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(generated from captions) aged 19. They have been charged males aged 21 and 22 and a female other three were from bibl, two are a 24-year-old Sydney man. The four people are arrested. They're Sydney and Brisbane. As a result, executed raids over 14 homes across Federal Police this morning have the Federal Police taken in? Leonie, how many people Ten's Leonie Mellor joins us. in connection to the Bali Nine. more arrests have been made But first, breaking news - turn out to farewell Rene Rivkin. And family and famous friends expecting a baby. Also tonight - Bec and Lleyton Good evening. and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Bill Woods for a firefighter turned firebug. And five years behind bars led to a driver dumping them. after claims racial abuse student behaviour under scrutiny The school bus U-turn - in jail. her star witness had been slashed Schapelle Corby learnt Tonight, the moment This program is captioned live.

was very calm, though, The Gold Coast woman It's just callous. from hearing about the attack. tried to protect her Schapelle's older sister Mercedes in the prison world. which made him a dog before giving a statement in front of inmates Lawyers claim he was paraded he got trouble in jail. to give a statement of evidence, for Schapelle, that because of what he did Finally this is proof operates at Australian airports. a drug-smuggling syndicate and for telling police drugs put in her boogie board bag for naming the alleged owner of the For them, the attack was retribution but the message didn't get through. before she left jail, had been stabbed in the back who testified in her trial the Victorian prisoner had tried to tell her Schapelle Corby supporters to John Ford? What would you like to say Martine from Channel Ten. MAN: John Ford's been stabbed. Another day of anguish. to tell the truth. as proof John Ford risked his life Lawyers plan to use the attack has been stabbed in jail. after learning her star witness is in shock Accused drug smuggler Schapelle Corby Lee yoni arrests are almost certain. Thanks, this alleged syndicate. More appear to have been involved with shot by Indonesian police does that. They've also said the man working with Indonesian police on the heroin came from and they're they have more leads as to where That's almost concern. Police say set. Will there be more arrests? with what we indicated at the-out part of a broader syndicate which were not a one-off incident. It was arrests that took place in Bali now be alleging is that the kofrpbs a moment ago. What we will ballly 9. Mick Keelty held a press those allegedly discovered with the found in these raids are similar to some of the material and wrappings tomorrow. Police will allege that likely to face court tonight or year and April this year. They're into Australia between August last with conspiring to import heroin

to put this right. we would be particularly concerned or, as intimated, racial overtones, of disrespect Should we find any suggestions Students could also be punished. may face disciplinary action. who is suspended but on full pay, but the driver, Police won't pursue the matter, and bring the parties together. We need to take a deep breath is way over the top. of criminal charges and kidnapping I think any discussion and took action accordingly. at the time The driver obviously felt stressed isn't willing to condemn the driver. The school's principal and some younger students on board. a move that worried parents he went back to the depot, the pupils off as normal, So, instead of dropping and there was some racial remarks. an ethnic background The driver is from The driver has been sworn at. It was verbal abuse. he snapped. of Mater Maria Catholic College, was abuse from students After two days of what he says it shouldn't be this hard. of yesterday's 748 to Brookvale, but if you believe the driver Driving a school bus is never easy, including racial taunts. to horrendous abuse, claiming he'd been subjected at Brookvale bus depot A driver dumped 40 students on the Northern Beaches. following a dramatic incident behaviour on buses is under way An urgent review of school student Martine Griffiths, Ten News. In Bali, The verdict is expected on May 26. don't already know. the former beauty therapist's fate who decide It's highly unlikely the three men during its reply next week. the judges about John Ford's attack The defence says it will tell and we stick together. Because we're Aussies, say they won't give up. who don't know the 27-year-old Fellow Queenslanders optimistic she will be acquitted. which indicates they're not taking the case to higher courts, are starting to talk about Even her lawyers entered its final submissions. which they didn't do when the defence the prosecution's final say, The judges nodded throughout with 4.1kg of marijuana in her bag. she was caught red-handed and reminded the judges John Ford's evidence was hearsay They told the court as the prosecution had its final say.

