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really happened five years ago. the first pictures of what John Howard looks aren't everything. And the US President tells the prettiest person on the block He may not be you can take it to the bank. but when he tells you something Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good morning. September 11 attack on the Pentagon Dramatic new video of the has finally been released. The tape was made public against the US Government. after a lobby group took legal action to show the explosion. At first, the video only appears But slow it down, the nose-cone of the hijacked planes. and to the right of the screen is

frame a piece of the nose cone MAN: Then you'll see from just one

white blur, that you just saw there then you'll see that blur, the big and then the explosion. After studying the security video, hit the ground, experts now believe Flight 77 then slammed into the Pentagon. at an estimated 560km/h. It was travelling SIRENS BLARE

after a lobby group took legal action US authorities released the video Freedom of Information Act. under America's wasn't made public until now Officials claim the video of convicted 9/11 terrorist so as to not prejudice the trial Zacarius Moussaoui.

Government was involved in that The suggestion is that our all of that to rest. and hopefully this video will puts of the plane hitting the Pentagon It's claimed there are more videos that have not yet been released. to make those public. Efforts are now under way a complete record for history. It's important that there be It also serves as a useful reminder of the terrorist threat we face about the terrible nature as a country. in the Pentagon attack. 186 people died were not consulted Families of the dead on the Pentagon's website. before the videos were released Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In the United States,

for John Howard A rare honour and the highest praise at the White House in Washington.

has assured the Prime Minister President Bush he trusts his handling AWB wheat scandal. of the multimillion-dollar It doesn't get any bigger than this. the "full enchilada". As the Americans say on the White House lawns, A state visit ceremony for an Australian Prime Minister. only the second in two decades

The President lavish in his praise. Australia's strong leader. Americans admire struggling to match him. The Prime Minister and your commitment I salute your courage

and your personal decency. Mr Howard saying leadership in the war against terror the world still needs the President's which has a long way to run. senior advisers admits One of George Bush's sour times, the Administration is going through to show appreciation for John Howard all the more reason for the President as no fair-weather friend. who he sees Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, The two leaders discussed and the situation in the Pacific. energy

domestic politics. They also discussed for an Australian question Mr Bush came well prepared on the future after Mr Howard. so that is a moot point. I suspect he's going to outlast me LAUGHTER US wheat farmers are angry wheat bribes to Saddam. over the AWB's multimillion-dollar handling of the scandal. The President trusts John Howard's the prettiest person on the block He may not be you can take it to the bank. but when he tells you something in any way, shape or form We do not approve of the payment of bribes. at a state dinner. And tonight, more mutual admiration Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. In Washington, Mal Brough Indigenous Affairs Minister will head to Alice Springs tonight of major sexual and physical abuse to investigate problems against Aboriginal children. he has evidence of a paedophile ring Mr Brough says

operating in some remote communities using children at their whim. involving Aboriginal adults knows who runs the paedophile rings, Everyone in those communities they know who sells in the ganga - they know who sells the petrol, they need to be run out of town. He has warned doesn't deal with the problem that if the Territory Government the Commonwealth will take over. have arrested two suspects Perth police earlier this year. over a double murder in Sydney

are this morning flying over to WA New South Wales police to extradite the pair. with Sydney police, In a joint operation Squad take in the first suspects detectives from Perth's Major Crime over a drive-by shooting. Sydney man, Farhad Kaumi, They arrested a 23-year-old last night outside a unit complex in Perth at a motel - and a 30-year-old Sydney woman over the double murder. the first arrests In March this year, Bassam Chami was shot 26-year-old professional boxer just days before his wedding. friend, Ibrahim Assaad. Also gunned down, his 27-year-old on the undercard Chami was also due to feature Danny Green/Anthony Mundine fight. at tonight's for stabbing a man to death He'd served 5.5 years

outside a Sydney hotel in 1998 before turning to boxing. Chami was unbeaten in nine fights. another wave of tit-for-tat violence Their murders sparked fears of in Sydney's south-west. of 250 officers Police setting up a special squad to tackle the problem. are now flying to Perth. Sydney detectives

the 30-year-old woman They'll interview with being an accessory to murder. and are expected to charge her Farhad Kaumi is due in court today. extradited to Sydney Officers will move to have them to answer the charges. Evan Batten, Ten News. Police are hunting a gunman in hospital whose victim is fighting for life near a primary school in Melbourne. after a brazen shooting which went into lockdown. Anxious parents rushed to the school Fighting for his life to hospital by air ambulance the 26-year-old was rushed to his chest. suffering a gunshot wound of an apparent drive-by shooting The victim just metres from a nearby primary school. At this stage a male is in a stable condition at hospital. The bullet has passed through the wound so he is very lucky. The school locked down as anxious parents rushed to collect their children. We tried to ring the school half a dozen times so we can't get through to the school. Witnesses say the wounded man staggered onto the road

and flagged down a passing car before collapsing in a pool of blood.

