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Welcome to the late news.

Tonight, a legal limbo - the Diane

Brimble manslaughter jury dismissed

with no verdict. We are frustrated

but not beaten. 100 homes saved, fighting back Queensland's

bushfires as conditions worsened.

Kevin Rudd in Jakarta trying to fix

the boat people crisis.

Virgin puts a new spin on its

broken wheel drama.

And roll-out the yellow carpet -

anniversary. celebrating the Simpson's 20th celebrating the Simpson's 20th


In Sports Tonight, the AFL lambs In Sports Tonight, the AFL lambs

another rugby league recruit.

Former Manly boss Grant Mayer has

joined the Western Sydney franchise.

We hope we will see the benefits in

10 to 20 years. It was OK. And he

does the trick for Delhi.

First, a controversial end of the

Diane Brimble manslaughter trial,

with the jury dismissed, unable to

reach a verdict - but the case is

far from over.

Shell-shocked and speechless, Mark

Wilhelm left the talking to his

legal team. There won't be any

comments. He walked from court

after a jury was unable to decide

if he was guilty of manslaughter

and drug supply over the 2002 and drug supply over the 2002

cruise ship death of Diane Brimble.

We are frustrated but not beaten.

We are tired but not finished. The

judge also acknowledged the anti- climax.

Prosecutors allege the 42-year-old

died of a toxic mix of Larkhall and

the party drug Fantasy, supplied by

Mark Wilhelm. She was found dead on

the floor of the cabin he shared the floor of the cabin he shared

with three friends. Leo's Sylvester

and Ryan Cook will pleaded guilty

to concealing an offence, and

escaped jail time by agreeing to

give evidence. But after more than give evidence. But after more than

a month of evidence, six days of

deliberations and a decision by deliberations and a decision by

prosecutors to drop one of the

manslaughter charges, the jury was

unable to reach a verdict on one of

the two charges. And so this case

is still far from over. The judge

ordered Mark Wilhelm return here it

in November where prosecutors will

decide whether they have enough

evidence to retry him in front of a

second jury. We will continue to

fight for Diane. Let's see what the

next chapter brings.

More than 100 homes have been saved

in Central Queensland where

bushfires have burned for a 24th

straight day, but it is hoped the

weather will now ease.

Facing the menace on Rockhampton's

fiery frontline. Fire trucks trip

to suburban backyards as flames

blew in from the National Park

straight up 100 homes. It is coming

right over the ridge and it is right over the ridge and it is

pretty dangerous. While backburning

aims to reduce the dry fuel load,

some packed up and left, including

local wildlife. But others were

more stubborn. We are staying. more stubborn. We are staying.

Enjoying it. Aircraft have joined

the fight along with more than 60

reinforcements from NSW working

shoulder to shoulder with exhausted shoulder to shoulder with exhausted

Queenslanders. We are here to do a

job. So far that team work is

paying off. We have had some

damaged defence lines but no

reports of property lost. Emergency

payments have been approved for

affected households. Conditions affected households. Conditions

eased this afternoon but places are

still out of control in the

national park.

The Prime Minister is tonight in a

late-night meeting with Indonesia's

President. At stake is the fate of

more than 300 asylum seekers.

Between them, these men were

responsible for 270 million people,

but it is the plight of a few hundred visitors that dominated

talks tonight. As Indonesia's

President was in ordinated for his

second presidential term, Australia

was an honoured guest. But 250

other guests in Indonesia, ethnic

Tamils, continued to wait out as

their fate is decided. Another 78

rescued at sea remain on border

customs ship while negotiations

continue as to whether they will go

to Australia or the return to

Indonesia. Neither country wants

them. The opposition claims a

secret Federal Police report warned

that Labor policy changes would

encourage asylum seekers. This

document is highly classified...

Order. The lack of easy answers,

doing nothing to lower the heat.

You can't solve a problem if you

don't admit there is a problem. But

there will be no return to John

Howard's methods. We abolished the

Pacific solution. It was a blight Pacific solution. It was a blight

on Australia and our national

reputation. The immediate fate of

one of those on the Sri Lankans'

boat is clear - he is a people

smuggler. He tonight is behind bars.

Governor-General Quentin Bryce

denies she is about boss despite 30

of her staff quitting in just 12

months. Her official secretary has

everyone is convinced. laughed off the allegations but not

She is certainly sleek and super

smart, but is Australia's first

female Governor-General also a bad

boss? 30 staff has left since it

started. 10 have left since May.

