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(generated from captions) 6 minutes remaining of this half.

Australia 0, England 0, the winner

into the gold medal play off match

in two days, but the led lock we

mains here at the National Stadium.

For Victoria and NSW and Tasmanian

viewers f you want to stick with

the hockey, switch to One, other

wise time for Ten News.

Fairfax journalist Phil Coorey This

program is captioned live. Tonight

- the Michelle Beets murder. A

court hears the respected nurse

suffered an horrific death. The

family search for answers after the

police shooting of a young man in

the State's north. And dozens

forced to flee their homes as wild

weather lashes Queensland.

Good evening, I'm Deborah Knight.

And I'm Bill Woods in the

Commonwealth Games studio. Also

tonight t any gerian athlete who

claimed gold after Hastings Pier

disqualification after 4 was

disqualifieded I'm very, very proud

of her, she is very focused. To the

Commonwealth Games, now, and Bill

Woods joins us from our games

studio. Yet more drama at the

track? Yes, deb, the first positive

test for a banned substance has

turned up at the qesms. Hugh

Riminton is covering a very

dramatic day at Delhi. This

involves an athlete in a race

already full of controversial. We

all remember the 100 metres final, Australian Hastings Pier first

across the line and later

disqualified. The gold medal when

thrent to the Nigerian runner.

Games officials have now announced

that 14 has tested positive for a

banned substance. If that result is

confirmed bay follow-up test she confirmed bay follow-up test she

will almost certainly be stripped

of that gold medal. There was a

positive test, right, and in

accordance with the antidoping

standard for the games she will be

notified, she is requested the

testing of a B sal approximate and

a hearing will be held this

afternoon. They have told Nigerian afternoon. They have told Nigerian

website that she was given pain

medication for a bad tooth ache.

They said they will defend her and

her right to the medal. It makes no

difference to Hastings Pier, she

says she has already moved on. She

always had the talent, now she has

the support. Sally Pearson's mum

and boyfriend were in Delhi. She

had to do without them after being had to do without them after being

disqualified. Were e were were at

information. home watching it, we had no

Qualifying faster for the hurdles,

Sally will settle for nothing but

gold tonight. She is very focus and

I'm very, very proud of her. Some

great gold for Australia, Alan

Davis for a perfect finish to add

men's gold to the woman's road race.

Perfection for Melissa WU and Croaq

in the diving. They have previously

won golds before. In the discuss,

the 2 metre tall man becomes the

first indigenous Australian to win

gold at a field event. I am stoked

that's what I did. as ever. I came here to win and

What more can you say about curt

turnly - gold in the 1500 metres.,

with 200 to go I think I was nose

in front and the head just switched

on and I said time to win it and

once that happened I felt comfy.

Nothing comfy though for this

athlete, fibrely stretched away

with a stretchered heart attack but

only after a long wait for focused

medical attention. The crowds were

waiting for this, the Indian

Pakistan hockey match. They

finished up 7-4 winners, a gold

medal match against Australia now a

real chance. They really get into

it. It is a great atmosphere, I

love playing here in India,

especially against India.

Don't forget tonight, not only Don't forget tonight, not only

Sally Pearson in the 100 hurdles

but also our top ranked track and

feast athleteing, Steve Hooker will

be out there to defend his tight

until that event. Should be

fantastic. Thank you, Hugh Riminton

in Delhi. Let's have a look at the

medal tally now. Australia

continued to hold a commanding lead.

England is in third place, they

have a lot oh medals but not as

many as inds ya in terms of the

gold. I will be back after the news

with a different looks night before

Sally and Steve show up. We will

have a big semifinal for the hockey

roos and diving. To other news now,

and a court has heard graphic and a court has heard graphic

detail of how a man allegedly

murdered Michelle Beets. The

accused man's wife gave evidence

against her husband saying he

admitted to slashing her throat and

a warning this following story

contains details that could be distressing.

