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(generated from captions) Stay with me. I've got you. OK. Stay awake. Help! Help! the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - the moment of truth - in the ACR collapse. investors find out what they'll lose

Sorry, is not money. Sorry, is it my money? 15 minutes free - to parking meters. a Sydney council's popular approach of an alleged murder plot, And two men at the centre

extradited to Sydney. Ron Wilson and Sandra Sully. Ten News with

Good evening. Also tonight - home test for cervical cancer. warnings about a controversial

down the red carpet for Paris Hilton, And a final walk before she heads to jail. mum and dad investors, But first this evening - of Australian Capital Reserve, stung by the collapse exactly how much they stand to lose. are tonight finding out from one of the company's directors There was an apology today

to ease their anger. but it did little

still weighing heavily, With the shock of ACR's collapse

looking for answers. investors arrived

The questions - how did this happen to their life savings? and what will it mean Definitely we need the money. Definitely be able to make the cure in front of this. because I can't go more I can't lost this money - for me health. we need it, first of all,

they have to blame for their losses - And this is one of the men assuring them he wasn't running away. executive director Sam Pogson, Do you feel ashamed? Certainly do, and I apologise

for what's happened and we'll be there all the way, to the end. working with the administrators to investors like Joseph Hazzaz. That apology was little comfort It has no meaning, 'sorry'. that's the meaning. The meaning is the money, we don't live on sorrys. That's what we live on - when ACR collapsed. 7,000 investors were hit in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Many attended briefings the cold, hard facts. where the administrator set out has several hundred million dollars ACR's parent company in property assets that can be sold, will be the last to be paid, but these people like banks, ahead of them are secured creditors followed by contractors. who they blame for their difficulties Ask these people who they target. and it's not just ACR directors

comes a very close second. ASIC, the corporate regulator,

They never let anyone know anything. we could have drawn out in March I mean, we had some money that

they were going bad. if we'd have known for interviews today ASIC refused requests is now investigating but law firm Slater and Gordon the third collapse in 18 months could be launched. to see if a class action

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. from the meeting. And Eddy Meyer joins us now investors are starting to emerge - Eddy, what's been their reaction?

Absolutely, and they have every

right to be. Today the

administrator at try to ease some

of those concerns, saying that ACR

and the group that it funded does

have about $630 million in assets,

properties that are completed,

partially completed and still to be

started. It is saying those assets

will be sold and they should pretty

much get all their money but if

anybody has lost confidence or has

it is these people and they don't the right to have lost confidence

really believe what they are

hearing. This was made their by

what they were saying. We don't

know and we are going to have a cup

of coffee or a stiff drink. I

reckon we'll be lucky if we get

half a vet. That will be it I think

and all those properties will be

sold. I don't know. You have sat

through that - how confident are

you do you'll get some of your

money back? I don't think so, and

not very confident at all. Maybe we

will get a little bit but not a lot.

We lost $30,000. Of course it may

take months and months for them to

have any idea of just how much they

are going to get back. They will be

a percentage - everybody else in

the queue above them are secured

creditors so it may be months before they know how much they are

going to get an for many that will

be very hard because they rely on

was helping to fund their pensions and for many the interest

was helping to fund their

retirement so they are not getting

reduced that interest and they may be on

reduced pensions so could be very

difficult for quite a few of the

today. people who were at the meetings

at the ACR investors meeting. Thanks, Eddy. Eddy Meyer pressure on councils across Sydney. A new parking meter scheme is putting on just two streets so far It's been introduced are convinced it's a winner. but drivers and small business 15-minute free parking Leichhardt Council's is proving popular. Good!

There are 20 spots on Norton street, Leichhardt, and on Darling Street, Balmain.

keeping a constant stream of people It's all about

in and out of local shops. Flaming oath! 20 times a day By the time you stop and start for some coins. you don't have to keep looking

from rawfood Ducked in to get a coffee

to have a 15-minute parking spot. and yeah, great idea More places should have it? It makes it more convenient for the locals.