Similar claims dog her time as

Queensland Government. She ran a

very unhappy ship. Dozens of people

left. In estimates, Quentin Bryce's

official secretary was peppered

with questions in order to pin the

high turnover on her behaviour.

There are occasionally people who

are unhappy. If it looks like a

duck, it is still a duck. It is not

the first time a Governor-General

has been attacked by opposition.

Peter Hollingworth resigned

following allegations that as

archbishop he ignored claims his

priests were abusing children. But

she denies this is payback. I have

never heard anything more

ridiculous in my life. The Governor-General is refusing to

comment but a spokesperson points

out that her staff turnover is 5%

lower than her predecessor's and

the majority are due to transfers

and promotions with only one member

leaving for personal reasons. The

Governor-General is an amiable,

very highly regarded person.

Virgin Balloon is dismissing claims

a wheel 11 of its jets

disintegrated on landing at

Melbourne Airport this morning --

Blue. Instead face their component

in the wheel broke and it is the

first time it has occurred. But the

engineer union said it is the

second time in three months the

wheel has fallen off and raises

serious concerns about the

airline's maintenance. The new

wheel and brake were fitted and the

plane is now back in the air.

An investigation has confirmed

Jessica Watson was asleep when her

yacht was hit by a bulk carrier

last month. She checked her cause

five minutes before the collision

straight for her. but didn't see the ship heading

Jessica Watson is tonight en-route

to New Zealand, a tiny speck in a

huge ocean, battling head winds.

She is not making a lot of progress.

Today and the Australian Transport

Safety Bureau confirmed Jessica was

cat napping when her yacht collided

with a 64,000 ton carrier last

month. It was probably an air of

observation. Jessica checked her

radar 5 minutes before impact but

didn't see the cargo ship heading

straight for her. Instead she had

spotted a different ship further

away. It was probably end press

Heaven she identified -- Empress.

The radar's alarms failed. It is

still under investigation but we

have made sure the system she has

in place now recognises everything.

The Chinese ship spotted her yacht

26 minutes before the crash but

veered suddenly with just moments

to go. There are almost always

contradicting safety factors.

Investigators have cleared the big

vessel from hit-and-run. It did

offer assistance. They did not say

she was unprepared for her voyage

but admits she is now better

prepared. She has sought advice

from sleep researchers and she has

been on board a cargo ship to see

the ocean from its perspective. A

final report will be released in

six months.

A primary school has banned hugging,

an idea that you are keen to

embrace. The Adelaide School argues

the ban is designed to prevent promiscuity in senior years.

Rebellious students have staged

public embraces in defiance. Child psychologists say common sense

should prevail. Really hugging

one's friends ought to be left

alone because that is just a

natural way in which we demonstrate

affection, and students done it

without even thinking. The

principle stands by the ban.

After the break, a motions are sky-

high as violence breaks out over

America's balloon boy.

Medical pioneer - the model whose

face melted away in an acid attack.

And Mel Gibson drops a bombshell in MAN: We are explorers. Humans are. Today, there is a new frontier to explore - energy. At Chevron, we're trying to find it in ways once unimaginable - mapping uncharted territory 8km below the sea, long before a single mark is ever put in the ground.

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This program is captioned live. B78

asylum seekers aboard a customs

vessel will be taken to prisoners

on that to be processed. There will

be taken to West Java for

humanitarian reasons. They will

only be in Indonesia temporarily.

A brawl has erupted outside the

home of America's balloon boy, as tensions grow over the international hoax. A neighbour

confronted the waiting media pack,

asking them to leave before

charging at a Fox News crew. After

being tackled, he hit back. The

family is laying low claiming

they're under siege, as police

prepare charges over their infamous balloon stunt.

A British model has spoken about

her painful recovery after being

attacked with acid. Katie Piper's

skin literally melted, but a world-

first surgical procedure has given her a new face.

