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(generated from captions) with your Quarter Pounder meal There's the new Fanta Blue Freeze for the grown-ups, and a free tumbler Fruit Fizz purchase for the kids. with any Goulburn Valley at McDonald's today. So come in to the cold

This program is captioned live. Tonight - outrage and new questions from inside jail. over how a murderer fathered a son in Indonesia. A young Australian father shot dead top 10 best value suburbs. New research identifies Sydney's puts Australia in control And Ricky Ponting's captain's knock

of the first Ashes Test. with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. Victims of crime are furious to smuggle his sperm out of jail, a notorious killer was allowed could fall pregnant. so his girlfriend The Premier says and medical staff he's concerned that prison officials may have helped the man. We can't reveal his identity, murderer smuggled out his sample, or from which jail the infamous for legal reasons. and neither can Corrective Services, anything else about the scandal, But prison bosses refuse to discuss either. veil of secrecy, sometimes, I think they use the so-called to cover up their stuff-ups. Three senior prison staff, legal reasons have been stood down, who we also can't name for including a superintendent, to prison doctors, 10 months ago. who allegedly took the sperm sample Seven News has been told to their son last month. the killer's girlfriend gave birth My reaction, I suspect, who have heard of this, is the same as many people properly but it has to be investigated and I'm not going to make comment is under way. while that investigation Rod Harvey Former police chief superintendent will head the investigation. The inquiry will examine physically smuggled out of the jail, how the sample was to another State how it was transported were offered any inducements and whether prison staff to give the inmate a hand. was only discovered a few weeks ago, The serious breach in security started proudly bragging when the killer that he had just become a father. Victims groups say the killer's chances of parole. becoming a father will improve lose their privileges People who are convicted of murder to father children of doing a lot of other things. and you don't have the privilege at prisons. We don't have a honeymoon suite for the inquiry, Taxpayers won't just foot the bill and single parent allowance. also, potentially, the baby bonus A newsagent has been shot Sydney's west late this afternoon. during an armed hold-up in was shot in the hand, The owner of the Plumpton newsagency an employee was stabbed in the arm, just before 5:00. during the attempted armed robbery Witnesses rushed to help the staff, taking a man into custody. and police arrived quickly, with a gun and a knife. He was allegedly armed to be charged later tonight. He's now in custody and is expected to hospital in stable conditions. The two injured men were taken has been shot dead An Australian engineer in Indonesia. near a gold and copper mine was travelling in a car The father of a newborn baby in the Papua region hit him in the neck. when a sniper's bullet with his 9-week-old daughter, Pictured here Drew Grant lived for his family. Elle was born nine weeks ago. was here for the birth Drew flew back for the birth, and spent a few weeks with her here, and she had the flu last week mine, to be with her at that time, and he flew straight out from the

when this occurred. and he'd just been back about a week Friends arrived at the family home this afternoon, in Melbourne's south-east offering what comfort they could. was shot in the neck, The 29-year-old possibly by a sniper, near the mine where he worked volatile West Papua region. in Indonesia's Run by US-based Freeport, single producers of copper and gold the complex is one of the largest in the world. these thing, Obviously you can't predict the security's quite tight, as far as I'm aware but there is that danger there. with four others Drew had been travelling in a car but he was the only one hit. because it's so sudden, Everyone's just in shock we've comprehended and yeah, I don't think what's actually happened. are investigating. Indonesian anti-terror police in the Blue Mountains for eight days The father of a backpacker missing says he accepts his son may be dead. continued today, The search for Jamie Neale of the English tourist. but there's been no sign I've lost forever, This is the boy that I suspect my country has lost in this tragedy. this is the diamond around the Ruined Castle area, 60 people spent the day looking hearing noises. after hikers reported calling out very vague, They thought they heard someone it's unknown what they were saying. leaving his Katoomba hostel 19-year-old Jamie was last seen on Friday. have been told Families struggling to afford a home there is hope in unlikely places. shows New research obtained by Seven News the best value for money properties overlooked suburbs. are in previously for less than $50,000 - for less than $350,000 - You can buy a house in Granville within 20km of Sydney's CBD. making it the most affordable suburb and amenities Add good public transport hot spot, and you've got Sydney's number one RP Data. according to property data experts at a really affordable price. Everything you could possibly need most homes are ripe for renovation. Like many of the top 10 suburbs,

that's just opportunity. In this day and age Rockdale is the number two pick. and affordable. We like it because it's close for $510,000. She bought this 3-bedroom home It's just 12km from the city. You're just minutes from the water. nearby at Hurstville. There's great amenities RP Data says are the next best buy, units in Macquarie Park then houses in Toongabbie. Light rail and cafe culture make Forest Lodge a winner. Houses in West Ryde, Riverwood and Lewisham are good value. And Rushcutters Bay and Ultimo offer strong investor returns. This Rushcutters Bay unit is just 28 square metres. The buyer will have to pay about $220,000 but it'll rent for $300 a week. It's just so cosmopolitan, it's central,

