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Tonight, A family's worst fears

confirmed after a body was found in confirmed after a body was found in

bushland. He sharpened the knife -

explosive allegations in the

Michelle Beets murder case. A

surprise rise in unemployment

throws a new spin to the election

campaign, as a former Labor

leader's new job continues to cause

headaches. And - a man who waged a

war against Mosman parking meters

faces court. Good evening, I'm Bill

Woods. And I'm Deborah Knight. Also

- the super bug following patients

home after cheap overseas plastic

surgery. And - how men can have the

beer but not the belly. But first:

A Sydney family has been told to

prepare for the worst following the

discovery of a dismembered body in

a reserve in Sydney's west. Ten's

Evan Batten joins us now. Evan,

police believe it could be missing

mother Kristi McDougall? It has

been a very sad afternoon for

Kristi McDougall's family. They

police believe it as her body they

have discovered. Because of the

condition of a remains, it will

take time for the police to be

certain. They will rely n DNA

technology. There will take at

least another week before the

results are back. So Police divers

spent the morning on the most

gruesome of searches, scouring a

Doonside creek for the missing body

parts of a woman found their last

night. It's very sad to say an

adult female torso has been located

where the witnesses said there was

a body. It was wrapped in plastic

and lying on the bank of the creek.

Homicide detectives believe it is

the body of missing Carlingford

mother Kristi McDougall. The 31-

year-old hasn't been seen since

June. A post mortem has been

carried out today to determine how

she was killed but it was how she

was found that is just as

mysterious. A woman said she had a

sense, a feeling that it was worth

her while to come to this part of

the reserve. That woman wasn't a

psychic but an Aboriginal Elder.

She dreamt and had a feeling, who

was searching the reserve, after

having a dream that Kiesha Abrahams

was here. They're convinced she is

still in here somewhere. That

reserve is at the end of the same

street where Kiesha's family used

to live, just two kilometres away.

Great you have had a near-death

experience, it's a new. It's quite

unusual circumstances that has

brought us here, that she would

think that initially and then

actually find a body. The woman has

told Ten News she will continue

searching the reserve, thankful

she's been able to bring closure for one grieving family.

Extraordinary new evidence today in

the case of murdered Sydney nurse

Michelle Beets. A court's been told

her alleged killer practised

slitting the throat of a family

member, and was seen sharpening a

knife, before the crime was carried

out. Walter Marsh has always

wrong man. claimed detectives honed in on the

Did you kill Michelle Beets? No.

Police allege the 49-year-old

former US marine repeatedly stabbed

and slashed the throat of hospital

nursing manager Michelle Beets, as

she arrived at her Chatswood home

in April. Today, Central Local

Court was told both his wife Samantha Marsh, and brother-in-law

against him. Gabriel Le will give evidence

against him. According to Le's statement:

He also claims to have seen Marsh

sharpening a knife, one or two

months prior to the murder. It's

alleged Marsh made admissions to

his wife, who's admitted helping

her husband after Ms Beets was

killed. Both witnesses will detail

their evidence when Walter Marsh

faces a committal hearing in two

months time. He's yet to formally

enter a plea. Marsh, who hasn't

applied for bail, will remain

behind bars for now. The Keli Lane

murder trial has been told a

Medicare account was set up for her

missing daughter Tegan, but it's

never been used. Crowds queued for

a seat in the court room, as Medicare investigators testified

they've found no trace of Tegan

Lane on the Childhood Immunisation

Register, since her birth in 1996.

A social worker gave evidence that

Lane chose to secretly adopt out an

earlier child. The Prosecution

alleges the trauma of giving away

her child led Lane to murder. Keli

Lane maintains Tegan is living with

her father. A surprising rise in

the jobless rate has thrown a wild

card into the election campaign.

The government says its record on

jobs is still world class, but Tony

Abbott says he's disappointed. For

the 11th month in a row employment

has grown in Australia, among the

new jobs this month is cub reporter

Mark Latham, now injecting himself

into the Liberal campaign. I'm

apology. happy to shake your hand. So no

One the a real willing to apologise

for your role in putting Pauling

Hanson into prison that time?

Another former Labor Leader isn't

impressed with Mr latham's new work. Irrelevancy. impressed with Mr latham's new work.

