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THAT I PAID A SAID SUM OF MONEY, I HAD RECEIPTS THAT PROVED OR ANY MONEY BACK FOR IT. AND I NEVER GOT A CAR I MEAN, WHAT ARE YOU GONNA SAY? This program is captioned live. Losing their home after 50 years - forced out by their local council. the Sydney pensioners and start to live in a new place - To go off I'm old, I haven't got the energy. A place for every child - parents won't be left in the lurch. ABC Learning's receivers promise for the notorious criminal And a dozen charges from his prison cell. accused of running a drug empire Good evening. I'm Ron Wilson. Also tonight, will put patients' lives at risk. fears a summer surgery shutdown And booted Bulldog Reni Maitua breaks his silence over his sacking.

involved in an incident To be supposedly of being deregulated and the possibility really does annoy me. But heading the News at 5:00, is being branded cruel a Sydney council an 80-year-old couple for threatening to evict they've lived in for 50 years. from the home are heartbroken Bill and Pat Georgians they've almost lost the will to live. and say Yep. You OK? promised to look after each other 55 years ago Bill and Pat Georgians for better or worse. I love you. I know. just after they got married. They bought this house to live in a house for 50-odd years Try and imagine what it's like

to be told, "Get out." and at the end of that time at the back of their block, To expand a park their home should be demolished. Kuringai Council says That would make me heartbroken. it worries the hell out of you. Of course

Pat is almost blind. Bill is almost deaf. and start to live in a new place - To go off I'm old, I haven't got the energy.

during a secret meeting in July. Kuringai Council earmarked their home last month. One councillor told them of the plan against this development process. Now he's speaking out all new town plans It's being instigated in all LEPs, throughout Sydney, covertly. all across the North Shore, Construction work is booming with thousands of new dwellings, will have to make way. and more old houses across Kuringai There's actually a total of 22 homes that are facing the same thing - that have been caught by surprise. that's 22 families tens of thousands of dollars And right here they've just spent adding extra rooms upstairs. what to do with the Georgans' house Kuringai Council will decide the way we've lived - Just finish off our life here in a house that we know. the last 50-odd years

Evan Batten, Ten News. Some relief at last in the care of ABC Learning Centres. for the parents of children The receivers have promised next year they'll find a place for every child but it will be another week which centres will close. before it's revealed that could be a poisoned chalice - It's a promise that is under threat from closure every child in an ABC centre in another childcare site. has been guaranteed a place I can't really see that happening are full already. because a lot of them to find centres - It takes a lot of people time months and months in advance. you have to sign up The Government needs to step in. 20 minutes drive is not acceptable. Finding another place that's that children can be moved around like pieces in a puzzle is obviously not the case. So what does it means for families? which of the 386 centres will close. The receiver has held off announcing this could do more harm than good. The union believes that in recent weeks The value must have been diminished hanging over them, with so much uncertainty and one would think about the future that with so many parents uncertain for next year? what's happened to enrolments would not go on camera today The receivers how the childcare guarantee works. to explain of which ABC centres are to close But they say the list will be finalised next week. for ABC staff - There is uncertainty too remain in limbo. up to 6,000 carers jobs What would you do in four weeks time? if you don't know if you have a job There is real immediate concern for these workers

about their livelihoods and they're not getting answers.

has asked parents to keep calm The Federal Government for the finalised plans. and wait until next week James Boyce, Ten News. mobile phone calls in prisons, Authorities are refusing to block a drug empire from Lithgow Jail. despite a mobile being used to run Today the alleged mastermind was formally charged.

Under the tightest security possible, guarding his every move A convoy of eight security cars to the local police station,

a multimillion-dollar drug bust. where he was charged over and shackled The 29-year-old was handcuffed of an iron-clad 4-wheel drive, in the back cage world in almost 10 years. taking his first look at the outside watched the 29-year-old's every move. Heavily armed and protected officers Just getting him here was a major operation. Legally, authorities were compelled to transport Hamzy from this maximum security prison to a police station to charge him. Moving such a high-risk inmate has put more pressure on the NSW Government to change that law. It's alleged Hamzy used a humble piece of dental floss to pass a smuggled mobile phone between prison cells. Police logged 460 calls a day on that phone - calls they allege helped him run $250,000 worth of drugs every week between Sydney and Melbourne. Seven others were arrested

in 12 simultaneous raids across the two cities yesterday, but police say Hamzy is the Mr Big. There was no sign today of Hamzy's support crew but there's no doubting their loyalty. Some even have his name tattooed on their arms. Hamzy will tonight return to lockdown in his maximum-security cell. He's already serving 21 years jail but faces an extra 20 years if convicted over this drug ring. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Coalition MPs have ended the year bitterly divided, with an open split on the floor of Parliament.

