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(generated from captions) Inside we found Bilal Khazal, that glorifies suicide bombing. it was selling offensive material We wanted to know whether Muslim community. in the middle of Sydney's Australia's largest Islamic bookshop they're powerless to ban them. but authorities say spell out how to plan terror attacks, The so-called hate books endorsed by Osama bin Laden. allegedly selling literature under way into the Sydney bookstore police investigations But first, P-platers can and can't drive. Plus, confusion over which cars leading to a major health crisis. modern lifestyles Good evening, also tonight - and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson into a schoolboy's tragic death. an inquest under way And killed by peanut butter - on the Iraqi conflict. John Howard's message to America to a controversial Islamic bookshop. a Sydney terror suspect's visit Tonight - This program is captioned live.

because of the financial cost. under observation ruled out Any chance of him being kept He was deemed no risk. to blow up a nightclub. wanted over a separate plot with another suspect because of a connection he had been investigated by MI5 It's emerged was a regular visitor. Mohammed Sidique Khan in hiding. The owner, Mohammad Tafazil, their diet of hate. thought to have fed the gang of four at the Leeds bookshop Investigators gather evidence the spotlight of security services. two of the killers had been under It's also been revealed into what drove the London bombers. of police investigations is the centre John Hill, Ten News. the alleged sale of the books. are now investigating counter-terrorism police Federal and State Jewish extremist books in there. and have a look if there's any bookshops in Bondi and North Sydney I dare you to go to the Jewish as a matter of free speech. the books should be on sale But a Muslim convert says represent mainstream Muslim opinion. contents of the books don't Islamic leaders are adamant the and we will deal with them. object obtain appropriate evidence and we will deal object obtain appropriate evidence Competent authorities will seek to committed here in Australia, If there are offences that have been absolute no-no in our society. and that is an absolute, It glorifies suicide bombing as a terrorist tactic. the effectiveness of suicide bombing including one that discusses from the bookshop, allegedly purchased describes several books A newspaper article against Australia? The books that recommend war in this store? Have you had the books on sale Do you have the books? Do you have the books? and we don't know why he was there. He wasn't buying a book on a terrorism charge. recently committed for trial a former airport baggage handler

the importance of support Mr Howard will stress In a major speech to the IDU tomorrow the International Democratic Union. both men are members of As leaders of centre-right parties, there were warm personal greetings. After the service myself included. We can all take a bit from that, when in doubt. to seek help from others her high-powered congregation She also encouraged from the flowers. to separate the weeds talked about praying for wisdom as the priest in her sermon sat beside each other The first families parish church near the White House. saw the Howard's attend the Bushs' The call to Sunday worship CHURCH BELL TOLLS slumped sharply in the United States. Support for the ongoing operation has on the Iraq conflict. thanks to his stance a warm welcome in Washington DC PM John Howard is receiving Frank Coletta, Ten News. around British Parliament. with new security barriers in place in the capital no chances are being taken who was the first to be identified, including Susan Levy for blast victims, As funerals continue swoop on Leeds remains in custody. A man arrested during last week's pulled out at the last minute. Police say that person may have with explosives when it was found. the Luton car was packed a fifth accomplice - there may have been There's also an increasing belief were not strapped to their bodies. and that the explosives that they took personal ID with them buying return rail tickets, It's a theory based on all of them by the so-called mastermind. and the group was tricked may not have been part of the plan Police now think suicide something so horrible like that. that he is capable of doing It's hard for me to believe he dropped off their radar. but they too admit when he was in America was tracked by the FBI And Jamaican-born Germaine Lindsay just months before the attacks. for terror training in Pakistan by Tanweer and Hussain is believed to have been joined played a role in a Tel Aviv bombing, Khan, who's also thought to have and surveillance is very costly. in terms of surveillance that they can apply to him, are to have resources the less likely MI5 The further out they are