Irrelevancy. Unemployment rose to

five point three percent, and that

despite almost twenty four thousand

new jobs. The increase explained by

forty eight thousand new job

seekers entering the market. I note

there is an uptick in unemployment

and obviously I'm disappointed this

is happening. But the government

disappointing. says the big picture is far from

disappointing. It is good that

people have the confidence to look

for work. It is good that we are

creating jobs. The tightness of the

election race was in evidence last

night when Julia Gillard and Tony

Abbott separately faced an audience

said to be made up of two hundred

swinging voters. While Ms Gillard

was put at a disadvantage by being

perched on a high stool, the room

warmed to Mr Abbott. What I want is

to be down on the level with you

guys. Seeing what happened to Kevin

Rudd, what guarantee you can give

that you'll last the full term? To

be the PM of Australia you need to

have the confidence of the people

and your team, I do have the

confidence of my team. The audience

scored it for Abbott, 71-59 with 70

choosing neither candidate. Mr

Abbott attack on Labor's cynical

opportunism in announcing a new

rail line through marginal

Bennelong was blunted when a flier

from his candidate in the seat

promised to work for just that.

The local candidate say all sorts of things. The local candidate say all sorts

of things. Bob Hawke has described

Mac late than as an irrelevancy. Is

it. I have to agree would Bulwark

and that. I do not think the Mark

Latham has a shred of credibility

left. There is no doubt that he is

an embarrassment for Labor Party.

Julia Gillard won praise for her

coolness under fire at the weekend.

But for Tony Abbott, he was a

distraction at a major policy

launch. I suspect both leaders

would like him to leave the field

and let them get on with it.

Medical tourism is being blamed for

the rise of a new super bug. It is

only a matter of time before it

proves deadly. Separately, a E.coli

and Klebsiella are treatable. But a

gene mutation has created an

antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

What we see here is not the work of

a single super bug. It is the

spread of resistance between

bacteria. Antibiotics normally stop

bacteria reproduce in. The bacteria

with the NDM-1 mutation are immune

to the most powerful antibiotics.

To the resistance can spread. It

makes it almost impossible to treat.

The bug has been detected in

Australia, Canada, US and UK.

Scientists believe easily available

antibiotics if you'll be so reviled.

So far, in Australia, we have not

seen very many of the serious cases.

We're on the lookout. The

Australian medical authorities

event issued a warning. It is the

danger of medical tourism.

Australian travel overseas,

sometimes to Third World countries,

for plastic surgery on the cheap.

When you venture overseas, you're

not quite sure what you're heading

into. When you get there, he can be

difficult to back-garden a

procedure. Even if it does go well,

you come warm, but there is no-one

to follow up with. His Sydney

manners on trial, a accused of a

bizarre vandalism attack on parking

metres. Ian Elsegood attack to the

paragon metres at Mosman Beach. He

is facing jail time. He vandalised

15 parking metres in the exclusive

Sydney suburb of Balmoral. These

CCTV pictures place him at the

scene. His lawyers told the court,

the pictures were obtained

illegally. It claimed council did

not have permission to install the

cameras. In a house could his charm

she with 15 counts of alleged to

damage. They include attacks on

steel casings, that cover the

parking metres. A scene in the

security video shows him. Because

many thousands dollars what damage. many thousands dollars what damage.

Aida will now be a 2-day hearing

were, with thousands of dollars in

legal fees. The council says it is

what it. It is the principle of the

thing, not the money. If you

disagree with something, you just

do not going do what he has done.

The parking metres have caused

uproar in the Mosman community. I

think the parking metres are

excellent. I'm pleased they have

been introduced. I can go down

there during the day and get a

parking space. Ian Elsegood was a

vocal opponents of the parking spaces.

spaces. Still to come - its

neighbours in a desperate attempt

to save a man from a house fire.