an arsehole I am for lighting it. The 24-year-old volunteer firefighter picked a day of high winds and extreme heat last summer to light fires one kilometre apart from each other in the Ku-ring-gai National Park. Then he joined his Rural Fire Service mates to help put them out. But by that stage, the fronts had joined, causing an inferno that burnt for four days, destroying 1,500 hectares of bush and leaving a $1 million clean-up bill. I had been here once before with the fire service. When the matter went to court, Mills claimed he'd been depressed after breaking up with his fiancee and losing his gardening business. A judge accepted he was sorry for what he'd done and ordered Mills serve 21 months weekend detention. But prosecutors appealed the term, claiming it was manifestly inadequate and today the Court of Criminal Appeal agreed. All that night I kept thinking what to explain his actions. he was at a loss on a tour of his handiwork last year, When David Mills took police was grossly inadequate. of weekend detention A court finding the original sentence more than doubled. has had his jail time starting bushfires who confessed to deliberately A volunteer firefighter Kevin Wilde, Ten News. to better manage student behaviour. will investigate ways sparked by the incident A ministerial review and I think he did the right thing. for the bus driver, It's very intimidating to control someone behind. while he was trying Imagine if he knocked someone over to him. are overwhelmingly sympathetic Northern Beaches school Parents at the who has been abused. and he's not the only one who's popular, Other drivers say he's a top bloke about the incident. from Chile. He's too upset to talk centre of the drama migrated here The union says the driver at the by up to 10 students. confirming misbehaviour the school issued a letter to parents This afternoon

Mills sobbed as his jail time was revised from part-time to full-time and the term doubled to a maximum of five years and two months, but that's still well shy of the maximum 14-year penalty for arson offences. We take this matter very seriously and anyone intended to join the royal fire service with these sort of motivations in mind should think very seriously. Mills will be eligible for parole in 2008. Amber Muir, Ten News. Hundreds of mourners have turned out to farewell stockbroker Rene Rivkin. Family and friends paying their last respects to the 60-year-old disgraced businessman, who took his own life on the weekend. The funeral of former high-flying stockbroker Rene Rivkin who suicided following a bout of deep depression. About 300 mourners gathered to farewell the man whose last years saw him fall from respected financial guru to convicted criminal and finally prison inmate. Rivkin's ex-wife, Gayle, who divorced him last month, told mourners she wished he was still around because he meant so much to her. Among those at the funeral - model agency boss Bessie Bardot, designer Peter Morrissey and Sydney talkback host Alan Jones. Former Labor minister Graham Richardson came to say goodbye, as did former Qantas director Trevor Kennedy. Along with Rivkin, they remain under investigation by the Securities Commission over the torching of printing company Offset Alpine, which delivered them millions from an insurance pay-out. Richardson making an early departure to avoid the media. Rene Rivkin's sons spoke of a loving father whose motto was "live life to the fullest "as long as you don't hurt anybody along the way." They said after losing millions of dollars, their father had also lost the will to live, but in earlier years, they said he was at his happiest playing the stock market or enjoying good food and the company of friends. Recognising the damage bi-polar disorder had done to Rene Rivkin's mental state, the Rivkin family asked mourners not to send floral tributes but instead donate funds to a charity that helps others who suffer from depression. John Hill, Ten News. A history-making election win for Tony Blair, sweeping to victory for a third term. But the celebrations have been low-key, with Labour punished by voters. Tony Blair might have secured a historic win, heading back to 10 Downing Street, but this is not the ecstatic face of victory you'd expect. The newly elected British PM putting up a positive front as he claimied his third straight term in office, a Labour first. APPLAUSE But his popularity and party have taken a major hit from voters angry over his handling of the war in Iraq. And we've got to listen to the people and respond wisely and sensibly. But they have made it very clear - they wanted to carry on with Labour and not go back to the Tory years. Our PM was among the first congratulatory callers to his close wartime ally. I have long regarded Mr Blair's courage on the issue of Iraq as displaying strong leadership. But on the day of his 52nd birthday, Tony Blair is not celebrating. His authority dented, and