It's not just coffee drinkers

bank and chemists using the spots. but customers at the local get their coffee, whatever, People can drive in, park,

and take off. and it is very difficult to abuse. It works very well Here at Bondi Beach won't be added any time soon a '15 minutes free' button

or any other in the Waverley area. to this parking meter, with the current arrangements. It would appear council is happy

the rangers were out and about, Even today Waverley is near the top of the list helping to explain why of areas reaping in parking revenue. right throughout the city. Councils are gouging $20 million a year, Sydney Council makes

Waverley Council, $17 million. ..although unofficially around Bondi, at least, for free. drivers are given an extra 10 minutes

Kevin Wilde, Ten News. to bus drivers DNA swab kits might be given to catch the growing number of passengers who spit on them.

The drastic action follows another shocking report on bus violence. The Transport Minister came for a good news announcement on extending the cashless bus network. Prepay ticket services now taking in most of the city's major corridors. Cashless buses work. They are cheaper and save time. But it seems driving buses in Sydney isn't easy. The latest figures reveal of offensive behaviour 369 incidences

between November and May. 345 rocks being thrown at buses, 45 verbal assaults, and 24 bus drivers reporting being spat upon. Some drivers, like Patrick Coleman. have been seriously injured. I got knocked out. Knocked out cold. You can see I lost my teeth here, broke my jaw, stitches in my lip. The Government has now agreed to look at a London decision to issue bus drivers with DNA kits so passengers who spit on them can be traced by police. would spit on another human being just carrying out their job. The Opposition supports the DNA testing move, but says the top priority is more visable policing, especially at night. Nothing replaces a strong police presence. The Government says there are no longer any bus no-go zones in Sydney. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Two men accused of being at the centre of a Sydney murder plot have been extradited from Melbourne. Michael Selim and Dennis Basic were taken aboard a Qantas flight bound for Sydney this afternoon.

They're accused of being recruited to murder crown witnesses in the trial of an alleged drug dealer. It's alleged they plotted with Swedish-born Sydney waitress Charlotte Lindstrom.

She faces charges of conspiracy to murder and soliciting murder. John Howard is finally getting his head above water with a new opinion poll showing him pegging Labor's lead. It's been a day of good news for the PM with a breakthrough at last on his plan to save the Murray Darling River. The Prime Minister's $10 billion plan to save the nation's most significant river system was sinking fast. Victoria's Steve Bracks was refusing to hand over powers, Mr Howard seemingly at a loss to know why. I don't know. There may be some political consideration involved in an election year. That infuriated the Premier, arriving for crisis talks in Sydney. And I think that's the problem the Prime Minister is grappling with. He looks at everything in terms of tricking it up for the election.

The problem, according to Mr Bracks, was also shared by the other States. This legislation is a grab for land and power. Those views were put to the Prime Minister and it quickly became apparent concessions had to be made. The Commonwealth finally were listening, and that was a good thing. And we're really delighted that Victoria is now going to play a positive role. The promising breakthrough came as the Galaxy poll saw an 8-point turnaround, for the Government to now be within striking distance of Labor. We still have a long way to go. We are still clearly behind. And there's nothing like a good scare campaign to keep the fightback going.

Mr Howard is standing by his claim climate change plans Labor's Peter Garrett's would lead to a recession. As a backbencher, in emissions by 2020. Mr Garrett canvassed a 20% cut to that target Labor has not committed but says to support the Prime Minister. there is no serious modelling hasn't even properly begun the task The Commonwealth Treasury

the implications of various policies of the economic modelling of carbon-based emissions. towards dealing with

Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. of two Australian soldiers, After 42 years, the remains

killed during the Vietnam War their final trip home. are about to make

Corporal Richard Parker Private Peter Gillson and Lance during a moving ceremony in Hanoi. have been honoured

Private Gillson's widow and son The Government plane carrying in the Vietnamese capital. touched down Robert Gillson never met his father. to say goodbye. Now he at least has the chance