Also tonight - 12 arrests and $30

million of cash and property Ice-

T's in a drugs ring. Wild weather

Industry SuperFunds -

An elderly man has died in a house

fire, despite frantic attempts by

neighbours to save him. A young

girl alerted her mother when she

smelt smoke. They tried to gain

access to the home, before calling

triple zero. She called out Harold,

who lives in the house, his name,

but we didn't get any response. The

94-year-old man later died in

hospital from burns to 60 per cent

of his body. Investigators are not

treating the fire as suspicious. A

major drug syndicate has been

smashed in Melbourne, after more

than 250 police staged simultaneous

raids across the city. Three people

have been arrested, and almost $30

million in cash, drugs, and

property seized. The five people,

alleged to be part of a major

international crime Group, are

taken into custody. They were

arrested at Housing Commission

flats and Fitzroy. Police seized

cash, heroin and evidence. The is a

highly resilient organised crime

group that has been operating in

Northern for some time. Police and

the crime Commission have taken

this crew ballot. It is the

culmination of 10 months' work. 250

officers were involved in the huge

operation. Over $20 million worth

of property has been restrained. At

least $2 million worth of heroin

has been seized. Across India and

Western Melbourne the searchers

went on. A car was taken away.

Welfare agencies are a caring for

many children. Of the 10 men and

several women arrested, many have

been charged. The arrests were

spread across 10 suburbs. We

believe, that has significantly

impacted upon the heroin trade in

Melbourne. The application to seize

assets is the largest in Victoria

Street. The properties targets

included restaurants, shops and

several homes. There are more

arrests are expected. We have a

number of matters that we will

follow up overseas. These are in

regards to links to South East Asia.

A deadly storm has claimed the life

of a 19-year-old driver in

Melbourne. The teenager slammed

into a tree brought down by 95km/h

winds. The trunk sat a meter above

the road, giving the driver no

chance of survival. There's been a

tree down and he's been unable to

avoid it. The car has impacted the

tree and has tragically lost his

life. Wild winds caused havoc, with

fallen trees causing the most

damage. Downed power lines blacked

out more than nine thousand homes.

Wild weather has caused more problems on the north coast.

Kingscliff was battered by big seas

overnight, sending more of the

pristine foreshore crashing into

the ocean.

An already crumbling coastline

couldn't fight Mother Nature.

Overnight, another 6m of foreshore

tumbled into the sea.

We really need something done ASAP.

We haven't had our storm season yet

- it starts next month.

The destruction now stretches 0.5km

up Kingscliff's beach. Sand dunes,

trees, even a road has collapsed.

This playground used to be 70m

inland. Now it fronts a cliff face.

Just a lack of inaction by council,

so it's not really - it's un-

Australian, let me say that. It's un-Australian.

Council says it's awaiting state

funding to fix the problem. The

repair bill will run into the millions.

We're not sitting on our hands, I

can assure people of that, but

we've got to be responsible in how

we spend money, and if we do spend

millions of dollars here, that it will work. They've tried sandbagging, with little success. Whatever the

solution, council will have to act

fast - the NSW surf life saving

titles are due to be held here in

just six months. An erosion wall is

being installed to help save the

surf club. Others say it's too little, too late.

Maybe Mother Nature just takes her

course. What can you do? She's

pretty powerful - harsh mistress!

Wild weather in Queensland and

Victoria. Closer to warm, but there

has been a lot of wind in Sydney.

The westerly winds winds Hicks 70 K.

76km/h at Newcastle. We can look at

the dams. Disappointing news. 23

millimetres of rain, but only five

Mills trickled in the dam. Their

rise to 56.9 %. We are up 1% for

the last two weeks unroll. Snow has

been at the news for the week. In

the northern table LANs and in the

table LANs in general, a cold air

has whipped through. There has been

snore in Oberon. There is no action

Nolan. It is causing traffic have

up. Look at this weather photograph.

He tells us aid as a shot of sunny

port land. It does not there to

Sunita made.

Speaking of snow, there is a

reported five to six. Banks

, the eels have dumped him for the

weekend. Up Des Hasler as we have

never seen or stop why is he

wearing a Mollet? The new German

coach would not be happy with what

is often the Socceroos last night.

Everyone from a frustrated captain

down Mr de target in a to nil

defeat. We told to Nick Darcy and

still a golfing legends. It would

be nice to make a big pot. Telstra

shares have taken a tumble after

the disappointing profit results.

Sea rescue - passengers saved after

the charter a boat capsizes. Hyland

this snake was helping in


This program is captioned live.

