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This program is captioned live. Tonight - the damning report the permanent slashing that could force of the Cross City Tunnel toll. A state of emergency in East Timor of the country's military. as the President takes control

Julia Gillard furious And crying foul - a minister a snivelling grub. after being punished for calling

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight, for 10,000 new preschool places claims the State Government's plan is too little, too late. smokers littering our streets. And the "butt patrol" catching Sydney But first this evening, for users of the Cross City Tunnel relief in sight

next week. after heavily discounted tolls end for a permanent reduction Negotiations are under way on the project. following a damning report the tolls are artificially high The Auditor-General claims

associated with the tunnel and many road closures are completely unnecessary. as late as this morning, Secret talks, and the tunnel operators. between the State Government road closures and the toll. On the table - controversial

hinting at Government subsidies The Roads Minister for hard-hit motorists. commercial negotiations We are in serious with the Cross City Tunnel.

those negotiations. I'm not going to pre-empt the Government The Auditor-General criticised payment from the tunnel owners for pocketing a $97 million up-front to keep the toll lower. instead of using the money is not appropriate In my view this tender approach

is passed on to third parties, where the cost of that fee

in this case the tunnel users. cleared the Government The Auditor-General to improve the operator's profits, of funnelling traffic into the tunnel weren't properly thought through. but said the road closures cumulative impact on motorists. It failed to convey their like the Government, The tunnel operator, on the current negotiations. is refusing to comment But the Auditor-General says

need to be reviewed. all the road closures is warning the Government And the NRMA failure to act will cost it dearly.

They've got to do something, a very high price at the ballot box. otherwise they will pay ending next week, Even three months of half tolls, the tunnel's popularity. have failed to lift only 30,000 cars a day - It's still attracting

about one-third of expectations.

Paul Mullins, Ten News.

Furious parents claim for community preschools a State funding injection is too little too late. for at least two years - Extra places won't be available for families who need help now. cold comfort election announcement It was meant to be a carefully staged promising more money for preschools, but instead the Premier was ambushed, putting him on the spot. one angry dad what your plans are I'm just wondering for preschools, to do something about funding the funding's dropped right out. because on my understanding promising an $85 million boost On the back foot, the Premier is now for community preschools. the 4-year plan right across NSW, By the end of the plan, the opportunity, the access, every 4-year-old will have to universal preschool care.

a day, two days a week. That's equivalent to six hours care The roll-out will occur in stages. will be given to centres Initially money struggling to keep their doors open. be available for another two years. But additional places won't before care becomes cheaper. And it could take four years that NSW can and should be There is no doubt better. delivering preschool services is designed to do. That is what this package

woefully inadequate and insulting. Today's announcement is

Opposition has put on the table. It is less than a third of what the

Many parents are angry Government's long day care subsidy it doesn't equal the Federal of $4,000 a year.

the affordability This plan won't change a child currently in preschool. for parents, like myself, who've got

or being inappropriately spent, If we think that it's not enough you'll hear our voices again. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. of Dili People are again walking the streets of a state of emergency. after the declaration a key role keeping the city safe, Australian troops are playing extremely volatile. but the situation remains out of control, As his young country spirals stepped in East Timor President Xanana Gusmao

from the brink. to pull his people back on defence and security From now on, all responsibilities as supreme commander. is under my responsibility His announcement last night in rioting and violence followed another explosion

across the capital neighbourhood and the city burned. as neighbourhood battled a state of grave crisis The President declared

and called for an end to the mayhem. the ammunitions, the grenades. Surrender voluntarily the weapons, were sacked The defence and interior ministers

is hanging on, but Prime Minister Alkatiri the President's authority and he's even disputed to assume control. and the Prime Minister, The President

are working together. who I have spoken to both of them, It isn't one or the other. the forces jointly. They're actually controlling

it is making the situation safer. The Australian Army insists no shots have been fired The task force commander says

but tear gas has been used. It worked very effectively, of engagement, it was used within the rules being used again. and I would not discount it had an immediate effect this morning. The President's move last night Things were a lot more ordered on the streets. But down here at what's now referred to as the rice line the people are still queuing for a stockpile that's getting smaller by the hour. Most are happy with the President's announcement.

