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Five Sydney terrace given long

sentences. Immigrants for destroy

clues to a murdered woman. A 12-

year-old boy stabbed to death

during a school yard fight. Peter A

Garrett goes Bausch as the

insulation scandal worsens. Good

evening. The hunt for the kidnapper

of a 6-year-old girl. And

disappointment for Australia at the

Winter Olympics. First tonight,

five men planning a major terrorist

attack have smiled while being

sentenced. Those sentences average

26 years jail with the judge

warning it is likely they will

still be a terror threat when they

get out. A dangerous and

remorseless, five convicted

terrorists and leave quarter and a

maximum security to begin their

lengthy sentences. 130 years

between them. For the groups 44-

year-old leader, 21 used on parole. year-old leader, 21 used on parole. A second in

months on parole. A second in charge 20 years, three

23 years is half of his life. This

is not fair. The judge described

the men as angry and radical

extremists who believe Islam was

under attack and objected to the

governments foreign policies.

Between July 2004 and November 2005

for a stock of weapons, ammunition,

explosives and extraneous material

for a terrorist attack they were

planning. Prompt action by the planning. Prompt action by the

authorities meant the enterprise

was interrupted at a relatively

early stage of its implementation.

As the sentences were read aloud

the five convicted terrorists the

sack smiling. The judge noted each

man will wear prison time as a

badge of honour. My brother is

innocent. The men are expected to

appeal. Three years after a woman's

body was dumped in a wheelie be at

body was dumped in a wheelie be at

all -- Willie been, police have

named murder suspects they cannot

be named. Evidence was destroyed by

illegal immigrants are fearing

deportation. Hysteria erupted when

will woman's body was found at her

unit block. 81-year-old Katherine

Schweitzer was strangled and dumped.

Clothing and clothes were jammed on

top of her. The inquest was told

that the Maze to found to be

inward-looking for valuables at

elderly residents sometimes fall

out. When they saw the body they

touch the corpse, contaminating

evidence. Several people handle the

bin or reached into it before the

police were called. The inquest

heard the man regarded as a suspect

also reached into the beam and

confirmed to the others there was a

body. He told them he had felt a

human head and neck. Homicide

detectives were told the maids

washed parts of the beam and white

their fingerprints from Catherine

Schweitzer poss match credit cards

feared deportation. because so illegal immigrants and

Inconclusive DNA evidence suggested

the suspect could have touched

items in the being of or in the

victims unit. The coroner has

suspect the suspects Name because

he is in custody over an unrelated

fraud. And 12-year-old schoolboy

has been stabbed to death by a

fellow student. The two boys from

St Patrick's College in Brisbane

were in a fight when a 13 it year-

old stand to the other in the chest

with a 20 centre made a fishing

knife. The victim was rushed to

hospital but died soon after. The

attacker was also treated for a

self-inflicted wound. That we seem

more young children involved in

violent offences. Students are

being offered counselling. Police

are hunting a kid there who

minutes. The 6-year-old was abducted a young girl for around 90

snatched ounce signed her families

home in it what the war there. In a

quiet neighbourhood as the Sunday

come was shattered by screams. The

next-door neighbour with grazes

down the front because she had held

on to the back of the vehicle as it

drove off and got trade down the

road. The 6-year-old daughter

playing on the driveway had been

snatched by a man driving a white

utility. The little girl yelled and

tried to hang on to a tree but he

was too strong. He picked her up

and poorer under his arm and threw

her in the back of the vehicle and

drove off. Police believe the child

was driven to a nearby park and

indecently assaulted. She described indecently assaulted. She described

being in the forest. 90 minutes

later she was dropped off a few

hundred metres from home. If sent a

shockwave through the community. shockwave through the community.

Why did it happen in a community

like ours? like ours? Why did it happen in a community

like ours? The kidnapper was

wearing a red flannel shirt and

books so one theory is that he is a

work Contractor of some kind from

out of town. That is little comfort

to other families in one of one

that he was worried about their own

children. My eldest is eight years

old and might come out this and the

screen door will remain locked. The

girl has been tested in hospital

while the hunt remains for the

attacker. Before I get hold of him

- I tell you. Investors suing the

Australian wheat Board and agreed

to an out-of-court settlement for

almost $40 million. The wheat

exporter was tutor to defend claims

that it knew that millions in fees

were kickbacks to the Iraqi

government. It was about

accountability and then we are

pleased it has been settled. The

deal must all be approved by the

court. More than 1,000 shareholders

will benefit from the class-action.

