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Live. A deadly bombing kills

40 in southern Afghanistan.

Pakistan casts doubt on the

Taliban's leadership handover.

South Korea launches its first

rocket into space. And a final

journey - 9 Australians killed

in a plane crash come home.

This Program is Captioned

Live. Hello, Beverley O'Connor

with ABC News for Australia

Network. A massive car bomb

has killed 40 people in the

southern Afghanistan city of

Kandahar. Almost 60 others were

injured in the explosion. The

attack comes as president Hamid

Karzai holds a narrow lead against his main rival Abdullah

Abdullah. It is the deadliest

attack in over a year. The

powerful Blatt collapsed the

headquarters of a Japanese

construction company and

damaged nearby buildings. .


having dinner the big blast

occurred close to my

neighbourhood. Now I am in

hospital to take care of one of

my relatives were injured.

Dozens were injured critically. No one has claimed

responsibility for the attack

but officials claim it was the

Taliban, who maintain

considerable presence in

Kandahar. Earlier, a bomb

blast killed four US soldiers,

making 2009 the deadliest since

the US entered the country.

Hamid Karzai has a narrow lead

over main rival and former finance American Abdullah

Abdullah Among the total

number of valid votes, Mr Hamid

Karzai received 2 12,927 votes

and Mr Abdullah Abdullah has

received 202,889 votes. With

just 10% of the votes counted,

both candidates have already

claimed victory. Voting

irregulars have threatened to

undermine the credibility of

the countries second

presidential poll We are

waiting for all the complaints

to be addressed. Any outcome

which has dealt with those

legitimate complaints that we

have, which addresses the

widespread rigging, any result

which is after that will be

acceptable to us. The

candidates need a majority of

more than 50% to avoid a

run-off in October. It could

take up to two weeks before the

final results are known. Pakistan has cast doubt on

claims the Pakistani Taliban

has appointed a new leader to

replace Baitullah Mehsud. It

is believed he was killed in a

US military strike. The Taliban

is still talking tough,

dismissing claims it is in

chaos. Pakistan says the

Taliban is in disarray and has

played down weekend reports

that young fighter Mehsud has

been appointed chief My

information is there is no

decision taken yet. There are a

number of claimants, there is a

lot of confusion and disarray

in the ranks of the Taliban. We

will have to wait to see who

the next chief will be. Mehsud

has for the first time

acknowledged the death of his

predecessor, telling media organisations Baitullah Mehsud

died on Sunday from a strike

suffered in a missile strike.

There may be some credence to

Pakistan's claims of a split in

the ranks. Mehsud's cousin

says he has been given full

INTERPRETER: For around two control of the organisation. .

months all the administrative

and Jihad affairs have been

carried out by me. When the

fighting started, Mehsud went

into hiding completely. The

rivalry has been welcome by

Pakistan. The unity and

leadership they enjoyed in the

past they might not get in the

future. This is of no concern

to Pakistan. The US is

watching closely, concerned a

new leader would concentrate

efforts across the border,

where American and NATO forces

are fighting insurgeant attacks

in Afghanistan. South Korea

has launched its first rocket

into space, but not without

incident. It comes just months

after North Korea drew international condemnation for

its own rocket launch. 3, 2,

1. The launch looked

spectacular and everything was

going to plan many but there

was a hitch. After several

earlier attempts were abort he,

this time the satellite was put

into the wrong orbit.