facing a less-than-positive legacy. I'm not quite sure of his place in history. History will determine that. I wouldn't like to predict it. Labour had secured a majority, but much reduced, losing a swag of seats. I hope in my heart one day the PM will be able to say sorry. He'll say sorry to the families of the berelieved. The once-renowned Labour Party pin-up boy given more reason to meet his promise of standing down as leader before the next election. Deborah Knight, Ten news. Australia's couple of the moment, Lleyton Hewitt and Bec Cartwright, are expecting a baby. The celebrity couple did plan to make the announcement through a tell-all interview with a magazine next week. It's understood Ms Cartwright is three months pregnant, with the baby expected in October. The couple weren't at their Palm Beach home today, a spokesman referring all media inquires to their management. An official announcement is expected shortly. Fresh hope for the Australian hostage being held by Iraqi militants. That story next. Also tonight, a family's plea to help catch the killer who gunned down an elderly Sydney man. It's very hard to have grief and anger and confusion all at once. And some wild and wacky designs on the catwalk for Fashion Week's final fling. We'll have that story later this news hour. SONG: # How will you feel when it happens # When a Lotto win finds you? # 'Cause it's the big red ball that makes dreams come true # The big red ball... # (Hoots and clucks) # That makes dreams come true. # "Win For Life, come on. Come on..." Yes! Yes, yes, yes... The brand-new $4 Win For Life Scratchie could win you 50 grand a year for 20 years! That'll put a spring in your step. SONG: # Scratch me happy. # New hope tonight for Australian Douglas Wood, being held hostage in Iraq. The Government believes he's still alive, but admits saving him will be very tough. The release of this video five days ago was the last news Douglas Wood's family received. Now, at last, some hope. We believe... he is still alive. As well, a powerful tribal chief in Iraq, Sheikh Hassan Zaddan, has told an Australian reporter he's met the kidnappers. He claimed that he was in good health, was being looked after, was being fed. While little else is known about Mr Wood's situtation, it's believed those holding him are from a hardline fundamentalist group. An Australian hostage team is in Iraq trying to free the 63-year-old. The Government is saying little about the team's progress but has praised the cooperation from the Iraqi Government. The head of the emergency response team, Nick Warner, has met with the Iraqi PM and the PM has been tremendously supportive. Foreign Affairs officials are in close contact with Mr Wood's family, including his two brothers, who've pleaded on Arab television for his release. A spokesman for the family says they're doing well under the circumstances and has flatly denied reports they're thinking about paying a ransom to the kidnappers, saying that question hasn't even been considered. The kidnapping is proving to be a delicate diplomatic exercise for the Australian Government. The Foreign Minister has again hit international news channels, explaining our presence in Iraq and the refusal to negotiate with the kidnappers. John Howard remains upbeat. We haven't given up hope, by any means, and we won't give up hope and we should be positive. But we should also recognise how very hard it is. Laurel Irving, Ten News. Anguish tonight as a family makes a tearful plea to help solve the murder of a 74-year-old Sydney man. The retiree was gunned down in his backyard. Why would anyone want to murder 74-year-old Ernest Clark? That's the question baffling detectives and his loved ones. He has a very big heart and he's good to everyone else. I don't understand why that happened to him. Mr Clark was shot in the head last Friday night. His wife found him two hours later, slumped in a pool of blood at the bottom of the steps in the backyard of their new home. There was no sign of a struggle, nothing stolen. He died the next day in hospital. And he's got grandchildren, he's got great grandchildren, and he was special to each of them, and they have no more Christmases with him, no more birthdays. Police have a few theories but they're playing their cards close to their chest. In terms of motive, we've got a couple of things, but nothing solid at this stage. While neighbours have told police they heard two muffled bangs late at night, nobody saw the killer leave. Trees line the back fences here, providing the perfect cover for a quick getaway. Ms Chueng's son was the last to see Mr Clark alive, when he dropped off some fish at the home three hours before the attack. The victim's described as a typical Aussie larrikin who didn't have an enemy in the world. He worked hard all his life, eventually running his own fridge repair business, only to be gunned down in cold blood in retirement. Help us. Sean Fewings, Ten