We go to the traffic helicopter.

The end to is looking heavy.

Traffic leading from the north-west

will experience delays all the way

back to ride. We are Oprah Beecroft.

Adderbury also across Sydney. That

is uncertain roads. Look at the end

too. This is the traffic heading

into Castle Hill. He was caught by

an earlier accident. Motorists will

be delayed warm in the north-west

tonight. 21 fisherman on it Chirk a

boat that capsized in Queensland

have made it safely warm to dry

land. They were caught in a freak

storm. Winds of up to 70km/h up and

the vessel. That storm was hell.

The skipper said it, get off, get

off, put your lifejackets on. The

win was sideways and the rain was

terrible. The group make the

fishing trip every year but some

say they will not come back. Then

Mac a shocking gave her local

shares. That was due to some

shocking poverty results from our

largest companies. Telstra I had a

net profit of $2.8 billion. It was

down 5% on last year. Mobile

revenue grew. Fixed line revenue is

in freefall. They expect there

earnings will keep falling. There

would be a dividend of 20% per

share. Quant has also had a drop in

profits. Weak passenger demand

means that the frequent flyer

program, the most probable part of

the program, is doing poorly. It

took a hit from the Icelandic

volcano. There will not be a final

dividend. Tells the were down 10%.

The result keep coming in tomorrow.

news them. Hopefully there will be some better

news them. The first load of

Australian aid is on the way to

flood victims and Pakistan. The Air

Force will take a million dollars

worth of aid, including tents and

to pollen, and water purification

equipment, to help 10,000 families.

The a dozen top of $10 million

already pledged. We will do two of

these runs, and then we will see

what further assistance we can

render. The flooding has affected

at least 12 million people. An

American flies attended to

dramatically quit his job is

becoming an international star. His

every move is being followed by the

paparazzi. He lodged a tarmac tirade.

A Taiwanese animation has gone lot

on the Internet like a virus. He

swore at a passenger over the

intercom. He then stole a beer and

Johnstown the emergency passengers

escape chute. In a drug bust in

Italy, the police have had to deal

with a slippery customer. It was a

python, there was being used like a

guard dog do look after the drugs.

It was also used to intimidate

people will all the money to be

drug dealers. When the police

caught it, it was sitting on 200

grams of cocaine. How the two

political leaders handle the

pressure of Rooty Hill RSL. The new

program allowing men to have a beer

and lose weight at the same time.

You can go to a friend's place at a

barbecue, and you do not want to sit so the water. the amazing scenery

This program is captioned live.

Headlines on Ten News - a Sydney

family has been told to prepare for

the worst, following the discovery

of a dismembered body in Sydney's

west. Police believe it could be missing mother Kristi McDougall.

A court's been told the alleged

killer of nurse Michelle Beets

practised slitting the throat of a

family member, and was seen

sharpening a knife before the crime

was carried out. The wife and

brother-in-law of the accused,

Walter Marsh, will give evidence

against him.

And a surprising rise in the

jobless rate has become an election

campaign wild card. The government

has backed its record, but Tony

Abbott says he's disappointed.

Last night, the people of Sydney's

west had their chance to grill the

leaders. For many, transport was

the number one concern.

Up against swinging voters, both

leaders were braced for an

indifferent reception, but it was a

little frostier than expected.

No, I don't want people like you ruining this country!

Sexist, racist, anti-gay - Tony Abbott, on your way!

The night was all about the people

of Sydney's west, shaping as a key

election battleground. Having

endured a long history of broken

transport promises, many of the 200

undecided voters were wary.

You sneakily announce the

Parramatta to Epping rail link

after the next term of government.

Work will start by 2011.

But will the Liberals cure the

transport woes of the west?

I can't say yes without a whole lot of conditions and qualifications.

RSL regulars jeered and cheered as

the leaders were grilled on national issues too.

In which way are your health policies better?

In short, more beds.

I want to be able to say, "Will you

union me?". marry me?" Not, "Wll you civil

At the end of it all, voters

nominated a preference in dummy

ballot boxes. Many said the debate would shape their vote.

By Kinkawooka for Tony Abbott this

time, I IMA traditional Labor


He was speaking from the heart, not

just doing wrote like Julia.

