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Good morning everyone.

Welcome to Ten News.

America is in the grip of an

unfolding tragedy. A US soldier has

opened fire on his own people at a

military base in Texas.

The shooter was killed. He was a

soldier. We since then have

apprehended two additional soldiers

that are suspects.

12 soldiers are dead and 30 people

injured. The military base is in injured. The military base is in

lockdown. It's difficult enough

when we locals our brave Americans

in difficulties overseas. It is

horrifying that they should come

American soil. under fire at an army base on

We are going to cross straight to

the US this morning where at least the US this morning where at least

one American soldier has opened

fire at a military base in Texas.

Our US correspondent, Emma

Dallimore is following the story.

We know that the shooter is dead

and 12 others are dead. What more

information do you have? To quote

the President this morning, this

has been an horrific outburst of

violence. Here's what we know. 12

are dead and 31 injured - some

critical, after as many as three US

soldiers went on a shooting rampage

at the Fort Hood military base

which is a huge training facility

in Texas. They turned their guns on

their own comrades just after

6:30am Australian time, only a few

hours before a graduation ceremony

was to get under way. So far, one

soldier has been confirmed as the

primary shooter. He, this morning

has been confirmed by some sources

as Major oor Malik Hassan. A

soldier from Virginia who was about

to be deployed to iring ak. It's

believed he was -- to Iraq. It's

believed he was an army medic. At a

neighbouring facility, two other US

soldiers have been detained. At

this point, they're being called

suspects only. Here's some of what

suspects only. Here's some of what

the military had to say. At

approximately 13:30 hours today, a

shooter entered what we call the

soldier readyness facility where

soldiers who are preparing to

deploy go for last minute medical

check-ups and dental treatment. A

shooter opened fire and essentially,

due to the quick response of the

police forces, was killed. We know

that Fort Hood is an absolutely

enormous base. You've talked there enormous base. You've talked there

about the graduation ceremony, but

it is also a base where returning

soldiers are treated for battle

stress. There must have been

tremendous panic as the shooting

broke out? Absolutely. We've been

watching these scenes all morning

and it has been just terrifying.

This base is the largest US

military base in the world. It's

home to around 70,000 people and

also home, frighteningly to nine

schools for military families. This

morning, the whole place has been

in lockdown and we've heard sirens

wailing and warnings coming out

every five minutes asking people to

stay indoors and to take cover. As

you can imagine, a terrifying

ordeal for the families who have

been trying to get in touch with

their sons and daughters and other

family members stranded inside this

horrible place now. We've heard

from one mother this morning who

bolted down to the base to try to

get in touch and find her son. Well,

I was first in tears and panicking

when I was in the car, and now that

I'm here, I can actually see the

school from here. So that makes me

feel a little bit better, but I'm

not leaving until they tell me that

I can get him, so it is one of

these things. That's my husband

texting me now from Iraq so the

guys over there just found out

what's going on. That's the problem,

finding out what's going on.

President Obama, on a day when he

should be celebrating his first

year in office is having to come

face-to-face with this tragedy?

face-to-face with this tragedy?

That's right, he emerged not too

long ago saying that the White

House is working with the FBI and

the Pentagon and homeland security.

They're working background checks

on the three people believed to be

behind the attack. The President

says the full resources of the

Federal Government will be deployed,

firstly to investigate the tragedy,

but also to support those who have

been caught up in it. It is

difficult enough when we lose the

brave Americans in battles overseas.

It is horrifying that they should

come under fire at an army base on come under fire at an army base on

American soil. Yeah, so true. Now,

of course, there will be some time

before investigators know exactly

what happened and how this all

unfolded, but we must remember

sadly that 31 people remain injured

and some of them are fighting for

their lives, so the shocking death

toll in Texas could rise. Thank you for that report.

A 2-year-old boy has been found

dead in an Adelaide home.

Detectives discovered the body of

the toddler after being called to

the address of a male acquaintance

of the mother. The 25-year-old

mother has been detained under the

Mental Health Act. It's too early

suspicious. to determine whether the death is

Severe thunderstorms lashed south-

east Queensland overnight with some

towns pounded by giant hailstones.

The worst-hit areas were west of

Brisbane where homes were damaged

evacuated. and two nursing homes partly

The weather bureau had been

predicting wild storms, but no-one

in the small town near the Darling

Downs south-west of Brisbane

expected hail like this. It was

twice the size of that that hit my

car. The farming town was smashed

for more than 20muns. I thought

that some of them were like golf

balls. It was so scary. It was just

like a drive-by shooting but

constant. Just a blanket of white,

really. But there was nothing

beautiful. The chunks shattered

windows and sky lights, causing

damage to nearly 40 homes and

dozens of cars. To give you an idea

as to what it was like, the hail

that smashed through these kitchen

windows came through with such

source that it went through the

kitchen and bounced off the back

wall more than eight metres away.

Just get up there and have a look.

At two retirement villages,

residents had to be evacuated when

hail punched holes in the roof.

Deafening, really deafening. Some

were really afraid. Jan and Neil

Moore had their ceiling collapse.

All of a sudden a bang and Neil

said, "What the hell was that?" The

storm moved across the south-west

last night, blacking out more than

24,000 homes. With it came

torrential rain. Around Ipswich,

they received the best falls

they've had in a decade. And

there's more on the way with

showers and thunderstorms predicted for the weekend.

And we'll find out what's behind

the wild weather and how much more

we can expect weapon we chat to

later. someone from the weather channel

The 78 Sri Lankan asylum seekers

have reportedly refused an

Australian inducement to leave the

'Oceanic Viking'. Jakarta must

today decide if it will extend the

dead leen to allow the ship to

remain in Indonesian waters with

one official saying that it is time

the ship moved on.

Australia hasally asked for an

extension of time to resolve the

deadline. 19 days after being taken

onboard, the Sri Lankans are there

after their rescue at sea. But one

top Indonesian diplomat says

there's no point. The ship now

should leave Indonesian waters. It

is unwise to extend their stay here.

I think it has been repeatedly said

that they're going to Australia.

They're committed and it is final.

While it drags on, the Opposition

makes hay. We stop the boats coming

into Australia, and we make no

apology for that. The ghost of John

Howard there to be heard. Who

decides whether they come to

Australia? Is it us, or is it the

people smugglers? The Custom

Minister's office is confident that

a second extension for the 'Oceanic

Viking' to remain in Indonesia is

probably. Officials are coy,

however, about reports that the 78

asylum seekers have been offered

fast track processing to get them

into Australia within a year if

they'll get off the boat. Such

inducements, if they're true,

expose the Government to claims

that it is letting this lot jump

the queue. The people waiting it

out on the ship have reportedly

rejected the offer anyway, saying

their determination not to return

to Indonesia is final.

The Victorian Government is under

pressure after a psychiatric

patient allegedly murdered two

fellow inmates at a forensic

hospital. It's emerged he was

housed in a low security unit and

allowed out on day release.

As the accused murderer is taken

into police custody, a top level

inquiry about the State's mental

health system begins. The 49-year- health system begins. The 49-year-

old is accused of stabbing his room

mate and another patient with a

kitchen knife in a secure

psychiatric unit. It's one of those

knives that you see generally in

knife blocks and the largest knife

in the knife block. When officers

arrived, they found him in his

bedroom. He changed his cloths and

cleaned the knife and gave himself

up. Police say that both victims

had killed before. It's understood

that the accused was in the process

of being integrated back into the

community and was friendly with one

of his alleged victims. They would

often go out on day pass and go

fishing together, and what brought

on the altercation - we don't know.

The State Government forced to

answer questions about why such

patients are allowed to walk the

streets. Something has gone wrong

in this particular case. An inquiry

is under way into why the three men

were assessed as suitable to be

housed in the hospital's low

security unit. And, why they had

access to knives. The rarity of

this instance is indeed the

justification for a very robust

inquiry into it, and you raise a

very reasonable question - what is

the assessment process. In the

meantime, the day release program

has been suspended.

The scathing report that reveals

how many times police could have

saved kidnapped sex slave, Jaycee

Duggard. We have that next.

And, car owe sell cash-in. The

couple who made

A scathing new report shows how

California police officers missed

many opportunities to discover

Jaycee Duggard. They're accused of

failing to properly monitor her kidnapper.

A new report says parole officers

fail today properly supervise

Philip Gurido90% of the time and

missed that Jaycee was in his

backyard for 18 years. Katie

Halloway Hall is outraged. She was

abducted and raped by Garrido in

the '70s. He was sentenced to 50

years but paroled after serving

just 11. To say they dropped the

ball is an understatement. There

were so many mistakes made

throughout the years. California's

inspector general says that the

first major mistake is when a

parole agent improperly classified

him as low risk. The mistake that

set the tone for the rest of the

mistakes. They found that they

never investigated utility lines to

where she was held. Agents failed

to follow up when neighbours

reported children living in the

backyard. But critics say it is not

just California. Authorities in the

US are failing to keep a close eye

on sex offenders. It's believed

some 100,000 convicted offenders

have disappeared from the system.

There are almost 700,000 registered

sex offenders nationwide. In

Florida, there are 40,000 to one

parole officer. In Colorado, it is

26-1. The system is broken and

overwhelmed and I think the public

is starting to realise that.

California authorities say they're

working to improve the system. The

family of Jaycee Duggard hope that

the mistakes are fixed so what

happened will never happen again.

Police say they've tracked down

hundreds of suitcases missing from

an American airport. A husband and

wife are accused of helping

themselves to the baggage carousels

and selling off the contents.

Police say they know what happened

to nearly 1,000 bags which went

missing from Phoenix's

international airport. Authorities

found hundreds of pieces of luggage

in the home. The couple are accused

of stealing the bags from the

carousels and then selling the

stolen goods for cash. Weapon want

today see what would happen when we

took a bag from one of the busiest

airports in America. New York's La

Guardia. I grabbed a bag belonging

to a woman from Michigan. She was

willing to let me take it to see if

anyone questioned me. Nobody did. I

walked right out the door. Were you

surprised I was able to just walk

off with with your bag? Yes, very.

It was very easy. One of our

producers was able to walk off with

the bag of a willing passenger in

the bag of a willing passenger in

Burbank, California. If I was on

the phone or texting, you could

take it and I would miss it. And I

went back inside and tried again.

This time, taking the bag of a

passenger from Rhode Island. She

knew I was taking it, but again,

nobody stopped me - even though

this was the second bag I grabbed

in less than ten minutes.

You know, it's always in the back

of your mind that there's really no

security when you're walking out.

It is the airlines, not the airport

who are responsible for the safe

delivery of your bags. But in cost-

cutting moves, most airlines have

done away with checking claim

tickets as passengers leave the

baggage area. There's so little

theft now that it doesn't make a

lot of sense for that. A silver

lining? Industry experts say the

chance of losing your bag is low.

The chance of it being stolen is even lower.

Terrorists and pirates control most

of the collapsed country of Somalia.

Called the new Afghanistan, there

are growing fears the failed State

is becoming a training ground for

terrorists with western passports.

This is a public show of force by

Al Shabab.

These pictures filmed in the past

few days in Mogadishu were smuggled

out to ITV News. The radical

Islamist group now control much of

Somalia, drawing conscripts from

around the world as mounting

concern that they may be about to

export their brand of terror.

With the emergence of Shabab, a

conflict almost 20 years old has

entered the most sinister chapter

yet. Somalia is described as the

new Afghanistan - a breeding ground

for extremism. The death toll

mounts by the day. People live

under the most brutal form of

Sharia law. We obtained these

pictures of young men who have each

had a hand and foot cut off. They

were accused of stealing. We were

told how women suspected of

adultery are stoned to death in the

streets. But in Somalia, everyone

is a victim. Imagine being a child

here? If you're under 18, you know

nothing in your life but anarchy

and the future has never been more

bleak. This is what a failed state

looks like - beaten and broken. A

dreadful place to live, but the

perfect conditions for incubbating

terror and extremism. The areas

Shabab haven't reached are under

the control of pirates or criminal

gangs. Nowhere is safe in Somalia.

We had to surround ourselves with

armed guards wherever we went.

Conflict here has cost a million

lives since the early '90s. These

women are among the hundreds of

thousands who fled the capital,

Mogadishu. Seven of this woman's

children died there. TRANSLATION:

It's terrible. The war is worse

than ever. And there are suicide

bombs now. No-one can return. Al

Shabab's reach is spreading right

across Australia. The stronghold is

in Mogadishu in the south, but

we've been told that there are

bases just outside this town and

the numbers are swelling because

they're coming into places like

this and recruiting. We left

Somalia and travelled south to

Kenya where there's a widespread

fear that terror is seeping across

the border. I was put in touch with

Abdi, an Al Shabab fighter who

deserted. Taking a substantial risk,

he told me that like Iraq and

Afghanistan, the Somali Jihad has

attracted extremists from around

the world. Was it only Somalis you

were fighting with, or were there

foreigners involved in Al Shabab?

My friends and I saw many

foreigners in Al Shabab. My

trainers came from Denmark to

defend us. This town is a transit

point for the foreign fighter. It's

more than 100 miles from the Somali

border, but Al Shabab enjoy wide

support here. Dozens of young men

have left these streets to join its

ranks, and outsiders are viewed

with suspicion. We were followed

everywhere we went by Kenyan

Government agents. Why are you Government agents. Why are you

following me? Ask him Why are you

following me? The presence of the

jihadies is an open secret here,

but only one man was brave enough

to talk about it. When I meet

foreigners, people who have been

living outside and got citizenship

from Sweden, Europe, America and

Britain. And they're going to do

what? Support Al Shabab. And fight?

Yeah, fight. At some point, many of

the foreigners train in these

Somali camps will fine their way Somali camps will fine their way

home, and experts believe that's a

real worry for the countries they

come from. This man was the head of

the United Nations monitoring group

on Somalia. In some cases they've

become explosive experts and they

have combat experience in Somalia,

so all of that when they go back to

their host country, they can become

potential timebombs. For almost 20

years, the world has watched

Somalia's decline. Written off for

too long as someone else's problem.

It's more than just a regional

crisis now.

Shocking report, isn't it? It's

like another world.

Stay with us. Next, we'll find out

if what's behind the wild weather

and if there's more to come.

And the export ban that's created a

kangaroo boom.

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Mark Wilhelm will face a second

manslaughter trial. Last month, a

Sydney jury was dismissed after

failing to reach a verdict in his

first trial. Wilhelm is accused of

manslaughter over the 2002 death of

a Brisbane mum whose body was found

in a cabin on a P&O cruiseship. The

new trial will be held in April of

next year.

A lightning bolt has blown in the

roof of a house on the Gold Coast.

Neighbours gathered to comfort

residents of the home who managed

to escape as the ceiling collapsed

around them.

I wouldn't want to be in there.

It's shocking. The worst of the

storms smashed into the Gold Coast

at around 11:00 last night. And it

caused most of the interior

ceilings to collapse. It had blown

the power box off the side of the

house. And the three residents were

trapped by broken glass and didn't

want to walk further. Meteorologist

Magda Rose joins us from the

Weather Channel. We have flooting

in Coffs Harbour, heatwave down in

the south of the country. This

seems very strange. It is a huge

weather day here at the Weather

Channel and around the nation and

we are expecting more thunderstorms

for south-east Queensland this

afternoon. The same weather system

that brought yesterday's severe

storms. It's still in the same area,

so from the Central West to the

south-east, we're expecting a

redevelopment of showers and

thunderstorms and they do have the

potential to be severe. With all of

the strange weather, are you able

to look into your crystal ball and

give us an inkling of what we're in

for this summer? In terms of what

we're expecting. It is typical to

see this. We are in the peak of

this for north-east NSW. It is

normal to see this activity, but

the outbreak that we saw yesterday

was explosive. It is the worst that

we've seen so far this year but it

is normal to see these sorts of

severe thunderstorms. Can you see

any more of it in the immediate

future? It is likely to get more

severe thunderstorms in the summer

time, although I must mention, that

in terms of large hail, you're more

likely to see that in the spring.

That's the large hail that we saw

yesterday. During the summer, you

get large rain as po posed to the large rail.

Thank you.

Farmers in outback Queensland are

under siege from a kangaroo plague.

A Russian export ban on roomeat has

closed one check and the drought-

ravaged roos have started moving into towns.

As the sun goes down, the

population here swells dramatically.

Here they are now coming in. Every

night, mobs of Kangaroos come into

town looking for food. They're on

the streets, in the parks and in

the backyards. Many hang around in

the morning. You open the back door

and there's some there. The big dry

has brought emus into town as well.

They're the visitors who refuse to

leave, and locals have had to get

used to it. They have to find

tucker somewhere and they come in

because the lawns are nice and

green and there's nowhere else for

them to go. Grazier Scott Fraser

says outside town, it is worse. I

have no stock and the roos keep

hammering it down. So you can't get

in front. Many farmers have given

up for now, destocking their

paddocks and leaving them to the

roos. They can get a licence to

shoot 1,000 in six months, but the

impact would be almost nil. It's

possible to shoot 700 a night.

They're thick. Russia used to 70%

of Australia's exported kangaroo

meat, but a food safety dispute has

closed the parket. It is one less

check on a rampant population. Back

in town, the Kangaroos have made

themselves at home and some of the

bigger ones have actually become

quite bold. It's a safety concern

for the council and for the parents.

One girl had real bad trouble. She

couldn't rang her washing out

because of the two bucks who

decided that was there. About five

years ago when it got real dry, we

had some roos wanting to attack the

little kids on the lawns because

the young ones get out on the lawn

and they had to destroy a couple of

them. What they really need is rain.

They haven't had a decent fall in

months and that's why the red term

anti-looks like the surface of Mars

and why towns in western Queensland

will be living with a kangaroo

plague for a long time. Many men

across the country have thrown away

their razors for a very good cause.

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Ten's Europe correspondent Danielle

Isedale has that story and the rest

of this week's Europe report.

Well, it really is the story of the

week here in the UK. The killing of

five British soldiers in

Afghanistan. Murdered by one of the

local police officers they'd been

training who was secretly a Taliban

fighter. Six other servicemen

injured in the attack have been

brought home to Britain as

Afghanistan's interior ministry

launches a man-hunt with the rogue officer responsible.

They're under pressure because one

of their men is on the run and a

murderer. The Afghan police are

under fire from Britain but say

that one rogue shouldn't ruin their

reputation as a force that's lost

thousands of men fighting the

Taliban. In no way are these police Taliban. In no way are these police

like British police. They are

heavily armed paramilitaries and

they are placed at the very

frontline of this war. They're

trained by British and other forces,

but not trusted by them.

The policeman who killed five

British soldiers was a comrade and

in the Taliban. But the officials

who run the police told ne - they

don't know who he is. Who is this

Gulbidan? Is he police? Or we have

hundreds here in Afghanistan. The

Taliban have told us that he is one Taliban have told us that he is one

of their men. Could be or could not

be. Are you confident you will

catch the man? We will definitely

follow the person behind this

attack and we will bring him down

to justice. What proportion of the

aft began police is infiltrated by

the Taliban? We we can't even claim

that 1% of the police are Taliban,

but there are times that perhaps

the enemy will infiltrate. But we

have to investigate. We filmed

these Taliban fighters. A spokesman

says they are infiltrating the

police. These men told us that they

will attack more British troops and

are making roadside bombs to do it.

They told us that the army is still

here "Our message is simple, get

out of our country.". More coffins

have left Afghanistan. Five UN have left Afghanistan. Five UN

workers killed last week. The UN is

pulling out half of its foreign pulling out half of its foreign

staff temporarily. But it says that

there is no guarantee the

international community will stay

here, no matter what. I believe we

are now at the critical junction in

the reelingship between Afghanistan

and the international community.

The UN is tightening its security

and moving staff behind high walls.

600 workers will leave, though the

UN insists it is not pulling out.

But for the UN, for the Afghan But for the UN, for the Afghan

police, and for British and foreign

troops, this crisis is worse now

than it has ever been. But there

may be worse come. Now, we may be

approaching Rememberance Day, but

that doesn't mean all of us know

our war history, and some know a

lot less than others. According to

a new survey, one in 20UK school

children thought Hitler was the

coach of the German soccer team,

and the Holocaust was a celebration

at the end of WWII. One in six at the end of WWII. One in six

believesed that Auswitch was a

theme park and some thought that

SES stood for Enid Blyton's Secret seven.

And finally, in the lead-up to the

20th anniversary of the fall of the

Berlin Wall, U2 has staged a free

concert to coinside with the MTV

Europe Music Awards.

Europe Music Awards. It was a treat

for 10,000 fans with a temporary

barrier put up to keep out people

without tickets which outraged

locals. The irony wasn't lost on

them, seeing a wall built around a

show dedicated to the collapse of

the wall. I'll be in Berlin for the

anniversary with a series of

special reports about all of the

celebrations in the capital next week.

Thank you. A man who spent most of

the '80s and early 90 as the face

of Wrestlemania, Hulling Hogan is

going to take up a role as the Mo

man of Movember. Happy Movember to

you. G'day, mate, how are you doing.

See, you're fitting in already.

It's a time in Australia when men

do strange things. Things with hair

on the face and the heads, but on the face and the heads, but

there is a serious point to it all.

Yes, Sir. This represents and this

represents our concern and

awareness for prostate cancer. It

is a very, very serious issue. I

lost a very close friend to this

disease and I want everyone to

understand that health a wealth,

and at the end of the day, when you

become around the 40-year-old mark,

you need to start checking - you

need to be aware of your physical

health all over your body. And the

prostate situation is one that you

need to address right away. That's

always a problem is that men don't

like to talk about their health,

generally, and from your point of

view, not just with prostate, but

you've had a number of health you've had a number of health

issues over the years. How would

you... How did you handle those?

You need to address them head-on.

Whether it was my knees or my hips, Whether it was my knees or my hips,

my arms or my neck or my prostate,

it's something that you can't wait

on. You have to fix. You have to

look at the situation and evaluate

it and do the right thing, so it is

the same thing with the prostate. the same thing with the prostate.

You need to make sure that you're

healthy and your prostate is

healthy and go to the doctor and

have the blood tels and the

physical exam, but make sure a you

are he's aware of your -- but make

sure that you're there. Among your

medical conditions, you had a

difficulty with depression, and

that's the great black dog that we

don't like to talk too much about.

How did you handle that? Well, my

son was in an accident and my wife

divorced m me and I found out that

you need to surround yourself with

good people. And change your

thinking and realise that life is

good, you know, and that your

friends are there and they love you

and they're very supportive. And

it's a time when you need to put

your ego and your pride aside and

stay close to your good friends and

keep moving forward. Hulk, I know

you're on your way back down to

visit us in Australia. And apart

from preening and looking after

that fine bit of facial hair, what

else are you planning during the

visit? I'm very excited to be

coming to Australia in November. We

have the Hulkomania tour, we'll be

running wild all over Australia.

This is the only time, this is the

first time I've ever come to

Australia to wrestle. I'm so

excited and this is just like

starting my career over. Coming to

Australia, wrestling the very first

time that I ever wrestled there.

And at this point in time, this is

the only time I'm going to be in

Australia to wrestle. This November,

so make sure that you come out and

see Hulk Hogan and the Hulkomania

tour. Well done, I'm very excited

to have spoken to such a ledge end

of the industry. Thank you very

much for speaking to us. Hulk Hogan

live from Los Angeles. Thank you,

my friend! Next, a revamped

Wallabies line-up to face England

this weekend.