Xanana has been strong for the whole of Timor. So they're very happy? Very happy. Already this morning his orders were being followed as members of the police force were back on parade

getting ready to return to work. In Dili, Max Futcher, Ten News. An ugly spat in Canberra, with accusations of double standards by the Howard Government. Labor's Julia Gillard has been kicked out of the House

for calling the Liberals' Tony Abbott a snivelling grub,

the same insult he dished out to the ALP. It's called payback. Tony Abbott in full flight when Labor's Julia Gillard struck. Mr Speaker, I move that the snivelling grub over there not be further heard. The exact words used by Mr Abbott last Thursday against a Labor MP. Mr Speaker, I move that this snivelling grub be no longer heard.

The Speaker today demanding Ms Gillard withdraw the remark. If I have offended grubs. I withdraw unconditionally. Four times she refused to withdraw properly and was kicked out. Last Thursday this was Mr Abbott's withdrawal. If I have offended grubs, I withdraw unconditionally. Mr Abbott was not kicked out. Double standards says a furious Julia Gillard. It is just the arrogant face of the Howard Government on display

and it is an incredibly ugly face. The Government used its numbers to quash a Labor attempt to change the record. The Speaker says Ms Gillard was thrown out for defying the chair which he cannot tolerate and he called on all members to uphold the standards of the parliament

but fell short of directly criticising Mr Abbott for setting a poor example.

For his part Mr Abbott was sorry, almost. Sometimes all of us go too far. I do. I

am certainly prepared to accept

that from time to time, I do. We've

just heard the confession, but without the contrition. A 5-year-old boy is fighting for his life after being crushed under a car on the Central Coast. It's believed the child, from Sydney, crawled under a sedan,

which was jacked up, when it fell on him. He was rushed to Gosford Hospital with severe trauma injuries and is in a critical condition. A nasty shock for smokers who refuse to bin their butts. Undercover officers are conducting a blitz around the city hoping to rid the streets of discarded cigarettes. They look like a couple of harmless shoppers, but, beneath the plain clothes, city rangers,

waiting to pounce on smokers who don't put their butts in the bin. You're not allowed to throw your cigarette butt on the ground. That's right. I can pick it up. No, no, you wouldn't have picked it up, because I got you going in. No more excuses.

Warnings didn't work, the education campaign failed - now Sydney Council's getting tough. If you flick, expect a fine - $60 if it's extinguished, $200 if it's lit. We've got approximately 50 infringement notices in the course of a week, and we'll conduct these operations weekly until we see the level of compliance improve. Of course, there's sometimes trouble. My address? I've forgotten. You've forgotten your address? And as ranger arrests are highly unlikely... Our policy is we don't do that.

..there are other ways to get cooperation. So what we might do, sir, is go down and visit the police station

and see if you can remember your address. Up to 15,000 butts are discarded in the CBD area alone every day, according to council research, and most of them end up here in the harbour - up to 5.5 million each year, and that's considered a conservative estimate. The fines will go towards clean-up costs. It's not a revenue raising exercise at all. It's a way of ensuring our harbour is cleaner.

One butt at a time. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport, and Craig Gower set for a swift comeback? Yes, it could be a case of operation to Origin. Gower is back on his feet for golf at least - that's less than two weeks after knee surgery. He tells us about his Origin chances shortly in sport.

And how's this for a goal?

It's part of Japan's World Cup warning for the socceroos

as they showed up tournament hosts Germany in a warm-up match. Also later - Lleyton Hewitt survives the first round at the French Open despite a crook ankle. See you soon. Everest's miracle man Lincoln Hall to write a book about his story of survival. That's next. Also tonight, gold bars and cash seized as police bust a suspected major drug syndicate. And the video that could help find a cab driver involved in the death of a young man.

