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(generated from captions) This Program Is Captioned Live. A Defence Minister the attack. Stephen Smith's

angry salvo at his own department's handling of the latest sex scandal. It seems

to me in the scale insensitivity to complete to me in the scale of complete

piddy that this matter was insensitivity to complete stew

allowed to succeed. Troops storm the home of the Ivory Coast's President. The government's new legislation to

change cigarette packaging We

want to

last bit of glamour there may be in smoking is removed. Alicia Coutts powers to yet

another freestyle victory. Good

morning. It's Thursday, 7 April I'm Michael Rowland. I'm

Beverly O'Connor. The top story

on ABC News Breakfast - the

defence smins at war with his

own officials. Stephen Smith

has slammed their treatment of

a female cadet who revealed she

was unwittingly filmed while having sex with a female cadet. He says it was

insensitive and stupid to make

her face a dismanary hearing on

different matters and has asked

for a please-explain on the woman was made to apologise for going public. Firstly, insensitive for a hearing to be

held on a day like today.

Secondly, despite the fact I'm

told the young woman agreed to

the proceedings and pleaded

guilty, it seems to me in the

scale of complete insensitivity

matter to complete stuBed that this

matter was allowed to succeed and I have asked the chief of

the Defence Force to urgently

advise me as to whether it is

possible and open for this

guilty plea and conviction to

be quashed. My reason for doing

that is that it's quite clear

on her owned a vice to the

public that this young woman is

in a distressed State and under

a lot of pressure. I would not

believe, and I've long been a

lapsed lawyer, but I would not believe that believe that any young person

clear or sensible judgments would be in a position

about such matters on a day

like today. For more Melissa

Clarke join us from Canberra. I

don't think don't think I've ever seen the

Defence Minister so angry. He

was having to exercise self-restraint in that

interview. He was clearly

unhappy with the way processes

his first press conference had been laid out. When he gave

yesterday he was anded a lot of questions about the troment of

this woman, had she been

vilified, how Defence had handled her complaints and handled her complaints and he

was giving the benefit of doubt, saying he had questions

in to Defence and was waiting

happy and answers. Clearly he is not

happy with some of the answers

he's getting because we saw

there he said he thought it was

bordering on stupid for this

woman to have faced a hearing

given the circumstances of the

last 48 hours and now subsequent 18-year-old woman who was subsequent reports that this


knowingly filmed having sex

alleges was broadcast to six with a colleague that

others, that she was forced to

apologise to them apparently

for going to the media about it, seems extraordinary. There

will be more

Stephen Smith to both answer

and for him to also put to

those in the ADF about what

sort of processes they have in

place when a woman in these circumstances, making very

serious complaints to the point she's been granted compassionate leave, is at the

same time apparently being

hauled in front of the people she's accusing of victimising her and being made the one to

apologise. There will be lot

more questions to be answered and No Doubt more angry press conferences from Stephen conferences

Smith. And they're the

question we'll be asking the

Minister when he joins us

later. Interestingly, in his

later press conference and

media appearances yesterday, he refused to express confidence

in the head of the Defence

Force academy so maybe some question markz arising there.

That's right. And

- it says volumes at this stage

because normally you would have a Minister in these

circumstances give full support

or as much support as

or as much support as possible

or remarks that give the head a

little more hope whereas

we saw in this circumstance was little more hope whereas what

Stephen Smith decline to give confidence in that position and

nat may well have some people

worried this morning. Moving

on, we have yet another episode

in the Julia Gillard-Kevin Rudd


us about it. The tensions

continue. There were very tense

moments in the last 24 hours as

we're still seeing the fall-out

comments about Cabinet from Kevin Rudd's rather candid

discussions and carbon pricing.

We have had Kevin Rudd re-State

his prerogative as a former

Prime Minister to say what he

wants when he wants about his

time leading Government and he

told Jim Middleton on the ABC's

News Line last night that it

was right and appropriate at

times when he feels necessary to defend his record as Prime

yourself a question in terms of

the prime Ministership of Mr Howard, the prime Ministership

of Mr Hawke and was Prime Minister. You'll ask questions about your record,

what you've achieved or failed

to achieve and it's important,

as appropriate, that persons as appropriate, that persons in

those positions answer those

setting questions in the context of

setting the record straight. I

reaffirm that again today.

as a senior member of the Simultaneously, I've got to say

Federal Government, I am out

there fully supporting the Government's resolve to put a

price on carbon as this has

been my constant position since

year dot. And Julia Gillard

perhaps not so comfortable. We saw Kevin Rudd there looking

quite content when he was

declaring he'll say what he

wants when he wants. When Julia

Gillard was asked about Kevin

Rudd and his comments and

whether or not she was pleased

doing over with what he's been saying and

Chris Uhlmann on 7:30 last

night, she looked comfortable. I understand night, she looked decidedly

Kevin was asked on Q & A some questions about that period of

his Prime Ministership and he

answered them. What's been less

reportset he was also asked

about his work now and made it

very clear that he's got his

shoulder to the wheel, pressing

the policies and plans of this Government, out

Government, out there arguing

for them and that's exactly

what I expect my Ministers to. Do Are Do Are you happy with his

performance this week? I have

just answered the question. I

expect my Ministers to be out

there arguing for the

Government's policies and plans

and Kevin Rudd was doing that. Again, another case of

what the Prime Minister didn't

say speaking volumes. Thank you

very much. To other news and

the Ivory Coast's beleaguered

President is not giving up

easily. Rival forces have tried

to storm Laurent Gbagbo's home

where he is holed up with his

family. The latest reports say for now. Mr Gbagbo's refusing

to relinquish power to Allesane to relinquish power to Allesane

Ouattara who won last year's presidential election.

