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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - see their parents drown three children off the New South Wales North Coast.

Prince William keeping busy in the Harbour City. on his second day And an on-form Lleyton Hewitt of the Australian Open. powers into the second round Morning News with Sharyn Ghidella. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Good morning. have lost their parents Three Sydney children

in far northern New South Wales. after the couple drowned at a beach at South Ballina They were holidaying at an unpatrolled section of beach. when they got caught in a rip on a remote stretch of beach, As the sun set on a man's lifeless body paramedics worked frantically for his wife. while the search continued of the search, On about the third sweep who was obviously unconscious. we located a female in the water

She couldn't be revived. had been staying at a caravan park The couple from Sydney

at South Ballina Beach.

last night They went swimming out the front and were caught in a rip. aged 9, 14 and 17 Their three children, watched helpless from the beach. who raised the alarm, They actually were the ones they called 000 were looking after them and the police while we were conducting the search.

patrolling the beach two weeks ago Lifesavers stopped for the service to be extended. despite calls stretch of water has claimed a life. It's not the first time this there, There were a lot of holes and rips you could see them. when we flew down, along the area we were searching. They were evenly spaced more than 70% on last year. Drownings this summer are already up the dangers of swimming Unfortunately, it brings to light and outside of a patrolled beach. outside of patrol hours A toddler has had a lucky escape on top of him after a wall collapsed in Melbourne's south-east. 2-year-old Bobby

of his grandparents' house was playing in the front yard in Clayton the bricks tumbling down. when his uncle heard at the front yard, The kids were playing on to the wall, and my nephew was hanging the dogs were doing or something, trying to look over and see what and the wall just collapsed. by paramedics, Bobby was checked over and taken to Monash Hospital. with just a few scratches. He was sent home he's his mother's son, Prince William is leaving no doubt disadvantaged youth in Sydney taking time to meet early this morning. has another full schedule today The second-in-line to the throne last night but did take a little time out

for a quick drink with friends. A busy day ahead, with the Prime Minister, Prince William kicked things off by young rappers taking in a performance for troubled youth. at a Sydney centre

Owe said we have got really good

kids and doing a good job. The Prince looked remarkably fresh at trendy harbourside bar The Loft. after a late night the cameras on the way out. Like a pro, he managed to dodge at Sydney's Holsworthy army base, This morning he's meeting troops

then back into the city by noon in the Botanical Gardens. before a barbecue Earlier yesterday... (CROWD CHEERS) he was mobbed like a rock star disadvantaged areas of Sydney. in one of the most Prince William, king of the kids. Oh, he's played before! (ALL CHEER)

couldn't get enough of him, Inner-city Redfern posing for photos... 1, 2, 3... CAMERAMAN: On three, ladies!

Perfect. Alright, good. ..and sharing gifts. Some even stealing a kiss. How's that? There you go. for the 27-year-old, It had been a busy day meeting the Governor-General of Admiralty House and lunch on the lawns with 20 special guests. was a little starstruck. Even the press pack waiting outside when he drove through He gave a smile and a wave and it was obviously directed at us. On the move again, of the day William's final 'formal' appointment Governor Marie Bashir. was dinner with New South Wales widespread coverage back in the UK The royal visit has also received where many commentators agree

stop Australia becoming a Republic. Prince William's popularity won't

on the Prince's activities today And we'll have an update later in the bulletin. since a massive earthquake, It's a week

of Haiti. devastated the tiny Caribbean nation in the streets Angry scenes are being played out for food and water. as people become desperate are also desperate Hundreds of thousands of orphans for someone to look after them.

It has been a full week now since

the deadly quake and ses perisation

is fuelling hundreds of people

grabbing anything they could. In

large groups, they worked in tandem,

while others are fighting over what

little is left. Warning shots and

thieves tear gas from police slow the mob of

thieves but they can't stoop the

looting and there's growing concern

the violence is slowing down the

relief effort. Obviously from our

point of view, security is always a

concern. Thousands of children roam

the streets of Lindsay the streets of

the streets Port-au-Prince ncht we

decided to help, we can't let people

die. More than 50

were ferried die. More than 50 Haitian children

were ferried to the US. To see these

kids reaching out, reaching out of

the windows like we are their hero,

they don't have to worry any longer.