to investigate links to global terrorism. Judge Bruguiere interrogated Willie Brigitte who is alleged to have links with al-Qa'ida and to have come to Australia to carry out a terrorist attack. He also wants to speak with convicted bomb plotter Jack Roche. Judge Bruguiere is best known for tracking down international terrorist Carlos the Jackal in 1994. But after a meeting with Attorney-General Philip Ruddock, the judge refused to discuss operational matters nor would he discuss the new Australian debate about an ID card as a tool against terrorists. The Government now officially considering the type of card rejected by Australia in the 1980s. Effective identification of people is important. But Kim Beazley and Labor think an ID card is a low priority. There's a lot of things we can do to be more effective in the struggle with the war on terror before we get to worrying about dubbed 'Le Cowboy', is in Australia Jean-Louis Bruguiere, Here comes the judge. will make the country safer. about whether a national ID card His arrival coincides with debate to global networks. checking out local links experts on terrorism is in Australia One of the world's most renowned Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. In Washington, get a little wobbly. because sometimes our knees and shown us the way to many of us in the US I think that example has permeated strong leadership is inspirational. Mr Armitage says Mr Howard's in America, With support for the war crumbling and it's going to be a long slog. It's a long slog Richard Armitage has no illusions. Former deputy secretary of state a timetable on any exit. but is refraining from putting than some of its own top military more upbeat about Iraq The Administration is considerably with Vice-President Dick Cheney. The PM had a private lunch in order to embrace democracy. intimidation and threats of death in defying violence and of the Iraqi people the extraordinary courage I'll certainly be talking about like Indonesia and Iraq. for countries embracing democracy ID cards. Mr Beazley also claims the Government has raised the issue as a distraction from the political pressure on Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone, and her predesscessor Philip Ruddock over the wrongful detention and deportation of australian residents. He would say that wouldn't he. The ID card issue is already provoking early signs of division within the Coalition, making it clear any such proposal would have trouble striking an acceptable balance between national security and personal provacy. One Liberal backbencher unconvinced. If it's only for the purposes of establishing identity then how can it stop terror? Greg Turnbull, Ten News. An inquest has begun into the death of a 13-year-old boy who was fed peanut butter at school. Hamidur Rahman's parents had warned teachers he was allergic to peanuts, but a court has heard the school didn't take the advice seriously. It took just a taste from this forkful of peanut butter to kill Hamidur Rahman. The 13-year-old schoolboy suffered a severe allergic reaction and died within hours of putting it in his mouth. It was a death, health experts say, that was completely preventable. Absolutely an avoidable death. A Sydney court told today the teenager had been taking part in a school race when the tragedy occurred. Each student had to take turns completing a challenge, such as eating a dry Weet-bix or doing push-ups. When it was Hamidur Rahman's turn, he had to eat the peanut butter. His parents say they ignored their warning to the school that their son was allergic to peanuts. But the principal admitted to the court even he didn't know that could be deadly. Not a surprise. I have no doubt there are directors of childcare centres out there who are still ignorant. To this day, there's no ban on peanut products in public schools in NSW and the job of training teachers in dealing with allergic reactions is left to just three nurses for the whole of the State. The court told the only note made by the teacher informed about Hamidur's allergy was not to serve him Thai food. She'll continue giving evidence at the hearing tomorrow. Amber Muir, Ten News. To sport, and Tim Webster another incredible performance from Tiger Woods. Yes, Tiger continues to rewrite the record books. He led from start to finish to claim his second British Open. It was his 10th major overall, fighting off final round challenges to win by a five shot margin. He's now won at least every major twice, only Jack Nicklaus had done that. And will he walk from the Melbourne Storm or not? The NRL's most wanted player, Matt Orford, may yet stay down south. The developments in his contract saga a little later in sport. Also later in sport - the Swans fire up to take on the competition leaders this weekend, the West Coast Eagles, Ron. Next - modern lifestyles blamed for a looming health crisis. Plus, confusion over which cars P-platers can and can't drive. And the boy from Paramatta who's joined retailing's elite in New York.