INTERPRETER: The satellite successfully separated. However, according to the

result detected, it has been

analysed that the scientific

satellite was unable to

accurately reach the targeted

orbit. About 8 minutes after

livoff the satellite separated

from the rocket, but it was

more than 50km too late. Even

though, officials say there is

still much to be gained. If it

is confirmed that it was unable

to enter the targeted orbit,

this will still definitely

return to us valuable

technology, so I am sure this

launch will be a perfect

success for us to make later

success. Millions of South

Koreans gathered around public

television toss watch the launch. INTERPRETER: I believed it

was going to be a successful

rocket launch, so this is shocking. South Korea will have

to experience many failures

before it becomes a powerful

state in space technology. I

hope to see good things in the

future. I thought the launch

would be successful. It is sad

that the rocket has failed to

people's efforts have been be put in orbit and many

turned to nothing. The

two-stage rocket was built in

the help of Russia at a cost of

US$400 million. As South Korea

assessed what went wrong, North

Korea was making its own

assessment. South Korea rejects

comparisons to Pyongyang's

rocket launches. The bodies of

nine Australians killed in a

charter plane crash in Papua

New Guinea will be brought home

today. The Australian defence

force will use a C-130 Hercules

to repatriate the remains. The

plane is expected to planned in

Brisbane and Melbourne. 13

people died whether when the

PNG plane crashed in December

jungle near the Kokoda Track on

11 August. One of the youngest

Guantanamo Bay detainees has

rushed to Afghanistan after

serving search years at the

controversial prison. While the

young man's age remains a

dispute, his laws say Mohammad

Jawad was 12 when he was sent

to prison. US authorities say

he was 17. The Obama

administration had been given

until Monday to release him

after a military judge rule the

case was full of holes. It was

an emotional scene when

Mohammad Jawad was re united

with his family. .

INTERPRETER: I'm very happy

I can't fit into my clothes. I

spent a long time in jail and

am happy to be back with my

family. He was originally

chargewide attempted murder,

alleging he through a grenade

into a jeep carrying two US

soldiers and their interpreter.

All were wounded. After

originally denying the dharnls,

he confessed to the crime. Last

month, a military judge ruled

the confession was coerced,

saying the detainee made the

admission when authorities

threatened to kill him and his family.

INTERPRETER: At the end, the

judge said no charge had been

proven and I was innocent. It

has been a long journey for

Mohammad Jawad but did may not

end here. US prosecutors say the criminal investigation is

still open, but his transfer to

Afghanistan may make any

prosecution increasingly

unlikely. Among those

welcoming Jawad home was his

uncle Pret present he has

changed a lot. He has but

throot through a lot of hard

ship but we are happy to see

him alive. Today is the end of

a 7-year long jumpy for this

man. He was flown into the

country, hand he over to the

Attorney-General, and we were

there to meet Jawad face to

face and it was one of the

greatest moments of my life.

No doubt some of the 200 others still detained in Guantanamo

Bay are mopg for a similar

outcome. A major step

towards resuming reounce of

families separated by the

Korean war will begin on

Wednesday. The Red Cross

societies of North and South

Korea will meet to find ways of

bringing the families back

together. It's a highly

emotional time when families

who haven't seen each other for

half a century are re united.

The reunion program began in

earnest after a summit eased

tensions between the fourth and

South nine years ago. The North

suspended the program when

political ties became strained.

In the latest of a series of

peace making gestures, North

Korea is preparing to allow

families to come together

again Through the south north

Red Cross direct phone line the

North Northn side agreed to

hold talks from August 26 to 28. About 600,000 South

Koreans are believed to have

relatives north of the border.

Only 16,000 have been allowed

to hold face-to-face meetings

since 2000.

INTERPRETER: It is difficult

for me to give you all the

details before the talks.

However, I think various issues

between the south and the north

which are able to be handled on

a red course level will be

discussed during the talks.

Analysts say Pyongyang could be

reaching out to the south

because soel used to be a major

source of aid which it

desperately need again. You

are watching ABC News for

Australia Network. China

becomes the world's biggette

exporter and Japan's Prime

Minister Taro Aso casts his

vote early, five days before

the elections. South African

world champion 800m runner

Caster Semenya has returned

home to a hero's welcome from

the South African president.

The controversy over her gender

continues to divide, with new

reports suggesting she has

three times the testosterone

level of a typical female. The

ABC's Africa correspondent

reports. The women's 800m

world champion Caster Semenya

has been dubbed the Queen of

South African sport. The

18-year-old's life has been

turned upside down since she

won gold. I don't know what to

say, it's pretty good to win a

gold medal and bring it home. I

took the lead in the last 400,

and they couldn't follow the

race. Hours before her

stunning performance in Berlin,

it was revealed that the international athletics'

governing body had demanded she

undergo a gender test to

determine they are gender,

leaving her humiliated. To

publicly humiliate an honest

professional and competent

athlete, we established our

support to Ms Semenya and her

family during this difficult

period. Caster Semenya's birth certificate states she is fee

May, but questions remain.

