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Tonight, the David Jones sex

scandal. The woman at the centre of

the storm files a $35-million

lawsuit. Claims the little girl

reported missing at Mount Druitt

reported missing at Mount Druitt

hadn't been seen for several weeks.

Labor promises cash for families as

the Coalition targets tourism. And

a star of ABC TV faces court on a child pornography charge.

Good evening, I'm Bill Woods. And

I'm Deborah Knight. Also, the woman

who stole millions from her

employer to fund a lavish lifestyle.

And the Opera House flesh fest -

photographer Spencer Tunick

releases his eye catching work.

But first, David Jones is being

sued for $35 million and its ex-

boss for $2 million for sexual

harassment. A former publicist has detailed explosive allegations, and

says she wants to donate all the

money to victims of sexual

misconduct at work. Supported by

her family, 25-year-old Kristy

Fraser-Kirk has spoken out for the

first time. The woman once employed

to build DJ's credibility now

threatens to bring it crashing down.

I am a young woman standing here

today simply because I said it

wasn't OK. Because I said this

should never happen to me or anyone.

I just wanted to be treated with

respect. The former publicist has

filed a $37-million lawsuit in the

Federal Court against David Jones,

its now disgraced CEO and the

entire board. This has been a

devastating time in my life, for me

personally, for my professional

career. The 31-page statement of

claim details allegations of the

boss's public lustings, including

groping and kissing, sex-charged

emails, and repeated requests for

sex at his Bondi apartment. After

rejecting his advances at a dinner

party, Ms Fraser-Kirk claims she

was told:

Three other woman have joined the

action. One claims she was texted:

If the court does award damages All

of that money will be donated to

charity to help those affected by

sexual misconduct at work. The

bombshell couldn't come at a worse

time for David Jones. Tomorrow the

store will launch its spring-summer

collection. But instead of talking

about new clothes and new

leadership, attention will shift to

old indiscretions. We're just very

proud, very sad, very, very sad for

her. David Jones says it will

vigorously defend the lawsuit. Its

former CEO has fled the country and

remains in hiding.

A second day of searching has

failed to show up any sign of

missing 6-year-old Keisha Abrahams.

Ten crime reporter Daniel Sutton

joins us now. Dan, do police have

any fresh clues? The homicide squad

has joined the investigation and

while the family only reported her

missing yesterday, police are

investigating reports she might

have been missing for two or three

weeks. 50 volunteers searched for

any trace of this little girl.

The operation is slow and

painstaking but every square metre

is checked. It is important work.

To the family every moment without

their daughter is heartbreaking.

She has left a big hole in our

heart. We would just like her home.

That home has been declared a crime

scene. Flowers decorate the front

fence. Hope she gets found safe and

sound. The six-year-old has a

younger sister and baby brother.

Her brother and sister, they don't

know what is going on and they miss

her a lot. They just want her back.

Katia's mother has told police she

found her daughter's bed empty on

Saturday night. Relatives and

friends say they have not seen the

youngster for two or three weeks.

Ten News understands she was

removed from her local primary

school after an agreement around

the same time. I am unable to

answer that question. Friends say

Christie is so worried she has been

unable to eat or sleep. If you see

us, Krejza, or ring 000. Police

thought they might be on to a clue

when a bag full of children's

clothing was found in bush land.

That has now been discounted. More

volunteers are turning up here and

tonight. they will join in at Dornoch

The police insist NSW does not have

a gun problem, despite three

shootings in six hours. One of the

victims was shot dead, execution

style, at a Greenacre sports oval.

A specific person was targeted

while that football match was under

way. I will take the opportunity to

ask those other people in the

football match to come forward. All

three shootings were in Sydney's

south-west. Julia Gillard has made

a big pitch for the family vote as

she vows to take control of Labor's struggling campaign.

But Tony Abbott has ridiculed the

PM's pledge to let the real Julia

campaign. Gillard run the rest of the

Out of the straight jacket and into

the cake shop, Julia Gillard

discovers the cost of a cheesecake.

