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This program is captioned live. Tonight - let fly outside a Sydney court. relatives of jailed teen thugs Shape up or ship out - to Sydney rail workers. the Premier's ultimatum for a long time. This has been in the too-hard basket And the Broncos NRL team recalled from holiday

after another player is arrested. Sick to death of it. Good evening, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. in the jobless rate. Also - fears of a sharp jump goes straight back to work And teen idol Gabriella Cilmi

at the ARIAs. after her stunning success

But heading the news at 5:00 - have been bashed by a notorious gang members of the Sydney media outside a children's court. while covering a story The cameramen were suddenly attacked about several thugs being sentenced at a high school. over a drug-fuelled rampage

Police arrested six youths outside Parramatta Children's Court. after they attacked cameramen was punched in the neck A Channel Ten cameraman

attacked media crews. when members of the G40 gang suffered a cut to the eye. I got my camera pushed in my face. the 15-year-old ringleader The youths were supporting on Merrylands High School behind a violent attack were terrorised last April. in which students and teachers emerged from court The gang leader's father to 17 months detention after his son was sentenced

with 12 months nonparole. I'm very sorry for this. Punches were thrown vented their anger, as the juvenile gang members before police intervened. The court heard the day before the attack. the ringleader had used ice He took a samurai sword with a machete and two baseball bats. while others armed themselves

this crime was unprecedented. Magistrate Sharon Holdsworth said as an attack on vulnerable students She described it

who were forced to cower in fear through the school. as the youths rampaged 12 months detention Four other youths were given with eight months nonparole. They will be free in December. those arrested today Meanwhile, police are interviewing of the assault on media and reviewing footage

whether to lay charges. before deciding John Hill, Ten News. have been warned - Unions and RailCorp management improve rail maintenance, to the private sector. or lose the job The Premier says he's had enough, the threats are just more spin. but the Opposition claims It's an oldie but a goodie - does it take to change a light bulb? how many RailCorp workers

There's two people required - one to remove the cap on the light itself

and the other to replace the bulb. of what's going on, Now, if that's an example then it is seriously dysfunctional. So that's not actually a joke? WOMAN: No, that's not a joke.

And to prove he's not laughing, the Premier's put the jobs and their managers on the line, of more than 550 maintenance workers ordering them to meet private-sector standards and multiskill by March 31,

or he'll put their work out to tender.

of our trains has been impacted For too long the reliability industrial landscapes. by dinosaur-like an on-time, clean service, The Premier is demanding a very messy state of affairs but this is have failed to reach agreement on which the union and RailCorp workers for more than 10 years. to be fully privatised immediately, The Opposition's calling for the work

on the Harbour Bridge saying last year's train breakdown brought matters to a head. The problem came down in the workshop to lack of proper maintenance where a bolt wasn't tightened - that inconvenienced the whole city the so-called decisive Premier, and here we have Nathan Rees, in nine months time." saying, "Well, I'll look at it It's a joke. There's growing pressure - the State's population will jump within 30 years, from 6.8 million to 9 million people. to doubling in size, Sydney will come close housing 6 million residents aged up to 64 will rise around 20%. while the number of people by a massive 111%, And our elderly ranks will swell for effective public transport. pushing the need Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Bullying and harassment in the ambulance service

to an all-time low - has pushed morale from a parliamentary inquiry. that's according to a damning report committed suicide It found at least nine officers in the past 10 years, ignored while management and the Government their claims of victimisation. came from ambulance officers Many of our submissions

contemplating suicide who talked about or had attempted. in a work environment. That's outrageous

to the inquiry. More than 260 submissions were made "put a broom through the service" It's recommended the Government starting at the top. of the global financial crisis The Prime Minister's handling to a record high. has sent his popularity Mr Rudd of milking the crisis But the Opposition has accused to boost his approval rating. Well done. We love each other so much. are in line for a bonus payment, Warren Hayes and his wife, Tania,