I think it's the whole thing - the water, the cafes. the proximity to the city. Experts say no matter where you buy, the key is research. With anything that's good, you've got to look hard. It's not an easy thing. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd admits world leaders will find it difficult to reach a deal on climate change by the end of the year. Talks between leaders of 38 countries have wrapped up in Italy but with little progress on stopping global warming. A security scare at the summit site prevented the traditional family photo. The event ended in disarray. So too, global plans for climate change if Kevin Rudd's candid comments to the Danish Prime Minister are any guide. Our negotiators don't have a sufficiently flexible mandate

in relation to the negotiations to begin bringing about a tight outcome, I'm quite worried about it. He denies he's lost optimism for a planet-saving solution. It might make for a good headline, mate, but let me tell you it's not part of my fabric and the way I approach this - so bark up another tree. Some Green groups still see reason for hope. I actually think that the prospects of a global agreement have become a slight bit better over the past few days than they were a week ago. Kevin Rudd leaves Europe with an international standing bolstered by his performance at the L'Aquila Summit. But it could come to nothing if his fears of failure at Copenhagen are realised. Thieves who steal identities will face up to 10 years jail as part of a crackdown on the billion-dollar fraud crime wave.

The State Government has been forced to act as social networking websites and new technology make it easier to find out personal information. Peter McNally helps catch information thieves. But he knows even the simple loss of a mobile phone can be a disastrous breach of security. So they can look for your online accounts, they can look for your mail box. They can actually follow you, they can track you in the streets. Last year 450,000 Australians were victims of fraud, $1 billion pinched by criminals using new technologies. Can be quite ingenious. It can be just on the web, exchanging information quite innocently. Targeting unsuspecting victims on social networking sites like Facebook. Obtaining addresses, fraudsters will often steal personal information from mail boxes

before raiding bank accounts. We have to remain one step ahead of the thieves. New 5-year jail terms for simply possessing personal details to commit a fraud, doubling the maximum penalty for serious fraud to 10 years. 5-year's jail too for offenders caught trading a person's identity. Once stolen, personal information can end up in a type of criminal market place,

sold-off to the highest bidder. There's also a crack-down on using printers and scanners to produce fake IDs and skimming credit card details from ATMs. But against a global crime, personal vigilance is often the key. The perpetrator is frequently not caught Stephanie Rice will fly to Italy next week for the World Swimming Championships, warning fans she's not in the same shape she was, in Beijing. The swim star admits she's struggled to cope with the pressures of fame after winning three Olympic gold medals last year. She's obviously in a good place - this, after an 8-hour training block. Keeping the squad 'up' is long-time coach Michael Bohl's job. They've gotta feel like they're coming into an environment that's happy and friendly. It's gotta be a hard-working environment but they need to have fun, as well. Imperative, given their workload. All this work, little time to play. Still, it was those moments which attracted headlines after Beijing. It used to affect me more emotionally than anything else. She sought advice from Michael Phelps. The American, who went from eight golds in the Beijing pool to living in a fishbowl, knows how quickly life can sour. We're pretty good friends and he's obviously been through a lot of stuff, like, way worse than me.

how he deals with it. It was good to talk to him and see Now again, it's about the black line - this month's Worlds and still deciding on a swimsuit from the hundreds that have just been approved. Everyone was waiting for the goalposts to be set. They were set, then about three weeks ago, they were changed. So everyone's in a mad panic at the moment. Steph's not promising heroics in Rome. Like, I know I'm not as ready as I was in Beijing. But she has promised to still be a force come London 2012. Still to come - a hometown memorial for Michael Jackson. Also, the death of a notorious paedophile in a Sydney jail. And why Paris Hilton is back in court and in trouble again. That's next. The Government's extended the First Homeowner's Grant

One of Australia's most notorious paedophiles has died in Sydney's Long Bay Jail. Robert 'Dolly' Dunn, who claimed there was nothing wrong with sex between men and boys, had served just over half his 20-year sentence. Robert 'Dolly' Dunn was an evil child predator. Once Australia's most wanted man, he'd spent two years on the run. The FBI found him hiding in Central America. He was defiant even in handcuffs

after his arrest in a Honduran hotel. I would say, let them prove it. It's all rubbish. Extradited to Sydney, Dunn was convicted of 91 sex offences. His victims were aged between 7 and 17, 22 crimes involved boys under 10. The former schoolteacher's life was exposed in this video at the Wood Royal Commission. It shows Dunn and some mates stalking boys. He paid children for the use of pornography and supplied his victims with drugs but despite the disturbing evidence, he always maintained he'd been set up by Australian authorities. A vendetta. Is that a personal vendetta? I think so. Robert Dunn died from multiple organ failure at Long Bay Jail early this morning. He was 68 and serving a 20-year sentence. He never showed remorse. Trade Minister Simon Crean has met Chinese officials in Shanghai. to express "strong concern" for a detained Rio Tinto executive. Stern Hu is in custody, accused of espionage and stealing state secrets. I spoke to his wife as to whether he felt that he was in any threat recently and she said, "no, just business as normal". Simon Crean doesn't expect Mr Hu's detention to affect bilateral trade ties. Thousands of Michael Jackson fans have attended a memorial in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. Dancers recreated the 'Thriller' video, before his father Joe Jackson addressed the crowd. I've been around the world so many times and so, it does feel good to be back home. The King of Pop only returned to visit the city once, after his family left when he was a boy. Paris Hilton is back in court - this time defending herself against a $10 million lawsuit. The socialite is being sued for failing to promote her 2006 movie 'Pledge This' which flopped at the box office. Producers have accused Hilton of ignoring requests to appear on talk shows and do interviews. Sport with Johanna Griggs and the Aussies will push for victory in the first Test tonight. Chris, let's hope the Welsh weather's kind to Ricky Ponting. The Ashes latest is next, as our batsman feast on a lacklustre English attack in Cardiff. COMMENTATOR: He's a classic Australian player, just like that. And John Sutton stars as the Bunnies end their 5-game losing streak.

Ricky Ponting and the Aussies have taken control of the first Ashes Test. Now it's decision time for the skipper as he pushes for victory in Cardiff. Ponting's 150 and runs from Katich, Clarke and North gave Australia a 44-run lead with 2 days remaining, but wet weather could save England. The honeymoon was over for England and Freddie's radar was wayward while Ponting and Katich wanted to continue where they'd left off.

England finally took the new ball and finally had success. COMMENTATOR: Is there an inside edge? No, he's gone. Katich made 122 in a 239-run partnership with his skipper. Hussey needed Test runs but Flintoff wasn't in a charitable mood. And soon after, the pressure intensified on 'Mr Cricket'. Edged - gone. Anderson has another - Hussey goes. A rare lapse by Ponting ended a golden knock by the skipper on 150.

He was despondent walking off, he wanted a big, huge score. England was back in the hunt only to have North and Clarke ruin the party. He's a classic Australian player - just like that. England was about self preservation as North and Clarke reeled in England's total. Smashed that ball - has just whistled to the boundary. Rain gave the home side some breathing space from the Australian onslaught. Although Clarke was in the dark with his shot selection. Gloved was it? I think it was, yes. Australia will want a lead of around about 150 to 200 runs. England need five quick wickets and weather permitting, we are in for a very exciting finish. The wicket will start playing a few more tricks, I think it will turn a little more, inconsistent bounce and I do believe there's an opportunity for a result there. We're going to keep fighting. We've worked hard all day and we'll keep doing that tomorrow. Penrith try-scoring sensation Michael Jennings has accepted Origin's toughest challenge - shutting down Queensland's Greg Inglis in Game 3. The Panthers could have used Jennings last night - they went down to the resurgent Rabbitohs, 36-12. Souths ended a 5-game losing streak. Last round, John Sutton was dragged from the field in the Bunnies woeful defeat to the Tigers. Last night, Sutton was back to his best. COMMENTATOR: Gets out of one, gets out of another. Probably more switched on, this week. Seeing how bad I played last week, just wanted to come out here and prove I can play better. He had no choice after Jason Taylor read the riot act midweek. The coach also admitted he needed major improvement. I knew that my career as a coach was staring me in the face. I saw it very clearly that I had to get more out of these guys and it's great. It worked against a virtual Penrith B-team. Souths need to pass much tougher tests to prove they're back as contenders. I expect myself to be doing this stuff every week for the team. Often we think what we're doing is good enough and we don't realise we've got more, John Sutton's got more. Michael Jennings will find out exactly what he's got, head-to-head with superstar Greg Inglis in Origin 3. It's a challenge I want to take on. He's a wonderful player, real dynamic. Everyone knows that when they come up against Greg they're going to have a busy night in defence. If Jennings has his way, Inglis could have just as much trouble. We've trained to get more ball, early ball to me, our centres and strike players. I want early ball and see how we go from there. Captain Kurt Gidley didn't train again, but isn't in doubt for Wednesday's game. Sydney fans farewelled an emotional Barry Hall this afternoon before watching the Bombers end the Swans' unbeaten run at the SCG.

Last night Collingwood won a 1-point thriller. Today, Carlton were too good for Richmond and Essendon ended any hope of the Swans making the finals. Watson had Essendon on their way. A setback for Sydney with Mattner hurt but Goodes was good to go - he had it on tap. three taps, four taps. COMMENTATOR: One tap, two taps, the Swans trailed by just 3. Thanks to his handy work, Amazingly, the clock froze, before ticking over again. with 17 seconds lost take charge in the second. A timely surge saw the Bombers The Swans made to chase. captain Kirk felt it the most. Three goals down, for an SCG send-off for Barry Hall. Everyone stopped at half-time An emotional moment - was brought to tears. 'Big Bad Barry' from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank everyone both tried to get a grip. After saying goodbye, when Veszpremi snagged one The Bombers back men just bystanders

but they were soon back in business. They're back out by 25! The Swans gave it a shake to win by 35, but the Bombers coasted home well placed for September - unlike the Swans, to the finals, as well as Hall. who seem set to say goodbye his slice of V8 Supercar's history Ford's Jamie Whincup has claimed charging from 9th of the Townsville 400. to win the opening race has attracted massive crowds The inaugural event Whincup proved he's a cut above. and, yet again, With Castle Hill, its backdrop, was its maiden king. all the new circuit needed The Dunlop Townsville 400 is away. started from pole Holden's Holdsworth took Ford to the front but James Courtney the duel and forced both to retire. until early engine trouble ended This is so cruel. COMMENTATOR: Can you believe this? to muscle his way to the lead... It allowed Whincup Wow, oh my God. his rivals started to struggle. someone to come for a ride. Michael Patrizzi inviting holding off Davison and Tander, But Whincup was ice-cool tightening his series stranglehold.

months ago so congratulations to This place was under water six

place. everyone involved in building this

At the Tour de France, at least our fans are prominent. they must be Australians, I think. COMMENTATOR: These look like... he must charge in the Pyrenees. Australia's great hope knows who's launched an attack. This is Cadel Evans Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador But Astana team leaders, covered his every move. he's outnumbered 2 to 1 again. Poor old Cadel, from second overall. Contador displaced Armstrong Cadel's still three minutes back. RACE CALLER: Off and running. has witnessed England's famed Newmarket the end of a incredible career. takes it up in the centre. Takeover Target, the Aussie warrior won the July Cup, As an erratic Fleeting Spirit which won $6 Million Takeover Target, the $1,250 gelding pulled up lame. A distraught Joe Janiak immediately. had Takeover Target operated on the Champions Trophy Campaign The Hockeyroos have kicked off at Sydney Olympic Park. with a solid 2-0 win over Germany slotted one past the German keeper Young striker Emily Hurtz calmly early in the second half to open Australia's account. Skipper Madonna Blyth backed up all-important 3 competition points to ensure Australia picked up the

on offer.

reporter has more from Cardiff and They play Argentina tomorrow it. Our

he says he is missing home and it is

raining and cold. We need to get out

there and back hard. is after the break. Sydney's weather forecast

Overnight showers cleared across Sydney today. but it was still a bit chilly The city reached 16 degrees after dipping to 9 overnight. Right now it's 14 degrees. in the west. It was a foggy start to 5 degrees Temperatures dipped Richmond, in Liverpool, and Campbelltown. Katoomba were all close to average, Today's maximums hovering around 16. 9 degrees in the mountains. country - Around the over Canberra. patchy rain for Melbourne. Shower or two in Hobart. Rain easing for Adelaide. Few showers Showers in Perth. On Sydney's waterways tomorrow. We're in for another chilly night down to 10 in the city. with temperatures and Campbelltown. 6 in Gosford, Richmond 5 in the mountains. much the same as today, Tomorrow's shaping up to be with cloud persisting. There could be a shower or two. for the rest of the week, Keep the brolly handy until Thursday. with showers possible Friday and Saturday should be fine. have updates during the evening. That's Seven News to now but we'll thanks for your company. I'm Chris Bath, Goodnight. by Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions ARE EQUALLY SPECIFIC, ALTHOUGH YOUR DIPLOMAS GOING OUT INTO THE WORLD REMEMBER, YOU ARE ALL AS INDIVIDUALS. I NOW PROUDLY PRESENT WOODROW WILSON SCHOOL THIS YEAR'S AND INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS OF PUBLIC GRADUATING CLASS. (CHEERING) (ALL CHANT) WHOO! BYE! WE LOVE YOU. YOU HAVE TO WRITE. WRITE. OF COURSE. FOR THE COOKIES, OK? THANK YOUR MOM I'M VERY PROUD OF YOU.