All Retravision stores are locally owned, so personal service is second nature. And we'll do this Fisher & Paykel washer for $649. Our Big Brand Sellout is on now. So for bonuses... # At Retravision, yeah, we'll do it. # The former boss of failed pharmaceutical company Pan today faced allegations he destroyed key evidence surrounding the production of a dangerous drug. Jim Selim is charged with one count of ordering the destruction of evidence. The prosecution's key witness, former IT manager Karl Brooks, told the court he was ordered to wipe vital records from the company's computers a day before the Therapeutic Goods Administration began its investigation. It's alleged five batches of the travel sickness drug Travacalm were sold with the wrong mix of chemicals. That led to the largest medical product recall ever. The company was put into voluntary administration in May last year. Calls tonight for a major overhaul of our health system to cope with a dramatic increase in the rates of cancer and diabetes over the next two decades. It's a health crisis that needs urgent treatment. The State's top 300 experts meeting to try and plan how to cope with an aging, overweight population, crippled with a dramatic increase in chronic diseases. It is likely if these figures aren't reversed then the children born today will die younger than our generation. Experts predict diabetes will jump by 127%, cancer will also increase by 47% and patients hospitalised because of injury and poisoning will rise by 94%. Age-related diseases will also skyrocket - arthritis by almost 80%, vision disorders by 93% and cases of dementia will jump by 103%. The incidence of mental illness will also increase by around 9%. The abuse of so-called party drugs a major factor. It's not exactly clear what effect that they will have in the long-term. There is no question the use of stimulant drugs made in someone's bathtub is a dangerous activity for anyone. The Health Minister says the current health system will not cope with the new pressures and is calling for a total overhaul. He says the focus needs to be preventing people from needing hospital treatment in the first place. An interim 20-year plan for the health system will be released for public consultation later in the year. An investigation is under way after several shots were fired into a house in Sydney's south-west overnight. Police were called to this house in Market Street, Smithfield, around 9:30 after a man reported some men were trying to break into his house. The 37-year-old says the shots were fired by four men through the side of the house and the bedroom window. Several spent cartridges were found later in the area. Police are looking for a man of Middle Eastern appearance, around 185cm tall, aged in his mid-30s and wearing a blue bandana. Meanwhile, police are searching bushland off the F3 near Newcastle as part of their investigation into the murder of an elderly man in April this year. 74-year-old Ernest Clark was found with gunshot wounds at his home in Bexley in Sydney's south-west in the early hours of Saturday April 30. He later died in hospital. A 21-year-old man was arrested and charged with murder last week but police believe crucial evidence may have been dumped in bushland off the freeway. Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000. Anger and confusion over the huge list of cars P-platers are now banned from driving. It runs into the thousands and includes some of the safest cars on the road. It may be in their best interests but the crackdown on high-powered cars isn't winning too many backers in the next generation of drivers. More than 3,300 high-powered cars are banned - all V8s and some V6s and turbo-charged vehicles, unless it's a diesel. I think we are being punished for other people who already have their Ps. We are being punished for their mistakes. Everybody who has got their Ps now should have the same law apply to them. Both my parents have V8 cars so I have to go out and buy a new car because I am unable to drive both of theirs. If you believe some car enthusiasts, the problem won't go away. If you are going to turbo it, you are going to turbo it. You are not going to stop for police or anything, so you are just going to make it harder to find and not as loud or anything. I think skills and attitudes are much more important than the power of the car. You can't legislate against stupidity. Many older cars with less power but few safety features are OK but a V8 with the best brakes and airbag is a problem. There's no point putting young drivers into high performance motor cars that have the safety features if they don't know how to drive them. Adding further to the confusion, 23 exemptions to the ban may be granted under exceptional circumstances. The full list of banned cars for new P-platers from Mercedes to Kingswoods can be viewed on the RTA website. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Time for a check of the weather. Tim Bailey, it was that cold I had to cuddle the missua just to stay warm. Helen Wilson, you're the world's most tolerant wife. It was down to about 3 degrees last night. In Sydney it was 6.3 which was the coldest night in 12 months. It was 3 in other places. That's tropical. It's mines 1 in the Blue Mountains. 7 in Sydney. It's classic winter weather, clear blew skies. Same tomorrow, tops of 18 degrees right across the city. Skywatch - if you have to go back to school and the office, it might as well look

beautiful. Insurgently 15 degrees across Sydney, no problems with pollution levels. Later we have a clever weather photograph to give you ideas. We'll show you that and bring the week's weather and an update on the snowfields. Ahead in Ten News - furious farmers staging a very slow protest that's bound for Sydney. And more than 1,000 people baring all, in the interests of art.

LAIDBACK MUSIC Domino's: Pick up: From just: Only on Monday. Only at Domino's. SONG: # Domino's! # This program is captioned live. Time to check on the traffic with Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic

helicopter. I don't need to tell you again my thoughts on you again my thoughts on semitrailers and the peak hour traffic. It's sitting southbound at Granville. We'll zoom in on the delays, you can see the truck. All the traffic is trying to merge away from the middle lane and stay in lanes 1 and 3, but the traffic is building up heading back toward Parramatta. It could be a slow run for traffic Parramatta. It could be a slow run for traffic leading Parramatta heading in toward Merrylands. Go the Great Western Highway or Cumberland Highway. Schapelle Corby's flamboyant Indonesian lawyer has arrived in Bali, ahead of her fresh trial on Wednesday. Hotman Paris Hutapea now says he wants two Australian journalists to give evidence, to help prove reasonable doubt. He met Corby's mother and sister, and, despite an apparent lack of new testimony, remains confident. If the judges follow the concept of unreasonable doubt, which we call... Corby must be released. Corby faces twenty years in jail after being found guilty of smuggling marijuana into Bali last October. A convoy of tractors is crawling towards Sydney in a major protest against vegetable imports. Angry farmers gathered today in Melbourne determined to get their message across. The farmers have summoned plenty of spirit for their fight against imported vegetables. Their next goal is to win over the hearts, minds and, most importantly, shopping dollars of the Australian public. Super-sized tractors more at home in the paddock, instead ploughing through peak-hour, big-city traffic. With vegetable imports doubling over the past six years, Australia's farmers claim the local industry could collapse within five, swamped by cheaper imports, the product of large subsidies or forced labour. Every other country in the world is conscious of looking after its own food supply but at the moment, in Australia, all we're trying to do is destroy our own food supply. Multinational companies such as McDonald's and the major supermarket chains under attack for sourcing product from overseas. McDonald's recently cut its fries contract with Tasmanian potato farmers in half while Woolworths-Safeway and Coles both use imported vegetables in their home brand products. The Federal Government urged to introduce more rigorous country of origin labelling for food packaging. It doesn't work because at the moment you can put imported peas into Australian packaging and pass them off as Australian. The tractor convoy will cover several thousand kilometres over the next three weeks, making stops at major regional centres as well as holding rallies in Sydney and Canberra. Cameron Baud, Ten News. Former Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein could go on trial as early as September after being formally charged with a massacre that happened more than 20 years ago. The news comes as hundreds of Iraqis are killed or wounded in a new suicide bombing blitz. The sounds and signs of overwhelming grief as Iraqi's mourn the victims of yet another suicide bombing. 98 people died. Almost as many more were injured when a bomber stepped from a stolen petrol tanker and calmly blew it up. A huge fireball rocked the town of Musayyib 85km south of Baghdad. It was the deadliest attack by al-Qa'ida backed insurgents since the new Iraqi government took power in April and one of 400 since the coalition invasion. 110 people have been killed in just the last 3 days alone. The announcement of charges against Saddam Hussein is not likely to stop the carnage. Iraq's chief judge says Saddam could stand trial as early as September for the massacre of 150 Shi'ites in 1982 after a failed assassination attempt. Many Iraqis want a quick trial, feeling it may only increase the violence. (Translation) The situation is now as it was. We have been suffering a lot during and after Saddam's era. Killing is now done in public. while in Saddam's era the killing was done secretly. The 68-year-old former dictator is being held by the US military in a complex near Baghdad Airport. He'll almost certainly face other charges over the death of Iraqi Kurds. Mark Suleau, Ten News. 11 firefighters are among at least 14 people killed in wild bushfires ravaging central Spain. Huge flames have devoured thousands of hectares of land, forcing the evacuation of local towns and villages. Smoke from the blaze blocked out the sun and choked the entire region. The fire, which has left a massive trail of destruction, is believed to have started when a barbecue wasn't properly extinguished. 80,000 people have been ordered to evacuate as Hurricane Emily roars towards Mexico. As Emily's first winds are felt, thousands of tourists are fleeing popular holiday resorts like Cancun. The hurricane is the strongest July storm on US records, travelling at around 230km/h. We just took the last flight that would get us out of Cancun. We didn't care where it landed. The monster storm has already claimed several lives in Granada and Jamaica. It's expected to hit Texas later in the week. Some Chinese villagers obviously don't share the West's view of pandas as cute and cuddly. When a wild panda walked into the middle of their village they fled in panic. The panda went the other way, swimming several kilometres downstream before climbing a tree to rest. A tranquilliser dart made sure it really was asleep before it was hauled down and taken away for a check-up before being returned to the wild, well away from that village. Residents of the northern English town of Gateshead have woken to an unusual sight. 