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Grab your fully optioned Zinger Lap Pack and you could win the ultimate V8 Supercar experience for you and three mates at the Super Cheap Auto Bathurst 1000 as VIPs. You'd be king of the mountain with KFC's Zinger Lap Pack. This program is captioned live. Everest survivor Lincoln Hall has signed a book deal to tell his story of near death on the Himalayan peak.

The veteran climber has been reunited with his wife in Nepal but is still too sick to return home. Still smiling and in remarkable health, Lincoln Hall and wife Barbara head for some seclusion. Just six days ago Barbara was told Lincoln was dead. Now he's preparing to fly home to Australia after surviving 36 hours in the open near the peak of Mount Everest,

delirious and with little oxygen. The doctors said for what he'd been through, amazing shape.

The 50-year-old walked into Nepal suffering the debilitating effects of altitude sickness, making it hard even to speak. (Coughs) Amazingly, doctors believe Hall will keep his frostbitten hands and have cleared him of any serious complications. Thank you very much. Hall is yet to be told of the tragic death of close friend Sue Fear, who fell into a crevasse while descending Mount Manaslu on Sunday. Family and friends concede a rescue is now impossible, so her body will remain on the mountain, as was her wish. From a climber's perspective, there could be no greater monument than a mountain. A plaque will be placed at the foot of Mount Manaslu,

while the Fred Hollows Foundation wants to name a building in Nepal after her in recognition of her tireless charity work with the visually impaired. A Sydney memorial service will be held for Sue Fear in around a week. Her family hope to hold the wake at a favoured coastal location which Sue herself has described as a peaceful place. Australia has lost its first lady of mountaineering. We've lost a great person, but we're all a heck of a lot richer for having known her. James Boyce, Ten News. A major breakthrough in the hunt for a Sydney cabbie wanted for questioning over the death of a Balmain man. They've released security footage of the taxi they believe dragged the victim to his death. This is the taxi police say took 26-year-old Darren Owen on a fatal ride. The Taxis Combined cab is seen picking up the British electrician

with his fiancee and brother outside a city pub. At this stage, we're making further inquiries, but it seems to be a minor incident, so it's an absolutely tragic situation.

At their Balmain destination, there was an argument over the fare - the driver demanding $21,

Darren insisting the trip should only cost $15. His family says the dispute over $6 caused the driver to lock the doors and take off. But Darren's door wasn't closed,

and he fell out to be dragged some distance, suffering serious head injuries from which he later died. Detectives believe they're closing in on the driver. This is a pretty major breakthrough in this matter - we're quite confident that we've identified the vehicle. The Owen family has now gone back to England to bury their son. They hope the taxi driver will come forward with his version of events for detectives so they can have some closure in this tragic incident.

Detectives have spent hours retracing his last steps from surveillance footage. They'll soon send the material to be further enhanced,

revealing the taxi's number. Evan Batten, Ten News. Police have smashed a suspected major drug production ring in Far North Queesland. Investigators swooped on several remote areas south-west of Cairns, seizing thousands of kilograms of processed cannabis as well as mature plants. In excess of $4 million in assets have been seized and we want to make sure these sorts of assets don't go back to the criminals - a good job. More than 50 people will face court over the raids. Strange details have emerged of a 30kg cocaine-smuggling conspiracy. A Sydney court hearing a notorious stand-over man was involved

in the elaborately coded plot.

Bradley James Evans is one of three men pleading not guilty

to the cocaine conspiracy. He fled the District Court this afternoon which heard evidence of how the operation was allegedly planned. A container ship passing through the Panama Canal was a feature of the plot using contacts overseas. One was caught on a phone tap very excited as the plan fell into place.

Hayden Rodgers is another facing the jury trial.

He grinned at times as he heard evidence from an alleged fellow conspirator. That man is serving time for his involvement. The Crown witness told the court murdered gangster Tony Hines helped organise a fake British passport. Calls from this telephone box in Clovelly between two of the alleged conspirators was in code. Telephone books meant fake passports, and buying a new truck was really another way of saying purchasing cocaine. The third man charged with the crime, Ricky Montgomery, is also out on bail.