Embattled environment minister

Peter Garrett has been accused of

snubbing that insulation victims.

He went for she today, missing a

meeting. He flew to a National Park

today to celebrate biodiversity. He

came face to face with a rare gecko

and is the minister who is an

endangered species as rosy

opposition is concerned. For Mr

Garratt to be off in some National

Park when people's homes could be

lost lethal indicates he has completely

lost touch. No apologies from Peter

Garratt. He called the meeting and

that awaits its advice. It is not a

that awaits its advice. It is not a

decision making meeting it is about

technical issues. We understand a

minister has a full diary. I've

changed my diary today here. The

changed my diary today here. The

advice from the electricians union

would delay massive blow to the

foil insulation industry. It was

designed for new homes are not

retrofit thing and that's why we

think it should be changed. We

approach to climb to come on camera.

It was this section of the industry

than originally convinced the

minister the product was safe. One

company says they had to sack 28

workers thanks to the temporary ban

even though there had been in

business for 30 years without

incident. Building yet unions are

blame dubious contractors. We want

to know why this was done by

unscrupulous employers. The

minister says any installers to

have flouted his guidelines will be

dealt with. Pauline Hanson is

packing her bags and leaving the

country, saying it is no longer the

land of opportunity. The for sale

land of opportunity. The for sale

sign went up to her home or west of

Brisbane this morning. The property

is expected to fetch more than $1

million. She says she will go to

the United Kingdom and Ireland.

There was a time when she

articulated a cry of rage from a

section of the Australian

population by that time has passed.

Sceptics suggest it is all just a

clever marketing ploy to sell her

house and we have not seen the last

of her. Looking at sport now.

Dialled came close but could not

produce the goods. He missed out.

And had to settle Faure the silver

medal. Canada claimed its first

ever Olympic gold medal on home

soil. Looking like number one and

looking like the first to

Australian to win back-to-back Gold

medals. He executed his run to near

perfection and shot straight into

the gold medal position. The

millionaire businessman of a thrill

his supporters and the literally

sat in top spot but there were

three men to follow including a

Canadian. The nation is riding on

his shoulders. The Canadian

produced too high difficulty tricks

to become the first Canadian to win

a gold medal at home. When his

score was read at the stadium

erupted. The Australian it was

relegated to silver and he was left

shattered, unable to smile. By

contrast, all of Canada broke out

into the party mode. The

Championship for his nation but

also his brother Freddie, who

suffers from cerebral palsy. He

does not walk by he smiles and

never complains. In Sport we have

the results of some scans alone

injured players and some bad blind

in the soccer. There was some heavy

tackles in that game. A woman's

disastrous decision to cross a

swallow Creek. A snap resignation

and the Lea Infant School students

are learning mathematics online. An

inner city Renaissance six years after a riot. the ones you actually feel? Even deep forehead wrinkles VOICEOVER: Each balloon represents and only cooling areas

This program is captioned live. A

woman has drowned trying to cross a

flooded creek in the state's

central west. Emergency crews found

the body of Irene Thomas on the

banks of Tuena Creek after a 13-

hour search. The 60-year old had

been trying to drive across the

creek with her husband last night

when they were swept downstream.

They escaped from the vehicle and

unfortunately the lady passenger of

the vehicle was not located last

night. The woman's husband spent

hours searching the freezing waters.

He's being treated for hypothermia.

Are a lot of warnings associated

with extreme heavy downpour that

was had on the weekend. We have had

between 100 and 200 % of our

monthly average already. 420

millimetres in Katoomba or 4th February so millimetres in Katoomba or 4th

February so far. Here are the February so far. Here are the far

west suburbs in the past three days. February so far. Here are the far west suburbs in the past three days.

The south coast of NSW is being

hammered by torrential rain. The 22

millimetres in just 10 minutes this

morning. That is heavy rain. They

have now had 300 kilometres in

February, an 11-year record.

Another town has also had its

wettest month in 10 years. Canberra

has had its wettest month in eight

years. More showers tomorrow and

then another fine day. This

humidity 20 days in a row now, we

have not yet dipped below 20

degrees and that is a record that

has never been seen in this city.

All the details and a brand new

sport taking Australia by storm

later in the program. It's been

dubbed the DIY HSC with Northern

Beaches students left to teach themselves.