There are reports she has

registered very high

testosterone levels, but the

South African president says

she has nothing to prove. They

are not going to remove the

gold medal, she won it. So the

question does not arise. There

is nothing worse that is going

to come. Prominent South

Africans are rallying to

support Semenya. To the world

out there who suggested those

pseudo-tests, to test our

gender, they can stuff their

insult. This is our little

girl, and nobody is going to

perform any tests on her. We

have defeated difficult

situations in the history of

this country. Don't touch us!

Analysis of Semenya's gender

tests are expected to take

weeks to complete. A bombing

outside a restaurant in

southern Thailand has injured

42 people. The attack happened

in the main town of one of the

three mainly Muslim provinces.

The bomb was planted in a

cooking gas cylinder and

detonated outside the

restaurant which was packed

with civil servants. Bombings

have killed 13 people in the

last week in southern Thailand,

where government officials are

regularly targeted. Police

have arrested a man they say is the leader of the Rajah

Solaiman movement. The movement

is believed to have been behind

a farery bombing in 2004, which

remains one of the most deadly

terror attacks in South East

Asia. He was one of the

Philippines most wanted men and

on the US terror wanted list.

Police caught up with him at

his hide-out in the southern

city of Marawi. They captured

him, the new leader of the

Rajah Solaiman movement. It is

a local terrorist cell with

links to al-Qa'ida. The Rajah

Solaiman movement is believed

to be responsible for a 2004

ferry bombling in Manila bay.

116 people were killed in one

of the South East Asia's most

deadly terror attacks. Police

intelligence say in 2005 Peraha

took over as leader after the previous later, his

brother-in-law, was arrest.

They say he is a skilled Bomber

maker, trained by militants: He

was on the department of

defence wanted list 2007, with

an amount of US$90,000 reward

He is accused of rebelling

against the state. Japan's

Prime Minister Taro Aso has

cast his vote early, five days

before the general elections.

New polls show the opposition

is strongly in the lead, after

five decades of almost unbroken

rule by Mr Aso's party . He

has spent less than a year as

Prime Minister but Taro Aso

could be walking into electoral

defeat. A recent poll showed

the opposition winning around

two third of the lower house

seats. Support levels for Mr

Aso have end to less than 20%. The global financial crisis has

hurt his government, and rising

unemployment hasn't helped.

Defeat would be only the second

loss for Mr Aso's Liberal

Democratic party since World

War II. For some Japanese, the

political theatrics are more

comedy than drama The leader

are fighting fiercely, both

here and there. With the

election just days away, some

voters have escaped the

campaigning at the lucky laugh

theatre, where art imitates

life. They are scrambling for

the chairs in Parliament, like

the puppets fighting for a toy

chair here. On this stage, all

players are guaranteed a round

of applause. A Indian boy who

is HIV positive and two

siblings have been kicked out

of a school in northern India.

The principal saided he had no

choice as other parents were

afraid their children would be

infected. Life is hard enough

for children in villages such

as Belamundi, but it is even

tougher if, like this young

boy, you are an orphan who is

HIV positive. Now he and his

sblings around allowed to

attend the local school.

TRANSLATOR: Villagers were

scared of the HIV positive

child and his siblings. They

were worried their children

would get infected so they bult

I pressure and asked to us

dismiss them from the school.

The comparison's parents died

of aide is several years ago.

They are among an increasing

number of children affected by

Aids. Being HIV positive leads to socialisation and

discrimination. The children's

possible rekts are bleak. The

children are staying at home.

We are afraid if we try to

extend them again they might

get into fights. In a country

with high levels of poverty,

low levels of literacy and poor

healthcare, HIV Aids is a

serious problem. More than 2.5

million are infected, with the

poorest hardest hit. Health

groups were sceptical about the

government's education

campaigns. The Truth and

Reconciliation Commission for

Solomon Islands is facing

further delays, with hearings

not expected to start until

late October or even November.

Officials in onaha are expressing frustration as they

wait for the United Nations to

send two more than

commissioners to the islands.

It may have been almost a

decade ago, but the violence

which tore the Solomon Islands

society apart during the

troubles is far from forgotten.