He fell to the ground, he was on the ground. As I was driving past he was on his knees and fell to the ground. And police have shot a robbery suspect in the leg outside a suburban police station after he lunged at officers with a knife. The shooting followed a long chase through Melbourne's inner north after the man allegedly held up a sandwich shop. Media personality Rex Hunt has admitted paying women for sex in a series of affairs since the early '90s. Hunt says the women weren't prostitutes and his wife is vowing to remain by his side. A testy Rex refused to speak after his morning walk. I asked you not to roll. But he and wife Lynne put on a united front as they faced the Melbourne media. A grilling from 3AW stablemate Neil Mitchell prompting a tearful apology Ashamed. Guilty. I've let the most beautiful person in my life down. Hunt admitted to paying three women for sex since the early '90s. His wife of 34 years says she discovered the affairs over a year ago.

I haven't forgiven him but I sort of have an understanding of why these things happen. Her well documented bipolar disorder said to contribute to the 57-year-old's infidelities. The self-confessed sleaze says he paid up to $1,000 a day for sex and then a one-off hush money payment of $50,000. The girl's happy - she's got no money, I got my rocks off - how good is this? Everything is fine until you get found out. Luke Waters, Ten News. Residents in Queensland and northern New South Wales were treated to a spectacular light show last night when a mysterious green object streaked across the sky. The strange sighting initially sparking fears of a plane crash. These are just some of the images taken by startled residents late last night. Some thought they'd photographed a UFO others described it as a giant fireball. But it turns out a meteorite was hurtling towards earth. It came down and it lasted for 3-4 seconds and it went straight across and landed somewhere. The object was first spotted early evening. Traffic controllers and aircraft reporting the sighting. Police initially received reports of a plane crash

as local radio stations were inundated with callers. CALLERS: It was the most incredible thing I've ever seen. It was as big as a basketball. Disk jockeys even ringing NASA for an explanation. It looked like a firework right towards the end. It was green. The meteorite was seen travelling east to west. It's thought it came to rest inland near Warwick, south of Toowoomba. Police say a farmer raised the alarm after seeing a fireball on his property but no flames were found. As they streak in they can become very hot and actually explode. And don't be concerned if you missed the light show, astronomers predict there's more to come. At certain times of the year there's an extra concentration when there are meteor showers. Kate Donnison, Ten News. 'Oops she's done it again'. Britney cops more accusations of bad parenting. That story when the Morning News returns.

And bathroom ball games - the new invention turning toilet breaks into a competitive sport.

At least 19 people have been killed and nearly 40 people injured

in a violent attack in Baghdad. Police say gunmen stormed a car park in the city's north-east and shot five security guards before detonating explosives under an oil tanker, killing 14. The injured have been taken to hospital, many people are suffering horrendous burns. Authorities aren't sure what prompted the attack. Riot police in South Africa have clashed with striking security guards. The violence began after a 5,000-strong mob

rampaged through the streets of Cape Town. Police fired rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse the crowd. Dozens were arrested after shops were looted and cars trashed. The striking security guards are demanding improved wages and working conditions. A bomb scare has brought a British city to a standstill. The bizarre threat didn't come from terrorists but the discovery of a 1,000 pound World War II bomb. It was in the middle of the Mersey right beside Liverpool City Centre that the World War II bomb was found. A routine survey of the river by a Royal Navy minesweeper uncovered the device last night. This yellow marker buoy was attached by a team of divers. The bomb was lifted to just below the surface then towed out to sea. The bomb scare caused long delays

not least for 250 people onboard ferries from Belfast and Dublin. They had to wait almost 12 hours at sea before the docks were finally declared safe.

Oh, it was lovely. It was like a holiday on board. There's no problem. We played, there was drink and food. They were very good to us. Liverpool was a key port for Britain in the 1940s especially for the Atlantic convoys, and the German device found today was one of thousands used to attack the city. This was one of the most powerful, destructive bombs that were dropped on Liverpool during the war. It's called the 'penetration bomb'. It's supposed to land, drill into the target and explode to cause the maximum degree of damage. After sitting on the sea-bed for 60 years, it's unlikely that the World War II device would have gone off without a controlled device by the Royal Navy But when you found a 1,000 pound bomb, you don't take any chances. About 200 Indonesian villagers are refusing to leave their homes on the slopes of Mount Merapi despite warnings it could erupt at any time. Clouds of gas and debris continue to spew from the volcano although scientists say it's quieter than in previous days. Indonesia's President toured an evacuation centre and surveyed the volcano for himself. Many villagers still bear scars from when the volcano last erupted in 1994, killing 60 people. Britney Spears is under fire again for allegedly endangering her child. The pregnant pop star was snapped carrying her son the wrong way in a car seat. Motherhood has not been a smooth ride for Britney Spears. Britney busted again! Days after confirming she's pregnant with her second child she's back in the headlines for allegedly endangering her first. There she is driving and, oops, Britney does it again. At least this time Sean Preston was in a car seat. Problem is, he was facing the wrong way. Most child restraints say on their information that the American Academy of Paediatrics recommend less than one-year-olds have their infant rear-facing. US Government guidelines recommend infants under one travel backwards because baby seats recline further that way, providing greater support for a baby's head. Paediatricians warn front-facing infants risk brain damage because they're neck muscles are too weak to cope with the jolting and lurching. It was just three months ago when Britney was snapped driving with Sean Preston on her lap. Last month authorities were called when he fractured his skull after falling off a high chair. And it's only another four months until Britney and her rapper husband welcome baby number two. more about motherhood every day I think Britney is learning each and every day and she's getting better little brother or sister comes along so by the time Sean Preston's she'll have it down. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. over its financial problems. Ahead, the AFL meets with Carlton returns. That's when Ten's Morning News biggest grudge fight - Also Australia's and Danny Green Anthony 'The Man' Mundine to finally meet face to face.

