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(generated from captions) I wasn't that guy. I'm not that guy. I don't want you to go. Don't go...

..until we've had a chance to... the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Hospital crisis deepens Tonight, the Royal North Shore as new horror stories emerge.

More stomach-churning slime spreads across Warragamba Dam.

in a crackdown on bikie gangs. hundreds of arrests Good evening. Also, tonight - of driving in Iraq. the incredible perils

And he's their lucky charm - Sea Eagles' number one fan. a dream comes true for the Manly But first at 5:00 - about Royal North Shore Hospital. yet more damning claims A second woman revealing to miscarry her foetus in a toilet. uncaring staff left her

will continue And experts warn the horror stories because the hospital system is so stressed.

was stunned to hear 40-year-old Jenny Langmaid

someone else had also been left that, like her, to miscarry her baby in the toilet. by North Shore Hospital nurses It shouldn't happen. not just for you then and there, It's not a healthy, but for your state of mind. to have happen. It's just a horrible thing in pain Jana Horska was left screaming as she lost her foetus in the toilet on Tuesday night. at North Shore Hospital

also had to wait hours. Two years ago Jenny Langmaid Staff told her there were no beds. In agony she went to the toilet. was expelled from my body And that was the point the baby

went into the toilet bowl. and actually showed her little compassion. Jenny says hospital staff situation with you, It might not be a life-and-death of your child. but it is the life and death

Jenny Langmaid had her miscarriage more than two years after Remarkably today,

at Royal North Shore Hospital, called her to ask does she need the clinical director there and does she want an apology? than a hospital in damage control. Jenny sees it as little more it's in the public domain Is it just because in speaking to me? that now you're interested Senior medical professionals say leaving people out in the cold - they know the system will keep it's just too stressed.

are just too busy Emergency departments too often

they'd like to give to everybody. to give the service around the country tomorrow, Midwives are planning rallies a hot election issue. hoping to make the health system I'm quite horrified, actually. I think that no woman should be left alone,

a miscarriage, whether they're having whether they're giving birth, to do that. they shouldn't be left alone

on a very fundamental level. The current system is failing them and Mark Dreyer But Jenny Langmaid fears Jana Horska have a difficult road ahead.

incredibly difficult for them. that support. There isn't that after-care,

Evan Batten, Ten News. has been condemned as filthy And Royal North Shore Hospital died there. by a woman whose quadriplegic husband Therese Mackay says was filled with infection her husband's body allegedly went wrong. after a simple lung drain again, I've heard this term - It feels like - a third-world country hospital. you're walking into It was just so dirty. made part of the inquiry She wants her husband's treatment into Jana Horska's miscarriage.

That repugnant blue-green algal bloom is spreading fast across Warragamba Dam

and smell of our drinking water. and it's expected to harm the taste from Parliament House. Paul Mullins has more Paul, is our water safe? insisting the that water is safe Yes, Ron, the Government are

But if this boom continues as it's

expected to until Christmas, then

it our water may not taste and

smell all that great. It's

certainly doesn't look very good at

the moment. This is a belated

pictures of that bloom. It now covers

covers 75 % of the dance surface.

It's twice the area it occupied at

the beginning of the month. It's

been caused by the warm weather and

the rain that fell into life.

There's no early end in sight. He's

what the water minister had to say.

or taste with the water There could be a discernible odour in the coming months. It is not a health risk, whatsoever. are now infiltrating pubs, clubs Concerns tonight that bikie gangs to launder cash. and tow-truck businesses to control the drug trade. They've also found a new way for the past four months, Operation Ranmore has been running

smashing bikie gangs, with 190 gang members and associates arrested.