This should keep us going. She

certainly needs something. Newspoll

shows a 5% drop in Labor's vote

since the election for a line ball

50:50. I've made a decision that

the risk-averse orthodoxy of modern

campaigning is not for me, I'm

going to play my own game. Will the

real Julia please stand up. What

have we been seeing for the last

five weeks? But Mr Abbott is

failing to make serious inroads as

preferred PM. Julia Gillard is

still on 50% and not changed in the

last week. And to the relief of

candidates battling in the

marginals, the Labor campaign

finally came up with a policy for

the voters. About increasing the

family benefit which goes to your

mum and dad for kids who are 16, 17

and18. The promise would see an

extra $4,000 a year per teenager in

school or training for eligible

parents. A 300% increase. In Cairns

Tony Abbott pitched for the tourism

industry's vote with an extra $42

million. He's hoping it will help

put him in the skipper's seat

permanently. I don't want to get

ahead of myself. The Liberals tried

to keep the focus on Kevin Rudd,

Julie Bishop accuses him of using

foul language in her presence, but

the former PM rejects it as a

baseless smear. Tony Abbott keen to

stay above that fray. The Liberal

Party doesn't want the real Tony

Abbott coming out. He admits he's

on his best behaviour. What you are

seeing today is, I hope, an

Liberal. alternative PM, not simply a senior

And Paul Bongiorno joins us now.

Paul, was the real Julia Gillard

today any different from the Julia

Gillard we've seen on the first

fortnight of the campaign?

I think we began to see a bit of a

I think we began to see a bit of a

change in the last couple of days.

She has moved away from the endless

repetitions of the moving forwards

but she is still on message and she

did seem a bit more herself, a bit

more relaxed. Really she also said

today that the real message has got

to be about what she is offering

the voters and there are a lot of

people in the Labour campaign who

hope that that is the real message.

One of those elements is the

economic credentials of the Labour

Party. Many have been frustrated

she has not been pushing that. What

we have tomorrow is the Reserve

Bank decision. There have been a

lot of people in the Labour Party

holding their breath and hoping the

Reserve Bank will do what the

markets are saying it will do,

namely sit on its hands. Once that

is done we know there is no

interest rate rise ahead of the

poll. Once that is certain you will

see Labour go on the front foot

with a more definite swing about

the economy and their record.

Pressure is being placed on the

political leaders to ramp up

funding for public education. A

newly formed alliance fears

standards are slipping as families increasingly choose private schools.

An alliance of parents groups, teachers unions and secondary

principals have united to warn

politicians public education is at

a turning point. We are very

concerned, deeply concerned that

the commitment to public education

is in decline, that funding levels

are inadequate. They're calling for

a doubling of funding for public

school students, a building program

for high schools and better pay to

attract people to take up teaching.

If you want people who are the best

and the brightest, you need to pay

for it, but you need to pay for

high quality teacher training and

you need to make sure the training

continues. The group says private

school enrolments have grown by 20%

over the past decade and they fear

the drift to private education will

continue unless public school

infrastructure and resources are

improved. We need to make sure that

political parties, government and

in the context of an election,

alternative government, will invest

more in education, not less. The

Government says the overall

education budget has increased

under Labor. We've increased

funding from something like $34

billion where it was left under the

Liberals to close to $66 billion

under our first term. He's promised

extra money after a funding review

is completed next year. But the

Coalition say there will be no increase in education funding

because Labor wasted billions on

the BER program. Labor has left the

cupboard bare, I think we know that,

and our first priority is to ensure

debt and deficit is reduced.

ABC celebrity Andy Muirhead has

faced a Hobart Court charged with

accessing child pornography. The

host of 'The Collectors' took

unpaid leave from the national broadcaster after Federal Police

charged him in June with one count

of using the internet to access

child pornography. The case has

been adjourned until the end of the

month to give prosecutors more time

to access images on the 34-year-

old's hard drive. He did not enter a plea.

An accountant has admitted stealing

almost $20 million from failed

electrical chain Clive Peeters.

Sonya Causer's crimes are being

partly blamed for the business

going belly up. going belly up. As Clive Peeters's

managing director, Greg Smith had

little to say today. No, I've got

no comment at this stage. The

executive in court as a former

employee pleaded guilty to a

massive theft. Sonya Causer told

police it was easy. Over two years

she plundered $19.3 million from

Clive Peeters, stealing on average Clive Peeters, stealing on average

six times her annual salary a month.

