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(generated from captions) has surged back up to record levels Support for the Labor Party of opinion polls indicates as another in a long line

is headed for electoral annihilation. John Howard's government John Howard's Government Today's newspoll shows

on a two-party preferred basis, Labor has jumped five points the Coalition now trailing by 20. the gap has narrowed slightly And on the question of preferred PM

by nine. but Kevin Rudd leads John Howard hoping voters Government ministers this morning

are just toying with a fresh face. Voters do have a tendency a two-horse race. to want to have an election to be

and the jockey Let's look at the horse and Labor's a pretty dodgy horse. their opponents just yet. The Opposition unwilling to rule out

with a glint in his eye The only person this morning

is Peter Costello. with these opinion polls announcing The poll follows Labor the Government's new fairness test. it plans to support this legislation, There would be no point opposing

WorkChoices. the point is to get rid of That's the fight we're having. they are supporting it. They are so opposed to it, to walk both sides of the street. It's the Labor party way, trying On another hot election issue a national emissions trading scheme Mr Howard is set to announce hoping to reverse the view on climate change. his Government has been slow to act over the last 6 months I know it's appeared on occasions not responding as rapidly that the Government has been as some people would have liked. I acknowledge that. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. Police in Bathurst, west of Sydney are examining a possible grave site of a missing local woman. in the hope of recovering the remains five years ago after a night out. Janine Vaughan disappeared

Ten's John Hill is in Bathurst.

are expected to return here today Forensic officers in a shallow grave to the spot where bones were found

during the search for Janine Vaughan. removing the bones Forensic experts worked overnight to determine if they are human. which are now being tested

search over the weekend Police mounted a massive ground of finding some sign using cadaver dogs in the hope

using cadaver dogs of Miss Vaughan in the hope of finding some sign

who disappeared in December 2001. remains during a search Dogs picked up the scent of her in Bathurst yesterday. along the river

inconclusive Police say tests so far have proven to learn more today. and they're hoping is expected to be excavated The grave site for additional clues. and the soil sifted But so far police haven't ruled out of Janine Vaughan. that the remains could be those of a Geelong man Police are looking for the killer outside a milk bar. stabbed in the chest in Victoria overnight. It was one of two fatal stabbings was stabbed in a car park. Police believe the 27-year-old man

a trail of blood on the ground, Leaving for help. he staggered into a nearby milk bar

a single wound to his chest. The victim had suffered

Paramedics revived the man, a short time later in hospital. but he died

with their enquiries A man is helping police but he's not a suspect. allegedly stabbed to death by his son Meanwhile, a 54-year-old man was early this morning. in the Melbourne suburb of Doncaster were called to the flat Ambulance and police officers

after a domestic dispute lying on the ground. and found the man but he was unable to be resuscitated Ambulance worked on the male,

at the scene. and was pronounced dead 23-year-old Corey James Clarke Police charged

at an out-of-sessions court hearing. with murder

to anyone in the area at the time. But detectives still wish to speak We'd be appealing for witnesses leaving the flat who may have seen anyone entering or to contact Crimestoppers. in Bailey Grove, Doncaster in anyone who heard We'd also be interested any commotion in the street. Magistrates' Court this morning. Clarke will appear in the Melbourne

Ben Lewis, Ten News. Three men are in hospital robbery at a brothel in inner-Sydney. after being bashed in a violent armed armed with handguns Police say four thieves in the early hours entered the Surry Hills business

and demanding money. assaulting the trio a rear entrance The robbers fled through with an undisclosed sum of cash. Their three victims were rushed to hospital. head injuries. Two of them with serious new record for Melbourne house prices Former TV star Steve Vizard has set a for whopping $18 million. after selling his Toorak home

from the mansion a short time ago. Reporter Rakhal Ebeli joined us turned disgraced businessman The former TV funny man, for more than $18 million. has sold this Toorak mansion for Victoria That sets an all new record paid for another Toorak mansion surpassing the $14.5 million some five years ago. have confirmed the deal, While insiders as he left the mansion this morning. Mr Vizard wasn't giving much away thanks fellas. It's just another good day,

REPORTER: Are you looking forward to and brighter mansion? moving into a bigger Thanks a lot guys, appreciate that. door with a door-to-door sale? Is it true somebody came up to your

I can't discuss it. Sorry guys. Victor Smorgan Group chief executive The buyer is believed to be Peter Edwards knocked on the Vizard's door and the story goes someone simply they couldn't refuse and made them an offer

the amount in 2000, given they paid less than half it's pretty easy to understand why. decision Outrage over a British broadcaster's

of a dying Princess Diana. to air photos

That's next. And living amongst the dinosaurs - re-creates the life of Adam and Eve. an Australian science teacher

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The United States and Iran have discussed the future security of Iraq in their first bilateral talks in almost 30 years. Meeting in Baghdad, US diplomats called on the Iranians to stop arming militants. It has been almost three decades since the United States and Iran have come together, one on one. The 4-hour Baghdad meeting focused exclusively on the security and future stability of Iraq.