Six senators crossed the floor and dozens abstained after Coalition leaders caved in on funding for rural telecommunications. The last night of Parliament for the year and chaos reigned in the Senate. I wish to express my disgust at what is happening. by a Coalition cave-in on the $2 billion communications fund set up following the sale of Telstra to protect the bush. It is just completely wrong. As the Senate voted, four Nationals and two Liberals crossed the floor, while dozens of their colleagues fled the chamber. One caught out in the confusion sprinted across the Senate before abstaining. The Nationals say they were left with no option but to revolt. If we'd had any other position the Australian people today would have had every reason to say, "You're unbelievable."

The decision

not to fight for its amendments to protect the bush was made by its leadership group, and last night's debacle in the house now has some even questioning Malcolm Turnbull's leadership. His excuse? I'd been in the chamber for about 10 hours all that day. I actually ducked out to go to the loo. But the Opposition denies there's a split in their ranks, accusing the Government of playing politics with the bush. This is a great act of treachery for rural Australia. And there are accusations Kevin Rudd is more focused on overseas than home, after his travel bill came in at a whopping $600,000 for just his first seven months. Kevin 747 likes to travel. I think he'd prefer to be the secretary-general of the UN of Australia, though. But Labor says voters understand Kevin PM works 24/7. Brad Hodson, Ten News. In an unprecedented move, elective surgery will be halted for two months over summer,

raising fears of a massive blowout in waiting times. The State Government has been accused of using a budget trick which will endanger patient safety. Elective surgery shutdowns at Christmas are common but revelations some hospitals will cease normal activity for two months has the profession bewildered.

Surgeons are willing to operate and want hospital operating time. But the Government says surgeons want time with their families and that the extended closures will allow for essential maintenance. But the 8-week figure has raised eyebrows. I believe this is nothing more than a measure to save money. Some hospitals have already wound back services. There are claims patient care will be put at risk and that the waiting list could blow out by 2,000 to 3,000 patients. So any suggestion that this is being driven by the doctors that want to take holidays, it is just spin. will not blow out. I can guarantee that waiting times The Health Minister definitely doesn't need any more blowouts. Ambulance officers are threatening to quit after what came as a surprise decision yesterday - that firefighters will retain authority for major rescue operations. claim 90 specialist ambulance officers their three years minimum training in rescue situations has been brushed aside because of political reasons. Basically, lives are at risk. They claim ambulance rescue officers have superior training. Most of us will leave the job and pursue rescue on the outside. We will find another way The union, though, has vowed to fight to overturn the rescue decision. Josh Murphy, Ten News.

Brad McEwan with a look at sport. The season's over, but still plenty of off-field dramas for the NRL. With his NRL future on the line, Reni Maitua has denied being involved in a nightclub brawl last Sunday. His alleged involvement and non-appearance at training saw him sacked by the Bulldogs.

26-year-old rugby league bad boy Reni Maitua, speaking for the first time after being dumped this week by the Bulldogs. I sincerely wish to apologise to the Bulldogs club and the fans. I've certainly failed the fans of the club, my family and my friends, but more importantly I failed myself. Maitua admits he missed training but denies he was involved in a brawl at a Cronulla nightclub. To be supposedly involved in an incident and the possibility of deregistered really does annoy me.