The surveillance of the men goes back to 2002. The cocaine never made it to the country. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Police are searching for an armed gang who robbed and terrorised staff overnight at three Sydney hotels. Four men armed with a shotgun, knife and metal bar forced their way into a Newtown bar, but escaped empty-handed.

The gang was luckier in Rose Bay and Redfern a short time later. Police say the bandits stole cash from both hotels, fleeing in a white Subaru wagon. Anyone with information is being urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

Time for a check of the weather.

Bali Bali Bali, lots of cloud. The

last day of autumn, but still no real

real sign of rain. The westerly

wind kept most of the rain-bearing

cloud out over the sea, Ron. A

brilliant day, actually. The first

half of it, the little fellow

missed it again - it was bright,

blue and shiny. The southerly

brought plenty of grey cloud around

lunchtime, but no precipitation.

Tomorrow will be pretty much the

same story. First day of winter,

around about 19 degrees. Overcast, but

but mainly dry. The showers, though,

pencilled in, but they're hard to

come by. They tell me they'll lob,

then they don't! And I have to get

on the television every night and

keep a straight face! They're

pencilled in across your weekend -

Saturday and Sunday, tops of 18

degrees. Monday and Tuesday should

be hanging around coastal areas at

the very least. Skywatch - an amazing

amazing morning. Fresh? You bet. 1

degree in Richmond - 7 below

average. A real toe-tickler. A

brilliant blue sky until the

afternoon, when the sugt hear did

its work. No problems with

pollution levels. Tomorrow at your

place - overcast, 19 degrees, and

I'll see you again in around about 10. The skyscraper known as the 'Cigarette Lighter' lives up to its nickname, going up in flames.

That's next. And Aussie aid workers heading to help Indonesia's quake relief effort as hope fades of finding more survivors.

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Time to check on the traffic with Vic

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5

traffic helicopter. Disaster -

people trying to get into God's

country having difficulty tonight?

Not a good night heading toward Narrabeen from

Narrabeen from Pittwater Road. You

can see on the left-hand side the

beautiful beaches. Unfortunately,

not the beautiful traffic picture.

An accident - three cars involved.

Right on Narrabeen Bridge. Traffic delays

delays back past call roy, and

nearly do too Dee Why. We could see

traffic tailing back past the bus

stop at call roy. Big problems at

the northern beaches. Take the

Wakehurst Parkway. Thank you, Vic.

More Australian medical staff are on their way to Java to treat the thousands of people injured in the weekend earthquake. The death toll from the disaster has now reached 5,800.

With makeshift hospitals full to overflowing, medical staff are struggling to care for all the injured. Thousands of local and international workers are on the ground but treatment remains basic at best. I cleaned after some time, so some of them were really oozing with abscess. And scenes like these will greet an Australian Red Cross medical team heading to Java tonight.

The surgical unit to join other Australians already in the devastated area. I think anybody who has skills and experience, such as we do, really cannot help but offer their services to a cause like this. The group expects to be working in makeshift hospitals, built from scratch,

treating severe breaks, many to women and children. Head injuries, limb injuries - as you can imagine - any sort of crash injury and trauma related. They don't know exactly where they'll be sent. Adding to their risks - concern remains about the stability of the region. A large scale eruption from Mt Merapi threatening to ecalate the crisis. 200,000 people remain homeless. And so far 5,800 have been reported dead, but as the search continues for unlikely survivors, that number is expected to rise. Supplies, however, are getting through to the worst-affected areas.

The great difficulty for authorities - keeping those who survived last Saturday's initial earthquake alive. James Wakelin, Ten News. Several US marines are facing court martials over a shocking civilian massacre in Iraq. 24 people, including a disabled grandfather and a 2-year-old, were shot dead in an apparent revenge attack by the military.