The much public sides Truth and Reconciliation Commission, formed to help resolve

lingering rifts, is suffering

long delays. In terms of our

search for healing and

closure... It was a world

famous reconciliation expert

who launched the commission in

May, archbishop Desmond if you if you travelled from South

Africa to give his blessing.

Months later, the process has

stalled. The United Nations

development program has failed

to fulfil a promise so fly in

two foreign commissioners from

Fiji and Peru. It is a source

of frustration for the three

local commissioners, who are

ready to start hearings. We

all anticipated, we are holding

a workshop in Honiara for the

participant s of the province

and will have a similar

workshop in other provinces.

As field workers are being

trained to help the commission,

peace are being made directly

to the UNDP and the Solomon

Islands Prime Minister for

help The UNDP office has gone

back through Thai process and

taken it as a matter of

urgency. The with the

workforce ready to go and the possibility of commissioners

arriving soon, it is hoped the

nation may be able to start the

healing process before the end

of the year. You are watching

ABC News for Australia

Network. A bombing kills 40 in

southern Afghanistan. The

US President Barack Obama has

nominated Ben Bernanke to a

second term as chairman of the

Federal Reserve. Mr Bernanke

has lead the US economy through

its most tumultuous period

since the 190s. As an expert

on the causes of the Great

Depression, I'm sure Ben never

imagined he would be part of a

team responsible for prevent

ling another. Because of his

background, temperament,

courage and creativity, that is

what he has helped to achieve.

That is why I am reappointing

him to another term as chairman

of the federal reserve. The US

Senate must confirm Mr

Bernanke's reappointment.

China has overtaken Germany as

the world's top exporter for

the first time. The World Trade Organisation reported

championship's goods exports

reached over $620 billion for

the first six months of the

year. Germany's exports were

worth about $5 billion less for

the same period. Checking the

financial markets in the US,

strong consumer confidence and

home prices data lifted Wall

Street to its highest points.

Stocks were slightly stronger

across Europe. Little change in

New Zealand in morning trade so

far. A session of profit taking

in Japan yesterday. Australia

was down, but China suffered

its biggest slide after the

Premier said the country's

economic situation was still

grave. A check of currencies: .

To sports news, New Zealand

has won the Oceania men's

basketball championship with a

100-78 defeat over Australia.

The win for the Tall Blacks, as

they head to next year's

championships as Oceania's top

seed. The Tall Blacks needed

to win by more than 7 points to

secure the Oceania championship

and the region's top ceding at

next year's world titles. They

did that comfortably. A third

quarter surge handed New

Zealand the ascendancy. The

loss for Australia could mean

it is grouped with the US at

the world championships. The

side will head to China for a

four-nation tournament to round

out its 2009 program. Some of Australia's cricketers not

involved in the one-day series

against England have arrived

home from their unsuccessful

Ashes tour and have offered

their support for captain Ricky

Ponting 11 of us us had an

opportunity to win the Ashes,

you can't blame it on one

purpose. We had our chances

throughout the five Tests and

when those chances came,

whether it was Cardiff, Lords,

the Oval, we didn't grab them

Ricky Ponting has my full

support, he's the best man to

be captain and it's ludicrous

that anyone is saying anything

other. Arsenal is playing

against Celtic w a 2-0

advantage, without Fabregas

who, has a hamstring injury.

It's not job done, it's job to

do. That's how I approach it.

It's job to do to finish, and

we have done a big part, but

the most important part is to

get over the line, and that's

what we want to achieve

tomorrow. Thrill seekers in

Belgium have been given the

opportunity to descend from one

of the capital's biggest

structures. The 102m leap has

been labelled the death ride.

You can see why. Let's look

at the weather for Wednesday.

Before we leave the bulletin,

let's check our top stories: At least 40 people have been

killed after a massive car bomb

in Afghanistan's south, the

deadliest in more than a year.

Divisions in the Pakistani over

who will replace Baitullah

Mehsud, thought to have been

killed in a US military

strike. The Australian defence

force flies home the bodies of

nine Australians killed in a

plane crash later today.

That's the bulletin. You can go

to our website for the latest

news and current affairs. I'm

Bev O'Connor, thanks for your

company, see you soon.

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