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(generated from captions) Welcome to Ten's Late News. Good evening, I'm Deborah Knight. killed in Afghanistan. Tonight, another Australian soldier our luck ran out. But I regret that on this occasion Fighting them on the beaches - over today's pulp mill decision. the Greens see red in the Tamar Valley any day now The bulldozers could be rolling Revenge on the rude - against mobile abusers. shopkeepers fight back They treat us like we're nothing. best friends of the animal kingdom. And the odd couple - the bizarre They both eat together, they sleep together. they drink together, In Sports Tonight - Hi, I'm Adam Hawse. for Jane McGrath Day at the SCG cricket fans turn pink the South Africans as Peter Siddle skittles with a 5-wicket haul.

Oh, they're out! at the Hopman Cup. Lleyton Hewitt returns to the court to come back from surgery. Takes a lot of courage presumed drowned And the New Zealand Warriors rookie at an Auckland beach. after going missing could be bound But first, more Australian troops for war-torn Afghanistan, of an eighth digger overnight. despite the death community mourns As his family and the defence beefing up our commitment. Kevin Rudd has refused to rule out

reflects the fears Australia's latest casualty of war serving in our armed forces. of every family who has a loved one The soldier was killed instantly when a rocket exploded in the compound. of indiscriminate rocket fire. He was the victim we've been extremely lucky. Over the last five years

who've been wounded. We've had some people our luck ran out. But I regret that on this occasion go out to this young man's family. My thoughts, my prayers, today. The nation grieves with his family At the family's request has not been made public. the soldier's identity to be killed on the battlefield He's the eighth Australian in Afghanistan. The growing list of casualties for relatives and friends back home. is a chilling reminder as a casualty-free war. There's no such thing

About 20,000 Australian families have someone serving in Iraq or Afghanistan every year

and it's time, quite frankly, that the other million or so Australian families thought about them more often. prompted the Greens to renew calls The latest death has from the war-torn nation. to withdraw Australian troops

our troops will remain But the Prime Minister says sending more in the future. and he's not ruling out The Government believes that our current troop disposition in Afghanistan is about right. On the day another soldier dies

to try and politicise this it's most inappropriate for people

whether we should be there or not. by debating Natasha Exelby, Ten News. its war on Hamas Israel has ramped up surrounding Gaza's biggest city, with thousands of troops now splitting the strip in two. killed since the air strikes began More than 500 Palestinians have been 10 days ago.

(EXPLOSION) with overwhelming force. Israel is attacking Gaza through the night Bombing and artillery fire continued as Israeli troops and tanks pushed forward into the battered enclave.

soon came back - The first Israeli wounded have been injured so far, at least 30 soldiers but Israeli leaders say into account they have taken the risks by casualties. in several different areas, Israeli armoured columns have struck

and surrounding Gaza City. splitting the strip in two in the making - The plan has been months the aim, to humble Hamas. have taken up positions Israeli tanks and armoured vehicles on the other side of the border in the open ground and beyond them, of Beit Lahia, from the populated area are rising clouds of smoke, and we hear also the sounds of gunfire.

It's not clear deep into the populated areas, if the Israelis are going to push

but what we do know the rocket fire, has not yet stopped. is that the Qassam fire, from the rest of the strip. Gaza City is now cut off with the sound of machine-gun fire The empty streets echo

on the outskirts. Food is in short supply water has been cut off, and in some areas out in the open, forcing people to fill jerry cans from air attacks. where they are at risk The question is whether Israel will now seek

and its leadership. to utterly destroy Hamas is that the Gaza Strip, What is certain and unhappiness, home to so much oppression is now seeing its darkest days. Julian Manyon, Ten News. is becoming more dire by the hour. And the humanitarian in Gaza City with Medicine Sans Frontier Australian Colin Watson is a nurse injured civilians and is helping to treat

difficult. The preconditions are fairly

difficult. We have made an difficult. We have made an assessm 7zEE

assessment in the main hospital in

Gaza City. They are in the process

of receiving be dead and the

wounded from the shelling of last

night. The victims are both the

are result of fighting and shelling. We

are organising a shipment of

medicine today. We have not heard

whether that will actually happen.