A survivor telling investigators how she played dead

as her family was wiped out. I will not excuse murder and this is what happened. There is no question in my mind about it. The event is being compared with the Vietnam War's notorious My Lai Massacre,

where hundreds of civilians died. Australian Federal Police have helped bust a criminal gang printing counterfeit Australian money. $5 million worth of fake $100 notes,

along with a printing machine, ink and plates, were seized during a raid in Colombia. Australian currency is considered one of the most difficult in the world to counterfeit. It's thought nearly half of all fake US money in circulation

is printed in the South American country. A skyscraper nicknamed the 'Cigarette Lighter' has lived up to its nickname. It's become a towering inferno - flames and smoke pouring from the top of the 38-storey tower.

2,000 people working inside got out safely.

One person suffered smoke inhalation and two firefighters were slightly injured. The cause isn't yet clear. Locals dubbed the building the 'Cigarette Lighter' because of its distinctive design. Elizabeth Taylor would like it to be known she's alive and well. The actress has spoken for the first time since the tabloids reported she was at death's door.

It's the first interview the great movie star has given in more nan three years, and it's clear reports of her death have been greatly exaggerated. Oh, come on. Do I look like I'm dying? No. Do I look like or sound like I have Alzheimer's? In recent months, magazines have had the star on death's door, Alzheimer's supposedly robbing her of her ability to communicate with friends and family.

The truth is that she's in a wheelchair because of her chronic back problems, and apart from that, she's doing just fine, thank you. I think they're trying to sell magazines. Some audience out there, they like filth. And if they want to hear that I'm dead, sorry, folks. I'm not.

And I don't plan on it. During the hour-long interview, she joked, took calls from viewers

and staunchly defended Michael Jackson in the wake of his child molestation trial. I have never been so angry in my life. I've been there when his nephews were there, and we all were in the bed watching television. There was nothing abnormal about it, there was no touchy-feeling. Meantime, it's business as usual for dame Liz -

she's selling a jewellery line raising money for AIDS,

and might even make a movie comeback. If it were really juicy and spicy and challenging. Angela Bishop, Ten News. An online petition has been launched to get the man mistakenly interviewed on the BBC a job at the corporation. Last month, Guy Goma shot to fame after this now-infamous live television interview. He'd turned up for a job interview but was mistaken for an Internet expert, a subject he clearly knew little about. To see this verdict come on me... Despite his on-screen bravery,

he didn't get the IT position he'd applied for. But now thousands are urging the BBC to give him the job, or, preferably, a better one. Calls for parents to keep their kids at school and away from tomorrow's workplace protest.

That's next. Also, the extraordinary methods American traffic police are using to catch dangerous drivers. And the baseball set to fetch one lucky fan more than $1 million.

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that anticipates when to engage, it's bursting with uncompact thinking. TOYOTA THEME PLAYS

This program is captioned live. Top stories this newshour - a scathing report into the Cross City Tunnel could see the toll permanently reduced. The Auditor-General finding motorists have been paying too much, and many road closures caused by the controversial tunnel are unnecessary. A less-than-enthusiastic response from parents to the State Government's funding pledge on community preschools. The promised extra places won't be available for two years. And a crackdown on Sydney smokers who refuse to bin their butts.

Undercover council officers are conducting a blitz around the city, issuing fines to people who drop their cigarettes in the streets. The Federal Government is cracking down on sleeves designed to hide graphic health warnings on cigarette packs. The cardboard packet jackets, produced in South Australia, come in various designs, including popular football club colours. That's angered some AFL teams. The Government insisting the health warnings must be displayed. We have taken action to ask the department to draft legislation to ensures that these packets may well have to carry the same graphic health images. as the cigarette packets themselves. The sleeves can be bought by children without identification. School students are being warned not to cut class tomorrow to rally against the Government's new workplace laws. But organisers say young people have a right to protect their future. The banners are ready,

and organisers insist high school students will fly them at tomorrow's rallies. We're getting calls from parents who are encouraging their children to go on strike against WorkChoices. We're getting calls from high schools all over the country, including Cairns, where there's actually a school excursion to the rally.

Year 11 student Matt Wilson-Leary will strike.