The NRL will consider whether to stop Maitua joining another club once the results of an investigation are known. The next step is obviously to see whether there is another club that seeks to sign him. If there was to be another club, we'd look at it at that point. This is not the first time Maitua's behaviour has been an issue for the NRL. Last year he fought to be released from the Bulldogs after a series of disputes about his attitude. In 2006 he was convicted of high-range drink-driving and in 2002 he was fined for bashing an off-duty police officer with his fellow Bra Boys. Meanwhile Cronulla's Greg Bird is yet to resolve his future after the club decided to delay a decision on whether to reinstate him. Bird was stood down in August after an incident in which his girlfriend, Katie Milligan, sustained cuts to her face and a fractured eye socket. The Sharks board next meets on December 16. John Hill, Ten News. In sport - more bad news for West Coast captain Ben Cousins. Plus, a course record from Jarrod Lyle at the Australian PGA, while wily veteran Peter Senior made sure he's in contention. John Daly is battling to make the cut. Also ahead, bad news for Formula 1 with one of its teams pulling out. A not-guilty plea from the man charged over the death of Dianne Brimble - that's next. Also tonight, a police officer's excuse for drink-driving at seven times the legal limit. And Big Brother just got smarter - the Sydney invention taking surveillance to a whole new level. McDonald's Happy Meals now include healthier choices as well as favourites like tender chicken breast nuggets. (MCDONALD'S THEME) This program is captioned live. The man accused of Dianne Brimble's sordid cruise ship death is maintaining his innocence. Today Mark Wilhelm pleaded not guilty to the Brisbane mother's manslaughter aboard P&O's 'Pacific Sky'. The 42-year-old's body was found in the cabin he was sharing with two friends, Leo Silvestri and Ryan Kuchel. They've also been charged over her 2002 death. A toxic mix of alcohol and the illicit drug GHB, or fantasy, was found in Mrs Brimble's body. Wilhelm is accused of supplying her the drug - a charge he also denies. A Sydney man who stabbed his elderly mother to death not doing it 2 -years earlier. says he only regrets not doing it 20 years earlier. Adam Patrick Owens today told prosecutors not to use his depression as an excuse for the 2006 crime. He says he had every intention of killing 69-year-old environmentalist Doris Owens on the South Coast, and was of a clear mind at the time. The 35-year-old will be sentenced six days out from Christmas. He's asked for the maximum penalty. more than seven times over the legal limit has had his day in court. The senior constable pleaded guilty, saying he'd been under emotional stress, but the magistrate threw the book at him. Michael Edward Barrow today learned first-hand that no-one is above the law. The 37-year-old senior constable was caught drink-driving at Hope Island two weeks ago, off-duty, but in a clearly marked police dog squad van. He blew 0.353. Would you like to apologise publicly? The court was told Barrow's wife had left him that morning and he'd been drinking heavily

to deal with the horrors he'd witnessed in his 17-year career. His lawyer said: Barrow's lawyer requested he be penalised with a fine, but the magistrate said even the maximum of $2,100

wasn't enough punishment

for such an extraordinarily high reading. He rejected his claims depression was to blame. Michael Barrow was given probation and community service. He's lost his licence for 2.5 years and is suspended from the police service. Nicky Haydon, Ten News.

Police have been searching a Sydney creek for any sign of a woman who vanished five years ago. 57-year-old Maureen Matterson was last seen leaving a Toongabbie club in December 2003. Police found her handbag in the creek six weeks after she disappeared. Today police and SES volunteers returned to Toongabbie Creek, hoping to find her remains. A cadaver dog was brought in but so far nothing has been found. Big Brother has just become a whole lot smarter, with new crime-fighting cameras to be trialled by US police. The smart cameras, designed in Sydney, can search for a face in a crowd or track a suspicious vehicle. It may not look like like it, but this is much smarter than the average surveillance camera. Each has a computerised brain of its own, able to be individually programmed to take crime fighting high-tech.

Face detection on the camera, video motion detection, people-counting and other ranges of applications such as bag-left object detection, number plate detection, etc.

The cameras are so advanced, police in the US city of New Jersey will trial 25 of them from February. They'll use them to spot wanted faces in a crowd

or if they're searching for, say, a red car, they can ask the system to look for it and then alert

You can program the cameras to detect various objects based on their size, colour, based on their trajectory, where they're going. Sydney's Randwick Racecourse has installed 149 of the cameras.