State's estimated 1,800 bikies. That amounts to about 10% of the We've impacted across the State of outlaw motorcycle gangs. on a large proportion

anti-gang laws came into force, But a year after tough new about bikie gangs there's growing concern

infiltrating legitimate business, in Sydney especially pubs and nightclubs and the tow-truck industry. 10 licensed premises at least There would be more than from outlaw motorcycle groups. which have an influence, we believe, the licensed premises concerned Police won't name for laundering drug money. but they suspect bikie gangs use them infiltrating the security industry, They're also accusing bikies of using violence with doormen at some clubs

Police say they're now taking steps from controlling pubs and clubs to prevent bikie gangs and tow-truck industries. and to drive them out of the security

to continue smashing the gangs. The Government is backing police is success in that effort What we see from Operation Ranmore and what we also know is there needs to be a continued effort

will continue. and that's why Operation Ranmore "We're gonna take the gloves off, What they should be saying is,

any more, "we're not gonna stuff around to the Crime Commission "we're gonna give the money "and we're gonna get the Crime Commission to use royal commission powers "their very special John Hill, Ten News. After taunting by the Prime Minister an embarrassing backflip. Kevin Rudd has performed

was guaranteed a position 24 hours ago he was vowing no-one

but now that's all changed. if he won government For months Labor has been accusing the Government of being in chaos

over leadership after the election. Now it was John Howard's turn. Will it be Julia Gillard? Will it be Lindsay Tanner? Will it be Peter Garrett? CROWD BOOS Well, it could be. Kevin Rudd left the gate open yesterday. No-one, no-one, repeat, His Deputy Julia Gillard could by rights demand Treasury. from Julia Gillard's ambitions. Time to shut the gate. The core members of my economic team will be Wayne Swan as treasurer, Lindsay Tanner as minister for finance

and Julia Gillard as Deputy Leader and as minister for employment and industrial relations.

Labor now asking who would take over as treasurer when Mr Costello replaces Mr Howard. That's well into the next term. We'll get around to those things once we're through an election. The Prime Minister has ruled out calling the election this Grand Final weekend, but poll fever is certainly stirring the politicians. Tony Abbott using the shocking treatment of a woman forced to miscarry in a Sydney hospital toilet to score points.

Don't vote Labor because State Labor has created this problem and Federal Labor would just make the problem worse. Kevin Rudd demanding John Howard pull him into line. A miscarriage is a tragedy for any family - and a miscarriage is a tragedy Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Australia is taking action against Burma after the killing and injuring of monks involved in anti-government marches. Military authorities are clamping down further by raiding monasteries to round up protest leaders. It's the answer everyone expected from Burma's brutal military leaders. Gunfire greeted defiant monks and protesters

as they gathered for their ninth day of demonstrations. Tear gas followed. A cloud shrouded the most sacred Buddhist shrine, the Shwedagon Pagoda, where monks had started their marches, people running in panic - clashes caught on hidden cameras. TRANSLATION: We were rounded up and charged with batons by the police. The monks responded merely by reciting prayers. People fled from the scene.

About 30 monks were badly hurt and hospitalised.

Three monks were killed, others showed their injuries. At one point, protesters vented their fury on a motorbike thought to belong to a police spy. Burma's secretive generals shut down the mobile phone network, trying to stop these images escaping abroad, but failed to block the Internet. So even though I put out the news, or everything outside the wall,

they don't even - they don't actually care for, they don't even think twice to kill people. Protesters gathered across the world, voicing anger over the brutal response and echoing condemnation from political leaders. It's an appalling situation and I join other international leaders in condemning what the regime is doing. We're going to introduce some targeted financial sanctions against regime leaders. When it comes to Burma and the abuse of human rights, the international community, including Australia, must speak with one strong, united voice. The UN Security Council has agreed to send an envoy to Burma, but there's no guarantee he'll be allowed to enter. Already in the last few hours Burmese security forces have pulled hundreds of monks from their beds, trying to head off a 10th day of protests. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. A dramatic shootout for Australian soldiers in Afghanistan as they repelled an attack by Taliban fighters. The fire fight erupted as the diggers patrolled near Tarin Kowt alongside Afghan army troops. Australian soldiers bringing heavy firepower to bear in the 4-hour battle. Prep your boys up. Let them know one bloke's already been (bleep) hit twice in the backplate of his (bleep) flackie.