It isn't easy for Katie Piper be

back in front of the camera, but

the 26-year-old felt it was time. I

know myself more than ever, even

though I can't see myself. With her

beaming smile and bubbly attitude,

she was carving out a promising

modeling and TV presenting career

when she started dating 34-year-old

Danny Lynch, who she met on the

internet. Their brief relationship

ended horrifically. He raped her,

then ordered acid to be thrown at

her on a London street 18 months

ago. The attack destroyed her face,

her confidence and very nearly, her

life. And it haunted her ever time

she looked in the mirror. I saw a

stranger that I had never seen

before and didn't understand why

they were looking back at me, and

that was very hard to accept,

initially. While the sight in her

left eye can't be restored,

pioneering surgery has helped

rebuild Katie's face. Her face got

melted away with sulphuric acid so

to replace that damaged skin, you

had to use an artificial dermal

substitute which we did, and we did

it in one stage. Her road to

physical recovery is far from over.

I'm lucky. Brave seems a better description.

A police officer brutally stabbed A police officer brutally stabbed

by a drug-crazed parole breaker has

refused to let the attack stop him

from returning to duty. He's spoken

about the attack for the first time.

Brevet Sergeant Jeff Allen was on

lone patrol when he encountered

Shane Robinson on a deserted

highway near Yunta. Robinson had

been walking for 18kn after rolling

a stolen car, and was polite and

co-operative - and then it all

changed. It was an ambush - he

stabbed me in the back between the

shoulder blade and the spine. What

Allen didn't know was that Robinson

was wanted for breaching parole.

He'd only been free after a series

of jail sentences for violent armed

confrontations with police. He

needed to get away, he was

desperate, he knew the game was up

but I had no knowledge of any of

that. He took Sgt Allen's car,

tried to run down another man, then

took a woman hostage in her own

home before taking his own life.

Sgt Allen says one positive

development of the attack on him

was a serious re-evaluation of the

State's parole systems. As a direct

consequence of that, there's been a

direct focus on the parole board

and other things that need to be

looked at. We'd said it before,

we'll say it again - Shane Robinson

should never have been on parole.

Sentiments echoed by other officers

wounded in the line of duty. These

incidents do instigate it moving

towards a better and safer South

Australia. Sgt Allen has returned

to duty, determined not to let the

experience beat him. You've just

got to find the inner strength to

go on, you've got to. That's what

we signed up for.

We got an insight into the RBA

decision to bump up rates last

month, does it tell us anything new

about what to expect next month?

For the details, Tom Piotrowski at Commsec. And, Tom, can you

enlighten us? Essentially we got

more colour on the Reserve Bank's

thinking, but nothing you because

the Reserve Bank's message in

recent times has been very clear.

If an emergency arose, interest

rates were cut to emergency levels,

now the emergency has passed and

they are moving back to more normal

levels. It is a question of when

that happens. There was no sense of

what we can expect in November.

They will depend on next week's

inflation figures. As far as

today's market was concerned, the A

S X 300 improved reclaiming more of

the ground it lost yesterday, the

overarching theme continued to be

one that there was informed by a

weaker US dollar. The American

dollar is at its lowest level in a

year. That is pushing commodity

prices up. It is part of the reason

mining stocks did so well today.

They also helped by strong steel

production numbers out of China.

This day is a very important day

for the mining sector with the

release of Chinese growth numbers.

Property stocks did well today,

industrial stocks as well. Bold

words released better-than-expected

quarterly sales figures today. The

shares finished down by 0.75%, that

pushed Wesfarmers up by the same


Mel Gibson has a new film, and a

surprising new outlook on life.

He's fronted the cameras for the

first time in a long time, telling first time in a long time, telling

a New York news conference he's not

so passionate about acting anymore.

It has been quite some time since

Mel Gibson has faced the media en

masse, but the impending DVD

release of 'Braveheart' was enough

to bring him out, and he said he

wasn't even supposed to play the

lead role. He was about 28 when he

died. I was already 10 years older

than that. The effort of directing

and starring was so exhausting that

Mel Gibson vowed never to do the

double whammy again. When he

finally returns to our screens

later this year, that will be the

first time he has taken on a

starring role in seven years. You

had better decide whether you are

hanging on the cross or banging in

the nails. But he says a lot of the

changes in his personal life during

that time have altered the way he

feels about acting. It used to mean

a lot more. Maybe that sounds like

I'm throwing it away. I'll still do

the best job I can, but... It the best job I can, but... It

doesn't mean the same. I'm going to

get the answer myself one of these

days. It is the male menopause! His

other new production is the baby he

and his partner are expecting in

December. That and his impending

divorce from his wife, the mother

of his other seven children, has

ensured there has been little focus

on Mel Gibson the professional. He

is hoping to change that, starting now. America's most famous cartoon

family has celebrated 20 years on

screen with a stroll down the screen with a stroll down the

yellow carpet in Hollywood. The

main talking point - Marge Simpson

appearing in 'Playboy' magazine. I appearing in 'Playboy' magazine. I

talked to Marge today, she was a

little embarrassed. She wanted

people to know the photo was photo

shopped. It's really the body of

Wilma Flintstone. What do you think

Bart would say about a 20-year

anniversary for the show? Are you

kidding? He'd be like, 'very cool'.