Using motion detection, they search for intruders, sending an alert when someone goes where they shouldn't. The cameras also count people entering function facilities to determine when a room's too full. In the past, an area as large and diverse as Randwick Racecourse would have been restricted to having all its cameras doing basically the same thing - sending pictures back to a central server. Now, with this system, each camera can perform a specific function for a specific site - basically thinking for itself. We feel we are shifting the paradigm from a more reactive approach to security surveillance management to a more proactive approach, where you can have access to a wide range of intelligence from your environment to enable you to act more quickly. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

Hear us to week end of summer. I am

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beautiful. 29-34 degrees in the

basin. A late shower and some basin. A late shower and some

thunderstorms. Some activity moving

across the south-western suburbs of

Sydney at the moment. A sea breeze

blowing here. A bit dodgy on Sunday. A school fights back over claims it's banned students from singing the national anthem - that's coming up next. Also, a mother's evil plan to kidnap her daughter for the reward money. Shannon, if you are out there, please, darling, come home. And the tourism frontier that's defying gravity and the credit crisis. VOICEOVER: Until Wednesday at Target, if you buy one kids' top or shorts you'll get 50% off the second one. See in store for details.

At double room to have gone a lot

of trouble for traffic coming into

the North short and right. A lot of

Christmas parties on tonight and we

have noticed a queue all the way

back to lain Cove the tunnel. This

isn't the bought Hill a freeway.

There are big delays heading

through to the harbour tunnel. That

is the cue getting past the harbour

tunnel and down to the east and

distributor and airport. Be get

gridlock into the city. The Federal Government and our four major banks have offered a $2 billion lifeline to protect car dealerships from financial collapse. after the withdrawal of the industry's two major lenders, GE Money and GMAC. Secured loans will be offered by the big banks from the start of next year. The Government will offer a debt guarantee. there was a major risk of a crisis facing the industry, and we could have seen dealers throughout the country going out of business through no fault of their own. The news comes after the closure of a handful of east coast dealers. Now to the ING Direct finance report with Jacqueline Maddock. Jacqui, there was quite a significant rally in Fairfax shares immediately after David Kirk announced his resignation today? There was, Ron - Fairfax shares surged nearly 9% on the news of the CEO's departure, with investors betting a change of management might help to reverse the media giant's fortunes. Circulation of the company's flagship newspapers has been on the decline for months, along with its share price which has slumped 68% this year. More than 500 jobs have been axed as part of an ongoing cost-cutting strategy. A new chief will be appointed by the board on Wednesday. Big falls in crude oil and base metals kept our mining and oil producers under pressure today. The All Ords lost 1% by the closing bell to be down 7% from this time last Friday. Profit-takers pushed Fairfax shares into the red by the close.

Macquarie bucked the trend but BHP slumped. And that's finance for this week. A people smuggling kingpin

A people-smuggling kingpin has been arrested in Indonesia. Authorities believe the man is behind most of the recent people-smuggling attempts from Indonesia to Australia.

Five boats have reached our shores this year.

It's a very sophisticated operation using quite new tactics, and it's a tremendous result - particularly from the Indonesian authorities. Australian authorities are still investigating the vessel caught near Ashmore Island, in the north-west, earlier this week with 40 on board. A tourist has died trying to climb New Zealand's highest mountain. Bad weather trapped two Japanese climbers on a ledge on Mount Cook. One man survived the ordeal, despite suffering frostbite to his face, ears and fingers. I saw the guy hunkered down in a little hole, shoulders, head, and then he looked up and saw us and gave us a wee wave and walked over and jumped in. The second man's body was also retrieved. Both were experienced climbers. A British mother who faked her own daughter's abduction - then pleaded for public help - so she could pocket the reward money has been jailed. Karen Matthews hid 9-year-old Shannon for more than three weeks while millions was spent searching for her. Repeated pleas from a desperate mother... Shannon, if you're out there, please, darling, come home. We love you so much. I just want her home safe, really. The family is missing her. Just let her go. ..all well-rehearsed lies. Karen Matthews has been found guilty of kidnapping her own daughter and conspiring to keep her drugged and imprisoned for almost a month. Karen Matthews is pure evil. It's difficult to understand what type of mother would subject her own daughter to such a wicked and evil crime. Karen Matthews is a manipulative individual who has demonstrated a remarkable ability to lie. She needed help to carry out her warped plan -

claim the reward and split it with her. It was Michael Donovan who held the 9-year-old captive. For 24 days, she was kept in his flat, at times tethered to a rope tied to a roof beam, drugged with temazepam to sedate her, and hidden in the base of a bed,

where she was eventually found by police. They'd spent more than $6 million searching for her. ALL: Shannon, we want you home. Hundreds of neighbours, friends and family members had been duped. But it's Shannon Matthews who's the real victim, betrayed by the person she should have been able to trust above all others.

