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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - in a Qantas emergency. Australian passengers injured An elderly couple killed into a death trap. when dead locks turn a house fire the doors and escape. They were unable to unlock teenagers die in a horrifying smash. And a country town shocked - four Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Also tonight - Good evening.

heartbreak for Olivia Newton-John, feared dead in a fishing accident. her long-term boyfriend to be Australia's brainiest child? And what does it take

First tonight - have been taken to hospital nine Qantas passengers and evacuation in Japan. after an emergency landing

were among the injured, Two Australians its procedures. but the airline has defended at Osaka Airport QF70 making an emergency landing

not long after taking off from Tokyo. It was on the way to Perth may have been smoke in the hold. a warning light indicating there

almost 200 passengers and crew reported seeing smoke, After a fire officer on the ground

the emergency chutes, were made to slide down a process that took just 90 seconds. Nine passengers were injured. this woman says, "People bumped into each other", "in the mad rush to escape."

are unfortunate but unavoidable. Qantas says minor injuries that slide very quickly It's an evacuation so you go down and the whole of the process aircraft as quickly as possible. is intended to get people off that a consideration In this instance there was there may have been a fire out of there so you want to get people as fast as you can get them out. taken to hospital, Two Australians were among those and a Chinese national. along with six Japanese with a possible fractured hip. One person was admitted

14 months old. The Airbus A330 is just by Japanese investigators. It's been quarantined in the hold There are a series of sensors in this sort of situation. designed to pick up smoke may have sent a false reading. One of those

at the moment. That's what's being investigated in a similar incident Qantas passengers were also injured a couple of years ago, and review its evacuation procedures. forcing the airline to investigate from that earlier event, Now, given the lessons learned everything went by the book. it says this time it appears with a punctured chute A fire forced the 2003 emergency adding to the injury list. The passengers in Japan are not expected to return before tomorrow. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. a house fire south east of Melbourne. An elderly couple have died in turned the house into a death trap. Tragically, deadlocks might have A shocked son inspects the scene

before his parent's tragic death. as police recount the final moments had been woken by the blaze The couple, both in their 80s, which is believe to have been started in their electric blanket. They've attempted to leave the house been overcome by the smoke, and most likely

and tragically, they've died. the alarm, A passing security guard raised the pair was dead. but by the time firefighters arrived Investigators say they had been trying to open both the front and back doors from the inferno. but were unable to free themselves

was locked shut The front flywire screen from getting outside the building. and therefore prevented access

one at each door. Their bodies were found, from their own homes Terrified neighbours ran fearing the fire would spread. We woke up to dad saying, run, run, get out of the house!" "There's a fire, as they passed by for morning walks. Some only learning of the loss That's shocking to hear. Oh, shocking. No.

as a tragic reminder The deaths serving to other home owners.

deadlock is in an unlocked position. When you are home, ensure that the Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. A country town is in mourning tonight were killed in a shocking road smash. after four of its teenagers was street racing, Police believe the 17-year-old driver when he lost control. grieve by a large fig tree A steady flow of family and friends in Townsville, last night lost their lives the exact spot where four teenagers

in this horrific smash. died - All those travelling in the car aged between 15 and 17. two boys and two girls By the light of day, through the wreckage the father of the driver rummages searching for something to ease the pain. Everyone's really upset, you know. and they had a lot of friends, They were good kids I know they had a lot of friends. lost control on a sweeping left turn. Police say the 17-year-old driver He and two girls died instantly, a 16-year-old boy, the fourth passenger, died en route to hospital. the car was travelling Investigations indicate limit on the popular drag strip. up to 70km/h over the legal speed The impact was horrific. are trying to come to grips Witnesses and even emergency crews

with the devastation of the scene. The car torn apart.

in every respect. It was a scene that was tragic I mean, for four young people to lose their lives in this manner is a blow to everyone concerned. from this, you know, Kids should take a message

that life's too precious in circumstances like this, just to be given away you know.

Brett Clappis, Ten News. Australia's Olivia Newton-John, Heartbreak - her long-time boyfriend disappearing on a fishing trip. they have been searching Los Angeles police confirm for more than a month. for Patrick Kim McDermott McDermott was last seen on July 1, on an overnight fishing trip. heading out of the San Pedro Harbour

with no one on board. The boat was found, was washed off the boat and died, It's feared McDermott but police won't rule out suggestions disappeared. he might have deliberately have been together for nine years. McDermott and Newton-John sole responsibility Peter Beattie has taken for the battering Labor received twin by-elections yesterday. in Queensland's yesterday's

a night of partying in Liberal ranks. The result sparked After years in the State political wilderness, last night the Queensland Liberals were back. CHEERING The by-elections forced by retiring Labor MPs were a litmus test for the electorate

and the voters put the acid on the Beattie Government. The large swings in Redcliffe and Chatsworth undoubtedly fuelled by the State's health crisis typified in the Dr Death saga and the Premier conceded.