Her thefts more than the retailer's

entire pre-tax earnings in 2008,

and - prosecutors said - partly to

blame for Clive Peeters's eventual

collapse. The money spent on 44

properties across Australia. As

well as a Holden Sportswagon for

her husband and a luxury 4-wheel

drive for herself. Thousands more

went on jewellery. Causer's lawyer

told court his client had no friends, a borderline unemployable

husband and two autistic children.

Private business deals starting as

an escape from the stress but

ending as an obsession. The account ending as an obsession. The account

had convinced herself she was a

property investment expert. Instead,

she's left them with nothing. Clive

Peeters has sold the homes and want

her to pay the $3 million shortfall.

Causer unable to pay and now in jail, awaiting sentence.

Still to come, a surge in the

number of serious flu cases. Also

tonight, an inquest into a young

woman's mysterious death in

Sydney's east. And NSW chills out

as the snow falls.

selected Bridgestone tyres is work out how to spend it. from Bridgestone Select all kinds of mess.

is running out the SV6 ute

This program is captioned live. A 22-year-old Sydney woman, who

killed her sister after a fight

over a hair straightener, has died

in jail. Kathleen Worrall stabbed

her sister Susan with a knife more

than 50 times in the family's

Strathfield home in October 2008

after suffering what a judge called

an "abnormality of the mind."

Worral died of natural causes after

a long battle with obesity, mental

illness and a hormonal disorder.

She was due to be released in 2013.

An inquest into the apparent

suicide of Katrina Ploy has heard

the 25-year-old was under the

effect of ecstasy when she died. A

drug expert told the court, it's

unlikely Ms Ploy would have had

suicidal thoughts after taking the

euphoric drugs. Katrina Ploy was 25

when her body was found in the

ocean near notorious suicide spot,

the Gap. Katrina's father Peter is

adamant his daughter didn't take her own life.

I hope they find the truth, that's

all I want, that's all I want, the truth.

What do you think happened?

Well, she didn't commit suicide,

definitely not, I'm sure of that.

Toxicologist William Allender told

the inquest Ms Ploy was under the

influence of ecstasy when she died.

What can you take from that as to

the chances of her committing suicide?

I think it would be pretty unlikely. Why?

People take these drugs for the

feel-good effect, and if you're

feeling good, you hardly feel like

taking your own life.

Katrina's handbag and jumper were

found at the Gap on December 18,

2006. Her car was parked nearby. On

Christmas Day, her body was found

at Lady Bay Beach. But she didn't

have a single mark or injury to

indicate a fall. Physicist Rodney

Cross helped police prove model

Caroline Byrne was thrown from the

Gap. But he told today's inquest a

person could jump far enough to

miss the rocks and land in the

water. Police have identified a

suspect in this case. The man owned

a tattoo parlour which police

believe Katrina Ploy may have

visited leading up to her death.

The man is expected to give

evidence last this week.

Do you think we'll get some answers

from this inquest?

I can't tell you that. I can't tell

you that, but I hope so.

The number of swine flu cases being

treated in intensive care has

spiked. Two pregnant women are

among seven people being treated

for the potentially fatal virus.

The patients, aged 25 to 58, are

not all suffering underlying

medical conditions. Authorities are

reminding people to cover their

mouths and noses when coughing or

sneezing, washing hands and to stay

home if you're sick.

Brad now with a look at sport, and

Mark Webber regains the lead in the

race to be Formula One Champion.

A tyre turned missile, a pit-lane

crash, plus a drive-through penalty

for Red Bull rival Sebastian Vettel,

but Webber kept cool - his fourth

victory this year worth jumping for

joy about. He even lapped the great

Michael Schumacher. And shooting

the lights out, Appleby on his way

to carding tour golf's magical

number 59. More super shots shortly.

Also, Anthony Minichiello on the

red-hot Roosters and the Kokaburras

get the last laugh at hockey's Champions Trophy.

We have been bemoaning the slow

start to the snow season. That has

all changed. There was a big front

that was born in the Southern Ocean.