economic rescue package. thanks to Kevin Rudd's $10.5 billion take their clothes off Pensioners had to actually and we thought, and dance in the streets

to get some acknowledgment?" "What are carers going to have to do National Carers' Week, As the PM launched was already in orbit, his own popularity of the financial crisis. thanks to his handling A Fairfax-Nielsen poll shows is at an all-time high of 71%. Mr Rudd's approval rating

has also surged, Malcolm Turnbull's standing for accusing the PM but he's been criticised of 'hyping up' the crisis. as a wartime prime minister He has been trying to cast himself

of putting himself beyond criticism. because that suits his purpose He flips and flops acround He flips and flops acound like a barramundi on a boat ramp. The Government questioned Mr Turnbull's talk of bipartisanship

and support for its package of measures to shield the economy. Trying to unpick it - unpick it, undermine it. All you need in life is ignorance and confidence. economic growth will slow to 1.25% by mid 2009 The National Australia Bank predicts by mid 2009 with unemployment hitting 6% a few months later. How many Australians are now predicted to lose their jobs over the next 12 months?

200,000, according to some economists, but the Government is expected to head off any job losses by bankrolling $600 million worth of regional infrastructure projects. It's not what people think of Kevin Rudd now that matters, it's how they judge his policies in 18 months time. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. A major lender has been attacked for taking advantage of the Federal Government's boost

to first home buyers' grants. Credit counsellors fear RAMS Home Loans is encouraging borrowers to take out loans they can't afford. The lure of higher grants enticed many first home buyers out into the market this weekend. It also encouraged lenders to cash in. We'll never afford it. RAMS can help you buy it now. Use the increased first home owners grant as your deposit. You can afford your first home sooner with less savings than you thought. The No Deposit, No Worries campaign by RAMS has been attacked as irresponsible. We're very concerned. We've seen a number of consumers over the past few years their home buyers grant effectively lose by going into loans that they simply can't afford, that this ad's encouraging. The Federal Government increased the first home owners grant to $14,000, $21,000 for new homes,

and will run out at the end of June. but the boosted scheme is limited Counsellors fear people will make poor decisions in the rush. If it's going to make a difference to get you over the line - $14,000 or $21,000 - then you have to seriously question whether it's a loan you should be entering into. A number of people are in situations where they already have high debt. If you encourage them to take on more, if they lose their job, for example, then we'll see the sort of fallout that we've seen in the US.

RAMS refused requests for an interview today but in a statement said its ads don't imply it would loosen its credit criteria, and it says its lending policies ensure that it only lends to those who can afford the repayments. The Federal Government takes control of credit regulations next year after the increased grants program runs out. We would call on all lenders to behave responsibly.

While the increase to the grant aims to stimulate the economy, credit counsellors warn this is exactly the time to minimise debts. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Furious Broncos bosses have ordered their players back from holidays after a star half-back was arrested overnight. They'll be read the riot act after Peter Wallace allegedly failed to leave a pub when told he was too drunk. Broncos boss Bruno Cullen

has had enough of players behaving badly. Obviously, the penny hasn't dropped with some. It is certainly going to have to drop. I don't know. Players, who are scattered across Queensland on holidays, have until tomorrow to be back at Broncos headquarters, including half-back Peter Wallace, who was arrested overnight for failing to leave a Sunshine Coast nightclub

after having too much to drink. The only Broncos excused from the crisis meeting

are those on World Cup duties. I'm not here for the Broncos so I just want to talk about the World Cup for now. It's more then four weeks Darius Boyd and Sam Thaiday since Karmichael Hunt, were linked to a nightclub sex scandal which is still under police investigation. Just last week the club announced a new code of conduct to crack down on player behaviour.

until next month. It doesn't come into effect Now it's being fast-tracked. Needless to say, it'll be very direct, very forceful and, I hope, very convincing. We've had a terrible two or three months and there has been some collateral damage, there's no denying that. Wallace will find out his playing future tomorrow.

