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(generated from captions) Megaguess, Megaguess! AUDIENCE: (CHANTS) moves for a potential Megaguess? Now, how about one of your judo Can you show me another? you're the star of the show. I was thinking maybe... But if I kill you... Aaaaah! Got your back. Got your back. Nice. gonna happen to you, Walter, (LAUGHS) That's what's if you don't stump up the Megaguess. Good decision doing it. Cin, it's all up to you now.

I think I've got $20. You think got 20 bucks? Yeah. Easy. Happy with that? Alright. Paint me a pretty face. Come on. Come on. Yeah! Yeah! Beautiful work. $500 there.

Making it $10,500 all up. Nailed it. Rip, Walter. Rip! Ow! Let's see the money. to powder over the blemishes. Lucky we have Cindy here young Katie Mac, Ah, now one who is without blemish, with your check for $500. that she dug you out of that. Good on you, team. I am so thrilled Thanks for being with us, peepz. (LAUGHS) See you next time. Have a lovely one. This program is captioned live. Tonight - at a surf lifesaving carnival. a third teenager's death speak out. Parents of a Sydney victim over a Sydney sex attack, A woman goes public fearing a rapist will strike again. when rocks rain down on the M5. A mother tells of her terror march on Parliament Parents and teachers over state school closures. why he's quitting rugby league. And Nathan Hindmarsh tells of the best years of my life. I'm announcing the end with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. Saxon Bird say The parents of Sydney ironman have learned nothing surf lifesaving officials from their son's death. Their despair came of teenager Matthew Barclay, as searchers recovered the body the third competitor to die Championships. at the Australian Surf Life Saving carry the body Queensland Water Police of 14-year-old Matt Barclay, where he lost his life yesterday found just north of the beach and his parents were waiting today. how they must feel It's understandable and my heart goes out to them. Matt was a rising star of the sport. from his school... The tributes flowed, He's a great kid that he loved and he was doing something and that's all you can really ask. ..and surf club. a beautiful, innocent boy - He was a beautiful boy - and our community grieves greatly. at the national titles, Kurrawa. It happened Matt was in the under-15 board race. on the same wave... From a competitor The conditions weren't too bad. really unlucky. I think he just would have just got organisers to relocate some events, But it was rough enough for just not the juniors. From a surf lifesaving perspective, that we couldn't do too much more. very confident One couple couldn't disagree more. especially how the mum's feeling. I just know exactly, on the news, I cried. She just...when I saw her It's because I... how she was feeling. ..she just...I knew exactly lost 19-year-old Saxon Phil and Dana Bird on the same beach, two years ago. at the same contest, I'd always said it was going to happen again and I knew nothing's changed. The same attitude, same culture - should be banned for competition They say Kurrawa to run surf carnivals and the permission needed not Surf Life Saving. should go to an independent body, and regulations under the sun They've got all the processes but no common sense. the Surf Life Saving association Saxon Bird's parents accuse in sponsorship dollars of being more interested than competitor safety. they call this a national disgrace. They don't mince words - by the Coroner after Saxon's death that inflatable vests recommended still aren't used in competition. they haven't done nearly enough. They haven't done enough, they had so much to do. After Saxon Bird, they're happy to help the Barclays The Bird family say but warn, even two years later... It doesn't get any easier, ever. when I saw his photo, so little. And he just was so sweet a Cronulla woman has gone public, In a gutsy move, about a possible sex attacker. warning other women with a screwdriver Carolyn Bliss was slashed during a terrifying home invasion but she managed to outwit him. Early last Thursday morning with an intruder as she desperately grappled into his furious eyes Carolyn Bliss looked she was fighting for her life. and knew at one stage When I saw his face clearly at one another and we were looking eye-to-eye "You'll kill me before you rape me." I remember thinking, had burst into her bedroom A man aged in his thirties armed with a screwdriver. by herself 57-year-old Carolyn was home trying to fall asleep. She yelled, "Who is that?" "Shut up, get down on the bed." He said, We were both fighting very hard. He was stabbing and stabbing