There were almost 400,000 orphans

before the quake and now there are

believed to be tens of thousands In the lead-up to Australia Day, General Peter Cosgrove says former Australian of the Year Indian migrants and students he considers attacks against

a major problem. is urging Australians The former defence force chief to confront racism head-on.

to people living here in Australia We have this responsibility not only but to people visiting Australia. and we have to make sure, In the case for study of racially inspired violence any possibility or intimidation towards them is pretty much jumped on straight away. General Cosgrove wants to remind Australians of our national spirit of compassion and generosity. Next in Seven News - watching William. Cadbury swallowed up by a US company. And Michelle Obama becomes the First Lady of wax.

You're back with Seven Morning News and, as we mentioned earlier, Prince William is on the second day of his Australian visit. He's already met the Prime Minister

and connected with more troubled kids. Now he's at Holsworthy Barracks for a live-fire training exercise. Seven's Paul Kadak is there. Good morning, from

Good morning, from the Holesworthy Army Base here in

Army Base here in Sydney's south

where Pim has been meeting and

training with soldiers of the 3rd

Battalion of the oil Australian

regiment here. He has been meeting

with some of those soldiers, having

a chat with the troops who have

returned from Stan. It's a massive

honour. It's weird to see him in

newspapers and tabloid for him to

get out and see him in real life. I

reminded him of a moment

reminded him of a moment we had two

years ago in a nightclub in York and

yeah, he remembers that. And then he

has joined them in some exercise.

Some fire training exercises Some fire training exercises taking to Some fire training exercises taking

to the range where he fired 23

rounds from a

rounds from a rifle. He is no

stranger to this sort of training,

having done army training himself.

He is now in the royal air

He is now in the royal air force. He

met with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

where they toured a homeless shelter

at Randwick. They were entertained

by a group of rappers there. Youth

homelessness is known to be a cause

special to his heart. After help has

finished here, he is headed back

into the Sydney, he will be visiting CS into the Sydney, he will be visiting

CSIRO scientists on board an investigation eland getting some

investigation eland getting some information on the work they do.

Later on, it is the barbecue at the

Sydney botanic gardens, it will be a

highlight of the day, he will be

meeting with 130 young people. These

include people from youth of include people from youth

include people from youth off the

street cht and volunteers with

people like the ambulance service,

the rural fire service, they will be

told they will be with feasting

told they will be with feasting on

prawns, cheese from the Blue

Mountains, lamb from Young and stake

from casino, so New South Wales

putting on a show with regard to the food as well as

food as well as'The View's from

there. The public is is told this is

the best spot to get a view of the

Prince around one o'clock, or Prince around one o'clock, or before Prince around one o'clock, or before one o'clock,

one o'clock,, that's when the

motorcade will arrive before he

makes his way to that bash kuchlt so

a big day

a big day for Pim on his second and

final day in Sydney. Sharon, it's back to you. British chocolate maker Cadbury has been taken over by US giant Kraft.

The $20 billion deal has sparked fears of job losses

They will become the world's largest

chock Andreev sweets maker but it's

not good news for workers with many

fearing for their jobs Tll be 70 people out of

people out of work. I am not saying

this year but in a couple of years

to come, there will be quite a

people out of work. Cadbury began as

a small grocer shop in 1824. In Russia, thousands of orthodox Christians have plunged into icy waters to celebrate the epiphany. People queued overnight in -25 degree temperatures for a chance to dunk themselves in a hole in the ice. The ritual symbolises rebirth. Some didn't seem to feel the cold,

while others, not surprisingly, needed a vodka to warm up. US First Lady Michelle Obama has been immortalised in wax. Her statue has been unveiled at London's Madame Tussauds Museum next to a figure of her husband. I think they'll be incredibly popular together. I mean, she's such a popular lady in her own right but Barack Obama's been one of our most successful figures in the last year.

