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Live. President Obama vows to

end North Korea's nuclear

program. Another mass rally in

Iran as the Government cracks

down on the foreign media.

India's Trade Minister hints at

new hope for stalled world trade talks and Sri Lanka

Twenty20 World knocks New Zealand out of the

Twenty20 World Cup. Good

morning. Susie Raines with ABC

News for Australia Network. US

President Barack Obama says

Pyongyang should no longer be

rewarded for provocative

behaviour. He's called a

nuclear armed North Korea a

grave threat to global

security. Mr Obama has met with

South Korea's President Lee

Myung-bak. Both leaders have

vowed to strictly enforce UN sanctions

sanctions against the regime.

US President Barack Obama says

when it comes to North Korea

it's time for a new approach.

There's been a pattern in the

past where North Korea behaves

in a belligerent fashion and if

it waits long enough is then

fuel rewarded with foodstuffs and

fuel and concessionary

loans. But amid US reports the

regime is preparing for a third

nuclear test, Mr Obama is

taking a tougher line. The

message we're sending - and

when I say we, not simply the

United States and the Republic

of Korea but I think the

international community - is we

are going to break that

pattern. The pledge comes as

tenths with the North reach new tenths with the North reach new

heights over its nuclear and

missile tests last month. US

forces are on high alert in

Asia while additional south

Korean troops have been

deployed to the border. Both

countries are keen to project a

united front.

TRANSLATION: South Korea and

the United States have a firm

cooperation and partnership

alliance and when North Korea

looks at that partnership and

about taking alliance, they'll think twice

about taking any action they

may regret. The leaders say they're determined to enforce

the UN's latest sanctions

against the regime and they'll

be backed by Japan which has

just announced a ban on all

exports to the North.

TRANSLATION: Japan is sending a

strong message and it will be

up to North Korea to accept it

and make an effort to and make an effort to

change. But it's a message

Pyongyang has so far shown no

sign of heeding. A fourth day

of civil unrest has caused

chaos on the streets of Tehran

as tens of thousands of

Iranians continue to protest

against Friday's disputed

eelection. The head of Iran's

police force says the

authorities will crack down

harshly on anyone who takes part in

part in illegal demonstrations.

Iran is also stopping the word'

media from witnessing what's

going on inside Tehran.

Thousands of anti-Government

demonstrators have taken to the

streets of Iran for a fourth

day of demonstrations.

Supporters of the defeated

Opposition candidate

Mir-Hossein Mousavi say the

election was rigged and they're

demanding a full recount. The

country's supreme leader says he'll support a

he'll support a partial recount

but he's ruled out a new

election. Details of the latest

demonstrations are not clear

because Iran has imposed tough

new restrictions on foreign

media including the ABC. It's quite impossible now for

foreign journalists to work in

Iran and to report about the

situation in the country and

the situation is very bad as

well for local well for local journalists. Many reporters have been thrown

out of the country. World

leaders are closely watching

the events unfold. I stand

strongly with the universal

principle that people's voices

should be heard and not

suppressed. The former crown

prince of Iran , now living in

the United States, says the

protests have almost reached

the level of a revolution. It

is clear that the genie is out

of the bottle, as the

expression goes. This time

people are not just going to

relent and go back and say,

"OK, we tried but we failed." I

don't think they're going to

stop making their demands.

Police say they will strongly

enforce the laws to prevent

unrest on the veets.

TRANSLATION: Iran's police

announce that everyone who

wants to hold a rally,

gathering or ceremony should

get the necessary permission

otherwise the police will take

action. Despite the suppression

of media reporting, amateur

video has emerged of Tuesday'

demonstration, showing a gun

battle on the streets of Tehran. At least seven

Opposition supporters were

killed. A short time ago the ABC's Middle East correspondent

Ben Knight explained why he and

other journalists are leaving

Iran. Today we had our press

credentials revoked, as did all

other foreign journalists. We

were told to stay in the hotel,

we were told not to report on

any illegal gatherings, which

is just about anything at the

moment, so it's time to leave.

Our visas are up tomorrow and

they will definitely not be

extended and there aren't many

journalists left here in Tehran

apart from the ones who live

here. We were contacted through

the Iranian person that we've been working with and through

the Islamic guidance ministry,

through another agency which is

basically the press office for

the Iranian Government. We were

also told the police were no

longer in charge of the city

but that the Revolutionary

Guard were and whether that was

meant to intimidate or not I

don't know but the message was

pretty clear. That was ABC Middle East correspondent Ben

Knight there. And protesters in

Iran have found strong support

far beyond the country's

borders. Around the world,

ex-pat communities are

questioning the rul of the

poll. As hundreds of thousands

protested in Tehran, hundreds

of ex-patriots in New Zealand

joined them in calling for

international action. There is

a huge fraud election. We don't

support that. We need New

Zealand Government and other

democratic country to not

support and not recognise this

Government because it's not the

people's Government. Their

anger was echoed in similar

protests by Iranian communities

around the globe. In Italy,

young protesters dressed in the

campaign colours of losing candidate Mir-Hossein Mousavi

and held banners asking, "Where

is my vote?"

TRANSLATION: We are supporting

those in Iran who have been

demonstrating for the last two

days with immense police

pressure. In Germany,

protesters demanded evidence

for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's

victory. While in the US,

activists turned out in the

capital to show their

solidarity. I'm so proud of

Iranians around the world in

Europe and in north America,

South America, everywhere

everybody has stepped up and at

least we can show we are not the same as our Government.

While ordinary people are

taking to the streets, the

Japanese Foreign Minister's

added his voice to the international community's

growing chorus of concern.

TRANSLATION: The Government of

Japan hopes the situation will be brought under control

be brought under control and shootings will cease as soon as

possible. The man at the centre

of the storm, Mahmoud

Ahmadinejad, has meantime been

warmly welcomed at a summit of

central Asian powers and

congratulated by his Russian

hosts on his presidential win.

As we've just heard, as

protests spread in Iran, the

country's newly elected Mahmoud

Ahmadinejad is miles Ahmadinejad is miles away in

Russia. He's joined heads of

State from powerful Asian

nations for talks on security

and economic issues which don't

include the US. It's Mahmoud

Ahmadinejad's first overseas

trip since his controversial

re-election. He arrived for the Shanghai Cooperation

Organisation summit, a forum

which includes Russia, China

and central Asian nations. Russian Russian President, Dmitry

Medvedev, gave him a warm

welcome. A show of support

against Western concerns about

the legitimacy of recent polls,

but there was no mention of the

mass rallies in Iran. Instead, Mr Ahmadinejad took the

opportunity to criticise the

US, drawing attention to

America's economic problems.

TRANSLATION: America is consumed by economic and

political crises and there is

political crises and there is

no hope for an immediate

solution. Allies of the US are

also not in a position to sort

out these problems.

TRANSLATION: Today, it is

absolutely essential to work

out new standards for

regulating the financial

markets and financial institutions. The Indian Prime

Minister, Manmohan Singh, and

the Pakistani President, Asif

Ali Zardari, attended as observers. The two

observers. The two took the

opportunity to hold their first meeting since last November's

terrorist attacks on Mumbai

which were plotted in Pakistan.

Pakistan is struggling with

Taliban militants within its

borders and the two leaders

founds am common ground. Today

the serious national challenges

of terrorism, extremism and narcotics endangers the fabric

of our

of our society. It is

therefore imperative that we

genuinely cooperate with one

another and on a global scale

to resolutely defeat

international terrorism. To

fight the global financial

crisis, the Chinese Government

offered $10 billion US in

credit to summit nations. At a

separate forum, the powerful

BRIC countries - Brazil,

BRIC countries - Brazil,

Russia, India and China -

called for more representation

at the World Bank but the group

stopped short of backing

Russia's call for alternative

reserve currencies to the US

dollar. You're watching ABC

News for Australia Network.

Coming up, poverty levels

rising in Fiji and growing

anger in China over its Internet

Internet filtering plans.

Rescuers have spend the night

searching for survives from a

collapsed coal mine in Sumatra.

13 people are reported killed

while dozens of miners are

missing. Geoff Thompson reports. Illegal

reports. Illegal mining is a

dangerous and popular way to

make a living among the poor in

resource-rich Indonesia. It

often involves miners disappear

nothing to makeshift tunnels.

Now one such mine collapsed

after an explosion in the Sawah

Linto district of west Sumatra

province. Police say the blast

left a crater 100m deep. Rustam

Pakaya says up to 40 Pakaya says up to 40 remain

missing and some of them may be

trapped alive underground. A

local ploufr told a radio

station that seven bodies have

been recovered. Two police

officers and a teacher have

been killed during fresh violence in southern Thailand.

A bomb hidden in a motorcycle

was rigged to explode outside a

police station, killing the two

officers. Another officer was officers. Another officer was

injured. In neighbouring Yala

province, a Buddhist teacher

was shot dead on her way to

work. 31 people have died in

separatist attacks in the

region in the past two weeks. Afghanistan has begun the 2-month-long process of holding

its election campaign as

presidential candidates tussle

to displace Hamid Karzai from

the top job. Mr Karzai, who was

regarded as vulnerable earlier

in the year, has strengthened in the year, has strengthened

his hold on the presidency in

recent weeks, persuading some

of his leading challengers to

drop out of the race. This

leaves 41 candidates still in

contention for the election.

It's only the second time in

its history that Afghanistan

has held a democratic poll.

Analysts say the large number of candidates will probably

force the election to a second

round. There's growing anger en-China at Government plans to

put Internet filtering software

on every computer sold in the

country. The move has drawn

tremendous public criticism

over what Internet users see as

heavier censorship. China's

Internet users are in uproar

over the Government's plans to

install pornography filtering

software on every computer sold

in the country. People are

just upset that a company that

makes such horrible makes such horrible software

could get a Government mandate

and so much Government money to

distribute a really truly awful

product. Whatever its failings

as a pornography filter, it

does seem wrel suited to

another task, helping police

crack down on political

dissent. It does make surveillance easier because

you've got the PC basically

pushing out the information to pushing out the information to the police in effect. Instead

of censoring cyber space

through Internet service providers as it's done in the

past, the Chinese Government's

now working its way inside

people's computers and that's a

lot of computers to monitor. At

last tount there were 300

million Chinese Internet users.

A recent online survey found

that up to 80% of those users

are against the mandatory

installation of the software,

part of the reason for that is

that a senior Government

official is rumoured to be a

major investor in the soph ware

company that makes the program,

a firm that stands to make

around $10 million US this year

alone from the new policy. This

lawyer is urging an open investigation.

TRANSLATION: In my two letters

asking for freedom of

information and a public

hearing, we asked the

Government to make the whole bidding process

bidding process public. We need

to know if the software is

indeed worth $47 million. Not

to mention the political cost

to the Government. India's

Trade Minister says the new

Governments in the yoouBs and

India could break the impasse

in stalled world trade talks.

Anand Sharma says getting the

Doha round back on track would be

be for the India. He says

wealthy states appear to have

forgotten the talks were

dedicated to lifting developing

nations out of poverty. He's

only a new kid on the trade

block but India's Trade

Minister is already hoping New

Delhi will fine better friends

in Washington. It's a 2-way

process when we talk of

engagement and I don't see any

restrictions being there for

the issue of the issue of access. Mr Sharma

visits Washington this week,

almost a year since the Doha

round of trade talks collapsed

over a dispute between the US

and a Coalition of emerging

nations led by India. He says

there's a freing outlook from

both sides. There is much

happening now, the impasse has

been broken. Mr Sharma rejects

suggestions that it was India suggestions that it was India

that caused the talks to fail

last year when his predecessor

didn't appear. Mr Sharma says

he hopes India's standing

invitation to host a meeting of

the word's eight biggest

economies will help move things

along. The host of next month's

G8 talks, Italy, a hopeful of

progress as well, but for the

moment there are other more

pressing matters.

TRANSLATION: The first issue is

the world economy, the economic

crisis, and how to get out of

this crisis. Mr Berlusconi

says he hopes the presence of

the World Trade Organisation

chief at July's G-8 Summit will

jump-tart the stalled trade

talks. Australia is spending

another $1 million to help

refugees on the border between

Thailand and Burma. About

Thailand and Burma. About

140,000 refugees are living in

camps and many have been there

for more than two decades.

Australia has already given $8

million this year to improve living conditions for the

Rohingya people living in Burma

and Bangladesh. In Australia, a

former Palm Island mayor has

welcomed a decision to reopen a

coronial inquest into the death

in custody of Cameron

Doomadgee. The court of apeople

has set aside the original

findings that police officer

Chris Hurley caused the death

in 2004. He was later acquitted

but it still trying to clear

his name. Aboriginal elder Sam

Watson wanted the door to close

today own a dark chapter in

Palm Island's history. I feel immensely saddened for the

family on Palm Island. But the Queensland Court of Appeal has

ordered the inquest into the

death of Cameron Doomadgee be

reopened. It's a war of

attrition, isn't it? A death

that occurs four years ago and

two courts now, after many days

of litigation, have still not

got it right as to what

happened to this man. Mr

Doomadgee was found dead in his

cell and a 2006 inquest found Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley

caused his fatal injuries. The

policeman was acquitted of

manslaughter and last year the District Court ruled the

inquest findings should be

struck out. Today the Court of Appeal ruled that:

And the court also

criticised acting State Coroner

Christine Clement's findings,

Christine Clement's findings, saying:

I don't really think that

another inquest is going to

resolve anything and again, the family and community on Palm

Island are going to be

subjected to another long

period of sorry business. The

Police Union is standing by its

man as he tries to clear his

name. Look, we welcome the decision that has been made today. A new

today. A new Coroner will have

to be appointed to the case.

