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(generated from captions) Richmond favourite Matthew

Richardson concedes Father Time is catching up with him.

The Magic show their bag of tricks against the Lakers.

And the Aussie basketballer short

in stature but big on ambition.

Police remain on high alert after

two nights of racial tension in

Sydney's west. Late News reporter

Tim Potter is at Harris Park. Tim, there's an uneasy feeling once

again? That is right. Police have

been patrolling in large numbers

all evening and continue to do so.

That was not enough to avert a

nasty clash between a group of

Indian youths who set up camp here

this evening at the main shopping

street. There were about 30 Middle

Eastern youths who arrived and from

what police were saying, looking

for trouble. Both groups took up

position across the road from each

other, mainly hurling insults, gestures and taunting each other.

While this was going on a small

number of police tried to stand in

between them and basic the move a

long and deterred both groups from

clashing, especially after the

violent scenes we saw last night.

Also playing a major role was the Also playing a major role was the

Indian community leaders who have

not only done a fantastic job over

the last few days to keep the peace

but were really tonight what stood

between the two groups and convince

the Indian youths are taking the

first step and going home. They

have been able to do that and they

have promised the Indian youths

they will continue to work with

police to work on the law and order

issues that are the main reason for

this problem. They say it is not a

racial problem but the law and

order problem. Young Indians made

their frustrations known. For the

second night in a row, hundreds of

youths took to the streets,

demanding greater police protection.

Some armed themselves with weapons

as rumours spread through the crowd

that Middle-Eastern men had

attacked protesters. They were in

the cars and they were fully armed

with baseball bats and things like

that. And this thing happens in

front of police. Today the

Community heads tried to bridge the

divide. Sooner or as possible. Fred

has seen the growing tension as

More Indians move into a

predominantly Lebanese suburb. News

of the protests have reached Indian

television, making families of

Indian students concerned. The Prime Minister's says the growing

tensions do not make Australia a

racist place. Or cities from time

to time are going to have acts of

perspective. violence. Let's put this in

The 'Chaser' comedy team says it's

disappointed the ABC has punished disappointed the ABC has punished

an executive over their sketch

about dying children. Amanda Duthie

has been demoted as the ABC's head

of comedy - the national

broadcaster blaming her for an

error of judgement that let the

show go to air, causing public

outrage. Why go to any trouble when

they're only going to die anyway?

The 'Chaser' team claims the

executive has been treated harshly,

than 20/20 foresight. saying 20/20 hindsight is easier

A helicopter has crashed at

Dreamworld on the Gold Coast,

injuring five people. The pilot is

being called a hero after narrowly

missing cars and tourists.

The Dreamworld dream ride was

almost over for the Chinese

tourists. They were metres from

landing when their helicopter lost

power. This is a significant impact.

I realise that they're small

choppers but we've got wreckage

over 40 metres of the carpark. The

force ripped the tail from the

cabin. Five people were tossed

around inside. They were terrified

but unable to convey their pain.

There is a bit of communication There is a bit of communication

problem, given they are Asian. It

could have been so much worse. The

pilot managed to guide the chopper

to a vacant part of the carpark.

Somehow, even without power, he

to their cars. managed to avoid patrons returning

to their cars. You get a landing

you walk away from. It's often a

good landing these days. So given

the extent of damage, that's a good

outcome. Pilot Matsumi Sato walked

from hospital tonight. He's been

flying out of Dreamworld for 10

years. I'm OK, I'm OK, thank you.

Tell us what happened. Friends of

the injured passengers rushed to

comfort them. It's only the group's

second day in Australia. Bit scared,

but they're alright. Bit scared

when it dropped down. The

investigation has already started.

This is a working themepark - more

holidaymakers will fill the carpark

tomorrow morning.

Consumer confidence has surged

following the economy's narrow

escape from recession. But there

are warnings the joy may be short-

lived with predictions the economy

could tank by year's end, just in

time for an early federal election.

Kevin Rudd looked like a leader on

the campaign trail as he ventured

out in Melbourne. Do you want to be

an aeroplane? There's Mum. Thank

you. His frontbenchers were also in

full flight as they promoted job- generating projects around the

country. Are you gearing up for a

November election? No. Are you sure

about that? Have you told the party

to be on stand-by for a November to be on stand-by for a November

election? Absolutely not. Some

analysts predict that by November

the economy will have tanked. I

think there is considerable risk

that we will have negative growth

in both the June quarters and

September quarters. The Opposition

believes the Prime Minister might believes the Prime Minister might

go to the polls ahead of the

economy falling into recession. I

have no doubt that he wants to run

to an election early. He doesn't to an election early. He doesn't

want to bring down another Budget

and he will try to get to the polls

as soon as he can. Consumer

confidence was up in June with the

Westpac Index surging 12.7%, the

biggest monthly increase in

sentiment in more than two decades.

Coupled with strong demand for

housing loans, it's a promising

sign for the economy. The reason

why it's such a large jump is that

consumers feel that the risk of a

recession is now behind us. These

figures do provide some evidence of

the benefit of economic stimulus

and its impact on consumer

confidence. But there are concerns

about what happens to retail sales

after the stimulus cash dries up.

And the release tomorrow of the

national jobless figures could put national jobless figures could put

a dent in that newfound confidence.

A wintry blast has sent a shiver down eastern Australia, bringing freezing temperatures, hail and

even snow. Victoria's bushfire

regions were blanketed, turning the blackened towns white.

It's four months since the Prime

Minister last set foot in scorched

Kinglake. Instead of treading in

ashes, he left footprints in the

snow on a private tour of the

stricken region. Snowmen now stand

in the same spot burning embers

rained down just four months ago.

Many bushfire Survivors huddled in

caravans overnight as the

temperature dropped below freezing

- a far cry from the 40-degree-plus

furnace of February 7th. There's

nothing to protect you from the

weather, all the trees are bare so

more wind comes through. Marysville

residents wondered what Mother

Nature would throw at them next.

We've gone from fires to snow. I

hope we don't get floods now.

Buckets of snow brightened the alps,

more than 0.5m falling at most

resorts in NSW and Victoria - the

conditions just right for a top-up.

Even the lesser slopes copped a

blast, the Blue Mountains covered

in a wintry white veil. This is my

first - it's beautiful, it's

unexpected. The cities shivered too.

Melbourne roads turned treachurous

as overnight temperatures plummeted.

Not even the usually balmy Brisbane

was immune, residents left scouring

their wardrobes for the winter

woollies. The cold snap is set to

stay for at least another few days.

What is causing all this cold weather?

We have seen some very cold

conditions right across the south-

east and it is due to very cold

southern ocean air surging across

the south eastern parts of the

country. It sent temperatures well

below the average for this type of

year. -- time of year. Southern

areas of Queensland have seen some

very cold conditions. And we have

seen some of the coldest June

temperatures in over 10 years in

NSW and Victoria due to those very

cold conditions. It is feeling a

lot colder because of those winds

we have seen. It is making

temperatures feel about five to

seven degrees below what they

actually are. Some very cold and

icy conditions across much of the south-east.

A good news is it brings snow. How

much is forecast for the ski fields?

We will see some very cold

conditions over the next few days

which will continue. We have seen

about not 0.5 metre over the Alpine

regions. Some very cold conditions

expected over the area over the

next couple of days. In turn that

means the opportunity for some or

snow production. We will see a vet

-- are fairly strong system pushing

in. We can expect 10 to 15

centimetres of snow across Victoria

and NSW over the weekend into

Sunday morning. On Monday we will

start to see some warmer conditions.

I can guarantee you the run from

the bedroom to the shower looking

chilly over the next couple of mornings.

After the break, the luxury hotel suicide bombing targeting foreigners.

Called Nazi scum and pelted with

eggs - two left in hospital after a

violent news conference ambush. We are covered for flood damage? Mmm. We're with GIO. Flood cover wasn't an optional extra, was it? I mean, it wasn't a box we should have ticked but forgot, was it? No. It's automatically included. But they don't include flash floods, do they? Yes, they do. And storms, rising rivers, flooding from dishwashers and hot-water systems, burst pipes, tsunamis. Well, that's a relief. Mmm.

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This program is captioned live.

The first detainee from Guantanamo

Bay to stand trial in the US has

pleaded not guilty to terror

charges. Video shows the woman

being pushed around by an officer

in a roadside argument. Then she is

tasted by 50,000 faults.

