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(generated from captions) Well, this battle is almost over. The final blow. I think... Yes, here it comes.

Well, what a contest. for surfing Chinese chequers. Don't forget to join us next week Later, dudes.

our last for 2006. Welcome to State Focus, Hello it's Guy Sweeting. in Canberra's inner south.

and our other regional areas. smoke free. Welcome to State Focus, Bob. allowed to smoke inside Well essentially people aren't there's no longer any smoking. - so any enclosed space, of other jurisdictions So it's pretty much what a couple Wales and Victoria And, I think New South are going on the first of July. What do you think of that? inevitable that, you know... Well I think it's Well, I'm not sure. of people are now non-smokers I think the vast majority people are supporting this. So look, the vast majority of

from the clubs so far? And the feedback to you about it? What are they saying But it's really too early to say. recorded noticeable drops in trade, Pretty lumpy - some clubs have others saying it's pretty steady,

there's been an increase. and others are actually saying So, hard to say so early on. people just return to normal Then onwards from there and - do you think? is what we are hoping for. I think, Guy, that that be there will be a trade down turn. and really, I think the issue will

but hoping and working for the best. ACT pubs and clubs industry? How has 2006 been for the Has it been a progressive year? it's been a fairly buoyant time. Speaking for clubs that I represent We had a difficult 2004, 2005 year, of note accepters, with the introduction but they are all pretty nervous So clubs are tracking pretty well,

that is going to, I suppose, Yeah, and it's something or they might not like to smoke, there, they have to put up with it. but for the people that have to work They have no choice. Yeah.

think we as employers Look, you know, I people in clubs in the ACT, - we employ something like 2,000 entering their first career, a lot of them young people who are very mindful of that. So, look, we are the direction is going to go. And I think that that is where that will probably mean, that this is a step in a pathway

situation for everyone in the finish Well, we hope it's a win, win Yeah, thankyou, Guy. That's Bob Samarcq from Clubs ACT. to medium sized business, background of rising interest rates especially set against the

has written a new book Author, Michael Burdette, about better managing your business areas of Australia and is touring regional to business battlers. to help give advice studio to talk about his book He joins us now from our Wollongong Welcome to State Focus Michael. it's a pleasure to be here. Oh, thankyou very much, and bit about your book, Alright, tell me a little 'Contemplate Your Business Navel.' What is the idea of the book?

The whole idea of the book Guy, high an academic level. book in a very practical sense, So what I have done is written this appreciate humour, I think, - especially rural people, they

and it's temperate driven, more than the city slickers do - temperates in the book so there are a lot of exercises that we did In fact, one of the kept reading it, understand something, and if she didn't until she could understand it. she got me to re-write it

linking the various segments part one talking about critical to analysing business, is giving a few examples. and then the other part in your book that businesses might Just walk through what you point out not already be aware of. that I have found every time Well, I think the one thing

loss and balance sheet Without a profit and being structured properly, diagnostics or analysis you can't perform any kind of and loss and balance sheet, structuring the profit cash flow process, establishing a proper better handle on their cash, so the people can keep a much through the process of analysing and then from there we take them often understand product analysis, product analysis, people don't any marketing campaign but you can't launch to launch it from. unless you have a foundation for launching it from And speaking of foundations

of your book, chapter one, - you have, at the beginning Is that your drawing there? Well most of the drawings are mine. a few of them as well. but my daughter has contributed through that aspect. just briefly walk us

to sell to the market place that if you want good fruit you've got to have the right soil, there are a whole lot of factors - you don't want to under water it, you don't want to over water it, and it needs sunshine. it needs nutrition analogy of - the sunshine, So all those things I make the

it's a wine coloured water. to feed the trees and Ok, alright. about your touring around. Well, just tell me a little bit to small to medium business, What advice can you give they want to know from you? What do they say and what do is very much on everyone's lips Well, of course, the drought this one is a pretty severe drought. forms of business. away from their traditional what sort of business you're in, And I don't think that it matters analysis and understanding of costs the fundamentals of business around the rural areas, to speak to some people? and that sort of area, Canberra Well obviously Wollongong, Nowra

of course on the north coast, and all those areas, and then Foster, Grafton - places like that Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, like to go to Bourke, Bathurst we'd like to go to Orange, get around to all, So we really want to is only ten retailers, because even if there important to that community those ten retailers are very but in part two of your book Alright, we'll wrap it up shortly, and it's set in the year 2175, you deal with the model company, creatures called Marmines. and you talk about outer space Just briefly tell us about that. instead of doing the analogy Well, I just thought that we should,

- some real company, of an RBM or whoever up a fictitious company I thought we would make planet has been destroyed, So the idea is that the and so we have to implant, rather than import our food, from Mars. and these little creatures called Marmines, and they provide humans with all the nutrients they need, fibre, protein and vegetables.

one is a retail company for the retailers, and the other one is a services company - so it could mean accountants, it could mean solicitors, it could mean air conditioning installation people, anyone who is involved in the services industry.

And by way of example, we've just got to wrap it up, but by way of example you outlined some costs of labour and other ways that can be efficiently dealt with. Well, we appreciate you coming in today and telling us all about that. We wish you well on the tour around all the areas that you are going to do and I hope that small business can learn a tricks up your sleeve. I'm sure that they will, and they are always willing, especially in the country, Alright, sounds like a lot of fun. to warn people to stay away from school grounds out of hours. and buildings.