As a young person I don't have the right to vote, so my only option for taking a stand against the law I don't believe in is by taking to the streets.

But the Director-General of Education says students shouldn't be allowed. A student's place is in the school during school hours. The Government saying that a student's place is at school

is just about the equivalent of saying that women's place is at home. These students have every right to protest to protect their future. The website of the Resistance Socialist Youth Organisation says: Controversially, they also call on students to take their lead from recent French demonstrations.

Organisers say they're expecting thousands of high school and university students to turn out across the country tomorrow. But they deny they are encouraging any violence, instead calling for marchers to stay peaceful. Police will be at tomorrow's marches, hoping they don't end like this recent Sydney protest involving some of the same organisers. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. A big fall on Wall Street and a drop in metal prices

have sent the local share market tumbling.

Police in the US are going to extraordinary lengths to catch dangerous drivers. They're going deep undercover as prostitutes and homeless people.

He looks like an eccentric homeless man begging for money. Yah! Aaah. That's good. He's actually police officer David Oxley, spotting unsuspecting drivers as they run the red.

OXLEY: Eastbound, the red Toyota in the centre

and the white utility truck. Waiting a few hundred metres away, his partner, in uniform, ready to pounce. The reason you're being stopped is for running that red light there. Honestly, I thought I had it beat. Busy, busy day out here today. Florida police say the unusual tactic is cheaper and more effective than red-light cameras. In just one hour, they nailed 75 drivers. The blue bug, southbound congress, it's in the inside lane.

Officer Oxley says he is playing fair. One side of his beggar's sign reads "Don't run the red", the other asks drivers if they can spare $183 - the cost of the traffic infringement. We like to think that we're educating the people out here. That's what our main mission is to do out here. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News.

An American baseball fan has struck it rich thanks to his thirst for beer. Andrew Morbitzer was queueing for a drink when fortune fell from above. On the field, his hero Barry Bonds had just smashed a record breaking 715th home run when the historic ball fell straight into his hands. He was in line for my peanuts,

and I was kind of wondering what was taking so long to bring back.

The brilliant men of SFP got right

around me and took me away immediately. He was in line for my peanuts, and I was kind of wondering what was taking so long to bring back. Experts say the piece of sporting memorabilia is worth over $1 million.

Bali Bali Bali, not quite winter officially, but

officially, but it felt like it

this morning. Tomorrow when you

wake up it will be winter. Today it

felt like the very same season,

particularly at Richmond, where it

was 1 degree - 7 below average.

That would put goose bumps on an

ugg boot. It was 9 degrees the

minimum in the city - 3 below. 18

degrees in the city. A glorious

blue day. 20 degrees blue day. 20 degrees at Penrith.

Tomorrow it's winter and we've got

an excuse - it will be a cold one.

In Sydney, around 18 degrees,

partly cloudy. Back to the desk,

where they quite offven a

snuggle-fest after the cameras are

off. He's caught us again! Sport is next. Tim, big changes mooted for the Queensland Origin team.

Yes, Blues coach Graham Murray tells us who he thinks will be selected for the Maroons. More shortly.

Also, Japan shows the Socceroos their strike power by upstaging Germany. And Lleyton Hewitt overcomes his ankle problems to win in Paris.

KETTLE WHISTLES AND BIRDS CALL (Man sighs) This is as good as it gets.

DOG: Is it? ALL: Is it? (All sing) # Is it as good? # Bushells has the flavour (Fish sings) # Is it as good? (Choir sings) # As good as tea can be

# Is it as good as Bushells? # Is it as good # As Bushells? # (Man laughs)

This program is captioned live. NSW selectors face the tough task of choosing between first game hero Brett Finch and Craig Gower for Game 2 of the Origin series. Gower is set to make a quicker than expected comeback from injury this weekend against Manly. At a NSW sponsors promotion, the Blues continuing to worship the boot of Brett Finch. But across town, Craig Gower - the man Finch replaced at the eleventh hour - saying he's eyeing a recall. The Penrith skipper on course for a shock comeback

just a week after knee surgery.