to wriggle and I was constantly trying was hitting my arm constantly and the blade of the screwdriver and going into the bed. Bruised on her arms and legs fend the blade away. where she tried to on this side. He punched me in the jaw he moved how he was on me When he did that and I kneed him in the groin. and it let my leg come across and started screaming. She had a chance He got angrier. he turned the screwdriver around But when I wouldn't shut up, on the side of my jaw, and came down slit the inside of my mouth. Carolyn lives alone, may soon arrive. but warned her husband Only then the attacker fled. is of a violent nature This particular offence in a lot of circumstances. and is unique Carolyn Bliss says she's speaking out And Chris Maher joins us live from Cronulla. Chris, she's an amazing woman for speaking out. How is she so brave? Carolyn feels very strongly that this man must be taken off the streets. She fears someone else could be hurt and she doesn't want anyone to go through the trauma she's endured. Carolyn and police would like anyone who can help find him to call Crime Stoppers, Chris. Thanks, Chris. Chris Maher in Cronulla. A young Western Sydney mother has described the terrifying moment her car was showered in rocks on the M5. Pippa Gardner joins us live from the motorway. Pippa, she was one of three drivers to be targeted? That's right, Chris. This footbridge is enclosed to stop rocks being thrown but police believe they were kicked under the railing onto passing cars travelling at more than 100km/h. With her two young daughters in the back Annelise Cooper thought their time was up. It was terrifying, absolutely terrifying. It was like driving into a blender. The noise, I didn't know how big the rocks were. I didn't know how many, it sounded like a billion. She was driving along the M5 near Belmore around 7:00 last night when she noticed two teenage boys on the overhead footbridge. Her car was hit but the four-wheel drive behind copped the worst of it. It just has to be a big enough rock to hit the car in the right spot and I could lose control. Throwing rocks on vehicles when the vehicles are going at 110km/h on the M5 is very dangerous and can result in death. Truck driver Mark Evans was killed by a rock thrown by three boys from a bridge onto the same motorway in 1998. In 2007, Nicole Miller had part of her skull removed after the car she was a passenger in was hit. It could have been so much worse. Yeah, it's just really frightening, I don't think they realise. At least 17 people called police to report last night's rock throwers. They're thought to be about 15. Police have vowed to catch them. Angry teachers and parents have marched on State Parliament, accusing the O'Farrell Government of turning its back on education. 13 schools across New South Wales are being closed and there are fears more will follow. Hoping to teach the Government a lesson, angry teachers protest outside Parliament. We are here, we are strong! Inside, there was anger too. Don't think its funny and you should start taking it seriously. A 10,000-strong petition demanded an education debate Teachers and parents worry that young primary students from Gosford Public School will be forced to share a campus with seniors so this prime waterfront land can be sold off. The Opposition fears it will soon happen in Sydney too. We know that the Government is already talking to schools about amalgamations. Seven News can reveal 13 schools will shut this year. Ando, Byabarra, Ebor, Mangoplah, Pearces Creek and Woodford Dale public schools are shut or soon will be. Another seven have also been closed. Nine days to arrange a new school for our kids, to organise school uniforms, etc. During the worst period of the Labor government, we never saw anything like this number of schools being closed in this short period of time. The Government has played down the closures. It says declining enrolments forced it to shut the schools. Governments open and close schools all the time. It's happened for decades now. The Education Minister denies the closures are broken election promises or that schools like Gosford are being merged as part of a land grab. The Teachers Federation, if they do one thing well, is run scare campaigns. A Seven News poll suggests public opinion is divided But police insist it would be of massive benefit in cases like the hunt for a notorious Sydney rapist. Other crime victims agree. Pat Huxley is thankful his daughter, Lauren, survived Robert Farmer's frenzied attack and also thankful he was already a convicted criminal. That meant Farmer's DNA was on record - police identified him straightaway. It wouldn't