoria Road. Kevin Rudd

has returned home, immediately

attacking the Liberals for reneging

on their climate change deal and

ditching emissions trading. The PM

accusing the new opposition leader

of playing magic-pudding politics

with the issue.

A Jewish function brought the

leaders together for the first

time.. Mr Rudd offering

congratulations but only after

they'd sparred in their speeches.

Climate change is a problem in

Australia and also in Israel. Mr

Abbott more interested in his

BlackBerry. Mr Abbott came close to a Rudd earwax-eating moment.

Something stopped him doing it,

maybe our camera. I cannot imagine

many Israeli politicians claiming

that the greatest moral challenge

of a time is climate change or

being taken seriously if they did.

The PM says the Opposition is not

being serious claiming they can cut

carbon pollution without inflicting

some pain. Playing up magic putting

politics. We're only have one

planet but that does not mean a big

tax for everyone. Julie Bishop was

accused of launching an attack on

the character of Tony Abbott. She

denies it and rejects a description

of her as a cockroach. Some

encouraging news for retailers who

may have been a bit rattled by the

rate rise on Tuesday. It seems that

shoppers were not put off. The big

question is whether household

budgets can withstand the with

interest-rate hikes. Retail sales

lifted by 0.3% from September.

Spending at department stores was

up 8% on last year.

US futures are pointing to a

positive start four-set -- for Wall

Street tonight. Five British

sailors, who were detained after

straying into Iranian waters, have

finally reached Dubai. They were

arrested last week, blindfolded,

and interrogated by Iran's

Revolutionary Guards but showed

nothing but relief today.

There was a knock on the door this

morning. We were already thinking

they were a little late bringing

breakfast and opened the door and

said, you're free to go.

Iran eventually accepted that the

men had made a genuine mistake and

allowed them to set sail.

Emotions have boiled over during a parliamentary debate in Argentina.

Fists flew and so did the chairs

during a raucous session to choose during a raucous session to choose

a new provincial president. The

chaotic scuffle didn't end until at

least 10 legislators were injured.

Both sides are now accusing each

other of starting the brawl.

A Sydney charity has just wrapped

up a major achievement but it could

have ended five years ago because

of red tape. The concept seems of red tape. The concept seems

simple. Collect leftovers from

eateries and give them to the

homeless. For years, though, Ronni

Khan battled to have food

regulations amended to make her

mission possible. Oz Harvest took

shape in 2004. Today, with at least

100,000 Australians homeless, the

demand for their services are,

sadly, stronger than ever. Stayed

drunk for two years and ended up on the street.

The line-up of organisations The line-up of organisations handing over unused food is

impressive, Icebergs and Aria among them.

It only takes 10 minutes of our

time to help the needy. We have the

ability to fulfil reach these

people with extraordinary food from

extraordinary generosity.

Supermarket chains are on board.

It's a good sense of doing the

right thing - not throwing it into right thing - not throwing it i

the bin when you know it is still

edible. Five years ago they'd

delivered just 4,000 meals. That delivered just 4,000 meals. That

figure now stands at more than 4

million. From 1 tonne of food to almost 1,300 tonnes. million. From 1 tonne of food to almost 1,300 tonnes.

I could never have realised in a

million years what my I could never have realised in a

million years what my small action

could have created. Even leftovers from MasterChef competitions are

collected. For all the great work

from Oz Harvest and the fantastic from Oz Harvest and the fantastic

support it now gets, Australians

still manage to throw away $6

billion dollars of food each year,

nothing compared to the Americans,

though, who consign $100 billion to

landfill. Soon there'll be seven of

the distinctive yellow vans on

Sydney streets and by next year one

in each other capital city. We'll

go back to Bill Woods at State

Parliament for more on the

leadership showdown next, including

the contenders: who's likely to

take on Rees for the state's top take on Rees for the state's top

job? And Curry and Micallef - the

comic duo's tribute to the founding fathers of satire.

with their service, on the ball and...

with Telstra.

I'm having the beef. or top-quality chicken breast?

This program is captioned live.

Tonight's major story - the State

leadership crisis and the knives

are out for Nathan Rees. An

extraordinary meeting of the Labor

caucus is about to get under way at

Macquarie Street. That's where Bill

Woods is. Bill, we've heard lots of

names being bandied about but is it clear who'll challenge?

Deb, no-one has officially thrown

their hat in the ring. It is very

cloudy. We may see a surprising

result. We will not know cancel the

meeting itself. They have been very

meeting itself. They have been very

guarded today. This forms the bulk

of the party vote. 49 of the 70 who

will both are in the right-wing

faction. Early results said that

Kristina Keneally and Frank Sartor

were fairly evenly paced. Nathan

Rees is still in with a chant. No-

one is really certain and the

change in the winter that Christine

E -- Kristina Keneally might win is

very interesting. A group has made

the business of government almost

impossible. I will not hand the

government of NSW over to Frank

Sartor or Joe Tripodi. Under my

regime in they will be no going

back. Beyond the issue it will not

regained the levers of control.