I haven't ran yet, I'm getting well

on it and playing golf on it. It's

50-50. Hopefully I'll be able to run on it tomorrow. The match his last chance to unseat Finch.

They name it on Sunday night.

They name it on Sunday night. Obviously if I play well there's a

chance and then it's up to form,

issent it? Team-mates calling for

selecters to show loyalty. He was

picked as the form halfback going

around. If he goes on the field

this week, they'd pick him for sure. Graham Murray happy whoever wears the number seven. But the Blues' coach predicting Queensland to call up Roosters utility Chris Flannery and Broncos enforcer Tonie Carroll, as well as a change at fullback.

I'd probably lean a bit more

towards Karmichael Hunt coming in.

But that's only the street-corner

whisper. I'm not trying to push

Bowen out of the football team. Another Maroons fullback contender, Billy Slater, coming back this week for Melbourne after a 9-match suspension - just don't mention the incident. REPORTER: Billy, are you going to be on your best behaviour?

What's that supposed to mean?

And not everyone agreeing with the NRL suspending Trent Barrett after being tipped off by a television editor.

I'd prefer the match review committee to pick it up. Any Joe Blow could ring up and say he saw something and charge a bloke. Adam Hawse, Ten News. A World Cup warning from our first-up rivals Japan - they've held hosts Germany to a 2-2 draw after leading late in the game. Meanwhile, Australian keeper Zeljko Kalac says the selection process for the Socceroos is now much fairer. For the first time in many years, Zeljko Kalac believes he's a genuine chance

of being in the country's number one position as goalkeeper. I have to say that I did come into camp a lot of times knowing that I wasn't going to play, knowing that I wasn't going to be given the opportunity to play. It can't be said anymore. The arrival of Guus Hiddink has clearly been good for the Socceroos,

and the man who goes by the nickname 'Spider'. As we've seen in the past - players who think they're starting 11 have gone into matches and well and truly played bad, and the next match, they play again. Harry Kewell continues to make steady progress in his recovery from groin injury, training for another hour today and seeing more of the football. While the match against the Netherlands is only a few days away,

the intensity and workload of training remains high - so much so, it's starting to take its toll on the players. The boys are knackered. Their spirits are high, but the boys have been training - we've been training so hard. The aim - to be peaking physically for the Cup opener against Japan,

who today exposed Germany's shaky defence.

Coach Hiddink was there, noting Takahara's double soon after.

Germany giving Australia some clues in the closing stages to escape with a 2-2 draw. In another friendly, England beat Hungary 3-1. Theo Walcott becoming the youngest ever to play for England.

Neil Cordy in Eindhoven for Ten News. The England rugby union team has arrived in Australia for the 2-Test series against the Wallabies. The visitors touched down early this morning ahead of the first Test in Sydney on June 11. The second match is in Melbourne the following weekend. Some keen English fans turned up to greet the world champions. Midfielder Luke Ablett says the Sydney Swans' poor form in Canberra won't matter when they take on the struggling Kangaroos on Sunday. The Swans boast just just one victory from the eight times they've played the Roos in the nations capital. Ablett also unfazed by the intimate setting of Manuka Oval. I think most guys will be motivated regardless. You know, we could be playing accross the street in front of 10 people and I think most guys would still be motivated to do the job. The coaching staff hope defender Craig Bolton will be able to play after missing last week with a hamstring strain. Lleyton Hewitt has won his first match at the French Open. The former world number one disposed of the Czech Republic's Jan Hernych in four sets. In other matches, another Aussie, Samantha Stosur, was knocked out, and number five seed Andy Roddick's tournament came to an early end due to an ankle injury. It was a nervous start for Hewitt. The former world number one saving a set point to the unseeded Jan Hernych before forcing the opener to a tiebreak. HEWITT: C'mon! COMMENTATOR: There it is, the opening set for Hewitt. He did it the hard way as he often does. But Hernych fought back, dominating the second. He broke the Aussie's serve early and went on to take the set 6-3. With the scores level, Hewitt was forced into a full stretch against the tall Czech throughout the third. Oh, brilliant stretch volley there from Hewitt. He can do it. An early break in the fourth had Hernych frustrated at what could have been.

