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(generated from captions) Nick... ..I know you can see that Taylor

back together again. has really put her life She's stable. If this statement comes from you, with the judge. it's gonna carry a lot of weight on Taylor's behalf, I'm imploring you, do the right thing for your son. do the best thing, Just sign this document. Taylor has been suffering. You can see how much Just give her her son back. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight... for Pope Benedict ..a rousing reception greeting the World Youth Day masses. for a glimpse of the pontiff Up to 500,000 turn out

as he takes in Sydney's sights. And hopes raised become Australia's first saint. Mother Mary Mckillop will soon Once the miracle process is complete

will be canonised. then Mary MacKillop and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. the parents of sex abuse victims Also tonight, confront the Holy Father in Sydney. fly halfway around the world to to head of the Catholic Church - And from the football field

of Cardinal George Pell. the surprise sporting past Benedict XVI is now on his way to St Mary's Cathedral

in his Popemobile, a jam-packed day of sightseeing, bringing to an end and, of course, prayer. ceremonies, meetings the cathedral, awaiting his arrival. Ten reporter Frank Coletta is at just where is the motorcade now? Frank,

There has been a delay. There was a

day that was remarkable and it's nearing

nearing the crescendo. Upwards of

150,000 people again up for the

official welcome for the Pope.

official welcome for the Pope. Many

circled around the harbour as well. Some

Some people say 200,000 people in

that precinct. They could be almost that precinct. They could be almost

half a million people through the

city. The Pope has been through

part of the city and that was

unplanned and then the motorcade

will start shortly. There has been

a slight delay. For the 81-year-old

proceedings. it was a very early start to

in Australia Pope Benedict has had a restful time since his arrival on Sunday. Today, though, the rest was over. Cathedral before 9:00 this morning His 17-car motorcade left St M His 17-car motorcade left St Mary's

at Government House. for his official welcome And that welcome was warm. After a brief inspection of the Federation Guard,

a greeting for the man an apostle of peace. the Prime Minister described as welcome guest in our country. Your Holiness, you are a very you are truly among friends. Your Holiness, in this country,

Pope Benedict may be 81 is special for him but he says World Youth Day and especially in Australia, Catholic Church of any continent. which has the youngest fills me with confidence World Youth Day and for the future of the world. for the future of the church

for the Government's courage He reserved special praise to the stolen generation. in saying sorry offers hope This example of reconciliation long to see their rights affirmed to peoples all over the world who acknowledged and promoted. and their contribution to society that covered a range of topics, In a speech the pontiff also recognised to the environment. Australia's commitment of your national anthem, In the words gifts, of beauty rich and rare". "this land abounds in nature's The wonder of God's creation to protect the environment. reminds us of the need And then a blessing of his own. May God bless all who are present, and all who live in this land. all the pilgrims,

the Commonwealth of Australia. And may he always bless and protect I thank you. spectacular Sydney days, And then on one of those a harbour crossing to North Sydney,

dedicated to Mary MacKillop. where His Holiness visited the chapel their own unique welcome. Across the harbour, guns sounded the best views Sydney can offer, Later an opportunity for one of

a photo to treasure. at Admiralty House, meetings with the Prime Minister The pontiff also held private and Governor-General.

Crowds gathered for a chance to see Crowds gathered for a chance to see

history. Others enjoyed a close and

personal moment with the Pope.

Aboriginal elders offered a welcome

to country. And many tourists have

done the same - joined a boat for a

harbour cruise. Taking a prime

vantage point, his holiness was

joined by hundreds of people including cardinals, bishops,

indigenous people and pilgrims. And

of course from the to the motorcade.

820 vehicle motorcade will wind its

way through the streets of Sydney

and I'll be back with more.

and I'll be back with more. It

seems like the Pope is in no rush

to leave a need those incredible to leave a need those incredible

scenes. It's unbelievable. The Pope

is leaving right now. There's

confetti being sprayed into the air

behind me as he makes his way out

through the 150,000 people. The son

has just set over Sydney Harbour

and won a spectacular sight for the

people gathered here to watch the

Pope speak. The Gatt and chatted

for about half-an-hour about

climate change and domestic

violence. No mention of the apology

for victims of sexual abuse. These

pilgrims have been waiting all day and

and the Pope arrived and the

unbelievable. welcome he got was simply

can pull a crowd quite like him. No-one in the world Please welcome His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

to Barangaroo, Sydney, Australia. in the iconic Popemobile He travelled through the flags of the world carried by 150,000 pilgrims at their beloved religious leader. thrilled to get their first look

greeted by a traditional welcome, When he finally took centre stage it was clear the delight was mutual.