The little girl is in care, being raised by a foster family, far away from her mother. both face lengthy jail sentences. Karen Matthews and Michael Donovan In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Blizzards and heavy snow have brought northern England to a standstill. Most minor roads are shut, rail services cancelled and more than 100 schools closed across the north of the country and Scotland. Some people have been trapped in their homes, while businesses have been forced to shut their doors. It's the ultimate holiday destination and, with every spin of the globe,

space tourism is one small step closer. London banker Per Wimmer has defied the credit crisis to book the trip of a lifetime on a new commercial spacecraft - the 'Lynx'. At $114,000 it's half the price offered by Virgin Galactic. And although we're still talking about amounts that are meaningful and not cheap as such, they're a lot cheaper than things used to be. Just in case the 'Lynx' doesn't work out, he's also booked a ticket with Virgin and a Russian rocket. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in New York with the lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas tree. Thousands again travelled from across the state for the spectacle. weighs 8,000kg. The 22-metre-high tree 30,000 energy-efficient lights and is crowned with a crystal star. Next, a look at next week's Government handout - who's eligible and how you'll receive it. Also, three people arrested over a body found in a river nine months ago. And the Force for sale - some of the silver screen's most iconic props go under the hammer.

This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - 15 charges have been laid against notorious murderer Bassam Hamzy. He's been accused of using a smuggled mobile phone to mastermind a massive interstate drug ring from his high-security prison cell. ABC Learning childcare receivers have promised that parents won't be left in the lurch, guaranteeing every child a place next year. But families will have to wait another week

to find out which centres will be closing.

And an elderly Sydney couple are being forced out of their home of 50 years to make way for a park. Kuringai Council has been branded cruel 80-year-olds Bob and Pat Georgans

for threatening to evict and demolish their home. Three members of the same family will be charged tonight with conspiring to kill a man near Canberra. Two women, aged 20 and 50, and a 25-year-old man were arrested in simultaneous raids this morning over Danny Ralph's death. The 46-year-old father's beaten body was found in the Queanbeyan River below a bloodstained suspension bridge eight months ago. He'd been working in the town's licensed club the night before. It also bring reassurance to the local community that the police are striving to make the community safe. Forensic teams are examining the homes of two of the accused and their cars. Pensioners and low-income families will get their pre-Christmas bonus from the Government next week. The payment is part of a plan to boost the economy, but many say it will just help them catch up. Maida Lilley loves a steak for dinner, but on the pension they're few and far between. I would eat one small chop, where I used to eat two. Lamp chops are only on the menu if they're on super-special. The 74-year-old is eligible for a $1,400 one-off payment - she won't be buying a lot of steak, it'll mostly go on on bills. Betty Devine is in a similar position. Well, it's good to get that extra money, and we're on a budget most of the time. Couples on the pension are eligible for $1,050 each, singles $1,400. We're living in a caravan at the moment, and we're moving into a house early next year, so we'll be buying things for the new house. Michael O'Neill from Seniors Australia says comments the money will go on alcohol and pokies are a slap in the face. We need to remember this is the group that very stoically has survived on $270 a week. They won't be wasting these funds. Maida Lilley agrees. I don't know any of them that are going to do that. It's good news for Australians under the Family Tax benefit, as well. They're eligible for $1,000 a child, which goes a long way in restoring the Christmas cheer.

Carers will also receive $1,000 for each dependant. The money will be in your account the same day your pension arrives. And it will have to last - the Government's review of the pension isn't due until mid-next year. Jesse Grayson, Ten News.

The time of the year when it's almost

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Lots of 29-34 degrees tomorrow

arbitral boom crashed opera

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Electrical activity sat down south

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to the city. A good-looking day.

The first weekend of some are.