Negotiations for him Negotiations for him to

surrender have so far gone

nowhere. The Federal Government

hopes to start phasing in plain

packaging for cigarettes from

January next year. The Health

Minister will release the draft legislation today. Nicola Roxon

says the splan to make

cigarette packs as ugly as possible. Tobacco companies have already spent millions of

dollars fighting the proposal. The Federal Government is having

Western Australian Nationals MP

Tony Crook to support a bill to

limit the amount of money

players can spend on poker machines. Independent MP Andrew

Wilkie says the

crucial to his ongoing support

for the Government but the

independently minded Nationals

MP says he's concerned the bill

could put his State's ban on

poker machines in pubs and

clubs at risk. Workers at

Japan's Fukushima nuclear power

plant have finally managed to

plug the leak that has been spewing highly radioactive

water into the sea. They've use

chemicals to solidify around

the cracks but they're

concerned about the buildup concerned about the buildup of

hydrog en gas in one of the

reactors and that it could

cause another explosion. The

Italian coast guard is

searching for survivors from a

refugee boat that capsized near

the Italian island of

Lampedusa. Nearly 50 refugees from North Africa have been rescueded

rescueded from heavy seas. Up to 150 are still Bev just mentioned, the Federal Government will today Government will today release draft legislation draft legislation to introduce

plain packaging on cigarettes.

Nicola Roxon says Australia is

leading the world in leading the world in fighting

smoking. We know that tobacco

companies spend millions and millions of dollars researching

what their logo should look

like, what colours they should

use, if they emboss the packets

or not. We're taking that away

because we want to make sure

every last bit of every last bit of glamour there

might be in smoking is removed

and that's really the step that we're taking. We hope that this

means young people will not

start smoking and we hope it

will provide an tune for many

people who are addicted to decide to decide to quit. Health Minister Nicola Roxon on Lateline last night. Returning to the Ivory Coast where the country's President Laurent Gbagbo is stubbornly holding on to

power. For details, power. For details, Africa correspondent Ginny Stein joins us

us from Johannesburg via web

cam. Yesterday we were getting

news that perhaps Gbagbo had

accepted some conditions to

surrender but now that seems to all be over today? The key

sticking point, the fact he has been required to say that he recognises his rival Allesane

Ouattara as the winner of the election is the point that he just can't come at and

apparently one of the key reasons for stopping any hope

of a surrender at this stage.

What we do know is that talks

are ongoing. Fwrans has pulled

out for the moment but the UN is still involveded. The

rebels, we're hearing today, had got to the spot, the home where Laurent Gbagbo is holed

up. They have been repelled for

now. What can you tell us about

that activity overnight? What we do know is that they've been repelled but they pulled back.

There is a real reason here

behind this, that they are

trying to capture him alive. There are real problems for him

to be killed at this point

would be devastating for the

Ivory Coast. There is a concern

that what that would mean in a country where the election but he gained

something like 46% of the vote so there is strong support for

him, there is real concern that

if something goes wrong now at

this point, the lawlessness this point, the lawlessness

that we are seeing carrying out

across the Ivory Coast could

worsen. That has become particularly bad in recent days. Very difficult for the

civilians that are caught up in

all of it? Absolutely but it's

now we're seeing - there are ambassador to the Ivory Coast,

his residence has been attacked

by mercenaries and he is holed

up in a room in his house.

not just in Abbott, it's in

areas to the west where there

is no real focus there at the

moment but where lawlessness is escalating and where people are

living in real fear. What

about the international forces,

both the UN and French have been involved with the rebels.

Is that going to continue or Is that going to continue or has that abated for the moment as the focus is really around Gbagbo's home? The reports

coming out at the moment are confused, they're conflicted

but what we do know is that negotiations are

continuing. And the UN envoy

yesterday said he felt the

issue was over. Is he directly negotiating with Gbagbo? Again, that's something that

very difficult to know from

here. Communications aren't

great. Ginny, just finally,

there were reports this week

about a massacre, hundreds and

hundreds of bodies turning

from both sides of the conflict. That must be a growing concern for the UN?

The UN made a point of actually sending its human rights

secretary-general to that area

to investigate. I was able to

speak with him yesterday and he said the number killed in the incidents that we've heard about in the

village, it's absolutely

confirm ed that

people were killed. The number

perhaps not as great as they

thought but he has uncovered a

further incident that at this

point had not been made public

but talking to aid workers,

what we know is that there are

further attacks ongoing, that

there is something like 18,000

people in one place that seeking refuge because of the lawlessness in that area and because of their fear of retaliation. Ginny stein in

Johannesburg, thank you for

your time this morning. Thank

you. Let's look at the front pages of the major newspapers. The Defence Minister Stephen

Smith has labelled the military

stupid and insensitive over its

handling of the sex scandal

involving an 18-year-old female cadet in the 'Canberra Times'. The 'Sydney Morning Herald'

says Mr Smith has lambasted the

Defence Force for making the cadet face hearing on unrelated matters.