The Defence Department says the Taliban suffered heavy casualties but won't discuss specific details. No Australians were hurt. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport and the Grand Final has one young Manly supporter kicking goals of his own. Yes, 13-year-old Alex Ma was never expected to walk or talk, but with the support of his beloved team, anything is possible. Travelling from China, one family with Grand Final fever. (All cheer) Go, Manly! Manly to win! Just for the game and for Alex and we just wanted to do it as a family, such a special time. Son Alex has cerebral palsy.

And for the last six months the Manly Footy Club has been helping him with rehabilitation after major surgery.

Players and the team physio even teaching Alex to walk. COMMENTATOR: Nine years ago doctors said 'Big Al' would never walk or talk again. He recently discarded his wheelchair and tonight this 13-year-old from China is living out his dream. He's our inspiration, he's our 18th man. He trains with the team. He never misses training, he's been to New Zealand, to Townsville, to Canberra. He's been with us all the way, he's our lucky charm. And so, today, a time to say thanks. Ah, they're going to win and the Storm are going down. If they win Alex will do the victory lap with the team, so we believe they are going to win. Alex and his family head back to China next week, but he'll be back for the 2008 season. In the meantime, Manly will continue their support with his rehabilitation with coaching over the Internet.

Proof you don't have to play the game to be a winner. We're already winners. Absolutely. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. And today's Grand Final breakfast was the last of the official appearances for the two teams before the big game. Manly soaked up the atmosphere of their first season decider in 10 seasons. Later, why their coach doesn't mind his team being the most hated. Also, the Wallabies wrap rookie fly half Berrick Barnes in cotton wool.

A battle to recover workers' entitlements from a failed trucking company - that's next. Plus, the brand new train station that will be used by thousands of Sydney commuters.

And look what's just flown in -

it's the giant creature from the far north.

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This program is captioned live. A court battle is brewing over the collapse of trucking company McArthur Express

Sacked workers gathered outside the locked compound again today, demanding their back pay and leave entitlements.

While administrators look for the money, union leaders have begun briefing lawyers. to examine all options We certainly need for the legal fight that's ahead of us. And we're not discounting anything at this point. The Government says its safety net for workers' entitlements will kick in once McArthur and its associated companies are placed into liquidation. A Sydney Rivercat master has been committed to stand trial

over a deadly crash. His vessel hit a dingy, killing a fisherman just a few metres from Luna Park. When the Dawn Fraser RiverCat collided with a small tinny, killing fisherman Peter Karatasas in January this year, Ezra Hilkiah was at the helm. Today he appeared in court, charged with negligent navigation causing death. He's going to defend the charge.

A water police investigator gave evidence the Sydney Ferries RiverCat Master ploughed straight into the dinghy, saying: Witness reports at the time claimed the RiverCat was doing tremendous speed. But Mr Hilkiah's defence barrister today argued there's no evidence the skipper was going at excessive speed, in the area at the time. saying there was no speed limit

He also denies he was blinded by the sun. The water police have re-enacted this crash and today played a video to the court, showing even at high speed police were able to stop a RiverCat hitting a dingy. They argue the skipper should have been able to avert this crash by making only a slight turn. However the RiverCat master's lawyer lashed out,

labelling the police tests as amateurish and incompetent,

arguing in the mock-ups:

the fact an unfortunate accident happened But the magistrate ordered him to stand trial, finding there is a reasonable prospect a jury may convict him. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

A compulsive gambler who tried to sue Star City Casino has lost his bid for damages.