1,500 men and women wandering the streets, naked. It was all in the name of art. The nudists, volunteers for a series of pictures for photographer Spencer Tunick. Braving the early morning elements, the crowd, including Australians, bared all in various locations around the picturesque town on the River Tyne. Tunick is famous for this kind of photography, documenting live nude figures, in public, around the world. Ahead - readers ignore harsh criticism of the new Harry Potter book. Plus, we'll bring back the memories as the now bustling Sydney Airport turns 85. And the boy from Parramatta who's joined retailing's elite in New York. Enjoy the historic views of one of Canberra's oldest homestead properties. Live just 15 minutes to the heart of the city. Have it all at Wells Station

for Land Development Agency's Wells Station ballot, to be held on July 30th. So don't miss out, call 1800 777 952 or visit our site office on Nullabor Avenue, Gungahlin. But hurry, so you have can have it all at Wells Station. This program is captioned live. The sun's been out, This program is captioned live. The sun's been out, but it's taken a while to warm up. Is the weather going to get warmer? We're in the goosebump field. It will be chilly at night-time and mild in the day, 18, 19 and 20 degrees by next Saturday. Tonight, a real cold one, 0 at Richard, mines 1 in the Blue Mountains and 7 degrees in 0 at Richard, mines 1 in the Blue Mountains and 7 degrees in the CBD. Last night was Sydney's coldest night in 12 months. I'll Bookstores across the country are calling in reinforcements see you again later. Bookstores across the country are calling in reinforcements after record sales of the latest instalment of Harry Potter. More than a million copies of 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' were shipped in in preparation for the book's release at the weekend but many shops have already sold out. Expected to be the fastest-selling book in history, the trainee wizard's newest adventures is breaking records around the world. In the first 24 hours since its release almost seven million copies were sold in the United States, the best-seller flying out the door in the UK at 13 books a second. Finance news - A homegrown make-up guru is taking on the giants of the cosmetics world on their own turf. Napoleon Perdis fast becoming the boy from Parramatta making it big time in the Big Apple. If you can make it here you can make it anywhere and for Australian cosmetics guru Napoleon Perdis that old mantra is taking on new meaning. He's become the first down under face-maker to have his own counter at the prestigious New York store Saks Fifth Ave since Helena Rubenstein. One of the recent risks was actually leaving everything that I have in Australia to come to a marketplace where, you know, they love newness, but beyond that it's really a really tough grind. But the trappings of his success are already apparent in the 48th floor Manhattan apartment he'll call home until his wife and four children join him later this year. I was brought up in Parramatta. My parents had food shops and being here and being this high up is a long, long way away and I do sometimes get a little, "Oh my God, I'm here". For the world's most famous make-up brands like Estee Lauder, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent appearing in the windows here at Saks Fifth Aveue is a pretty regular occurrence but for the boy from Parammatta, it's definitely a first. At this Saks soiree the store's devoted customers have come to try out what's new. They buy a billion dollars worth of make-up a year so Napoleon makes sure he converts as many as he can. Then I heard that it was from Australia and I tend to find things from Australia are very intriguing. To hit the Big Apple and to be able to do this is an incredible achievement for someone who had very small beginnings in his first store in Paddington. But at only 35 years old, he's realistic. If I fail I'll just start up again. I'm not afraid. Angela Bishop, Ten News. Finance news - and a firm start to the week on the Australian share market. Donahue D'Souza at Commonwealth Securities. We're really starting to feel the pinch at the pump. It is. The national average released today for unladyed petrol was a record 112.5 cents per litre. Petrol prices are record highs in all the capital cities except Darwin and Canberra. Sydney's motorists paid a Darwin and Canberra. Sydney's motorists paid a record that's set to rise if oil prices condition to rise and if the Aussie dollar continues. I'm hearing indications are it will go up tonight? That could be the case. The market is worried about disruptions after oil platforms were evacuated after platforms were evacuated after hurricane Emily's arrival. A hurricane last year disrupted production for several months. Sydney airport is celebrating its 85th birthday. Officially opened in 1920 it's one of the world's oldest continuously operating commercial airports. One of the world's first female pilots, Nancy Bird-Walton, joined the celebrations. Now 89, she was one of the first students to sign-up when legendary aviator Sir Charles Kingsford Smith opened his flying school at Mascot in the 1930s. It was a grazing paddock, you see, so it was nice and flat and thin, but when it rained, it was full of puddles. Sydney airport is Australia's busiest - looking after 27 million passengers a year. Tim Webster with sport, and will Manly get their man? That man Matt Orford and there are some late developments, coming up who's stepped into the bidding on Melbourne's behalf. 