We are hopeful that we will receive

up a shipment today. Women and

children are being killed and

injured. We do have an a bachelor - injured. We do have an a bachelor -

- evacuation plan in place. This is

in the event that an invasion

arrives at Gaza City. that the go-ahead has been given Environmentalists are furious in Tasmania. to build a huge pulp mill But Canberra will wait another two years before deciding if the mill can actually operate.

from green groups After a tough and sustained campaign

another hurdle. the Gunns pulp mill has cleared Well, I think that we're quite happy 13 of the modules. has now passed The controversial project

environmental approvals set by the Howard government. of the $2 billion mill to start, It's enough to allow construction infuriating green groups. The bulldozers could be rolling in the Tamar Valley any day now despite Gunns not having full Federal Government approval.

At what point does a Federal Government say,

"You have failed to comply. "We reject your management plan. The project is dead"? The company has been given a 2-year extension to provide the Government with evidence waste from the mill won't damage marine life. Without those approvals, the mill can't be switched on. The only way we will know it can be, that is for this work to be done and to be done properly and thorougly over a full 12-month seasonal period. the former government's process for the situation

where the mill can be build without its final approvals in place. But, if construction goes ahead, it's the Environment Minister who'll need to decide whether Gunns is left with a cash cow or an expensive white elephant. First, the company must find an investor after ANZ pulled out last year. If we can get financial closure in this very difficult time, we will be able to move forward. Brad Hodson, Ten News. To finance, and the first day of the trading year got underway today, but it was more of a whimper than a bang. Tom Piotrowski joins us now from Commsec. Tom, the markets easing in to 2009. The market was at a crawl today with barely $2.25 billion worth of shares trading hands today which is what you would expect this time of year and conditions will probably remain light for the next couple of weeks. That will make things interesting later in the week when we see some important US figures released including the employment report.

Locally investors have a right to feel left out today because we saw some strong performances for the US markets on Friday, and regional markets did quite well today -

there is a sense of optimism towards the stimulus plan which will be inacted by the incoming Obama administration. If you were to break the themes down today, it was the weakness in the financials which lead the market lower. Although Babcock and brown was an obvious exception there - the shares were up by more than 30%. Resource stocks did well. There is a growing sense of optimism towards commodities over the course of recent days. The price of oil has moved up from around $35 per barrel on Christmas Eve to $48 per barrel in recent days thanks to the hostilities in the Middle East. Local energy stocks have kept a lid on things. Petroleum was up by 1%. was the Forestry group - Gunns, The other talking point of the day the shares were lower by about 2.5%. The Federal Government witheld total approval for its pulp mill in Tasmania. The Government is looking for more information in relation to the effluent and the impact that will have on the marine environment in Tasmania. Thanks Tom. CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. Now for a look at the figures in detail - Glenn McGrath says he's tickled pink by the amount of money cricket fans have raised for breast cancer research. Today was Jane McGrath Day at the SCG - the ground awash in pink in honour of his late wife. Tens of thousands of fans united by their choice of colour on this very special day at the cricket. I don't think it's really sunk in yet. looking around the crowd, I was out in the middle and to see pink everywhere... Six months after breast cancer claimed Jane McGrath's life, spectators turned out in force to support her foundation. Unfortunately we lost Jane McGrath last year.

We're trying to raise awareness suffering from breast cancer. (ALL SING) # No matter where you are # You're my guiding star... # The crowd queued up to buy everything pink. Bandannas sold out early - all 20,000 of them. Over the past two days of the Test the public has donated more than $170,000 to the McGrath Foundation. That money will pay

to put desperately needed breast care nurses in hospitals around the country, to help improve treatment for breast cancer sufferers. I think the treatment is the worst thing, so if we can do one little bit, it's great. Also dressed in pink, and the spitting image of her mother, little Holly McGrath. Big sign! Do you think Mum would be proud of that? Yeah. Those closest to Jane were overwhelmed by the sea of pink and say she would have been too. She'd have a little cry because she'd be very overwhelmed by it, and she'd be thrilled, totally thrilled. She'd be very proud, quite humbled and maybe a little bit embarrassed by all the fuss. Amelia Adams, Ten News. After the break, phoney manners - how shop workers are taking revenge on rude customers. Plus, she's as big as an elephant and her best friend is a bit of a dog. Next up, their weird tale of love. At only $1.95,

you can wrap up a delicious bargain with the new Seared Chicken Mini Snack Wrap from McDonald's. John Travolta has thanked fans for their support