Behrouz Foroughi claimed he was allowed to gamble away more than $600,000, despite being on the casino's excluded persons list. But a Supreme Court judge has dismissed his claim that Star City was negligent in letting him play, saying he should have taken responsibility for his own conduct. And Mr Foroughi's luck just got worse,

the judge ordering him to pay the casino's legal costs. A first glimpse tonight of Sydney's newest train statio. The Premier and his Transport Minister inspecting Macquarie Park Railway Station, a key part of a $2 billion line connecting Epping and Chatswood via North Ryde. It features two tunnels and three underground stations. The line expected to open next year. This is the future of train travel in NSW.

This is up there with the best in the world. The Opposition says the new line is half the size of the original plan, but twice the price. A crocodile which chewed off the heads of his female partners has moved to the Central Coast. The new star of the Australian Reptile Park has flown in from Darwin in time for the school holidays and started off with a lap of honour. Nicknamed 'T-Rex' and 'Jaws' for his overly large teeth and huge appetite,

the 5m 700kg saltie is on the hunt for a new name. He replaces the zoo's former top croc, Eric, who died from a bacterial infection when stormwater run-off infected his habitat.

And he's the weather with Tim

Bailey. Good evening. The figures

aren't good news. Firstly, today

was 28 degrees which was eight

degrees above average. We're

heading for our driest September

since 2003. We've fine and sunny

conditions again conditions again tomorrow and a

fine and sunny weekend with

temperatures around 23 degrees. The

rain gauge forget his stay exactly

where it's, high and dry. And let

us have a look at this where the

photograph. That was a winner. And you're in the

you're in the running to wind the

Sony Handicam. And at school I

watch, it was a beautiful day today, watch, it was a beautiful day today,

eight degrees above average.

Tomorrow around 26 degrees and a

very windy day. See you again shortly. A sensational development in the murder trial of music producer Phil Spector - that's next. And the perils of driving in Iraq.

Well, he got the job at the takeaway.

Yeah. That's good. And the old man had to sign it 'cause, you know, he's under 18. Yeah? Yeah. You'd be loving Nathan earning his own money, wouldn't you? What's wrong with that? Oh, it's Mum. She reckons it's time I went too. At the Workplace Authority we receive lots of calls from mums and dads about their kids' Workplace Agreements.

or confidential advice, So, if you need any help or not wearing your seatbelt If you're caught speeding

over this October long weekend, half your licence. you'll lose at least isn't wearing theirs, And if just one of your passengers that's your licence gone. for seatbelt and speeding offences. Remember - double demerits

This program is captioned live.

o'clock. You're watching the news at 5

o'clock. He's the traffic with Vic o'clock. He's the traffic

Larusso. It's going to be a long

drive home on the M five tonight.

The accident has affected both

directions of traffic and this is directions of traffic and this

traffic heading past Bankstown.

traffic heading past Bankstown. You

can just see how jam-packed it's.

The delays are also significant out

through to new Bridge Road. Which

ever way you go the traffic is Affected.

has driven her car into a playground A 17-year-old girl

out of harm's way. with parents snatching their children out of the carpark The driver reversed smashing through the fence. and into the sandpit, were called to the scene Police and emergency services but no-one was hurt. has been comforted by a friend. The driver, visibly distressed, More disappointment British girl Madeleine McCann. for the parents of missing A photo taken by a tourist of a local woman in Morocco of a girl clinging to the back has turned out to be a false alert.

Experts analysed the grainy image, it was not the missing 4-year-old. but later confirmed is the daughter of a local farmer. The photographed girl five months ago. from a holiday apartment in Portugal legendary music producer Phil Spector The murder trial of has ended in a mistrial, to get him back in court. but the prosecution is vowing a free man - for now. Phil Spector left the LA court Without saying a word,

couldn't reach a unanimous verdict. The jury in his murder trial in favour of guilt. Instead they were deadlocked at 10-2 as the judge delivered the news. The music producer was emotionless

At this time I will find that to arrive at a verdict the jury is unable in this matter. and declare a mistrial After deliberating for 12 days

on forensic evidence the jury still couldn't agree had his hand on the gun about whether the 67-year-old Lana Clarkson in 2003. which killed actress

has worked harder I don't think any jury than the jury on this trial. weighing the evidence. searching the facts, During the trial, the actress took her own life Spector's defence argued and had a history of drinking. because she was depressed included testimony from a chauffeur, The prosecution's case after hearing a gun shot, who told the jury that, and told him - Spector came out with a gun I think I killed somebody.