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This program is captioned live. Tiger Woods has moved to third on the all-time list of majors winners with his start to finish victory in the British Open. Geoff Ogilvy was the best placed Australia, one of six players in a tie for fifth place. Tiger's 5-shot win takes his tally of majors to 10, eight behind Jack Nicklaus. Despite this royal and ancient illusion, there's only one Jack Nicklaus, but Tiger Woods is making giant strides towards the records that make the Golden Bear the game's greatest. COMMENTATOR: Oh, he's hit the pin. Woods starting the final round with a 2-shot lead and by the end of the day he'd join Nicklaus as the only postwar players to win two Opens at the home of golf. And it will come spinning around this time. There were a few hiccups along the way - playing partner Jose Maria Olazabal getting within a shot of the lead. Well done. The great local hope, Colin Montgomerie, also getting within a stroke midway through the round. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE 3-times British Open champion Nick Faldo putting on a colourful sideshow Nick Faldo, he gets the birdie at the 17th. As the challengers bowed to Woods. Montgomerie conceding that chasing the world number one on the final day of a major is almost a waste of time. We needed a series of mistakes and that wasn't gonna happen. So there you go. It was the wrong person to be chasing. Of anyone in the world, he was the wrong guy up on top. Woods joining Nicklaus atop another landmark as the second player in history to win all four majors twice. But Woods did it two years faster than Nicklaus, and he's yet to turn 30. It's a dream come true to win at the home of golf. This as good as it gets for an Open championship to be here. Leanne West, Ten News. The speculation continues tonight over the future of Melbourne half-back Matt Orford. Three clubs - the Storm, Manly and Souths - are anxiously waiting for that telephone call to confirm they've signed him. Tony Peters joins us, and just about everyone thinks it's a done deal at Manly? They certainly did. Everybody was confident it was a done deal, however today the boss of the Melbourne Storm met with the Power man from news limited and there's every possibility that if he does stay in Melbourne, it's because every possibility that if he does stay in Melbourne, it's because of the money. They'll come into play significantly. A decision a likely tomorrow. And the Dragons looked at real deal. They blew the Sea Eagles after the park. One of the stars for the Dragons yesterday may not be with the club next year. There's no doubt the Dragons have a huge pool of talent, but no doubt the Dragons have a huge pool of talent, but Greenshields may not remain a part of it. He's on the open market. I'd love to stay here because it's a great club and I have a good foundation down there and I've made some good friends. I don't want to move, but I have to. Luke Bailey achieved a milestone, scoring his first try in 52 matches. To get his parents milestone, scoring his first try in 52 matches. To get his parents off his back. They gave me a hiding the night before. It was the Sirutis thing I thought of Shane Webcke won't miss a week for a dangerous throw, his penalty 93 points for an orl plea. You has an ankle injury and may miss the Bulldogs game. O'Meley is right for the Bulldogs game. O'Meley is right for the match. The Roosters are doing soul searching tonight, they're 11th on of table. They had on coaching clinic, 200 juniors, and they must have shipped them in. Simon Woolford seeking leave to appeal thais 8 weeks suspension, will know the outcome tomorrow. The Wallabies' injury worries are on the improve still more than a week away from their Test match against South Africa in Johannesburg. Skipper George Gregan led the side's first session since their arrival, while Chris Latham and Matt Rogers resume full training tomorrow. The side's excited about the chance to meet former South African president Nelson Mandela at the match. It'll certainly be quite an occasion. A very special man and not that many people will be able to say they've met Nelson Mandela. Hopefully, the guys on the weekend will draw from that and be quite a special moment. The sides play for the Mandela Trophy on Saturday week. Swans coach Paul Roos says this week's match against premiership favourites the West Coast Eagles will be treated like any other. The Swans moved into fourth spot on the ladder after an impressive win over the Demons in Melbourne on Saturday night and face the in-form Eagles who have lost just once this year. We're getting them at home and when we're in pretty good form so you'd rather be going into a game like this with your team playing well. The Eagles face a nervous wait with both their star ruckmen, Michael Gardner and Dean Cox, reported for separate incidents during their win over the Brisbane Lions at the