Mrs Obama will be on display until mid-April before making a permanent home in Madame Tussauds in Bangkok. To finance now and joining me is Bill Evans, global head of economics at Westpac. Good morning, Bill. Westpac's consumer sentiment figures have just been released - what did they reveal?

Sharyn, a very, very strong result,

up 5. up 5.6%

up 5.6%. That puts sentiment back at

the level above the level in September

September last year and that was

prior to 3 consecutive rate hikes,

the the fact that the Reserve Bank

did not raise rates this month, only

because the Reserve Bank bank was

not meeting have lifted confidence.

What is the outlook for this year

snnchts I think, we will be very

liningly to see a rate hike again in

February because clearly with confidence

confidence at these levels,

confidence at these levels, the Reserve Bank must be perceiving that

interest rates are not having much

of a pull back effect on the economy

at all. And the central bank

spokesman have indicated that rates

are likely at around neutral level, around 4.

around 4.5, that's about three

quarters of a per cent away. I

quarters of a per cent away. I think we are about to see 3 bases

we are about to see 3 bases hikes

before the middle of the year. Thank

you, Bill for your time this morning. Checking the numbers:

Next in Seven News - a 5-goal thriller in the A-League. And we'll cross live to Melbourne Park for a preview of all today's Australian Open action. after a mixed night on the courts for Lleyton Hewitt and Alicia Molik.

Lleyton Hewitt has eased into the second round of the Australian Open with a straight-sets win over Brazilian Ricardo Hocevar. But Alicia Molik's Grand Slam comeback is over

after a 3-set loss to Frenchwoman Julie Coin. Brazilian Ricardo Hocevar was handed an unenviable task at his Grand Slam debut, taking on Lleyton Hewitt in front of a parochial home crowd. It was obvious straight away he was out of his depth. (APPLAUSE) It looked more like a practice match for Hewitt as he cruised through the opening set 6-1. (SHOUTS) Come On!

UMPIRE: Game, Hewitt. The second was a near carbon copy. (SHOUTS) Come on! Game, Hewitt.

Hewitt kept the foot to the floor in the third... COMMENTATOR: Oh, beautiful. ..wrapping up the one-sided contest in an even 100 minutes. Game, set, match, Hewitt. I've built it up this year, I got better and better as the year went on and, you know, I put myself in a position now to hopefully have a crack. Alicia Molik's clash with Frenchwoman Julie Coin

promised to be more of a contest. Oh, my gosh! (LAUGHS) Molik overcame a slow start to breeze through the opening set 6-3 but the roles were reversed in the second as the Aussie squandered a 5-2 advantage to drop the set in a tie break. Oh, what a point. The point of the night. Coin seized the momentum to take the final set 6-3, ending Molik's Grand Slam comeback.

Marcos Baghdatis is through to the second round after downing Paolo Lorenzi in straight sets but the man he beat in the final of the Medibank International Sydney is out, Richard Gasquet beaten in five sets by Mikhail Youzny. Seven's Michael Felgate joins me now with more tennis action from Melbourne Park. Good morning, Michael. It was a disappointing comeback for Alicia Molik?

Yes, it was a devastating come back

last neeuchlt she was just 2 points

away from winning the match and

moving into the second round. Of

course, this time last year, she was

sitting in the Channel 7 commentary

box but after having a year out, she

made the come back, it looked like

it would have been a fairytale come

back. Just that time out of the game

and I think also that match practice

under pressure really got to

under pressure really got to her and

as she said in the post match press

conference, she just let her mind

wander for a bit. That's what the

reason she ended up loses Lars night. I just started, um, thinking about a lot of other things, getting off the court, cooling down, um, what I'd say at the end of the match, um, who we're playing in doubles tomorrow, all the things that you shouldn't really be thinking about on court.