And Australia holds off India's

massive run chase. VOICEOVER: While you're doing your bit to save water, at ACTEW, we're doing our bit to make sure water is always just a turn of the tap away. Our project to enlarge Cotter Dam is progressing well. Designs and surveys are complete, with plans put in place to retain the history of the Cotter area and to protect the environment. To keep up-to-date with the progress of Cotter Dam and our other major projects, visit our website. ACTEW Corporation - working with our partners to secure water for life.

Australia's top banker says he

can't understand why housing prices

are so high. Reserve Bank governor

Glen Stevens says with Australia's

population growing at the fastest

rate in nearly 50 years, more needs

to be done to tackle the housing shortage.

How is it that in a country this

big, an area this small in numbers

of people, we we can't manage to

make the marginal price of a

dwelling lower than it is? He's

also given a strong hint that

interest rate rises may not need to

be as high as first feared.

And let's take a look at the

finance markets with James

Rosenberg from Macquarie Private

Wealth. How are the figures?

They're as strong as Hulk Hogan. A

strong lead from Wall Street. In

fact the biggest night for six

months. A broad-base rally and the

financials are strong and the

resources up strongly as well.

We've had a continued follow-on

from the strength of companies like

Lleyton from their AGM yesterday.

Toll Holdings have made a small

acquisition and TransUrban who are

under take over. The market is up

60 points and the market is also up

over 90 cents after an upgraded GDP

estimate from the Reserve Bank this

morning so investors will be able

to head to the weekend with a good smile on their faces.

Thank you very much. Let me run the

numbers off the markets for you right now.

Australia's second string bowling

attack has survived a Tendulkar

blitz to claim a win in the one

dayer against India. They smashed

155 and an improbably 351 for

victory. The win gives the Aussies

a 3-2 lead in the 7-match series. victory. The win gives the Aussies a 3-2 lead in the 7-match series.

Chasing 351 seemed almost

impossible for India, but if you

have Tendulkar in your line-up,

almost anything can happen. Taking

it there. India took some early

chances and got away with them. The

mistake allowing Sewag to blast a

quick 38. Yet, Tendulkar grabbed

the spotlight, producing one of the

finest knocks in the game. The 36-

year-old reaching his century in

just 81 balls.

Fantastic 100. 45.

Fantastic 100. 45. Tendulkar passed

there. But with just 19 runs to get,

debutant Clint Mackay removed him.

Walking off after an extraordinary

knock of 175. In the end, the

result came down to India needing

105 runs from the last three balls

with one wicket in hand.

Good call, good throw to the

keeper's hands. Oh, he's been given

out. Well, that is it. A truly

amazing game of cricket. It's a

remarkable effort when you consider

all of the players we've had

injured on the tour and a couple of

the better players who didn't make the better players who didn't make

the tour. Earlier, Australia's

innings was dominated by openers

Shaun Marsh and Watson. Watson

smashing three sixes as he made 93,

while Marsh had the one day century.

The Aussies now approximate 3-2 up

in the series with game six on Sunday. in the series with game six on Sunday. Sunday.

Tim Sheens has told his halves

pairing of Darren Lockyer and

Johnathon Thurston to lift their

game. Sheens, rejecting calls to

rest them from this weekend's Test

against France. We're not out here

to muck around. We're not out here

to rest people just because we're

playing the French. You know, I

want my key play makers to be out

here. I'm still not happy with that

combination yet. They need to get more

more time together. The match will

see the Test debut of Penrith

centre, Michael Jennings.

Wallabies coach Robbie Deans has

caused a selection shock ahead of

tomorrow night's Test against

England at Twickenham. He's named

the rookie combination of Craig

Cooper in the centres while

recalling George Smith and drew

Mitchell to the starting team

I've played for Queensland for the

last year or two, so it's been a

bit of a help having that sort of a

culmination build. Ryan Cross

dropped to the bench with Adam

Ashley Cooper now at fullback. And

the Wallabies versus England can be

seen on Ten and One early on Sunday

morning. Just check your local

guides for times.

Disgruntled Brisbane forward Daniel

Bradshaw has started training with

the Swans, despite being on the

Lions list. The veteran is hoping

to be drafted by Sydney after

walking out on the lines lines when

he was offered as part of a trade

for Carlton's Brendan Fevola. I

wasn't obviously ofrt moon about it.

I didn't really see it coming. It

was a bit of a shock. Meanwhile,

the Blues have aumped Matt McWire a lifeline.

Heads have rolled in South African

athletics over the Caster Semenya

gender row. The President and board

of athletics have been suspended

after admitting that they carried

out and covered up gender tests of

their own on the World Champion

runner. She went on to win the 800m

title, but questions over whether

she's a man or a woman persist.

Test results to settle the matter

are due later this month.

The Disabled Surfing Association

has taken to the waves at Sydney's

Manly beach, astounding some local legends.

They say they're in the business of

putting smiles on dials. Just a few

minutes with the DSA volunteers and

you'll understand why. As surfers,

we've always taken the beach for

granted. We've been able to get up

and go to the beach when we like

and get a wave. These people can't

do that and we're giving them the

opportunity. With local surfing

idea and Lane Beachly onboard, it's

time to head out at Manly and show

us how it is done. It's just

amazing to be able to share it with

them, and watch them enjoy what

I've enjoyed every day of my life

and lived for, and yeah, it touched

me from the bottom to the top. I

teared up out there I have to admit.

It's a boundary-free environment

only the ocean can provide. You

just know you're free. You're not

disabled and j just having fun.

Rarely a day goes by when the guys

aren't restricted in some way by

disabilities. But when they're out

in the surfing, none of that

matters. It's so much fun to be

part of the ocean. The ocean

teaches us so much about life and

these guys get to experience it as

well so it is a really special

thing. The Disabled Surfing

Association has been making people

like this smile for 26 years,

surviving on small donations and

the generosity of its volunteers.

They can't get Federal funding

because they're not classified as a

disabled sport because they don't

compete. We don't want to put these

people through competitions,

regional State and national titles,

so it is not about winning the

Commodore Car or the gold medal. It

is all about getting out there and

having fun. One thing they well and

truly have covered!

Wow. Smiles on dials all over the place.

Matthew Johns has announced he will

form a television production

company with ad man, John Singleton.

He said that he made the decision

after his wife urged him to move on

from the group sex scandal which

rocked the sport earlier this year.

rocked the sport earlier this year.

It's something that over the last

six months, I didn't know exactly

how to move on from it or whether I

should move on. And probably the

turning point for me probably

happened about three or four weeks

ago. I was sitting at home and my

wife walked in and sat next to me

on the lounge and nudged me and

just said, Matt, I don't know

whether you've noticed, but myself

and the kids are getting on with

the rest of our lives. Now, for our

sake, we need you to do the same.

Matthew Johns there. The national

weather details when the Morning News returns. of times but so did Rachel. So you do get to set up? No, cute Mayer anyway! -- John that's what they're saying it is. I

mean what other creature could take

a bite that big? LAUGHTER.

FLY ON TWO-WAY RADIO: I can see lots of green natural-looking stuff, Louie. (FLY BUZZES) You beauty!

That's gotta mean no fly spray.

Let's get 'em, boys.

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(SPEAKER EMITS LOUD SIZZLING) I think it's broken. WOMAN: (ON SPEAKER) No, no - that's just the bacon we're cooking with crispy chicken, cheese, bacon, lettuce and barbecue sauce. The tastiest burger's gotta be red. SONG: # It's gotta be red. #

Welcome back. 12 people are dead

and 31 injured following a shooting

at a military base in Texas. It's

believed a major, an army

psychologist opened fire killing 11

people before being gunned down

himself. The major was about to be

sent to Iraq. Two others have been

arrested in relation to the

shooting. US President Barack Obama

has condemned the attack as horrific.

Check of the weather now as we head

into the weekend.

And that brings you up to date with

the news. Stay with Ten for updates

throughout the day. Full details in

ten's news hour. I'm Ron Wilson.

Have a fabulous afternoon.

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