weekend. Australia's Troy Corser has tightened his grip on the World Superbike Championship with victory in the Czech Republic. A warning this story reveals the result of the Champ cars which can be seen later tonight on Ten. Already with a comfortable lead in the championship, Troy Corser was determined to re-establish his dominance as the Superbikes returned to the Czech Republic. The Aussie going to the lead from the start and never challenged, winning the first race from Brit James Toseland with Regis Laconi third. Corser had a bigger battle on his hands in the second race, Noriyuki Haga the surprise packet on his Yamaha. Chris Vermeulen having a much better second race, working his way into third place behind Corser but neither could catch Haga. Corser now holds a 94-point championship lead over Vermeulen. At the World Rally Championships in Argentina, Frenchman Sebastian Loeb carved out a slice of history by becoming the first driver to win six races in a row and seven in a single season. The Citroen driver dominated the event to win by 26 seconds from Peugeot's Marcus Gronholm with Subaru's Petter Solberg in third. Aussie Chris Atkinson finishing in ninth spot in his Subaru. At the Champ Cars in Toronto second placed Justin Wilson suffered the embarrassment of spinning off while under a caution flag to drop back to eighth. Frustration for AJ Allmendinger as well, who blew his chances clipping the wall on lap 79. The American inconsolable after his mistake. Sebastien Bourdais inherting the lead and making no such mistakes to take the lead from Servia and Paul Tracy. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Later in Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey we meet Australia's world champion flyweight with a heavyweight's punch and see why pop princess Delta Goodrem is taking a big interest in the Sydney AFL competition. Sounds interesting. Thank you. Vic Lorusso in the Mix traffic helicopter, problems on Windsor Road in Castle Hill? A bad accident just past Showground Road. It's blocked the Road heading toward Kellyville. Traffic getting through on the slip way. All emergency services on the slip way. All emergency services are here. As a result of this accident, the traffic is being delayed significantly. We have problems back toward Baulkham Hills and nearly into Northmead on Windsor Road and on Showground Road, traffic is back towards Castle Hill. Still delays into Granville on Woodville Road there. Next, Tim Bailey with the information we need to plan our week. And the happiest place on Earth turns 50, with no signs of middle age.

This program is captioned live. Time for all the weather details. Tim Bailey, cold? It was that cold today, Jessica Rowe didn't get up all day. I've only just today, Jessica Rowe didn't get up all day. I've only just got to work myself. It's chilly, down to 7 across Sydney tonight. Last night's 6.3 was the coldest night in 12 months. It will be 0 at Richmond tonight, mines 1 across the Blue Mountains. Beautiful days. tonight, mines 1 across the Blue Mountains. Beautiful days. 18 to 20 degrees by next weekend. Someone was really clever and sent this photograph. I love this photograph. Creative stuff. Keep them coming, folks, If you're wondering about If you're wondering about the snow, it's in good nick at the moment, 1.12m is the official snow depth, about 42 hours of snow. It's perfect if you can get down there. We'll take you down to Thredbo Thursday and Friday, and tomorrow night the coffee festival from the Roc.

Satellite - clear skies across NSW under a very strong high pressure system. Patchy low cloud is being directed over the system. Patchy low cloud is being directed over the far southern coast and Tasmania bringing just a few showers. Low clould forming on the Queensland coast causing showers to develop. Tomorrow - a strong high over the south-east will keep most of the country dry and sunny after a cold frostity morning. Predicted precipitation - isolated showers along the northern NSW and Queensland coasts tomorrow. Drizzle clearing from coastal tomorrow. Drizzle clearing from coastal Victoria, showers for western Tasmania and far south-west WA. Wednesday - moist winds will cause rain across eastern Queensland extending in. A high over the south-east will keep most other areas dry and sunny. A front will approach will approach WA, increasing showers and winds. You know what? Run and get a pen, write this down: Mainly Run and get a pen, write this down: Mainly sunny tomorrow, clearing shower, mainly sunny the rest of the week. Then I have a week off. It's that easy. Mainly sunny the next couple of days, apart from the odd shower on Wednesday then blue skies till the weekend, temperatures up to 20.

That's it from me, a man that's always in Disneyland taking you right now to that very place. The 'happiest place on Earth' has officially turned 50. It was 50 years ago today Walt Disney opened the world's first magical theme park. Since then over 515 million people have enjoyed the Disney experience. Disneyland is a true original. It's a place everyone wants to go and you never forget once you've been here. It's the second time Disneyland's celebrated the anniversary. The first party held to coincide with the more memorable date 5/5/05. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Sandra Sully will have the Late News at 10:30, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.