News. A Sydney man is threatening to take legal action after being cleared of attempted murder charges. Norman Yammine was charged after a drive-by shooting at a McDonald's carpark in Stanmore last month. The 21-year-old insisted he was interstate at the time of the attack, police today confirming his alibi. Mr Yammine's solicitor says he'll be taking action for malicious prosecution and false imprisonment. Police will still proceed with charges against 20-year-old Yousef Saraya, also arrested over the shooting. Work has begun on the first major project aimed at averting a Sydney water crisis. A long-forgotten cavern deep below Warragamba Dam is being given a multi-million-dollar makeover so water can be pumped from levels never thought possible. It's a forgotten part of Sydney's water storage history, and it may well prove vital in securing our future supplies. This old pumping station, 50m underground, at Warragamba, built in the 1930s, pre-dates the dam itself. Closed down when Warragamba was opened in 1960, the old pumping station now faces demolition. It will be replaced on the site by a new expanded facility, able to reach deeper into the dam than ever before. A thousand Olympic-sized swimming pools every day will come out of these new pumps that we are constructing. And that's an addition of between 7% and 10% to Sydney's water supply. The Environment Minister says there'll be no problem with the water's taste. This water doesn't have any, any problem. It's good quality. The Government has been seeking to push the credibility of its metropolitan water plan in the wake of doubts cast by the Auditor-General, And the Federal Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Greg Hunt, says there's an urgent need for large water-recycling projects in Sydney. Sydney, per capita, is using less water now than it did 10 years ago. But if the drought continues we may well be asked to do a whole lot more. With Sydney"s dam overall levels hovering just over 40% capacity, expanded water restrictions are very much on the horizon. Paul Mullins, Ten News. On that subject, Tim Bailey with the weather. That's a beautiful sunset. I wonder how much rain is in those clouds. Not enough is the answer. If it does fall on the weekend, the showers will come mainly across coastal regions, none of it coming to the catchment. We have a chilly weekend. The good news is tomorrow is Saturday. We have 19 degrees, maybe we'll skeez20 out in the western suburbs. The same on Sunday. Indoor sports, Skywatch - it gave us a hint as to the next 48 hours. Cloudy, blue, it came in with the grey stuff. It looks pretty good that. Tomorrow, 19 to 20 degrees, showers coastally and that will do. Next in the 5:00 news - the mysterious twin explosions that rocked a New York street in the dead of night. And what a young Aussie told the Michael Jackson trial about sharing a bed with the pop star. Time to check out the traffic with Vic Lorusso. All those warnings earlier in the week about tonight's Sydney foot ball stadium chaos were correct? Yes. We're looking at traffic all directions heading in towards the stadium. Absolutely khaotic. We're showing Moore Park Road. Both lines extend all the way back. Loss the Eastern Distributor for motorists driving in the opposite direction and the Anzac Parade heading in from Kensington. Also Cleveland Street. Public transport the best bet. We'll update more of the traffic with Jess at 5:50. A Tweed Heads man faces a $20,000 fine for using electric shock collars on his dogs. They're banned in New South Wales, but not across the border in Queensland where he bought them. Animal lover Gavin Price admits his dogs can get a little rowdy. So when a Tweed Heads council ranger suggested he buy special collars to stop them barking by administering an electric shock, he followed orders. It wasn't until an RSPCA officer knocked on Mr Price's door that he realised he'd been breaking the law. I couldn't really say much. I said, "I can't believe you're doing this." The officer issued him with a notice to appear in court for using the shock collars which are prohibited in NSW but not in Queensland, where he bought them from. But the pensioner says it's not hard to misunderstand the law because the collars are advertised in NSW papers. I feel like I'm being used as an example. The NSW RSPCA says they're banned for good reason. The collars, in delivering an electric shock to an animal, is painful. It's also stressful to the animals. K9-collars sell about 100 a week and claim the product is harmless. It gets a little static correction like when you touch a car or TV. It's one sixth of that. While the collars aren't banned in Queensland the RSPCA can prosecute if there are visible signs of trauma around the animals' neck. But the organisation says that's not good enough and the State Government should ban them altogether. Mr Price will face court in a fortnight on three charges which