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(generated from captions) Tonight - Tears and laughter Rugby League great Steve Rogers. as hundreds farewell cleared of bribery Model Michelle Leslie in Bali. but insists there was corruption "fresh" in suburban supermarkets. Anger over old food labelled as cancels her Sydney visit And America's top diplomat for Israel's Prime Minister. as world leaders fear the worst This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Chris Bath. Good evening. has been laid to rest Rugby League legend Steve Rogers biggest funerals. after one of Sydney's and fans turned out More than 1,000 family, friends to farewell the Cronulla great. in tragic circumstances on Tuesday, The 51-year-old died The 51-year-old died

suffering depression. # Now there's a way

# And I know that I have to go away" had really wanted, If this was what Steve Rogers just alluded to. it was never said in church, fans and family More than 1,000 friends and players,

or "What if". were told not to ask "Why" and daughter Melanie - His wife Ingrid, sons Mat and Don his family. take pictures in the church. They'd asked that we not The sound was enough. hardest thing I've ever had to do. MAT ROGERS: This is probably the a lot of football stories. Mat Rogers could have told But this one said it -

watching television. about a little boy and his dad stroke my hair MAT ROGERS: And he would in his arms, when I'd fall asleep and carry me to bed. he'd pick me up He'd make me feel so safe. The sound of a family hurting. That's Don singing. # Keep on walking now # Yes, I will # Steve Rogers out And when they carried he was still No.3 for the Sharks. Sludge loved life. different than that. Don't let anyone tell you any He loved it. COMMENTATOR: Try to Steve Rogers. I love you, Poppa Bear. Dad, I'm so proud of you. MAT ROGERS: You're my hero. in hospital A policeman has been treated at Macquarie Fields this morning. after he was attacked by a gang a 15-year-old boy around 4am Two officers were chasing by about 35 people. when they were confronted at the police. They began throwing objects dislocating his shoulder. A brick hit one of the officers, calm since riots there last February. Macquarie Fields has been relatively over the latest incident A 45-year-old man has been charged has appeared in court, while the 15-year-old charged with breach of bail. will stay in jail A man charged over the Cronulla riot refused to release him on bail. after a magistrate was charged yesterday 19-year-old Samuel Murray

as part of a group after detectives identified him that chased and smashed a car of Middle Eastern appearance. driven by a man

with attacking a Lebanese man Murray was also charged on the day of the riot, had told him to leave the area. allegedly after police He'll be back in court on Monday. Sydney model Michelle Leslie about her drug arrest in Bali is preparing to reveal more were cleared of corruption. after the judges hearing her case

no bribe was paid to set her free, An Indonesian inquiry found the real story is yet to be told. but Leslie's lawyer says Despite repeated denials, Michelle Leslie back to Australia. rumours about bribery have followed They've persisted in Indonesia, too, who let her go after three months where the three judges of suspicious leniency. have been accused by a judicial commission, So they've been grilled to support speculation that but it's found no evidence to secure her release. as much as $400,000 was used we've always taken It justifies the position that in that there were no bribes paid. Justice wasn't for sale in the case. insist there was corruption. No bribes, but Leslie's supporters Not in the court room, at the scene of Michelle's arrest. but at the police station and

That's our view, strong view. Certainly she was set up. She was set up to protect other powerful people. and she was the scapegoat to Australia, When Michelle first returned in detail she said she couldn't tell her story because it may hurt other Australians still being held in Indonesia. like the Bali Nine have now had a change of heart. But the people advising her They say there's nothing stopping her and she's going to do it very soon. a number of the Bali Nine trials The same judges are now hearing they won't be affected. but Ross Hill says to prevent us telling the story, There was never anything so we're going to go ahead and those concerned and we're going to expose it for exactly what they are. within a few weeks. Michelle Leslie hopes to reveal all a major blaze north of Sydney Firefighters are still battling three homes. a week after it destroyed backburning difficult Light rain has made the bushfire near Gosford. for crews trying to contain more than 3,000 hectares. It's burned out is also proving difficult to tackle Another fire in the State's central west. in the Weddin Mountain National Park. Strong winds are fanning flames are being used, Although water bombing aircraft to stay on high alert. landowners are warned are under fire Food labelling standards selling fruit and vegetables after Sydney supermarkets were caught up to a year old. claiming it was fresh, The produce had signs is open to interpretation. but it seems that term "The Fresh Food People", Woolworths prides itself of being

which has been in storage for months. but "fresh" also applies to fruit The oldest item we found fruit and vegetables we looked at that was in the shopping basket of and they were about nine months old. were Granny Smith apples, It's common practice in supermarkets, but few consumers know about it. is some false advertising going on. It certainly sounds as though there

the envelope a little bit I think they're pushing to be calling it "fresh". placed in a cold room with low oxygen Stored fruit and vegetables are to stop them going ripe. But tests show the longer they're stored, the less flavour and vitamins they have. At least three of the 10 we tested were actually below minimum standards of sugar and flavours. Bill Shields is an apple grower and says fresh should mean fresh. There's also pressure from the supermarkets to have apples on the shelves 12 months of the year.

