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we gotta talk business. What you want. But first more difficult... Things were a little bit ..more expensive. 1,800. How much?

money I have in my pocket. 1,800?! That's exactly how much arrived at that number, Enrique? You want to tell me how you No. You want it or not? What...

this doesn't tell me anything. This... No, no,

Enrique, this isn't what I paid for. Who the hell put it out? Enrique, who gave this to you? Who got it to you? There's nothing worse for a spook

someone is pulling strings. than knowing you're being played, bureaucrat in a cubicle. Who? Not some intelligence agency This is someone with more style. Not FBI either. They're not this creative on their own guys. and they don't do surveillance

who knows what he's doing. This is someone "Welcome to Miami." Someone who wants to send a message - CELL PHONE RINGS

Hello. to ask about the prescription. MADELINE: Michael, I just want Michael? Michael?! my brother's address. Yeah, Mom... Mom, give me Oh, are you sure about that? I thought I might go see him. for Christmas after all. Well, it looks like I might be here Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

Welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Deborah Knight. Tonight - global meltdown - plunge again this evening London stocks $100 billion wipe-out, after Australia's with a warning for home buyers. Disease fears -

the Queensland floods start to peak. thousands evacuated as

on caffeine and miscarriage. Coffee fears - the damning study Plus, farewelling a hero - adventurers reveals his last wish. one of the world's greatest at the Aussie Open, And, ladies' night with Mark Aiston. that headlines Sports Tonight

And it was a headline match - Justine Henin against Maria Sharapova did battle tonight,

for Serena, the defending champ out. While earlier it was all over

for the Aussie Test side. Also Brad Hogg ready to return the A-League minor semifinal. And Tiatto's temper means he'll miss the stock market meltdown. But first -

the value of Australian shares $100 billion has been wiped off

in the worst single-day slump in 18 years.

And the situation is getting worse - tonight in Europe, are back in the red. early trading shows the markets There's also been huge falls in China, India and the oil-rich Arab states.

in a few hours But all eyes will be on New York from a 3-day holiday as Wall Street comes back around the world. to decide the fate of investors

sending shock waves around the world. It's the sea of red These pictures just in from London on European markets tonight. show no signs of a recovery to recoup Monday's loss - investors had hoped since 9/11. London's biggest one-day fall Asian markets were left exposed. Without a lead from Wall Street, in a decade. Japan posted its biggest drop

At the opening bell, tumbled 4% in just 10 minutes. the Australian share market right across the board, Investors bailed out of stocks

a global economic meltdown. fearing a US recession would spark short-term market movements Although this is all

and it can be painful, the key thing is don't panic. But panic was difficult to avoid. of loss continued, as the 12th straight day sellers outnumbered buyers off the market value in just one day, and $100 billion dollars was wiped the loss this year - taking to $240 billion the worst January in memory. for super schemes... Not a good start to the year the last 12 months, We've had 14% and above so we've really built up that value. if they cash out now, Well, the problem is into a real loss. they turn a paper loss for a government finding its feet. ..and it's a rocky road to emphasise again the strength It's important at times like this of the Australian economy. of the fundamentals responsible economic management, Economic management, for this Australian government. is core business The share market free fall

key inflation figures in a new light. may cast tomorrow's cost-of-living figures A sharp rise in the December would build a strong case

to lift rates next month. for the Reserve Bank But if the share market turmoil from the economy, continues to strip wealth and upset spending patterns, Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. From bull market to bear market - a change in the trend? is it too early to call in our CommSec report. That's coming up Rudd Government's war on inflation - Another weapon unveiled in the an inquiry into grocery prices. due out tomorrow, With key cost of living figures another official interest rate rise. there's increasing unease about of Australia's booming economy - Kevin Rudd touring the engine room resource rich Western Australia. powering China and Japan. The gas fields off Karratha helping push inflation higher. The sale of our resources to hurt families, As the cost of living continues of an inquiry into grocery prices. Labor has announced details The Government wants to ensure at the checkout. that all Australians get a fair go will run the inquiry, The consumer watchdog which will last six months. will follow grocery prices This inquiry The ACCC to regularly publish price surveys. At the end of the day, to know I guess it is good for a customer if they can get to that shop. where it is cheaper for them to shop The inquiry will determine how much downward pressure there is from competition. on the cost of groceries is guarantee lower prices. What it won't do that's in the hands of market forces. Grocers say cannot do much about prices. The Government the manufacturers It depends on what it costs to produce that product. The Opposition is concerned will go the way of the last one. Kevin Rudd's price inquiry If he is as ineffectual with groceries prices

as he has been with petrol, then he will have spun himself into office with claims of no substance whatsoever.