after the death of his 16-year-old son in the Bahamas. The American star and his wife, Kelly Preston, released a statement on their website saying Jett lit up the lives of everyone he encountered and they're heartbroken their time with him was so brief. The actor has also revealed he spent 20 minutes trying to resuscitate his son before paramedics arrived. The teenager had a history of seizures in the bathroom. and was found unconscious Travolta's lawyer has denied reports Jett was autistic. An autopsy will be carried out tomorrow. floodwaters in north-west Queensland. There have been 19 rescues from At least one family has been evacuated, while many other property owners have used their own planes

to escape the rising water. Swollen creeks and vast patches of green - the signs of a once-parched town now drenched. For three years, Mt Isa locals have been praying for big falls. Last Thursday, the absent wet season returned in the form of a 4-day monsoonal downpour. Mate, lived here 33 year - never seen it so dry, been fantastic. The rain quickly filled dry creeks and dams. This is lifesaving rain. But with the Big Wet came isolation.

Until this morning, all roads in and out of the mining town were cut. Police used a helicopter to rescue those trapped or stranded. We had to rescue some Austrian tourists and a couple of men caught in causeway. In town they received 165mm, on the outskirts more than 200mm. 65 guests at the Moondarra Caravan Park were stuck when their accommodation was surrounded by rising floodwaters. It became like an island. But the locals don't mind.

The rain couldn't have come at a better time. The mine was about to start laying off workers, now they're jobs are safe. Locals are exhilarated, they are so happy, everything has been so dry, we have been on level three until now. Bread and milk stocks are running low, but supply trucks should be here within 24 hours. Since the rain eased this morning, it has become hot and steamy. The monsoonal low has started moving north, but there is still plenty of cloud cover about which everyone here hopes brings more drenching falls. If that happens, police are begging people to stay safe. Please don't swim in swollen creeks, we don't want to have to divert our resources to you. Leisa Roles, Ten News. A football legend, who saved a woman from a brutal New Years bashing, says he's embarrassed by all the fuss. But the victim claims if not for Ron Barassi's bravery she might have been killed. In the public spotlight,

Ron Barassi is playing a very humble hero. I just did what most people would have done. The footy legend speaking after public praise from the woman he defended during a New Year's Eve attack. The brave 72-year-old suffered bruising to his face, ribs and arm when her attackers turned on him. Kicking? Kicking people? OK, you have a brawl - that's been going on for a million years - but to kick someone when they're down and to hit a woman, they're just not on. Today, victim Tess Green issued a statement after undergoing medical scans: The mother of three suffered a suspected fractured eye socket and two black eyes. the football great came to her aid, Ms Green says she is very thankful and says if he hadn't have stepped in, the situation may be very different. Police are said to be reviewing more security footage.

Barassi would also like to talk with the attackers. I'd like to meet these kids privately too -

and not thump them. Because what would a thumping from me to those kids do? And he's keen to catch up with the woman he helped. Tess, look, we will meet up. It'd be good to see you and I'd like to wish you the very best - and keep up the courage. Cameron Smith, Ten News. Next time your mobile phone rings while waiting in a queue, you might want to think twice before answering. Led by a young woman in a bakery, shopkeepers are taking revenge on rude phone users. There have been some ugly bunfights inside this Cronulla bakery. We had a customer abuse a trainee staff member

because he asked her how she was when she was on the phone. Fed up with the abuse, these young shop assistants are fighting back - banning mobile phones and refusing to serve customers who won't can the chat. It's quite rude and it's very difficult to serve them. You ask them, "What would you like?" and they just stare blankly. Otherwise, they just point. You'd say "Have a nice day," and they'd just walk out. They treat us like we're nothing. And they're not alone. There's a time and a place for a mobile phone. They should be concentrating on us, but they answer their phones first. But it's unlikely this latest crackdown on bad manners will last. Cinemas have banned phones for years, but that hasn't silenced them. (IMITATES PHONE RINGTONE) It can be anything - and it's so loud. Our usher has to go up and shine the torch on them and say, "Please turn off the phones." When they first came out, there was nothing cooler than being seen talking on your mobile phone. Now, with more than 25 million handsets across Australia, most people we've spoken to agree with Sam. Why should you have to wait while they're having a conversation? They're ignorant and they're rude. That's what we got 'em for. You gotta answer your phone. Australia's etiquette expert ditched her mobile after a series of embarrassing gaffes, and says all shops should be phone-free. It is incredibly selfish - selfish, inconsiderate people.