The age says Coalition Treasury

spokesman Joe Hockey has

declared trust should be taxed

in the same way as companies. The

Queensland Health lost its

battle to prevent the

publication of documents

regarding deaths in public hospital emergency departments. The 'Herald Sun' says

Victorians face power bill

increases of up to increases of up to $100. 'The Australian' says construction companies companies pitching to build

Labor's national broadband says

the cost of capital works could

surge more than surge more than 50%. The 'Daily Telegraph' says hospital patients will soon be patients will soon be able to

go online and seek faster medical treatment by finding out which emergency rooms have

shortest waiting times. The

'Advertiser' says the state of

the mental health system is

being questioned after a man

took his own life just days

after being refused admission to a hospital. The Western

Australian says the wuluna

is set to shut permanently amid controversy around the

operating company's compliance

with strict environmental

management conditions. The 'Mercury' says the Western Australian commune that houses

the Curtin dns has told the Curtin dns has told the paper it brings overwhelming

benefits to its community. The

northern News says three

victims were taken to hospital

after two serious peak-hour car

crashes. All the talk is over, the rhetoric is done and the

Government is poiseded to

introduce legislation that will

bring about the plain packaging

ofgrets. It is facing a

concerted attempt by tobacco

companies and some retailers to

fight the tax. We would like to

hear your views on whether the plain packaging will work to

cut smoking. Olive green is

the colour they've chosen, that

they thing will repel the

smokers. Will that do the

trick? I find the pictures

we've seen already of the

graphic lungs and the damage it

does more repelling. It's an

interesting one and all the graphic warnings. They've

commissioned studies and people

in the know have green is the most unattractive

colour so if you're at home

putting on an olive green coat orshirt heading out to work, take it off. Not a good look.

Send us your Send us your thoughts on the

latest attempt to turn us off


Let take a quick look at the

weather now.

The top Tories on ABC News Breakfast - the Defence

Minister is angry at the way his officials have treated the female cadet who complained

she'd been filmed having sex

with a colleague. He's asked

why she was forced to apologise

for going public and he's also

upset she was forced to front a

dismanary hearing. opposed to the Ivory Coast's President Laurent Gbagbo are trying to trying to prize him out of trying to prize him out of his

bunker. They've begun attacking his residence but have reportedly been reportedly been forced back.

Despite negotiation, Mr Gbagbo refuses refuses to surrender. The Federal Government is about to unveil its legislation to force tobacco companies to put

cigarettes in plain packets.

The Government hopes by taking

the branding off pack xts

making them as ugly as possible

it will persuade smokers to kick the

welcomed a group of international diplomats to

Brisbane as part of a campaign

to convince the world that

Queensland is back in business. It's hoped the visitors will help spread the

word that after being battered by cyclones and by cyclones and floods, the

Sunshine State is back on its feet and ready to

trade. Millionsotches dollars

have been pump under to

marketing Queensland after the

floods. This is the next step. More than 70 diplomats and journalists are

in the Sunshine State to hear

about investment, trade and tourism opportunities. The

Foreign Minister is hoping the

visitors will take home the message that Queensland has recovered from a summer of

natural disasters. We need to

get a clear message out to the

rest of the world that this

economy's open for business.

You can read reports to that

effect or you can see it with

your own eyes. The Premier is also hoping the largest gathering of the Canberra-based

Diplomatic Corps in Queensland

goes home impressed. I look

forward to hearing you've

back to your embassies and sent

the message back home. Some are

already convinced. In the case

of Argentina you have clearly

the key sectors of science and technology, things we can

cooperate. For instance, biotechnology is something you

are very good, we are very good. Others think the campaign will help overcome misconceptions. There is

clearly a view in Europe, at

least in these countries I report to, Switzerland and

Germany, that this is Germany, that this is basically

a State in crisis, which it is

not. We all see this here.

while before the country can

recover and I think it's good

idea to show the world that

Queensland is indeed recovering

very quickly and very very quickly and very well. The group will travel to North

Queensland later this week. And

the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd -

I'm sorry, the Foreign Minister

Kevin Rudd - I think he forgets sometimes. Freudian slip there, Michael. No, I'm

thinking what Kevin Rudd or his detractors think, that he's still

for the top job and certainly

looking very prime looking very prime Ministerial

there as he took diplomats on a

tour of Queensland yesterday.

To finance news and another 16 Borders book stores will shut their doors for good over the

next two months, putting 300

fulltime staff and 210 casuals

occupants of work. The Red

group which xoo which owns

Borders and Angus and Robertson

went into liquidation in

February, owing more than $100

million. The latest decision

will leave just nine Borders

latest jobless figures will be

released this morning, expected

to show the unemployment rate

for March steady at around 5%.

Employment growth is expected

to recover from the effects of the Queensland

the Queensland floods.

Economists predict about 20,000

new jobs will have been added

over the month, a turn-around

from the previous mupthed when 10,000 jobs disappeared. And

we'll have all the latest

action on Wall Street and in

London, the figures from stock markets from around the world

after the sports. Speaking of which, Paul Kennedy joins us


up the pool? Yes, we'll speak

more about Alicia Coutts in a

moment. Firstly, let's look at

her in action in the her in action in the 100m free

style. She's gone under 54 seconds for the first time.

This was not her original

choice of event but she swims a

lot of them now and does it

well. Kukla was second and

Coutts went past her in the

final 50. Let's take a look. COMMENTATOR: I don't think Barrett's got a chance. As

we've expected, it's come down cute and Kukla. Coutts seems to

have taken Kavan. Coutts is dominating. Alicia's in

automatic pilot as she makes it

three titles. She's dominated again. Coutts wins, Kukla

second, Barrett third. She's in

hot form. She gets under the

54-second barrier. My un expected success in Delhi was a

bit of a starting step for me.

Got the ball rolling made me realise that I could be

better than what I was so I've

been working really hard bemy

coach. Last night Sydney FC was

in action after a long lay-off

because of the Japanese situation. They missed a match

there a couple of weeks ago so after a month they did well to

get a draw. The coach wasn't

too pleased he would have liked

to have beaten Shanghai but

after the start they had, Sydney FC to get a draw. Let's take a


the first goal. A decisive

moment. There's Jamieson. This guy's guy's too dangerous to give

that sort of room. In the end

he was assisted. Squared it up for Sydney.

