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(generated from captions) for seven days, on the food you love and see if you feel All-Bran new. Tonight - as a remarkable Australian Margaret Whitlam remembered at the age of 92. after passing away, A shocking day on our roads - in two separate crashes. four people die after sniffing aerosol cans. High school students suspended all but over. And Ian Thorpe's Olympic dream Good evening. was remembered today, Margaret Whitlam of a former prime minister not only as the wife and strong woman in her own right. but as a remarkable at the age of 92, She died in Sydney this morning leaving behind an enduring legacy - as a patron of the arts of women's rights. and a passionate defender outspoken, a social campaigner, A champion athlete, a national treasure. rewrote all the rules Margaret Whitlam, it said, on being the prime minister's wife. on this Australia She's made a real impression to Gough and she's been a great partner and we'll miss her. in hospital since last month The 92-year-old had been after falling in her Sydney home. to celebrate their 70th anniversary She and husband Gough were due in April. and her good humoured love of Gough Her constancy and I think extended his greatness. enhanced and humanised him at the Empire Games She swam for Australia married young lawyer Gough. before the daughter of a judge highest political office in the land A partnership leading to the in social reform. and her government roles I'm very pleased. constructive for a change. I'm so happy to be doing something of a woman She was a very good example in her husband's identity - who never became submerged was always very clear about her own. But it was an enduring love story. through yonder window breaks". "What light and Margaret is the sun. It is the east To Gough Whitlam today must be almost unbearable to you we understand that this sadness but our thoughts are with you. passed away peacefully Margaret Whitlam here at St Vincent's Hospital, at around 7:00 this morning her bed surrounded by family. four children, She's survived by husband Gough, and four great-grandchildren. five grandchildren To breaking news now. after suffering horrific burns An elderly woman has died at Maroubra. seeing the woman in her 70s Witnesses reported before collapsing. running on to the footpath to 80% of her body It's believed she's suffered burns she could be taken to hospital. and died before Police have set up a crime scene. caused the terrible incident. There's no word yet on what on Sydney's roads with four dead It's been a shocking 24 hours with bad weather. as drivers struggle to deal in a head-on with a fire tanker. while two fathers lost their lives It was sudden didn't stand a chance. and the two men in the Commodore a slippery road due to rain On what was likely path of a Rural Fire Service tanker the sedan drove straight into the on The Northern Road at Cranebrook. that the white Holden Commodore Witness accounts tell us traffic, was seen to lose control was driving in and out of the of the Rural Fire Service tanker. and drove into the path are an issue Certainly, driving to the conditions in this particular matter. the 37-year-old passenger, Seven News understands who owned the car, has two children under 10. is also a father. The 51-year-old driver They were just minutes from home. The Northern Road towards the truck. The car was travelling south along It's early in the investigation there was an impact here but it appears before the two vehicles collided. called out today Crash investigators were again at another double fatal, south of Sydney. this one near Picton and 19-year-old man died A 17-year-old girl and flipped into a field. when their BMW left the road were treated by paramedics. Two teenagers and a 20-year-old One remains in a critical condition. This is certainly a reminder poor driver behaviour, that speed, fatigue, not driving to the conditions and fatal motor injury accidents. are all factors in serious injury what's predicted to be a wet Easter. A timely reminder two weeks out from in Sydney's north-west Young high school students has been suspended sniffing aerosol cans. after being caught the dangerous practice, Health experts have warned could be deadly. known as 'huffing',

a bonding experience, School camp is meant to be students it was anything but. but for 11 Crestwood High School It's terrible, no good. any way, the teachers. They should be more aware of it been separated from their classmates Instead, the Year 7 students have sniffing deodorant after they were caught Stanwell Tops Conference Centre during their 3-day retreat at the this week. I was a bit surprised. When my son told me this morning I think it's just naivety. what they were doing. I don't think they know known as 'huffing', The dangerous practice, is potentially deadly hasn't taken it lightly. and the school were given three days suspension. The 12- and 13-year-olds and also I'm a paramedic. I have a son in Year 7 It concerns me even more. The Education Department says: young people inhale aerosols Experts say and easier to access than alcohol. because they're cheap and effective uncoordinated, uninhibited. From the first sniff you become you get hallucinations. You get delusions, heart failure and even death. It affects the heart rate, All parents have been informed. Kids will be kids, unfortunately. on Monday. The students return to school

to superannuation Fundamental reforms with a bigger nest egg. will see workers retire with the government's mining tax The increase is tied in for workers to use a new website and Treasurer Wayne Swan is keen how much they will benefit. that will show 3% - it might not sound like much, but to the average worker it could mean a more comfortable retirement. We need to ensure when you reach retirement you have some dignity in the lifestyle that you have for those years. The Federal Government is gradually lifting the superannuation guarantee rate from 9% to 12%. The boost is part of the mining tax package, which is expected to pass the senate on Monday. Let's say you're a 30-year-old worker on average wages. There'll be a boost over your lifetime of savings of around $100,000. Or an extra $85,000 for a 30-year-old earning $50,000 a year or $118,000 for someone on a $70,000-a-year wage. The government has just launched a new website, More Super, which allows workers to log on to see exactly how much extra they will receive. You've just got to plug in your salary, the existing amount in your account, It starts to underline the importance of people thinking about how much they need to put away for the future. Unlike some of the government's failed websites such as Fuelwatch and Grocerywatch, the Treasurer believes he's on to a winner. I think this one will go gangbusters. The website is now up and running. Simple as that? Simple as that. We're all invited to a party tomorrow to celebrate the 80th birthday of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It's recognition of the vital role the mighty 'Coathanger' plays in our city life, although some people who will be attending have a very special connection. From the moment the Sydney Harbour Bridge was completed in 1932, especially for some. To have the connection with the Sydney Harbour Bridge is just overwhelming and awesome. Joan McDonald was born on the bridge in the back of an ambulance in 1958. She has the birth certificate and middle name, Bridget, to prove it. I wanted to see the bridge there and then, so I popped out. Mary Kirk has her own story of hard labour. She delivered daughter Pauline at the toll gates on the eve of the bridge's 25th birthday. She became quite famous because the next day the newspapers said "Bridge has a birthday baby"! Through the Great Depression the great arch helped thousands. People survived by selling souvenirs - cast iron radiators, flipbooks and coathangers in the shape of 'The Coathanger'. It's referenced as the 'iron lung' because it provided so much employment. Tomorrow Sydney will gather at Bradfield Park for a 1930s theme picnic, to say happy 80th birthday to a grand old lady who doesn't look a day over 40. Ian Thorpe's chances of making the London Olympics appear all but over. He crashed out in the semifinals of the 200m freestyle at the Olympic trials in Adelaide. Jim Wilson is there. Jim, it all went very wrong for Thorpe - where to now? It's now or never for Ian Thorpe in the 100m here tomorrow. The 200m was one of the biggest disappointments I can remember at a sporting competition. Thorpe started well enough but then ran out of gas. The fairytale didn't go to script but to his fans, 'Thorpedo' was still a hero. Kids, what do you think of this guy? Awesome! Pretty cool. Awesome! He's amazing! There were high hopes after an impressive performance in the heats. The first hundred was copybook. COMMENTATOR: If anything now, Thorpe has hit the front. His stroke looks amazing. But then the wheels fell off. The 29-year-old's lack of match racing was obvious, even for a legend of the pool. He is in big trouble, he is in really big trouble! The Thorpedo! Thorpedo had been sunk. The fairytale has become a nightmare. The Olympic superstar was shattered. I've never felt like this after a race. I've never felt utterly gutted and left speechless by a performance. If he fails in the 100m freestyle tomorrow, his London dream is over. I was lying on the massage table and going, "Yeah, it would be really easy to cry now". Ian Thorpe was so dignified. He said he would continue to swim whether he makes the team to London or not. Comeback king Geoff Huegill sent Thorpe and his mother a message of support through Seven News. "I thought he handled himself like a true champion". Mum then blew her son a kiss and offered some consoling words. What did you say to him? I told him I love him. Is that all you said? Yeah! Still to come - What George Clooney had to say after being arrested. Taronga Zoo goes to extremes to save endangered species. And Sydney turns green for St Patrick's Day. That's next. they're slicing tomatoes. It's BLT time. Maccas has new McChicken and Quarter Pounder BLTs. Where it all comes together. How good are these? after being arrested during a protest in the United States. The Hollywood star says he felt humiliated at being handcuffed and bundled into a police car while protesting against the many humanitarian atrocities in Sudan. As police bound his hands with plastic ties, George Clooney became just another celebrity under arrest but this time it was for a good cause. Humiliating thing to be arrested. Along with his journalist father, Nick, he was placed in the back of a police van before spending time behind bars. It was really rough, you can imagine. Have you ever been in a cell with these guys? The actor was charged with crossing police lines while protesting outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington. He was there to try to stop atrocities in the country's south. Immediately, we need humanitarian aid into the Sudan before it comes the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Clooney and his father have just returned from their sixth trip to Sudan, visiting the Nuba Mountains where the Sudanese army is bombing villagers. when they fired three rockets. We were there when a young man had his hands blown off. While he's played one on the big screen today he was prepared to take on the role of real-life criminal. It is worth a criminal record, it is. Sudan's government said George Clooney put on a performance worth of another Golden Globe. He, in turn, has vowed to make them as famous as he is, so they can't escape public scrutiny. Two of the state's most endangered animals are the focus of a last ditch breeding program at Taronga Zoo. Conservationists are so worried about the future of two species of frogs they've decided to play matchmaker. This is the Southern Corroboree Frog, one of the most endangered amphibians in the world. They are only found in Kosciusko National Park only in New South Wales and they're restricted to the High Country. The yellow-spotted bell frog is also native to New South Wales. Until recently it was thought to be extinct. Two to three years ago now a small population was found in the Southern Tablelands of just 100 frogs. Taronga Zoo is so worried both species could be wiped out instead, pairing up the frogs to breed. I think our matchmaking skills are up there - we've made some suitable pairs. It's a tricky business. First, the men have to be sorted from the boys, We give them a little bit of a yell "Yeah, frog!" Those who croak back the loudest are considered Lotharios. (CROAKS) A little music also helps jump-start things. We do play the frog equivalent of Barry White. It's important we look after our amphibious friends because they play a vital role in the food web. If they become extinct so will other species. When love does eventually blossom the zoo will release hundreds of tadpoles into the wild. It was easy being green in Sydney today. The rain reminding the Irish of home and those who wished they were Irish were also getting into the spirit of things on St Patrick's Day. Last night the Attorney-General, Greg Smith, got celebrations off to an early start - serenading a Sydney pub with some Irish ballads.