An outbreak of disease is the latest fear in the ongoing Queensland flood crisis. Tonight, the focus of the disaster is the town of Emerald, where thousands have been evacuated as the region is swamped.

Late News reporter Emma Dallimore is there. Well Deb, the Nogoa River reached 15.3 metres today.

That was just a little shy of the prediction, which is good news - it means the current flowing in is slowing down. The bad news is that there has been enough to inundate a number of homes and cause some widespread damage across town. Queensland's Premier Anna Bligh joins be now. Premier, what can we expect tonight? Well, it is too early yet to say that this river has peaked. but it's fluctuating up and down We are seeing a slowing so there is a very nervous night of waiting ahead

for the people here in Emerald. We've got emergency crews out monitoring around the town. Of course, any further rain wouldn't help got our fingers crossed so we've also that these clouds are not going to deliver anything. The bureau says it is only a shower, maybe showers across the next couple of days. What do you expect tomorrow? Tomorrow morning we expect to be in a much better position to say that this river has now peaked or not. Once we know it has peaked, people can start to feel a little bit more relaxed. Have you received any advice about potential health threats? There is an awful lot of water lying around. We do anticipate that when it does peak, reasonably quickly. it will start to subside The quality of the water is all being monitored and tested. What kind of assistance can they access? There are a number of sorts of financial assistance that are available, ranging from immediate cash-in-hand

for people who have had to leave home and have just got nothing, so they can buy the essentials like nappies and milk and bread. Then there is, once the waters go down

and people know the sort of damage they've had, on a means-tested basis, if they are not insured, to rectify damage. they can get assistance Premier, thank you very much for your time. Well Deb, as we said, fingers crossed. This may be the worst of it, we're not sure, but hopefully this is the worst that this community will have to bear.

Back to you. Our reporter in Emerald, Emma Dallimore, speaking with Queensland Premier Anna Bligh. A 12-week-old baby and his 3-year-old brother have died after a horrific crash involving a truck in Melbourne. The wreckage of the sedan was sent flying 200m down a busy freeway. Witnesses say the car was stopped in the middle of an on ramp when the truck ploughed into the vehicle while going up to 100km/h. A 3-month-old rear-seat passenger was deceased at the scene. A 3-year-old male passenger also in the car died en route to hospital. The infant's mother survived with serious injuries, while their grandmother, who was sitting in the back seat with them, in hospital. is still fighting for her life The truck driver suffered shock.

A last salute to one of the world's greatest adventurers Sir Edmund Hillary.

His family joined by dignitaries, his beloved Sherpas, and thousands of New Zealanders, turning out to honour the man they regard as a national treasure. After lying in state overnight so ordinary people could pay their respects, Sir Edmund Hillary's casket began its final journey. Thousands of admirers lined the streets and gathered to watch the state funeral on big screens, in reverence of a man who climbed to the greatest heights but is also remembered for keeping his feet on the ground. Norbu Tenzing Norgay, the son of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, who made that final famous crawl to the summit with Hillary in 1953, spoke on his deceased father's behalf. His loss for us is bigger and heavier than Mount Everest.

Without him our lives would never have been like what we are today. Sir Edmund's widow, Lady June, was supported by the nation and his children. I remember growing up and there was growing apprehension, excitement, but even fear about where was Dad going to take us in the upcoming school holidays?

His coffin was draped with the nation's flag and his iconic ice axe. Then his Sherpa friends laid traditional prayer scarves

across the casket, a symbolic salute to the man whose extraordinary endurance helped change their lives and the world's perception of human possibility. He went to a height and a place no man had gone before. Some New Zealanders are angry the British royal family snubbed the funeral, even though the Queen bestowed her highest honour on the mountaineer all those years ago, making him 1 of only 24 Knights of the Garter. The Queen, though, has offered a memorial service at her private chapel at Windsor Castle, which is a highly unusual gesture. In the end, the 88-year-old asked for his ashes to be scattered over Auckland harbour. his life will come full circle. That way, he said, In Auckland, Martine Griffiths, Ten News.