each carry a $6,000 fine. Chloe Baker, Ten News. A pre-dawn blast has rocked a New York City street. Two small toy hand grenades filled with explosives blew up, hurling a concrete block into the building housing the British Consulate. No-one was hurt and police are examining security vision for clues. There is, at the moment, nobody claiming credit for this. There were no calls saying why the explosion, who the target was. The incident briefly upset British financial markets as the country was going to the polls. Two Australians have taken the stand at the Michael Jackson paedophile trial. Both admit sharing a bed with the star as young boys, but deny he ever molested them. Wade Robson was five when he won a dance competition in Brisbane, where the first prize was meeting Michael Jackson. He soon became one of the star's special friends. For almost eight years he regularly visited Neverland Ranch, almost always sharing the singer's bed. MAN: Wade! Today - as the first defence witness in the star's paedophile case - he emphatically denied anything inappropriate ever happened. I think many of the jurors looked at Michael Jackson and thought "I wonder." Prosecutors hammered the now 22-year-old, showing him some of the 10,000 pornographic magazines and books seized from Neverland Ranch, repeatedly asking him if he thought it was normal for a man to share his bed with little boys. He said if it was Michael Jackson it was fine. Another Australian also came to the star's defence. Brett Barnes, now 23, of Melbourne, says he shared Jackson's bed countless times from the age of 9 to 19 after meeting him through a fan letter. When lawyers suggested he'd been a victim of sexual abuse he lashed out, saying it was ridiculous, and accused the prosecution of dragging his name through the dirt. The prosecution went on to show Brett Barnes photographs from his time travelling around with the star. At least one of them showed him as a child and Jackson wearing nothing more than underpants. Even though they were defence witnesses, in some ways I think they helped the prosecution. Whatever the score after the first Whatever the score after the first day of the defence witnesses, Jackson left the court smiling. Former child star Macaulay Culkin is expected to be on the stand tomorrow. In Santa Maria, California, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A sombre day of remembrance at Auschwitz, the notorious World War II concentration camp. 18,000 people took part in the often emotional March of the Living. Among them, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and 20 Holocaust survivors. The crowd walked 3km along the walls of the compound, chanting songs and waving flags to remember the dead. The Auschwitz-Birkenau complex was the largest of the Nazis' death camps. Some 1.5 million people were slaughtered there during Hitler's reign. Still to come - What makes a 34-year-old single parent our top mum. Also tonight - the publicity stunt that backfired badly in the nation's capital. And feathers and flesh at fashion week's final fling. Time for another check of the weather. Tim Bailey, a cool change is on the way? Indeed. 15 days in a row above average temperatures. It had to come to an end, but why on a Friday night? But it's going to. You can see the dark clouds threatening. The coastal rain will come tomorrow and it will be mainly coastal. Round about 19 to 20 degrees. A bit chilly. Not a lot of sunshine or blue sky, but Saturday and Sunday, we have to be laughing. Tomorrow, 19 to 20 degrees, a coastal shower, plenty of grey sky. See you again at 5:55. A publicity stunt has gone drastically wrong in Canberra. More than 100 people, many of them children, found themselves trapped in the National Library for several hours, when suspicious envelopes were discovered in the mail room. Turns out they contained sand, sent to more than 100 people by a charity to promote a ball. We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused to the institutions, emergency services and the police. The stress was too much for some - counsellors brought in to help calm nerves as the visitors were finally allowed to leave. The Department of Immigration and Questacon were also locked down for the same reason. To finance - and a boost for the market to finish an otherwise bad week. Julia Lee at Commonwealth Securities - strong indications from the Reserve today rates will be on hold for some time. The Reserve Bank gave its clearest signal yet that interest rates will remain unchanged for the time being. There were no signals that the Reserve Bank was going to start raising interest rates any time soon. Inflation isn't running away. Investors may be feeling like they've overreacted. Good news for home owners, but what the about the markets? It's been good news , giving the market a goos. The insurance was the healthyest sector. The industrial sector failed to capitalise on all the good cheer.