Tomorrow, thousands are expected to turn out for the annual St Patrick's Parade through the city centre. Sport now with Matt Carmichael and Ian Thorpe is not the only swimmer on edge. Mark, Libby Trickett was so close to a fourth Olympics. Leisel Jones can get there tonight. The trials next. The fallout from a brutal NRL grudge match. Vettel in the gravel and a V8s sandwich at the Grand Prix. The Aussies win in the Windies and the Little Master's ton of tons. Some white breads are high in fibre. Some are packed with vitamins and minerals. And some have lower GI. Only one bread has it all. The One from Tip Top. SONG: # Good on ya, Mum # Tip Top's the one # Good on ya, Mum. # I watched Pop die. Lung cancer, from smoking. Mum had a heart attack... ..from her smoking. My sis and Uncle Barry have trouble breathing. Rosy next door had a stroke. The doctor said it was from smokes. I was smoking - for years too. But I quit. 'Cause I don't want our kids growing up thinking disease and dying like that is normal. If I can do it, I reckon we all can. to be cooled and washed and on its way. And the tasty hero to this humble lettuce leaf? 100% juicy Aussie beef. MAN: Then into Macca's with a sizzle, the Big Mac we'll start. MAN 2: With special sauce. Some say the best part. And lettuce, cheese, onions, pickles too. Toasted bun with sesame seed. About 322. Best from the land. Sped to Macca's with haste. Where it all comes together. For that wonderful taste. in tonight's NRL clash on the Gold Coast. Only two minutes in Melbourne went to the air and found success. COMMENTATOR: Cronk with some players outside him, including a chance here for Duffie! What a bounce! He got straight from room service. The Titans have tried the same tactic but wet conditions are making handling difficult. The Dragons are back but there could be several players facing charges after last night's spiteful clash with the Tigers. Wayne Bennett's Knights are still a work in progress - no match for the Broncos while at Kogarah the Dragons dominated. The true believers never had any doubt the big Red would bounce back as bodies left the ground battered, bruised and bleeding. COMMENTATOR: Ooh, look at that, it's a horror movie. And it could be worse for Robbie Farah. My God, he got him up into a dangerous position. Obviously the momentum of the tackle I thought he kinda ducked his head, it happened real quick. I wasn't hurt. I tried to twist out of it probably made it look worse than it was. The head shots came think and fast, bringing tensions between the teams surging to the surface. Whoa! Heavy tackle! The ball comes jolting free. The match review committee has plenty to hit spool through over the weekend. Benji Marshall was off his game. Oh, what's going on out here? But he had a fair excuse... ..copping a swinging arm that went unnoticed by officials. It didn't help the Tigers' cause. We're not offering any excuses. Our issue was we had our best training session last night. St George-Illawarra - a different team to the one that folded against the Bulldogs. Brett Morris - he's gone right through. Brett Morris a revelation at fullback. I think last week we were out enthused. I just wanted to bring a lot of enthusiasm to the game tonight and just play my best that I could for all the boys. 36-2 was a statement about attitude. Now Soward! A beautiful ball, Vidot. After turning his back on the Dragons Tim Moltzen found little support at Kogarah. Poor, young man. Dear, oh, dear, oh, dear. All the hoo-ha about blokes leaving there could probably made about who's staying. And it wasn't flashy but the Broncos were too strong for the Knights. There's a rocky road in front of us here, so it will take us a while. As we reported earlier, Ian Thorpe's London dream is in tatters after failing to qualify for tonight's 200m freestyle final at the Olympic trials in Adelaide. Libby Trickett's also on edge - finishing third in the 100m butterfly, despite clocking a qualifying time. To come away with third, I'm, like, so close to the Olympic team going into the freestyle. Leisel Jones can become the first Australian to swim at four Olympic Games with a top 2 finish in tonight's 100m breaststroke final. Mark Webber will start from fifth on the grid in tomorrow's Australian Formula One Grand Prix. World champion Sebastian