What a wonderful moment for the

number 10. He doesn't score too

many but that is important.

Both goals early in the first

half and 1-1 was the final

score. To Europe, we look at

the European championship. It was quarterfinals action this

morning and still is but we can

show you a couple of the goals that have been

that have been scored so far li.ser Chelsea versus

Manchester United in one quarterfinal and in the other one it's one it's Barcelona romping it

in so let's take a look at some

goals now. goals now. COMMENTATOR:

Rooney's available and Wayne

Rooney for Manchester United!

His rich vein of form


And Barcelona get off to the perfect That is sensational from


Three for Barcelona on the

night. They are starting to

take a stranglehold on this

quarterfinal. Those matches

still in progress in the second

half. We'll keep you up to date

in the next half-hour and tell you who won. about Alicia Coutts in the Commonwealth Games every time the Commonwealth the Commonwealth Games comes up

there's discussion about there's discussion about its relevance but certainly for

that one particular athlete

it's done a world of good.

It's kick-started her whole

confidence-building. You can

see that. She says that

herself. She owns up to it and

says she didn't believe she

could be this good and now she is. Regardless of what you say about it, it is an

international forum, the Games, and having been there and covered it, people like Alicia

Coutts and Geoff Huegill, it was the platform was the platform that provided

the springboard for his 2012

aspirations in London. And Thorpie's come back as well.

He would have loved to have again to

again to the Games I'm again to the Games I'm sure. Alicia Coutts is just as

charming outside the pool as

effective as she is in

it. Trains at the AIS and just

gets on with her work and is looking good for the London Olympics. Last year after the

Commonwealth Games she was the

only Australian swimmer that

had a world number one time.

That's not the case anymore

because there's been several

meets since but she's certainly

world class. Good victory last night. Libby Trickett watch

out. She's coming back to the

sport but she's got to overcome

the swimmers who are younger

and perhaps just as hungry. A

wealth of talent. Thanks,

Paul. We were talking about Kevin yesterday there was a rather

surprise caller to local radio

in Melbourne. Got a traffic alert first though. the road. Good morning to you,

Joe. G'day. What's the problem? Eastern Freeway

banked right back, a disaster.

Eastern Freeway inbound or outbound? Inbound to the


When you're from out of town

you don't realise it's like that every day, Joe Hockey.

Well, fix it. What are

doing traffic reports for?

Well, just to help others, to

try and avoid the Eastern

Freeway. It's taken 25 minutes

to get on to the Hoddle Street exit. Which way exit. Which way are you going? Heading to the city.

You're supposed to be at the society of accountants' speech? Yes, by lunchtime. I wonder if I'll get there by lunchtime? You'll get there

with plenty of time to enjoy a

couple of coffees in the city

and chill out. At least it's

a beautiful day. Traffic

reports from Joe Hockey, Shadow

Treasurer. You're welcome. Any

time. Maybe this is my post-political career, mate. He sounded reporters watch out, but you do

feel his pain though. Anybody

stuck in a traffic jam in Melbourne or Sydney can share

his frustration. Although I think in Sydney they're just as

bad as in Melbourne, as John

Fahey pointed out. A amusing

he said he's just trying to hip

out, a politician not seeking media attention but trying to

help out. And he's listening

to ABC radio. Quality radio for a quality

up your day job, Joe. Now we

can look at how markets faired

overnight. Vanessa O'Hanlon is here with

a look at the weather and heavy

rain is falling in the north-west? It is has been for

quite some time. It was a wet

March and now April records are

being broken. Heavy rain has

resulted from a monsoon trough. Due to cloudy conditions, daytime temperatures have been

5 to 10 below average. This

week Curtin in the Kimberley

recorded their wettest April

day in at least 16 years. In the Territory, the past week

and a half and a half has given Milingympie over 600 mm. The

last time showers fell in Perth

was on February 1 but that has

changed this morning, so far

they've had nearly a millimetre

and most areas with likely to

get 5 to 10 but 20 is possible

in the southwest and southern coastal districts.

You're watching ABC News

Breakfast. Still to come, we'll

talk to John Campbell, former

US ambassador to Nigeria, Ivory Coast. Also ahead, Barrie Cassidy from the 'Insiders'

program will join us to take a look at the morning's

newspapers. Leading the news - the Defence Minister Stephen Smith is angry about the way

his officials have treated a

female cadet who revealed she

was unwittingly filmed having

sex with a fellow cadet. He's

unhappy about report she was

made to apologise for going public and the Minister's branded a decision to make the woman

woman face a disciplinary

hearing on other matter as insensitive and

forces have tried to storm the

home of Ivory Coast President

Laurent Gbagbo where he's

holdal - holdal - where he's holed up

with his family. The Federal

Government hopes to start

phasing in plain packaging for

cigarettes from January next

year. The health Minister will

release the draft legislation

today and hoped by making the packets as ugly as possible it

will encourage smokers to give up. The Western Australian Nationals MP Tony made up his mind whether he'll support a bill to limit the

amount of money players can

spend on poker machines.

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie

says the legislation is critical to his ongoing support of

of the Government. Mr Crook is concerned the bill could

undermine his State's ban on

poker machines in pubs and

clubs. The Italian coast guard

is searching for survivors from

a refugee that capsized near

Lampedusa. Nearly 50 refugees

from North Africa have been

rescued, 150 are still missing. Back to the Ivory

Coast where

Allesane Ouattara have launched

a final assault on the bunker where defeated President Laurent Gbagbo

Laurent Gbagbo is hiding. The

attack follows the failure of negotiations for Mr Gbagbo to

surrender. John Campbell is the

former US ambassador to Nigeria

and a senior fellow for Africa policy studies for the council on foreign on foreign preltions. Ambassador Campbell joins us

now. We heard from our correspondent earlier this morning Gbagbo, one of the conditions

for his surrender is he is not prepared to acknowledge

Allesane Ouattara. That seems to be an extraordinary condition, don't condition, don't you think?