And the Teachers Federation warns

that this is just the start. Pupils

at Davidson High were deserted on

the first day of term when the maths

maths teacher resigned and went to

a private school. Students have to

learn on their own. We make the

most of our situation because it is

now her HSE. Using a web site

sponsored by a fast food chain they

say they managed to learn something.

We help each other and teach

ourselves. To have us being taught

without a teacher is not good. The minister maintains a qualified

teacher was always present in class

and denies accusations that other

schools are struggling to find

qualified teachers. There is no

shortage of teachers in the HSE.

The government is keen to point out

that this is an isolated incident.

The Teachers' Federation says we

will see more across the state as

16,000 teachers retire in the next

two years. The government says the

teacher was entitled to quit at

such short notice. Apologies to any

parents that feel their child was

inconvenience but we are fixing it.

The new maths teacher starts there tomorrow.

The long troubled suburb of Redfern

is going through a renaissance, six

years after it was rocked by riots.

Local police teamed up with young indigenous leaders today, to

celebrate an 80% drop in robberies,

a big spike in property prices, and

hundreds of new jobs. There's a

good vibe around Redfern at the

moment. A lot of young people in

work. I've seen kids come from the

streets and now they're tradesmen

or second, third, fourth year

apprentices. The Block's public

housing is set to undergo a $60

million makeover later this year.

Next, fears Sydney's toll-free M4

will become a car-park. Also, the

freezing weather takes its toll on

American motorists. And Prince

Andrew speaks about royalty, and turning 50.

This program is captioned live.

There are fears the M4 will become

unbearably congested. The toll

gates will be switched off at

midnight, making the road free for

the first time. Motorist ducking

peak-hour traffic on the M4 have

something to smile about. It is the

last time they will have to pay the

toll. The tolls are only go up and

it is great they getting rid of one.

Hopefully will make trips a lot

faster. It may also save 110,000

motorists were plenty of money per

week. I do not know. It will be

chock-a-block on this side. An

auditor general's report said it

thousands of extra vehicles will

use the M4 in peak hour. We do not

have the money or revenue for

infrastructure. We will see the M4

significantly impacted. The

decision to remove the toll will

cost the Government more than $80

million annually. We're committed

that the tolls will be lifted at

midnight tonight. The opposition

says the State Government has no

choice but to honour the original

contract and remove the toll at

midnight but it says in 15 years

the Government has done nothing to

prepare for the moment and it will become painfully obvious tomorrow

morning. They have filed over the

last 15 years to provide the

extension to the end for them it

has repeatedly announced all

provide public transport

alternatives. The free will be

closed from midnight until 5am all

week for that holders to be removed.

And now I hear any desire for a

last nostalgic look at the toll

gates. It is a final time we will

see the toll. We live in a

helicopter. That is the toll and

from tomorrow it will no longer be

a so it means for your pocket a

saving of $2.70 d5. Will it create

more problems? That is anybody's

guess. For one last time all that

money is spent on the toll will be

no more. For those who may be

travelling towards the Princes

Highway to the south coast near the

Turner roads are closed in that

period due to flash flooding.

America's snowstorms and caused a

spectacular Freeway pile up. More

than 40 drivers lost control in

zero visibility. Cars were sand

which right across the bridge will

which had to be shut for hours. A

sudden snowstorm is being blamed

for these and other pile-ups in the

region. Despite the damage, no-one

was seriously hurt. And now for the

finance report. Potential home

buyers are putting brakes on the

market. That does seem to be the

case with that hat-trick of hikes

last year clearly reflected in the

finance figures. Owner occupied

finance was hardest hit, slumping

nearly 5% over December to $15

billion. It is the third monthly

drop in a row. On the back of a

week a lead from the US on Friday

and weak commodity prices, the

local market is off to a soft start to the week.