It drove up through NSW bringing

its Ngaio in wicket, when to leave

westerlies. These are the pictures

behind Bathurst. This is across the

ranges of knees-up Wales. A cold,

blustery day that brought wins to

80km/h. At Perisher, all the

Victorian resorts, they have had 80

centimetres. It is an incredible

amount of snow in 24 hours. It was

one of the fiercest snowstorms over

one day in a decade. This is the

fine work of Stephen.

Bring you all the latest at 5:55pm.

Residents of the town of Penola in

South Australia believe divine

intervention protected them from

injury during a devastating tornado.

The State Government has offered a

virtual blank cheque to repair

buildings damaged by the 200km

winds, including the former school house where Australia's first saint-to-be, Mary McKillop, taught.

The church is confident it will be

ready for festivities coinciding

with Mother Mary's canonisation in October.

Up next, Australian troops take

over from the Dutch in Afghanistan.

over from the Dutch in Afghanistan.

Also, a new fuel mix set to offer

motorists big savings.

And the reason one fisherman just couldn't believe his eyes. can be embarrassing for kids even better absorbency, in their own time. and replaced your battery, shouldn't be a problem anymore.

Bridgestone-branded tyres can hurt you or hurt your pocket.

with where he built that shed.

This programme is captioned live.

There are some problems at Lydd


Yes the track has gone into a whole.

A pretty major intersection. You

can see flashing lights on

Parramatta Road. Police have just

turned up to block the traffic off.

The delays spread all the way up

Parramatta Road. Really there is no

alternative for motorists heading

into the western suburbs. We will

clear a close ally. -- close ally.

A new carbon-busting fuel is set to

power the next generation of Holden

green machines. The high blend

ethanol alternative will eventually

be made from household rubbish.

be made from household rubbish.

While it looks like an ordinary

Commodore, this is one of the only

cars in Australia able to run on

Caltex's new bio e-flex fuel,

promising a cleaner and smoother

ride. You will actually go better

when you use high blend ethanol

fuels. Ethanol does have a low

energy content so you will use more

fuel but that will depend on your

day to day driving. From next month

most Holdens rolling off the

production line will have flex fuel

engines able to use current petrol

or the alternative fuel comprising

85% ethanol. The benefits from that

- it will greatly reduce greenhouse

gas emissions and it will increase

our energy security. The fuel is

currently made from wheat crops but

a Hollywood classic may soon be

close to reality. I need fuel.

close to reality. I need fuel.

'Back to the Future' was on the

right track - rubbish may yet

become a viable power source.

Industrial and household waste like

this could be turned into high

blend ethanol. A feasibility study

is under way looking into its mass

production. It has that double

benefit of both making an important

contribution to reducing our

greenhouse gas emissions but also

creating new jobs, the jobs of the

future economy. One benefit not so

clear is the cost. While the fuel

might be cheaper than unleaded,

users will find themselves filling up more often.

Time for the finance report and the

case against an interest rate rise tomorrow is gathering steam?

It is after soft inflation and

house prices hitting a wall last

week. According to the housing

industry association new homes

sales dropped another 5% in June.

That follows a 6% slide in May and

points to a significant drop in

demand and further reason for the

Reserve Bank to stay on the

interest-rate sidelines tomorrow.

It has been a good start to the

trading month on the markets.

2:30pm tomorrow -- the RBA hands

down its decision.

The Netherlands has ended its 4-

year military involvement in

Afghanistan. Dutch forces carried

out their final patrol before

handing over command to US and

Australian troops. NATO has played

down the significance of the

withdrawal, insisting it won't

weaken the military alliance. The

alliance remains committed for as

long as it takes to ensure Afghans

are capable of taking security and

governments on to themselves.

Canadian forces are expected to

pull out of Afghanistan next year.

More than 1,100 people have been

killed in Pakistan's worst flooding

in 80 years. Whole villages have

been swept away and rescue workers

are struggling to reach tens of

thousands more who are still

trapped by the floodwaters.

trapped by the floodwaters. It is

quite possible in many areas there

are deaths that have not been

reported. Survivors now face the

threat of disease and food

shortages. Australia has pledged $5

million in aid.