Police are standing by the young

officer's actions. The woman was

not seriously injured. $$NEWINE A

luxury hotel has been bombed

leaving 15 people dead and 57

injured in Pakistan. The suicide-

terrorists detonated half a tonne

of explosives. It's becoming an all-too-familiar

sight on the streets of Pakistan.

Bloodied and disorientated, UN

workers and foreign nationals are

among the latest victims of the

conflict between Islamic militants

and the country's government. In

the overnight attack, suicide

bombers stormed Peshawar's luxury

Pearl Continental Hotel. Witnesses

say three men in a truck drove up

to the building's main entrance,

then launched the deadly assault.

They started firing on our security,

and we started firing on them.

After that, they got close to

building and then blew up the

vehicle. The blast ripped through

the structure, reducing parts of

the hotel to rubble. Police say the

militants detonated more than 500

kilograms of explosives in the

assault, which killed 11 people and

wounded at least 70. The Pearl

Continental is a favourite with

foreigners and Pakistan's elite,

making it a high-profile target for

extremists. No-one has claimed

responsibility for the bombing, but

it bears similarities to a series

of attacks by the Taliban. I

condemn that incident, it is

shameful for the terrorists and

extremists. I totally condemn it

and all our colleagues condemn that

incident. It's the seventh bombing

in Peshawar in a month. Officials

say militants are retaliating

against a military offensive in the

Taliban stronghold of the Swat Valley.

Here's a positive sign - 10 major

banks in the United States have

started paying back $68 billion in

emergency handouts when the global

economy went pear-shaped, among

them JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs

and American Express.

A fair bit of good news today,

including a surge in consumer

confidence. For the details, I'm

joined by CommSec's Tom Piotrowski,

and Tom, as consumers we seem to

have changed our tune? Quite

substantially, since the beginning

of the global financial crisis we

have become accustomed to regarding

the Australian economy that has

been in recession. Last week's

better-than-expected growth numbers

hinted at the possibility that

Australia can avoid a recession,

even if it is only by the narrowest

of margins. Consumer confidence

rocketed higher up by 12.7 % in the

month of June, the biggest monthly

increase in 22 years. That had any

impact on the retail stocks today.

JB high by and David Jones stocks

and proved to. Some good news in

relation to housing. Some strong

results as far as investor lending

went. That gave banks a boost. The

big four were ball up by 4%. We

also saw a strong improvement

across the board over commodity

across the board over commodity

prices. That explains why the

mining and energy stocks were the

back bind of today's improvements.

The trend that began in Asia has

carried through to European trade.

The markets are up by 2% in Europe.

The markets are up by 2% in Europe.

Tonight we will also be keeping an Tonight we will also be keeping an

eye on the price of oil, that

number could push higher.

The All Ordinaries was up more than

2% at the closing bell. BlueScope

Steel made an outstanding gain

today, up 10%, the mining giants

are richer, and the CBA was best

among the big banks. Breaking news

about the Air France jet crashed.

Two of the passenger's head of

links to terrorism and France.

An extremist politician has been

violently ambushed at a news

conference, with the chaos leaving

two in hospital. British National

Party leader Nick Griffin was

pelted with eggs and screamed at by

around a 100 protestors. His team

tried to leave but the

demonstrators gave chase. The MP,

flanked by security guards who

shoved anyone who got in their way,

was shouted down as Nazi scum.

Griffin, who has a criminal

conviction over racial hatred, is

one of two British extreme right-

wingers to be elected to the

European Parliament.

Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwen.

A win for the Socceroos tonight?

They've defeated Bahrain in Sydney,

the goals and highlights from ANZ

Stadium are next.

Stadium are next.

Also tonight, South Africa's

thrilling Twenty20 win against New Zealand.

The young Aussie surfers conquering Teahupoo.

And some great goals and marks from

Round 11 of the AFL. (PERCUSSION RIFF) For a sound investment, look beyond the hype. Get a competitive rate on a secure savings option from Australia's leading bank - Commonwealth Bank. Stop by to get started. Hey, guys. Hello? Guys... Nothing else matters when you've got KFC's Toasted Pocketfuls - 100% breast fillet chicken, hash browns, smokey BBQ sauce and more. Available in four great flavours. SONG: # Can't beat that taste. #

This program is captioned live.