Hewitt's powerful baseline game assisting in a 6-0 thrashing to take the match. You know, it's always hard to come out and especially so on this surface than any other. Um, I find it hard enough sometimes on clay I haven't played, apart from last week's one, one match. In the women's draw

Aussie Samantha Stosur has made a Round 1 exit. And a day of first-round upsets - world number 3 Nadia Petrova beaten by the unseeded Akiko Morigami, while Andy Roddick was forced to withdraw with an ankle injury. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. And in Sports Tonight, we'll have the latest from the Socceroos as they prepare for Sunday's friendly against the Netherlands.

Not happy with that Japanesance!

They look good! Look out. They look good! Look out. Not much

fun on Victoria Road in Rydalmere,

Vic? Horrible night for traffic

heading home. First at northern

beachesers, now at Rydalmere. A

beachesers, now at Rydalmere. A major accident on Victoria Road.

major accident on Victoria Road. This is the city-bound traffic

This is the city-bound traffic being blocked. We'll show you where

the accident has occurred. As a

result, of city-bound closures -

the headlights are the the headlights are the westbound

delays. Traffic all the way back

into West Ryde and nearly Ryde. An

hour from Parramatta to Ryde. Best

to avoid Victoria Road completely. Thank you. Tim Bailey joins us next with all the weather info.

Time for all the weather details.

Yes, Tim Bailey is saying we'll get

a big dump of snow in time for the

beginning of the season next week.

My only concern with this is that if your snow if your snow predictions are

anything like your rain

predictions... I don't blukmuk

about with the snow, Ron! It's too

important to the heart. I don't

muck about with the rain either.

The showers I've been talking about

for the last nine days are not

materialising other than right on

the coastal fringe, unfortunately.

They're still on the radar for

maybe tomorrow, certainly Thursday,

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday,

with temperatures down to about 18

with temperatures down to about 18 degrees. Tomorrow is officially

winter. So I can legally talk about

Thredbo and the snow without any

producers back there going mad at

me and taking pot shots at me

because I go down there all the

time and they don't. Looks like it

will be bang-smack on time. Mother

Nature looking like she's got the

resorts in her sights. Thursday - Sunday we're looking Sunday we're looking at this

weekend, one week out from the snow

season opening, about 30cm of snow.

Next week, we're thinking

Thursday-Saturday, the actual

opening, around 5-10cm worth. Get

the gear out, we're going riding

and sliding real soon. Tomorrow in

Sydney - 18 degrees, partly cloudy,

maybe a coastal shower, but nothing

going to the going to the west, unfortunately.

Chilly conditions - 18 or 19 for

the next four or five days in a row.

Showers hopefully spinning off an east

Thick cloud is sweeping across

South Australia around a low-pressure system, generating

showers and storms. Cloud pushed

onto the NSW southern coast

bringing a few bringing a few showers. For

tomorrow - a pleasure to unveil it.

A low and front will generate cold,

showery winds and a few storms

across South Australia. Won't cause

much rain at all. A little bit in

Victoria. A Tasman low - this is

where the interest is - will

maintain showers on the eastern coast.

Tomorrow - 18 degrees and overcast!

That's it from me with the news

that that autumn was the driest in

around about 52 years. Let's hope

winter is kind to us. See you again

tomorrow night. Thank you. A new world record has been set at Manly Beach for having the most surfers ride the same wave at the same time. There was some last-minute tactical coaching and then they were off. It might have been a small wave, but it was enough to break the world record. Last week, 44 surfers in Ireland rose to the challenge.

Today the team of 46 in Manly claimed the victory, most of them coming from North Sydney Boys High

to join the Manly Surf School team.

I don't imagine a lot of surf

records being set in Ireland, actually! That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow night. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

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