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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. welcome to Seven News. Good morning, mourning the death The music world is today Billy Thorpe of Australian rock legend in a Sydney hospital overnight. who died from a massive heart attack

with creating a style of pub rock The 60-year-old is credited of AC/DC and Angry Anderson. that inspired the likes and two daughters, Rusty and Lauren. He's survived by his wife, Lynn, as the feeling of music...# (Sings) # And nothing is real He was Australia's original Thorpie. from the age of four A self-confessed music junkie who grew up to become a rock legend. GIRLS SCREAM

and the Angels and Jimmy Barnes AC/DC and Rose Tattoo what Thorpie did, all came out of really into the '70s. sort of the turn of the '60s was born in England in 1946 William Richard Thorpe in the '50s. and emigrated to Australia performing on TV talent shows At the age of 10, Thorpe began to various gigs around Brisbane. and the exposure led

# It's because I miss you # Oh, how long it seems to be. # a young surf band called the Aztecs At 17, Thorpe joined and within eight months, record in Australia. 'Poison Ivy' became the number one # Oooohh # Do what you wanna do # Be what you wanna be, yeah. #

for more than a decade. The band ruled the pub rock scene The energy of the man, the unique nature of his voice him in recent years and I was lucky enough to interview for me. and he lived up to that image in the late '70s, When the Aztecs disbanded and performing. Thorpe continued recording in Brisbane. His next gig was to be this Friday into St Vincent's Hospital Mr Billy Thorpe was brought

via ambulance in the early hours this morning in the emergency department and he passed away at about 2:30 this morning. a massive heart attack. He'd suffered we were unable to resuscitate him. Sadly in this instance

Billy Thorpe was 60. # It's almost summer that sweet sunshine # And I can almost feel # Pouring our this heart of mine. # the closure of schools, A severe hailstorm has forced in Canberra. universities and shopping centres the capital overnight, The weather front moved through causing extensive damage.

now with more details. Seven reporter Geof Parry joins us Just how big was this storm? Good morning, Geof.

I reported a lot of storms over the

years and this was a cracker. Up to

Belconnen, for anyone who knows,

that is most of the northern

suburbs. It was a terrific light suburbs. It was a terrific light

show. It was just rolling thunder,

setting off security

setting off security alarms and then

the ice came down. In some parts it

was just a snow drift. There was

localised flooding. There were

people trying to keep water out of

their properties, out of their down

stairs flats. Some businesses were

inundated. As you can see, they are

quite impressive pictures and a lot

of problems quite impressive pictures and a lot

of problems for people. What sort of

damage and closures has it caused

today? Probably the

today? Probably the worst affected

is the Australian National

University. There is a big clean-up

breached there. One going on. 70 buildings have been

breached there. One of the biggest

problems is the electrical system

integrity. They used the ANU. problems is the electrical system

integrity. They used the ANU. One of

the biggest shopping centres has

been closed and flooded. All this

scattered damage, roads have been

disrupted and the schools have been

closed and students sent home.

closed and students sent home. There

is a big repair job at the moment.

How are emergency services coping? is a big repair job at the moment. How are emergency

They seem to be coping fairly well. It is a

It is a case of getting through it. It is a case of getting through

While they will get the clean-up

done and the ice, a lot of it is

sitting around. The real problem the

long-term clean-up where the

building owners will have to get

building owners will have to get

repair men. From the extent of some

of that damage it will take a while

to get it back together. I see you of that damage it will take a while

to get it back together. I see you

made it into Parliament house.

Everything OK there? Yes. Still in Canberra, the Government come clean the Federal Opposition is demanding with a Liberal Party powerbroker on its dealings who last year set up a nuclear power company. there's nothing sinister Government MPs insist more information is needed. but Labor says Labor smells a rat with his friend Ron Walker over the PM's conversation last year who then set up a company to build a nuclear power plant.

before Mr Howard announced The company was set up five days in Australia. an inquiry into nuclear energy conversations were secret or wrong. The Prime Minister denies his the timing of your phone call Was there any connection between and the announcement of the inquiry? No. have launched a blistering attack But the opposition parties

Prime Minister. against the pro-nuclear made up his mind on nuclear power,

told him to go ahead He had spoken to Mr Walker, and then he announced this review.