Police say even being in school grounds out of hours over the closure of a library in Canberra's inner south.

In Greendale, you're watching State Focus. Patients at Bombala Hospital are now better catered for with new x-ray equipment worth $110 thousand. Local health carers are delighted with the arrival as preparations continue for the building of a new facility at the hospital. Still ahead, Mr Summernats, Chic Henry, But now to the closure of the Griffith Library I've not known the closure of a library to have ever outraged a community so vehemently as in this case.

Welcome to State Focus. Thankyou. When was the library first discovered in late October and the library is scheduled to close on the first of December. So, as soon as that news trickled out in late October it was evident that there was a lot of feeling about the library which has always been very keen to retain the library there at Griffith,

And we were very, very concerned - dismayed - that the inner south was going to lose its only library. and the fact that there are hundreds rallying

by the ACT government, as you mentioned there. Well I have certainly heard people say in other areas of Canberra, might our library be next? Now, I'd have to say that the government hasn't indicated

that other closures are on the cards, although the consultants report did point to the Tuggeranong area as being perhaps an area which may be reduced to one library, But I do think it's of concern and, of course,

is that the community facilities in the inner south are not very good, There is, for example, no community hall, no easy meeting area, and the library has performed that role to some extend. We know that lots of older people like going to the library read magazines, they also meet and talk with other people there. Yes. It is a really community centre. for the Griffith library compared with other libraries, yet, when you look at the report and the report was released much later - only released last week - and it compares very favourably with the civic library, in fact, also kick-backs on Gungahlin. We do have to finish up, but just one quick question,

because we know that that is easy to access, and for that reason, it's really better than a group centre library

favoured by the minister. In the inner south, which was built and developed before the group centre concept emerged. There are two group centres Manuka and Kingston,

so we'll be continuing to fight for it. at reopening the library, Alright, we have to leave it there, but thankyou very much for highlighting those concerns today. now we're into the hottest months of the year. Next up, the man who is Summernats, Chic Henry, joins us to talk about next year's event. Stay with us.

From Coonabarabran to Cooma, this is State Focus. years when it kicks off and runs til Sunday night the 7th. And the man who is Mr Summernats, Chic Henry, joins us now. Welcome to State Focus. Great to be here. Alright, another one, a very special this year, the 20th. Well the thing that we need to do is recognise the people that are important to the event, because at the end of the day, to absolutely every event and and if I can move forward to the twenty-first, as well as all the different things that we do anyway. Has there been people who have been there but have there been a bunch of people

exactly who'd been there. But we've got people like the guy that looks after the ice creams and the drinks, and Anita Bell from the local family of amusement people - and Dennis Humphries who does the ice creams. that's the blond, curly headed lady at the table at the burn out track. And these people are all very crucial, it's quite a tradition to build up, isn't it? They see it as a family and each year is a reunion.

putting the event together and what I was going to do for these people, it became more like a reunion than a party in actual fact, and that is why we'll save the party for the twenty-first, but, I'm actually getting all of those people together on Saturday at the burnout track, hopefully they can all be there, and I've got some special things from them. And that will be a feature this year, the burnout track? More than ever? Yeah, well, not that part in itself, but the burnouts have been a feature for years, of course. that have been to every event, probably the most well known burn out competitor at the Summernats and also Peter Grey and his wife, Debbie, as well. Now Gary's black mustang has been a feature - cause the masters is a big deal now, they are the best of all our burnout competitors And I remember Greg from years before the Summernats.

He has been to the Summernats in the same car, looking the same every single year, and goes in the burnouts. He looks the same, or the car? Or both? Unlike me who still stays the same as my twenty-three year old body... Yeah, yeah, that's a joke, isn't it? Just a bit of mileage perhaps? Yeah, but Greg does, he shows the mileage of the years,

It's fascinating. And then there's another guy we call 'Bubbles' he decided he was going to save the event and jumped out of his car dressed in fifteen dollars worth of silver material with a silver g-string and a silver cape and a silver mask, and he said, I'm here to save the Summernats, and I laughed for about fifteen minutes,

I thought I was going to die from laughing. I'm laughing just by visualising that. Yeah, especially - he's not a very tall guy, but extremely fat. But it's the characters of the event that make it and that is really one of the things that I want to highlight this year, the people that have been incredibly special over the years. but it's the actual attitude that they have to participate, you know.

It's not just the importance, they love being there and I really do appreciate that, and I want to honour them in whatever why that I can. Alright, we look forward to that and we thankyou for coming in today to talk about it. No, my pleasure. Cheers, ok, that's great. That's Summernats organiser, Chic Henry. is again hosting Santa Paws for this Christmas Its where you can get a photo of your pets with Santa, Send us a fax on 6241 9429 or email us That's as it happened this week and this year. So have a safe Christmas break until we return at midday on Saturday And as promised, a few quick highlights of our year that was, I'm Guy Sweeting. Yeah, I do actually, because a lot of Queenslanders have played for the Raiders over the years - Mal Maninga, Steve Walters - those sorts of guys. Do we need a bigger parliament? Look, I don't think we do. You get really great counter lunches down at the royal hotel. Oh, I'm not too sure about that.

So you've got a bit of planning to do there yet? Have you always been funny? Live captions by Southern Cross Ten, Canberra.