According to his wife, former US

March recent Walter Marsh hated his

boss at the Royal North Shore

Hospital because he believed

Michelle Beets was a bully and

abused her power. The woman who

can't be named, told his committal

hearing to day when she met him at

the Chatswood train station at the

day miss Beets had died, he told me

she would be gone forever. He said

I did it, I slashed her throat a

few times because she kept

screaming. He told him, "OK, I will

not scream, I am just afraid you

will hurt me" and that point he cut

her throat. Mr Marsh's wife said he

tried to kiss him when she saw him

but he re-fused saying don't touch

me I am dirty. At that point the

accused demanded to be led from the

dock and returned to his cell. It

is a difficult time for my client

at the moment, he say his has found

listening. it difficult sitting there

A relative oh Michelle Beets was

also in court hearing how he had

used Mr Marsh's wife to practice

using a knife. He wanted to look at

it every time he went to sleep. Mr

Marsh's brother in law will give

evidence tomorrow 689

A young man's family has watched

video of how he died at the hands of police. Elijah Holcombe had

sought treatment for a mental

illness just hows before hours

before being shot. Surveillance

cameras capture the last moments of

Elijah Holcombe's young life.

Within a minute of Senior Constable

Andrew Rich drawing his Glock

handgun, the 24-year-old would be

fatally wounded by a single gun

shoth to the chest. The video

reveals the police officers wasn't

carrying a baton or a capsicum

spray and appeared to be several

car lengths from Elijah when he

pulled the triggers. We miss Elijah

very much. We love him more than

words can say. Two days before his

death Elijah diagnosed with a

mental illness stopped taking his

medication. Realising he was in

trouble, Elijah went to Armidale

private health insurance. He was

taken to Armidale hospital where he

was allowed to leave despite suffering delusions. despite

suffering delusions. Chased by two plain clothes police officers

through the CBD, Elijah was fatally

wounded after arming himself with a

bread knife from a cafe kitchen.

The inquest heard the officers gave

chase despite repeated warnings

that Elijah was extremely

frightened of police and should be

approached with extreme caution.

There are many important and deeply

concerning questions as to whether

his actions were an act of

justifiable homicide or not.

The State Coroner will now determine precisely what happened

here, there can be no doubt that

Elijah's tragic death has had a

profound effect on the local

community. Dozens witnessed the

shooting and will give evidence at

the inquest

The David Joness sexual harassment

case could be settled this week.

Talks between Kristy Fraser-Kirk

and her former boss Mark McInnes

are scheduled in the Human Rights

Commission on Friday. Ms Fraser-

Kirk and others are sues Mr McInnes

and David Jones for $37 million

claiming he or raszed them. Mr

McInnes denies the claims. A spokesman for Kristy Fraser-Kirk

says the case could be settled if

Friday's talks are successful.

Dozens of homes have been evacuated

as south East Queensland once again

balds flash flooding. In some

area's a month's worth of rain fell in one night.

Already drenched by days of rain,

Queensland's weather turned nasty

overnight. Storms and record

monsoonal rain pelted down in the

early hours and did not stop,

sparking an emergency. Areas on the

bayside and North of Brisbane the

worth effects. Fast rising

floodwaters and expected high tide

forcing sol streets to be evacuated.

We have at least 20 houses that are

at risk and one behind you too, it

is just about to go under. I have

baby stpo toes, baby blankets and a

change of clothes for the kids and

that's it. Cars, too, washed away.

This driver lucky to be rescued and

90 roads were cut. I have been here

since 1970 in this street and I

have never seen this happen before.

Roads remain impassable under water

tonight, schools cut off and

beaches on both the Gold and

Sunshine Coast closed. Waves up to

7 metres roared off the Gold Coast

far too dangerous for all but

seasoned surfers It is unbelievable.

We can't believe anyone is crazy

enough to go out. Just two weeks

into the storm seasons and decades

rainfall records a have been

smashed. Spring brook in the Gold

Coast hinter hand have recorded

more than 300 mms in the 24 hours.

Most have records in excess of 100

leaving Brisbane water supply

overflowing. Three years ago dams

were less than 16%, so this is

great. The trough that has caused

all this should be gone tonight but

showers and wind gusts will persist

for the remainder of the week,

doing little to clean up efforts.

We have had some rain here in

Sydney, but Angela Bishop who joins

us with the weather will we see

that come our way. No, we are not

going to put up any competition to

Queensland, but we have showers for

the rest of the week, although it

looks George ruse right now as we

get to the twilight end of the day.