Broncos management won't say what disciplinary action they will take against Wallace. It could fine or suspend him. In the past they've even sacked players. The star recruit will then face court next month. Ahead in Sport with Brad McEwan - a huge task for the Australian cricket team. Yes, saving the second Test in Mohali will be a mighty assignment. Another wicket for Test rookie Peter Siddle was a rare highlight

for the tourists so far on day four, as India continues to build a mammoth target. And what impact? You be the judge. It's the send-off incident that's left Sydney FC fuming after a controversial A-League loss in Perth. Also ahead - McLaren's Formula 1 ace, Lewis Hamilton, a step closer to his first world championship. Next - the tiny amount of time modern dads spend with their children.

Plus, the hidden misery alcohol abuse inflicts on families. It just seems like overnight I lost everything. And Britt Lapthorne's family finally brings home her body. I suspect it's the hardest trip Darren and I have ever had to do.

And at Fernwood, I get the benefit of really knowledgeable staff... What's better - 'Bold' or 'Days'? 'Bold'. I'm eating for two... (LAUGHS) ..three or four. With no ridiculous fads, like some whole lemon detox thingummywhoop. And I know I'm getting some humdinger results. Epidural over here, please! VOICEOVER: Start saving by calling 1300 FERNWOOD today.

This program is captioned live. A father of three's heroic rescue efforts appear to have cost him his life. Scotty Ryan couldn't swim,

but dived into a river in the State's south to save a friend's granddaughter. The truck driver guided the 7-year-old to a partly submerged tree before disappearing underwater. A Volunteer Rescue Association member later pulled the girl to safety, along with another woman who'd dived in to help. Police have told the Ryan family the 55-year-old would have turned up by now if there was any chance of finding him alive. An extensive autopsy on the body of backpacker Britt Lapthorne is under way in Melbourne. Her distraught family is hoping on her mysterious death in Croatia. it may shed more light Britt Lapthorne's father made a promise to bring his daughter home. The sad task is now finally over. Dale, son Darren and Elke Lapthorne have been reunited after weeks of painful searching. I suspect it's the hardest trip Darren and I have ever had to do,

but there was a lot of peace in the trip. It's very emotional, and ah... I just want to go home now. After the 2-day journey, Britt's remains were taken to the Victorian Coroner's office for a second post-mortem. An initial examination in Croatia failed to establish how she died.

The university student disappeared on September 18 after a night of partying in Dubrovnik. Her dismembered body was found by a fisherman earlier this month off the coast, near where she was last seen. Local investigators have few leads in the case. The family fears efforts will be reduced now they've left the country. They are a traffic police force - that's all they're capable of.

They're not capable of much more. The Lapthornes are also frustrated at the response from witnesses

who may hold information. The people of Croatia were fantastic to us - they opened their hearts, but, unfortunately, closed their mouths. A candlelight vigil for Britt was held on Saturday night. Another public memorial service will take place on Wednesday, followed by a private funeral. We'll never forget. I don't think I'll ever go through a day without thinking of my sister again but this next week is very important for us.

Ben Lewis, Ten News. A new survey has found half of all Australians want a cutback in alcohol advertising. Alcohol abuse is taking a devastating toll, now affecting more than 4 million Australians. Michael and Nicky are living testament to the journey from binge drinking to addiction. As soon as you wake up, if you haven't got any, how am I going to get some?

Losing jobs, family and friends didn't stop them, not even bad health. I've also been hospitalised a few times, once for pancreatitis. I've had my gall bladder removed through alcoholism and I've had my liver shutting down twice. One in four Australians or their families now suffer from alcohol-related problems.

I even knocked on random houses saying, "Can I borrow methylated spirits to clean?"