If we look at the currency market, they've dipped. A good way to end the week in an otherwise uncertain week. Australian Fashion Week is coming to a close and today it was time for our hottest young designers to take centre stage. It's called the New Generation show - 10 of Australia's hottest young designers thrown in together, all striving to become the next Tsubi or sass & bide. A mix of feathers and flesh from the Flamingo Sands label - they hope today's show will help them break into the US market. It's really important 'cause it kind of puts us on the map. You get great exposure to the media and international buyers. Perhaps a little too much exposure in the Gail Sorronda collection. While the ARX label wheeled out Geoff Huegill to get the female hearts racing. # Single ladies, I can't hear ya 24-year-old Amber Renae is the designer behind ARX - she turned to fashion after getting bored with her job as a civil engineer. Sort of worked there for a year and just didn't think it was my thing, so followed my dream and now I'm a fashion designer. Many big names have used the New Generation show to springboard to stardom. Milich & Morton were in it last year - today they had their own show and some advice for the up-and-comers. Just don't give up, because it gets difficult sometimes, but its all worth it in the end. Another New Generation graduate, Tsubi, will close Fashion Week tonight. Dan Nolan, Ten News. Tim Webster with sport, and NSW's rugby pride is on the line tonight. Is it ever - why the Waratahs are ready to break an interstate hoodoo is next. Plus, the disgraced League player to get a second chance with a new club. Also, they're out to catch the eyes of the selectors - the players determined to make tonight's City-Country match a real rep trial. And Glenn Seton aiming to make his birthday wish come true in this weekend's V8 round. Disgraced Newcastle Knights player Dan Tilse will join the Canberra Raiders next season when his year-long ban has been served. His contract with the Knights was torn up by the NRL after pre-season incidents in Bathurst. Tilse has signed on for 3 years in Canberra. Meanwhile in Lismore the players want to prove the City-Country match can strongly influence Origin selectors. A racksing day before an intense night. All the talk is on State of Origin. It's a big job. City's Ryan Cross is one of six centres after two spots. There's no way to work out who will be picked. I've just got to play well tomorrow night and hopefully the selectors think I have the ability to play. The wing spots are also hotly contested. Roberts highly regarded because he can play any back line position. I can. Origin is a totally different game. Barrett is confident playing half back tonight won't hurt his chances. He's also confident his

pregnant wife won't go into labour until after full time. She feels good. Round 9 of the NRL takes place this weekend and all these players will be forced to back up. For kaf yell and Stephens it's an extra tough weekend. They'll drive to Brisbane, fly to Perth and take on the Warriors. And rugby will be fought out on state lines tonight when the Waratahs attempt to beat Queensland for the first time in Super 12. Tony Peters joins us. And it's a sellout with the accompanying traffic congestion? Yes, 41,000 here at the rugby, 3,000 next door for the Grinspoon concert. It's going to be very congested here. Another problem to add is the southern car park opposite the pavilion with 1,500 people. That's out of business as a result of thes and best yos problem earlier in the week. In an effort to minimise the problems after the game, police are going to trial closing off the surrounding streets including Moore Park Road, Flinders Street, Oxford Street after the game. No traffic allowed into the area, only traffic to leave the area between 9 :00 and 10:30. The simple advice - walk or catch a bus. Any changes to the side? No changes to the Waratahs side. The reds, Brett sheenan will probably start at half back for the Queensland side. Ben Tune will also play, he's recovered. Also a change in the back row , elton Flatley won't play, he's still recovering from the head injury. He's too much of a risk. Who's the pressure on tonight? The Waratahs are top of the table. The Reds, major disappointment. They're out of contention, at the moment running third last. As much as they bate their chests and talk it up, there'll be nerves there that if they get it wrong or don't come up to scratch, it will go pear shaped. That might be a little bit more than our fear of losing the game. We'll have a full wrap up of the game on Sports Tonight. Stand-in Swans skipper Brett Kirk has put his hand up to take on the job full-time after Stuart Maxfield called it quits. Kirk's apprenticeship starts against Essendon at Telstra Stadium tomorrow night. It's not obviously the ideal situation but it's a huge honour for me. Growing up as a kid I barracked for the Swans so to captain this week, it's going to be a huge buzz. Barry Hall, Adam Goodes and Leo Barry are also in contention for the captaincy. Sydney will blood youngsters Jarred Moore and Luke Vogels against the Bombers. Vogels will play up forward after being promoted off the rookie list following a season ending injury to Stephen Doyle. Round three