Private Gillson and Lance Corporal Richard Parker the Viet Cong on November 8, 1965. were killed in a fierce battle with Machine-gun fire forced their platoon to break the unwritten law on the battlefield. and leave their mates It was a terrible time. I was in Delta Company descended on the battalion and a big black cloud

when we got back off the operation, knowing that we'd left two fellas behind. With a determined group of veterans, the campaign Aussies Home. Jim Bourke has spearheaded

them to identify the location - A former Viet Cong officer helped the remains unearthed in April, an inspiration to fellow diggers. the find 42 years. How do you judge it? that every Vietnam veteran It seems fitting pretty much on their sleeves today. would have their hearts tonight on an RAAF Hercules The remains will be flown home to be held on Wednesday. A formal ceremony for the two soldiers, While the journey is almost over remain missing in action, four of their colleagues promising to continue the search their veteran brothers until they too can be brought home. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport - the Eels and Wests Tigers tonight. and a showdown between

to end the Wests Tigers' winning run? Yes, will the Eels' form be enough for the latest on the game. We'll cross live to Telstra Stadium

a horror night Also - Cameron Phelps suffers of a knockout blow from a Warrior, from the after effects he speaks to us shortly. And down and out -

pitcher to react to a direct hit little or no time for a baseball in the US.

hot under the collar Also - later Swans coach Paul Roos

over new AFL rules. accused of trying to hire a hit man Three women that's next. to kill one of their husbands - Also tonight - at a Sydney shopping centre. another daring ram raid

And waging war - of its messy starling plague. the drastic measures to rid a town

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This program is captioned live. of a Sydney street kid An inquest into the death

for at least three months. has been put on hold was due to give evidence 17-year-old Aaron Light against a suspected paedophilia ring five years ago. when his body was found in a canal Frederick Rix, A person of interest in the case, with an unrelated indecent assault was charged last week to continue the inquest but pleaded with the Coroner today so he can clear his name. I can continue along these lines? How much do they expect until September The coroner adjourned the inquest the fresh allegations went to trial. saying it would ensure fairness if

went shopping for a hitman A court's heard three women to murder one of their husbands. but the plan came unstuck They wanted his super, an undercover policeman. when they tried to hire will do anything for each other Some best friends

and, according to police, Marie McCosker was prepared to commit murder for hers. to have been released? How pleased are you

Very pleased, thank you very much. Until Friday, at a Mount Cotton caravan park Wendy Hodgetts lived

with her husband Brian.

was allegedly plotting his murder But he had no idea his wife Tina Rivett and friend McCosker. with the help of her daughter-in-law It's claimed over the weekend Silkstone home Hodgetts went to McCosker's three prospective hitmen. to interview she offered them $10,000 The prosecutor said

as a deposit using her friend's gold ring with the brakes in Brian's car and suggested they tamper look like an accident. to make his death allegedly bought a syringe 25-year-old Rivetts and put it in Brian's glovebox as part of the plan. was allegedly money. Wendy Hodgett's motive

she told the potential hitmen Police say her husband had a large super fund in what looked like an accident and if he died it would be easier to get the cash. The women were caught was a covert police officer. as one of the hit men were released on bail Two of the women

after it was agreed behind the murder plot. Hodgetts was the driving force Upsetting. How was it seeing her in there? And what kind of a mum is she? A really good mum. The women will reappear in court next month.

Chloe Symons, Ten News. has been banned from working A senior police officer with the NSW State of Origin team.

has been suspended Superintendent Adam Purcell Police Integrity Commission hearings. following last week's damaging

he received confidential information League coach Ricky Stuart confirmed

being investigated about Bryan Fletcher over a sexual assault case. on numerous phone taps including about the Cronulla riots. disclosing sensitive information, angle grinders Ram-raiders have used

into an Auburn shopping centre. to cut their way The thieves smashed their way inside after removing sign posts so they could get around bollards. They made off with two ATM cash-boxes wrecking several shop fronts in the process. Australia's country musical capital is waging war against thousands of unwanted singers. The number of starling birds in Tamworth is so massive that the city is resorting to drastic action. An ominous cloud descends upon Tamworth in scenes reminiscent of a Hitchcock horror. BIRDS SCREECH The starlings are back in town and they've brought along more than a few friends for their latest visit. There's a long history of starlings coming to Tamworth. Back to 1994. They have been coming into the city and finding a restful environment in the main street. Tamworth's renown for its country hospitality but the locals say this flock is stretching it. They used to just hang by a tree near the RSL. Now, they're in their thousands and take up half the city block. We've had an ongoing issue with fouling up the street, causing a lot of odour and just disrupting business and causing problems for our pedestrians.