If you've ever dreamed of getting your hands on Luke Skywalker's light sabre, then here's your chance. It's up for sale as part of a Hollywood props auction, but you will need deep pockets to make it yours. It's like stepping onto the set of several blockbusters at once - 'Indiana Jones' meets 'Superman' and 'Gremlins'. These are the costumes and creatures

that helped create some of Hollywood's most successful movies, and they're all of up for sale. Auction house Profiles in History has been selling off the silver screen's props for more than a decade, but this is its biggest sale yet. It really is one of the most iconic collections of movie memorabilia that's ever been offered at auction before. the light sabre that turned Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker from a boy into a Jedi knight in 'Star Wars' and helped him fight Darth Vader in 'The Empire Strikes Back'. This is expensive. It is US$150,000 to US$200,000 but there have only been two of these. And then there are the pieces that have helped make some Aussie stars household names. This is Hugh Jackman's - what, the world's sexiest man, I guess, now? (LAUGHS) It's his complete costume from 'Van Helsing'. The price tag - up to $18,000 - while the joker card from Heath Ledger's final completed film 'The Dark Knight' could fetch as much as $7,000. Even in tough economic times, bidding for many of these items is expected to be fierce and to come from around the world, with a total sale value of more than $7.5 million. JOSEPH MADDELENA: It's pop culture. Someone has the same appreciation for a Gremlin as they do an Andy Warhol soup can. There's no difference in why they buy them. the light sabre doesn't work - Unfortunately for Star Wars fans, unless of course you're a Jedi. In Hollywood, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Brad with sport - and a sacked Bulldog pleads for his NRL future. Reni Maitua claims there's a conspiracy to get him deregistered from the NRL. Also, Greg Bird's future still up the air

after fronting the Sharks board. And Jarrod Lyle equals the Coolum course record as the charges come at the Australian PGA. Oh, that looks good. Yeah, it is. (LAUGHS) Can I have a little? No! (GIGGLES)

Introducing McDonald's new Seared Chicken Deluxe. 100% chicken breast fillet marinated with spices and cooked to perfection on a hotplate. It's the new way to love chicken. Try it at McDonald's today. This program is captioned live. Sacked Bulldogs forward Reni Maitua is going to appeal the Bulldogs decision to axe him. Maitua today denied he was involved in a nightclub brawl. Maitua admits to skipping training on Monday after a heavy night on the drink, but says rumours he was involved in an altercation are malicious lies. There is no incident whatsoever. As I said before, when the investigation comes back I'll be cleared. This is the latest in a string of off-field incidents involving the former Kangaroo backrower. But he believes talk of a brawl is part of a conspiracy to have him deregistered. Yeah, I'm pretty annoyed, to be honest. There's a couple of people who drove that. They can all say that I'm a good bloke and a friend and then try and deregister me. It will definitely come true. With Maitua threatening legal action,

NRL chief executive David Gallop must wish this incident would go away. Speaking at the league's charity Christmas party, Galloped announced the NRL had softened their position Speaking at the league's charity Christmas party, Galloped announced the NRL had softened their position on allowing him to play for another club. The next step is obviously to see

whether there is another club that seeks to sign him. If there was to be another club, we'd look at it at that point. In a surprising twist, Maitua now says he wants to stay at the Bulldogs - unusual for a man who has repeatedly sought a release. Meanwhile, Craig Wing was remaining tight-lipped about talk of a pay dispute with a third-party sponsor. No comment, man. Anything else? You want to talk about the kids? It's led to reports Wing could chase the hundreds of thousands of dollars in French rugby. And the Sharks board has now delayed its decision on Greg Bird's future on December 16. until another meeting Andrew Blow, Ten News. And Ben Cousinss' AFL career is as good as over. Richmond has quashed speculation Victorian Jarrod Lyle has fired a stunning second round 63 at the Australian PGA Championship at Coolum. He's joint leader on 9 under with Mathew Goggin. Peter Senior's in the mix, but John Daly is in danger of again missing the cut. After shooting an opening round of 72,

Jarrod Lyle produced a stunning second effort -

five birdies on the front nine, four on the way home, an equal course record of 63.

COMMENTATOR: This is just a fantastic shot by Jarrod Lyle. A par on his final hole sent him back to the clubhouse with the outright lead and a ticket into the weekend rounds. out in front at 9 under Mathew Goggin soon joined him after a brilliant approach shot to the 8th. He putted in for an eagle, finishing the day with a 68. proved easy for Rod Pampling - Finding the flag stick he's heading a large group at 7 under. Then from down by the hazard - exquisite pitch shot. Peter Senior again on target with more spectacular approaches, while Wayne Perske provided some of the day's most impressive shots. Overnight leader Tim Wilkinson was quick to head in the wrong direction as the afternoon groups started their delayed second rounds. Not the way to start for Tim Wilkinson -

dropping a shot on his first hole. Geoff Ogilvy did the same - two bogeys through the first three holes. American drawcard John Daly went one worse, dropping three consecutive shots from the opening tee. Wilkinson soon settled in and started closing the gap on Lyle. While Michael Sim shone - five birdies through the first eight holes putting him in the mix. Over the slope and down the swale. Michael Sim! Victoria Murphy, Ten News. And the final two rounds of the Australian PGA Championship can be seen here on Ten and Ten HD this weekend from midday. In-form Australian opener Simon Katich says South African speedster Dale Stain should be respected, but not feared.