Good evening and welcome to Toyota

Sports Tonight. The Socceroos have

backed up impressively from their

World Cup qualifier in Doha, with

victory against Bahrain in Sydney

tonight. Neil Cordy braved the very

chilly conditions. Neil, it was

another solid performance from Pim Verbeek's team?

It certainly was. The? Was going to

be how the Socceroos would perform

just four days after the emotional

high of qualifying for the World

Cup because it was Bahrain who have

more to play with. 39 1/2 1,000 also

also braved the cold to see how the

Socceroos performed. Here is how

the match unfolded.

With their World Cup tickets

already booked, it was a new look

Socceroos who took to the field in

Sydney. No Cahill, Kennedy or Lucas

Neil. And the lack of firepower was

evident from kick off. COMMENTATOR:

For Holman and volley wide. Brett

Holman with the best chance in the

opening 20 minutes. He then put it

on a platter for Scott McDonald.

For Scott mcDonald. Oh! Surely that

was the moment. No, offside flag.

The Celtic striker's curse

continued in front of goal. Say it

before, you must hit the target

from there. Mille Serjovski didn't

fare much better. Carney centre,

it's a good one, parried towards

goal. 0-0 at half time. It didnt

take long for their fortunes to

turn around. Looking for Sterjovski,

deadlock for Australia. Srerjovski

capitalised on a critical mistake

from the Bahrain defender. 1-0

Australia. But after this foul from

Luke Wilkshire. The lead appeared

short lived. Curls one in. Goal,

Bahrain. Flag is up, offside. The

Bahrain player ruled offside. The

Socceroos then missed a chance to

put it beyond doubt. It's back

across goal - over the line, was it,

by Kewell? Harry unable to knoc by Kewell? Harry unable to knock

by Kewell? Harry unable to knock

home the killer blow.. Not once but

twice. Swivel of the hips, oh, what

a shame. It left him frustrated.

His team-mates made up for it with

a screamer. Oh, spectacular! Jason

Culina's bicycle kick cleaned up by

Carney. As the Socceroos finished

off the job in style.

This is how Pim Verbeek saw the

match. We created enough chances to

score more than two goals so we

were a bit unlucky, not sharp

enough. But OK, after a long trip

back and not so much preparation, a

lot of new players come into the

team and if you wind again, you did

everything you have to do. Honestly

I think we have a better team than

we did last time. We have the

experience, we have played a lot

more physical matches which gives

us a slight edge on last time and

we are better prepared. I think we

can do better. So, the Socceroos

remain undefeated after the seven

matches in this final group. Also

worthy of mention his Mark

Schwarzer, the skipper tonight kept

his 7th consecutive clean sheet. It

is off to the MCG next week for the

Japanese, their arch-rivals. Your

hands are looking couple. You had better go home.

A day after former Richmond skipper Kane Johnson retired, Matthew

Richardson is now weighing up his

future. Kelli Underwood is in

Melbourne. Kel, will this be Richo's last year?

Well, Brad, if Matthew Richardson

has his way he will return for the

last month of this season. But it

could possibly be a month-long

farewell tour. The oldest player in

the competition is unsure about

whether he will continue next

season. It's not about me, it's

about the footy club. I've had a

great time and whatever happens,

happens - whatever I'm doing down

here. Today Richardson attended a

past players' function. The 34-

year-old remains at least six weeks

away from a return after hamstring

surgery. Who's to say I'm even

going to get over this injury? I'm

hopeful I will. And Richardson has

endorsed new caretaker coach Jade

Rawlings, who just happens to be

his brother-in-law. If I deserve a

bake, he'll give it to me. While

the southern States shiver through

a freezing start to winter, the

Western Bulldogs and Port Adelaide

are struggling to prepare for

Saturday night's clash in Darwin.

The players have been sweating it

out in heat chambers to acclimatise

for the Top End. Going to be 31, 32

during the day. We play early at

night so what is going to be warm

conditions and nothing prepares you

for that. The Dogs set to get

Robert Murphy back from a hamstring

injury, while Scott Welsh returns

from suspension. At the Power,

Daniel Motlop hopes to prove he's

over an ankle injury so he can put

on a show alongside cousin Marlon

in their home town. Pretty special,

I suppose. The family is pretty

happy. It will be pretty special.