We reached a high of 21 degree, it

is still 20. 23 in Homebush, and we

had a warm night overnight, it only

got down to 17. There was a fair

smattering of round across most

suburbs, something that we will see

more of as we get through the week

although the temperatures are set

to rise. Tomorrow could be more

around 24 mark. It is interesting

there was a little rain yesterday

for a very pivotal day and that was

the breakfast on the bridge and

some of that surf turf got rather

damp, but it was all taken up and

shipped out to Wentworth park.

3,000 people elected to take part

in that yesterday. There were even

some Soccerooss. It was a big fund

racer. I will bring you more

weather details later in the bulletin.

Tony Abbott is sticking business

his claim that the Prime Minister

is guilty of a low act for his

comments over his visit to the

troops in Afghanistan. Julia

Gillard says he's simply wrong.

Tony Abbott back in the country and

refusing to shoot from the lip at

the airport. Now's not the time to

say thinking. But action man Abbott

was on the war path in Afghanistan

for what he described as a low act

of bastardry for briefing

journalists that he had declined

her offer to visit the troops

together. Sometimes Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott runs to harsh words

before he's bothered to get the

facts. Fairfax journalist Phil

Coorey says the Gillard office was

not the source of his organise

story. I just won't cop any

suggestion that I am indifferent to

the fate of our troops. Staying

above the fray, home affairs

minister, Brendan O'Connor, farewelling 16 more Australian

Federal Police heading for the war

zone as mentors for the locals. We

are fully behind the mission in

Afghanistan. He says Australia

would be prepared to consider

sending more. The Coalition's

economic credibility suffered

damage today with the leaking of

correspondence between the liberal

and National Party federal directors and the accountancy firm

that purportedly did an audit of pre-election costings. The two

party directors accept that the

work of HWKhowarth is not of a high

level Whatever the opposite says,

the full extend of their deception

has been made clear today. The

treasury found $10 billion hole in

the Coalition's numbers.

Still to come on Ten, commuters

injured in a Sydney ferry very

crash. A new plan to aware law

abiding drivers Most drivers

actually do the right thing. And

Holden Bathurst heroes celebrate

their big win on the water.

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This program is captioned live. You

are watching Ten news. Mechanical

failure is being blamed for a

harbour ferry crash that caused

minor delays for commuters this morning. The Anne Sergeant Harbour

Cat Cole lieded with the sandstone

seawall at Kirribilli just before 9.

Two passengers were treated at the

screen. One woman was taken to

Sydney hold with a suspected broken

nose. Just hit the wall, and we

were up there and heard a big

tooting and then it came and hit

the wall and we heard a loud

explosion. Sydney Ferries says the

collision caused only minor damage

to the ferry. Air crash

investigators say it could take up

to a year to find the cause of a

helicopter accident in the Blue

Mountains Blue Mountainss. Six

people escaped death when their

chopper came down in poor weather. Experienced investigators were

stunned not to discover any bodys

in this wraekage, the impacttor the

machine apart and skrattered debris

up to 50 metres from the cabin. We

have been working to have a look at

what happened to the care craft.

Five passengers and the pilot

escaped when the charter flight skrashed yesterday. A Sydney helicopter spokesman will not

speculate on the cause. No, I can't

comment. We will leave it at that

and we are just helping everybody.

Seasoned pilots say the emergency

landing was by the took. You hit

the tree in a vertical rather than

horizontal motion so the helicopter

gets smashed but the passages come

out relatively unscathed. The last

two decades more than 120 people

have died in small helicopters and

they are aiming to improve the

education and training. The pilot

is integral to the whole thing and

then the maintenance of the air

Kraft. Investigators expect to wrap

up their search for physical

evidence tomorrow and they will

begin interviewing passengers and

the pilot. Poor weather, machine

malfunction and the pilot error

will be expected but the official

reason may not be known for up to a

year. A new inquiry will be held

into the death of Azaria Chamberlain. Lindy Chamberlain-

Creighton called on the northern

territory government to change

Azaria's death certificate on the

30th anniversary of her death to 30th anniversary of her death to

formally recognise a dingo as her

killer. The deern general has asked

the Registrar of Births, Deaths and

Marriages to conduct a review but

there's been no formal request for

a fourth inquest.