Lindsay Lohan may be trading her

prison jumpsuit for civilian

clothing within hours. Paparazzi

are camped outside her Los Angeles

jail, awaiting the actress's

imminent release after serving just

13 days of her 3-month sentence.

But it's unclear how quickly she'll

enter rehab. I'm hoping she'll have

some time to spend with her family some time to spend with her family

before she goes to rehab. She's

trying to comply with all the

court's orders but she should be

able to have 24 hours at home. Her

lawyer has denied reports Lohan

will be treated for methamphetamine will be treated for methamphetamine

addiction and bipolar disorder.

A lucky fisherman has hauled in a

golden catch in America. He

discovered this yellow lobster in

one of his traps off Rhode Island -

a colouring so rare, experts say

it's a one in 30-million find. Surprised fisherman Denny Ingram

has no intention of eating his

colourful crustacean. Instead it

pier. will go on display at the local

Next, we'll hear more from the

woman at the centre of the David

Jones sexual harassment scandal.

Also, will the new campaign tactics

Also, will the new campaign tactics

work? We'll join the leaders on the

campaign trail.

photographer Spencer Tunick And the Opera House flesh fest -

releases his eye catching work. for our community,

with three-tonne towing, bluetooth,

Tonight's headlines - ABC presenter

Andy Muirhead has faced a Hobart

court charged with accessing child

pornography. Muirhead is on leave

from the show 'Collectors'. He's

expected to enter a plea when the

case continues at the end of this

month. A second day of searching

has failed to show up any sign of

missing 6-year old Kiesha Abrahams.

Police are investigating reports

she hadn't been seen for several

weeks, well before she was reported

missing from her Mount Druitt home.

And the woman at the centre of the

David Jones sexual harassment

scandal is suing the retailer for

$35 million. Kristy Fraser-Kirk has

also lodged a $2 million claim

McInnnes. against disgraced former CEO Mark

And here's more from Kristy Fraser-

Kirk's media conference, held this

afternoon. I am a young woman

standing here today simply because

I said it was not cocoa. Because I

said there should never happen to

me or to anyone. I just wanted to

be treated with respect. I had high

hopes for my career at David Jones

and I believe I could have gone far

had I been able to continue. By

speaking out and have been forced

to walk away from a career that I

gave my all to, an industry that I

respect and the company that I

believed in. Put simply, my whole

life has now been turned upside

down. I have tried my best to have

this matter resolved fairly and

with justice but that appears not

to be possible at the moment which

is extremely upsetting for my

family and for me. I have received

great strength from the courage of

other women. The carriage has shown

to me that this issue goes greatly

beyond my situation. Returning now

to the federal election campaign

now and here's how our

correspondents travelling with he

leaders saw the day.

The Prime Minister says she wants

to move away from risk-averse

campaigning but she is talking

education. She has announced to

give principles more control over

what goes on in their schools. Her

other big announcement is what she

calls a major reform for the Family

Tax Benefit which will boost back-

up to too many and $8 a fortnight.

-- $208. This will cost $326

million a year. She has spent this

day in western Sydney in seats that

are already held by Labour. She

denies that it shows she hissed

chiefly interested in saving the

furniture, holding on to Labour

seats rather than seats she wants

to win from the Liberals.

Tourism was the top of the day for

Tony Abbott. He was not buying into

the news polls that show him neck-

and-neck with Julia Gillard but he

knows that if he wins the election

he needs to win this seat. Tourism

is and $92 billion a year industry.

In tropical north Queensland there

has been a 26% reduction in tourism

revenue in the past of months. Tony

Abbott pledge more infrastructure

and research into how Australia can

grow and improve tourism. In the

end the spending will announce

today is about sustaining and

protecting the 500,000 jobs in

tourism. He is heading south to

Townsville tomorrow where tourism

will also be an issue. The Defence

Force and mining as well.

Well, this is it. The photograph

Sydney has waited months to see.

Artist Spencer Tunick has finally

released his cheeky photo of

volunteers who stripped off at the

Opera House. More than 5,000 brave

souls bared all for the artist on a

chilly March morning. The shot,

titled 'The Base', was taken to

celebrate Sydney's Mardi Gras

festival. Tunick believes it

captures the equality and diversity

of Sydney. Every person who posed

of the shot. will receive a limited edition copy

It does look like a sea of flesh.