Another frustrating day for the Japanese whalers, as anti-whaling protesters for the Japanese whalers, as anti-whaling protesters continue to interfere with their Antarctic hunt. This time it was Greenpeace causing the grief, activists steering an inflatable boat Despite a water attack, Greenpeace was undeterred, bobbing about between the two ships to try to delay the re-fuel. Protest groups Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd have stopped the Japanese from killing any whales

for the past 11 days. After the break - new research linking miscarriage to coffee. The first choice they should probably consider is to stop drinking caffeine entirely if they can. But why are some doctors saying the study is flawed?

There's a whole range of reasons why a pregnancy miscarriages -

This program is captioned live. Prince Charles has turned green at a conference in Abu Dhabi. The environmental enthusiast chose to appear as a hologram at a green energy forum, saving the 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide

it would have generated flying to the event. To vanish into thin air and leave not a carbon footprint behind. His decision to appear as a hologram comes after he was criticised for a trip to America to collect an environmental award. There's confusion over new research about pregnant women and caffeine.

It's claimed two cups of coffee a day can double the risk of miscarriage but not all doctors are convinced.

What looks like an innocent morning routine could actually harm an unborn baby. One in six women who fall pregnant miscarry to caffeine. and more research is linking that That's why mum-to-be Erin Mitchell made the switch. I switched straight to decaf. It just wasn't worth taking the risk. An American study of 1,000 pregnant women over two years found those who drank two or more coffees a day doubled their risk of a miscarriage, and that applies to anything with more than 200mg of caffeine - tea, soft drinks, even chocolate. The first choice they should probably consider is to stop drinking caffeine entirely if they can. But leading obstetrician Dr Andrew Pesce isn't convinced.

There's a whole range of reasons why pregnancies miscarry. Usually it's because the baby isn't developing normally or isn't healthy in the first place. Dr Pesce says the data is flawed, sickness tend to give up coffee, as women who suffer from morning the latest findings. while other research contradicts expectant mothers Obstetricians are urging not to panic. who have been drinking coffee, As with any dietary advice given to pregnant women,

it's all about moderation. you possibly could end up Because otherwise eating very little and drinking very little

on board. if you actually took everything So for those expecting they should or shouldn't do... and still unsure as to what

If you have a healthy, balanced diet isn't going to be a problem. a cup of coffee a day

Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

More now on the share market meltdown with CommSec's Juliette Saly.

after today's terrible trading And Juliette, and the forecast ahead, is now being bandied about? the dreaded 'bear' word Typically a beer market because Typically a beer market because

when about 20 per cent of the value

has fallen. Ours has reached that,

exceeded. They caused a lot of

panic. This is bad news if you

about to retire, relying on a

severe and Eurasian funds. For the

general investor it though you just

have to write this down. We have to write this down. We are

about to kick off reporting season

so we will hear good things about

companies. An hour share market has

been reporting double-digit growth

for a while Sir for at the time

being we will have to weather the storm.

Sir Shane Warne. It's almost unthinkable - But the suggestion has been floated by the British PM for our sporting best. that knighthoods be brought back Apart from a certain dame, of titled types we've been a bit short in the '80s. since Bob Hawke abandoned them Among the last to get a tap from the Queen's sword, Sir David Smith, the man who famously announced had left the building. famous republican Gough Whitlam Gordon Brown But now British Prime Minister wants to bring back knighthoods throughout the Commonwealth. for outstanding sportsmen and women

I'm all for it. You'd be happy with Sir Shane Warne? Sir Gary Abblett. Sir Shane Warne, Sir Steve Waugh, Oh, for Shane Warne? Ridiculous. How come? I don't think so. Does he deserve it? Sir Lleyton - check it out. That'd be good. But would we bring back these honours just for sportsmen,

or could anyone get in on the act? Her Majesty say, Would we one day hear or even "Sir Johnny Farnham"? "Arise, Dame Elle," "Dame Nicole" Not surprisingly, for a Constitutional Monarchy the Australians love the idea. The Australia honours, Companion of the Order of Australia they can go no higher than the

the international recognition and that just doesn't receive or a knighthood achieves. Our PM, not so convinced. it just isn't our way. Don't think so, don't think so, Angela Bishop, Ten News. Sports Tonight is next with Mark Aiston, at the Australian Open? and Maria Sharapova in stunning form world number one Justine Henin - Deb, she has destroyed the all the action coming up. faces the music at Geelong. Also Stephen Johnson at the Tour Down Under. The Bathurst boy who took the honours And Inu sticks with the Eels.