Good drivers could soon be

rewarbded with a discount on the

cost of a licence. Motoring groups

say the current system is stuck in

the 1970s. Road Kewells and traffic

penalties have moved at a fast

space. People are saying it is no

longer up to speed. It is all about

giving motorists a fairer go under

the system which hasn't changed in

the last 40 years. They say that

drivers now have to contend with

fixed and mobile speed cameras, red

light and safety cameras, school

zones, bus lanes, highway patrols,

planes...and rangers. It is

important that motorists have all

their points so they are driving

carefully and legally. We say give

something back. They propose a

sliding scale discount depending

how much years you have had a clean record.

It would be good. Yeah? Yes, of

course. Do you have a good record?

I have a very good record for the

past 25 years. Traffic infringement

will double to $570 million. The

vast majority of motorists do the

right thing. We are willing to look right thing. We are willing to look

at this suggestion. Not welcome for

the 700,000 motorists who drive

through the city is a parking

proposal. Hundreds of parking spots

could be rezoned for car sharing.

Everybody that drives on the road

should get a chance to park,

whether you are sharing or not.

There are 200 share paces across

the city and in three years 5,000

people have signed up.

Sports headlines now with Adam

Hawse and I really hope he can do

it, Mark Webber that is it he is a

step closer to the world title Yes,

it has been three years since an

Aussie has won the world

championship but is looking forward

to breaking the draught. He

finished second to Sebastian Vettel

and he leads the championships by

14 points. What do you do when you

have been driving a V8 all weekend?

You go for a boot ride. Craig

Lowndes celebrating his Bathurst

win by churning up Sydney Harbour.

We will also have more on the

scandal from the 100 metres sprint

in Delhi. Good stuff, thank you. Up

next on Ten, pensioners in public

housing spared a rent hike. Also,

relatives of Chile's trapped miners

prepare to be reunited with her

loved ones.

And North Korea puts on a show of

military might and it puppy with parvo virus, even if

they survive, it will be

out and realise that this is a support Labour, forming Australia's first minority Federal Government Over the last two months, we've all

been affected by about the dangers of suicide.

For so many in need of help, the message

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Finance Report This program is

captioned live. Let's take a look

at the traffic around Sydney at the

start of the working week. Michelle

Gutierrez joins us in the chopper

tonight. Not good for drivers in

Sydney's west. No, that is right,

if you are trying to head out to

the western part of Sydney tonight

it is going to be a slow run. The

chopper is currently over the top

of the M4 at Olympic park and

always you can see traffic is cued

all the way back from the old tolls

through to Mays Hill. So if you are

heading home it will be a slow run.

More than 200 people will miss out

on public housing in the coming

year after a decision not to raise

rents for pensioners. $28 million

in revenue will be lost when the

$30 pension increase is again

excluded from rent calculations.

That revenue would have built new

housing stock. It was in the best

interests of pensioners that we

deliver a second year of a rental

increase holiday. The Premier hopes

it will ease the growing cost of living.

Good evening, I'm Jacqueline

Maddock with the ING Direct Finance Report.

Well, the federal Opposition

believes the Aussie dollar is too

strong and that the government is

to blame. That is the case being

put forward by the Coalition's

finance spokesman, Andrew Rob as

the dollar again touched 99US cents.

This government in Australia could

take pressure of record exchange

rate levels if it stopped the $100

million a day borrowing. The

larkest, fastest return to surplus

since the 1960s. That is what we

will deliver. We will also deliver

a reduction in the corporate tax

rate which is good for many

companies throughout the economy,

if the Parliament is prepared to

pass our mining tax rae game. The

miners have driven the local

government to the five-month high

today. Fortescue was a stand out.

Thank you. Chile's trapped miners

could be free by the end of the

week. The rescue shaft is being

reinforced while the men themselves

work out who will be first to the surface.

The escape route is almost ready.

Metal tubes are being inserted into

the first 100 metres of the rescue

shaft to ensure it holds as the men

are hoisted out. The process is

going well. We have already set 3

of the 15 pipes that we are going

to insert into the holes and we are

expecting no major problems. More

family and friends of the 33

trapped men are pouring into the

camp. They don't want miss the

moment when the first miner touches

the surface. That is expected to

happen in days. The whole process

should take something in the range

of 48 hours. I mean, two days from

the first rescue to the last rescue.

They are going to have quite a ride.

It is not going to be just coming

up something straight like a soda

straw to the top. When the break

game through to the men on the

weekend, sell braiings erupted.