Should I not be premiere at the end

of today, they should be no doubt

that the challenger will be a

puppet of Joe Tripodi and Frank

Sartor. That is the reality and

choice today. That was open heart

choice today. That was open heart

surgery on the Labor Party by the

Premier himself. Let's take a look

at the challenges.

After one year of threats to his

leadership, he is finally facing a

leadership challenge. He has

claimed that anyone elected would

be a puppet of Joe Tripodi or Frank

Sartor. I am nobody's puppet Auret

protege it all girl. If she becomes

premier, she will be the first

woman to lead NSW Parliament. She

has only been a minister for 2.5

years. Recently she has been under

attack for planning problems. Up

until now she has denied that she

wants the job of the Premier. Frank

Sartor has been mentioned as a

leadership contender for 12 months.

He announced that Nathan Rees was

wrong to stacking -- sack him. He

is not a popular choice with

boaters. Then there is Michael

Daley. He is responsible for

finance. He is considered capable

but lacking in experience. A dark

horse untainted by corruption. -- scandal.

scandal. Comedian Shaun Micallef is

swapping the small screen for the

stage to tackle an unusual

production. Fellow funnyman Stephen

Curry will join him to recreate the

work of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

They're like the tribute band of comedy shows. Shaun Micallef and

Stephen Curry are recreating the

work of sensational satirists Peter

Cook and Dudley Moore. What a

lovely leg for the role. A who will

take credit for the idea? It was my

notion. You did not write any of it.

While a penny-pinching BBC wiped

many of the tapes of the British

stars' shows, the scripts are

intact and form the basis of this

stage show. And while this is

clearly Shaun's passion, Stephen is

more than happy to be along for the ride.

ride. We're having a great time and

the material is so good. But being

on stage doesn't mean we'll lose

them from TV. I can reveal, as an

exclusive on this program, that we exclusive on this program, that we

are coming back for up a second

series of a television program. We

will not be using some of the

guests we had this year. will not be using some of the guests we had this year. 'Good

evening, the Sketches of Peter guests we had this year. 'Good evening, the Sketches of Peter Cook

and Dudley Moore' plays at the

Sydney Opera House from tomorrow night.

night. BVA its are preparing to go

hammer and tongs. Calling down

after a red hot performance. Has Stuart

(GURGLES) PHOTOGRAPHER: All set? (CAMERA CLICKS) against stains.

This program is captioned live.

Former Australian Open champion

Stuart Appleby is close to

completing a stunning opening round

in wild afternoon winds at the New

South Wales golf club. in wild afternoon winds at the New

South Wales golf club. Currently 6- South Wales golf club. Currently 6-

under, Appleby shares the lead with

Scott Hend, who made the most of

this morning's much calmer conditions.

Superb conditions in Sydney's

south-east making it a morning for

scoring, and that's exactly what

Queenslander Scott Hend did. The

35-year-old's scintillating 6-under

66 set the pace early.

COMMENTATOR: Well done, Scott Hend - clubhouse leader.

Made eight birdies, two bogeys fantastic.

Behind him, James Nitties finished

one stroke behind Hend. John Daly's

eagle on the 8th the highlight of a

round that also included six bogeys.

Adam Scott's four birdies from his

final six holes helped him finish

at four under. A far less

impressive start for tournament

favourite Geoff Ogilvy - the world

number 13, three over after 4. On

the signature par-3 6th, he began making the signature par-3 6th, he began making amends.

On the same hole, compatriot Stuart On the same hole, compatriot Stuart

Appleby left the putter in the bag.

He's made it! How 'bout that from Stewie? As Port Botany's increasing

afternoon winds played havoc with

John Senden's tee shots.

That poor fellow there has copped it..

Appleby was unfazed by the conditions, though, carding five

birdies in his opening nine holes

to move within a stroke of the lead,

before grabbing a share of it on the 11th.

Oh! Just a gem. Stuart Appleby on fire.

The 2001 Open champion carving up

the course to put himself in

contention for a second title. Andrew Brown, Ten News.

And the Australian Open continues

on Ten and ONE from midday tomorrow.

Danny Green all but ended Roy Jones

Jr's career last night, with a

stunning single-round performance.

We don't know who Green will fight

next, but we do know it won't be Anthony Mundine.

Even after a night of celebrations,

it took four men to bring Danny Green down today.

Yeah! I'm the king of pranks and I fell for that mug-shot.

Last night, though, he was the king

of the boxing world, and it took

just 122 seconds for him to claim the mantle.

COMMENTATOR: It's over. Danny Green

conquers Australia and the world.

I couldn't explain those feelings

if I tried unbelievable. Like a

million bolts of lightning going

boom, coming out - it was amazing.

Less than a minute into the first

round, the Aussie found his mark,

and Roy Jones Jr found the canvas.

COMMENTATOR: When you beat a legend you become a legend.

The greatest fight of Green's

career, seemingly the last of Roy Jones Jr's.

Jones Jr's.

What now for you, Roy?

I don't know. I guess I'll go back in retirement now.

When I went over to his corner, I

almost apologised, because I looked

up to the bloke for so long, as a

professional athlete inside and

outside the ring.