Who Sam hopes will hang up their bad behaviour. Brett Mason, Ten News. They make an unlikely pair, but an elephant and a dog in the United States have struck up a beautiful relationship. The odd couple proving species and size are no barrier when it comes to friendship. That's Tara. Just these two. And this is Bella. WOMAN: This is her friend, and her friend just happens to be a dog and not an elephant. That's hilarious. Bella is one of more than a dozen stray dogs that have found a home at the sanctuary. Most want nothing to do with the elephants and vice versa -

but not this odd couple. They are absolutely inseparable. WOMAN: When it's time to eat, they both eat together. They drink together, they sleep together, they play together. Tara and Bella have been close for years, but no-one really knew how close they were until recently. A few months ago, Bella suffered a spinal cord injury. She couldn't move her legs, couldn't even wag her tail. For three weeks, the dog lay motionless, up in the sanctuary office. And for three weeks, the elephant held vigil. 2,700 acres to roam free and Tara just stood in the corner. To me, it really was, she was concerned about her friend. Then, one day, co-founder Scott Blake carried Bella onto the balcony so she and Tara could at least see each other. And Bella's tail started wagging, and we had no choice but to bring Bella down to see Tara. They visited like this every day till Bella could walk. Today, their love and trust is stronger than ever. Bella even lets Tara pat her tummy - with her foot. Just two living creatures who somehow managed to look past their immense differences. Take a good look, world. what's our excuse? If they can do it, Sports Tonight with Adam Hawse is next, and Adam the Australians are in a strong position against South Africa in the cricket. Yes Deb, it's only day three, will avoid a series whitewash.

but it looks as though Australia Plus, Siddle's day out against the South Africans. Lleyton Hewitt pushed in his return to the court from injury. And surfing's young guns on display at the World Junior Championships. Welcome to Toyota, Sports Tonight. A five-wicket haul from paceman Peter Siddle has lifted Australia into a commanding position

on day 3 of the third Test against South Africa. The tourists dismissed for 327 after another see-sawing day's play. to honour Jane McGrath Day, and by the second over they were screaming in unison. COMMENTATOR: That's in the air! He's gone. Mitchell Johnson with a massive breakthrough - Kallis caught out for 37. And the left-hander was just as damaging in the field. I think A.B. de Villiers could be in strife. Replays confirmed his fate. South Africa were reduced to 3/161, a tally that could have been 4. Oh, they're out! Debutant Doug Bollinger was denied and disappointed after what seemed a legitimate lbw... That was out. injustice that was rectified the very next over. That has dipped back in to the right-hander, and he's given. Andrew McDonald was delighted with his first Test scalp. The ever-widening SCG cracks deceived Hashim Amla, and they even punished the bowlers. Watch this hit the crack - very short. Oh! Johnson was called wide by Billy Bowden. His next ball was bang on. Oh, that's close. Yes, he's got him. J.P. Duminy was gone for 13, and Mark Boucher was fortunate he didn't follow. Nathan Hauritz hit the stump, but couldn't shift the bail. Somebody blow, blow hard! Bollinger shook up Morne Morkel. But it didn't stem the flow - Boucher with a half century. Even Morkel made them pay. Eight off the over. That's a ripper, perfect square cut. Together they added a vital 115. Together they added a vital 1 Then Peter Siddle found the answer.

Got him - clean-bowled him. The Victorian with no regard for the stumps, skittling the tail with his first 5-wicket haul.

Bang - and he gets the rest he was after. He also get a fiver. The lead 118 and growing, with Matthew Hayden and Simon Katich... Oh, lovey shot Simon Katich! ..making a steady start. Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight. Australia will resume in the morning at none for 33 with a lead of 151. Siddle easily the best with the ball, he took a career-best 5-59 in just his fourth Test. If I can get me first fifer, I can feel happy about that, and obviously, nah, it's good. It's just good to go out there and be able to stand up for the team and just be a part of the team Everyone bowled well and we all worked together, and nah, it's just a good result. 150 in front at the moment. If we go for the first two sessions tomorrow and see where we're at, and hopefully if we can get a 300 lead by tea see where we go from there, I think. I think it would probably be a pretty good situation. On the domestic front Shaun Tait returns from a hamstring injury tomorrow in South Australia's 20Twenty clash with New South Wales. Tait didn't train today but confirmed he is fit to play. The Redbacks need a win at Adelaide Oval to stay in touch with pace-setters Victoria. One of the NRL's most promising players is missing - presumed drowned - after being swept away by a rip. Warriors rookie Sonny Fai disappeared after saving his brother in heavy surf.