Katich was enjoying the calm before the storm today as he showed off cricket's latest calendar where he features as Mr February. Things sure to be a lot more serious when he faces up to the South African quick. He's very similar to Brett, in that he's got good pace, he's up around the 150 mark, which makes him a handful. The WACA Test will be the first time Katich has played Test cricket in his former home State. Sydney FC will be desperate for points

when they take on Newcastle at Energy Australia Stadium on Sunday. John Kosmina's team has taken just 2 points from its last four outings as they battle a run of injuries. Striker Mark Bridge is looking forward to tangling with his former team. I expect them to boo me like always. When they're booing you last year, you expect them to boo you when you're playing for another team, so I'll just go up there, do my job and hopefully win. If Sydney wins, it will all but extinguish the defending champions' finals hopes. Formula Ford driver Lucas Dumbrell has suffered suspected spinal injuries after flipping his car in a support race to this weekend's final round of the V8 championship series at Oran Park. His shocked brother Paul withdrew from today's V8 practice session.

Holden great Mark Skaife was out there. This weekend is his final round after a superb career spanning 21 years. The more I think about it at the moment I know it's going to be emotional, but I'm trying to think of it as more of a celebration than anything, but I'll have to suck it and see a little bit because I think it will be a bit taxing. Jamie Wincup is hoping to spoil the farewell party as he aims to take out the Drivers Championship. Amid the worldwide financial downturn, Honda has withdrawn from Formula 1 racing. Honda is no longer willing to pay the $456 million a season race costs.

It will attempt to find a buyer for the team. Without Honda,

the grid would be reduced to just 18 cars for next year's season opening Australian Grand Prix, and leaves veterans Rubens Barrichello and Jenson Button without a drive. To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for Rosehill tomorrow: In Sports Tonight, some of Australia's top female cricketer's go into bat

for their old Sydney school, which no longer has a girl's cricket team.

It accident and silver water. For

cars involved just off the bridge

and is facing towards North

Parramatta. There are police here

now and unfortunately motorists now and unfortunately motorists

going over the bridge - there are

huge delays all the way back over

Silver wore road to the M4. Stay with us. Tim Bailey's back with the weekend weather next.

By and time for the weather details.

You have called in some favours to

ensure a Sunshine. This blue sky

will be the same on Saturday. We

really getting into the spirit of things

things and tomorrow at 29-34

degrees. The wind will start off

westerly and get around to the south-east in the afternoon.

Possible late and showers or

thunderstorms. Some storms coming

in from the south-west now and then

it will probably dissipate in the

next half an hour. Let's get into your backyard.

Out as being drawn across the

interior by jet stream winds

bringing patchy rain to the NT and

storms to inland SA and WA. The

same cloud features stretches

across Queensland - NSW border.

Clouds and storms in SA. A cold

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to Tasmania. A hot day for northern

Queensland. Scattered showers and storms

storms in north-east Queensland.

Showers throughout Tasmania, Showers throughout Tasmania,

heavies in the West. Showers Showers throughout Tasmania, heavies in the West. Showers across

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address. Do it with the best and forget the rest. Four Sydney high school mates have arrived home after a mammoth 18,000km ride around the country. The group set off on their trek in December 2007, encouraging school students and communities around the country to take action on climate change. Today, one of their final stops - chatting to children at Glebe Primary School about their journey and the environment. It's our generation - us and the schoolkids - that are going to have to deal with a lot of the energy issues of the future. The trek officially ends during a festival on Sunday, when they arrive at their original departure point, Cronulla. That brings you up to date on the News at 5:00. We'll keep you updated throughout the evening

ahead of the Late News with Sports Tonight at 11:00. I'm Ron Wilson. Goonight. I'm Ron Wilson. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.