Coles and Woolies say they buy stored seasonal fruit and vegetables to minimise the need for imports and because customers want them year round. But if you don't like the idea of buying an apple which has been stored for nine months, people here at the markets say you don't have to. The authorities could look at what actually is fresh and define it for people. I think the big issue is as long as it's Australian, that's really what we should be worried about. Police who collect DNA samples are being told not to provide their own.

Federal officers are being asked to give a specimen so they can be easily eliminated from crime scenes, but their union is worried about more sinister uses. Forensic investigations are Forensic investigations are a big part of a federal policing. 460 officers are overseas - identifying tsunami victims in Thailand, investigating terrorism in Indonesia,

restoring law and order in the Solomons. At home - thousands more investigate federal crimes. But now they're being asked to provide their own DNA sample. Primarily it's to eliminate police from crime scenes where they may have contaminated an investigation. Officers will have the right to refuse - their union says that's exactly what they should do. There is little if any protection

of that material being used for derived purposes at a later time. The AFP says the samples won't be misused

because officers are protected by legislation and special guidelines. There is nothing in that guideline

to stop an over-zealous administrator at some later stage saying "Let's have a look at the samples we've collected "and work out which ones show a pre-indicator of mental illness." It's awful. It's privacy intrusive, it has no policing justification. AFP commissioner Mick Keelty has already provided a DNA sample under the new policy.

Soon serving officers and new recruits will be asked to do the same. If a new recruit declined to provide a sample, the AFP would have to consider whether or not we wanted to employ them. Serving officers who don't comply may be barred from overseas missions. American Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, has cancelled an official visit to Sydney next week because of the declining health because of the declining health of Israel's Prime Minister. World leaders are preparing for the worst after Ariel Sharon underwent more emergency surgery last night for a brain haemorrhage. Ariel Sharon spent a third day hovering between life and death inside the Hadassah Hospital. A second round of emergency surgery was required to stop renewed bleeding in his brain and dangerous swelling. I would like to say that even though the results of the CAT scan are better than yesterday, the condition is still critical. Sharon's son visited his ailing father with other family members.

Most Israelis seem to accept that he will never lead them again and the prospect leaves them frightened.

We felt secure with Sharon, we felt very secure. I mean, he's been able to accomplish lots of different things.

But Israeli settlers evicted from Palestinian territories by Sharon believe his stroke is divine intervention. I think it's very, very possible that this is the hand of God, yes. New polls show that even without Sharon, his newly formed Kadima Party is set to win the upcoming election in March. The uncertainty in the Middle East has caused America's top diplomat, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, to cancel next week's trip to Australia to talk about cutting greenhouse gases. She plans to reschedule the trip. Sydney's heart will beat again tonight when neon lights on the Harbour Bridge are switched on. It'll be the first time the symbol of our city's generosity has been lit since New Year's Eve. The heart won affection from many for helping to heal rifts in the community. Now it will beat again as part of the Sydney Festival but with a few different visual effects. Ahead in Seven News - police demand more highway patrol cars to cut the road toll. Also, Fergie's first interview as a world ambassador for children. And record temperatures put Asia in a deep freeze. We feel that our customer service is most important. And we do that. We can't have them grumpy 'cause they wouldn't come back again. Heavy-duty multifold ladder - $169.

19-inch toolbox - just $9.89. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # Lowest prices are just the beginning.

No wonder you're not here, Diesel Cab Chassis only $23,990, with '05 Rodeo 4x4 a great deal to Australia. Holden means