another Nissan superstar - with a free bullbar and snorkel. This legendary workhorse now comes

With dam levels still critical, on Stage 3 Water Restrictions. we must remain

your garden at specific times. This means you can only water And activities like and washing cars are restricted. filling swimming pools and ponds all need to follow the restrictions To avoid even tougher measures, we of how much water we're using and be aware outside and inside the home. visit the website For full details, Conservation Office or call the Water

and save water for life. of Australians started a diet, MAN: This new year, millions pledged to work less, under control. and vowed to get their credit card ANZ can help you keep. Now that's a resolution to a new ANZ credit card. just 2.9% for the first 12 months, With a balance transfer rate of on credit card interest. you can save

It's easy to apply. your local ANZ branch Just click, call or visit WOMAN: Now. ANZ. More convenient banking. This program is captioned live. to Toyota Sports Tonight. Good evening and welcome

Maria Sharapova has charged into the semi finals of the Australian Open. in straight sets. She swept past Justine Henin is at Melbourne Park, Sports Tonight's Ian Cohen that was quite a performance. and Ian,

I could not agree more. Or you can

say is well, Maria absolutely white

accord with the number-one seat. accord with the number-one seat.

This just shows the power Bradbury

Fisher per there had out there. The

real was absolutely red hot. of the highest calibre, A quarterfinal former number one Maria Sharapova to the current queen, taking her power she wants her mantle back... the Russian making it clear Oh! Come on! in her first service game, ..Sharapova breaking Henin a commanding 4-1 advantage. a touch of fortune delivering than good. Sometimes it's better to be lucky to the shots she plays best... Sharapova then returned That's too much fire power. ..the champ's response all class, back on serve. her finesse putting the set She's got her. took the tennis to a whole new level, The tense battle for first blood handing Sharapova a fourth set point this epic 18-shot rally and eventually the breakthrough. Can it get any better? Oh, can you believe it? Well, the next set proved it can. the sweeter the shot, The louder the grunt, for Maria Sharapova... the better the point Oh, unbelievable. to a 5-0 lead, ..the fifth seed firing out and the winners just kept coming. Ah ha! with the world's best, 6-4, 6-0, Sharapova wiping the floor

in the semifinals. and the one to watch The show continued in the men's draw, showing no sign of nerves Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in his first major quarterfinal... Oh, come on, all ready. ..the Frenchman tackling Mikhail Youzhny head on, taking the first set 7-5 in scintillating fashion. Oh, how did that happen?

Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight.

Look at that scoreline in the women's. Look at that scoreline in the women's. Look at that scoreline in the women's. Look at that scoreline in the women's.

women's. The tournament is not over. women's. The tournament is not over. women's. The tournament is not over. women's. The tournament is not over.

She just did everything better than

me today. She served consistently,

it was her day and probably heard it was her day and probably heard

tournament so she is in great shape.

They thus have a look at how the

first day of the quarter-final

action unfold. Such has been her dominance of the Australian Open over the past seven years, Rod Laver Arena has become a second home to Serena Williams. Today, it would have felt like the foreign land it is, as Jelena Jankovic ousted the 3-time champion in straight sets, 6-3, 6-4, the number three seed rating the win the finest of her career. Defeating a defending champion - and a champion like Serena -

is something that doesn't happen every day. I've beaten the Williams sisters a couple of times, but here is very special. Williams blaming a brain fade for her out-of-sorts Open performance. I think that I went crazy, maybe, and I made a lot of mistakes. I didn't really play the game I wanted to play. In the men's, Rafael Nadal continues to take advantage of his favourable draw

moving through to the semifinals.

The second seed survived an early scare against Finn Jarkko Nieminen, forced to save two set points in the first, before clinching it 7-5. From there it was smooth sailing for the Spaniard, dominating the remaining two sets to cruise into the final four at a hard-court Grand Slam. for the first time It's a good moment for me, being the first semifinals on hard-court Grand Slam,

so it's very important for me, and I'm happy 'cause I'm here without losing a set - always an important point. Nadal's victory continues him on a collision course for a final match-up with world number one, Roger Federer.