I I am sure she will be more

focussed next time. That was

yesterday, who do the Aussie hopes

rest with today, Michael? Well, the

main hope for Australia and the

future of Australian tennis is

tonight with Bernard Tomic. He

tonight with Bernard Tomic. He it

will be a very tough contest. He won

his way into the second round but

Cilic is number 14 in the world.

Cilic is number 14 in the world. It

will be a tough ask. Today we have

got some great matches, Kim

Clijsters on

Clijsters on the come back, the best

match is Elena Dementieva taking

match is Elena Dementieva taking on Justine Henin, a former winner here

in 20 on 04, she is on the come back

trail as well. Others In action,

Nadal, Del Potro, it will be another

sensational day of tennis here. Thank you for that, Michael.

And for more information about the Australian Open, go to our website: Victoria is into the final of the Twenty20 Big Bash courtesy of a 6-wicket win over Queensland at the 'Gabba last night. Chasing 150 for victory, David Hussey held the innings together with an unbeaten 60, booking the Bushrangers a berth in their fifth consecutive domestic Twenty20 final. Hussey had his fair share of luck, though,

bringing up the winning runs in bizarre circumstances. COMMENTATOR: Should be caught, although not going to talk. He actually gets there. That is unbelievable! He just walked a single to win the game! Victoria take on South Australia in the decider. Perth has all but extinguished Adelaide's faint hopes of an A-League finals berth with a come-from-behind 3-2 win at Hindmarsh Stadium overnight.

Travis Dodd broke clear to put the Reds 2-0 in front in the 53rd minute but a controversial red card to defender Ian Fyfe swung the momentum. Jacob Burns kick-started a Glory revival. COMMENTATOR: Jacob Burns finally gets his first goal for Perth Glory! Burns grabbed another goal to put Perth on level terms

with Daniel McBreen completing the Glory's stunning 'escape act'.

Stay with me here on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather details after this break.

Jeep Jeep! Jeep Jeep!

Settlements along Western Australia's Kimberley coast are preparing for a tropical low that could develop into a cyclone later today. Residents and emergency workers in Far North Queensland are also on alert. A low over the Coral Sea is expected to bring severe weather

to northern parts of Cape York Peninsula. Just north east of Cooktown currently a fairly weak system. It is bringing some fairly heavy rain to the north tropical coast area and the peninsula area. But forecasters now say there's only a low risk the system will develop into a tropical cyclone. Checking the national weather forecast now. Cool south-westerlies are keeping most of New South Wales and southern Queensland

clear and dry while pushing a little cloud and the odd shower into southern Victoria and Tasmania. A high over South Australia is gradually clearing cloud from the south-east and driving hot easterly winds into WA. Around the capitals: Brisbane, fine today. Canberra, fine.

Melbourne, becoming overcast. Hobart, mainly fine. Adelaide, fine. Partly cloudy in Perth.

Afternoon showers and storms in Darwin. Melbourne Zoo's first baby elephant is already showing off her cheeky personality. She's keeping first-time mum Dokkoon on her toes as she waits to make her public debut.

Like any proud parent, this home

movie was takenity Melbourne zoo

staff as they monitor their 3 day old baby girl.

old baby girl. She and mum Dokkoon

have been bonding in the barn away

from the public since Saturday. Not

even dad has met his yet to be named daughter. She is adorable. She is

the cutest little thing. Not all has

been going to plan. Dokkoon stood on

the baby minutes after the birth and

the new mum is still in a lot of discomfort after discomfort after the

discomfort after the 110kg delivery.

She is not getting much sleep

She is not getting much sleep either with the hungry baby feeding every

few hours. Once in a while she dozed

standing up doing this but she is

wide awake. She mighting be

Melbourne's first elephant carve but

zoo staff are asking everyone to be

patient. They say it will be several

weeks before the public finally

weeks before the public finally gets to meet the baby girl. This

to meet the baby girl. This is for

the elephants. Thank you, the

elegants will appreciate this. We

will put it up. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Sharyn Ghidella. Thanks for your company. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia

This program is captioned live.