of the AWB scandal Hot on the heels is under investigation yet another major Australian company over its overseas operations. Federal Justice Minister Chris Ellison has referred a complaint against Woodside Petroleum to the Australian Federal Police. They're looking into the legality of the company's dealing with the African nation of Mauritania, particularly a $100 million payment to its government. We have a company operating in an overseas country in a manner which leaves questions to be asked and answered. Woodside's joint venture off Mauritania began pumping oil in March. share market is higher. In finance news - the Australian this morning The AFL met with Carlton officials for the financially troubled club. to work out a rescue package they were $7 million in debt. The Blues said two months ago It's a necessary move of Carlton legends. which has shocked even the greatest Never ever dreamed of that. over the last few years I feel sorry for the club but I'll stick with them. seeking a $10 million rescue package The club today meeting with the AFL the club's lease of Princes Park. which involves the league buying out Should their bid fail Carlton will be forced to seek immediate financial assistance. But finances are the furthest thing from the minds of Melbourne. Coach Neale Daniher declaring out-of-favour Lion Jason Akermanis is a target they can well afford. We're starting to get some financial muscle so I don't want to talk about Jason

but the point we're making is we're in amongst the big boys. Richmond will again be under-manned when they take on ladder leaders Adelaide on Saturday. Injured star Nathan Brown no closer to a return. five weeks away. He could still be another Steven King and forward Kent Kingsley Geelong is confident skipper with Collingwood will be fit for their clash yesterday. despite both failing to train but we want to continue that on We have come back for one week

we're still three wins, four losses. from where we want to be. We're a long, long way after suspension. Cameron Mooney returns

Damain Booth, Ten News. New South Wales centre Matt Cooper Rugby league,

has been ruled out opening State of Origin clash of next week's this morning. after failing a fitness test Cooper was unable to recover from his hamstring strain, Parramatta's Eric Grothe has been called in as his replacement. Cooper's St George Illawarra team-mate Mark Gasnier is in doubt for the series opener with an abdominal muscle strain. NRL, and Parramatta's caretaker coach Jason Taylor has tackled the job head on, dropping two important players who were drunk before training. Tim Smith and Mark Riddell also fined $5,000 each by a club in turmoil.

Parramatta's pie-eyed pair Mark Riddell and Tim Smith front up to face the music. from first grade Their new coach dropping them against Penrith. for Friday night's match are gonna be good examples I suppose these two for the rest of the team. a bad choice. I made a bad decision yesterday, for my actions. I'm just very, very sorry before training, The pair's trip to the pub in a horror stretch for the club. the latest episode Just two wins this season resigning on Monday and coach Brian Smith his position was made untenable amid rumours by forces within the club. if there was anything there You hear it, but the people, that are gonna know. are the only ones but I don't know. He might have pushed out

I always remember Jack Gibson saying as the front office the team's only as good at Parramatta's in turmoil. and obviously the front office Leanne West, Ten News.

has weighed in slightly heavier Danny Green than Anthony Mundine

title eliminator in Sydney. for tonight's WBA super-middleweight biggest fight On the eve of Australia's access to the two men was denied, attempting to cover the weigh-in television crews amid tight security. were forced to wait outside Green arrived dressed for combat quelled the pair's fierce rivalry. while a relaxed Mundine I've got no bitterness to any person in any way. or feel bad that I'm the best. I just want to prove the mandatory contender The winner of the fight will become held by Denmark's Mikkel Kessler. for the WBA title has found some form England captain David Beckham

to next month's World Cup, in the lead-up in Real Madrid's loss to Sevilla. netting a double in the 16th minute Beckham silenced the home crowd

that put Real Madrid in front. with a spectacular free-kick the visitors' confidence grew Just 10 minutes later from Beckham. after a another great goal But the lead wasn't enough. scoring three unanswered goals Sevilla finished stronger,

4-3. before eventually winning the match at the World Cup If you're a soccer fan

to catching your team's highlights. it's access all areas when it comes to new levels A German has taken soccer passion in toilets introducing viewing screens missing the action when nature calls. to avoid the age-old problem of something to aim at, The patrons also have talk about a real soccer pub. weather around the nation. Next in Ten News for the rest of the day: National weather with all the news. That brings you up to date for updates throughout the day Stay with Ten in Ten's news hour tonight. and the full details I'm Tracey Spicer, good morning. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions

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