And I did think to myself, "23-year-olds don't do this." A survey commissioned by the Salvation Army shows Australians are more concerned than ever about drinking to excess. More than 8 million of us want fewer alcohol ads on TV. Society is getting tired of those particular values. who was shocked by what he saw That includes the Premier, at the weekend. during a drive through the city

that I saw was mind-boggling. from when I was 20, 25. It's lot different there are fewer pubs these days, The Salvos point out but the ones we have are bigger around the clock. and offer a broader range of services to fine dine, gamble, These days you can come or just come to watch pay TV, sit in a beer garden

all while having a drink.

That's cheaper than cable at home, in crime and lost production. but costing our nation $15.3 billion Amber Muir, Ten News. new research A fathers' group has slammed is just a hobby for men suggesting that caring for children

while for women it's a job. a day alone with their children, Aussie fathers spend just six minutes who spend three hours. in comparison to mothers,

few people have on their side. Time is one thing Got to go to a meeting. the traditional parenting roles. New research does little to debunk with their kids Fathers spend just one hour per day are to blame. and gruelling work hours

our gender division of care - In Australia men work and women care - and unusually traditional. is pretty set

We spend us much time as we can. if it were more, Definitely it would be good but not with the hours we work. 90% of child care to women, Men are still leaving also works full-time. regardless whether the mother It's more like a hobby, actually. to my wife. I leave the full-time job The study also shows alone with their kids that the time dads do spend doing drudge work. is unlikely to be spent the childcare pick-ups and drop-offs Bathing and feeding and

are still tasks being left to mums. is most commonly leisure time spent with the entire family. On the weekend we do everything together, so go down to the beach, play in the garden. But one fathers' group says the study fails to take into account the workload of single, divorced fathers. I think it's just another round of dad-bashing. But dads will be pleased to see they rank above the US and Italy except in Denmark,

where universal childcare and generous paternity leave have allowed fathers more time with their kids.

For time to check the weather. A

lot of talk of storms around Sydney

- are we going to be badly

affected? Looking at the radar on

the south-west and the north-west, that

that is where the storm cells are.

It looks like a war peter out but

showers are definitely in the

forecast for the next two-the three

hours in Sydney. Dodgy weather from a

a dodgy weather man. Wins and

showers for tomorrow. Wednesday

will be called temperatures and it

looks as though the temperature and

might go to 15 degrees. For about

that when I see you in 10

that when I see you in 10 minutes. Up next - the new Qantas super jumbo takes off on its first commercial flight. And former secretary of state Colin Powell makes a surprising choice for US president. He has both style and substance.

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This program is captioned live.

Exchequer traffic now. What has Exchequer traffic now. What has

happened? Be is a tough one All the Way

Way From Mars field to Reading.

Break down at Epping has left a

huge queue behind for people making huge queue behind for people making

the trip to the Mars field. Both

ways at jam-packed. The M2 is the

better alternative. Qantas has farewelled its maiden A380 passenger flight

from Melbourne to Los Angeles. Passengers checked in early to capture a special moment, some showing their true colours for the flight into history. If John Travolta can call himself a plane geek, so can we. Travolta will join Olivia Newton-John in L.A. for a surprise welcome to the first passengers. The tourism industry hopes the enthusiasm will rub off and lure American travellers down-under.

To finance, and despite a weak lead from Wall Street, the Australian stock market has had a strong result, closing almost 4% higher. The Commonwealth Bank, which announced it's cutting its variable home loan rate by 0.21%, The Commonwealth Bank, which announced it's cutting put on $1.79.

The average price of unleaded petrol and Smithfield. Best price - $1.42 at Chester Hill John McCain's hopes of winning the White House have been dealt a serious blow by a fellow Republican war hero.