It's extraordinary volunteered by the Government that these discussions weren't

when they took place from Mr Howard's comments which we know the middle of last year. go back to at least multimillionaire friends, And of course he's got friends, to make money out of nuclear who see the opportunity

of many Australians' safety. at the expense to defend the process Government members lined up today and push the nuclear message. to meet global warming, Everybody knows that in order energy economy to move a lower emission

nuclear power has to be one of the options on the table.

Labor says it wants more answers with Mr Walker's company. about the PM's involvement

Victoria and South Australia, Two Labor States, by Australian Nuclear Energy Pty Ltd have already rejected any plan to build a nuclear plant. has lost another minister The West Australian Government to corruption allegations. yesterday John Bowler agreed to resign following claims he passed on government secrets to lobbyists.

A corruption inquiry heard Mr Bowler leaked details of a mining report to Brian Burke and Julian Grill who represent several mining companies. Mr Bowler says he was acting in the State's best interests. He's the second minister dumped in three days and the fourth overall. Five people were injured when a police car and a taxi collided in Melbourne early this morning. The police vehicle was trying to intercept a speeding car in Hawthorn

when it crashed into the taxi at an intersection. Two officers and three people in the taxi were treated in hospital. The female driver of the police car remains in hospital. A man has been shot in the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda East overnight. Police say the 32-year-old was involved in an argument with two other men who were apparently armed with a baseball bat and a hand gun. The man was shot in the right leg.

He was taken to hospital in a serious condition. His attackers fled the scene. Stocks on Wall Street plunged overnight, with the Dow Jones index falling 540 points at one stage. European and Latin American markets were also significantly down. To tell us more, we're joined by Justin Smirk, senior economist at Westpac. Good morning, Justin. Stock markets around the world have recorded high losses after heavy falls on the Chinese markets?

They have indeed. They followed on

from the lead in China which

from the lead in China which was down about 9%. We

down about 9%. We saw

down about 9%. We saw the European down about 9%. We saw the European

markets down. The US market the

biggest fall since September 11. biggest fall since September 11. The

fall in the US market still lifted

up 9. up 9.5% fall in the US market still lifted up 9.5%. The fear up 9.5%. The fear building of the

Chinese muck-up was tipped over. To

remove illegal activities and it

sort of spread

sort of spread through

sort of spread through the whole economy. That fear has been driving

the market more so than fundamental

factors. Is this going to Harold the

factors. Is this going to Harold the rise to China? Thinking that

something was going to happen. We

would argue this was the as a would argue this was the start

would argue this was the start of

the Chinese boom by removing the

illegal activities. While it will

illegal activities. While it will

slow growth it will help to preserve

a long boom there. What is happening

on our market this morning? It went

down almost 3.

down almost 3.5%. It is now down

down almost 3.5%. It is now down

about 2% or 3%. The gains are begin

about 2% or 3%. The gains are begin

tog come back. The weakness pretty

broad but at the moment

broad but at the moment the focus is

on the industrial sectors. We have

been seeing about a 3% fall but

early signings it could be

early signings it could be stabilising. Next in Seven News - confirmation Naomi Watts is pregnant. And why Prince Charles wants to ban Maccas.

US Vice President Dick Cheney has escaped a suicide bombing at his country's main military base in Afghanistan. 23 people were killed in the blast, including 1 American soldier. Taliban rebels say the attack was aimed at Mr Cheney

who was rushed to a bomb shelter and wasn't hurt.

He's now left the country. At least 150 people have been evacuated from their homes after a landslide in San Francisco.