Well, it is extraordinary, particularly since Ouattara particularly since Ouattara won the November elections. At

least in the views of

independent electoral observers

and the international community. I mean, Ouattara is

the President of the Ivory

Coast, not Laurent Gbagbo. At the moment

situation is becoming incredibly difficult. There is increasing lawlessness throughout the community, the

attention is focused on the Gbagbo bunker. What hope do you think that this is going to be

resolved and that they'll be

able to get him out alive at

least? Well, the sooner the

issue is resolved the better.

It will stop the killing that is going on around the bunker. The assault and are continuing because of the intransigence of Gbagbo. I

suppose we shouldn't be

surprised. He has been willing

to use violence against his own people in the past and he

continuing to do so now. It

for a moment we can presume

that eventually there will be some resolution and some resolution and Gbagbo will

be removed, let's talk a little

bit about, as you say, the internationally recognised successor in terms of Allesane

Ouattara. He's going to have an awful job ahead of him

rebuilding this shattered nation? Yes, he is, but he has

certain advantages that his predecessors have not had. First of all, he won a legitimate election. Secondly,

he has enjoyed the he has enjoyed the support of the international community.

Thirdly, the warehouses are

still full of cocoa and the

cocoa can be sold on the

international market. The international community's sanctions, I would expect, sanctions, I would expect, will

be lifted almost at once. Further, Further, the Ivory Coast is in

many respects economically - or at least at least it has been - the most advanced of the west African states, so I think economically

the recovery might be quite

quick. More difficult I think

for Ouattara is that he's going

to have to reach out to the

bedrock supporters of Gbagbo.

He's going to have to win their acquiescence to his presidency,

if not their acceptance. But

here too I Ouattara is a politician who's

been around for a very long

time. He understands Ivorian

politics very well and he knows

all the political actors. Let's

hope he is able to draw on considerable political

background and experience. You

make a very valid point though

about Gbagbo and in a way the

way he has stayed in way he has stayed in power and that is control of the economy,

control of the cocoa that has

been so crucial to its economic success. How does he negotiate that, how does he wrest that control away even if Gbagbo

goes to the people who've been

used to running thing s?

Basically, what he's going to

have to do is win them over,

however, once Gbagbo goes that might not prove to be so

difficult. I was very struck

last week by how rapidly

Gbagbo's military support

simply melted away. I think we may well may well find that Gbagbo's

former supporters or a good

many of them, particularly

those that control the upper

reaches of the economy, may end

up being perfectly prepared to

work with Ouattara. I work with Ouattara. I certainly hope so. How corrupt has Gbagbo's administration been?

Quite. Quite corrupt. But the issue becomes how do you deal

with corruption in a context of

illegal Government, which is

what Gbagbo's has been? It's a

case where the first thing I

think Ouattara has to do is

establish his presidency and

then he can turn to the

deep-seated problems that the

Ivory Coast has, including

corruption. He's got to establish himself first. Exactly, because it would be

difficult if he started coming

in immediately starting to mantle that and stamp a new

beginning for that, he may face

quite a bit of resistance.

Well, that's right. And at the

very least his very least his focus and

direction could be dissipated.

How critical is it - How critical is it - sorry. There, I think the

international community has to

be patient. Ouattara can't turn

Ivory Coast into a model State

overnight. How critical is back

to the current that Gbagbo comes out alive? How critical is it? Obviously, any murder is a violation

against our common humanity. What I think is most important is that Gbagbo be removed from

a position of authority in the

Ivory Coast. I think much more important than

anything else. I noticed in the

afternoon news clips that a

prosecutor from the International Court of Justice has raised the possibility of

the ICC looking at the Ivory

Coast if Gbagbo 's taken alive. I don't doubt that that might

happen. And just finally too,

there's been lot of fears

around civil war, what would

your predictions be, your vast

experience in this region experience in this region be, when often dictatorship like this a

country can descend into civil

war. What are your hopes and expectations around this?

Well, I guess the way I would

look at it is that the country

has been in a civil war for the

past couple of months and what

the end of Gbagbo's regime might might well mean is might well mean is an end of the civil war and that is

certainly what I hope for.

After all, the humanitarian consequences of the fighting

over the past couple of months

have been horrific. I'm not

just talking about the hundreds of

talking about the hundreds of thousands who are internally

displaced or who have been

refugees. There's been a civil war on the Ivory Coast. The

hope is that this will stop it. Ambassador yawn Campbell, thank you for your time.