What am delighted he used to greet

you hear on the shores of

magnificent Sydney Harbour I like

to thank Aboriginal elders and I

deeply moved it to stand on your

land knowing the suffering it Test

scene. But I hope that that we're

now work bringing pride to war now work bringing pride to war

Australian citizens. The concerns

for non-violence, sustainable

development, justice and peace and

care for our environment are of

vital importance to humanity. We'll meditate, pray about it to everybody else what he said. and, when we go back home, relate

While all of these people feel special to be here today it's these one's who've secured the front row that feel truly blessed. It's pretty amazing to be so close to this huge figure. It's almost like hearing the voice of Jesus himself. 7-month-old Jacob came from California to see the Pope. We know how important he is, representing Christ for us. We hope in the future he would aspire to be the next pope. Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

None are of the Pope has just

boarded the Pope of Mobile. He

started to make his way through the

streets of Sydney. What an amazing sight.

sight. He must be feeling so up

lifted. He's just made his way

through a crowd of 150,000 people.

He's been speaking to them for half

an hour or so and there was rousing an hour or so and there was ro

applause on the way-out. They had

been reaching out for his attention.

He'll make his way through the city

streets for the next half an hour

or so, giving everyone a good chance

chance to catch a glimpse of the

Pope. The action is far from over

down there with a big night of

entertainment planned. The St

Vincent de Paul concert begins at 6

o'clock and as some are some very

big headline acts including some popular

popular singers and musicians. Have

you ever performed in front of a

crowd like this? On from the north

coast and this is eight times the

amount of people from my home town

of Grafton. It's wonderful to be

here why did you want to get

involved? There are 150,000 people

here tonight and that's up the same

amount of homeless people on the

streets so what a good reason to be

involved. It's all about raising

awareness. Thank you very much.

It's being billed as Super Thursday, the biggest test of Sydney's public transport since the 2000 Olympics. Reporter John Hill is at Circular Quay. Has the motorcade passed where you are yet?

A the people have been lining up

here for hours and some parts of

the city they're packed 15 and 20

deeper. Who knows how many people

have turned out to welcome the

Pope? If you think there was a been

de go down there, a weight of the de go down there, a weight of the

comes through here. These people

are really keen to see him and its

capped off an amazing day. It's

super Holy Thursday. It's been a

great day with the streets are

filled with people filled with great spirit. brought together by a common faith They're from many nations, and the optimistic exuberance of youth. An estimated 200,000 World Youth Day pilgrims are on the streets of Sydney. Some might say they've taken over. Two years of planning to make this event a success appears to be working, so far. The vast crowd descended on Barangaroo, the Domain and anywhere that promised a glimpse of Pope Benedict.

Why we are here? Because the spirit of all the people together, to pray, to sing - that's it. Sydneysiders joining pilgrims

in the the quest for a vantage point to see the Pope. He seems to have brought a lovely feeling of peace and happiness with him. It's just lovely. as he began moving around the city. Pope Benedict's security tightened He's travelling in a 20-vehicle convoy with eight motorcyclists. On the harbour, police deployed their full range of vessels to protect the Pope. But, in the spirit of this visit, they were called upon to do little more than add to the spectacle. Not everyone was happy with the pilgrim influx. Surry Hills residents protested over the clearing of their local park so a ramp can be built for pilgrims to walk through the street to Randwick on the weekend. The campaign to keep vehicles out of the city appears to be working. The RTA says traffic volumes in the CBD are estimated to be down 25% on normal. Authorities are asking motorists to continue to avoid the city if possible until the celebrations are over. Now attention is turning to the public transport challenge.

an estimated 500,000 spectators, pilgrims and city workers are about to look for a bus or train to catch home.