15 years to life in prison A conviction would have meant for the producer recording technique in the '60s. who pioneered the Wall of Sound the scene of Lana Clarkson's death, As he was driven back to his mansion, it would seek a retrial. the prosecution vowed

Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In Los Angeles, posted on the Internet There are new dramatic pictures in Iraq. of the dangers military convoys face posted on YouTube, The undated vision,

an American convoy shows what appears to be travelling down a remote highway explosive device detonates... when a roadside improvised MAN: Whoa! Holy (bleep)! This program is captioned live. to a Nazi swastika, has an unwelcome resemblance and concerns among Jewish groups. sparking conspiracy theories After months of campaigning, to make costly architectural changes. the navy has agreed a message in a bottle out to sea. As a child, you might have tossed In Vanuatu a little boy did - on a North Queensland beach. and 14 years later it's washed up

is all broken now A little boy's time capsule and gift of a pink feather, but his message, arrived intact, tossed off a Vanuatu beach. 14 years after being sending messages in a bottle. You hear of people sometimes It was a nice surprise.

Anthony and fiancee Keisha

and Maki Jimmy's note found the bottle at Cape Tribulation north of Cairns. during a beach walk and none of us speak French. Half of it is in French But a workmate did. so we had to sort of read it in bits It was a bit hard to read had worn out over time. 'cause some of the pen was a good-looking boy, They worked out that Maki Jimmy "with brown hairs", and aged about 14 - was at school and really wanted a friend. Margo Zlotkowski's imagination. The story sparked Cairns journo It's just such a cute story. if this Maki Jimmy really existed I wanted to find out or if he was alive or dead after all these years. or what's happened to him She couldn't find Maki Jimmy and local people who know him. but found his village a very good fisherman. He's apparently to get the fish He goes out morning and night selling it by the side of the road. and he makes a good living

but he's about to hear Maki doesn't know it yet 14 years ago. from the friends he was desperate for We figure he's probably 28 now. sending him a letter back - We are planning on this time. putting it through the post, if we can. We'd like to get in contact with him

Tim Collits, Ten News. happiness - that's coming up, Scientists discover the key to true Parliament, Also, TV's Dr Karl decides to run for

he tells us why next. for the people at Madame Tussauds. And the dilemma Camilla posed

like Sydney, There's no place in the world

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This program is captioned live.

from Ten's 'Meet the Press' program. Hi, I'm Paul Bongiorno Each Sunday morning at 8:00 we interview the senior federal politicians who'll be contesting the coming election. We've teamed up with to give you the chance to submit video questions to our guests. Please make your questions short and sharp, 20 seconds or less, and we'll put them to the politicians live on air.

Tonight's major stories, a major crackdown on bikie gangs across NSW. Police have arrested nearly 200 people on charges involving drugs, firearms, assault and fraud. They believe the gangs have also been and tow-truck businesses to launder cash. A stomach-churning sight on Warragamba Dam.

A blue-green algal bloom has been

The Government expects the taste and smell of our water supplies to be affected, but there's no risk at this stage to health. And the Royal North Shore Hospital crisis deepens with more claims of inadequate care. Another woman now says she was forced to miscarry in a toilet after being ignored by staff. Experts believe the horror stories will continue

because the hospital system is so stressed. Another celebrity has joined the race to enter federal politics at the coming election. Science commentator Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is standing as a Senate candidate for the Climate Change Coalition. Dr Karl says he's concerned with issues that affect our grandchildren climate change and health. such as education, Because of my education

in physics and engineering, mathematics and science and the fact that I look deeply and closely to the world around me and try to go for the facts first, I can bring a new perspective. Dr Karl's bid for political office follows Labor's recruitment of former TV personalities Maxine McKew and Mike Bailey.