We were sent a message tonight about health

and we've received that message. We've received it loud and clear. The responsibility for the result is mine. Liberal Terry Rogers seized Redcliffe to the city's north, while Michael Caltabiano managed an 11% swing in Chatsworth in Brisbane's east and made it clear the lengths the Liberals had gone to win. The Prime Minister of Australia came up two weeks ago, cancelled everything, and did a great fundraiser for us.

The Liberal leader thanked his candidates as well as the Nationals for sitting this one out, it now looks certain a Coalition will be on again. We will need a Coalition in government, everyone understands that and that's the direction we're heading. This morning the Premier was still getting off the canvas. We've been given a very big blood nose yesterday. Just down the road, the victors and their families are still toasting success. They can savour the win for now

but conservative politics in Queensland has a long way to go with the Beattie Government still commanding 61 of the 89 seats in parliament. Max Futcher, Ten News. The public float of Telstra could be abandoned if the price isn't right. The government warning it could place shares in an independently-managed future fund. For 10 years John Howard has made no secret of his desire to sell Telstra but a lacklustre share price is prompting a rethink on just how to off-load the Government's remaining 51% stake. No-one expected this. If we were to decide that the time was not right to sell even part of our holding,

then we could either hold them directly or we could put all of our shares

into the management of the future fund.

That's news to the Treasurer. There's no plan to put it all in the future fund. The future fund was set up to pay for unfunded superannuation liabilities The Government has flagged the idea of placing some Telstra shares there while splitting up the sale process but has never mentioned parking its entire holdings there indefinitely. The attraction of putting them directly into the future fund is that they would then be at arm's length and it would remove in one blow the conflict of interest. The Opposition disagrees. This is extraordinary. Last week the future fund was robbed of $3 billion to bribe the National Party and now the Government is saying that the future fund may underwrite the whole of the sale of Telstra. It makes a mockery of the whole reason for selling Telstra. And the Government has revealed the $2 billion trust fund for future bush services might come in the form of shares, not cash, meaning country people would be relying on a risky dividend price

to pay for improved services. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Next in Ten news - police hunt a man over a country murder mystery. The police border blitz - cops crack down on drinking and speeding drivers. And what does it take to be Australia's brainiest child?

This program is captioned live. Police are hunting a NSW man over the murder of one cousin and the disappearance of another. They say he may be on the run, living off the land. 24-year-old Kristy Scholes was strangled to death her body found lying on a bedroom floor in her grandparents house in June. Police believe the mother of two was murdered by her cousin, 31-year-old Malcolm John Naden. He lived in his grandparent's house for 15 years but hasn't been seen since her death.

That's lead them to believe he is involved in the disappearance of another cousin

24-year-old Lateesha Nolan. She went missing about six months ago. Police fear, she too, is dead. We've made a number of checks into her normal business and social activities and we can't find any evidence of her using bank accounts or making telephone calls. Police say the abattoir worker started acting strangely about a year ago.

He suddenly quit his job and locked himself in his bedroom, avoiding contact with his grandparents. He's quite a loner. He lived in this room. He accessed the room by the window. The suspected double murder has left six children without their mothers, the youngsters all aged under six are being cared for by their extended family who are joining with police in urging Malcolm Naden to come forward. Mate, come forward so you can tell your side of the story and lets get this all sorted out. Malcolm Naden is 177cm tall, weighing 85 kilograms, but police believe he could have changed his appearance. Evan Batten, Ten News. A notorious paedophile from Perth is being allowed to serve out his parole in Melbourne. Charles Alan Smith was released from a Perth jail in February after serving eight years for sexually abusing boys.

He moved to Victoria to be closer to his family. Smith will be closely monitored, but the State's prison boss isn't offering any guarantees to the community. I can't be confident that any one of the offenders I'm responsible for supervising won't offend. The Commissioner says Smith won't face the same supervision as serial sex offender Brian Keith Jones, known as 'Mr Baldy',

who'll be watched for the next 15 years. A massive two-day police blitz on the NSW/Queensland border. Dozens of drivers were booked, police warning to expect more of the same. Caught in the dragnet, Operation Eagle came as an unpleasant surprise for many behind the wheel. Over the last two nights police from NSW and Queensland have joined forces in a blitz on those running between States under the cover of darkness. In a rare show of cross-border cooperation,

the thin blue line took priority over the State line. We do need to work as a united force to conduct these types of operations. While traffic police are happy with the low number of drink-drivers and speedsters they found, some of those they got gave officers real cause for concern. One motorist blew nearly four times the legal limit, while another was caught doing 140km/h in an 80km/h zone. Hidden unmarked cars rounding up those who tried to escape the task force, the operation uncovering more than just traffic offences. That included drugs, stolen property, unregistered vehicles and in particular unlicensed and disqualified drivers. Officers from both sides of the border using special powers to allow them to work outside their own State. We will be continuing from now up until Christmas working with NSW in particular to make sure we can remove these drink-drivers from the roads. Daniel Barty, Ten News. Fighting fire, NSW residents prepare for a long hot summer. Around 1000 volunteers from high-risk areas gathered in southern Sydney to take part in the largest ever Community Fire Unit training day. Teams learnt to use hoses, hydrants and portable pumps,

ready to provide an essential service in bushfire season.