Brad's back and rugby league

returns to the code's historical

home for what's looming as the blockbuster of the year?

Roosters v Dragons at the SCG. One

Rooster's convinced it'll be the

game of his career. Plus, a Kiwi

driver's spectacular escape at Brands Hatch.

Brands Hatch. Terrible accident, a

massive accident. And more than a

million dollar putt. Stuart Appleby

earns a place in golfing history.

He's done it! even more taxes,

In my bag!

This program is captioned live.

Born again Roosters star Anthony

Minichiello has labelled Sunday's

showdown with St George Illawarra

as one of the biggest games of his

career. Despite his team's five

straight wins, Mini insists the

Dragons remain the NRL benchmark.

Many thought he was finished as an

NRL force, but not Anthony Minichiello.

I never thought that. A lot of

people did think that, but I never

doubted my ability to come back and play some good footy.

After all the injuries,

Minichiello's in talks for a new 2-

year deal and eyeing a premiership.

But the season's biggest game will

tell us if these Chooks can be tell us if these Chooks can be champs in 2010.

Last week, we had a good win, but

the real test will come against the Dragons Sunday.

Officials are expecting a crowd of

40,000 at the SCG on Sunday. That

would make it the biggest club

crowd in Sydney this year and

Minichiello wants to make sure

Roosters fans aren't outnumbered.

They always turn out the Dragons

fans, so we want to challenge our

fans to try and get out there and

support us this weekend.

Even at a schoolboy's carnival in

Sydney's west, the Roosters latest

victims took another hen-pecking.

Yeah, I've copped it from a few

young kids about how we got flogged.

And I say yeah, I know, I was there.

Plenty are waving good bye to

Parra's finals hopes. Especially

with a daunting run home.

It's going to be very hard for us.

Starting with the Titans Friday

night, then the Broncos - we're

looking forward to it. We enjoy the challenges.

Souths finals hopes taking a hit

with Sam Burgess suspended for one

match for a grapple tackle.

On Saturday night, they face a

Tigers team that's been winning Tigers team that's been winning ugly.

A win's a win. I'd like to be

winning ugly at the moment, I can tell you that.

A Grand Final re-match between

Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory on Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory on

Saturday night at the SFS headlines

the opening round of the A-League.

The sixth season of the competition

was launched in the Rocks today

with Sydney looking to become the

first team to win back-to-back

titles. Their preparation was

amazing in pre-season. It is all

about this first game on Saturday

night. Sydney and Melbourne have

dominated the Fledging League, both

winning two of the five Grand Finals played.

Australia's Mark Webber is back on

top of the Formula One Drivers

Championship after a win at the

Hungarian Grand Prix. But his team-

mate and rival Sebastian Vettel is

fuming. Not the most promising of fuming. Not the most promising of

starts for Mark Webber, outgunned

by the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso

as Webber's pole-sitting team-mate

Sebastian Vettel surged to a 5-

second lead after just five laps.

COMMENTATOR: This is stunning, startling stuff.

A different kind of startling in

the pits. Robert Kubica took out Adrian Sutil.

My word, that could have been far

more dangerous.

And Nico Rosberg's stray wheel had

pit crews running for cover. A pit crews running for cover. A

Williams mechanic was hit, but not

seriously hurt. The day's worst

pain was felt by Vettel - a drive-

through penalty for staying too far

behind the safety car.

Look at this - he's so angry, he's

taken his hands off the wheel.

From there, the race was Webber's From there, the race was Webber's

to lose. And there was some added

satisfaction when he lapped his old

tormentor Michael Schumacher. That feels good.

Well, he did that a lot when I was

in the middle of the field.

It's not rubbing anyone's nose in

it. It's just a unique thing to happen.

Not so unique for Webber these days

- winning. His four victories this

year, more than any other driver.

Alonso was second. Webber's young

Red Bull team-mate a furious third.

Just take a deep breath and we'll

talk about it later, OK?

I still don't really understand why

I got the penalty. In the end, I

should have won.

It was, uh, a bit of a gift today

for me, but I haven't had many of

them, so I'll take today's.