Former US secretary of state Colin Powell says he'll be voting for Democratic candidate Barack Obama. Retired general Colin Powell has jumped the political fence. The man who served under George W. Bush believes a Democrat, and not a Republican, should be the next commander in chief. He has met the standard of being a successful president, being an exceptional president. Powell has known Obama for two years and has watched his campaign closely. He says he's impressed by the senator's ability to inspire and attract broad support. I think he's a transformational figure. He is a new generation, coming into, onto the world stage, onto the American stage, and for that reason I'll be voting for Barack Obama. I am deeply humbled to have the support of General Colin Powell. Powell has been friends with McCain for 25 years and believes he would make a good president. But he's troubled by some of the 72-year-old's recent decisions, including the choice of running mate Sarah Palin, who appeared on 'Saturday Night Live' after weeks of jokes at her expense. (RAPS) # All the mavericks in the house, put your hands up. # I don't believe she's ready to be president of the United States, which is the job of the vice-president.

although his reputation suffered after his support for the Iraq war. McCain has brushed off the endorsement. This doesn't come as a surprise. But it's not good news either. McCain is trailing his rival by double digits in the polls and Obama continues to attract record crowds and donations - last month he raised more than $200 million. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. There's been a deadly bridge collapse in India. It crashed onto a road in New Delhi, crushing several cars and a bus. Its driver and a construction worker died. 11 others were injured. The structure gave way after a crane bringing down a 150-metre section. The flyover is being built as part of the city's new metro system for the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

More than two dozen vehicles have crashed on a highway in France. One person died and dozens more were injured in the pile-up which is being blamed on poor visibility. Drivers could only see a few metres because of heavy fog and smoke from a fire in a nearby barn. A bus driver, taking a coach-load of British pensioners to Italy, described the conditions as "like hitting a brick wall". A Sydney man accused of stabbing members of his own family - that's next. Also, from Wonderland to wasteland - the demise of Sydney's suburban fun parks. I just wonder where the kids go now. And teen idol Gabriella Cilmi goes straight back to work after her stunning success at the ARIAs. I just can't get over the fact that I won them all.


Break your smoking habit once and for all.

Tonight's major stories - Sydney's Government-employed rail maintenance workers ordered to shape up or ship out. They've been given until March next year to lift their game, or the jobs will go to private contractors. Consumers have been warned to be wary of a new advertising campaign offering low-deposit loans. Credit counsellors fear is encouraging borrowers RAMS Home Loans

to take up the first home owners grant, and take out loans they can't afford. And members of a notorious gang have let fly outside a children's court. They'd been attending the sentencing of several thugs over a drug-fuelled rampage at a school. Those thugs could be freed by December. A man has been charged with trying to kill his wife and brother-in-law

Scott Ryan who was missing after

diving into way Gravatt - his diving into way Gravatt - his body

has been found new Griffith. A man has been charged with trying to kill his wife and brother-in-law who've been repeatedly stabbed in front a child. attacked the pair Police say the 33-year-old man in a unit at Maroubra around 11:00 last night. The 34-year-old woman has undergone emergency surgery for multiple stab wounds to her stomach, while the 26-year-old has been treated for stab wounds to his back. Both are in critical condition. A 6-year-old boy witnessed the attack. Whatever happened to the old suburban amusement parks? As Sydneysiders contemplate having a giant Ferris wheel stuck on the harbour foreshore, Frank Coletta has compiled this special report of the suburban fun park. on the demise The Magic Kingdom has lost its lustre. In the '70s, thousands of people ventured through the gates. Now it's more ghost town than Magic Kingdom. The park was chocabloc every Saturday, Sunday. When Wonderland opened in 1985, the Kingdom's days were numbered. It sold off to banks and people won't buy it, and because of flood zone they can't build on it. For almost 20 years, Wonderland was the premier theme park in NSW. 10 years after it opened, a Malaysian-based company took over. A downturn in tourism numbers and public liability insurance costs saw the doors shut on Anzac Day, 2004. What was a wonderland for kids looks more like a wasteland today. Young kids could come and parents knew they were gonna be safe because they were in a locked environment and I just wonder where the kids go now. Sydney's Luna Park opened in 1935. Tragedy struck in 1979

when seven people were killed in the Ghost Train fire,

the first of several closures.