Italy's Prime Minister Silvio

Berlusconi has failed to show

up on the opening day of a

trial in which he's accused of

paying an under aged prostitute

for sex. Prosecutors leaked

transcripts of phone calls and text messages which revealed

the Prime Minister contacted a

teen-aged belly dancer 53 times

in 3 months. Outside the courthouse, people in the

so-called no-lie so-called no-lie zone shouted, "Shame, shame." As Silvio Berlusconi

Berlusconi missed day one of

his trial. Today, Mr

Berlusconi is too busy to

attend. He's on a Ministerial committee formed to discuss the

crisis in Libya. Riot police

were on hand to keep a safe

distance between anti-Government protesters Mr Berlusconi's supporters. The woman at the

centre of the case also stayed

away. Lawyers for the teen-aged

belly dancer said the girl known

known as 'Ruby the Heart

Stealer' will not sue Mr Burr

aburr for damages. She denies -

will not sue Mr Berlusconi for

damages. She denies having sex

with the Prime Minister and

reject claims she has been

involved in prostitution. She

admits receiving jewellery admits receiving jewellery and

money from Mr Berlusconi. She did did but how much exactly we don't know. When she is in the witness box she will be able to verify that. She claims the

money and jewellery received

were gifts. With his popularity

rating at a record low, Silvio

Berlusconi woke up to more

damaging pictures said to be

taken at his so-called bunga

bunga sex parties, evidence too of the Prime Minister's

expensive gifts. Ruby's Rolex

watch and her Tiffany diamond and sapphire bracelet. I'm

proud of being Italian. I'm

proud to be here but I'm not proud of Berlusconi. I feel shame for being an Italian

woman. Everybody will see he

is guilty. Italian newspapers

published transcripts of taped

conversations and text messages between the Prime Minister between the Prime Minister and Ruby who was just 17 when she's

said to have spent the night at Silvio Berlusconi's Milan mansion. Prosecutors say the

pair were in contact guy times

in two months. It looks like a

circus but in a way we feel we are the clowns and it's

embarrassing. The PM faces 15

years jail if found guilty of

having sex wn a underaged

Proustitute Proustitute and using his

passion to cov it up. The trial

has been adjourned until May 31

but with 200 witnesses to be

heard and Mr Berlusconi's prime

Ministerial duties likely to cause further delay, this case is expected to continue long after Silvio Berlusconi's

parliamentary term ends in

2013. Have you ever been to a

bunga bunga party? No, I can

proudly say no, I haven't in my

travels. Not ever. I challenge you to say the word bunga-bunga

with a straight face. It's magnificent. It sound like a

party even before you get

there. Oh, well, belly dancers

and all, the Gillard and all, the Gillard Government

has not been doing any of that

as they've taken the next step in

in the bid to introduce plain

packaging for cigarettes. Today they'll produce draft legislation to names from cigarette

packaging. If the bill passes,

Australia will become the first

country in the world to ban branding from cigarette

packaging. Cigarettes in

Australia might soon this. No logos, no branding and

even bigger health warnings. If

the legislation be comes law, plain packaging will be phased

in from January next year. I

think it is impossible

think it is impossible to underestimate the global importance of this

announcement. I can't think of any other consumer good anywhere in the world

how you must package this

product for consumers," and I think that's really appropriate

because the number of people

killed by tobacco every year

globally and in Australia is astronomical. The tobacco

industry will fight this but I

don't expect them to win. The tobacco industry has already

spent millions fighting plain

packaging. Plain packaging, it

won't work so why do it? As

Lateline revealed last year,

the tobacco industry gave the tobacco industry gave $5 million to Australian retailers to fund this advertising campaign.

Their latest campaign targets

smokers, urging them to oppose increased taxes and plain packaging and lobbying politicians is also part their strategy. As these emails

from the tobacco industry's former PR advisers show.

But Simon Chapman believes

this kind of campaigning will

have little impact on the

legislation. I would be very

surprised if we didn't get surprised if we didn't get a majority of the cross bench and

I wouldn't be surprised if some

of the Liberal Party cross the floor. Lateline canned representatives from Phillip

Morris for an interview. They offered no comment. British American tobacco Australia said

they won't comment until they see the draft see the draft legislation.

You're watching ABC News

Breakfast. The top stories - we

are being a little relaxed

because we have our guest

Barrie Cassidy who will join us

in a moment but the Defence Minister is angry that way his

officials have treated the

female cadet who complained

she'd been filmed havinging sex

with a colleague. He's asked why she was forced to apologise

for going public and he's upset

she was forced to front a disciplinary hearing. disciplinary hearing. Forces

oppose ed to Laurent Gbagbo are

trying to prize him out of his

Ivory Coast bunker they've begun attacking his residence

but have reportedly been forced back. The Federal Government

is about to unveil its legislation to force tobacco companies to put cigarettes in plain packets. The Government

hopes by taking the branding

off pack xts making them as

ugly as possible it will persuade smokers to kick persuade smokers to kick the

habit.Now for a look at the

national papers we're joined by 'Insiders' presenter on ABC 1,

Barrie Cassidy. Perfect day to politics are politics are just extraordinary

but Stephen Smith a very angry man at the moment? Yes, he's very

very circumspect, measureded sort of guy normally and I agree with agree with Michael, I've never

seen him quite as angry. This

was a story that had limited

interest in a sense but it is a

much bigger story now because

it's about a bigger issue, it's

about the military brass's

issue towards women. That's

what's angered Stephen Smith

and others. A couple happened. Firstly, she was

asked to apologise for having

gone to the media. The second thing is that on it had day

afterwards she was to face a hearing, given all the trauma

she'd just been through and that was hearing according to the the story in 'The Age' anyway,

it was about being absent

without leave and drinking and

these are minor offences and

Stephen Smith's attitude is

perhaps you can deal with that

after the investigation. The

'Canberra Times' is one of the

many papers as we continue splashing with this story and

it goes to what is in-built and hard to change culture within the wider

military. Yes. I think it's

going to surprise a lot of people. You hear of stories

oversea s when women are raped and they go to jail for

adultery or whatever. That's at

the extreme end but what's

happening here is I suppose the

same principle, the victim, in

this case the woman, is the one being victimised. It was adding

adding insult to injury of almost humiliating her almost humiliating her further, making her accountable for this other misdemeanor of turning up