The Australian share market is continuing its record-breaking run.

And petrol around Sydney, unleaded selling for an average of $1.32 a litre - up seven cents since yesterday. We've seen it as low as $1.20 at Chester Hill.

Many women will not be surprised to hear there's been a change in the happiness gap. It seems after three decades men finally have more reason to smile.

It's not something we think about often

but there's apparently been a changing of the guard on who is happier. After 30 years of being the carefree sex, it seems women are now less happy than men. The reality is that it's very hard to have a great career and raise a great family and have a clean house.

It's called the happiness gap, and it's growing in men's favour. Not satisfied with just a career, women are now pressured with an ever-increasing to-do list, which they are happy to share. Guys are just - they can go out after work and have a drink and come home and everything is there for them. The bathroom, for example - I give it a good scrub whereas he does the dodgy job, I suppose.

The Pennsylvania University study also showed

men are overall working less hours than women. I think it's easier for the lads. I'd love to be finished at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. And in their free time it's more mates and sport than making dinner. you gotta have time in your cave. Yeah, you gotta do that stuff, On the golf course, or sailing or whatever, in the pub with the mates

so blokes have got it made - I wish I could come back as one.

But it's not all bad news for women. Another study shows many feel less guilty about being a working mum. Instead it's the dads that feel increasingly pulled between work and family life. Why do I want to work 60 or 70 hours a week and never see my wife, or kids or friends or whatever? So the message, maybe, is that there's a happy balance everyone can, at least, aim for.

Josh Murphy, Ten News.

We had a sneak peek at her wedding dress last week. Now the entire Diana collection is ready to go on show in Sydney. Easily the most personal insight into the late princess,

the collection includes childhood toys and home videos shot by her father, practising her ballet steps. showing the young beauty There's jewellery and tiaras, a collection of her most famous and glamorous frocks and of course the wedding dress and its enormous train.

And some moving moments, including Elton John's notes from his funeral performance of 'Goodbye England's Rose'. The exhibition opens at the Powerhouse museum on Saturday. The Dutchess of Cornwall is the latest royal to be immortalised in wax, Camilla Parker Bowles finally finding her place at Madame Tussauds, two years after she married Prince Charles. The museum only decided to exhibit her likeness

when the public finally warmed to her, and she's been diplomatically placed on the other side of the room from her ever popular love rival, Princess Diana, whose waxwork will remain in the royal zone.

Let's have a look at the weather

Tim Bailey we're celebrating the

Manly Jazz Festival. It's the

biggest jazz event in Australia.

You'll catch it everywhere on

Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Listen

to this.

There will be beachfront stages and

a music playing in the street. Let

us have a look at the map of New

South Wales.

It'll be 26th to 27 degrees

tomorrow. The weekend will be fine and sunny. Sport now with Tim Webster and Manly are loving being hated? Yes, their Coach has his say about the team we love to hate.

for the big end-of-season game Also, who's the X-factor

as both captains get a hand on the trophy for now? And the wallabies taking no chances with the rookie understudy to Stephen Larkham

You know my young brother? Nath. What's he up to? Yeah? Good on him. Yeah. That's good. And the old man had to sign it 'cause, you know, he's under 18. Yeah? Yeah. You'd be loving Nathan earning his own money, wouldn't you? Save hassling you. Yeah. Only thing is, he's talking about moving out of home now.

She reckons it's time I went too. from mums and dads about their kids' Workplace Agreements. So, if you need any help or confidential advice, feel free to call us on the Workplace Infoline.

This program is captioned live.