Tonnes of boulders and dirt came crashing down a hillside in the North Beach area in the early hours of the morning. Residents living nearby say they thought it was an earthquake. Heavy equipment is being brought in to remove the rocks and rubble and engineers are assessing the stability of the remaining homes. Social workers have decided to allow an extremely overweight British boy to stay with his mother. 8-year-old Connor McCreaddie weighs 89 kilograms,

three times the average for his age. His mother claims he won't eat healthy food. Concerned authorities met her overnight to decide if he should be taken into care. Instead, they've discussed ways to safeguard his future. Prince Charles has weighed into the debate over the nutritional value of McDonald's.

He was touring a diabetes centre in Dubai when he insisted the fast food should be banned.

McDonald's is "not amused". The Prince of Wales in the United Arab Emirates. Here, obesity and diabetes are a big problem. On his visit to a health centre the Prince is said to have asked a nutritionist, "Have you got anywhere with McDonald's? "Have you tried getting it banned? That's the key." Prince Charles is a vocal supporter of organic farming but clearly has a beef about fast food.

The Queen has been to a McDonald's drive-thru - she didn't stop to sample the menu. Prince Harry has been spotted enjoying a cheeseburger

at the rugby. Well, whatever the Prince of Wales might think, here in the shadow of Windsor Castle I've just bought myself the classic Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese but also a nice healthy green salad to go along with it. McDonald's would argue that they're changing.

A McDonald's spokesman added that the Prince's comments were disappointing and out of date. But its new healthier menu may not yet have convinced everyone. The spokesman for the Prince of Wales says he's keen that children in particular eat a wide range of foods that are good for them. The boyfriend of Australian actress Naomi Watts has confirmed they're about to have a baby.

Naomi has so far denied the rumours even though she had trouble hiding her obvious baby bump on the red carpet at the Oscars. Let me start by congratulating you. I'm gonna be a dad. Naomi Watts and you are having a child, this is very nice. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Liev Schreiber broke the good news to US talkshow host Conan O'Brien last night.

It's a punter's worst nightmare - your Powerball numbers come up but you've forgotten to put your ticket in. That's exactly what happened to a Sydney man and his workmates who've missed out on what should have been their share of $25 million. # Working hard for the money... # Imagine making sandwiches all day... 10 - that's our lucky number. ..and then... 26 - that's my brother's wife's date of birth.

..your numbers come up. 16 - my brother's date of birth. 34 - that's my brother's age. $25... ..million. 19. Just to add a bit more of an insult, that's my mum's date of birth. # Working hard for the money... # I think I've just made the biggest idiot mistake ever.

Eric forgot to put the ticket in. It didn't go down well with the syndicate at State Gourmet.

Bloody idiot. She called me an idiot. Michelle was thinking murder. I was going to throw him off the top of this building. Brother Jim just knew it. not to finish the job off. And young Harry - he's in love and making no financial sense at all. At the end of the day, I've got my mates, I've got my family, I got my girlfriend which I love and she loves me.

I'm on TV now and she's probably laughing at me.

Mate, you're kidding - you're $25 million down the drain. I know. See the news agency just down there? That's all Eric had to do - just walk down here, that's about $250,000 for every step that Eric didn't take. They've bought another ticket for this Thursday. $25 million... Gone. There's always Thursday.

Next, please. They're no chance. Next in Seven News - the latest in sport as our cricketers leave for the World Cup. And Steve Waugh is named captain of the greatest one-day team of all time.

This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $33 million.

Australia's World Cup cricket team is leaving for the West Indies today. Seven sport reporter Nick Marshall McCormack is at Sydney Airport and filed this report.

Good morning. The Australian team

flies out of Sydney to Caribbean.

They will make

They will make a short stopover.

Ricky Ponting as men need to get Ricky Ponting as men need to get

their campaign back on track after their campaign back on track after

five-straight losses. What better five-straight losses. What better

way than with a win over the Poms.

They will fly to Jamaica for the

opening ceremony before their first opening ceremony before their first group match

group match on March 14. Injuries

are the keys. They need to get Ricky

Ponting, Andrew Symonds and Matthew

Hayden all fighting fit again. Good Hayden all fighting fit again. Good

news for Matt Hayden, he thinks his news for Matt Hayden, he thinks his

fractured toe would have heeled in

time for Australia's - the second time for Australia's - the second

warm-up match in England.

warm-up match in England. Adam

Gilchrist also needs to get his form

back on track. His highest score has

been 29 in the last eight games.