For some, though, it was just

another bout of rhetoric.

You're still perplexed?

Yep, still unsure.

Matt Doran, Ten News.

A university weight loss trial is

gaining international recognition.

The SHED-IT program helps men lose

kilos without giving up beer.

It's a weighty problem - how to

help men lose the beer belly, but

not the lifestyle.

If you go to your mate's place for

a barbecue, you don't want to be

sitting there sipping soda water or

water while the other guys are

having beers.

Researchers at the University of

Newcastle think their internationally recognised SHED-IT program is the answer.

It's an education program. So we

give men the skills and knowledge

to be able to become weight loss experts.

SHED-IT isn't a diet. There are no

group weigh-ins or drastic exercise

regimes. Instead, men are taught

the maths of weight-loss, by

learning how many kilojoules are in

food and how the male body burns them.

You can estimate on how much a

sandwich is or how much a beer is.

You definitely know how much a beer is.

Internationally, 85% to 95% of

weight loss participants are women.

This is the world's first study of

men. its kind to successfully recruit

Within one day we had already

received 200-300 responses, up to

you know, 500, so we've really been

able to demonstrate that men are

interested in their weight loss.

150 people will take part in this

second phase of the SHED-IT trial.

They'll be assessed after three and six months.

If it's successful, the program

could be extended beyond NSW.

Melinda Nucifora, Ten News. 'MasterChef' runner-up Callum Hann

returned home today, visiting the

friends who first ignited his

passion for cooking. The 20-year-

old is enjoying some time off

before heading back to the chaos of

the kitchen.

Walking the streets of home.

Oh, it's Callum!

And going back to where it all

began. Only 10 months ago, Callum

Hann was scrubbing dishes at 1918

restaurant in the Barossa Valley.

Have I still got a job here as a kitchen hand?

If you want, yeah.

chef. Not exactly the pedigree of a top

There's many other ways of There's many other ways of

describing what I did, that are not

as nice as kitchen hand. I got

called the dish pig quite a few

times. But it was here where

Callum's passion for food was

the final. ignited, and sent him straight to

In many ways, this is where it all

started for me. Now come back here

after the competition and be around

these guys again.

He'll come back and teach us something next time, maybe.

His performance on 'MasterChef'

surprised even his biggest fans.

It was a bit of a shock when he got

in the last two, so yeah, it was a

good effort.

far. I kind of didn't think he'd get so

Since his days as a kitchen hand,

Callum has come full circle. In

October he'll be an apprentice chef

at George Calambaros's restaurant

in Melbourne. But before then, he

hopes to recreate some of his

famous 'MasterChef' recipes on a

mass scale.

I haven't been in the kitchen that

much since the competition, just

because I've been so busy, but one

of the things I have done is I've

made a few batches of macaroons,

because I've had a lot of requests

from my friends, and it got me from my friends, and it got me

thinking, is there a way I can kind thinking, is there a way I can kind

of let everyone taste my macaroons?

And his biggest fan is happy to

have him back - for now.

It's just nice to have him back and

cooking for me. It's not schnitzels

and pasta bakes for tea, it's

really nice food now.

Sarah Abo, Ten News.

Brad's back with sport. And he was

one of Parra's heroes last year -

now Daniel Mortimer's not good

enough to play first grade. enough to play first grade.

Dumped due to poor form for

tomorrow night's must-win clash

against Brisbane.

Plus - Manly's normally reserved

coach revives his old busking days.

(SINGS) # I just have to do the time

And Jack went up the hill -

Nicklaus that is - the Bear

reviving glory days, slam-dunking a monster.


as Bonus Bank dollars

This program is captioned live.

Her epic voyage inspired the nation,

but we know little about what Jessica Watson went through.

This is really starting to get to

me again today.

She gives us her exclusive insight

tomorrow at 5pm.

He was Parramatta's pin-up boy last

year. Tonight, Daniel Mortimer has

been dumped by the Eels, replaced

in the squad by rookie Anthony

Mitchell. Parra's coach admits

Mortimer's a victim of the dreaded second-year syndrome.

He was flying out with the team to

play Brisbane, but Daniel Mortimer

has been grounded.