Now Heritage-listed, it couldn't survive as an amusement park alone. Another very important component of our business is our functions - we do over 600 functions a year. The list of of those which have gone bust is a long one:

Most concede with the Gold Coast theme parks. like Luna Park, Taronga Zoo, Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo, we have Sydney Tower Bridge Climb, so I think the offering is different. While this may not look like much right now, for lovers of the old amusement parks like me,

things are about to take a turn for the better. O'Neill's Adventureland has been in a state of disrepair for more than a decade but it's about to be resurrected. The original owners of the small fun park, like 'Babe' and 'Ghost Rider', which was featured in movies have bought a dozen new attractions again this summer. and have vowed to open for business Frank Coletta, Ten News.

We have our own mobile fun park in

a Tim Bailey Hill is not delivering

much fun on the weather front. Call,

cloudy, showery, windy, Surrey.

They will be 15-17 degrees by

Saturday. A big blast of South- south-east winds.

Cloudy, showery, windy, sorry. A Melbourne teenager has become the new superstar

of the Australian music industry after a clean sweep at last night's ARIA Awards. But Gabriella Cilmi's had no time to celebrate, because the London-based singer is in big demand. There was no time to sit around and count her ARIAs. The day after her record-winning haul, Gabriella Cilmi was back at work, preparing for a live performance on tonight's 'Australian Idol'. I've been working pretty much all day so maybe... Well, on Wednesday I'm going back to Melbourne so I'll probably have a bit of a party there.

..and it will be quite a party, because the 17-year-old scored six wins from six nominations, many thanks to this song. (SONG) # Sweet about me there's nothing sweet about me. # In fact, the night looked golden for Gabriella from the moment she hit the star-studded red carpet. Rock royalty rubbed shoulders with some of this year's new faces dreamed of one day being a nominee. Visiting superstar Pink revealed what Australian music she likes. 'Rattling Bones' - I like that. Oh, Casey Chambers? Yeah, yeah, yeah. She'll be here. I love love, so that really works for me. You're kidding! No. Is she mad? She has taste. I think that's wild! (SONG) # I'm having more fun and now that we're done # I'm gonna show you tonight. # Inside the crowd was jumping as pointy statues went to the Living End for Best Rock Album, Delta Goodrem for highest-selling album and Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu for Best Independent Release. (Sings in yolngu language) gave a show-stopping performance... Electronic duo the Presets

(SONG) # I'm here with all of my people. # ..and danced away with three awards, including the biggie, Album of the Year. Angela Bishop, Ten News. In sport with Brad, the Broncos' latest dramas overshadow today's World Cup launch. Yes, it had Kangaroos skipper Darren Lockyer dealing with more than just the green and gold. More shortly. as India builds a massive lead. Also, a huge task for Australia COMMENTATOR: That's a crackerjack of a stroke! And the controversial incident deemed a send-off as Sydney FC accuses Perth Glory of unsportsmanlike behaviour. Around a third of the water we use inside our homes is in the shower, so if we all used water-saving shower heads and limited our showers to 4 minutes or less, think how much water we'd save!

Shorter showers:

This program is captioned live. The battering continues in Mohali, with India piling on the runs in the second Test against Australia. The home side is 2/230 at lunch on day four. That's an overall lead of 431 with five sessions remaining. On a bleak day for Australia, Shane Watson stood tall. COMMENTATOR: That's short. It gets the treatment. He scored his first Test half-century at the other end. He's bowled him! If there were any demons in the pitch they left before India started their second innings. Oh, he goes for that. He was waiting for it. 0/100 at stumps - the lead more than 300. But still Australia remain hopeful. I think we can win it. I've got no doubt if we bat well we can chase down anything. Day four couldn't have started any worse... Ah, that's what it did - it hit the pad and that's what deflected. ..spilling an early chance and leaking runs. Oh, that's a crackerjack of a stroke. Sehwag and Gambhir continued the carnage from the night before. Now, what about that. The Australians couldn't buy a wicket - several missed run-out opportunities... And he was gone. ..and an edge not heard by the umpire... That's out - Sehwag is out. ..or so it appeared... I hate to say so, but I think the umpire's made a big mistake. at the wrong time. If there was no bat on that one that was gone. Sehwag seemed destined to celebrate his 30th birthday with a century until luck smiled finally on Siddle. Sehwag was gone for 90 but there was no let-up from India. It's a full toss. Gambhir's century was up just before lunch... There we go! ..his second in Test cricket. He fell in the hunt for quick runs, but India appear to have more than enough. Paul Cochrane, Ten News.

As you may have seen earlier, Brisbane Broncos players have been ordered back from their holidays for an emergency meeting, after another off-field incident last night. Halfback Peter Wallace was arrested and charged after being thrown out of a Sunshine Coast nightclub. Darren Lockyer doesn't mind being followed by the World Cup. But today he was being stalked by another Broncos controversy. I'm here playing for Australia and representing Australia at the moment. I'm not here for the Broncos, so I just want to talk about the World Cup for now. Only Lockyer - who recently had to apologise for tackling a bar manager - and Brisbane's other World Cup stars are spared from attending tomorrow's lecture on off-field behaviour. The rest are in for an ear-bashing. They'll be left, in no uncertain terms,

they'll be told in no uncertain terms that further breaches of the old code or the new code or anything else that brings this club into disrepute will be treated very, very seriously. While he was trying to shrug off Broncos dramas at today's captain's call, Lockyer was also dousing expectation of another World Cup stroll for the Kangaroos. Everyone's talking about us being in the final but we've got to get to the semis first before we even think about the final. And without a warm-up game, don't expect razzle-dazzle. We want to play tough footy but at the same time we can't expect our performance to be a polished performance. We just want to go out there and start the tournament with a really tough game. The last time they played for this was back in 2000 wasn't what you'd call a success. and the tournament But this time, they say, it will be a different story. I think look at the Olympics - I think Australia really knows how to organise a great event The Rugby World Cup was fantastic over here. The draw ensures the heavyweights don't get their hands on too many of league's lightweights. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Perth Glory Defender Hayden Foxe has defended his team's tactics after last night's 2-1 win over Sydney FC. Sydney coach John Kosmina accused the Glory of time-wasting and play-acting.

Perth Glory players had little trouble staying upright as they strolled along the beach this morning, but in the closing minutes of last night's 2-1 win over Sydney on the ground. COMMENTATOR: Now the stretcher's not required. Well, farcical times.

"Street smart", it was described to me in my previous interview. Street smart? There's a difference between being street smart and just being soft. It's still a man's game. laughed off the accusations, Glory defender Hayden Foxe declaring their tactics just part of the game. It's normal. You do anything you need to do to win the game Tando's gonna sprint

and try and get the ball. That's just part of the game, isn't it? John Kosmina's fury also extended to the red card handed out to defender Ian Fyfe in the closing minutes. He did touch him but he was trying to get him out of the road to take the free-kick. He didn't king-hit him in the back of the head like he made out he did. The Glory are now just one win away from the top four. The loss was a costly one for Sydney, who missed the chance to go top of the table.

Young British driver Lewis Hamilton looks set to become Formula 1's youngest world champion after a comfortable win at the Chinese Grand Prix. He'll take a 7-point lead into the final race of the season. Lewis Hamilton started from pole and stayed in front throughout in China, leaving his rivals to get in each other's way. COMMENTATOR: There it is, Bourdais getting into the inside of Jarno Trulli. Australia's Mark Webber was on his way to 14th, while Hamilton was completely dominant, well clear of Kimi Raikkonen, when the Finn allowed his Ferrari team-mate Felipe Massa to move into second. I mean, we know what we want as a team and that's what we did. It's normal in this situation. Massa is now still in the running for the world championship at his home Grand Prix in Brazil in a fortnight, but Hamilton only needs to finish fifth or higher to take the crown. I know going into Brazil will be a much different situation compared to last year, and I know we'll be a lot more, even more competitive, than we are here. Valentino Rossi's dominance of the MotoGP season continued in Malaysia when he won his ninth race of the season. Australia's Casey Stoner wrapped up second in the world championship with his sixth placing. And meet the new 250cc world champion, Italian Marco Simoncelli, whose fans are more than happy to go with the 'fro. The new champ says it's tough riding under all that hair. I can't speak. I'm too hot. I'm sorry.