Roger Oldridge for Sports Tonight. first day of the quarter-final action unfold.

first day of the quarter-final action unfold. action unfold. first day of the quarter-final first day of the quarter-final action unfold.

There was disappointment for

Williams. With the serene out -

with Serena Williams out now all eyes are with Serena Williams out now all eyes are with Serena Williams out now all eyes are run a Venus eyes are run a Venus Williams..

Earlier spoke with Markell Whitey.

A secret weapon for the fully and sisters. This anonymous face in the crowd is part of the inner sanctum of the tightest team in tennis. Mark Hlawaty is the Williams's secret weapon, a hitting partner for their Open assault. It's probably the best seat in the house

Yeah, it's good to be able to hit against the best players in the world. Game days are a little bit different. Serena gets pretty serious and pretty intense

the morning of the match and she wants everything to be spot-on - which she should, she's a professional. And Venus probably a little bit more relaxed in that side. I went a month of practice, every day I did more training than I have ever done in my whole life. I didn't want to miss a ball or frame a shot. It was intense and I tell ya, the first day I went out there hitting

I was as nervous as a cat. The Melbourne boy is regarded with affection by the sisters, as for his fashion sense. I think he really cares about Serena and I and I think he loves tennis and right now he has really great hair. Serena and I were both really upset - it was funny - 'cause as soon as I got here to Melbourne I was like, "Your hair's great" - I hate it. It's an honour. I had my folks come out and watch and for them to see me out there

yeah, it's great.

And while Serena will not be defending her title, Hlawaty is hoping Venus may go all the way. The party was great. It went for about a week, I think, after they left, We had some left over champagne so ah... That shows a lot of character - to be able to do that and deal with kind of adversity.

Venus Williams will be on tomorrow.

Also we have James Blake and Roger femora. Ian, as always, a comprehensive report. Catch you tomorrow night. Now cricket, and with the Adelaide wicket expecting to favour the spinners, it's no surprise that Brad Hogg is expected to return for Australia.

What is unusual, though, is that India could play a 5-pronged bowling attack to make room for Harbhajan Singh. A fired-up Shaun Tait left nothing behind in the nets as he tried to persuade selectors he was worth another chance. ONLOOKERS: Ooooh! Yeah, he bowled fast today in the nets, that's for sure. He was swinging the ball. But out in the middle, a relaxed Andrew Symonds was surveying a pitch that will demand left-arm chinaman Brad Hogg be selected. with the preparation, The Adelaide Oval pitch the climate and the soil type we use

always takes spin. Which makes it very intriguing. I love the cat and mouse of the slow bowler against the batsman towards the end of the game. There's speculation India could take the unorthodox step of playing five bowlers in order to accommodate spinner Harbhajan Singh and stick with its form pace attack. I think it's a distinct possibility, yeah. They might go down that avenue. Irfan Pathan complemented his five wickets in Perth

with scores of 28 and 46

and could almost be viewed as an all-rounder. in a Test game It's a pleasure to have five bowlers you know that every bowler whoever is given the ball has the capability to take wickets, You know, be the spearhead. Brett Lee was surrounded by lookalikes as part of an Internet promotion. he says Despite last week's loss, Australia is still the number one team in the world and that India's attack has a long way to go

before it replicates Australia's. But, look, I think our attack's definitely right up there. We've bowled well in spells and I think we can definitely go out and do the business again. from India's one-day team had affected Indian morale. Paul Dowling, Sports Tonight. Victoria has fallen 19 runs short of first innings points A 159-run seventh wicket partnership between Andrew McDonald and Brad Hodge saving face for the Bushrangers. Meanwhile Tasmania is well in control of its clash with Queensland after compiling its biggest first-innings total of the season. The Bulls are now battling to avoid the follow-on. A blast from the little Brazilian today - Sydney FC midfielder Juninho slamming the A-League's play-off system. He's not happy that Sydney is playing the second leg of their minor semifinal away from home, despite finishing ahead of Queensland on the ladder. Two days after a record A-League crowd filled the Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney fans still can't get enough of their team. ALL: Go Sydney! Captain Tony Popovic and Brazilian imports Juninho and Patrick doing it for the kids ahead of the first of their minor semifinals against the Roar, a match Juninho believes should be played in Queensland. It's a bit strange, because we finished in third. We should have the advantage, so that's the way it should be. Earlier, Sydney's marquee signing joined team-mates for their first training session since Saturday's frustrating 2-2 draw with Melbourne.