He's had a tough year in his second

year and I'm experienced enough to

know when the petrol tank is flickering on empty.

Anderson's resting his find of 2009.

The star re-signed on the steps of

Parramatta Town Hall, exhausted and

out of the side, but not dropped.

No, no, no. Dropped means you're

put back to reserve grade.

The coach taking some of the blame

for pushing Mortimer too soon as

Parra's chief playmaker.

It's something in hindsight we

could have maybe - we could have

eased him into a bit more over a

longer period.

The Wests Tigers are sitting pretty

in equal second. That's why the coach can't understand criticism

after their collapse against Souths.

I don't see Penrith copping it for

getting run down by Canberra. What

issues are you talking about? We're

not running last. Please.

While the Wests Tigers had a conventional approach to training

ahead of this weekend's match, it

was a far, far different story over

at Manly. Manly coach Des Hasler

trading this sort of passion... For this...


Achy breaky Hasler joining his

players in raising funds for

charity at 'Stage of Origin'. Some

real talent uncovered - like Brent 'Arnie' Kite.

Adam Hawse, Ten News.

The Socceroos have blown a golden

opportunity to impress new coach

Holger Osieck. They were totally

outclassed by Slovenia in their

friendly, losing 2-0.

The Socceroos were all smiles when

they met new coach Holger Osieck

before their friendly against

Slovenia. But the German must have

soon been frowning at what he saw from his new team.

COMMENTATOR: Oh Brucey! Bruce Djite

has blazed it wide with the goal gaping.

Opportunities were few and far

between for Australia - Slovenia

firing 27 shots on goal, the

Socceroos only 9. The home side

seizing the moment in the 78th minute. Zlatko Dedic!

Australia's captain squandered a great chance to level.

Oh - Lucas Neill. A clear chance

and he knows it too.

The frustration obvious - Slovenia

sealing Australia's fate in injury


This could seal it - that has sealed it.

Our veteran skipper blaming defeat

on inexperience.

They're playing with a very

experienced team who's been

together for a long time. We're

obviously trying out new things and new positions.

But Neill is pleading for fans to

be patient in the build-up to next

year's Asian Cup.

We're not looking to peak now.

We're looking to be at our best in

January for Asia, and we've got

plenty of good games, so we can

learn lessons and improve as we keep going.

The Socceroos' next friendly is against Switzerland next month.

Matt Suleau, Ten News.

England coach Fabio Capello has as

good as ended David Beckham's

international career. While Beckham

joined L.A. Galaxy team-mates for

the first time since his Achilles

injury, there's little chance he'll

get an England recall for the Euro

2012 qualifying campaign.

He's probably a little bit old

The end for David Beckham? Thank you.

Capello - and England - were saved

embarrassment when Steven Gerrard

scored two late goals for a 2-1

victory in their friendly against Hungary.

The Swans will be looking to their

WA duo in their vital match on

Saturday against Fremantle in Perth.

Goal scoring hero Lewis Jetta and

fellow forward Trent Denis-Lane

will play as Swans for the first

time in their home state.

We picked Trent and Lewis in the

draft because they were a little

bit older and had been playing

senior football in the WAFL and

doing quite well a really good story.

A win against Fremantle would boost

the Swans' hopes of staging a home final.

Controversial swimmer Nick D'Arcy

has arrived in California with the

Australian team ahead of next

week's Pan Pacific Championships.

It's been a long road back from

exile after he was charged for

assaulting fellow swimmer Simon

Cowley two years ago.

Carrying a criminal conviction,

Nick D'Arcy was a relieved man

after clearing US Customs. His

focus now - swimming for Australia again.

I've been really looking forward to

this for a couple of years, so it's

good to be back on the team and

good to be racing internationally again.

D'Arcy's main task - to upstage

American Michael Phelps in the 200m

butterfly - the Australian clocking

faster times than Phelps so far this year.

It is in Michael's backyard, but

I'm quietly confident Nick can get

the job done over Phelps this year.

I think you put yourself above him

at your own detriment, so I'm just

going to go in there, swim my own

race, and hopefully I'll post a

good time.

The long flight taking its toll on

other members of the team including

Autralia's other comeback story

Geoff Huegill - his coach keen to

see the 31-year-old extend his

career to the London Olympics.