have happened at all without DNA, no, no. Farmer is serving 24 years. Just nailed him on the spot for who it actually was and they didn't hesitate. They got him within three weeks. Farmer's DNA allowed detectives to check his whereabouts or alibis on the day, catch him lying and it showed he was there. It would focus the investigation very, very quickly. It's why the Police Minister and Commissioner want all Australians on a DNA database. Civil libertarians say it's an invasion of privacy. Victims of crime say... If you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear. We're not trying to obtain bank account details, credit card details, telephone numbers, what subscription you subscribe to. We want a name. Among 60,000 outstanding cases is a serial rapist who attacked 18 women between 1985 and '95 then disappeared, prompting the suggestion he's dead. Some police even want to DNA-test corpses to clear up unsolved crimes. The issue has polarised Seven News viewers. 45% support the idea but 55% oppose it. It still has a long way to go. Ex-footballer Ben Cousins has flown into a rage as he returned home after his drugs arrest in country Western Australia. It was all caught on camera but much of it is too obscene for us broadcast. Ben Cousins was clearly agitated when he arrived back in Perth. Hey, you sat on the (BLEEP) plane with us! Yeah, and...! (BLEEP) Yeah! I said, "Do you want to speak?" Two questions, and you want to keep (BLEEP) going! Then I said "Put it down" after a while. You just kept going! OK, Ben. Now (BLEEP) off! He lashed out at a Channel 7 camera crew. You wipe that smile off your face, alright? (BLEEP) He's not going anywhere near you, alright? He's been charged with drug possession with intent to sell or supply, carrying a maximum penalty of 25 years jail. I haven't got any comments to make, sorry. Police say at Esperance Airport on Tuesday night, they arrested him with 4g of methamphetamines concealed internally. Then, on Wednesday, he was arrested again at an Esperance rehab centre for breaching bail. Benny! I would say a period of incarceration Ben Cousins will appear in court in Perth on Monday. The Treasurer is already warning of his toughest Budget yet, even though it's still more than a month away. Wayne Swan says entire government programs must be axed to save money. Seven News has learnt child care will be spared. He's having a surf. Oh, the surf looks good! The Prime Minister selling her big-ticket National Broadband Network while nearby, her Treasurer warns of even bigger spending cuts in his May Budget. The reality is that we need to cut and cancel existing programs if we are to meet our targets. The high Aussie dollar and global economic uncertainty are predicted to wipe $140 billion from government revenues over the next five years. They're going to announce that surplus and the money's got to come from somewhere. The question is where? I'm not talking here about slash and burn. I'm talking about responsible additional savings. Welfare groups want more cuts to so-called middle class welfare. We need to be tackling those kind of tax breaks at the higher end. And Tony Abbott reckons he knows one of Mr Swan's targets. He is now looking at cuts, including a means test on child care. I've just said to you, I'm not playing your rule-in, rule-out games. That's her public line but I can reveal in private both she and Treasurer Wayne Swan have insisted the childcare rebate not be touched, something Julia Gillard hinted at today. Well, we obviously think it's a very high priority, otherwise we wouldn't be investing more money than the nation has at any other time in our nation's history. Still to come tonight - turning tragedy into help. The parents who created a phone app to save kids' lives. A new twist for the man accused of Sydney's Lin family murders. Plus the lottery with a jackpot of $500 million That's next. to permanently use Sydney's Garden Island naval base. A Federal Government inquiry has found sharing would harm the Navy and the Defence Minister says his priority is national security. Cruise ship bosses are furious. Getting on and off a ship at anchor is not a good tourism experience. Essentially you are going to shore on a lifeboat. They want the Prime Minister to intervene and help keep afloat an industry worth $880 million a year. The parents of murdered schoolboy Daniel Morcombe have launched a mobile phone app to protect other children. Bruce and Denise have used their tragedy to develop 'Help Me'. If children are in danger, they touch the panic button, instantly messaging their exact location to two pre-set contacts in their phone. We call this the human EPIRB. It's not something you would use daily, it's there for an emergency and it will save lives. The app includes a section where children can record details of a stranger's car. It costs 99c. Startling evidence has emerged over the murders of the Lin family in their North Epping home. The Supreme Court's been told there's no DNA link between the accused man and the crime scene but the DNA of another, unknown person was found there. Robert Shu seemed the grieving relative following the brutal killings of the Lin family. If anyone can help, please contact the police. He was later charged with murdering his wife Kathy's relatives cutting the power before bashing and strangling them. Today, the officer in charge of the case testified that petty family jealousy led to five murders. There was some friction between the accused and his in-laws about a perceived favouritism between Min Lin and Kathy. The detective admitted there was no DNA linking the accused to the crime scene. The grilling of the officer in charge revealed rare details in the case. Investigators are usually tight-lipped but on the stand they must reveal all. Sergeant Maree confirmed there were partial finger marks in blood from an unknown person at the scene and the victims had hair clenched in their hands that can't be identified and doesn't come from the accused. Shu's barrister also revealed DNA from an unknown person was found on the power switch. The bail decision is expected next Thursday. Americans are lining up for their chance to win one of the world's biggest lottery prizes. The Mega Millions jackpot has reached $500 million. The rush is on for tickets despite the odds being 1 in 176 million. Donate some to charity, you know, I don't need all that money. The jackpot can be won by non-US residents - that means us! But you'll have to buy your ticket in America or ask someone there to do it for you. Sport now with Jim Wilson and my favourite Eel, and our man, calls it quits? Chris, Hindy says the timing is right and he will retire at the end of the season. We'll hear from one of the game's greats and true champions next. Plus, will Benji play against the Bunnies as the sparks fly between Robbie Farah and Matty Johns? And back from a broken neck and on track for Olympic gold. deciding the timing was right to take some of the pressure off team-mates and embattled coach Stephen Kearney. The veteran of more than 300 NRL games, Hindy is an Eels legend and role model to young fans. Fed up with Parramatta's woeful start Nathan Hindmarsh pushed the fast forward button on his retirement. I was always going to announce it early on in the season and ideally I would have liked to have done it off the back of 4 straight wins, unfortunately that's footy and that's the way things go. For the boy from Robertson who came to the Eels with his big brother, Ian, it's been a wonderful, although at times emotional, ride. I will retire as a one-club player, which I'm very proud of and I'm going to end my career the way it started - utterly exhausted, knowing I've tried my best and left everything on the field. If the field's fixed in time, Hindmarsh's called on Eels fans to show their true colours against Manly a week after they abused Steve Kearney's side. I'm hoping by announcing this that it will take some pressure off the coach, my team-mates. Hindmarsh's decision to retire means the Eels will be cashed up to chase the biggest stars in the game but it's come too late for them to make a play for Cooper Cronk after he knocked back big offers to re-sign with the Storm for four years. It's the biggest challenge and what makes me the better person and I think this club gives me that opportunity in bucketloads. The pressure is beginning to show at the Wests Tigers, with skipper Robbie Farah launching a stinging attack on commentator Matty Johns. Farah claims he was ambushed in the interview ahead of Sunday's crucial clash against the Rabbitohs. Johns says the grilling was fair and reasonable. No issues here. The captain and his star playmaker back at Tiger town the morning after Robbie Farah drew a line in the sand when asked about his relationship with Benji Marshall. These rumours always come up, year in, year out every time we've lost a couple of games and it's absolute (BLEEP) and it (BLEEP) me off and it (BLEEP) Benji off. It was a heated on-air exchange with Matty Johns that's sparked a massive online response. What about the Dragons game? They were punching straight through the middle of youse? Yeah? That was soft. That's your opinion, mate. Today team-mates backed their skipper Lote Tuqiri back for the first time this year. Hasn't been easy