The loss almost certainly ended any

chance of a super-bout with Bernard

Hopkins - who won today in America

- and in turn, the massive pay

cheque that would have come with it.

There's no way that fight could

ever take place. It would have no


As suggestions continue to circle

whether Green will have a rematch

with Mundine, the IBO champion was

very quick to put water on that.

I just knocked out one of the

greatest fighters of all time.

That's like comparing a killer

whale to a flat-head. I've got a

bigger fight on my hands this

afternoon - trying to get my

daughter to eat her vegetables.

That may be a battle he can't win.

Adam Thompson, Ten News.

Australian cricket captain Ricky

Ponting has declared he's ready to

unleash fiery fast bowler Doug

Bollinger on the West Indies. But

that doesn't bother Windies skipper

Chris Gayle - he doesn't know who

Bollinger is.

He's made it clear how overjoyed he

is to be around the team, and today

Doug Bollinger was all smiles

batting in the nets. His captain

would have only widened the grin

Yes, Doug will play. McKay is 12th man

He also made his intention clear

when he arrived in Adelaide -

Bollinger is here to bowl fast and take wickets.

He's pretty confident, as you can

see from his comments in the papers,

and he's keen for the opportunity

to get out there and play.

But clearly, West Indies captain

Chris Gayle doesn't watch

television or read the papers.

What's the other guy's name?

Bollinger? It'll be the first time

going up against him, so it's a challenge.

But with Bollinger likely to take

the new ball, Gayle is sure to

confront loud, obnoxious Doug and

the outcome could be one to savour.

Having faced a week full of

criticism after their poor

performance in the first Test, the performance in the first Test, the

Windies are clear on their shortcomings.

We all know where we went wrong

with our batting - the discipline was terrible.

And that should be helped by the

return of experienced batsman

Ramnaresh Sarwan.

Sarwan's looking good, so hopefully

we'll have him tomorrow.

For Australia, Marcus North also

made the most of the team's final

training run, proving he's over a

bout of gastro.

He spent not last night, but the

night before, on a drip in WA. He

lost a fair bit of fluid.

And while the ground's

redevelopment has given the oval a

different look, the pitch will be

as good as ever and like Ricky

Ponting, Gayle was emphatic when

asked what he'll do if he wins the toss.

Bat - I'm tried of running around

in the field.

Corey Wingard, Ten News.

Sydney is revving up for the V8's

inaugural Sydney 500 - the final

round of the season. This morning,

the drivers turned out for a Grand

Final breakfast. Where championship

favourite Jamie Whincup took on

good mate Will Davison in a cooking

challenge. That was won by Davison

- who hasn't given up hope of

taking out the V8s title.

If anyone's going to write a car

off at practice or qualifying, it's probably me.

Practice at Sydney Olympic Park begins tomorrow.

Before I go, Deb, the Gold Coast

Titans have this afternoon offered

a contract to sacked Cronulla Shark

Greg Bird. They haven't released

details of the deal, but have given

him a week to make a decision. More

on that in Sports Tonight at 9:30 on ONE.

Emily Rice will be here next with

all the weather details.


that Hungry Jack's named

This program is captioned live.

And Environment Reporter has also

got the weather had on. We need the

summer rain. Will we get any?

There is a chance of a shower or

took tomorrow evening, and possibly

a storm in the West. But there will

not be too much in it. What is

spectacular is a story we had

tomorrow on the Sharks. We will

introduce you to Australia's own

underwater Steve Irwin. He swims

with dozens of sharks and then he

catches them with his own bare

hands. We will tell you why he is

doing this tomorrow in the 11am news.

The satellite map - a band of cloud

crossing the Seve's is brilliant

light showers to part of Victoria

and Tasmania, but a generally clear

elsewhere and a ridge of high

pressure. Tomorrow, a trough will

bring cooler conditions to western,

central and southern NSW. Rainfall

tomorrow - isolated storms and

showers around western and central

NSW. We will have the chance of a

few showers tomorrow, but it will

not be enough to ruin your weekend

plans, and if they do happen, they

will probably stick around until

Saturday morning. It will start to

warm up after that.

It looks like we have some nice

clear skies after that possible

change tomorrow night. Before that,

make sure you stay tuned for some

amazing shock footage tomorrow. You

will not be disappointed.

Before the good tonight, there has

been a new development in the

evolving leadership challenge. What is the latest?

Our state political reporter has

been hovering around the factional

meeting, he has just got word to us

that Christina Kenealy will be the

one challenging maist and -- Nathan

Rees body stake Premiership. We

understand it was a close battle

between Christina Kingi League and

francs are told. Only a couple of

birds, we are hearing, but that is

yet to be confirmed. The full vote

will take place in about 30 minutes,

or perhaps a little later for that.

That was a close vote. What comes

now remains to be seen. That is the

latest from state Parliament. We

will have more through the evening

as it happens.

That is Ten News for now. I'm

Deborah Knight, thanks for your

company. We'll bring you news of

the State leadership result when it

happens. A full wrap-up in the Late

News with Sports Tonight, at 10:30.

Enjoy your evening. Goodnight.

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