The New Zealand Warriors were supposed to resume training this morning. Instead they joined the grim coastal search for a popular and gifted young team-mate. COMMENTATOR: As we see Fai chase the kick through and get the bounce. How good is that! Sonny Fai is away! Oh, just a lot of disbelief really, and certainly a lot of feeling of absolute loss and devastation. His team-mates chartering to help find the 20-year-old. Fai's relatives have also scouring the beach near Auckland since he disappeared last night. Sonny's younger brother apparently got into a bit of trouble and Sonny went out to save him and pulled him from a rip and pulled him to safety, but in doing so Sonny couldn't make it back in. scoring 5 tries in 15 games. A New Zealand junior representative, his talent was likened to that of fellow Kiwi Sonny Bill Williams. A great loss to the club - to rugby league in general. Very few times players of his ability and calibre come on the scene.

When I think of Sonny I just think about a guy who had everything. He had the armour - he was 6'3", 105 kilos of rippling muscle - but he always had that big smile on his face. The search for Fai was called off for the day

and is set to resume at first light tomorrow.

His family says it hasn't given up hope that he's still alive. Leanne West for Sports Tonight. Former world number one Lleyton Hewitt has made a winning return to tennis beating Germany's Nicholas Keefer at the Hopman Cup in Perth. He kept Australia in the tie after playing partner Casey Delacqua lost her singles match. The fans packed the Dome to cheer on their home-town favourite and Dellacqua delivered early on - she took the first set in just under 50 minutes, but then ran out of puff. The feet stuck to the surface. The German was brutal around the courts. to a third and deciding set, The match was forced Dellacqua stumbling at the crucial stage.

The first-up loss heaped the pressure on comeback kid Lleyton Hewitt - his fitness also to be tested after five months out of the game, following hip surgery. Nicholas Kiefer was keen to keep him moving - the longer the match went, the better his chances. Plenty more rallies as this enthralling and sometimes dangerous battle went to an early tie breaker. Kiefer creating some of his own history by winning his first-ever set against the gritty Aussie. Some fans didn't seem too worried

about Australia's sluggish start at Hopman 21. Others were either distracted or frustrated. The match into its second hour as Hewitt finally gave them something to cheer about, taking the second set. former world number one The courageous very convincing in the third - his 'never say die' attitude still there even after his stint on the sidelines. Takes a lot of courage to come back from surgery. And to come back and lose the first set in a close tie break and win the second and third convincingly, it's a good start. That left the mixed Doubles to decide the tie and it wasn't good news for the Aussies.

Jelena Dokic has been eliminated from the Brisbane International in the opening round. The Australian was no match for Frenchwoman Amily Mauresmo. Coming into the tournament, what reception she'd receive Jelena Dokic wasn't sure in Pat Rafter Arena. It became clear immediately. Dokic taking it up to the Frenchwoman from the outset. A tight first set going down to the wire in a tie break. with Amelie Mauresmo up COMMENTATOR: That's good fighting from Amelie Mauresmo.

Earlier, Sam Stosur got the ball rolling for the Aussies against world number 29 Ai Sugiyama. Oh, that's good. A comfortable straight-sets win to begin 2009 in the best possible way. And there it is - at the Brisbane International. Stosur, an opening win here Yeah, a great start to the year. It's always a bit nervous and you never know quite what to expect for the first match of the year, but, yeah, I'm very happy with the way I played out there. Crowd favourite Marcos Baghdatis was far from comfortable against Finland's Jarkko Nieminen. The 2006 Australian Open runner-up took the first set... And seals it with an ace. ..before struggling with a leg injury and the Brisbane heat. Nieminen levelled it up and had a stranglehold on the final set, the Cypriot digging deep to save two match points. Oh, what a shot! That's talent. He couldn't save a third and now heads to Kooyong to get his Open preparation back on track. I'm not match-fit and I think I need to work on that in the next 15 days before my next tournament. Rob Hazel for Sports Tonight. So, Dokic out but Stosur remains for Australia. Eighth seed Radek Stepanek also in the winners circle. Tomorrow, teenage star Bernard Tomich goes up against world Number 16 Fernando Verdasco. The Telstra Dome surface is causing concerns ahead of tomorrow night's A-League blockbuster between Melbourne and Adelaide United. Victory captain Kevin Muscat claims it's still in poor condition. The green, green grass of Gosch's Paddock was a welcome sight for the Victory, the boys having plenty of fun as they warm up.5 for the blockbuster against Adelaide. But the terrible state of the Telstra Dome surface