sitting on the sideline. We haven't won as many games as we liked. Benji Marshall's also expected to play despite speculation a series of head knocks would rule him out. From my point of view and from the team's point of view, he's trained yesterday and trained really well. We think he's playing. At the Dragons, it's all fun and games ahead of tomorrow's clash with the Broncos in Brisbane. going nowhere. He's not quick enough. Even though he showed a bit of speed last week, I'm not he's ready for centre just yet. She suffered a broken neck before the Beijing Olympics and now Aussie cyclist Anna Meares will take on arch-rival Victoria Pendleton at next week's world titles in Melbourne. When we race each other, we literally turn each other inside out because that's what it takes when two great champions come together to duke it out for a spot in a gold-medal match. And Seven News can reveal Olympic rowing champion Duncan Free has a stress fracture in his rib and won't compete with his gold medal winning teammate Drew Ginn at the London Games. Free has been ruled out of the four and his only chance now of competing in London is in a pair. That is a real blow, he was supposed to have a swansong. Finally you are the chairman of the Nathan Hindmarsh fan club, he will be appearing on Seven News tomorrow night. Does that ring he is replacing your? You never know. Well, see, that's your problem right there. See, if you didn't need the business loan so much, I might be, you know, more inclined to give it to you. This is actually more of a question for, um, middle middle management or upper middle management. See, I'm in lower middle management. I can certainly help you with a business loan. But I think what you're doing is really more of a hobby. We can't just go giving money away willy-nilly. But I'm not asking you to give any money away. I'm just asking... Aren't you? Well... And these guys have scrubbed up for this weekend's Black Tie for Breast Cancer Charity Gala. The event is raising money for a new cancer centre at the Prince of Wales Hospital. It's a centre that treats over 1,200 new cancer patients each year. So your support will help the hospital offer the very latest cancer treatments. Thankfully, the weather has remained fine out here. We had a mostly sunny day with a top of 27. Around the suburbs - conditions were clear earlier in the day with warm maximums of 27 at Richmond, 28 in Penrith. Isolated showers developed on the ranges this afternoon. From the satellite, a cloud band over the Tasman is thanks to a weak trough. Tomorrow there's the risk of showers and storms across the eastern half of New South Wales, mostly through the north-east corner. Interstate tomorrow - morning cloud in Perth. Hot in Adelaide. Melbourne will be sunny. A possible late shower for Canberra. To Sydney's coastal forecast: And we could see a few brief showers in Sydney tomorrow. 24 the high. It'll be a cooler night across the suburbs with a few millimetres of rain tomorrow. Up to 8mm in western suburbs Top temperatures in the mid-20s. The weekend is looking good, with mostly sunny days forecast. Just a possible shower late Sunday night. Then clear again from Tuesday. Chris, this Saturday's Black Tie for Breast Cancer Gala is going to be a very entertaining night. If you'd like to make a donation, you can follow the links on our website. And that's Seven News for this Thursday but I'll be back with updates later. I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. ruling on disputes as neighbours clash, home owners take on builders and tradesmen and tenants face off against landlords. The servo thieves helping themselves. Look at them in action as they steal from unattended cars and make their getaways using stolen fuel. Now, the service station operators fight back. Plus, the spread of food allergies that can kill as more and more people have to watch every bite. How to get the upper hand on out-of-control allergies. And 100 years on, the 'Titanic' sails again as the king of the cinema blockbuster launches his epic remake and a couple of Aussies go back to where it all began. Good evening, thanks for joining us. First tonight, we go inside the people's courts, tribunals set up to act as judge and jury on disputes that have a tendency to blow up into full-scale feuds. They're the courts where lawyers aren't required and, as Tineka Everaardt reports, that means it can be a level playing field and a lot cheaper for everyone involved. Listen to me! Hey! Can you stop that? Deadbeat tenants... Get the (BLEEP) camera out of my face. And I'm going to (BLEEP) smash that camera. ..bad builders... $150,000 worth of defects.