late from coming out, to really

punish her internally for

speaking out? That seems to be

behind it. There's another

charge too

face scpedz that's disciplinary

action for - the academy has anti-fraternisation rules. I

don't know how they operate and what they mean but, again,

that's something that she might

have to face down the track and

again the smins saying those

matters are minor compare would the As you know, Defence has long

been a minefield for many

Ministers, in fact a political

graveyard for many. We had

Peter Reith last Peter Reith last night saying the culture's trieded to change

but was unsuccessful. How has

Stephen Smith played this? I

think he's got to get some

responses from the ADF that accord with his attitude

towards this and the

Opposition's right on to it but

they're saying pretty much similar thing But they're saying there's the pressure on the Minister to pressure on the Minister to do

more. What more can he do other than get clear statements from

the ADF about what they stand

for? As a woman, is it just that the entire culture has to

be changed? Yes, the focus is

because this has been against a female

female but this happens male on

male within the army.

Bastardisation has long been an issue at Duntroon issue at Duntroon especially.

Yes, and I think there's

probably a sense that a lot probably a sense that a lot of

this has been under control ton

thill this came out and again,

if she hadn't gone to the media, nobody would know. I referred to Melissa Clarke

earlier to the psychodrama involving Kevin Rudd involving Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. It's arguably out of

control now? Yierts all been

very damaging very damaging to Julia Gillard.

I think it's been a very bad week for Julia Gillard and

maybe 10% of that is Kevin

Rudd's fault and 90% is Julia Gillard's fault because of the

way she's someoned to this -

because of the way she's

responded to this. Kevin Rudd

put it out there on Monday

night in a vague enough way to

draw the conclusion that Julia

Gillard and Wayne Swan were Ministers he'd referred to who

had wanted to kill off an ETS

forever. It wasn't clear who he

was talking about but people make assumptions. make assumptions. He claims he wasn't breaking Cabinet confidentiality

confidentiality because he was

just talking about conversations between Ministers

but that's a fine line. It

means the same thing but Julia

Gillard was powerless to do

anything about it. She was

given many opportunities, particularly on 7:30 last

night, to discipline the guy,

to at least say something

critical of his behaviour but nothing. In 'Herald Sun' is

one with of many papers that

comments last night and Chris

Uhlmann did try, to his full

credit, repeatedly to pin her

down on Kevin Rudd's comments

on Q and A and whether or not she trusted him and basically

she writhed off the hook,

really. I guess she's refusing

to do that because she doesn't

want to give Tony Abbott an issue about Cabinet

in-fighting. But it's there,

there's no denying smoomp how

does she solve the problem

because clearly she because clearly she was one of

those Ministers but she doesn't

trust him. How does she deal

with it? Does she remove him?

At some some point she has to

be critical of what he's doing. In Jim Middleton's interview

last night he said all Prime

Ministers, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and John Howard will defend their legacy but I can't

recall a time when any of those

former Prime Ministers have is spoken about Cabinet

discussions and the way that he

- in the way that he did, in

other words point up the divisions within Cabinet. He

went farz to say two of them

want - as far as to say two of

them wanted to abandon it

altogether. And while altogether. And while you're a serving senior Government Minister. Julia Gillard is

weakened on this anyway because this going to be the major

issue. It will be the issue that will

that will determine the next

election and Kevin Rudd has

weakened her on that position

but not only that, whenever he

goes out and takes her on and she can't respond she she can't respond she looks weaker. Division in

as well this morning? Yes,

Glen Milne had a Glen Milne had a photograph on

The Drum, we've got it on the

ABC, 'Insiders' referred to it on Sunday where on Sunday where Sarah Hanson Young addressed a rally and

there were extreme banners

display. It is sort of the

guilt by association thing and

they've got this photograph of Sarah Hanson Young from 2000

demien they're saying there's a

split in the Greens over their

policy towards Israel. Some

want sanctions and others

don't. The Greens' Paul sys not to have sanctions. It's the

2-State solution that the major parties adopt but there

are enough Senators having a different view to create

problems for the party. It

will make Bob Brown's life

difficult come July 1.

difficult come July 1. There's

nothing in that story to

suggest Sarah Hanson Young said

anything to support sanctions

against Israel. There are no

quotes from the speech. It's

just that she was there. But

never the lesser, he has really

quickly reined in the issue,

saying, "We make the policy stick to it," in terms of Federally. He's been able to

contain that side of it. This

is the first indication any

existing Senator has a view

contrary to Bob Brown but

Rhiannon will have many views

contrary to Bob Brown when he arrives. Thank you, Barrie Cassidy. Paul Kennedy, another great performance in the pool

last night from Alicia Coutts?

Yes, she won the 100m freestyle at the Australian championships

and she's gone under 54 seconds

and not her pet event but she's looking very strong in

and with Libby Trickett looking

to return to the pool it's staking her claim, Alicia Coutts. Going past Yolane

Kukla, who's the young gun of

the team, and probably one of

the youngest teenagers to

compete for Australia. So some

good signs there for the future

of swimming for Australia. To

the Asian Champions League and

Sydney FC has got through its

match against Shanghai with a

1-1 result. Shanghai scored early and Sydney early and Sydney FC respond ed

through Nicky Carl but the

coach after the game said he was quite disappointed with

that result. There's the Shanghai goal and we'll stay with these pictures to show you

Nicky Carl's goal which came in

the first half as well, quite a well-worked team move there but

they were unable to do that in

the second half. To the

Champions League in Europe.