Enough to put a spring in an old bull's step.

And a sickening crash in England

overnight has left a Super League

driver with serious injuries. This

is the view from Chris van der

Drift's cockpit at Brands Hatch as

his machine soared into the air,

out-of-control and into a barrier.

That is a terrible, terrible

accident. That was a massive accident. That was a massive

accident. Van der Drift was left

with a broken ankle, shoulder and

hand after the colossal impact.

A double celebration for

Australia's Stuart Appleby who

broke a 4-year drought on the PGA

tour and carded golf's magical 59.

broke a 4-year drought on the PGA tour and carded golf's magical 59. tour and carded golf's magical 59. Appleby became only the fifth

player to shoot sub-60 on the tour player to shoot sub-60 on the tour

when he burst out of the pack to when he burst out of the pack to

win the Greenbrier Classic by a

stroke. Stuart Appleby got hot

early in the final round and never

really cooled off. In a season in

which he missed the cut 11 times in

23 starts, this performance was eye-opening.

A very aggressive play.

The 39-year-old began his round 7

shots behind overnight leader Jeff

Overton. By the turn, Appleby had

racked up 6 birdies.

Oh, that's a kick in. Appleby was

impeccable from tee to green at the

par 5, 12th, where his eagle putt

saw him draw level with Overton.

3 Perfect strikes.

Appleby closed his spectacular

round with 3 more birdies for an 11-under 59.

There it goes, he's done it!

He's now among golf's famous 5 of

59ers with the evidence ready to

hang in the pool room.

Nice to get on that horse and ride

that sort of feeling for as long as you can. you can.

Appleby was at the practice area

prepared for a play-off, but

Overton's costly miss at the 17th

and his failure to birdie the last, and his failure to birdie the last, handed Appleby the inaugural title

and $1.2 million. At the women's

British Open at Royal Birkdale, British Open at Royal Birkdale, Australia's Katherine Hull rued Australia's Katherine Hull rued

this missed putt at the17th which

would have given her a share of the

lead. Hull trailed overnight front-

runner Ya Ni Tseng by 4 strokes at

the start of the final round, but

failed by one shot to catch the 21-

year-old from Taiwan.

Australia is on top of the

standings at the Champions Trophy

hockey tournament. standings at the Champions Trophy hockey tournament. The Kookaburras

were forced to fight back against

the Netherlands - down 2-3 with

just seven minutes to go. Four

quick goals did the trick - they

won 6-3. In other results, England

drew 3-3 with Spain and Germany

beat New Zealand 5-2.

More from Lidcombe. Eight is all

bad news. A going on Parramatta

Road, there was a bad accident. But

directions are affected. You can

see the police on scene. The

traffic delays stretch of the way

back to Burwood. The delay is going back to Burwood. The delay is going

west on the Parramatta Road. We

will be looking at the storm

bearing down on Sydney.

Police believe a man that claimed

his baby girl had been an abducted

child, had made up the story. The

23-year-old has been charged with

public mischief. People say he lied

about about a man grabbing his 21-

month of. Her through his back

fence. When you return, the weather

turns nasty. Sydney gets hammered

by westerly winds, up to 40, as per

hour. They hit us across at the

airport. We have had a windy and

cold day. There is a gale-force

wind warning and a severe weather

warning. The showers will attend

Sapphire overnight. It will clear

tomorrow morning. The wicked

westerlies have brought winter with

all its might. Across the northern

table and we even had snow. The

snowy mountains, the story of the

day, 85 centimetres of beautiful

white stuff falling across the

resorts added his day of falling

down as we go to air.

Cloud over the south-east, it is

bringing blustery showers to

Victoria, Tasmania and NSW.

Glorious Alpine snow. They brought

higher shell dominate tomorrow

bringing a cold and frosty morning

to the south and the waste. -- West.

Showers for the NSW coast. It will

be mainly during the morning with

storms possible. We could see 15 millimetres of rain.

storms possible. We could see 15

millimetres of rain. We are in for

a wild old night. The westerlies

are still howling. It will they tomorrow. are still howling. It will they tomorrow.

Play that is the result. The umbrella one.

That's Ten News for now. I'm Bill

Woods. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for

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