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This program is captioned live. Tonight - out of control -

mowing down everyone in its path. a car mounts a footpath at Kogarah it was just collecting people. From the Gloria Jeans shop,

among the injured. Women and their children The lady on the ground is screaming. waving them around, She's got her hands in the air, Where's my baby?" saying, "Where's my baby? A learner driver under arrest. She's just gone crazy. She ran out of the car. Tonight's other major story - to terror charges. David Hicks pleads guilty He just wanted to get out. He was desperate. But first this evening - are injured a woman is dead and 10 others into a packed bus stop at Kogarah. after an L-plater slammed are among those hurt, Four members of the same family and their babies. including two sisters is now in hospital The 42-year-old learner driver being treated for shock. for a bus, One moment they were waiting by the car without warning. seconds later they were hit just metres from the accident, These images from a witness on the side of the road. multiple victims being treated

to the limit. Ambulances services stretched

of a Toyota Echo A learner driver at the wheel up onto the pavement running through an intersection

of people. and ploughing into the crowd and the car ran into us. We were just walking down the street

It was 100km, at full speed.

to four different hospitals, In all nine adults were taken two in a critical condition. at the bus stop. It was just like ten pin bowling just before the lunchtime crowds. The crash happened

screaming, There was a lady on the ground "Where's my baby? Where's my baby?" a 42-year-old learner driver Police are interviewing and her 60-year-old instructor. while you're waiting to catch a bus. Something you wouldn't expect to pore over the wreck As crash investigators continue is how fast was a key question they'll be working out the learner driver travelling.

The speed limit here is 50km/h. accelerated Some witnesses say the car as the lights were changing. to get through the intersection Evan Batten, Ten News. is in Kogarah and joins us now. Reporter Daniel Sutton

one person has died - Dan, it's now been confirmed of the other victims? is there an update on the condition

You're exactly right to - but 19-

year-old woman was in theta this

afternoon in hospital.

Unfortunately, she died not very

long ago. Her family who's based in

Orange has been informed. The other

area of concern is for an 18 month

old boy. He's in hospital in

Randwick, in a critical but stable

condition. There's a 46-year-old

woman that has been released from

hospital, so that's good news.

Seven others are still in hospital

around Sydney. The learner driver

was in Soviet state of shock. The

42-year-old woman from Arncliffe

was arrested at the scene of the

accident and taken to the police

station and then taken to the local

hospital for treatment of shock.

She remained there at the moment.

Officers from the crash

investigation unit a waiting to see

if she can be discharged and then

brought back to the police station

to be interviewed. The car has been

taken away for a mechanical

investigation, officers are looking over the car right now. to be sentenced this week David Hicks is likely by pleading guilty after shocking his legal team in a US military court. to a terrorism charge are yet to be revealed, Details of the plea bargain

but prosecutors say by the end of the year. Hicks could be back in Australia that caught everyone by surprise - It was a move at short notice a late night court session

and David Hicks pleaded guilty of material support for terrorism. to one charge what the sentence will be No one knows but one thing is clear -

David returning to Australia. This is the first step towards are subject to a gag order The defence lawyers later this week until Hicks is sentenced has been done for a lighter sentence. and can't confirm if a plea bargain this was not a life-sentence case. We've said all along that much less than that So it'll certainly be something

that we ask for. of high drama. It had already been a day A long-haired David Hicks, since he was last seen two years ago, who's gained considerable weight Guantanamo Bay courtroom shuffled into the high-security and thongs. dressed in khaki prison wear In a crippling move, his two civilian lawyers - the judge dismissed two-thirds of his defence team - for a military commission. as ineligible

Hicks said he was shocked. Clearly angry,

Major Mori battled on solo, cold airconditioning sweating heavily despite the court's of the judge, saying: as he challenged the bias

sat in the gallery behind David. Father Terry and sister Stephanie about three hours together, Earlier they spent hugging and crying. They shared lunch of a recent family gathering - and also gave him some photos he so much wants to get back to. a normal life in time what he was going to do. He wasn't really sure at that point to try and get out. He just wanted to do something

Now he's pleaded guilty, be transferred to Australia soon. prosecutors indicate Hicks could You asked a long time ago before the end of the year if it would be possible he'd be home

I'd say the odds were pretty good. and if I were a betting man, the progress towards resolution The Government does welcome of Hicks's case.

to the court Tomorrow Hicks will explain exactly what he's pleaded guilty to. maximum security cell at Camp Six. For now, he's back in his

Max Futcher, Ten News. In Guantanamo Bay, for the State Opposition. More political turmoil

on who'll lead the party, As the Liberals vote tonight there's speculation with the Nationals that their coalition deal is about to collapse. Peter Debnam checking on Graham Annesley's progress

in the doubtful seat of Miranda, still confident he'll be staying on as Opposition Leader. Look - I'm feeling good. What he's not feeling so good about are claims that National Party Leader Andrew Stoner is looking to rewrite the coalition agreement.