of the V8 Supercar Championship Series hits Perth's Barbagallo Raceway this weekend. There's been a 3-week break since the eventful weekend in New Zealand, but for some teams it's felt like only three days. It's remarkable that Craig Baird's WBS Falcon is in Perth and looking like new. You see, less than three weeks ago, it looked like this. COMMENTATOR: Trouble! Big shunt, big shunt! Dumbrell and Baird. This is huge. Baird believes he was uninjured due to this Indy car-style moulded seat insert, but his team have been battered with the huge work load repairing the car. Because it's taken the time, you know, the two weeks to fix it, we haven't had it on the track. So it will be its first run this weekend. But look, the guys have done a fantastic job. The thing looks like new inside and just looking forward to getting it out there and having a crack. A significant milestone will be reached this weekend for the 3-time champion Craig Lowndes. The driver once known as the Kid will start his 100th round. And speaking of youthful expressions, the baby-faced assassin, Glenn Seton, turned 40 yesterday. I don't feel any different than I did when I was here on my 21st, actually. It was surprising. I'm fit, I'm still very hungry about doing what I'm doing and I'm enjoying life. After two rounds, no-one's surprised to see reigning champion Marcos Ambrose at the top of the points table. But perhaps the revelation this year has been Super Cheap Racing's Paul Weel. Often overshadowed by his higher profile team-mates, his consistency sees him third in the standings. I spent a week in February over in England with a driving coach and spent a fair bit of time going over the little stuff to improve my driving, which I think has helped. And now all we gotta do is get that qualifying right and we'll be laughing, I think. Leigh Diffey, Ten News. And you can see all the V8 supercar action here on Ten over the weekend. Race 1 will be replayed at 10:30 tomorrow night and Sunday's racing can be seen from 2:30pm. To the tips - and Michael Sullivan's selections for Rosehill tomorrow. That's it for now. Very big Friday in Sports Tonight - City-Country in League, Melbourne and Adelaide in AFL and this must-win game for our beloved Waratahs against those dreaded Queenslanders. I think they can do it. Thank you. Back to Vic Lorusso on the Mix helicopter. House the traffic? It's really slow for motorists leaving. Anzac Parade, Flinders Street, Oxford Street, no go zones. We're down at the south-west at the moment. There's been a serious accident resulting to loss of life at Lucas Heights. There are diversions in place. Everyone is being diverted to make the M5. You can see there were major traffic problems. If you're heading that

way this evening, it will be a slow trip. Tim Bailey has the weekend weather details next. Then - what this single mum did to be named Mother of the Year. I'm Derryn Hinch. This is Dennis and Kate Davis. Take a seat. Now, since taking the Kellogg's All-Bran Challenge, have you become regular users? Uh, yes... ..very regular, Derryn. One 45-gram serve a day? Yep. One serve a day. You've made fibre your friend. Um, yes. See if Kellogg's All-Bran can change your life. Nice stools.

Let's get the details on the weather. It looks like a great weekend to be indoors, Tim Bailey. You're good at indoor sports. I'll tell you one thing, your weekend won't be as good as last weekend. You won't win a Logie this weekend. It's showery, 19 to 20 degrees. But does it really matter what colour a Saturday and Sunday turn up? Not really. What do we have for you? Cloud is spreading across WA

causing patchy rain. High cloud spreads over SA, doesn't brink a lot of rain. Cloud from a cold front is clipping NSW. We know all about that. It's just arrived in Sydney and causing a few showers. Tomorrow - onshore winds will maintain scattered showers along the NSW and Queensland coasts. A ridge of high pressure will clear early drizzle patches in Tasmania and Victoria. The high will direct warmer winds over WA and patchy rain will spread east into WA. . Predicted precipitation as we head into a weekend, showers along the NSW and Queensland coastline. Clears Victoria and Tasmania. Patchy rain sprepbdz over WA and isolated showers possibly for NT. A weak upper trough will maintain rain and an upper trough will generate some rain over WA rar and over the Gascoyne. We're in for a dodgy weekend. I tried my hardest, 15 days in a row above average of blue sky. It crash lands on a weekend. A great one, a bit chilly, 19 to 20. Interstate:

Whatever you do this weekend, go out there, play up a lot. Hope you have a good one. See you on Monday night. Thank you, Tim. A 34-year-old single mum has been named Australia's Mother of the Year. Melissa Davies won the award after caring for a number of foster children with learning difficulties or drug addictions. The Queenslander praising the other nominees, saying they had a common bond. We all are working towards the same goals, and that is raising the next generation of healthy, happy, confident adults. Melissa takes home a number of prizes, including a new car. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Natarsha Belling will have the late news at 11:00. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.