Senior police have rejected claims highway patrol cars in the State. there aren't enough was far higher than last year The holiday toll in New South Wales with 20 deaths on the roads. The Police Union says to keep drivers honest. 100 more patrol cars are needed governments can only do so much. Police can only do so much, themselves, do the right thing. We need to make sure drivers behave The State's top traffic cop says than other weeks, the road toll isn't any higher on it over Christmas. it's just there's more attention spoken publicly for the first time The Duchess of York has of the Asian tsunami. about her efforts to help victims

her celebrity status Sarah Ferguson has been using as a member of the royal family to save children in crisis. wherever she goes She's made an impact most recently as the queen of weight loss. But now Sarah Ferguson is finding her calling as a global ambassador for children. I think it's very important for children that sometimes don't have a voice as their vehicle to be able to use me

in order to get their voice across. The Duchess of York is in Hong Kong the charity SOS villages telling the world on CNN about of Asia's tsunami and the child victims whom she'll visit this year. World Children's Day As UNICEF's face for celebrities don't go, she talks about the places of Sierra Leone like to the forgotten children she met in Poland. and the terminally ill and they were singing to me. Each child had a story to tell and yet they were singing to me. These children are going to die Dignified and thoughtful, the old Fergie, she's a far cry from always seemed to get into trouble. the royal lose cannon who'd and I have red hair I think I'm Irish "The Hurricane". and Andrew still calls me She calls herself the happiest divorcee in the whole world, still living in the same house as her ex, Prince Andrew. For Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, it helps that mum has made a few mistakes. around the world. Now she's a role model for dieters to get into your blue jeans. It's not about whether you're going see your children grow up. It's about whether you're going to Audio tapes have been released trapped in an American coal mine. of the rescue to save 13 men miscommunication unfolded, They reveal how a tragic everyone trapped was alive. convincing rescuers

Randall McCloy, But there was only one survivor, who's still in a coma. 41 hours in the mines. He was strong enough to pull through

to pull through this. He's strong enough of carbon monoxide poisoning. It's thought the 12 others died

ventilation holes to enter the mine. Investigators have drilled and bitter winter temperatures Record snowfalls across North Asia. have killed dozens of people In Japan, at least 57 people have died. Many were crushed when the their roofs caved in under the weight of snow. China is facing its coldest winter in 20 years. In the country's far west, the mercury plummeted to -43 degrees, leading to cases of frostbite. Soul singer, Lou Rawls, has died from cancer aged 72.

# My life is like a song # sold more than 40 million albums The American crooner nearly 50 years. in a career that spanned for his big heart. Rawls is being remembered to raise $200 million He staged telethons go to university. to help black students

is revving up in Canberra The Summernats Car Festival planned for tonight. with a rare and spectacular stunt was last seen in the James Bond film The Astro Spiral Jump The Man with the Golden Gun. Stuntman Lawrence Legend says in 32 years. he'll be the first to give it a go

Some are saying "Yeah, it'll work", no hope in hell of making it work. some are saying he's got either way. I think people will be impressed a bit or wreckage For all the ones who want to see there might be a bit of that. Success or not, we'll bring you the pictures tomorrow night. Sport now with Nick McArdle,

I reckon you would be quite capable

of the jump Is that his real name

Is Nick McCardle yours? Yes, it is. Yep, belted yesterday and now one of their bowlers has been reported for chucking - that's next. Also tonight, next big thing in women's tennis. Lucie Safarova tipped to be the face of Australian waterskiing. And we'll introduce to the glamorous

against South Africa continues The fallout from the Test series facing chucking allegations. with spinner Johan Botha And the war of words continues, promising revenge with the South Africans in the return series next month. in recent memory It's been one of the fieriest series yesterday's crushing defeat, and even after from Proteas skipper Graeme Smith. more fighting words comes to South Africa, Certainly when Australia one of their toughest times ever. it's gonna be Man of the series Ricky Ponting to rub in the 2-0 result. resisting the temptation resisting the temptation

a little bit of egg on his face He's probably got but not that much. I think Graeme would be pretty pleased with the way they've actually played.

The teams play another three Tests in South Africa next month, but one player whose involvement is under a cloud is Johan Botha. faces an ICC examination The Proteas off-spinner for a suspect action. after being reported Catch it! Ohh! (fieldsman shouts) Botha arrives in Brisbane today shifts to Monday's Twenty20 match, as the focus for both sides to be followed by the one-day series, where Sri Lanka will join the party. The Aussie one-day squad includes and James Hopes, Glenn McGrath, Damien Martyn the trip to New Zealand, who all missed Brett Dorey has been named while Western Australian fast bowler in his first national squad. I thought if I keep taking wickets, maybe for South Africa, maybe, I might be a silly chance

but it was a shock - a total shock. of the tournament in Auckland Mark Philippoussis has pulled out with a back injury, a wildcard into the Australian Open, but he has been given starting in nine days time. There were four wildcards handed out today. The other three went to Nicole Pratt, The other three went to Nicole Pratt, Peter Luczak and Sophie Ferguson. And remember the name Lucie Safarova. to be the next big thing The Czech teenager's tipped to be the next big thing

after taking out the Australian Hardcourts on the Gold Coast. was her third championship win Only 12 months on tour, and this and she blitzed it in straight sets.