It virtually doubles the resources of the fire brigade in some areas. The preparations come amid predictions this could be a particularly difficult summer.

Australian war veterans are today commemorating their involvement in the Vietnam War. Hundreds marched through Adelaide for the annual celebrations, as generations of descendents watched on. Two Kiowa helicopters from Darwin's 161 Reconnaissance Squadron flew past, paying tribute to three troops from that unit, who were killed in action 40 years ago. PIPE PLAYS The parade was followed by a concert.

Still to come in Ten News - the hunt for Australia's brainiest child. A rock-star's welcome for Pope Benedict in Germany.

And Courtney Love's stunning claim - she's back in rehab and pregnant!

This program is captioned live. Incredible scenes in Germany, as the Pope celebrates World Youth Day. Sydney is tonight expected to be named as host for the 2008 event. Greeted like an idol, hundreds of thousands of Catholic youths scream for Pope Benedict. Up to 800,000 pilgrims came from all over to take part in World Youth Day celebrations in Cologne. The highlight so far,

this special vigil delivered by the Pope himself who embraced the warm welcome.

Pope Benedict dedicating the mass to his predecessor John Paul II who originated the World Youth Day event. As darkness fell, the field lit up and in between prayers the youthful crowd enjoyed some light entertainment. But during the prayer session Pope Benedict delivered a very strong message,

stressing the importance of cross faith cooperation. A message echoed to Muslim leaders he met,

urging them to join Christians to combat the spread of terrorism. Those who instigate and plan these attacks evidently wish to poison our relations, making use of all means, including religion, to oppose every attempt to build a peaceful, fair and serene life together. At tonight's closing mass Pope Benedict will reveal which city will host World Youth Day 2008 and Sydney is shaping up as the favourite. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News.

A desperate plea for help from Portugal,

battling forest fires raging across the country. It's asked the European Union to send aircraft to help the more than 3.000 fire fighters. Portugal is suffering its worst drought in 60 years a situation made worse by 70 km/h winds. More than 130,000 hectares of forest and scrub land have been lost. At least 13 people have died from fires in Portugal this year, 10 of them firefighters. A state funeral in Spain

for 17 soldiers killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. The sombre occasion marked the end of two days of national mourning. Among those attending was the Spanish royal family. Dressed in military uniform, King Juan Carlos laid a medal on each flag-draped coffin.

The 17 soldiers were killed on Tuesday near the western Afghan city of Herat. Spanish authorities still don't know why their helicopter crashed. Controversial rock star Courtney Love says she's pregnant. The news comes just a day after Love broke down in court and was ordered into a month-long drug rehab programme. She told a London newspaper the father is British comedian Steve Coogan

their baby conceived during a drug-fuelled fling at a Hollywood hotel. Love is already in a custody battle for Frances Bean Cobain, the daughter she had with the late Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan.

And some upsets and big scorelines in the rugby league? Yes Tracey - there's a good chance Manly supporters will be depressed right now.

They've been absolutely spanked by the Sharks. What a scoreline - 68 points to 6. Manly's finals hopes taking a severe battering. The Sydney Swans have moved into third spot on the ladder after thumping the Kangaroos by 37 points. And why was Aussie Mark Webber left fuming after qualifying for the Turkish Grand Prix? The day's sport is next.

This program is captioned live. Looking at the nation's weather -

streaks of high cloud over Victoria are forming in a jetstream, but no rain. Skies are mostly clear across the rest of the country. Southwesterly winds will scatter light showers and alpine snow across Victoria and Tasmania. Showers should clear across southern NSW and SA as a ridge strengthens. The search is on to find Australia's brainiest child. Thousands of children have sacrificed a lazy Sunday to put their intelligence to the test, for a new TV series. Small in stature but far from short on confidence, one of these children could eventually be named

Australia's brainiest kid. And they already have the answers to what it takes to achieve such a title. the brain for start. You have to have confidence because if you don't have confidence you be able to do anything. Lots of hard work and determination. And it seems in the schoolyard, being smart has its advantages. It's good because people that don't know much, you can help them. 12,000 children, aged 11 and 12, applied to take part in the new series. 1,200 getting through the first round to face another test even if that meant delaying birthday celebrations.

I had to ring everyone and tell them but it's all right. Nationwide, the participants were given 30 minutes to answer 50 questions, demanding some serious thinking. First of all, I thought earl grey was an alcoholic beverage but then I realised it was tea.

Australia will discover who is the brainiest when the show airs on Network Ten this year, hosted by Sandra Sully. I am really excited about the fact we are celebrating being smart. This nation spends a lot of time focusing on sport and celebrity and kids now who are really bright, are going to be really cool. In the meantime, at least one child has something else to look forward to. I am pretty glad I am looking forward to going home because I didn't get my present from mum yet. Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

That's the news for now. I'll have updates throughout the evening. But stay around now for Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan. I'm Tracey Spicer. Good night. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.