Those streets made famous by buskers are now carpeted with bird calling cards, in a major headache for businesses and council. So the locals have hit back and unleashed a new strategy to deter the birds.

They closed off the main street, unfurled a massive net and after covering a culprit tree, bombarded the birds with water canon. The spectacle drew dozens of rugged-up curious bystanders but not so many birds. It was always meant to be a trial It's still a trial. I'd probably call it half-time at the moment. The starlings initially came to the region for the seed mixture fed to cattle and scraps from the waste depot. But they quickly discovered the city streets held much more appeal and decided to stay. Round one to the birds perhaps but they're on notice not to get too comfy. Amber Muir, Ten News.

Look who is back on deck after prising himself off the surf board

after a week away - how why you, Tim? Tim? Lovely to be back. That was a

cold one, wasn't it? In Canberra they had cold one, wasn't it? In Canberra

they had a maximum of just 9

degrees but Sydney was rather

tropical, at 20.1, 3 above the

average. Visibility was down to 50

metres this morning and will be the case metres this morning and will be the

case again tomorrow as we head for

a fine and sunny day. 18 degrees

tomorrow with a westerly wind

turning south and that could bring

a Coast or shower but the good news

as far as that is concerned is that

we might get some shower activity in far western areas of NSW

tomorrow. That would be a good

follow-up as well.

tomorrow. That would be a good

follow-up as well. What a lovely

shot! A beautiful sun set be shot

there from Kiama. You're in the

running for the camera from Harvey

Norman. It was fine and sunny with

a bit too of sunshine. It is

currently about 17 degrees and I

will see you again in about 10 minutes. Slipping away - next, a landslide almost washes away just days before its sale. And thousands get their gear off in a public carpark, all in the name of art.

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This program is captioned live. This program is captioned live. Vic

Lorusso in the traffic helicopter

and B M5 - oh, he has gone - are we

going to get him back? A Melbourne family is hoping its $2 million house sale won't slip away after a freak landslide. The Catchloves woke to find much of their back garden buried under tonnes of soil 12 metres below. I couldn't believe it. I went down the road there - it's a major landslide! After early fears, engineers declared the home safe. A ruptured water pipe blamed for the slip. The owners are confident this week's settlement can still go ahead, after agreeing to sell their home just days ago. at an elite Melbourne boys school More violent images of students at an elite Melbourne boys' school have found their way onto the Internet. Psychologists expressing concern at the trend towards fight clubs for kids. More violent confrontations in some of our top private schools. Two students at Toorak's St Kevins College slug it out as another boy records the punch-up on his mobile phone. It's now found its way onto the Internet. Psychologists point to a disturbing culture of cyber violence sweeping our schools, as students try to satisfy a seemingly endless demand for brutality. It is aggression, it is violent, it is criminal and they need to learn this is not the appropriate use of the technology. The footage emerged amid claims boys at another high-profile private school have even organised fight clubs where boys are selected to brawl for the entertainment of others present and on the Internet. This latest footage follows graphic footage of bullying at Kew's Xavier College which were posted on the Internet in April, prompting a storm of criticism. In a written statement, St Kevins says all the students involved, including the boy who filmed the incident,

have been disciplined, and Victoria Police consulted on preventing further images being posted on the Internet. The boys were suspended after the incident,

but experts say parents and schools aren't keeping up with their kids' grasp on technology. Schools need to do a lot more to be cyber savvy

and to find out what the youngsters are getting up to. Unfortunately they're way ahead of their parents and teachers. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. Claims tonight the terror plot to blow up New York's International Airport was badly flawed. As the suspects appeared in court, authorities revealed why the attack would have failed. The targets of the terror plot - fuel tanks at New York's Kennedy Airport and a jet fuel pipeline that fed into them. The alleged members of the terror cell are a group of Muslim men aged in their 50s from Guyana, in South America, and Trinidad, in the Caribbean. And the mastermind, 63-year-old Russell Muhammad Defreitas,

a former airport cargo handler

who the FBI had under surveillance for more than a year. He boasted of being a bomb maker. he's a terrorist. I would bet all my money that him being a mastermind is utterly ridiculous. Former Guyanese MP Abdul Kadir is under arrest, caught on surveillance tape plotting the JFK attack. We're praying and asking God for his help and guidance and begging, asking him to free my husband because he is not a terrorist. Trinidad citizen Karem Ibrahim was arrested aboard an aircraft bound for Venezuela with connections to Iran.