Underground the miners are

discussing their order of escape

and preparing physically with

liquid diet and blood thinners for

the squeezey ride to the top. The

most important journey of their life.important journey of their life.

North Korea has put on a

spectacular show to celebrate its

military might. The normally

secretive state involved the media

to watch and see the man who is

expected to take over as leader.

Long live Kim Jong Un, they should.

The young general was sitting next

in line, his father Kim Jong Il

visibly ailing. They came to watch

the larkest military parade in

North Korea's history, according to

our minders. A show of strength and

succession. North Korea's huge

armed forces will soon be ruled by

Kim Jong Un, the third leader in

the world's only Communist dynasty

and that means for the man in his

20s with very little experience

with global negotiations will have

his finger on the nuclear button.

No wonder the West is worryed.

Controlling the fifth largest army

in the world keeping Asia's most

powerful army in control. After all

the war with South Korea and the

United States has never technically

ended. The young general ral needs

the approval of the military high

command to be accepted as if new

dictator. Tonight, the leadership

celebrated loudly 65 years of the

party in power. Yet allow the North

Coreyian regime can light up the

night sky, look at this t State

can't provide power to light the streets.

Still to come on Ten, how students

can best prepare for this week's

HSC exams. Also pill grims flock to

Vatican city to see Mary MacKillop

become a saint It is a very welcome

and perhaps long overdue

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woman show. This program is

captioned live. Tonight's headlines.

A Sydney court has heard accused

killer, Walter Marsh hated nurse

Michelle Beets who was killed in

April outside her home. He

allegedly admitted to his wife that

he cut the victim's throat after

trying to silence her screams.

An inquest has begun into the death

of a young man who was shot dead by

a police officer last year at Armidale. 24-year-old Elijah

Holcombe armed himself with a knife

hours after being discharged from a

hospital where he was treated for a mental illness.

And the Nigerian sprinter who wodge

Commonwealth Games gold after

Australia's Sally Pearson was

disqualified has failed a drugs

test. A hearing on the matter is

scheduled for later today.

The HSC exams start on Thursday.

Experts have today provided some

last minute advice for stressed out students.

A record 71,000 students today woke

up to the realisation their HSC

starts this week. For many, their

entry to university hinges on their

exam performance. Yeah, we see

cases of adolescents with anxiety

discorders and depression, so, yeah,

it is quite - it can be quite

serious. Dr Martin says the warning

signs can be avoiding social

outings and changes in eating and

sleep patterns. She says managing

stress can be simple. They have to

have a good balanced diet and sleep,

they need to take regular study brea need to take regular study breaks.

Parents too have a role. They must

not put ridiculous amounts of

pressure on their child. It is not

going to help them.

The HSC exams make up half a

student's final mark, the other

half has already been determined by

school work. The first exam are

busy studies and classic Greek are

on Thursday and everyone is in for

English on Friday. It can often be

a difficult and stressful time but

we are all behind you. If you need

some last minute help, HSC online

has study hints and techniques. The

HSC advice line also opened today.

Mary MacKillop's name is being

protected by law to stop companies

cashing in on Australia's first

saint. The move comes as the

Vatican prepared for her

canonisation on Sunday.

The pilgrims are already flocking,

and Vatican city is a buzz a

excitement. It is terrific. It is

recognition right here in the

competitive hub of Rome of an

outstanding Australian. On Sunday

Pope Benedict will formally

recognise six new Catholic Saints.

7,000 Australians are expected to

make the journey to witness Mary

MacKillop become Saint Mary of the

Cross cross.; the church service

will be Cole lem but when the

announcements are made there is

usually great cheering. How best to

toast a saint? With a special

shipment of Coonawarra wine in the

regone where marry worked He opened

her first school at Penola in South

Australia. The bottles don't

feature Mary MacKillop, her name

will soon be protected by lawyer.

The Federal Government will change

the corporates Act to stop her name

being used without permission. The

only other person to share the honour is Sir Donald Bradman.

She will forever be known as

Princess Leia from 'Star Wars' but

actress and author Carrie Fisher is

a lot more than that. The daughter

of Hollywood legends she feels at

home on stage where she will be

opening her one-woman show here next week.

You could call Carrie Fisher's life

a lot of things, but dull isn't one

of them. Thrust into the public

high from birth, thanks to her parents Debbie Reynolds and Eddie

Fisher, the successful author and

actress has enjoyed some amazing

highs, and some devastating lows,

all of which she talks about openly

in her one-woman show 'Wishful

Drinking'. When I come out I go

with the worst thing whichever

happened to me which was to wake up

with a friend of mine who was dead.

She talks about her marriage to

singer Paul Simon, her battle with

drink and drugs, her bipolar

disorder - even her electro-

convulsive therapy. She only lost

her father a fellow bipolar

sufferer three weeks ago. His fame

as a singer dwafed dwarfed by the

as a singer dwafed dwarfed by the

decision to leave Debbie Reynolds

to marry former Liberian President

Charles Taylor. I actually called

her to - Elizabeth Taylor - I

actually called her to tell him he

had passed and she described. My

mother would have laughed. Of

course carry also talked about star

war very the hair do and that gold

dick any. If I had known that by

doneing the metal bikini when I was

23 that I was signing an invisible

contract to stay looking the exact

same way for the next 30 to 40

years wouldn't have done it. Her

national tour starts at Sydney's

State Theatre next Tuesday.

She is certainly honer.Est. Love

her. Bring her back. Adam is back

with sport. It is not good news for

the Aussies, because Westpac

Chairman Ted Evans shas just scored

his 49th seft hundred, and the New South Wales man debuts.

And hurt wills towards gold,

Harradine in the discus.. Plus,

Mark Webber avoids a formally one

frenzy to close in on the title. We

saw him in the back of shot just

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(Sachin Tendulker) This program is

captioned live. The runner awarded

the winner's 100 metres final after

Sally Pearson was disqualified has

tested positive to a banned

substance. To Ian Cohen, and this

is the biggest bombshell to hit an

already drama filled Commonwealth

Games. Good afternoon, it is certainly a developing situation

here in Delhi with the woman's 100

metres again shrouded in

controversy. You will remember that

was the event a couple of nights

ago that rendered so much heart aim

ache when Sally Pearson was

disqualified well now the winner

has appeared to test positive for a

banned substance. So we could have

a situation that the woman who won

bronze could be elevated to the

gold medal. Sally Pearson has a

shot at redemption tonight, shes

that 100 metres hurdles and

obviously she will be going for

gold there. Meantime, a little bit

further away, just across on the

other side of Delhi, tennis has

been increased in the games for the

first time and the Aussies have

been domestic nat there. These two

- nom dant there.. Their fingers

ready to grab hold of the goal. I

am really excited. This is

certainly one of the - this is

really excited to me to win a

Commonwealth gold medals. It makes

it intimidating for the opponent

like myself, it was a bit scary.

While the Aussies have missed out

on this particular gold medal they

have taken the majority of the top

podium positions here at the tennis.

And over at the road cycling in

central Delhi earlier to dairbgs it

was an Aussie clean sweep, green

and gold all the way in the men's

and woman's events. Alan givis gave

Australia 14 of the 16 medals on

wheels. (Davis) At the diving WU

and Croach won gold, while

Harradine blamed the biggest dus

cuss win of his career. I am stoked.

Last one for the year, I came here

to win. And curt fernly came here

to win in the 1500. And moral

support for Sally Pearson, hur

husband flying in to cheer on his

new bride for the hurdles after

finding out about the heart ache of

the 100. I think it was midnight

when the race was held, we had no

information She is very strong,

very confident. She is that art of

person that can hold it together.

She is very focused and I'm very,

very proud of her. So the big

question tonight - can Sally

Pearson fight back from that 100

metre controversy that continues to

roll on, and can poll volt champion

ply higher that

ply higher that the great Hooker.

Going into the competition on Day 8,

Australia has 138 medals overnight.

End ya is second on the table

followed by England. It is a big

night of athletics at the

Commonwealth Games. Our coverage

continues from 6 pm with Sally

Pearson the headline act in the 100

metres hurdles along with Steve

Hooker. There is diving, boxing and

rugby 7s. Sachin Tendulker century

has put end yak back on terms. If

little master is unbeaten on 106

after yesterday passing 14,000 Test

runs. Chasing the Australia sis's

total of 478, he brought up his

century with typical class. What a

magnificent innings. The third

wicket stand between him and his

partner currently 186. New South

Waless opening, Nick Maddinson has

become the youngest ever Blues

player to score a century in his

debut. He scored 1134 on the

opening day of the sheeld match

with South Australia. The old

record was set by Arthur Morris in 1940.