Sydney coach Paul Roos has warned

it could be catastrophic for the

code if his side misses out on

finals action this year. I mean,

the challenge for this footy club

and the AFL bringing in a second

team is that if we go down for

three years that could be

absolutely catastrophic. So not

just our problem but the AFL's

problem that we have to manage. The

Swans have made the finals for the

past six straight years - but

currently sit tenth on the ladder.

And with this weekend off, the

coach says he'll worry about his

mounting injury toll another time.

I don't worry about that. I have

got to play golf tomorrow in 28

degrees. So Paul Roos and the Swans

to enjoy the weekend off, Brad. I'm

guessing it's a little warmer in

Port Douglas than Melbourne. They

return to play Collingwood at

Homebush - not this saturday night

but the following. Of course, it's

the split round this weekend with

just the five games to be played.

Swine flu is threatening to derail

Friday night's Brisbane Bulldogs

clash. Victoria Murphy joins us now,

and Tory, everyone's sweating on and Tory, everyone's sweating on

test results? Broncos fullback Karmichael Hunt's

Thanks, Brad. Well, Friday's game

at Suncorp Stadium is very much up

in the air. Hunt's test results

were expected back late this

afternoon - they didn't come - the

club now expect them back tomorrow.

If it is positive, the Broncos will

have to stay in quarantine for 72

hours, suggesting the NRL would

have no choice but to call off the

match. The Broncos weren't taking

any chances this morning - they

cancelled training and told the

entire squad, including the under

20s and staff, to stay isolated. In

Newcastle, Kurt Gidley and James

McMannus were cleared of the virus

and let out of quarantine. The team

will travel to New Zealand to take

on the Warriors this weekend

without Gidley, though - he's being

rested due to soreness in his

calves. While the rest of the

Origin players also emerged from

quarantine today, there was no sign quarantine today, there was no sign

of Michael Crocker at Souths

training. The club confirming he

did stay home with the flu -

exactly what strain is still

unclear. What happened was a big

pig came through the window last

night. Despite that he's only got a

cold. And as for rumours Craig Wing

will break his contract and head

back to the Roosters at the end of

the year... I've had no comments.

the year... I've had no comments.

It's an other one of the rumour-

mongering that goes on. That's the

first I've heard. I have been at

home in lockdown. A team photo at

Parramatta today but the side will

look a lot different next year. The

club signing rep forwards Shane

Shakleton from the Roosters and

Justin Poore from the Dragons both

on 3-year deals from 2010. And

they're still recruiting. The

process of telling players there is

no position for them will commence

when we have finished our

recruitment. We have not quite

finished our recruitment or

retention yet. They have paid for

two quality players so a fair bit

of competition to maintain your

spot. And Brad, there's a move on

the cards too for Storm youngster

Joseph Tomane - the 19-year-old

will head to the Gold Coast at the

end of the season - he's signed on

with the Titans for two years.

Victoria's Dirk Nannes has been

unable to extend the Netherland's

fairytale start at the World's

Twenty20 in England. The Dutch were

thrashed by Pakistan, while South

Africa notched a last-ball win over

New Zealand.

Both teams had already qualified

for the Super Eights, so the South

Africa-New Zealand clash was set up

for a slog-fest. Kallis and Smith

got the Proteas off to a great start.

But South Africa crumbled to be

5/85 when A.B. Devilliers was run

out by a direct hit from the deep.

Some late blows from J.P. Duminy

propelling his team to a score of

Brendan McCullum. 128. The run-chase was led by

The New Zealand opener blasting a

half-century. But when he was out

for 57, the Black Caps ground to a

halt. In the end, Jacob Oram needed

a 4 off the last ball.

South Africa topping group D.

Victoria's Dirk Nannes led the way

as the Dutch tried to repeat their

upset defeat of England. But his

economical figures couldn't stop

Pakistan notching an impressive

total of 175. In reply, the

Netherlands were never in it -

Nannes the second-last wicket to

fall, the Dutch routed for 93.