last Friday night remains fresh in the players' minds. Kevin Muscat trained on the maligned pitch yesterday and was far from impressed. It is just the same as it was the other night, possibly a little bit better. We've been promised it is going to be a significant amount better than it was on Friday night. If we see There is plenty at stake tomorrow night. Victory have won their past two games and if they beat the Reds for the third time this season they will reclaim top spot on the A-League table and be in the box seat to win a prize berth in the Asian Champions League. We definitely want all three points so we won't have many defenders, if any, on the bench. The Reds have been simply trying to freshen up.

They played Sydney just two days ago on a very hard Adelaide Oval.

They were a little bit sore this morning, that's understandable, but generally after any game, after two or three days, you're going to be sore, so we'll see what they're like when they wake up tomorrow morning. Melbourne also has a short back-up but the captain insists a 4-day turnaround is not an issue. This is the business end of the season now. If you can't get up for these games, especially, as I said, against Adelaide - top two most of the season. It's come around very quickly but we'll freshen it up and it'll be OK come tomorrow night. Adam McNicol, Ten News. There's set to be changes to the Swans' leadership group, as the club tries to promote the next generation of players. The Swans were sweating it out today as they made their return to training after the Christmas break. The Red and Whites say it's time their emerging players step up and help continue the club's run of six straight finals appearances. coming through there's a number of those players Jarrad McVeigh, There's Jarred

to put their hand up. that have really started After surgery on his ankle, is struggling to be fit veteran Michael O'Loughlin against St Kilda. for the season opener for the Waratahs today It was also back to business session of the year. with the team's first training with the t 06S z z 0 EE

With so much talent at his disposal, this year, the Tahs will deliver. new coach Chris Hickey says we've been able to achieve I'm confident from what

before Christmas in that 8-week period coming back into the squad and with the Wallabies that we've got a good platform to work from.

each year you start from scratch But as I said, all over again. and you got to earn it with a 3-game pre-season, They'll get things rolling starting at the end of the month in Toowoomba. against the Queensland Reds have lifted restrictions Meanwhile, the Western Force on coach John Mitchell, over his future. but there's lingering speculation training today Mitchell was allowed to take team from all direct contact with players after previously being barred before Christmas. of an inquiry into Mitchell's role The club is awaiting findings to guarantee his position. and have refused I certainly know, the fact is my leadership, I'm going to have to evolve

but relationships go two ways too, I'll work hard, so I've got a big job to do, there's no denying that. of the season in just five weeks. The Force play their first game the Jayco Bay Cycling Classic Day three of

has seen two riders taken to hospital in the women's race. after a horror crash with a fall in the final stages. The men's race was also marred a regular stopover Portarlington has been during the 21 years of this Classic season

an excellent competition. and it has always produced proved no exception, This fourth day of racing went on his own when a former Aussie champion as Matt Wilson launched a lone attack. before the field caught him up. He survived for almost 25 minutes last year, was in fighting mood, Wilson, though, the winner here he was off on his own again. and with 20 minutes to go, This time, help was soon at hand. in white, and Rohan Dennis, in blue, He was joined by Daniel Braunsteins, Bernie Sulzberger. and the national champion, This was the winning move. But a perfect day for Wilson as the finish approached was ruined on the bottom corner when he overshot and lost his chance. Sulzburger raced away to win Instead the Aussie champion and Daniel Braunsteins. from Rohan Dennis in that corner, I thought I had to be first so I went from there, he just overcooked it on the corner. and Matty said He gave me a few lengths he was going way too fast. and I just thought got off to a fast start The women's race to break clear on the windy circuit. with a number of lone attempts really are very unforgiving. The roads of Portarlington With only four laps to go, seemed to move in favour an attack by Lauren Kitchen of last year's winner. the front 10 had regrouped At the bell