The coach has an all-important task for his players. We want to go to Queensland, hopefully with a goal or two in the bag, and none against, and then maybe we can afford to cop one up there. Kosmina's opposite, Frank Farina, weighing in to the mind games, responding to claims the Sydney coach said Queensland choked in their tilt for the premiership. I think Sydney must have been looking in the mirror when they said that, because they were playing at home and they stuffed it, so...

The match review panel today ruled Danny Tiatto out of both of Queensland's minor semifinals after finding him guilty of violent conduct during their match against Adelaide. Meantime, Mark Milligan was among four Sydney players called into Pim Verbeek's Socceroos camp, though Australia's crucial World Cup qualifier against Qatar is far from his mind. Of late, I've just been concentrating on myself a little, trying to get fit and get back into the starting XI at Sydney

a little more so than impressing Pim. Andrew Brown for Sports Tonight. We have an Australian leader after stage one of the Tour Down Under. Mark Renshaw is celebrating the first "Pro Tour win" of his career taking out the 129 kilometre ride through the Barossa Valley.

(All sing badly) # What you do to me # Some team bonding on the start line, others took a more serious approach. Robbie McEwen keen to get the first ProTour race of the season under way. Not 100% sure of how I'm going to feel out there, but I'll give it my best anyway. COMMENTATOR: Away they go! The greatest bike race in the Southern Hemisphere. After rolling out of Mawson Lakes, the action didn't take long to pick up. Just 11km in, Belgium's Phillipe Gilbert snared King of the Mountain points.

The undulating stage made conditions perfect for attacks. Tasmania's Richie Porte among three riders who opened up a 7-minute lead. The first sprint going to Frenchman Mickael Buffaz. The peloton gave chase through the Barossa Valley, catching the lead group with three kilometres to go. It paved the way for a bunch sprint to the finish.

was a worthy winner. Credit Agricole's Mark Renshaw Graeme Brown crossed the line in third. To win here today is a phenomenal feeling. I've been chasing this ProTour victory for four years, so to do it here in Australia is sensational. for stage two. Geelong's bad boy, Steve Johnson, has escaped suspension

and instead he's been told to put in 50 hours of road trauma education. The Cats' problem star said he had no excuse for driving at 128km/h in a 50km/h zone. The club denied it had gone soft. We are true to what we believe in here.

We very seldom fine people. If you look at our sanctioning over the past five years I think the largest fine we have provided here has been $1,000. It was a silly thing to do. I can't put a finger on it. Pretty much what Cookie said - it was a bit of a brain fade. Johnson, who lost his licence for 12 months and still faces court fines, will work with road trauma victims and their families over the next two years. The Brisbane Broncos are yet to grant Wayne Bennett permission to coach New Zealand.

Club boss, Bruno Cullen, is still awaiting a formal request from the Kiwis. Wayne Bennett was all smiles today at Broncos headquarters. But things may sour if the club blocks a possible coaching appointment with the Kiwis. A formal offer now seems inevitable. We don't know what it will be - is it water boy, is it assistant coach, is it head coach, whatever, is it director of coaching,

so... that headline will come at another time. While the Broncos reserve their decision on Bennett, teenage prodigy Dave Taylor is reserving his decision on a long-term future with the club, the 115kg giant ignoring calls opting for a 1-year extension until the end of 2009. I prefer the one year because I haven't really proved myself yet

and things can change around the corner. It's a gamble for him. If he goes off the boil, might not be out there. It was a day for re-signing Generation Next, Parramatta star Krisnan Inu ignoring big-money offers from rival clubs

to stick with the Eels until 2010.

The bond we have together at the club is pretty special. and I don't think I could've let that go for a few more dollars.

And in Melbourne Cameron Smith has been named the Storm's long-term captain,

but he's likely to miss the premiers World Club Challenge match against Leeds, instead staying home for the birth of his first child. At the end of the day, it'd be nice to be over there and play with the boys but I'm going to be putting my child first. The Storm will fly out to England on February 18. Jonathan Williams for Sports Tonight.

Blackheads - forget them.

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