The Simpsons is the longest running sitcom in TV history.

Sports Tonight now with Brad McEwan.

The AFL ready to throw megabucks into Sydney's west?

It's going to spend millions on

Sydney's second team. Details, next.

Plus the fallout from the failed A1

Grand Prix on the Gold Coast. A

racing legend legend is livid. It's

a bloody nightmare. Ford's biggest

team will be there after a Bathurst fireball.

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This program is captioned live.

Welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight.

The AFL season has spent over $200

million on the new western Sydney

team been the first significant

step to establishing the 18th club.

They have granted similar

conditions to those awarded to the Gold Coast.

Whether it is a $200 million gamble

or a strategic necessity, the

success or failure of this will

shape the administration. We are

committing about $120 million over

the next six years to the club, and

that is complemented by our

grassroots programs which include

facilities, talent, fan

development... It is $200 million

plus. To put it another way, 20-25%

of its next TV rights deal. Today

it became more real with the AFL

announcing how of the team will

come together. You hope in five to

seven years they will be up there

fighting for the finals.

It is not a bucket of money to pay

for players over the odds. They

need that money because they have

more players and to compensate them

for their veterans' allowance. The

Bayer fell continues to chip in -

Grant Mayer has taken up a

sponsorship role. So the fight for

the hearts and minds of Western

Sydneysiders is on. The winner

won't be known for 20-25 years. It

is one of the most significant

challenges ever undertaken but it

is also a generational one that

will be judged in the next 2030 years.

Also, Andrew Demetriou praised Also, Andrew Demetriou praised Carlton for its tough stance on

Brendan Fevola. They said they did

the right thing after his

performance at the Brownlow Medal.

It is not an insignificant amount

of money, and we are told he is to

be traded. That is as close to the

sacking as I can think of. We felt

the action taken was appropriate.

Demi true also said the AFL is

ready to act if the female

journalist at the centre of

allegations against Brendan Fevola

decides to pursue the matter.

The Melbourne playing group has

said it will do what it takes to

entice Luke Ball to the club. The

uncontracted St Kilda midfielder

remains in the US on holiday, but

they are waiting to pounce on his return.

Today's veterans returned from a

seven-week break to pound the

pavements with their younger team-

mates and they had an extra spring

in their step over the possible

recruitment of Luke Ball. He is

fortunate enough to play in

international rules, and his leadership and professionalism

would be unbelievable for this

group of players. The Demons won't

use any of their top four picks in

next month's game. Instead they

want him to nominate for the pre-

season draught and I are ready to

plead their case in a face to face

meeting. If their coaching staff

and recruiters think it would be

worthwhile having a chat to him, we

will be happy to do that. The vice-

captain said he would be the ideal

replacement for Brock Maclean, who

walked out on the club before trade

week. It was his choice to leave.

I'm good mates with him and

disappointed to see him go.

Melbourne has started its

preparations even before wrapping

up 2009. Their best and fairest

account is to be held on Wednesday

night. You would have to be silly

to go past someone like Brent

Maloney. Remarkably, Jim Stynes

will not only attend but also

deliver a speech just weeks after

revealing he has been diagnosed

with a brain tumour.

Kangaroos captain Darren Lockyer

says the time to start winning big

tournaments is long overdue. The

trophy for this year's formations

was revealed in Leeds overnight.

After recent disappointments he

says history will judge this quirk

on its results from this tournament.

-- this squad. We have to be

classed as one of the better ones.

The first match is against New Zealand on Saturday.

Master trainer Bart Cummings is

hunting his fourth Cox Plate, after

his 3-year-old So You Think was

included in Saturday's weight-for-

age classic. A full field of 14

will race. Hot favourite,

Whobegotyou, will start from

barrier 10. For the second year running, once randomly selected, this barrier draw allows

connections to choose which gate

their horse will start from. While

Nick Williams juggled his son and a

phone call, not everyone was as

confident with the rules. He's not

too sure - he's going to go the

obvious. Bart Cummings eventually

choosing Gate 7 for So You Think.