Having already won over the locals, to Italian Flavia Pennetta. Safarova turned her attention Martina Hingis in the semis, The fourth seed might've knocked out for the 18-year-old, but she was no match after being broken early. who won four straight games taking the first set 6-3. Safarova's forehand was lethal,

APPLAUSE in the second, She didn't need much more

6-4, wrapping up her third career title, rising to 35th in the world. APPLAUSE

At the hardcourts in Adelaide for her boyfriend, Tomas Berdych, the news wasn't as good

against Xavier Malisse, He started strong enough in his semi against the Belgian, but self destructed losing 6-4, 6-0. The men's next big thing is definitely not Dominik Hrbaty's shirt, launched at last year's US Open. COMMENTATOR: Still looks as bad now as it did then. And his game had plenty of holes in it, too, the world No.18 broken on his opening serve. Little known Frenchman Florent Serra will meet Malisse in the tomorrow's final. And the United States has won a record fourth Hopman Cup, beating the Netherlands 2-1 in Perth. Lisa Raymond and Taylor Dent clinched the title with victory in the deciding mixed doubles. Last time we saw world champion water skier Lauren Eagle, she was being towed behind Sydney-Hobart yacht Hugo Boss.

Now things are getting a little more serious. Lauren's busy preparing for next week's national titles. Only a handful of 18-year-olds can say they're the best in the world. Lauren Eagle is one of them. She's at the pinnacle of speed-skiing. BOAT REVS My top speed's 100 miles an hour. The aim pretty much is to travel as fast as you can for a period. For Women's Open it's 45 minutes plus one lap. It's a sport fraught with danger. Break their backs, break bones. It can be fatal sometimes, but you just don't think about that, really. Lauren's rise to the top has been a real family affair. The effort is enormous. We have to train on the water twice a week which means I have to knock off early and, you know, costs a lot of money. They want food within seconds of coming in the front door, so that was my job - supply the food. On Thursday Lauren defends her national title. How nervous are you? I'm okay. Actually, the more nervous I get the less I perform so I just try and stay calm. Her success goes beyond the waves of waterskiing. She's also trying modelling after being crowned Miss Teen Australia in 2004. And then there's university. I definitely want to pick up the books, maybe pursue a university degree, maybe commerce is broad or communications or journalism. I'd love to do TV presenting. Socceroos goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer

has stunned his Premier League Club Middlesbrough by asking for a transfer. The 33-year-old has been with the club for nine years but is understood to be disappointed with fans' reaction to recent performances. We've always stood by Mark. We've always fetched him back into the team. And this is a situation where, maybe, one or two erratic performances but nothing to suggest the extent of putting a transfer request in. Meanwhile, European giants PSV Eindhoven have lodged a formal approach for Melbourne striker Archie Thompson. The move, which is expected to be confirmed tomorrow, would see Thompson link-up with his Socceroos coach Guus Hiddink. Sydney FC has all but conceded the A-League minor premiership to Adelaide after being held to a scoreless draw by Newcastle last night. No goals in that game, but there were plenty in a special celebrity curtain-raiser before that A-League match. Cricket legend Steve Waugh traded whites for blues, while boxer Kostya Tszyu showed he also packs a punch with his feet. He apparently played a lot of soccer as a kid. Blue Wiggle Anthony Field swapped his skivvy for a soccer shirt, putting on a show after scoring a spectacular goal. As for the final score, well, no-one really knows because they scored so many goals the scoreboard broke down. True story. The tennis here on Seven again tomorrow, the Medibank International from 11.00. I'll see you tomorrow. We're expecting a warm and humid night across Sydney. I'll have the weather outlook for tonight and the rest of the weekend next in Seven News.

We had some more welcome rain across Sydney overnight and it remained pretty cloudy in many suburbs today. below average with tops of 26 in the city and 27 in the western suburbs. The highest rainfall total was just 2mm at Bankstown. Around the country tomorrow - Sunny in Melbourne and Hobart. A scorcher in Adelaide, 36 degrees.

27 in Perth with scattered showers. Storms for Darwin and 32. Showers too for Brisbane and 29.

We can expect more of the same across Sydney tomorrow with scattered showers and plenty of cloud. Temperatures getting to 26 in the city. Slightly warmer out west with 29 in Penrith. Looking ahead - Scattered showers until Wednesday, clearing on Thursday and more showers on Friday. And that's Seven News to now,

but I'll be back with updates during the evening. I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -