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(generated from captions) to wind up the interview. when presenter Tony Eastley tried But the Minister did say more No I haven't said that. case has been handled? So your happy with the way this an extraordinary case. Quite anything None of these people will get The photo came from Getty Images. a friend in that crowd. No-one in Perth is likely to see But who are these forgotten people? after Tuesday night's Budget. more concerned for the losers The 'West Australian' was I'm Liz Jackson. Welcome to Media Watch. someone won something. but what the hell - at the 'Geelong Independent' - Whoops, where were the subs This program is captioned live.

to explain. We asked the ABC's Greg Wilesmith but amended due a factual error? to an embarrassment, yes, Edited to remove That's a little hard to buy. Instead you'll find this: just heard on the ABC's web site. you won't find the sections you've for yourself, and want to check it out If you missed the AM interview except for this. of this flurry - And that might have been the end his flippant remark had carried. that he withdrew any imputations made it clear At the end of the show Tony Eastley to turn the tables. for the opportunity her lucky stars Amanda Vanstone must have thanked to wind up the interview. when presenter Tony Eastley tried But the Minister did say more an extraordinary case. Quite

its own problems with accuracy the mainstream press has But let's not be na ve - Absolutely Rupert. Their proprietor - Rupert Murdoch. know to explain it. and we've called in someone they and journalism to distinguish between blogging but we think it's important we have been unfair to Janet, The 'Australian' newspaper thinks only confirms that view. with Arthur's credibility and our own experience doesn't deserve a journalistic credibility it Arthur's blog Janet Albrechtsen's column gave But we stand by our story - website. We've noted and corrected our Arthur's blog Janet Albrechtsen's column gave website. We've noted and corrected our in the program. But the correction was made

what they thought: We asked Sotheby's to journalist Samela Harris: But what the heck, according before. he'd never seen anything like it French Embassy told us The cultural counsellor at the for the award he claims to have. Glen Rowan's website includes a logo but according to Chantal Olivier. award Orders for Arts and Letters, The Ministry of Culture does of a such a title. they've never heard Culture in Paris, Well, it's news to the Ministry of Samela Harris continued. in Paris told Media Watch. The media officer for the Louvre I thought you had to be dead. at the Louvre? and what's this about exhibiting not Mchaffey Glen's surname is Mahaffey Now stop right there. a Murdoch publication. for the 'Adelaide Advertiser', Samela Harris is a Senior Writer and reliability.

Tim rang us back. Several hours later, of the media unit, Tim Pigot. So we called the head at the NT Health Department. by the spin doctors had in fact been written A tipster told us the article that are more insidious. deceptions of the media Of course it's the mundane whatever - the coffee was good. or maybe Samela got it wrong - Maybe the Maitre exaggerated duped like your father was duped Do you feel that you have been So we had to ask Samela. the biggest idiot on earth. that I looked like It was forty years ago never existed. The problem was that Ern Malley The poet's name was Ern Malley who'd recently died. of a young Australian genius, he promoted as the work a set of poems Back in the 1940s Max published famous literary hoax. was the victim of Australia's most Samela's father, Max Harris, of the story. so we asked Harris for her side to mislead Samela Glen Rowan says that he did nothing We don't think so. Sidney Nolan? Arthur Boyd?

International. Captioning and Subtitling Captions by So until next week, goodnight. Hey we're reasonable people. he's just doing his job. go easy on Edwin - His boss, Tim Pigot, says we should the copy for the 'NT News'. is the same spin doctor who wrote on the right, Edwin, By the way the young man the 'Sunday Territorian'. paper to a 'NT News' - They were busted by the sister doctors for the Barkley District. are not we're sad to say, new young with stethoscopes round their necks But the three bright eyed folk in the 'Tennant and District Times'. unit ran this ad Recently the same government media story, we just can't resist. And there's postscript to this Territorians deserve better. you really need to break. a bad habit Happily it wasn't, but Julian that's not embarrassed, but a little coy. back as well, NT news editor Julian Ricci got