Melbourne and Manly have crossed paths for the last time before Sunday's decider, during today's traditional Grand Final Breakfast. Meanwhile last year's winning captain Darren Lockyer reckons Manly's Anthony Watmough could be theX-Factor that sends Melbourne to consecutive Grand Final defeats. at today's Grand Final breakfast, The menu was tempting but these players are hungry for more than just omelette and bacon, Grand Final glory or heartbreak days away,

tipped to have a huge say and there's one man in who gets the spoils. Do you call Anthony Watmough an x-factor? I think he's been playing some good football and when he's playing well Manly have been very hard to beat. Watmough with the most tackle busts of any player in the NRL. Last year my form was a bit down and this year I just had to run a bit harder and use more feet

and all the hard work that we did as a team and as an individual in the preseason is definitely starting to pay off. And he believes coach Des Hasler should be signed long-term to keep him and the Eagles flying high. Yeah, get him in there sign him up. He's doing a great job and he's great for the players. He's brought the club from obscurity - we were nothing there a couple of years ago, but Dessie's bought us back to finishing second in the competition.

Last year's shock defeat by Brisbane is still causing the Storm some anxious moments. It was probably the worst feeling I've ever had in my career for all the boys there. You still get pretty bad memories of that night.

At the NSW Parliament a rare sight as some members showed their true colours. One question waiting to be answered

is whether Sydneysiders embrace Manly as their team on Sunday night. After all, the Sea Eagles are a club many of us have grown up loving to hate. People hate Manly and that's great.

The adage that fans follow two sides - and the side that' playing Manly - their own side I think that's great and that won't change. Melbourne training late today, among the interested observers

their 1999 premiership-winning coach Chris Anderson,

Test coach Ricky Stuart also calling in. In the wake of flyhalf Stephen Larkham's latest surgery the Wallabies aren't taking any chances with his understudy. Berrick Barnes will be kept in cotton wool

for the final pool game against Canada. Coach John Connolly has made numerous changes for the match with Julian Huxley at flyhalf. With the World Cup finals just nine days away and the Wallabies odds of winning it slipping,

David Lyons summed up best what everyone is thinking. and the sooner we have him back the better. But he won't be back soon and team officials are privately whispering that he's played his last Test,

The coaching staff is already considering flying in a replacement. We've discussed that. We also discussed it with Scott Staniforth. News of Larkham's second operation has rocked the World Cup.

sports paper 'L'equipe', This is the famous French the headline stating, "Larkham - down on one knee." Which brings us to this man - 21-year-old Berrick Barnes, with a gigantic amount of pressure to deal with in coming weeks. You don't make the moment more important than it is. He's just got to do what he does and do that well and then we're right. The stage is set for Berrick - for a guy to come in who hasn't had a lot of Test experience

and doesn't really realise how good he is. A makeshift side named to play Canada on Saturday but Scott Staniforth is still yet to prove his fitness. George Smith will captain Australia for the first time. to take that role. Rob Canning, Ten News. History in France this morning. Georgia won their first game at a rugby World Cup.

And they muscled up too.

How about this hit that led to one of their three tries against Namibia in a 30-nil victory in their final pool game. Samoa snapped a 5-game losing streak against the USA. But only just. They led 22-3 at the break. COMMENTATOR: Tuilagi!

CHEERING Their prayers answered though. They held off a furious second-half comeback by the Americans, sparking jubilant scenes and a rousing victory salute.

AFL, and an incredible crowd of more than 12,000 has watched

Geelong prepare for Saturday's AFL Grand Final against Port Adelaide. Geelong will start favourites to win their first premiership in 44 years, and the pressure of the big game is certainly starting to show,

the large media scrum in their sights just before training got under way. You have no access to this area so please leave. You're being very rude. Who are you? Final preparations will conclude tomorrow with the traditional street parade then both teams will get a chance to have a last look at the MCG.

And all the AFL Grand Final action is here on Ten. Our day-long coverage starts from 8am with the traditional breakfast then it continues right through to the big game from 2:30. Sydney FC's marquee player Juninho has been named in the squad to take on Newcastle on Saturday at the Sydney Football Stadium.