He thinks his 3-year-old colt can

win on Saturday, despite a slightly

shaky gallop this morning. He

struggled around the turn, but in

the last section, I think he ran in

24 and a bit. So it was OK. So You

Think guaranteed a start after some

unimpressive trackwork dislodging

Corey Brown. A little bit sore, and

I lost me outside eye. That's why I

rolled the offset of him. I would

have liked to have landed on the have liked to have landed on the

grass, though, and not the matting.

Heart of Dreams keen to continue

its rivalry with Whobegotyou, who

narrowly defeated them at their

last start. I don't think there's a last start. I don't think there's a

breath between these two horses.

They've met four times for two

apiece, you know, and it just comes

down to whoever gets the best luck down to whoever gets the best luck

in running. He's bouncing off the

track this morning, and he's coming

off a last-start strong win. We

couldn't be happier. Gai Waterhouse

couldn't be happier with Manhattan

Rain, too. Despite her 3-year-old

drawing the car park in Barrier 14.

I think it's great. It's absolutely

fantastic. It will suit the colt

concerned. and he's only got 49.5. I'm not

The fallout continues from the A1

no-show on the Gold Coast, the

supposed headline act for this

weekend's Super GP. The Queensland

Government remains under fire,

while the the head of A1 Team

Australia, Alan Jones, is furious.

It's a bloody nightmare. As car

lovers turn their attention to the

replacement V8 race, spare a

thought for A1 driver John Martin -

this isn't the car he signed up to

drive. Obviously, it's a bit

disappointing that the A1 is not

here, but it's a privilege to come

here and drive the mini this

weekend. So far 66 racing fans have

asked for their money back.

And just making the grid for this

weekend's round in Surfers Paradise

has been a small miracle for Ford's

biggest team. They're still licking biggest team. They're still licking

their wounds after a Bathurst fireball.

This is the barbecued boot - back

from the brink after a Bathurst

bonfire. The guys had a lot of work

to do, but they always get it done,

they amaze you each time. The rear

of Mark Winterbottom's Falcon went

up in flames nine days ago on the

Mountain. Since then, Ford

Performance Racing has worked

overtime - stripping the smoked overtime - stripping the smoked

shell back, and rebuilding snd

replacing everything from the

driver's seat back. All the while

racing the clock to make this

weekend's grid. OK, well, we've

rebuilt everything from the rear

fire wall back. New rear wing, boot

lid, rear quarters, bumper, back

door backwards. Already one car

sits waiting a rebuild, the team's

spare Falcon in use after this

stack wiped their second car out on

top of the Mountain. After a

miserable season on the track,

Ford's factory squad is hopeful of

a change of luck across four races a change of luck across four races

on the Gold Coast. There's no

question getting a result this

weekend would be a terrific reward

for what happened to Bathurst. This

time, they'll be hoping the flames

steer well clear when the V8s hit

Friday. Surfers Paradise's streets on

Victoria will face New South Wales

in the Twenty20 Champions League

and it has Bushranger Dirk Nannes

to thank for it. Playing for Delhi, Nannes helped steamroll the previously undefeated Cape Cobras,

meaning the Bushrangers and Blues

will now face off in the semifinals. will now face off in the semifinals. meaning the Bushrangers and Blues

Oh, how the Bushrangers would love

Dirk Nannes back for the business

end of the Champions League.

Playing for his IPL franchise -

Delhi - big Dirk tormented the Cape

Cobras. Chasing the Daredevils'

modest total of 114, Nannes shook

the undefeated South African side,

laying the foundations for a local

onslaught. One by one, the Cobras'

batsman slid back to the sheds.

Before Nannes returned for one more

menacing spell. With figures of

3/19 as the Cobras were routed for 3/19 as the Cobras were routed for

just 84 - the lowest score of the just 84 - the lowest score of the

tournament. It means his native tournament. It means his native

Victoria has a semifinal showdown

with New South Wales. The carrot is

a spot in the final and a shot at

the US $2.5 million winner's cheque.

The runner up will pocket US $1.3

million, while the losing

semifinalist still walks away with

$500,000. Either way - there'll be

some cashed up cricketers heading

home from the sub-continent.