The Dutch bamboozled by Afridi's

super spell as the Pakistanis move

through to the Super Eights. super spell as the Pakistanis move through to the Super Eights. super spell as the Pakistanis move through to the Super Eights. super spell as the Pakistanis move through to the Super Eights. While

in the other game, both sides

progress to the next stage despite

the result, after defeating group

rival Scotland earlier in the tournament.

The Orlando Magic is back in the

NBA finals series after winning

game three, and the first on their

home court. The home side took the

lead in the first minute of the

second period. They then sewed it

up. A late goal was not enough for

the defending champions. The

deciding game will be played in

Detroit on Friday. The magic aback

and the NBA final series. But the

L.A. Lakers still lead the best of seven series, 2-1.

The big names were courtside as

Orlando hosted its first NBA final

in 14 years, a 7-year-old lucky

charm belting out the national


ANTHEM) The Magic having never lost

a game when the youngster performs

pre-game. But it was the same old

story early on, the Lakers picking

up where they left off - Kobe

Bryant putting on a clinic with 17

first-quarter points. But the home

side rallied - star big man Dwight

Howard showing why he's dubbed

'Superman'. The Magic prepared to

share it around, finding the net

from both outside the arc and inside the paint.

The Lakers reduced to bystanders as

the underdogs gobbled up offensive rebounds.

After dominating the first half

with 21 points, Bryant suddenly

lost his way - the Magic

suffocating his every move. He

finished with just 10 second-half

points, Orlando's all-round team

performance too good for the

Lakers' one-man show. We moved the

ball around a lot tonight, so it

was good to see.

So in the end, it was the Magic by

4, shooting an NBA finals record

63%. Dwight Howard finished with 21

points, but they've still got

plenty of work to do. Only three

teams have ever come back from 2-0

down to win the championship.

And you can see that whole match

here on ONE tomorrow.

He's short in stature but big on

ambition. An Adelaide man is

preparing to represent Australia in

basketball at the World Dwarf Games

in Ireland.

Steve Devine's been called a lot of things.

You get the old, "Are you wee-man

from the 'Jackass' movie?" But

Australian basketball player?

That's a bit of a stretch. Height's

not a factor, we can do just as

well as them, the ring's at the

same height - I guess there's no

slam-dunking. Steve's the only

dwarf basketballer in South

Australia and plays for Victoria at

a national level. Next month he'll

take on countries like England,

Canada and the United States at the

World Dwarf Games. Being the only

one from SA, I feel pretty proud

and just hope I can fly the South

Aussie flag high. Taking on

powerhouses the United States is

always going to be a tall order but

it looks as though they could be it looks as though they could be in

with a shot. They had about 400

athletes to choose from and their

top 10 was picked - we had 15. Like

any young athlete, Steve's mum is

his biggest supporter. I am so

proud of Stevie, it's not every day

you get your son playing for

Australia. And while it's a serious

competition, she admits there's a

funny side to the World Dwarf Games.

They just make it their own little

style of basketball and absolutely

love it. 'Little-style' being the love it. 'Little-style' being t love it. 'Little-style' being the

operative word there? Yes, little

style. Steve says the team's proof

nothing is out of reach - well, so

to speak.

More footy now with a look back at

Round 11 from the AFL. Here are the

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This program is captioned live.

Play of the day - and there wasn't

a drop of water out of place, only

a few unfortunate surfers at

Tahiti's Teahupoo break this week.

The heaving left-hander took a

handful of casualties, but when it

was tamed the results were simply

perfect. Aussie Laurie Towner among

the surfers to spend some time in

the green room along with big wave

icon Laird Hamilton. He put

Teahupoo on the map with his

millennium wave nine years ago, and

showed he's still got it on a

stand-up paddle board.

Laird's legendary effort gets a

very stoked play of the day. That

would be so much fun. Those waves

are huge. The weather.

Sunny in Cairns, Brisbane, Darwin

and Alice Springs. Mostly sunny in

Sydney and Adelaide. A frosty start

to a sunny day in Canberra. A possible shower in Melbourne.

Showers in Hobart. Thunderstorms in Perth.

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6:00am. I'm Kathryn Robinson, from

the Late News team, goodnight.

Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.