Some more high speed action for

Bathurst 1000 chplouns Craig

Lowndes after yesterday's win. He

backed up from his marathon win for

a spot of jet boot action on the

harbour and while he was still saw

from his bin, he was nowhere near

as shaken as FAbian Coulthard who

rolled his cars six times on the

opening lap. It is unbelievable. It

will go down as one of the worst

accidents we have had and luckily,

thankfully, he was talked away from

it. Lowndes co-driver, Mark Skaife

ruling out a comeback after his

sixth Bathurst win. Mark Webber has

extended his lead to 14 point after

avoiding trouble in the start of

the Japanese Grand Prix. Sebastian

Vettel finished nine tenths of a

second ahead of the Australian.

Webber comes in second. Red Bull

take a 1, 2. Fernando Alonso was

third. All five championships contenders finishiampionships

contenders finishing in the top five places.

There is a new MotoGP GP world

champion. That's a very giddy Jorge

Lorenzo. The Spaniard saling the

title with three rounds remaining

after a third place at the Mal

layian gap. His teammate Valentino

Rossi won the race from Andrea

Dovizioso. Australia's Casey Stoner

crashed out in the second lap.

The State 23069 has given, NRL

Premier St George Illawarra a post

grand final gift. Kristina Keneally

granting the Dragons $13 million

allowing construction of a 1300

sheet undercover grand stand at

subly stadium. We are investing in

the next stage of the upgrade to

ensure that the heart of the St

George Illawarra Dragons continues

to beat and beat strongly. The

aindividual Rabbitohs supporter was

also given a Bulldogs jersey at

Belmore Oval after committing $2.5

million dollars 56 making it a

permanent training base. Aussie

surfer Tom Whitaker has upset Kelly

Slater in round one of the Rip Curl

Pro in Portugal. He's only there

because Joel Parkinson pulled out

injured, but Whitaker made the most

of it scoring a day high 9 point 5.

There were a couple of heavy hold

downs through though for Whitaker,

and some other big names. I stood

on my boofrd and went as deep as I

could because I was getting them on

my head. Burrow, Mick Fanning and

Owen Wright join Whitaker through

to round 3. Our coverage of the

games continues straight after the

news, a big night for Sally Pearson

and Steve Hooker. Let's take a look

at the drive around Sydney.

Michelle Gutierrez, problems on the

F3 now? Well, actually it's a great

run if you are heading for the

central coast on the F3. As you can see the chopper the currently

overhead an it is looking really

smooth. If you are heading over the

central coast and we are just over

hoshs by, it is looking great.

That is a rare problem to have.

Thank you, Michelle. Stay with us,

Angela Bishop has all the (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) Oh, man, that is hot. 100% breast fillet chicken KFC's new Fiery Burger - fiery recipe, marinated in our special with fresh ingredients then grilled and topped and KFC's fiery sauce. KFC's new Fiery range. that taste. # # Can't beat

We have already had a bit of a wet

start to October, Angela Bishops

joins us with the detail, and more

rain to come? Absolutely, we are

being stared the drips and the

drops as Bailey would call them at

the might, but there is the promise

of fairly substantial rain at the

end of the week. We had a few

showers overnight although it was a

warm night, only got down to 17,

three above average. Reached a top

in the city of 21 and 23 in the

west. Let's take a look at the

temperatures now where

We have a fantastic photo for you,

it is of last week's storm. It is

from Coffs Harbour, have a look at

it. He is in the running as always

for the fabulous Panasonic camera

from Harvey Norman and and if you

have a photo that you think is

worth a prize send us an email.

Checking the temperatures

We are having a wet old October but

it is still welcome rain and not

too heavy. That is Ten's news for

now. I'm Deborah Knight thanks for

your company. I will be back with a

news update shortly. And stay with

us here on Ten for a very big night

at the Commonwealth Games.

Hopefully I we will be reporting

gold tomorrow when I see you then. Supertext captions by Good night.

Red Bee Media Australia

Welcome back to New South Wales,

Victoria and Tasmania. We will

continue our coverage of the

Commonwealth Games. If you have not

been able to be with us for the

last half hour or so, an update.

The Hockeyroos have beaten England