His wife says he was going to an Islamic conference. And still on the run, Pakistani-born Guyanese citizen Abdel Nur. US authorities say the plot was in its infancy

but became operational when they sought financial backing from an extremist Muslim group in Trinidad. But officials say the plan was flawed. Even if the tanks were bombed,

shut-off valves could easily contain the resulting fire. John Hill, Ten News. There's no shortage of naked ambition in Amsterdam.

Almost 2,000 people happily stripped off in a carpark to pose for American photographer Spencer Tunick. The artist travels all over the world, asking volunteers to get their gear off. This time the female participants were invited to bring their bikes for a series of shots on a bridge

over one of the city's historic canals. The controversial new home testing kit for cervical cancer, that's next. Also - the hands-on way to save the planet. The push for Australians to recycle more waste. And 80 years of wedded bliss. A remarkable couple share the secret to a happy marriage.

The prettiest man in the world, the best man in the world. Don't miss Oz Lotto's $15 million

We all have a vote, and though we don't use it every day, it's one of the most valuable things we possess. So this federal election year make sure you're enrolled to vote. In our city's history, flows into our dams have never been this low and storage has continued to drop. Water2WATER is ACTEW's proposal to enlarge the Cotter Dam and purify our used water to drinking standards for a safe, secure and sustainable water supply. To find out more, look out for the Water2WATER information display or request an information kit.

The ACT Government wants your feedback

before making a decision. This program is captioned live. The top stories this news hour - John Howard has finally made a breakthrough on his water plan for the Murray-Darling River. The good news comes as the latest opinion polls show

the PM clawing back support with voters. A new approach to parking meters is proving a big hit in one inner-west suburb. Leichhardt Council is allowing drivers to stop for 15 minutes free, with small business also welcoming the move. And angry investors hit by the collapse of Australian Capital Reserve have been meeting in Sydney to find out how much they stand to lose. One of the company's directors has apologised for what happened. Thanks to the global warming debate, Australians are undoubtedly becoming greener, but environmentalists say too many of us are still overlooking the problem piling up in front of us - waste.

For all our worrying about global warming,

fretting over forests and carbon concerns, we still throw away around 34 million tonnes of waste each year. The huge landfill sites spread across the country are reminders of our modern, disposable lifestyles. While we keep on these consuming patterns of more waste, more convenience products, inevitably we can't get on top of the problem. Annually we produce more than 1.5 tonnes of rubbish for each Australian. That means a lot of electricity, a lot of transport involved, which means a lot of greenhouse pollution. While our waste output has been rising, this is what happens to almost half of it - millions of tonnes of plastic, paper, cardboard, metal and glass material are recycled in Australia each year. The contents of recycling bins across the nation end up on machines like these, to be sorted and saved. We can see a steady, solid increase of volume coming out of those council areas, not just due to population growth but also due to people taking recycling more seriously. Even if the ones who dump junk aren't taking it seriously enough. about 20% more waste than they do now Most States are aiming to recycle

to bring us into line with the world's top recyclers, like Germany. We see good, steady growth in recycling and a target much higher than what we do now is more than feasible. And it is still the simplest way, environmentalists say, to help save the planet. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. The Australian share market surged to new highs today buoyed by a confident US market and good commodity prices. And unleaded petrol is selling for an average of $1.33 a litre. But we found it as low as $1.26 at Narwee, Croydon, Haberfield, Lakemba, Caringbah and Campsie. for cervical cancer A new do-it-yourself testing kit

has hit the shelves. While the developers are talking it up as an alternative to pap smears there's a warning from doctors. Screening for cervical cancer is now as easy as using a tampon. That's the claim by a group of Sydney University researchers

who've developed Tam Pap - a do-it-yourself home kit that detects cervical cancer. The woman uses the tampon, collects the specimen,

sends it in the mail to a testing lab and her doctor is then notified of result. So, it's very simple. At a cost of $50 women can order the home testing kit though a chemist, over the phone, or online.

Believed to be a world-first, the test screens for the human papilloma virus which causes cervical cancer. It's private. You do it when you want to, it's not invasive in any way and it's going to give you an opportunity to find out before it's too late. But the AMA says research that forms the basis of the tampon test, is flawed. It's not a well-proven test, We have one example of a trial in the Netherlands - will that apply to Australian women? Will it replace a pap smear? No, I don't think so. every two years is important The AMA stress that a pap test

for screening a range of illnesses and diseases. Neither the AMA nor the Cancer Council are endorsing the self-sampling product. Both organisations are keen to emphasise a pap smear test is the best way to detect abnormal cells in a woman's cervix.

And that's integral in identifying pre-cancer stage. Don't give up your pap smear simply because you've done a test that you bought from the chemist. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. There'll be no swear words in the latest tourism campaign designed to get the Brits to come to Sydney. That's because children's heroes, That's because children's heroes the Wiggles are doing it. (All) There's no place in the world like Sydney. The boys started strutting their stuff for Sydney in London's Trafalgar Square today. While the federal tourism campaign featuring Lara Bingle and her "Where the bloody hell wre you?" drew controversy in Britain, the NSW Government is hopeful to the estimated 439,000 tourists the blokes in skivvies will help add who visit here from the UK each year.

Back with Tim Bailey now and a look at the weather. A bumper day but

rain might be on the way? A little

bit for art West End district of

NSW. I scurried back from holiday -

I was meant to have to weeks of but

I heard I would be working with you.

Let's have a look at the map of New South Wales.

We don't usually like Mondays but

when they are as blue as this they are OK.

I did come scurrying back to work

this week because we are off to

Thredbo it to broadcast live on

Thursday, Friday and the long

weekend for the opening of the ski

season. That is the definition of a

long, long, long weekend from me.

He reckons he still has holidays owing as well. Sport with Tim Webster and a big test for the in-form Eels tonight? Yes, the Wests Tigers have themselves on an imposing winning streak -

we'll cross live to Telstra Stadium shortly. Also - Bulldogs winger Cameron Phelps talks about his horror night after being knocked out yesterday. And Paris Hilton's final walk down the red carpet

before she's locked up. ELECTRONIC BEEPING AND SYNTHESISER SOUNDS Finger shift auto. PULSATING FUNKY MUSIC Bonus power. Mazda3 SP23. MAN: Save, save, save in Kresta's: Plus huge savings on all other Kresta blinds and curtains. Visit a Kresta showroom, Call: If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt this June long weekend, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one of your passengers isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone. Remember - double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences. This program is captioned live. The Wests Tigers will be looking for seven straight wins tonight when they face Parramatta at Telstra Stadium to complete Round 12. Adam Hawse is at Telstra and can the Tigers stay on a roll?

The Tigers are pretty confident

about the game tonight - there is

one problem and that is that they

are playing their bogy side.

Parramatta have won their last five

games against the West Tigers and

tonight they are at full strength.

The dogs arrived back home today -

how is Cameron Phelps? I don't want

to put people off their dinner but

he spent nine it hours vomiting

last night it. He is looking better

but one needs scans before he can play again. for a run in first grade - it lasted three-and-a-half minutes. He's been knocked cold! Today he limped back into Sydney, happy but unable to celebrate

the Bulldogs' first win in four games. I've never felt that bad in my life. I've been knocked out a few times but yeah, I've never felt like that. Just my head was killing and I was vomiting non-stop. Knocked cold, Phelps can't recall the tackle, his first memory after the tackle. Getting told by a player, a person in the crowd, to, "Get up, you wuss!" That was when I was getting stretchered off. The winger also got little sympathy from his front row team-mate whilst recovering in his Auckland motel room. Mate, I went in and seen him a couple of times

but the room was pretty smelly. He'd vomited a few times - I opened the windows for him. I ordered a club sandwich and had it next door. Phelps has no hard feelings towards Warriors winger Michael Crockett, who's been charged and faces a 3-week ban. Better news for Cowboys and Maroons forward Jacob Lillyman - an early plea will see him escape suspension for taking out Brett Kimmorley. The Sharks skipper is a strong tip to be named NSW halfback tomorrow with team-mates Greg Bird and Paul Gallen also in the running. I think, until it gets named out, you're never quite sure. I was happy with the way I played As I said, and I think the fact we played in front of the NSW coach, it was a good game for us all to play well in. Noddy deserves his spot if Mullen's going to be out. he deserves a shot, too. All three of us work well together, especially me and Birdy. The aggressive Bird is eager to please. I like to play the game hard, but I'll do whatever they want me to do.

Some late news from Cronulla - Adam dies has informed the club he is

off to the UK next year so Brett

Morley has reached sign for another

two years. They have also signed a

Parramatta Road key and he has

signed up for another two years. Sydney Swans coach Paul Roos says AFL fans are fed up and frustrated with the ongoing controversy over the impact of new rules. Swans supporters made with loud booing during the 1-point loss to Essendon on Saturday night and Roos is concerned the contentious hands in the back rule is changing the fabric of the game If someone said to me from the AFL, "Yes, we do want gaelic footy", well, that's OK, just let us know. And then - I'm serious - I don't care because I can live my own life, I can leave. The Swans are now preparing to take on an in-form Hawthorn in Melbourne.

It's Lleyton Hewitt's moment of truth tonight at the French Open with a fourth round showdown against Rafael Nadal. Hewitt is chasing his first win on clay against the Spaniard. Roger Federer's quest for that elusive French Open title remains on target. The world number one has now equalled John McEnroe's record streak of 11 successive straight-set wins in Grand Slam matches after he beat Mikhail Youzhny.

Maria Sharapova prevailed in a marathon match. The number two seed saved three match points before defeating Patty Schnider 9-7 in the third set. Home-track advantage has worked again for Italian MotoGP superstar Valentino Rossi, who's won won a sixth successive GP at Mugello. Rossi siezed the lead with 15 laps remaining and held off challenges from Dani Pedrosa and Brazilian Alex Barros to take the chequered flag. the king of Mugello - COMMENTATOR: He's the king of Italy, what an incredible reign! Aussie Casey Stoner was fourth, holding on to his overall title lead. Rossi is now just nine points behind. Korean golfer KJ Choi rounded up leader, Aussie Rod Pampling after starting five shots behind. COMMENTATOR: And there's your new leader. And it's not an Australian. Choi fired 65 to win the title by one shot. Pampling and fellow Aussie Adam Scott were in the hunt until both bogeyed the 17th to effectively end their hopes of reeling in the Korean. They say to keep your eye on the ball, but here's proof that it's sometimes better to duck.

Mind you, it's good to have at least a bit of time to react. Unlike this American college baseball pitcher- the ball collected him just above the right eye. Ten minutes of treatment on the ground and he was off to hospital. The good news is he was up and moving around later on, but, undoubtedly with a very sore noggin.

The Maldives is this week's stop for the pro surfers And in Sports Tonight - all the action and reaction from Telstra after the Eels take on the Wests Tigers.

Vic the research is back with the traffic.

traffic. There has been a major

accident and Revesby in the south-

west at with major delays towards

Campbeltown. You can see one of the

vehicles involved flashing its emergency indicators but emergency indicators but the

overpass is the Bankstown overpass

and the delays out to the south-

west extend all the way back to the

Eastern Distributor so it has been

a very slow run home to Campbeltown this evening. Tim Bailey with what's in store weather-wise, next. And - one last walk down the red carpet for Paris Hilton before she goes to jail. This program is captioned live.

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Paris Hilton is spending her first night in prison. Ten's US bureau chief Nicole Strahan joins us live from Los Angeles. Nicole, red carpet one minute, jail cell the next - you've got some breaking news on Paris?

A short time ago we understand that

her lawyer picked up from home

along with her sister and her

mother. They were taken to the

men's County jail when she

officially handed herself in it to

authorities to serve her 23 day

jail term. She was then taken to

the women's prison where she will

serve the Tam for breaching the

conditions of her probation for

drink-driving offences. As you said,

a short time before that, just

merely hours, she was on the red

carpet at the awards ceremony where

she admitted she was scared about

her impending jail terms. Putting on a brave face before exchanging red carpet fashion for prison garb. I'm trying to be strong right now. I'm definitely scared but I'm ready to face my sentence. Paris Hilton's last outing was to the MTV movie awards before a 3-week jail term for violating her probation for drink-driving. I hope that I'm an example to other young people when they make decisions. It seems the impending time behind bars has already had an impact on the party girl, who says her faith in God is helping her cope. Even these past couple of weeks it's completely changed my life.

I've had a lot of time alone to think and to reflect on my life and realise what's most important. awards ceremonies, Perhaps that won't include

the socialite clearly upset at crude jokes told at her expense. In a couple of days Paris Hilton is going to jail. CROWD CHEERS Behind these walls Paris Hilton will be confined to a cell 3.5m by 2.5m in size. Each day she will be allowed out for about an hour to exercise, to watch television or make a telephone call using the the pay phone.

In Los Angeles, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

Paris Hilton in jail - who would

have thought it? Nothing you want

to tell us about the last 10 days,

Ten? Just a holiday! She is inside

and I am out, life can be unfair!

Another sparkling blue one tomorrow about 18 or 19 degrees. Westerly

wind with early fog but the wind

could turn today South which could

give coastal hours some showers.

Shell has also forecast a far West

End areas of NSW - good news. In

Sydney we will get through with a

blue one tomorrow and then possible

showers on Wednesday, Thursday,

Friday and the long weekend. 17-18 degrees all the way through. Today

entries open for the world's most entries open for the world's most

famous bun run at - the city to

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charities are involved and they are

grippers. Westmead Children's

Hospital, the Children's Hospital

that Randwick, back man does

Barnardo's and another one. This

time you're not only running a

heartbreak Hill but raising money

for four fantastic charities. Get

to the website and start fund-

raising right now. You will see it

on television - that is the way Ron

likes to date, in front of the

Network Ten. television with his feet up on

Widespread patchy cloud across the

north in an upper trough is

bringing virtually no rain,

unfortunately. Drabber the sudden Wyman weak trough is causing the

odd shower and cloud over sudden

South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania in cold southerly winds is

bringing scattered showers.

Tomorrow a trough will cause

scattered showers in eastern

Queensland but only patchy rain in

southerlies will bring further the west of the state. Called

showers to the southern coastline

and showers will extend further

north in South Australia and in too

far western use of bras there is a

hope of some good showers there

tomorrow and the high will keep the

the brolly, predicted precipitation, rest of us drive. The business of

drips and drops across rooftops -

showers along the northern use

apples Coast line, mainly the

Hunter Valley tomorrow. Showers for

showers along the Queensland coast. far western New South Wales and

Patchy rain in western Queensland

Australia, South Australia and showers for sudden Western

Australia, South Australia and

Tasmania. 18 degrees tomorrow, an

early morning fog and a westerly

coastal shower. wind turning southerly, maybe a

Fog patches in the West early on

with the chance of a shower. Tubs

of 18 degrees and a mainly sunny

one. A possible * Wednesday,

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,

Monday and a long weekend heading

your way. See you again tomorrow. may have the secret An American couple to a life of marital bliss -

their 80th wedding anniversary. they're celebrating when he was 16, Perlie only 13. Arnold and Perlie Harris wed in 1927 She says it was love at first sight. the best man in the world. The prettiest man in the world -

24 grandchildren, They've got 7 children,

and 21 great-great-grandchildren, 44 great-grandchildren

and at 96 and working part-time. Arnold is still driving a car She brags on me to everybody. the secret to a happy marriage The couple say is being able to compromise. I'm Ron Wilson. That's the News at 5:00.

And I'm Sandra Sully. with Sports Tonight at 10:30. I'll be back with the Late News Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions D-OHH! ( SCREAMS ) ( HAWKING ) YOU EVER THINK MILHOUSE, DO IN THOSE CARS? ABOUT THE PEOPLE I TRY NOT TO.