So it was very much a case of Dirk

the destroyer, but the Cape Cobras'

loss sees them avoid a semi-final

against either of the Aussie sides.

and Tobago. Instead they'll take on Trinidad Instead they'll take on Trinidad

and Tobago. Instead they'll take on Trinidad

And New South Wales has arrived in

Delhi for the match against the Bushrangers. With the winner

guaranteed nearly $1.5 million just

for making the final, it'll be the

richest purse ever offered for a

game between two Australian State

teams. It would have been nice. You

never know, mate. If you beat

Victoria it will be an added bonus.

The The Blues are expected to

select the same team they've used

for the duration of the tournament.

Stirling Mortlock has suffered yet

another injury setback. He's been

ruled out of the first two matches

of the Wallabies' Spring Tour with

a torn calf muscle. The Wallabies

ramped up their preparations again

today, Adam Ashley-Cooper came very

close to a nasty collision with a

truck. Mortlock will remain in

Australia until his calf has healed.

Realistically, we're looking at Realistically, we're looking at

targeting me being 100% right by

that week leading into the Ireland

match. Drew Mitchell rolled an

ankle during a training drill but

is expected to play in the opening tour match against Japan.

And Ewen McKenzie has had his first

the training session today in charge of

the Queensland Reds. The 44-year- the Queensland Reds. The 44-year-

old got the job ahead of former

Wallaby coach John Connolly,

becoming only the second non-

Queenslander to lead the Reds. He

is also the Reds' seventh coach in

just 11 seasons. If you were

worried about job security you

wouldn't become a coach. It's a

fickle business. McKenzie will fickle business. McKenzie will

confront his old team, the New

South Wales Waratahs in the Super South Wales Waratahs in the Super

14 season opener at Suncorp Stadium

in February next year.

Fulham has celebrated its 130th Fulham has celebrated its 130th

anniversary with a 2-0 win over

fellow Premier League struggler,

Hull. Both sides were desperate for

a win to lift them out of the

relegation zone. But it was Fulham

which looked more positive,

breaking the deadlock after the

keeper could only parry a long-

range shot from Damien Duff.

COMMENTATOR: Frustrations are ended.

Fulham was rewarded again for its

attacking flair in the second half

with a second goal, to lift it from

the bottom end of the table.

Anthony Mundine and Daniel Geale

have weighed in for their respective fights in Launceston

tomorrow. The two men are fighting

different opponents, but Mundine

continued to provoke and antagonise

the Tasmanian. Geale says he'll go

in a better fighter next time round.

It made me a little bit more hungry.

We've been working on that. The re-

match won't take place until next year. Australia's big-car company VOICEOVER: You might not expect to launch the latest small car, but at Holden, that's exactly what we've done. It's called the Holden Cruze. but you don't have to do yoga to get into the back. There's more safety features, with the highest possible five-star safety rating across the range. without feeling like you're driving an experiment. And if you think the interior looks good during the day, just wait till you see it at night. The all-new Holden Cruze. The small car just got serious. Go better. Being focused when studying for exams is really important. (AUDIO TRACK SKIPS AND STOPS) When kids don't have breakfast, it can really affect their focus. See? He's got the fuzzies. But research shows that a nutritious breakfast, like fibre-rich Sultana Bran, can help them fight the fuzzies and stay focused, which really helps us help them learn. VOICEOVER: Sultana Bran. Fight the fuzzies at school. More speed! OK, I'm onto it. When pain strikes, use Nurofen Zavance. It's absorbed up to twice as fast as standard Nurofen, giving you fast, effective relief when you need it. Activating Zavance! Target pain fast with Nurofen Zavance. Now available in new Liquid Capsules.

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Howzat for a shot - no need for

team shirts in this photo shoot for

the second edition of the Men of

Cricket Calendar. But Simon Katich

appears to have one category to

himself. I actually think I was

voted the hairiest man of cricket.

It's all in aid of the McGrath

Foundation's work in placing breast

care nurses nationally, as well as raising breast cancer awareness.

Last year's calendar raised $50,000

They all get our Play of the Day.

I noticed we had your undivided

attention on that player of the day.

The weather. Cairns, a possible shower. Brisbane, Adelaide and

Alice Springs, mostly sunny. Sydney,

Canberra and Hobart, mostly cloudy.

Melbourne, a clearing shower. Perth,

sunny. Darwin, late thunder.

And that's the latest from Ten News.

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6:00am. I'm Kath Robinson, from the

Late News team, goodnight.

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