It's just dangerous to pre-empt

what further evidence or what

further findings will be made.

Only time will tell when those

findings are made. They say

they wrested control to ensure

stability in their country but

Fiji's military rulers appear

to have done the opposite to

their economy. It's contracting

while much of the region enjoys

while much of the region enjoys growth. Poverty levels are

rising so rapidly that one

senior economist from the Asian

development bank is warning of

an a economic spiral. In Fiji's

tourist resorts things are even

more laid back than usual this

year. Visitor numbers is down

by almost a third. Tourism

operators at this Nadi trade fair blamed the global

fair blamed the global

financial crisis but there's an

elephant in the room. A

takeover by military leader

Frank Bainimarama is also

having an effect. We've had

some very adverse publicity in

New Zealand and Australia

saying it's not safe here,

there's army people on street

corners, which we've never had

the army on the streets. It's

true the towns and cities are apparently calm

apparently calm in spite of a

crackdown on the media, courts

and even churches, but

according to the Asian

development bank there's a worsening economic crisis here

not simply caused by a drop in

tourist revenue. There is the

potential for a downward

spiral, the political

environment is going to affect the confidence of the business

community, it's going to affect

the confidence of consumers.

It will maintain the pressure

and the fact is

and the fact is if we come

under pressure belts have to be tightened. International

investors, tour operators and

ruling political elite may be worried about the failing

economy here but those who'll

suffer the most are the people

living in the shanty towns and

villages. 30% of Fiji now lives

in poverty. The impact of the

current situation is falling

too much on the poor and this

trend of rising poverty

trend of rising poverty will in

fact become worse. But the Government says it's taking

action to help the situation by

devaluing the Fiji dollar and

introducing investment incentives. Australia's central

Reserve Bank hasn't ruled out

more interest rate cuts to

stave off a recession but it

dozen seem to be in any hurry.

That's prompted calls for the Government to step

Government to step in. It

wasn't a good look. Days after

the Commonwealth raised fixed

and variable home loan rates,

it was due to hold a $100,000

end of financial year party at

a plush Sydney hotel. These

are tough economic times,

people are making hard

decisions out there in small

business, hard decisions also

about home loansyism think it

would be good, very good indeed, if we

indeed, if we had some

explanation. Soon after that

please explain, the CBA said it

would post-pone the bash which

it says was a reward for its

hard working finance division

staff in lieu of a Christmas

party but some in Canberra

still want blood, demanding

that the Government review the

deposit guarantees and cap the

standard variable rate at 5%

above the Reserve Bank's rate. The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister and

Treasurer should stop saying

pretty please to the banks and

stop taking decisive action.

The Reserve Bank is in no hurry

to help out. The minutes for

this months's board meeting

when it kept the official rate

at 3% said board members did

nottee sea a pressing case for further action although the

door is open for further rates

in the meantime.

in the meantime. Lenders have

put up their 3-year fixed rate

mortgage s by up to 80 basis

points. Should it continue, the Reserve Bank may have to

act. Thex extent that mortgage

rates do creep up at the same

time that unemployment is

rising 13 the raek will at some point probably decide to cut

its cash rate further. One

thing the latest round of

interest rate increases reminds us of is that

us of is that the Reserve Bank

doesn't have the influence over

home mortgage rates that it

used to.You're watching ABC

News for Australia Network.

Recapping the top stories in

this bulletin - the US

President Barack Obama vows to

vigorously pursue North Korea

over its nuclear program and

another mass rally in Tehran as

the Iranian Government cracks

down on foreign media coverage.

To the business figures now:

To sport and Sri Lanka has

storm under to the semifinals

of the Twenty20 World Cup after beating New Zealand. Its

opponent was jubilant when it

immediately removed the dangerous Sanath Jayasariya

with the first ball but Sri

Lanka steadied and made

Lanka steadied and made 158.

Dilshan and Jayawardene made

40s. The Kiwis started OK but

lost their last 7 wickets for

46 and were bowled out for 110.

Now to the regional weather

forecast for the next 24 hours.

You're watching ABC News for

Australia Network. Before we go

let's take another look at the

headlines. US President Barack

Obama vows to defend South

Korea and end Pyongyang's

nuclear program. Another huge

demonstration in Tehran as the Iranian Government launch as

crackdown on foreign media

coverage and Sri Lanka knocks

New Zealand out of the Twenty20 World

World Cup in England. And

that's all for this bulletin.

For more information on news

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Australia Network news Dom. I'm

Susie Raines, thanks for watching.

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