He still holds the second fastest

50m fly time in the world, so he's

got everything now. I just hope

he'll stretch it out to the 100m

fly now, and then represent us in 2012.

The team will train in San Diego

before the Pan Pacs start next Wednesday.

Andrew Brown, Ten News.

Australia's netballers have sealed

their 3-Test series against Jamaica

with a second straight win. Kate

Beveridge had a remarkable game in

the circle - never missing in the

third and fourth quarter - as the

Diamonds won 69-42.

The final test, now a dead rubber,

will be played on the Gold Coast on Sunday.

Tiger Woods is in a slump and Phil Mickelson's injured, so the

contenders are queuing up for a

shot at the US PGA Championship. Players practised in appalling

conditions. Tiger again working on

his swing, and rivals sense for the

first time in a while at a Major, he's beatable.

There's going to be a lot of guys

here thinking that it's the right

time for them to break through, and

I'm definitely one of those guys.

Tiger's been grouped with defending

champion Korea's Y.E. Yang.

And while Tiger's struggling, the

man he's constantly compared to

continues to give glimpses of his

glorious past. Check out Jack

Nicklaus holing this 30m monster at

a charity skins event in Michigan.

His hair may now be grey, but the

Golden Bear's still got it.

On Sports Tonight at 9:30 on ONE, On Sports Tonight at 9:30 on ONE,

we meet the NBL player who's

believed to be the tallest man in

the country, and we see some of the

smallest players in the country

train with our national team, the Boomers.

Vic Lorusso in the traffic helicopter.

helicopter. Problems around the M4?

. We have notified the UN -- the

RTA. It is packed back to North

Stratfield now. If you're waiting

for family or friends to head down

home to the western suburbs, they

are going to be late this evening.

Tim Bailey's next with all the weather details.

on the deal they receive.

and onion relish

This program is captioned live.

We are being treated tonight to a

golden sunset, come but Tim Bailey,

you can feel the chill in the air.

The vision look spectacular, but

winter is in the westerly that is

blowing. 66 km/h. You can fill this

no. The Shrek feel the snow. Even

the genome in caves had heavy snow

falls. Little wonder the resorts

are having a good time. We have had

24 centimetres in the past 24 hours.

It is snowing as we go to error. A

70% chance of snow tomorrow. Morse

no. It looks like another 5cm come

Sunday. Now to check the resort

Report. In Thredbo, fresh and dry.

The snow depth across all resorts

in excess of one metre for the

first time in 2010. The entire

resort at Selwyn Snowfields is open.

As far as the Sydney weather

forecast is concerned, the westerly

winds mack will swing south-south-

westerly. It will be reasonably

Chile again tomorrow - 16-18

degrees. Saturday and Sunday it

looks superb. Saturday temperatures

sneaking up to 21 degrees, blue sky

and the winds will ease. Sunday

looks good as well, not quite as

warm a Saturday - 19 degrees.

Cloud over eastern NSW and Victoria

pauses blustery showers and the

Alpine snow we were talking about.

Tomorrow, a high of reaching the

over NSW and Victoria were caused

winds to these and clout to clear.

Gusty wind and showers along the

coast. Rainfall tomorrow - isolated

showers, like a cross the coastal

fringe of NSW and the western

slopes. Clearing early in the day.

Clearing from the East Victoria.

Rain and showers spreading through

WA and the west of Rain and showers spreading through

WA and the west of SA later on. A

precursor to Saturday tomorrow,

with temperatures soaring then to

21 degrees. It looks like we will

have temperatures in the low 20s,

maybe up to 23 degrees, by

Wednesday or Thursday, as spring

tried to arm wrestle winter to the

ground and, a bit early. It is

losing here at the moment. We are

losing 10 degrees in the wind chill.

Tomorrow on the weather - Ross

Wilson, a bit of fun. See you tomorrow.

That's Ten News for now. I'm Bill That's Ten News for now. I'm Bill Woods.

I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your

company. We'll have updates

throughout the evening. You can

join us on Facebook at Ten News Sydney.

The Late News is at 10:30. Our

first bulletin tomorrow is at 6am. Goodnight.

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