Manchester United's defeated Chelsea 1-0. Wayne Rooney

scored in the first half. It was

was all Chelsea in the second

half. They almost scored once in

were denied a penalty in the second half which would be contentious. The game has only

just finished and the

one. That one was thought to

have been a penalty but it wasn't paid and Manchester

United won 1-0 and Barcelona

won its match 5-1. Plenty more goals this morning. Thanks,

Paul. Here's Johannesburg - here's Vanessa O'Hanlon with a

look at the weather. Cloud is spreading through WA's southwest. We've southeasterly winds pushing low

cloud over the Queensland

coast. Over the coming days the monsoon trough will edge northwards allowing the heavy

rain in the north to ease. rain in the north to ease. A

strong cold front is passing

through southern WA with

showers and colder winds. It

will reach the southeast on the weekend and could bring snow to the Alps.

Michael and Bev, next hour

I'll show you some pictures out

of the US. There's been some

severe storms going through

there this week. Thank you.

Coming up, we're joined on the coach by the Defence Minister

Stephen Smith, very much -

excuse the pun - in the gun

this morning after the latest Force. He was going to get many questions answered hopefully

last night from the Defence

Force academy. And Eva Cox from

the women's will be in to talk about that

matter. This Program Is Captioned

Live. The Defence Minister's

angry salvo over the handling

of the latest sex scandal. It

seems to me in the scale of complete stupidity that this

matter was allowed to succeed. Laurent Gbagbo's last stand.

The Ivory Coast President stubbornly clinging to power.

No frills gret packets to make smoking - no frills cigarette

pack toots make smoking

unattractive. And Alicia Coutts

powers to yet another freestyle

victory. Good morning. It's

Thursday 7 April. I'm Michael

Rowland. I'm Beverly O'Connor. The top story Minister has gone on the war

path over the way officials

have handled the latest have handled the latest sex scandal. The woman who alleged

she'd been filmed having sex with a colleague was made to

front a disciplinary hearing on another matter and then her

officers made her apologise for

going public. The woman's gone on compassionate leave. Stephen Smith says the way the whole episode has been handled has

been stupid and incentive and

he's demanding answers from his department. Completely

insensitive for such a hearing

to be held on a day like second

- such a day like today. Secondly, I'm told the young woman agreed to proceedings and

pleaded guilty, it pleaded guilty, it seems to me

in the scale of in the scale of complete insensitivity to complete

stupidity that this matter was

allowed to proceed and I've asked the chief of the Defence

Force to urgently advise me as to

to whether it is possible and open for this guilty plea and

conviction to be quuingsed. That's Defence Minister Stephen Smith. For

more, Melissa Clarke joins us

of questions the Minister wants

answered this morning? Yes,

he's clearly very angry and we

see there he was going as far

as to suggest he thinks that

the hearing that was made, the

procedures where the young woman

woman was forced to appear

before yesterday should be

overturned and quashed. We

don't normally have Ministers

giving opinions when it comes to

to those sorts of procedural

matters so it shows how far Stephen Smith is willing to go

in condemning the way Defence

has handled this matter. going to have to answer

questions and ask questions of

those in Defence of how this

situation arose, of how it

became that a young woman who has made very serious

allegations against a series of men and their misconduct that's been alleged against her, why

she has been forced within 48

hours of this being made public

to apparently apologise to them

and yet there has been no

formal conclusion of

investigations into the

allegations she raised initially and then of course as

the fact that it was thought

appropriate that a separate

hearing on separate matters

proceed given what has happened

in the last 48 hours and the

pressures this young woman has

been under. No, the way Defence handles these sorts of issues

is the subject of a review that was

was put in place subsequent to the revelations about problems

on the HMAS 'Success' and the

sex scandals caught up in that and Stephen Smith said yesterday they wouldn't be making changes to procedures

until that review is done until that review is done but revelations overnight show there are serious problems with

the way Defence is handling

matters and Stephen Smith and the Defence Force will find themselves under increasing

pressure to make changes now rather rather than wait for the

outcome of another review. Julia Gillard is still

probably privately hoping that

Kevin Rudd should have left

politics altogether at the time

of the leadership change last

year? It probably would have made her life easier. The

latest round of Monday night with Kevin Rudd on

the Q & A program talking about

how some in the Cabinet had

urged him to kill off an Emissions Trading Scheme, that

it wasn't the right move it wasn't the right move and

he's left the question open as

to who it was and ever since

we've had renewed tension

between Julia Gillard and Kevin

Rudd. They haven't spoken since

then and we've had Kevin Rudd

on the ABC's News Line program

talking to Jim Middleton where he

he made it clear it's his prerogative as a former Prime

Minister to defend his record

during his time leading during his time leading the Rudd Rudd Government and if he's

asked questions about it and he

wants to record straight then

he will. He was comfortable he will. He was comfortable in

telling that to News Line last

night. Yourself a question in

terms of the Prime Ministership

of Mr Howard and Mr Hawke and

the period of which I've been

Prime Minister, you're going to ask questions about your record

and what you've achieveded or may have failed to achieve. It's important that, as

appropriate, persons in those

positions answer those

questions in the context of

setting the record straight. pretty comfortable saying that

he will say what he wants when

he wants. Someone who wasn't so

comfortable under questioning was quiled when she spoke to 7:30 with Chris Uhlmann last night - Julia Gillard. She was

very uncomfortable, clearly had

her answers prepared and was

ready with answers about moving

forward and Kevin Rudd doing

the job he needed to do as

Cabinet Minister but it's a very different reaction and

response that she gave to Kevin

Rudd's assuredness. I understand that Kevin was

on Q & A some questions about that period of his prime

Ministership and he answered

them. What's been less

reported, Chris, is

reported, Chris, is he was also asked about his work now and

made it very clear that he's got his shoulder to the wheel,

pressing the policies and plans

of this Gove