The Brazilian star has missed the last three A-League matches after injuring his shoulder, but says he's ready to play. I feel much more confident that last week

so I am available to play. Also returning to action after a calf injury is skipper Tony Popovic. We want to back up the great result we had last week in Queenland and doing that at home will be a bonus for us. The inaugural A-League champions are yet to register a win at home this season. The Australian cricket team has touched down

Australian Wade Goodall has upstaged to win the Billabong Cloud Nine Invitational in the Phillipines. On another day of epic 2m barrels off the Siargao Islands, the Sunshine Coast surfer nailed a near-perfect 9.1 out of 10 in his opening ride of the final to defeat good friend and compatriot Nick Vasicek. What more could I ask for? I turned 21 on the way over on the barge and it's just been an amazing three days.

Goodall landed a healthy winner's cheque for his efforts, the reef break ensuring others will head home a little worse for wear. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight Newcastle Jets midfielder Stuart Musialik fronts the A-League judiciary for offensive comments made in Newcastle's draw with Melbourne.

The traffic really is struggling on

the M5. Opera real as the M5. Opera real as the

alternative I was telling you

alternative I was telling you about

earlier. The traffic ahead in West

is barely moving. The M5 is no

is barely moving. The M5 is no good

and Bill through traffic lend a

crawling into Liverpool. There's no

good root out West tonight. Stay with us. Tim Bailey's back with the latest on this sensational spring weather next.

Look for the Climate Clever booklet: It's full of great tips to show how we can all work together to tackle climate change. See you after work, hon. The Arterial inbound is also chaotic. Harry. In a hurry, mate?

How are ya? Yeah, good. Yeah. ENGINE STARTS So, if you're over 50 and not working full-time, SONG: # Wise move Apia. # Tonight's weather is brought to you by Apia. It's not going to be over 50 but if you are and not working full-time

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This program is captioned live.

Let's have a look at the weather Tim Bailey it's

Tim Bailey it's lovely to be able

to spread the message. It's as

Australia's biggest jazz event. 100

bans will play all over Syd day.

It's Australia's largest jazz event. Here are

Here are the Andrew spade Quartet.

You know what I love about the jazz community? They

community? They really love community? They really love their

own. What's the difference between

a chicken driving and a trombone

player driving? There's a slim

chance that the chicken is striving

to a gig!

He's the website to check

He's the website to check out the

Manly Jazz Festival.

And the children want to tell you

something. Go manly!

What have we got?

What have we got? We were eight

degrees above average today and

we're in line for our dry-ice

September since 2003. We've 27 mm

less of rain at than average. It'll

be windy tomorrow, 26 and 27

degrees. The Grand Final weekend will be

will be fine and sunny with tops of

about 23 degrees. Let us just look

at the weather in your back yard.

Cloud sweeps over the South East

from a vigorous cold front on the

satellite. Tomorrow's weather map

shows a cold front bringing Hale

and showers in the south-east. It

may snow in the south-east of Victoria. Light showers the southern New

South Wales with snow developing on the Alps.

Some of the best spring skiing in

10 years. If you're going down

there there will be snow. If not,

listen to the jazz at Manly Jazz Festival.

It's going to be windy tomorrow in

Sydney but it'll be dry and sunny. And wave goodbye kids!

And wave goodbye kids! Thank you

very much to this quartet and have a

a lovely Stars of Indigenous Australia have gathered at the Opera House for tonight's annual Deadly Awards. The Deadlys celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander achievements. Some of this year's nominees getting in the spirit at Bennelong Point this afternoon. 'Australian Idol' stars Casey Donovan and Jessica Mauboy will be performing while boxer Anthony Mundine, Sydney Swans stars Adam Goodes and Michael O'Loughlin

and the Rabbitohs David Peachey and Joe Williams will all be there. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Enjoy your evening. See you tomorrow at 5:00. Goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.