With the birth of his son Archie, he

will have plenty to play for. Shaun

Tait could turn this all around and

he has made his intentions clear. Brad

Brad Hogg needs to get his form back

together. In his last one day

internationals he

internationals he hasn't taken a

wicket. He should have a

wicket. He should have a better

performance there. There is so

performance there. There is so much

luck involved in one-day cricket but

now it comes down to Australia

performing. Their World Cup campaign

is about to take off.

Still on cricket, Steve Waugh has been named the captain of Australia's greatest one-day international team. 163 one-day representatives voted on the best of the best. They were announced in Sydney overnight with one surprise omission. Almost every player to have worn Australia's one-day colours since 1971 was at Luna Park in Sydney, nearly all of them voted for their greatest side of all time. Of the current players - Ricky Ponting as Vice Captain, Andrew Symonds, Glen McGrath Adam Gilchrist

and the injured Brett Lee made the cut. Also in the side - Mark Waugh, Michael Bevan and Shane Warne, Dean Jones, Dennis Lillee, with Greg Chappell, the 12th man. And captain - Steve Waugh - the man who helped us win two world cups in '87 and '99. Allan Border was left out despite leading the 1987 triumph, we can win this year's cup. the former stars are confident

Australia are, in my mind, still favourites to win it.

I'm a betting man, so if I was allowed to bet, I would bet on Australia. I mean Australia, they've got some pride, haven't we, surely? We'll be right. Newcastle Jets midfielder Nick Carle

has won the prestigious Johnny Warren Medal, presented at the A-League awards in Sydney overnight. Carle received 284 votes ahead of Melbourne Victory's Daniel Allsopp on 258 votes.

I'm over the moon, you know, as I said to a few people tonight, it's such a privilege and an honour considering the players that there are in the league. I feel very privileged to have won the award tonight. Allsopp received the Golden Boot Award and Melbourne coach Ernie Merrick was named Coach of the Year. AFL premiers the West Coast Eagles

have decided not to drop troubled mid-fielder Daniel Kerr.

Kerr was charged with damage and assaulting a taxidriver in Perth over the weekend. He pleaded not guilty in court yesterday to another alleged assault earlier in the year. The club has fined Kerr $10,000. Baseball's most sought-after collection card has set a world record at auction. The famous 1909 Honus Wagner Tobacco Card was bought for $2.9 million.

Once owned by hockey great Wayne Gretzky, it was snapped up by a collector from southern California. The card is 1 of about 60 in existence featuring the Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop. It's so popular because the non-smoker convinced the tobacco company to pull his card. Stay with me here on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather details after this break.

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Let's take a look at the weather now. Three low-pressure systems are responsible for heavy showers and storms across the Top End and northern Queensland. Another trough is causing wet conditions across most of NSW, Victoria and south-east Queensland.

Showers also for WA and South Australia. Around the capitals -

Showers developing and 30 degrees in Brisbane. 26 and the chance of showers in Sydney.

Rain and isolated thunderstorms in Canberra, a top of 26.

Melbourne, fine and 25. 20 and mostly cloudy in Hobart. Fine and 33 in Adelaide. Fine and a humid 25 in Perth.

Showers and storms in Darwin.

Footy star Wendell Sailor is the first contestant to be booted off 'Dancing With The Stars'. The competition was tough but he says he and partner Linda had plenty of fun. And despite his disappointment, he says he'd do it all again. I was hoping to stay another week. The salsa's next week and I think that's more my go

because the tango was very rotten for me. And his prediction for the winner - Tim Campbell although he thinks Fifi Box has a pretty good chance too.

And that's Seven's Morning News to now.

We'll keep you up to date throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30 and 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders. Thanks for your company. Have a great day. See you tomorrow. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.