Tomorrow, the minutes from the

Reserve Bank meeting that Jeff left

to the cash rate unexpectedly on

hold. We will get a better idea of

what they're thinking about future

interest rate hikes. 12 Afghan

civilians have been killed by NATO

Roberts which hit a home. The US

has apologised but says it is

achieving its objective. US Marines

battles might of fire on day three

of their biggest Afghanistan and

offensive in 10 years. 15,000

troops, including Afghan sources,

are attempting to drive out 1,000

insurgents sheltered in a southern

a stronghold. It will be a long

tough slide. We think there will be

30 days of work here at but I think

we're off to a good start. But

since NATO forces have lost ground

in the mission to win a local

hearts and minds when two rockets

hit a home of, chilling 12 Afghan hit a home of, chilling 12 Afghan

civilians. The rockers system has

been suspended pending a review

while the local commander has

apologised. The offensive as surges

on. Soldiers and dodging booby-

traps to convince soldiers -- traps to convince soldiers --

farmers to turn their back on the

insurgents. There is no future for

the insurgency. Prince Andrew hopes

his nephews are William and Harry

can avoid the mistakes of filed

British royal marriages. Speaking

ahead of his 50th birthday, the

Duke also claims the royals are

great value for money. Prince

Andrew has played many roles in his

50 years. The Queen's second

soldier has been a soldier, a groom

at, and ex-husband and a doting dad.

He is great friends with his former

wife but hopes his nephew's will

have better luck in laugh and avoid

past mistakes of filed marriages.

The tabloid nickname of air miles

and he does not bother him. He has

defended his use of private jets.

I'm not doing this for my own good.

As a trained a representative, the

Princess has racked up $2 million

in travel bills in three years. It

is not extravagant. It is not

unreasonable. A UN are like his

mother, retirement will never

really bear auction. I think the

Royal Family is relevant and

probably more so in the 21st

century than we either want to or

realise. And worth the money we

spend on it? Yes, I do. I mean, spend on it? Yes, I do. I mean,

really, at the end of the day,

actually we spend on the

individuals is minute. Still it

will be scrutinised closer than

ever when the Government

renegotiate some royal Budget later

this year. Next, more on the

outcome of the terror trial. At

that and the search for new animal that and the search for new an) that and the search for new animal

species strikes gold. And an

inspirational boy after a family tragedy. (CAMERA CLICKS)

Tonight's headlines - and 12 your

boy has been stabbed to death

during a school yard fight in

Brisbane. A 13-year-old attacked

him with a fishing knife. Illegal

immigrants working as maids

destroyed key evidence about the

murder of a woman. 81-year-old

Katherine Schweitzer was strangled

and dumped in a wheelie bin.

Fingerprints were cleaned by the

maids are there were searching for

valuables and feared detection.

Maximum sentences for five Sydney

men at planning a terrorist attack.

They were jailed today for up to 28

years following a long trial. A

reporter was seen at court for the

sentencing. This brings to an end a

very complex and long-running court

case. This trial was a truly

massive undertaking by the police

and have caused by the lawyers.

There were some astounding facts in

this case and to give you some

perspective about how big the trial

was a forerunner reduce some

statistics. The court case ran for

it two years with 181 days of

evidence 300 witnesses and 2000

pieces of evidence and 97 trailer

loads of electronic data was played

to the court. This was to convict

five men of conspiring to commit

acts of terror. Perhaps the

headline at was the court complex

where the trial took place. It was

purpose-built with maximum security

to hold the five men as the trial

took place. As you have pointed to

there, it has been an enormous

investigation. What have the police

had to say? Police are very happy

with the result. They say it is

exactly what they were hoping for.

The welcome the sentences and say

it was a joint investigation with

the Federal Police and ASIO. They

could not be happier. It is telling

us a very clear message that we did

have terraced in our midst back in

November 2005 and also a clear

message that we are sending it to

people and Lyle likely to think

about committing a terrorist attack

in this country. The five men are

expected to appeal. We have not

heard formally if they were all but

they have 28 days to lodge the

Appeal so the story is not only yet.

A new type of spider has been found

north of Sydney with hundreds of

other creepy-crawlies expected to

be discovered. Is the countries

bigger survey of plants and animals.

A unearthing new spider species is

a discovery few would envy but

scientists were thrilled to find a

never before seen a war spina in an

isolated reserve on the bin north

coast of NSW. Discovered just

yesterday, it is too early to save

it is dangerous. We found on a

hillside. It is one of hundreds of

new species expected to be

uncovered in a butcher believes,

the largest quest to document

plants and animals across national

parks and reserves. It is unreal

how many more there are to be

discovered and how much we do not

know. After just a few days

researchers are scouring at a

reserve have amassed a menagerie.