Vettel had to recover from a mishap in practice while Fernando Alonso's spin forced a red flag in qualifying. Young Aussie Daniel Ricciardo will go from 10th, five places behind Webber. They'll all be chasing Lewis Hamilton. COMMENTATOR: Lewis Hamilton on pole at Albert Park for the opening race of the season. The V8 Supercars race was delayed after a 5-car pile-up involving champion Jamie Whincup. Mark Winterbottom took out the non-championship race. Sachin Tendulkar has finally become the first cricketer to score 100 international centuries, in a one-day loss to Bangladesh. Australia started their tour of the West Indies with a 64-run victory this morning. George Bailey was man of the match on debut. Australia's endless summer of cricket continued in St Vincent. The long trip to the Caribbean had taken its toll on the batsmen. COMMENTATOR: Well caught! Fantastic. as the West Indies restricted Australia to 8/204. Twenty20 captain George Bailey top scored with 48 in his first one-day international. Cover's called for it, and taken! The Aussies were lifted by one of their veterans. There's no such thing as a meaningless game for Brett Lee. Spinner Xavier Doherty took four wickets, bowling out the Windies for 140 for a 1-0 lead in the 5-game series. After 33 test and one-day innings stuck on 99 hundreds Sachin Tendulkar reached his 100th international century in Bangladesh. Indian fans had never given up on their cricketing god. First of all, I am not God. I'm a cricketer, I am Sachin. Ricky Ponting's the next best - 29 centuries behind the Little Master. Many well-wishers. Many guys prayed for me - it means a lot to me. An amazing achievement. Israel Folau might miss the season opener after being reported for a rough tackle. It was a wet and miserable Saturday across Sydney. I'll tell you if the outlook is set to improve after the break. (ROOSTER CROWS) Come on, guys. These chickens have gotta be fed. WOMAN: KFC is looking at how to improve things. So we now serve free-range chicken Tenders. OK... Whoa! It's a big deal for us, so we got sent out here to see it firsthand. Bring the chooks back in, guys! It's all part of the goodification. Look, could you just tell me, are you going to lower my home loan rate? Well, I can't see why not. Great! Wait - so, is that a yes? Um... Hmm. Could you give me a straight answer? (SONG): # When there is always something there to remind me # Always something there to remind me... # Travel on Spirit of Tasmania between March 31 and July 22 and kids go free! With so much to do on board, parents can relax and enjoy a stress-free holiday. Hurry, offer available online only. Book before March 30 at: Look, there's a lot of great companies based right here. We need local businesses. They drive growth. In fact, Chevron's doing more than $10 billion worth of business ..right here. They create jobs. We've help create over 4,000 jobs, like sparkies, welders, pipe-fitters... The economy depends on local businesses. Our business depends on them. where Cyclone Lua has smashed into the Pilbara Coast, with winds of almost 300km/h. It crossed the coast just over an hour ago and was rated the second strongest Category 4 storm before it hit land. Closer to home, a gusty southerly change helped clear most of the morning rain, leaving a gloomy and chilly day across Sydney. We reached a top of just 20 degrees in town. Right now it's 19. We had lows of 18 to 19 in most suburbs overnight. Today it didn't climb much higher. Tomorrow - Brisbane will have showers. Partly cloudy for Canberra and Melbourne. Sunny for Adelaide. Cloudy in Perth. On Sydney's waterways: Isolated showers will continue tonight and into tomorrow. Fresh sou-easterly winds will bring another cool day. Looking further ahead - Showers will persist over the coming days. Temperatures should start to warm up ahead of another southerly change on Thursday. That's Seven News for this Saturday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media GENTLE, NOBLE THEME) (ORCHESTRA PLAYING "WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR") (FIREWORKS POPPING) (THEME QUIETS) (THEME ENDS WITH A ROUSING FLOURISH) MAN (VOICE-OVER): I'M GONNA TELL YOU A STORY NOW. BUT AS ANY GOOD STORYTELLER KNOWS, ONE MUST FIRST BE SURE THE AUDIENCE IS PREPARED. IS EVERYBODY COMFORTABLY SEATED?