Leanne West, Ten News.

Saturday's Cox Plate looms as the weakest field in history

The Moonee Valley showpiece will be without Weekend Hussler, who was officially taken out of the field this morning. And Caulfield Guineas winner Whobegotyou won't run either, leaving a drastically depleted line-up. I think it's fair to say it's not going to be a classic Cox Plate. In Melbourne Cup news, Caulfield Cup winner All the Good has been hit with a 2kg penalty for the first Tuesday in November. He'll now carry 55 kilos in a bid to win the cups double. Australian pitcher Grant Balfour and his Tampa Bay Rays are through to baseball's World Series, after beating the Boston Red Sox in game seven of the American League series. The Red Sox led early, but runs in the fourth and fifth innings gave the home side a 2-1 advantage, before Willy Aybar's home run sent the locals into raptures. COMMENTATOR: A swing and a drive, deep left. That ball is long gone! Tampa held on for a 3-1 win, setting up a World Series showdown

Terrific news for the Sydney Swans - forward Ryan O'Keefe has decide to stay. He's signed a 4-year deal. More details on that later in Sports Tonight.

He is 27 so he is said to be a Swan

for life. He is close to his family

and he is going to stay.

It took the traffic - heavy traffic for drivers in the Gilmore.

for drivers in the Gilmore. The for drivers in the Gilmore. The

weather is also starting to

deteriorate towards the south-west. We deteriorate towards the south-west.

We are like she in Balmore and We are like she in Balmore and

traffic has been reduced to 60 traffic has been reduced to 60 km/h

at the end five tolls. Those issues

will continue on Epping Road. Stay with us - we're in for another cool blast on the weather front. Tim Bailey has the details next.

This program is captioned live.

Time for the weather details. Tim

Daly, Deborah wants to go for a

walk after the news but she is

worried about getting a white tail.

I have bad news - I've had and

knock on the weather man store and

it was winter at St a one to say a

few final goodbyes. I told him to

go away as the whispering and he said

said he is going to stay for

another two days. The weather is

blowing at the 22 km/h in the

south-west and the north-west of the

the city and whether activity on

the radar and the next 72 Alice -

17-22 degrees. But by Wednesday they

they will be back to winter and 15 degrees

degrees with the snow on the

Southern Highlands so look out. One

piece of good news - Saturday will be fine and 27 degrees.

Patchy cloud trekking north over

eastern NSW near a trough bring

storms and showers mainly need to

Rangers. A burst of cold and Rangers. A burst of cold and

showers to Tasmania and later it

will speed up the NSW coastline

maintaining storms over southern

the South while while a high at

keeps the Centre Drive. Showers

along to NSW coast, more frequent

with storms in the north. Storms

for North Queensland and isolated

storms on the Queensland coast.

Thundery showers on what the

Western Australian coast. We go all

grey and drippy on it. Drizzle and

showers and wind and cloud - 18-20

degrees tomorrow and on Wednesday

it will be shocking. 15 degrees and

getting increasingly windy and in getting increasingly windy and snow

in some parts of NSW before we go

on improved Thursday and Friday it

was Saturday being at the stand was Saturday being at the stand at bay for the weekend. Interstate:

Don't blame me - I am just the messenger! That brings you up to date on the News at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening before the Late News with Sports Tonight, along at 10:30. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

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