The two parties agreed broadly on policy but the US insisted Iran abandon links with arming militia groups. I laid out for the Iranians a number of our direct specific concerns about their behaviour in Iraq, their support for militias. The Iranian Ambassador described the talks as promising

declaring bi-partisan support for the elected Iraqi Government. But the Americans were adamant the Iranians must now match their words with action. The problem lies, in our view, with the Iranians not bringing their behaviour on the ground into line with their own policy. As the talks came to an end, a car bomb was detonated in the central district of Baghdad

killing at least 20 people and injuring many more. No date has been set for any future talks. Anthony Donaghy, Ten News. And as Iran and the US came together Americans back home paused to remember the country's fallen soldiers. President George W. Bush laid a wreath of red, white and blue flowers at a Memorial Day ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns. He says the day now recognises a new generation of heroes -

the country's Iraq and Afghanistan casualties. A documentary featuring a photo of a dying Princess Diana is set to air on British television next week. But the broadcaster is coming under fire for the decision. Critics saying on Prince Harry and Prince William. it will have a lasting effect Nearly 10 years may have passed since Prince Diana's death events that fateful night in Paris

still refuses to fade. The Channel 4 documentary focuses on the immediate aftermath of the crash in the tunnel. They were about 30 seconds, or 600m behind the Mercedes. The paparazzi who'd been following Diana and Dodi al-Fayed were at the scene within seconds. They photographed a doctor tending to the Princess in the wreckage of the car. The picture was published by an Italian magazine a year ago, causing upset to Princes William and Harry. The documentary includes the same picture but with Diana's face blanked out. Channel 4 is coming under increasing pressure to remove the programme all together. I think they're an innovative and pioneering broadcaster but I think they've crossed the line here, they've broken the taboo, they travelled over some sensitivities and I think they should think again. You've got to be sensitive to the feelings of Princes William and Harry when they lost their mother when they were 13 and 15 respectively. It is their mother that they have lost and therefore these pictures should not be run in a documentary. But Channel 4 insists the program will be broadcast with the picture included. What this photographic record and the record of the testimony of the witnesses actually does

is finally lay to rest some of the inaccuracies. But what the film doesn't do is show any images of the dead or the dying which might cause offence. declined to comment A spokesman for William and Harry on the Channel 4 documentary but said they had made their position clear in the past on the use of photographs from the crash site. They considered it distasteful to the late Princess's memory and hurtful to her friends and family.

A 21-year moratorium on commercial whaling is under the spotlight at the International Whaling Commission in Alaska. There's strong pressure from Japan to be allowed to hunt whales again. Clashes in the Antarctic Ocean last winter. A Japanese whaling ship collides with the protesters who are tracking it. It's part of an increasingly bitter struggle

between those who want to cull whales and those who want to protect them. Japan's Government insists it has the right to hunt whales for research but images like this aren't shown often on television here. Greenpeace is asking Japanese people to question what's being done in their name. This advertisement, shown in cinemas this week,

reminds them that whales were eaten when food was scarce but now, the situation is different. If and when the truths and facts are known, I think that 60% of the people would oppose to the resumption of commercial whaling, especially in the high seas. in Tokyo Whale meat is still on the menu

more than 20 years after commercial whaling was banned. At this restaurant, they say the best meat comes from whales that were caught for research. "My job is to prepare tasty dishes "to let people know that whale meat is delicious and nutritious" the owner tells me. "What's wrong with eating whale?" Japan has said it will do whatever's necessary

to protect those jobs that depend on whaling. Some here argue that should include leaving the International Whaling Commission if it can't get its own way. Meantime, two wayward whales trapped in a Californian river finally seem be to heading home. The humpbacks were first spotted two weeks ago, more than 150km inland.

Marine biologists and whale watchers were delighted yesterday when the mother and calf suddenly took off making a dash for the Pacific Ocean. The humpbacks have since stopped again, near a bridge, but they're now almost halfway home. Coming up in sport - Chris Judd prepares to face the judiciary in a bid to keep his Brownlow medal hopes alive. That's when the morning news returns. And Aussie Samantha Stosur through to the second round of the French Open. COMMENTATOR: That's a very solid point.

This program is captioned live. An Australian science teacher is causing outrage in the US by disputing the science of evolution. He's opened a multimillion-dollar Creation Museum in Kentucky. The museum's claims are challenging and controversial. Dinosaurs living alongside humans, with a place on Noah's Ark on a planet that was created in six days,

just a few thousand years ago. The Creation Museum has been 13 years in the making for former Queensland high school science teacher Ken Ham. And despite the critics he's standing by his belief the Bible is the true history of Earth

and that the science of evolution is wrong.

As Christians we need to get out there and defend the Christian faith and show people that not only is its history true

but we can defend it and we can use real science,

mainstream science, to confirm the Bible's history. The high-tech museum cost $33 million to build, all of the money donated to create life-like, moving displays as well as exhibits of dinosaur fossils. Scientists across the US have started signing petitions against the museum

with some opponents are concerned it will confuse and mislead children. That people donate money for this kind of thing across the world is really pathetic in my opinion.

The facts are you can still be a good Christian and an evolutionist. While there were many opponents outside, the opening attracted many supporters. I was raised up believing every word of the Bible is true, so the whole evolutionary theory to me is ridiculous.

In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In finance news - the Australian share market opened lower today but has made up ground: Qantas has been voted the worst airline for international travel. A 'Choice' survey has found customers were dissatisfied with the carrier's quality of service, compared to others like Singapore Airlines and Emirates.

medal hopes go on the line tonight when the West Coast captain contests his 1-match suspension

for eye-gouging. With Judd a red hot favourite for the medal betting has been suspended until after the tribunal hearing. Chris Judd has refused to fly to Melbourne to defend the charge preferring to remain in Perth via video link-up in a desperate attempt The red-hot Brownlow favourite was giving nothing away yesterday. REOPRTER: Are you feeling confident? We'll wait and see. Betting has been throw into disarray since vision emerged of Judd tangling with Hawthorn's Campbell Brown. He was just trying to push a player off him who was pretty well on top of him. Port Adelaide's Matthew Thomas copped two weeks for this incident

but can get it downgraded to one with an early plea. And Richmond's Matthew Richardson is likely to face a please-explain

for criticising the controversial push in the back rule. But he's not backing away claims the new interpretation is pathetic. I still stand by everything I said after the game. That's exactly what I think all year and that's what I've thought watching other games of football on TV

have been very, very soft some of the - in the backs and I don't see why we have to change the rule. Newcastle coach Brian Smith has reportedly admitted his club is in crisis following a record 71-6 loss to Brisbane at the weekend and Clint Newton's early release yesterday.

A free agent, Clint Newton's walked away from the club he grew up wanting to play for.

No longer at the Knights after requesting an early release. His 100th premiership game, the weekend's record loss to the Broncos, his last with the club. for me to leave mid-season, And that's the hardest thing

and leave all my mates, my best mates, and leave this town and my family behind me. Newton leaving after not being part of new Coach Brian Smith's plans

for next year.

Smith said to be planning a big clean-out at the end of the season. The Warriors have their own troubles, going down to Parramatta overnight 30-6 as NSW winger Jarryd Hayne produced a replica of his Origin try. It was the Warriors fourth straight loss.

Winger Manu Vatuvei had a night to forget, continually dropping ball and the Eels took advantage.

COMMENTATOR: It's terrible. It's too sad for words. Despite the fumbles, Warriors coach Ivan Cleary supported his player. Victoria Murphy, Ten News.

Australia's Samantha Stosur is through to the second round of the French Open following a convincing straight sets win over American Jamea Jackson. The 27th seed dropping only three games and requiring just 55 minutes in her comprehensive 6-1, 6-2 victory.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, rock solid. What a way to finish off too. Impressive work from Samantha Stosur. Rain once again causing a headache for organisers.

Roger Federer won the first set of his opening clash before bad weather interrupted play. Only seven of the days scheduled 65 matches were completed. Derby County is through to the English Premier League after beating West Bromwich Albion 1-0

in the second division play-off final.

West Brom dominated the first half and came agonisingly close to scoring before the break. The Rams fought back in the second, Stephen Pearson coming up with the winner in the 61st minute.

COMMENTATOR: Pearson! It is 1-nil to Derby County! It's one of the most lucrative matches in world soccer. The promotion will generate an estimated $145 million for Derby

in terms of increased TV revenue and sponsorships. England has dealt the West Indies its worst ever Test defeat taking the second Test at Headingley by an innings and 283 runs. Forced to follow on, the Windies managed just 9/141 on their second attempt,

well short of their target. Playing his first Test since his debut six years ago, England's Ryan Sidebottom led the attack taking 4/44. The rain again affected play, but with their team on the verge of an historic win, the locals didn't mind.

Stephen Harmison eventually wrapping things up after tea, the Windies left shell-shocked. Next in Ten News - a look at the weather around the nation.

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Now national weather for the rest of the day:

They say cats have nine lives and that more than applies to this bunch who survived a blaze in the US.

With the help of firefighters, the 32 kittens were pulled from a burning home in Florida. They were given baby breathing masks and successfully revived. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling. TTN is next. Good morning. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.