Brown snakes, bats, lizards and

endangered species. Healthy

populations. This is the only one

we found that I think the habitat

is really nice here. Discovery new

species is not only sighting - and

also has important conservation

implications. When they were fair

what plants and animals around here

they can work out how to preserve

them. Excitement levels are high

here. The $10 million mission of

funded by the Federal Government

and the HP will continue for

another two years. Some unusual

horseplay caught a tricky a rescue

this afternoon when emergency crews

were called in to free a distressed

course star up to her waist in a

muddy creek. She followed her file

into the dirty water when it broke

out of a paddock. The mother needed

sedatives and some horsepower to

get out. After a quick sleep, a

mother and four was soon a reunited

and were glad it to be together

again on dry land. An inspiring

young boy continues to make the

most of life after a family tragedy.

We met him a few years back in a

family pool and he was now part of

an elite basketball camp in camera.

He is at the stroke in Institute of

Sport training with a team that won

gold at the Paralympics. PCR this

person to be invited into their

program. He is here and fast for

his age. Four of their 9-year-old

he is smarter than you expect he

lost the use of his legs in a car

accident. His younger brother was

killed. I miss him so much but I

definitely think about him when I

won the court, sometimes it is

inspiring, which helps. He started

as a swimming under the guidance of

an Olympic medallist. He challenged

this reporter to a race and dreamt

of going to the Paralympics. He

still loves swimming but he says

doing laps became boring. It is

sport has changed but the dream

remains. You definitely have to

work hard and I'm thinking it

possibly the next Olympics - not possibly the next Olympics - not

it the one coming up but the one after

it - could be on the cards. At the it - could be on the cards. At the

Institute of Sport they call him Institute of Sport they call him

the Smiley cheered. He never stops the Smiley cheered. He never stops

smiling all working and with a bit

of inspiration from someone special of inspiration from someone special

he is having the time of his life.

What an extraordinary little boy.

He has a wonderful model man and he

will go to the Paralympics one day.

Relief for NRL clubs after the All-

Stars game. The Newcastle Knights

will still be missing one player.

And how the Australian a player was

pipped for Olympic gold. And we set

compared ever had pushed too hard

in the final. And Sydney's A-League

minor premiership after a great goal.

Get better deals on

(RUMBLING) the bed-wetting stage. in their own time. Here's another real and hoping to buy a unit with it

This program is captioned live.

Moguls skiier Dale Begg-Smith has

become just the third Australian to

win two winter Olympic medals after

claiming silver in Vancouver. He

was beaten by a Canadian who skiied

into the history books. The moment

the monkey leapt off Canada's back.

In the third Canadian Olympic Games,

the nation's long-awaited Olympic

gold medal on home soil, and it

came at the cost of Australia. He

pushed out defending champion Dale pushed out defending champion Dale

Begg-Smith into second place. But

if Silva did not quite closer

fought the disappointed Aussie it

could have been a whole lot worse. could have been a whole lot worse. fought the disappointed Aussie it

While it was boom or bust on the

Merkel's course, they all walked

away. At the track the memory of

the fatal crash on Saturday was

still raw. This 20-year-old was

fearless in the final. Germany took

fearless in the final. Germany took both gold

both gold and silver medals.

Newcastle captain Kurt Gidley is

set to miss the start of the season

after scans confirmed he suffered

knee ligament damage in Saturday

night's All Stars clash. Better

news for Broncos skipper Darren

Lockyer, his bicep injury turned

out to be just a cork. He thought

his season was over but scans on

Kurt Gidley's injured knee soon

lifted his spirits. I am excited.

good news. No damage to the knee, which is

No damage to the knee, which is

good news. The skipper will miss

Brown won against Canterbury. It

could have been worse. To stare

down the bow at a whole season day

out is something every player fears.

No injuries for the ills or dragons

after the trial in Perth last night.

-- for the Parramatta eels or St

-- for the Parramatta eels or St George Dragons.

George Dragons. The red and white

hung on, 34-20. On more traditional

grounds, this the venue is having a

long overdue facelift. The Manly

Sea Eagles build relations across

the Tasman Sea thanks to Graham

Lowe, the new CEO. He has great

contacts and we will use them to

the best of our ability. Family

openly targeted New Zealand

companies for sponsorship. We are

in discussion with sponsors over

there and there are plenty of

chances we will take to get hold of

them. That includes of taking hold them. That includes of taking hold of

of Kiwi playing talent. The

Warriors will always be the main

team for New Zealand but there is room for others.

Thursday night's A League semi

final between Sydney and Melbourne

looks set to be a fiery one.