a mass sprint was avoided but as they raced up the final climb touched the back wheel when Belinda Goss Kirsty Broun. of the series leader, in yellow, with just 600 metres left to race. This happened lined up for the finish As the survivors left nothing to chance. the Aussie champion Broun with a fine win, She increases her overall lead and Nikki Butterfield into third. pushing Chloe Hoskins into second for Sports Tonight. This is Phil Liggett Queensland surfer Julian Wilson

in last week's Von Zipper trials, has followed up his victory to post the highest heat score at the Billabong ASP World Junior Championships.

soaking up the sun While the girls enjoyed tomorrow, ahead of their quarterfinals with a near perfect 9.33 ride Wilson rebounded from a Round 1 loss

of 18.5 out of 20. and a combined score to really get a good heat there. I was super fired-up and excited for the rounds to come. I'm feeling really comfortable now also posted a 9-point ride South Africa's Rudy Palmboon

to advance to the next round. Former AFL spearhear Sav Rocca has had a successful start to his NFL playoff career.

a real good one! COMMENTATOR: Rocca hits a good one - Baltimore smashed Miami. In this morning's other game, and touchdown play by Ed Reed. The highlight was this interception Ed - take it to the house!

to the left, back to the right, Alright, Jimmy, here we go -

picked up a convoy of blockers -

that means a bunch of people, Michael - down the sideline - touchdown! Baltimore's 27-9 win their first playoff victory since 2002. And the NFL Playoffs continue on Ten HD this Sunday with Baltimore taking on the Tennessee Titans from 11:30am. The LA Lakers have notched their 15th-straight victory at home, with a 100-86 point win over the Portland Trailblazers. Paw Gassol added 19 while Kobe Bryant top scored with 26. COMMENTATOR: Kobe working against Steve. Takes advantage of it... The Lakers now hold the best record in the NBA, helped largely by Boston continuing their form slump. The Celtics went down by 12 points to the New York Knicks, who snapped an 8-game losing streak to defeat the defending champions. GENERAL CHATTER at McDonald's. VOICEOVER: Say hello to mornings See ya. MAN: Need a cab, sir? No, I'm right, thanks. Cheers. doin' nothin'... # SONG: # I wasn't Catch you, Johnny. (Laughs) # Yes, what is it # I'm supposed to have done? # Hey... # Every police car is a mobile RBT getting breath-tested, so if you're worried about you should be. SIREN WAILS # Better get a lawyer, son a real good one... # # You'd better get Play of the Day at the Dakar Rally and we're on board with Carlos Sainz and he's leading the race, he doesn't have a clue where he is. despite the fact

A cloud of desert dust meant world rally championship winner the 2-time had to take things nice and slow for five minutes or so. as he struggled with his bearings He later emerged from the sandstorm his first Dakar rally title still chasing

Play of the Day. and he wins a very dusty

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The Gap not that good. around a monsoon low and trough and cloud over the tropics is causing showers and storms. a trough is generating showers Cloud across Queensland along and isolated storms, is bringing showers. and cloud over Tasmania on a front High pressure is keeping skies clear though in South Australia and WA. A monsoon trough will bring further heavy showers and storms to the tropics. Another trough will cause heavy showers and storms in western Queensland. Hot northerlies will continue in NSW, northern Victoria and inland WA, and a weak high will keep the south dry with coastal sea breezes. So tomorrow, thunderstorms in Cairns, mostly sunny in Brisbane, Sydney mostly sunny in Brisbane, Sydne and Hobart, sunny in Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, and late thunder in Alice Springs. a possible shower in Darwin An American man's last lottery ticket has proven to be his luckiest, winning $10 million for his family just hours after he died. Charlotte Peters cashed in the lottery ticket that her husband bought the day he died of a heart attack. She'd nearly thrown the piece of paper out, but put it aside and eventually checked the numbers. So what will she do with her winnings? I've always wanted a Corvette, but I don't think I'll buy a Corvette. I think I'll stick to a nice, small car. Their son says his father would have appreciated the irony. That is the latest from the Ten News room for this Monday. The Early News is our next bulletin, along tomorrow morning at 6:00am. I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. I'll see you tomorrow night. Goodnight.