And this will be the biggest test

of the public transport since the

Olympic Games. How will it go? At a

huge security contingent at

Circular Quay station and they're

controlling the crowd as they come

through. Pilgrims and City workers

- half a million people all up,

they say. It could take hours to

get all his people home on buses

and trains. Authorities say this

will be the big test of the entire will be the big test of the en

event and they're expecting crowds

and demise but that calling on

people to show at the spirit

they've shown so far during the

Pope's visit. The Pope says Mary MacKillop will become Australia's first saint once the official process is complete.

The pontiff was visibly moved when he visited her tomb at North Sydney.

With a smile of anticipation, the Pope arrived at one of Australia's most sacred Catholic sites - the tomb of Blessed Mary MacKillop. The tiny chapel filled with joy as the pontiff greeted a select group inside and shared the news so many Aussies wanted to hear. When he was walking down the aisle he said,

once the process is complete, then Mary MacKillop will be canonised. He prayed at her tomb and then exchanged gifts with the Sisters of St Joseph. For them, a statue of their patron saint. For the pontiff, a bronze bust of the Blessed Mary MacKillop. He was just really moved and he touched her head and said to sister Anne, "She's smiling," and then, "I'm taking her with me now." The pontiff's emotional response has given supporters confidence the canonisation process has progressed well since details of a potential second miracle were given to the Vatican in April. I know that her perseverance in the face of adversity, her plea for justice on behalf of those unfairly treated and her practical example of holiness have become a source of inspiration for all Australians. So no formal announcement yet on the Blessed Mary MacKillop but the Pope did describe her as one of the most outstanding figures in Australia's history. And many here today remain hopeful

news of her sainthood is not far away. The saints you read about are all from Europe or South America and to have a saint from here would be terrific.

I think it would be very special to have the first saint in Australia -

That growing likelihood made up for missing a glimpse of the pontiff as his motorcade whisked him in and out of the chapel.

We missed him going this way and thought he would come back that way, but he came back that way. Tell me - what did you see? I forgot. But the sisters say memories of his visit here will last a lifetime. Amber Muir, Ten News. Also tonight, the police rescuers who needed a little help of their own. And the devilishly successful breeding program helping save an iconic species. MAN: a long list of safety... WOMAN: ..comfort... MAN: ..and performance features. MAN: It means that, unlike some other small cars... WOMAN: ..every Focus comes with a wide range of safety features... MAN: ..and options... MAN: your choice of engines... WOMAN: ..colours... WOMAN: ..and body types. WOMAN: Ford Focus CL. MAN: Because everyone's journey... WOMAN: different. When leading research company Roy Morgan asked grocery shoppers, "Which supermarkets do you associate with good value?" more chose Woolworths than any other supermarket. This program is captioned live. A body has been found after a car plunged into an irrigation canal in the Riverina.

Four men were in the car when it hit the water. Three passengers swam to shore but the 24-year-old driver, believed to be an Indian national, did not make it to land. Adding to the night's drama, a police car rolled into the water after officers searching for the man forgot to use their handbrake. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News, email them to: We're interested in both photos and video. The Bali bombers could be executed at any time, with an Indonesian court dismissing with an Indonesian court dismi their final legal challenge. Families of victims say they've been told by Australian Federal Police the execution of the bombers responsible for the 2002 attacks is imminent. I know I'll have a lot of peace when I know they're gone because they can't do it to somebody else. Amrozi, Imam Samudra, and Mukhlas face death by firing squad for killing 202 people, including 88 Australians. The Government's pollution tax plan is under attack from all sides

for being so light on detail it doesn't make sense. But the Prime Minister admits everyone will have to pay. Selling the Government's plan to battle climate change

was never going to be easy. I'm not going to look the Australian people in the face and say, "Look, this is cost-free." It does have a costs, let's just be up front and honest about that. The long-awaited discussion paper outlines the Government's plan for reducing Australia's greenhouse emissions by setting a limit. But it's missing details what that limit will be when it starts

and how much that will cost. You cannot seriously ask people to make submissions about options for an emissions trading scheme when they haven't got any of the financial modelling. But the Minister argues the issue's so complex it makes sense to address it in stages. More information is due in October. But obviously, by that time, the Liberal Opposition will have to determine what their view is. Without the support of the Liberals, the Government must secure the votes of the minor parties in the Senate. The problem is, they have totally different views. Fuel tax cuts to compensate motorists have angered the Greens. But, on the other hand, Family First wants petrol to be even cheaper. Petrol prices are still too high and there's more the Government can do by cutting petrol tax long-term, not just for a short-term period. We need to see the economic modelling, otherwise we're whistling in the dark. Well, we will be attacked from both the left and the right. I mean, we are already. There's six months before the middle-ground legislation is drafted. Brad Hodson, Ten News. Zoo keepers are thrilled with a breeding program to save the Tasmanian devil from extinction.

In just its first attempt, Western Plains Zoo has had a baby boom of Tassie devil joeys.

Three of the five babies were on show today. They are already 100 days old and nearly big enough to leave Mum's pouch. 12 devils were taken to the zoo last year to help save the breed from a facial tumour disease. But put up up

Everywhere you look around the city

today was picture-perfect. I've today was picture-perfect. I've

learned one thing - if you've the

Pope in town you don't need the

middle man, the weatherman. Here middle man, the weatherman. Here

are some live pictures of his

calling us and I know what he's

thinking as he goes past the opera

house and up to St Mary's Cathedral

- Sydney payout is fantastic!

Tomorrow at your place will be a

glorious looking day. But will be

fine and sunny because he's done a

very good job. A couple of places very good job. A couple of places

had minus seven degrees overnight. Next, Israel pays a heavy price for the return of fallen soldiers. And the ultimate drive-through disaster. how we can make their banking more convenient. (STEAM HISSES) (ORIENTAL MUSIC) Oh... Hmm. Can I help you, sir? Interesting idea, Karen. preferred longer opening hours. Fill out a suggestion form at any participating branch or go online. WOMAN: Now.

Let us check the traffic. The Pope

has had uneasy run around Sydney

but what about everyone else? With

the road closures and special event

clear ways have been struggling a

little. You can see the Harbour

Bridge and you can see the traffic

flowing to the Western distributor.

The Pope is making his way to Mrs

Macquarie his chair. Security was

very tight. It was very quiet in

the city centre. against Dr Jayant Patel Another charge has been dropped just before his extradition from America. The surgeon is being kept at the maximum-security Metropolitan Detention Centre until the US Secretary of State signs off on the extradition order. Two Queensland homicide detectives have arrived in Los Angeles ready to bring him back to face manslaughter and fraud charges. And the actions of the US marshals in the last couple of days have indicated the American authorities are taking this seriously and doing everything in their power to expedite the arrangements. But the US judge who presided over the extradition today reissued his order based on 13 charges, excluding one of grievous bodily harm. An exchange of soldiers' bodies for prisoners has divided people in the Middle East. There was grief in Israel and celebrations on the other side of the border in Lebanon. This is how Israel received her missing soldiers - not alive, as many Israelis had still hoped, but dead, in two coffins delivered to the border by Hezbollah, who had kept their condition secret until now. It was early this morning that the long-negotiated deal became reality. On the Israeli side convoys headed for the border with Lebanon.

They carried the heavy price that Israel had agreed to pay. held in Israeli jails There were five Lebanese fighters including, most controversially of all, the pro-Palestinian terrorist Samir Kuntar, jailed for the last 30 years for killing three Israelis, including a 4-year-old girl. His freedom was Hezbollah's central demand. It was Hezbollah's capture of the two Israeli soldiers that provoked Israel's violent assault on Lebanon two years ago. Today many Lebanese celebrated as the exchange was carried out. The father of one of the dead Israeli soldiers

reacted angrily to the scenes from Lebanon. What they get?

They get a murderer, bloody murderer. Hezbollah put out a red carpet for Samir Kuntar. And they will claim that today's one-sided exchange is proof of their victory over Israel. For Israelis, it's a bitter moment,

dead or alive, but proof they believe that, their soldiers must always be brought home. A warning for people who have just invested in a caravan - it pays to remember how big your new vehicle is when you try to use a drive-through. A ute with a caravan on the back slammed into the front of a bank in Texas, bringing the roof of the drive-through crashing down. The surveillance pictures of the crash make it look disastrous but the driver and his 10-year-old son escaped unhurt. It's shaping up to be a white weekend. Next, the latest from the ski fields. Also, a look back at the Pope's unique Sydney experience. And the Beijing sky lights up for an Olympic-sized dress rehearsal. This program is captioned live. Pope Benedict XVI has visited Sydney's key landmarks World Youth Day entrance. as part of a sweeping The pontiff is now on his way to St Mary's Cathedral. Ten reporter Frank Coletta is there. Frank, he can't be far away now.