Yesterday Sydney celebrated its

first ever Premier's Plate with their fans after first ever Premier's Plate with

their fans after the match. The 2-

nil win courtesy of 2 stunning nil win courtesy of 2 stunning

goals either side of the break, the

first to Karol Kisel and the second

to John Aloisi. But it's this

tackle which has left Victory

midfielder Robbie Kruse with a

suspected broken leg that has

Melbourne fuming. If Kevin Muscat

had made that tackle he'd be out

for the next 10 weeks. Kruse was

sent into hospital in Melbourne for

scans on his injured leg. sent into hospital in Melbourne for

scans on his injured leg. They were

deemed inconclusive. The Allan

Border Medal is up for grabs

tonight in Melbourne. But the

Aussies can also celebrate a series

win over the Windies, downing them

by 50 runs in Brisbane last night.

Once again Bollinger claimed Chris

Gayle. Meanwhile, all rounder

Cameron White was left a little

sore after a bouncer caught him

short. He's been cleared of any

serious injury.

Anthony Mundine says Danny Green's

offer of donating profits from

their proposed fight to an

Aboriginal Charity, is nothing but

a ploy to turn people against him.

Exhibiting his clothing line at a

trade show, Mundine claimed he

didn't need to fight to help needy

causes. I feel like he is trying to

use my people against me. What I do

for appraisal charity and community,

that 10% will not cover a pin drop.

Green has ANZAC Day as the date for the rematch.

Australia's James Spithill has

steered Oracle to victory in

sailing's oldest and most

prestigious race, the America's Cup.

In the second race of the best of 3

series, Oracle crossed the finish

line five minutes and 26 seconds

ahead of defending champion Alinghi.

The victory has seen Oracle become

the first US team to win the

America's Cup in 18 years.

And the NBA today broke the

attendance record, for their All

Star match. The annual game was

held at the Dallas Cowboys' new

football stadium. Amazingly,

108,713 attended, which was more

glitzy rock concert than basketball.

As you'd expect on the court, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar

LeBron James provided the most

ridiculous slam dunk fireworks. Oh

my! Can i just be him for one day?

I'm not greedy. East bequests. East

beat West. The final scores 141 to

139. Now let us check on a traffic 139. Now let us check on a tra&

again. Problems on the Hume Highway.

It looks beautiful but you would be green with envy if you were stuck

in this traffic. This traffic goes

all the way through to Campbeltown.

It is virtually going nowhere and

it is due to an earlier accident.

It is a slow journey. Despite the

bad traffic it has been a beautiful

day. All the

My skin doesn't just look younger, My home is always bustling

Live match the sun has been out

today but it did not appear over

the weekend. -- This program is

captioned live.. 200 millimetres

worth of rain fell on the weekend.

The official dam records will soon

be reported. The wettest month in

10 years in Canberra. It is raining

cats and dogs all over NSW. The

rain is falling and more showers

are expected tonight before or

making way for a big blue sky.

There is a phenomenon you might making way for a big blue sky. There is a phenomenon you might not

have seen. It is called Slack

lining. It was used in Germany and

then took Japan by storm. It is now coming then took Japan by storm. It is now

coming to Australia. To tell us

about it, this is one. -- Juan. The

main benefit is with parents and

their children. It trains cordon

nation and fitness. Jump Around on

this and the better at maths at school. this and the better at maths at

school. 3,000 children did a test

and psychologically they were

better off from this activity. We

have real athletes using it now and

schools and sports teachers

recommending it. Can we get Felix

from Germany, he is than the person

in the world that can do a back-

flip on it. This is his second day

in Australia so he has jet lag. It

looks easy but it is incredibly

difficult. The kids are loving it.

It is booming everywhere and now it

is in Australia.

A trough is generating rain and

storms, some severe. A ridge will

extend over the South East. Showers

and the odd stomp, clearing from

North Eastern NSW. A few clearer

showers for the NSW coast. Wade and Lisa showers for the NSW coast. Wade and Lisa Frankland had a magnificent

wedding last night. The rain was

torrential. Well done to you two. wedding last night. The rain was torrential. Well done to you two.

Representing our air force in

Afghanistan and you are making a sprout.

-- making us proud.

We will attempt one more back-flip.

That is pretty clever. We will attempt one more back-flip.

That is pretty clever. See you

tomorrow. That is being used for

tonight. There are Updates this

evening before the Late news and sports

sports tonight around 11pm. Early

news is at 6am tomorrow. Good night. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia