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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. 9am with David and Kim. Good morning and welcome to

Good morning, everyone. And I'm Kim Watkins. I'm David Reyne.

And a lovely and very genuine good

morning to you, David. Why? No, no.

I just feel that you need a little

bit of care this morning. Why that?

Why so? Well, you know, because

we're talking about your troubles.

Aren't we? What troubles? Your

issues. Which issues? Well, some of

your issues. Which particular ones?

Your issues about tidiness ! that's

right. I've been out being

hypnotised this morning. Mm. Mm.

Try and get over my issue of, ah,

neatness and tidiness. Why you neatness and tidiness. Why

would want to do that, I don't

know.. He came in this morning and

started adjusting my papers.

Immediately. Didn't you, dear? Yes,

I did. I'm not sure that that's

entirely worked the way we wanted

to! Perhaps he's hips innus ited for you something stkpwhrefplts

what could be the worst possible

thing that could go wrong? If a

hypnotist comes in and... tries to

cure you of something or other, and

it misses the mark -- the mark and

goes somewhere else? What would be

the worst thing that could happen

if you were hypnotiseed and they

hypnotised not the thing they were

supposed to hypnotise, but

something else. Maybe it would be

like the book 'The Day My Bum Went

Psycho'? That wouldn't seat suite

me at all, considering my propensity for neatness! on a live television show A hypnotherapist once went into a trance. and put 560,000 Germans

So we've invited one of the world's hypnotists onto today's show. leading clinical therapeutic to broadcast hypnosis, Unfortunately, it's no longer legal strutting about like chickens. otherwise we'd have you all will show us Instead, hypnotist Rick Collingwood benefits of a little entrancement. some of the amazing therapeutic of cycling, And if you have a morbid fear now is the time to overcome it. happens later this week, National Ride to Work Day will be along and spokesperson Sue Stanley of pedal power. to spruik the benefits at classic Australian kids book And we'll take a look 'The Magic Pudding'. it's a Monday, As we attempt to avoid the fact Kim, what's in the news this morning?

Thank you. Well, the results of an

autopsy on the body of Melbourne

backpacker Britt Lapthorne will be released later today. The

21-year-old's father is expected to

bring her body home later this week

but says he's not leaving Croatia

without answers. We cross now to

9am's Trent Evans, who spoke with

both Dale and Elke Lapthorne this

weekend. It's been a crushing week

for them, hasn't it? Absolutely.

That bad news came through at

5:00am on Saturday morning. Elke

Lapthorne is here in Melbourne.

Dale is obviously in Croatia and

has been trying to find his missing

daughter, who went missing three

weeks ago while on the holiday of a

lifetime in Croatia. Now, earlier

today, as you mentioned, we've

spoken to both of them. Here's a

little of what Elke had to say. She

said she's still coming to terms

that it is her daughter. I guess

I'm still in some sort of a denial.

Um, I need to hear the autopsy

results as well when they come out.

Um... I - I am struggling that it

is Britt. I don't want to believe

it's Britt. But Dale and dar rn

telling me it is Britt. -- dan

Darren are telling me it is Britt.

I can't believe I'm never going to

see my daughter again. And I don't

know... I don't know... I don't

know how I'm going to go on. So

they're the feelings - they're what they're the feelings - they're

you go through when you hear

something like that - you think it

can't be happening to you - just it

just can't be my daughter. But Dale and Darren - they believe it is.

Trent, do we know how she died, at

this stage? Any results at all? Um,

look, there's a number of theories,

Kim. Um, from simply falling off a

cliff to, ah, obviously the

worst-case sane ario - that's her

being murdered. Dale is over in

Croatia and says he'll stay there

for the next few days. Obviously

that's where his attention is now,

to find out exactly what happened

to Britt, and if she has been

murdered, bringing that person to

justice. I spoke to him about half

an hour ago, and here's what he had

to say. Well, we have been told

nothing. The only thing is that her

body was quite decomposed, which is

quite stunning after 18 days.

Having spoken to a number of

experts in this area, they just

said "Well, it couldn't be, after

18 days." What has accelerated the

decomposition in this instance -

and why is the body - I hope I'm

not distressing your listeners,

it's distressing enough to us as a

family - why is the body

dismembered? These questions need

to be answered. We've been advised

by others who have been in a

similar situation who had a loved

one lost overseas and had an

autopsy undertaken, but we should

get a second opinion. And I'm quite

keen to do that. Trent, it's so

distressing to hear both of them

speak, and having had them on the

show and met them, we can really

feel for their pain. But it's

almost as though Dale, particularly,

over there, is kind of focusing on

the task at hand, and trying not to

allow himself to be dragged into

the emotion. Look, you're right. To the emotion. Look, you're right.

be honest, I don't think it's his

him. And also, you've got to weigh into that fact that you've got a

husband and wife who have now lost their daughter. But they're in

separate countries so, they can't

even, I guess, be there for each

other, except over the phone. I

can't even begin to even explain can't even begin to even

what it must feel like. They did

want to say, though, both Elke and

Dale, were very clear in that they

were very happy with the support from the Australian community,

from the Australian community, and

from the people over in Croatia,

and they say without that that that

they probably wouldn't be as strong

as they are today. We'll leave it

there. Trent Evans in the news rplg.

All eyes will be on the Australian All eyes will be on the

share market this morning after

stocks plummeted more than 8% on

Friday. The second-biggest fall on

record. Investors will be reacting

to the weekend's global talks on

the financial crisis, and the

Federal Government's plan to

guarantee all Australian bank deposits for the next three years. wants to reassure Australians, The Government on our bank accounts - so it will extend safeguards around $700 billion. estimated to be worth will guarantee all deposits, The Australian Government whatever their size, institutions for three years - in all Australian banking credit unions. banks, building societies,

our own system safe and secure. We'll do what is required to keep by Treasury officials Malcolm Turnbull was fully briefed prior to Mr Rudd's announcement. It's a very important step, and we will undertake to give the Government every assistance in ensuring that the necessary legislation is passed through the Parliament.

The Government's 3-point plan will: We are in the economic equivalent of a rolling national security crisis. The Government has warned economic growth here will suffer. So unemployment is likely to be higher. The global financial crisis is expected to dominate debate within Parliament when it resumes today, with the Rudd Government also expected to take further steps to safeguard the Australian economy.

We will put everything on the table, because our bottom line is responsible economic management. Murray McCloskey, Ten News.

Stage legend Rob Guest will be

honoured with a public memorial in

Melbourne today. Guest died after

suffering a massive stroke nearly

two weeks ago. His memorial will be

held at the regent theatre,

held at the regent theatre, where

he had been performing as the

wizard in the popular musical

'Wicked'. Guest's partner, Kellie

Dickerson, 'Wicked' producer John

Frost, and entertainer Bert

Frost, and entertainer Bert Newton

will be speaking at the service.

And we'll have more on those

stories coming up in the morning

news at 11:00, blus + a full wrap

in Ten's news at 5:00. Weight loss, addiction, depression, stress, disease,

relationship struggles, insomnia, memory loss - all conditions hypnotists claim can be addressed by a little swinging of the fob watch and a deep look into the eyes. But why on earth would anyone wish to be hypnotised in order to be more tolerant of mess? Why indeed? After some encouragement, OCD pin-up boy David Reyne agreed to let hypnotist Rick Collingwood work his magic to see if he could de-sensitise Big Dave to clutter. But before we see that, let's see Rick at work helping someone else with a fear of spiders.

One fine day, we sat down to watch

the film 'Arachnophobia'. And... we

- well, myself - ended up on the

coffee table of the living room in

a ball, just too petrified to touch

the ground in case there was a spider running around.

The next night, I went to go to the

loo and, a I opened the door, there

was this giant bush spider in the

middle of the floor. So there was

no way I could get to the toilet, even if I was to jump over it,

because I think thought if I would

jump over, it would jump up onto my

foot. Hi, Lauren. I'm Rick. I hear

you have a spider phobia. Yes. If I

show you this - Ohhhh.... Our lovely little friend here - that's

a bird-eating spider. Can you have

have a quick peek? I don't want to

look at it. What we're actually

doing is getting access to the subconscious mind where all of

these patterns, if you will, reside.

And once proper hypnosis is induced,

it's very easy to communicate with

the subconscious mind, and to have

a pattern removed or adapted.

You will be refreshed, alert, clear-headed. 9

- almost here. 10. Eyes open.

It's... There you go. Now you're

holding it. Now I'll take it off

you. And there he is. That big, ugly spider. And Rick Collingwood joins us And Rick Collingwood joins us now.

Good morning, Rick. Good morning.

How are you? That's quite a remarkable change. She couldn't

step near it or even look at it.

She was terrified of it 20 minutes

before we had finished that, yeah.

Mm. Do you take the fear away,

though? How does it work? Because,

I mean, you don't suddenly stop

being frightening of something,

surely. No, you don't. What's

happened with Lauren there - if she

saw a spider in the future, she

would have a rational - um, I

suppose not fear, but she would be

rational about it. She wouldn't

want to run rush up and pat one,

but that irrationality, that panic

attack that would come on - it

settles down, and rationality takes

over. Was the aim in her to get her

to aim the box? No, it was just to

- Or to have a spider crawling on

the arm or something? To be rationally able to walk past a

spider, see it on a wall or

whatever, and not scream and run

off out the room. That's what we

were trying to do. Which we

achieved very well there. You could

tweak that so that if she desired

to have a spider walk across her

body, you could - Most definitely.

But there would be no point in it.

I would hate to leave her so if she

saw a funnel-web ospider or

something and went "I'm not afraid

of spiders," that would be silly.

You've got to keep things rational

and leave people with their own

abilities to act and react normally.

All right. Let's talk about irrational behaviour. And let's

talk about David. Because before

the show, ah, last week, when we

were getting ourselves ready, were getting ourselves ready, we taped David's reaction to mess.

Have a look. What are you doing? Have a look. What are you doing?

What is this hurricane of detritus?

Ugh. Jeez you carry on. Jeez. I

just need to find where I'm up to.

You see, if you're organised - I

am organised. Yeah, look. Yeah.

That is just a normal morning, by

the way. (LAUGHS) David suffers

constantly with a need to organise things. All the time. And you don't

think it's a problem, but it is, because it makes you really

stressed, doesn't it? Not really.

It's a perfect way to live life. If

I throw a shi on - That's

unnecessary, and that's driving me

crazy. We were supposed to cure

this! Bit smelly, too. Which brings

me to my question - clearly some

people are more easily hypnotisable

than other people. That's

definitely true. 20% of people definitely true. 20% of people you

can hypnotise, they won't have a

clue that they were hypnotised,

and they'll clear come out of

transtrapbs and say they've heard

everything you've heard. 60% of

people you can relatively easily

make a shift. 20% of people you can

go "Look in my eyes - sleep." And

you can manipulate them very easily.

Which is what stage hypnotists are

looking for. You fall into the

mid-bracket. You said you wanted to

keep your prudanticism. We had

about three minutes. With you, I

would have needed 10-15 minutes to

get you down. We spent three

minutes together, and I was aware

of everything that you said. Yep.

And I felt as though, you know, I

was totally in control of what was was totally in control of what was

going on. But I did - when you'd

finished, I did feel as though I

was quite relaxed and I was quite,

um - It will shift for you, it will

let a lot of stress go just by

experiencing hypnosis. It's a very

misunderstood thing. - The music is

a good effect! There's There's more

than 2,000 high-quality academic

research papers now that make the

fact of hypnosis beyond dispute.

But it's very, very misunderstood

because of what the stage

hypnotists have done, whut which is

quite real - when you see Martin St

James out there on stage, it's

quite real, but they weedal out the

easy ones. He was the one who

hypnotised 560,000 Germans.

Hypnosis in Australia offers more

-- owes more to that man than

anybody else. The German incident

opened the world's eyes to hypnosis.

The interesting part of that is

there are some inherent dangers,

aren't there? No. Well, if 500,000

Germans were accidentally hypnotised on the television,

that's kind of a problem, isn't it?

I don't know. Perhaps they enjoyed

it. There was no problems reported

from the incident. So is there a

problem? But he needed to - problem? But he needed to - Isn't

it danger dangerous to have that

kind of control over so many

people? If it were to be used

irresponsibly, perhaps. When you read the media reports on what Martin did - you must remember,

it's 12-14 years ago and there's

probably been a bit of extra glue

and colour put into the story since

that time - I know he was staken

to the station a few times and

asked to tell everybody to come out

of trance. What are the of the

benefits and advantages? You work

with sports' people as well as the

general public. That's correct. How

can you help? You've work would

some cyclist, haven't you? A lot of

the top 10 cyclists in the world at

the moment, actually, through a CD

that I was contracted to make by a

US company called Liquid Fitness.

Unbeknownst to me, over the last

two year, the 10 top cyclists in

the world have been using it. What

would they use it for? That little

extra bit. Thought creates feeling

on all levels. If you were a

top-performing sportsperson and

right near the end, and the

conscious mind jumps and in and

going "Can I do this, can I do

this?" The body will quickly

fallioo. Then you will roun out of

energy and coordinationment what

hypnosis does is takes that

negativity away. For helping the

human condition, it maximises the

capabilities that a person

naturally has deep within them

anyway. You can't make somebody run

a 4-minute mile when if they

haven't run for two years, for

example. They've got to get that

little extra bit, that advantage.

Bearing in mind we're not allowed to show what actually happens on

the television, what do you do to

David in three minutes? How do you

tap into that brain of sniz That's

a mystery - I can't tell you that!

There's many different versions of

hypnosis, and untrue hypnosis, such

as neurolinguistic programming and

what have you. I'm a fundamentalist.

I use the old style as we used up

to about 1960 that the stage people

also use, which can induce very

fast trance. Classically in hip no

therapy, I hear "it didn't work,

it's rubbish." It's because a lot

of the people being trained aren't

trained correctly. They might

believe that they are, but what

it's not true hypnosis. Whereas I'm

a fundamentalist, which means you

take a person from their normal beta-conscious state into theta

very quickly. You would have felt a

shift when you pushing on my hand

and I pulled my hand out of the way.

You would have felt within you that

you went somewhere within very

quickly. Yeah. It's like a

switchpoint. A good hypnotist will

do that, and quickly work up on it

to create death, down into the

subconscious mind. What people

don't know is the brain doesn't

learn to think - it learns to set

patterns at an emotional level. If

you compare would the subconscious

mind with the hard drive of a

computer, a good hypnotist could

put a good program in there. David

would like to be neat from this

point, but it won't stress him the

way it did. That's exactly right.

David said to me he didn't want a

big change. I said "We'll do

something for an hour here." After

an hour, I would walk out and

you'll be back to normal and you'll

have a great day. I don't have the

right, as nobody does, to put my

ideologies or opinions into

anybody's mind. So it's the same as

I teach my students in my academy -

you give a person what they ask for,

nots what you think that would make

their life better. Ahhh. OK. Good

point. Some people must ask for

things you're not willing to do.

Does that happen? It does. People

want to learn hypnosis to go on the

stage - I won't train it for that

purpose. I make my students sign a

declaration that they'll never

become a stage person. Personally,

I believe the mind is too delicate

to be mucked around with like that.

On radio, unfortunately, you have

to do it, though - I am guilty of

do iting it on a few radio stations,

because it's not visual, and they

all want to test you and get a

result from it. Extraordinary. It's

great to talk to you, and great to talk to you, and we'll

watch David's progress over the

next week or so. Fantastic. I

understand we're going to talk to

you later in the program, and ask

people to write in - email us - and

let kpwois if you've got anything

you need to know about hypnosis or

- Strange occurrences. Things that

bother you. Help along the way. Let

us know. Rick will answer those

questions later. You're feeling a

bit vague, aren't you?? I am! After the break - the great Australian tradition of barbecuing has been given the tong by chef Ben O'Donohue , whose new book suggests we should be knocking up marshmallows and cheesecake on the old outdoor smoker. It's positively sacrilegious. We'll gas up the grill with Ben, next. This program is captioned live. Are you a prodder, a turner, a poker? Do you chuck it on and walk away, stick around and rearrange, or force yourself and your technique upon others? Whatever your particular approach, the great Australian male is getting positively sweaty at the thought of the imminent barbecue season. With summer fast approaching, it's time to fire it up, and today we welcome Ben O'Donohue, who's out with Christi Malthouse.

Good morning to you both. If Good

morning! How are we? I'm loving

this new book of yours, Ben. It is

beautiful. And it's a good blokes'

book, isn't it? It's a blokes'

cookbook. I think it's a book for

all people - blokes or ladies,

whoever likes to barbecue. It's fantastic. I really enjoyed writing

it, and my friends really enjoyed

me writing it as well. They were

guinea pigs for most of the

recipes! We've just had some

beautiful weather over the weekend

in Melbourne, and probably all over

Australia. Once the sun comes out

like that, it signals the start of

the barbecue season. It kind of

starts with the grand-final weekend.

Then you lead into the spring

carnivale. The juices get flowing,

a few drink s are going down. What

is it about a barbecue? I cranked

up the barbecue for the first time

this weekend, and it's the place

that I feel most confident to cook.

Why is that? I they think that's

with most males too, isn't it? It's

a prime evil thing that we've got

inside us - fire, meat, yes! What's

great about a barbecue is it's

really relaxing, and sort of the

barrier comes down, the expectation

levels aren't as high. Dinner

parties can be a little bit sort of,

like, nerve-racking for the person

that's putting them on. Too formal.

Exactly. And the barbecues are just

so social. People like to kick back,

you don't have to dress smartly,

you can just sloth into it, really

And you can take your time. With

dinner parties, it's a set mena to

a set time. Bark cues, it doesn't

matter if it leads into the night,

because that's what it's all about.

Exactly. What are we making today?

This is kind affrecipe from the

book. We have some morg Morton Bay

bug - it's Mediterranean-inspired.

Normally I use figs. Today,

pinapples, because figs aren't in

season. But it shows you the

flexibility of it. Fruit and

seafood - you obviously think that

they go quite well together. Well,

they do. It's the sweet acid of the

pineapple that works and cuts

through with the sweetness of the

bug. Also, we've got savoury here

with the pan cheta, that saltiness.

It's really eaty to put -- easy to

put together - you can do that in

advance. Firstly, put our panc a

chetta on, then our bug. This is a

great summer dish, isn't it? It is.

Then our bay leaf. The Italians do

a lot of it - fish with bay leaf,

baked. It's got a wonderful aroma.

Thread it throw - bug, bay,

pineapple, then panchetta again. Do

a bit of weaving, a bit of art and

craft on the barbecue. Then again

on with that, then another bay leaf.

It's great if you use really fresh

bay leave - these are dry. What

will happen is the extremities will

catch fire. That happens quite

often at a barbecue too, I believe! Especially if you don't clean the

thing. I cooked for my brother the

night before his wed, and had a

massive fire. Walked away from the

barbecue and came back, and all the

people were sitting around it

watching these flames reach the

roof. I'm like "What's going on?"

Thinking it was part of the show.

Exactly. What is the best way to

clean the barbecue, then? Good

question. Always check the drip

tray out the boltp, clean that, and

put the absorbent kitty-litter

stuff you can get from places

liken come barbecues Galore. To

clean it, turn it on, threat burn -

no oil or chemicals on it to begin

with. Burn it clean,s you a wire

brush, and then maybe a cleaning

wipe that you can buy as well just

to go over it once it's cooled down.

The aluminium or stainless steel -

you use stainless-steel cleaner.

For the top, heat. Let it burn.

Generally, if you don't use oil

when you cook it's a good way of

keeping your barbecue careen. You

shouldn't have to put oil on a

barbecue. Generally, things will be

- look at that, I just pulled the

whole thing off. That's just

another way of eating it, isn't it!

You have the skewer, and I'll have

the individual bits! If you take

note of this barbecue that we're on

at the moment, I know Kim you're

going to give some details shortly,

but for everyone at home, if look

at this whole set-up here - we have the bar fridge and everything down

here. The whole thing is the barbecue?! The skpwefrpb the sink

and everything? Yep . I love these

taps. It's like -- you can do

karaoke. It comes in two colours of

granite top. And you've got the

pride and glory of the whole thing

- the hooded barbecue. 5-burner,

turbo, from Barbecues Galore, the

makers of the best barbecues in

Australia. All you need is an

extension to fit it into! Ben, the

significance of a nice, high hood -

that means we could get this

particular recipe going. This is

the chicken on the beer can. That's

the one you really wanted to do,

didn't you? I've tried this! This

is fantastic. It's draw dramatic,

it's theatre. People love to see

those sort of things on a barbecue.

You can do whole thigpygs - it's

You can do whole thigpygs - it's an

extination of your kitsch.

Christmas Day - it would be great

to use. You can also use it as an

oven, and you can sprinkle on wood

chips and get the aromas of wood

through the gas. With gas and

woodchops, you can get the coal

effect. With the flavour. That's

the flavour wrap. I've heard all

about the flavour wrap. Nice!

Enyour book, it's barbecues from

all around the world, so you've got

recipes from all around the world.

You've even got desserts in there

that you're doing on the barbecue.

Yeah, we've got it all. It's

because, again, it comes back to

the oven thing. We've got a

meringue Swiss role. Which I would

never think to do on a barbecue.

Most people wouldn't. I wrote the

back because I did this show called

'Great Barbecue Challenge'. We

approach it one-dimensionally, it

dawned on me. Sausages, chops and

steak. That's fine - you can make

some lovely rubs and sauces to

embellish a steak, but there's

cultures around the world that have

had a huge impact on barbecuing,

from South America to the South

Africans, who are great at

barbecuing, through Asia - Thailand,

Vietnam, Korea - famous for

barbecues, Japan - They all use

different - they're not using a

barbecue like this. It could be

just fire. Exactly. You've got the

little hibachi ones that you build

coals over the top. The braiseiers

of the suits of North Africa. And

pits - originally, that's how the

barbecue started in the Caribbean.

Is this the oldest form of cooking,

barbecueing? Pretty much. Since barbecueing? Pretty much. Since we

invented firewood, be we've been

barbecuing. It's brilliant. BeHow

long do they take? Depending on how

big they are - probably about five

minutes. I've had this a little bit

bow lo - I was worried about

talking and not watching, the

golden rule of barbecuing - don't

abandon your post. What you're

looking for is a bit of

caramelisation on the pineapple.

And then what we'll do is just give

it a little lick of olive oil. That

smells so good. We can uv is it

with a wedge of lemon, if you like,

or lime, for that matter, would be

beautiful. A little bit of salad.

It is a perfect starter for

Christmas Day on the barbecue or

something like that. I'm thinking

this for an entree on Christmas Day.

Mum, if you're watching! No oil

whatsoever? No. You've got the fat

on inpanchetta. If you put oil on

things and then put them on the

barbecue, the oil will burn,

exposed to high heat. You will get

tainted flavours. Most things you

put on the barbecue - steak,

sausages, pork, whatever - has fat

in it. Why put more oton? Slap them

straight on? Let it seal, don't

turn it before it's due, and you

won't have any problems with

sticking and all that sort of stuff.

People try to - they keep turning

it all the time. Stand back. Be

confident. Steaks should never be

turned more than three times. We'll

look at some great recipes from

your book - especially the cris for

-- especially for Christmas Day.

And Kim, you're but to give details

on how someone can win this

amazing kitchen. Yes, I am and it's

a cracker, isn't it. If you'd like Ben's recipe, or any other barbecue hints, you can grab a copy of his new book 'Outdoor', or download everything you need from our website. And while you're there, you could win the fabulous turbo elite barbecue that Ben was cooking on, valued at $7,000. Just emails us a photo of your barbie and tell us why you need the latest and greatest from Barbecues Galore. You could also win a signed copy of Ben's book. Good luck. Thank you, Christi. Thank you, Ben. See ya! Back with more after this. VOICEOVER: The ACT election on October 18 is your chance to help shape Canberra's future. So if you'll be out of town, or cast a pre-poll vote at one of our pre-poll centres. Remember, voting is compulsory. For more details, call: Or visit our website. This program is captioned live. This Wednesday is National Ride to Work Day. So if you've ever needed some inspiration to get fit, save money and protect the environment, here it is!

Sue Stanley joins us now to encourage everyone to dust off the 'pushie' and get going!

Good morning, Sue. Good morning.

How are you we? Looking

disgustingly fit, as always! Oh,

how rude! You don't stop, do you?

Why should you? It's a lifestyle.

Before we get into the Before we get into the National Ride to Work Day, what keeps you

fit at the moment? You've been a

gymnastics, champion an aerobics champion, water-skiing champion.

What's keeping you fit that moment?

I like to do something that I like

to do, which is walking. I get the

medicine palls and put them up at a

park and do all these movements.

You're outside in the fresh air,

rather rather than being stuck

indoors. It's got to be part of

your lifestyle, doesn't it? It does.

It's got to have something that you

really like to do, and enjoy it.

That's why cycling is - good - you

can get out to the fresh air. It's

a great initiative in that you

become inspired because everyone is

doing it and you're getting to work

- national cycling to work day.

What are the benefits to

psycholing? The had health benefits

from cycling are phenomenal. You're

getting healthier and fitter

frrbgts one thing. People don't

always want to lose weight. It's

about fitness. Getting the haet rate

up, the cardiovascular system going,

endorphins - makes you feel good

within yourself. There's great

health benefits from it as well.

What about the for environment?

That's an even better one - the

carbon emissions. There is carbon emissions. There is zero

carbon emissions. You don't have

any black balloons coming out of

your head, because we don't produce

any. It's great. I was read figure

you register for this event, which

takes place on Wednesday, your

registration will ensure that your

participation will add to the

national tally of emission

reduction. So you actually go down

on the national scale. And

registration is free. Jump onto the

website and register. And really,

that's also a great thing for the

status of cycling - it's the voice

of cycling. So we can make better

cycling paths and anything to do

with cycling issues - it's giving

you the voice. So we've got your

contact details to do that.

Register online, 'cause it's free.

What do we know about the

conversion rate from days like this

- Does it become habit? That say

about 29% are still riding five

months later. That's a pretty good

thing. The big question - because

the thing that drives me mad is the

smell of fumes. What can you do

about that? They've got great bike

paths now - obviously plan your

trip and your path along the way.

We can't stop it, but if more

people got off the road and onto

the bikes, we obviously would have

less fumes around. Planning your

path and obviously getting out of

the car and onto your bikes.

Although I do think the idea of

having your dog in a little trolley is probably defeating the purpose

of taking your dog for a walk. It's become extraordinarily popular,

hasn't it? Absolutely. This is the

second year that it's gone national.

Victoria did it for a long, long

time. Now it's a national program.

Everyone is getting behind it. It's

got to be popular. On the website,

they've also got things state by

state. And they have a state. And they have a free

breakfast on the day, so you can

have a free brekkie before you

start work. It's gonna be great!

Why do businesses get behind this?

Having healthier employees, with

lack of absenteeism dates the

environment is a lot better, a lot healthier people. There's healthier people. There's more

energy around the place. You know

what it's oiklike when you do a

work-out - sometimes you really

hate it - but at the end of it, you feel so much better. That's

obviously a good thing. When you

get to work, you're full of energy,

more productive. It's a good thing

for corporations. They're also

learning the thing has more people

and corporations are getting fete

titer and healthier and want to do

that. They're putting in sho

that. They're putting in showers

and bike racks and things. I live

89km from work. What am I going to

do? Pedal fast. It's not practical

for someone all the time. You can

either maybe ride to the station

and if you can catch a train in there, obviously that's a good

thing. But sometimes it's not going

to be practical. But you want to be

part of it, or you want to be a bit

better. There's nothing wrong with

coming home from work and going for

a cycle. Obviously there's a lot of

health benefits as well. Or on the

weekend - you don't have to Ride to

Work Day - yes, it is on the

Wednesday - but if you can't and

it's not practical, get out there

and do something, go for a cycle.

There is an amazing industry,

isn't there, at the moment, all to

do with bike gear. Oh, yeah. It's a

cult, isn't it? My husband has had

entire collection, I think. He's

mad for it. But the days are gone,

I think, where you have to dress up

in those loud shirts and things. No,

you must. You must get into the

flash like ru. What would you wear

one of those? Like rulizard. What

are the chamois pants all about?

Protection. And saves a couple of

rashes along the way. A bit softer

there for the next day too. You

don't have to have all the right

gore. You need, obviously, the protective gear, and for protective gear, and for safety

it's very important - like the

helmet. You can even - I've seen

people wear their suits into work

and they're obviously having and they're obviously having

runners or foot wither with on. But

as long as you feel comfortable and

you're safe in riding it, it

doesn't matter what you're wearing.

It's not safe to wear pants

flapping around - You can put an

elastic band to clip it, but

remember to take it off before

going to the office. Should we be

inspiring people to shave down for

the stphrent I'm sure you could.

Why don't you wax? Why do bike

riders do that? When they come off

and have an accident, it hurts far

less to rip tape off. I dated a

triathlete once. It's not a good

thing with the gravel mixed in.

Sounds like a dodgy excuse to me.

Don't you love a smooth chest? Oh,

here we go. It's hot! David has a

bit of trouble with his hairy man

cleavage. Any trouble with it

whatsoever! If I hadn't have the

bike out for years, what kind of

maintenance checks doio need to do?

If you really know what you're

doing, you can do it yourself - the

tyres and making alignments and all

that. If you're like me, take it

down to your local bike store, and

trust me, they'll look after it for

you. And then you know it's safe.

If you haven't had it out for a while, obviously get the safety

checks and get it run over properly. That is important. Then you can

ride and be safe as well. Terrific.

It is this Wednesday, Ride to Work

Day. If you would like to register,

which is free, you can go to:

Thanks very much. We'll be Thanks very much. We'll be back after this. If you like the idea of less cellulite, a firmer body, improved strength and better muscle tone and less stress, then it's time you found out more about Power TX.

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Call Global Shop Direct now or go online. We'll bring you the latest news headlines shortly.

But after the break - allow yourself to be seduced by the marvellous world of Norman Lindsay. Here's an example of what I'm talking about.

(READS) "What does January 26 mean to Australians?" "Everyone gets a day off to watch cricket." I see. Next time maybe you should mention the tennis as well. Learn more with BigPond Broadband from just: For eligible customers.


Or visit: This program is captioned live. Bunyip Bluegum, Bill Barnacle and Sam Sawnoff are classic Australian characters from 'The Magic Pudding', created by artist Norman Lindsay. This month is the 90th anniversary of the whizical tale, and Christi Malthouse marked the occasion with a visit to the Norman Lindsay Gallery.

Norman Lindsay is one of

Australia's greatest and most

prolific artists. His paintings of the naked becausey were quite

controversial in his day. But it's

his children's book 'The Magic

Pudding' which turns 90y this year

that has induerd as one of that has induerd as one of his

greatest works. His uniquely Australian characters and settings

have been loved by generations of

kids since it was released in 1918.

It's something welove grown up with

- I read it as a child, I'm

definitely going to read it to my

child. Why do you think it is loved

through all generations? Well, I

think you might have just hit ton -

because it's read to us as a child,

and there's nothing more pleasant

than listening to a parent reading

to their child. And it's a

wonderful story, particularly when

you can put on so many different

voices. And with Albert, you can

have very gravy undertones. The

characters - they're very unique to

Australia. Do you think that's what

makes it kind of fitting for the

Australian culture as well? Well,

it was written in 1918, a thet end

of the First World War, which had

terrific, and horrific -- -- horrific consequences for many

Australians. I think it appeared to

their sense of nature. It was the

first 20 years of federation - we a

pride in our national animals. And

it's a great adventure. It really

does hark back pato the bush

ballads of lawson and people like

that. Tell me about the new book - it's actually from the original?

Over the years, there's been many

editions of the 'Pudding', and some

have been - they don't reflect the

quality of the first edition. So

Harper Collins have produced a

beautiful edition for the 90ieth

anniversary. It proves the

'Pudding' recipe hasn't gone stale.

We've gone back, and they've rescanned the illustrations. There's a short biing araphy

written at the back. Even some

pudding recipes. And it's just a

beautiful book to hold. And I think

now, people are much more

interested in holding beautiful kids' books.

Norman Lindsay's home and studio is

now a national trust gallery, where

many of his works are displayed.

Helen, this whole property - it's

so beautiful and very tranquil. How

important do you think this whole

place was to Norman's work? Oh, I

think it was essential. He could

escape up here. He moved here in

1912, away from Sydney. And he

spent , until 1969 in his death,

working all the time. And that was

really important. Creating things,

whether it was an oil, etching,

water colour, or writing books. Do

you think that's why he was able to

produce so much work? And as you

said, I mean, varying work. I think

he was one of those people - a

dynamo. If he couldn't work, he

didn't want to live. And in fact,

the last water colour he did is in

the collection here, and it says

"This is my last painting."

September, 1969. And he died two

months later. Because there was no

point in living if he couldn't

produce work. I know you lived here

as a young girl, and you moved away

from a young age as well. Afpblgts

long time ago! KooDo you have

memories of being here? Oh, yes. I

came up here for holidays. You just

learned - it was animus atmosphere

where something was going on where something was going on all

the time. What was the greatest

thing you learned from him? The

importance of art and books, importance of art and books, and

culture. As a civilising influence

in society. And I think that we

should always celebrate that. In a

place like Springwood, they've

asked people to do it. A lot of

people come here to visit. What's

their usual reaction when they come

here? Um, I'd have to say they feel

the magic of the place. There's

something as you come in the drive

and you see the statues and the

fountain, if it's playing, and the

pergola - suddenly you're in a

different world. I think that's why

Lindsay liked it so much here, and

why he was able to create. And

visitors now feel the same thing.

I'm tremendously pleased that they.

Do Throughout October, a special

exhibition of the magic pudding

will be held at the Norman Lindsay

gallery for the public to view.

She's a huge Bollywood star

She's a huge Bollywood star been

dubbed 'Action Aussie' and 'Dare

Diva' in the UK, and she's got a

body to die for. We're about to

find out just how Tania zieETA

keeps her zest. How do you stay so

fit and healthshy? I'd like tie

share my favourite health discovery

with you today. It's the lemon

detox diet, which helps improve

your energy levels, help you sleep

better, improves your general

wellbeing, and of course, helps

kick-start your weightless problem.

I imagine a lot of us would have

heard about it. How does it work?

It cleans up toxins that build up

inory bodies a as a result of

modern life. Think of it like a car

- if you never got your car service

thrbgsd oil in the car would build

up and slow down the engine's

functions. Give your car a

deservice, clean the energy through,

and you'll notice it functioning

better for longer. How often would

you do this diet? For me, once a

year I give my body break from

fighting toxins. It's amazing how

different I feel. OK. It different I feel. OK. It wasn't

just about weight-loss for you,

though, was it? Not particularly.

But any weight shrausz a real

bonus! I know people who have lost

7kg in a week, and that's not at

all unusual. I know others who take

lemon detox purely to get their

skin it to glow, which is another

bonus for. Me personally, the real

benefit is in my wellbeing and

energy level. A great detox can energy level. A great detox can be

like a fresh new start. How did you

make this discovery? I was in London filming a new version of

'Who Dares Wins' and I remember

looking that schedule - three

months of nonstop action - and

thinking "I'm not in my 20s anymore, and I might need some help here to

get me through. Quaets Why lemon

detox in particular? I did some

research and detoxing seemed like

such a simple way to cleanse my

orgens and turn back the clock. I'm

a trained natural beauty therapist

before TV - I know a lot about

alternate-medicine resskpaepz how

to separate fact from fad. I found

the lemon detox diet was simply the

best. It was already helped to

change -- helping to change --

people's lives around the world. As

a personal trainer, I encourage

detoxing. The lemon detox diet detoxing. The lemon detox diet has

shown very positive results. When

it kick-starts -- what a kick-start

to my new, healthy life. It really

motivated me. It's just a

healthier way of live. After

childbirth, I wanted to lose weight.

The lemon detox diet made me feel

cleansed, energised, and a whole

lot light. I feel cleansed,

refreshled, and I don't feel hungry.

With a busy life, I find it hard to

eat well. The deLiberal eat well. The deLiberal Democraten

detux dit has helped me balance my

life jool. I chose it because it's

all natural. I only use it wise it

a year. If you're concerned about

your weight, I strongly recommend

you try the lemon deetox di. Happy

fans there. You say it's not all

about lemon. What exactly is the

plan? The real genius is the

natural tree syrup. It has an incredible balance of natural

nutrients that support your body's

functions. There's also a tea. One

friend of mine calls this tea her

natural bowel cleanser. It kp contains an ingredient that helps

flush out the intestines. How do

our views get the lemon detox diet?

To order:

If you call and order today, you

will also receive this bonus book.

Nice book there. Thank you very

much for coming in and lel telling

us all about your experience with

the lemon detox diet, and how our

viewers can get it. The number one

more time? The number to call:

Thank you very much to zetzetzet. After the break - the latest from the Ten News centre.

And still to come - the reaction to the bill passed in the Victorian Parliament to decriminalise abortion. Today's the day to explore some wild new moves. Introducing the new Crawl & Cruise Musical Jungle from Fisher-Price. From sitting to crawling, and standing to cruising, it's perfect for each stage of baby's physical development. What a great way to be king or queen of the jungle. The new Crawl & Cruise Musical Jungle, only from Fisher-Price.

This program is captioned live.

News time now. For the latest,

we're joined by online shopper Kath Robinson in the Ten News centre.

Good morning, Kath. Good morning Good morning, Kath. Good morning -

that I am. Investors are expected

to get a slight reprieve on the

open today after the Government's

surprise announcement yesterday to

guarantee all bank deposits across

the country worth $1.2 trillion. Mr

Rudd has likethened current

financial turmoil to the economic

equivalent of a rolling national

security crisis. The announcement

came as key nations agreed for coordinated action to fight the

credit crisis in Washington, but

fell short of any aggressive action.

A wedding ring has been found in the stomach of a crocodile

suspected of attacking a tourist in

Far North Queensland. Arthur Booker

disappeared while gathering crab

pots near Cooktown a fortnight ago.

Rangers and police captured three

large saltwater crocks -- crocs

last week. X-rays have revealed a

metal object, believed to be a

wedding band, inside the largest crocodile. A Russian rocket

carrying a millionaire carrying a millionaire space

tourist has successfully blasted

into space. The craft is heading

for the International Space Station,

where computer-game mogul Richard

Garriott will spend tep days. The

American American multimillionaire

paid $44 million to fly alongside a

US astronaut and Russian cosmonaut.

And stage legend Rob Guest will be

honoured with a public memorial in

Melbourne today. We'll have all the

details at 11:00am. We will. But we

also have some brighter news to

announce, don't we, Kath? We do indeed - the lovely Natarsha

Belling gave birth on Friday to a

very healthy baby boy, Hugo James.

So he'll be an addition to Harrison,

who is now, I think, around three,

and Glen, her husband. So very

healthy, very happy, both mum and

bub doing very well. Awwww. He's a

sweetie. I think he's two. I think

- yeah, no - he's just turned one.

What?! I'm trying to work out how

old Harrison is. He's...I think

he's definitely over two. Is he?

See, now we have to ring her up and

- Time flies. We can bug her in the

hotel room - hotel - in the

hospital room, can't we? I'll see

if I can get you a number for

tomorrow, but I don't like my

chances. Maybe we might just send

her a text and see if we can get

some details. Thank you for the

good news. We're very excited.

Thanks, Kath. No worries. See you

at 11:00. If Tarsh is watching, we

wish you all the best. Having a

lovely relax there in hospital.

Congratulations. We love you! A few

emails this morning. A heap of

emails regarding hypnotherapy.

We've had one here regarding our

chat earlier with Sue Stanley about

national ride to work day. Phil

writes: "I can'tidally sit by and

allow these misconceptions to be

propagated. Riding bikes, as well

as other forms of xaurz, leads to

an increase enoxygen usage, but an increase enoxygen usage, but

more importantly, an increase in

carbon dioxide emissions, thus

contributing to an increase in

greenhouse gases. I intend to be

responsable and sit down on the

couch on Ride to Work Day until any notions to exercise have

dissipated." My kind of guy! "I

don't see a problem with what Kim

calls your OCD. I like to hang my

socks on the line in pairs." So do

I. With matching pegs. Oh, you are

odd. "I think you are a woman's

dream." Yep. "If something is out

of place, dirty or disorganised,

fix the issue, rather than wait for

her to do it. David, you can come

and live with me any time." Jodie,

you can have him! Plenty more of you can have him! Plenty more of us after this. Following the success of the Swivel Sweeper, James is back to have a look at how you can remove stains, scuff marks, spills and spots from all of your floors. Hi, James. Hi, Marianne. It's the super light-weight, super manoeuvrable, go-anywhere, clean-anything marvel. The power of steam gives you cleaner floors quicker and easier than you ever thought possible. Plus, the H20 Steam Mop can be used to refresh your carpets and help remove stains. You're telling me you can use this for stains and spills, deodorize and refresh all the carpets, rugs, mats, high-traffic areas all with one steam mop? Sounds like a lot. Watch this. The H2O Steam Mop heats up in 30 seconds and lasts for 20 minutes

using ordinary tap water which is converted to steam.

Have a look at this. Watch my floor - I brought an old shoe to show you. There's nothing worse than getting scuff marks on the linoleum floor. We've got soap scum here from the bathroom tiles. We've got crayon that the kids have left on the floor. Watch this. And your dirty footprints from before. The unique swivel head, concentrated steam and microfibre head all combine to remove marks, spills grease and mess quickly and easily with no harsh chemicals. No messy buckets and no dirty mops. It's safe for all surfaces. The H2O Steam Mop is easy to use and it will even disinfect and remove bacteria using that power of steam, and all with minimum effort. Right before my eyes, all gone. I knew you'd be impressed. So quick. This will be good also for hardwood floors, I imagine,

bathrooms? Fantastic. If you think that's amazing, watch this. Your H2O Steam Mop is super light-weight and super manoeuvrable.

The low-profile arrow swivel head reaches around furniture,

along baseboards and easily get