We coppers are right above us as we

speak. There's a whole heap of them

and we can to it and he's right

around the corner. They it's near

the botanical gardens going to

Macquarie Street. They were

possibly trying to make up time.

There's the Pope. The crowds are 10

and 20 deep along many of the

streets and it's been a spectacular day. the globe had been waiting for... The moment pilgrims from across Peace be with you. ..Pope Benedict's official welcome to Sydney, the first papal visit in 13 years.

It was enough to send the young crowd into delirium. The masses had been cramming into Sydney's Barangaroo all day, just to catch a glimpse. The pontiff had made his way to the celebration by gliding across Sydney Harbour. For one hour the Pope sailed across the water from Rose Bay, a flotilla in his wake. People flocked to every harbour vantage point and packed onto boats, hoping they'd be blessed with a papal wave. It was Pope Benedict's first full day of World Youth Day commitments since his arrival on Sunday. For many, his most important Australian mission was across the Harbour Bridge to visit the tomb of our nation's most revered Catholic, Mary MacKillop. Inside the chapel in North Sydney he prayed. There had been some hope the pontiff would name Mary MacKillop a saint. It would be a wonderful thing for Australia if we have our very own saint, as I'm sure Mary MacKillop is. It wasn't to be today but it may well be a step closer. Just hours earlier, directly across the harbour, the Catholic leader had urged Australians to protect its natural wonders and lead the way on climate change. There was strong praise too for this year's symbolic apology to the Aborigines. Thanks to the Australian Government's courageous decision to acknowledge the injustices committed against the indigenous peoples in the past, concrete steps are now being taken to achieve reconciliation based on mutual respect. The German-born pontiff's visit with everyone in Sydney. has not been popular But for the 150,000 pilgrims who crammed into the city's old docklands to celebrate... (Speaks Spanish) ..they just wanted an eternal memory of standing just metres from the Pope. James Boyce, Ten News.

A couple has flown from the other side of the world to confront the Pope over a tragic case of sex abuse by the clergy. They say they're shocked at how Catholic authorities have reacted after their two daughters were raped? by a priest. A personal pilgrimage for justice. Anthony and Christine Foster arrived in Sydney after a 33-hour flight from Scotland.

The Pope is the only person who can impose on all the parts of the Church the requirement to behave and treat people justly and fairly. Daughters Katherine and Emma were both raped by a Catholic priest in Melbourne when they were in primary school. The trauma led Emma to suicide and Katherine is now severely disabled after an accident. It was unbelievable at first. I just thought, "When could this have happened?" And it was during school hours. the stress from a protracted legal fight for compensation contributed to their daughters' fates. Yesterday this comment from a senior bishop shocked the family. Rather than dwelling crankily as a few people are doing on old wounds. It's outrageous. And on hearing the comments were directed to us, particularly, I am disgusted. They are also critical of Cardinal George Pell's handling of their case when he was archbishop of Melbourne. He describes the case as tragic. No-one from the Catholic Church was available for interview on the issue today. What is clear is that a meeting between the Pope and the Fosters is highly unlikely. So the pair went to St Mary's Cathedral this afternoon and will wait in hope for the Pope to arrive. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report. The Australian share market finished the day in positive territory.

Petrol is selling for $1.67 a litre.

Not just Sydney turning on a

heavenly weather. Conditions are

saintly up the snowfield. For those

lucky enough to be going down this

weekend you're lucky. Here is some

technology that make us that the

Pope Nabil quite cut J Holden. If

we get 10 to 20 centimetres

forecast them at the snow depth at

the moment is 100 centimetres. The world has been given a small taste of what to expect at the Beijing Olympics. Fireworks erupted out of the main Olympic stadium, known as the Bird's Nest, for the opening ceremony. during a dress rehearsal The impressive display started at 8pm local time, the same moment the Games will open on 8 August. Locals lined up for the preview but they were kept a few hundred metres from the action. in traditional Chinese dress Hundreds of performers could be seen in traditional Chinese dres but what they're rehearsing is a closely guarded secret. Sport now with Brad McEwan, and a hair-pulling warning in the NRL? Yes, a leading player's hair grab hasn't gone unnoticed. Those pictures shortly. Plus, an NRL great to call it quits. And back trying to save his career - he was one of the world's great keepers, Now Mark Bosnich is trialling in the A-League. Also, a leap of faith - the man behind the Pope's visit talks about how he gave up a promising football career. Philly with fruit? Oh, no, thanks, Alice. We've just had breakfast. Sweet Tooth Fairy. Oh, you can't get rid of that. We haven't used it for ages. Hospital. Oh, yeah. And when you did your knee, you got that great surgeon.

How much do you want for it? VOICEOVER: Medibank Private health insurance - it's more valuable than you might think.

Join or switch today. Visit Medibank or call: kinder to the environment. Tomorrow, your energy will be more efficient. Tomorrow, your energy and your water supply will be even more secure. And that's just tomorrow. The day after that will be even better. Because every day at ActewAGL, we're working hard to make your world a better place to live in. ActewAGL: This program is captioned live. Manly legend Steve Menzies has announced he's leaving the Sea Eagles and joining the NRL exodus to Europe. Menzies will play out his career with English Super League club Bradford. With 16 seasons at Brookvale, Steve Menzies proved there was some loyalty left in rugby league. But he knew one day it had to end.

Have played my whole career here

but obviously it's a new adventure

for me and I'm looking forward to for me and I'm looking forward to it. Menzies will equal Terry Lamb's all-time record 349 first-grade games in all remaining games this year, provided Manly make the grand final. Another veteran, though, is staying put after efforts to transfer Nigel Vagana to the UK fell through. Souths had stood him down from playing any grade to help get the deal done. We didn't want him getting injured playing for Norths when there was an opportunity just around the corner and he didn't want that either so we were happy to do that and those things didn't come about so he'll play this weekend. Vagana to play for feeder team Norths, but playing again in 2009 isn't certain. Wait and see how the body pulls up at the end of the year, see how it feels. Struggled a bit this year. And Jason Ryles has been pulled up over this incident. the tough Dragons prop The Match Review Committee deeming had used an unnecessary hair-pull last weekend, but stopped short of issuing a charge. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Former Socceroo and English Premier League goalkeeper Mark Bosnich

has taken the first step to resurrecting his troubled career. The 36-year-old has started a 2-week trial with A-League club the Central Coast Mariners. After five years in the sporting wilderness Mark Bosnich is back and hungrier than ever. Sometimes you don't miss something Sometimes you don't miss som until it's gone or it's taken away from you, which ever way you want to look at it. I very much missed being a part of football. So much so the 36-year-old stepped straight from a 26-hour flight from England and headed for Gosford as he pushes for a contract with the Central Coast, a position made possible due to the suspension of first string keeper Danny Vukovic.

I think I'm right to play.

I'm on trial. That's only right considering what's gone on the last five years. We haven't brought Mark here to waste his time or ours.

We're very, very serious about this venture together. Bosnich was once considered one of the world's best keepers but his successful career in England soon tuned to football free fall. He was sacked from Chelsea for his cocaine addiction, publicly gave a Nazi salute and was even accused of making sex tapes. A lurid past he hopes to turn into a positive. If anyone requires any type of help help, for not only football-wise, but other things, I'd like to contribute in that way.

I liked to put something back into the game I love.

Bosnich will play his first match for the Mariners against Sydney FC in a trial next weekend. With some keepers in their prime at 30-plus, even the Socceroos could be a possibility. I would never rule it out, that's what I'm saying to you, I never rule it out. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. Australia's Cadel Evans has retained the leader's yellow jersey in the Tour de France. He's preserved his one-second lead over nearest rival Frank Schleck after finishing with the peloton some 15 minutes behind the stage winner, Kurt-Asle Arvesen from Norway. Evans inspired by a growing green-and-gold army along the way. It seems every day there's more Aussie flags, more boxing kangaroos. I'm glad I'm wearing this jersey to make their trip worthwhile. But the day's stage was marred by the arrest of a second Spanish rider for using the banned blood booster EPO. in the middle of our football seasons For World Youth Day to be conducted is just perfect timing for Cardinal George Pell. The head of Australia's Catholic Church is a mad Australian Rules fan and was once signed to play for Richmond. At 67 years young, George Pell isn't quite as nimble as he once was, but his old footballing skills have come in handy this week as he cleared a path through the packs of pilgrims. In fact, the Cardinal's footballing talents were once so impressive they attracted the interest of some of Melbourne's biggest clubs.

He eventually signed with Richmond. on the training list I was promised a place and some help with my university fees, but I went off with the monastery instead. Cardinal Pell had an outstanding career at St Pat's College in Ballarat, where he played first 18 football for four years. But former team-mate 'Jock' Lardner

could see one clear weakness in his game. Well, he was a shocking kick. That's telling the truth. There's no argument from Cardinal Pell on the issue of his poor kicking. The question still remains, though, would he have succeeded at the highest level of football? Do you ever wonder what would have happened in football? had you pursued your interest in foo

Yes, I do, once in a while. It's an interesting hypothetical. I would have had to work hard to get there, but who knows? Nowadays Cardinal Pell satisfies his love of Aussie Rules as a regular spectator at the Swans' matches wearing his Richmond scarf. I'm out there most matches and I'm a lifelong opponent of Collingwood. Neil Cordy, Ten News.

Ahead in Sports Tonight, the Swans' team selections ahead of their match against Carlton, and the early leaders Returning now to Ten reporter Frank Coletta at St Mary's Cathedral, where Pope Benedict XVI has arrived. Frank, a well-deserved rest now for the pontiff?

He it was 20 minutes later, the

motorcade so there was a delay

their. Whether or not it was a their. Whether or not it was a

security issue we don't know. The

arrival has happened here at St

Mary's Cathedral and the 150,000

people that he joined the Wellcome

are filing out of the venue, though

some are staying for the concert. There

There were extraordinary scenes

across Sydney tonight. It was the

first papal visit in 13 years at an

tomorrow at there's a stations of

the cross and he meets the leaders

of other faiths. Stay with us. Tim Bailey's Super Thursday weather is next.

Do time for all the weather details.

I'm sure to more claimed

responsibility but perhaps there responsibility but perhaps there

was papal intervention. All the big

decisions are made up that way.

It's a meteorological marvel. Fine

and sunny. The bureau is using the

word glorious tomorrow and 20 word glorious tomorrow and 20

degrees. Increasing cloud and wind

on Saturday and a possible

thunderstorm but temperatures still

around 18 or 19 degrees.

On one of the pilgrims are saying wow!

wow! What a place to call home!

SES of cloud across South Australia

and a cold front it generates a

storms. Thickening cloud over

Victoria and Tasmania in GUS elite

nor the least. A front will

spreading showers and Alpine snow

over the south-east of the

Continent. Then maybe 10 or 20

centimetres on the ground in the

resorts by morning. Isolated light

showers over the south-east and in

land of New South Wales and snow

showers on the Alps. His hours in showers on the Alps. His hours in

Victoria, Tasmania and across the south-west of the Continent. south-west of the Continent. Isolated south-west of the Continent.

Isolated showers in the tropics. Isolated showers in the tropics. south-west of the Continent. Isolated showers in the tropics.

Clear blue skies and warm

temperatures and plenty of sunshine

on your shoulder and a top of 20 degrees. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight Thanks for your company.

Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Only days to go until the winner of Big Brother 2008 is announced, and your votes will decide it. This Sunday it's a double eviction - five down to three. Who will go? Will it be bricklayer Rory? He's faced eviction more times than anyone else. Can he survive again? Evict him by: Grandma Terri is the oldest person in the House. To evict Terri: Travis is the Voice. To silence the Voice: Ben - at 19, he is the youngest in the House. To evict Ben: Alice - the country vet who loves to compete. End her competition by: Or text their names to 19 10 10. Belong votes cost 55 cents maximum. 190 votes from mobiles extra. Lines close at 19:15pm Australian Eastern Standard Time this Sunday, July 20. For terms and conditions go to