I'm in regular discussion with Andrew Stoner and we've got a very close coalition in NSW. It's very strong. National Party MPs meet in Sydney tomorrow for the traditional post-election review of the coalition deal. The Nats have picked up at least two seats from Labor, while the two Liberal gains have come from Independents. Our members have got various views. There are benefits to us being in Coalition but there are also benefits to us being out.

Dumped former Liberal MP, John Ryan, blames the party's poor performance on internal warfare generated by its extreme right faction. They seem happy to burn the village in order to save it. And they're perfectly happy to wreck the Liberal Party and burn it to the ground as long as they possess the urn. Barry O'Farrell is favoured to win the Liberal leadership ballot. Today he was maintaining a low profile.

Meantime, Premier Morris Iemma is completing his major Cabinet reshuffle, with Reba Meagher expected to be promoted into a senior portfolio. Back in Miranda, former referee, Graham Annesley, is now into extra time.

You could say we're into golden point. Yeah, we certainly are. I really don't know. Paul Mullins, Ten News.

A big test for the Lane Cove tunnel today, with several peak-hour breakdowns and an oversize truck forcing a brief closure. The RTA was pleased its swift response prevented major traffic chaos. Peak our test number two on what's traditionally a busier day on the roads and once again the Lane Cove tunnel earns a big tick of approval. The run from the the M2 into the tunnel

is still going pretty well. Today, response systems were given a work-out with several breakdowns spotted from the hundreds of cameras monitoring traffic flow inside. And as soon as they were cleared, an over-sized truck ignored signs and tried to enter. The response systems that were triggered

prevented the over-height vehicle from getting in there

and meant traffic didn't go through for two or three minutes but also means that vehicle didn't go in

and cause a bigger problem. The quick fix was pleasing to traffic management as they chart new motorist trends. What we're seeing is really varying traffic patterns and varying traffic times. That's while people settle in and that's why people need to take a little more care. But less happy were those who rely on passing trade for business. The impact is also being felt by businesses near the tunnel entrance.

They've already noticed a huge downturn in trade since the tunnel opened with fewer motorists stopping by. But it remains to be seen if that pattern continues once motorists have to pay for the trip. Amber Muir, Ten News. Rugby league star Anthony Laffranchi has fronted court for the first time, charged with sexual assault. The Gold Coast Titans player flew in from Queensland, after helping his team to victory last night. If 26-year-old Anthony Laffranchi was worried about his court appearance, he wasn't showing it against the Sharks. COMMENTATOR: Goes to Laffranchi - he'll be stopped or perhaps he won't be. The sex charge could end his career if found guilty. But last night he helped the Titans to an historic first win in the NRL. And what a difference a day makes. From victory lap to facing a Sydney court, charged with having sexual intercourse without consent with a 26-year-old woman. It's alleged to have happened at a unit in Sydney's inner west during Mad Monday celebrations on September 4 last year, when Laffranchi was playing for the Wests Tigers. Tigers CEO Steve Noyce came to court to support him. The alleged assault happened

only weeks before Mr Laffranchi's wife gave birth to their first child.

The case will return to court in May. After a brief appearance, Laffranchi made a quick exit.

Do you still deny the charges Mr Laffranchi? The star player remains on strict bail. He must not contact his alleged victim and is banned from leaving the country except to attend football commitments in New Zealand. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look at sport, and a 14-year-old girl has made it into the finals at the swimming world championships? Yes, what an international debut for Aussie Emily Seebohm who is into the 100m backstroke final. Meanwhile, veteran Libby Lenton celebrated more gold - her stunning finish in the 100m butterfly

against team-mate Jessica Schipper shortly. And rugby league returns to the Gold Coast in style - all the action that made these fans delirious -

coming up shortly. Plus - a surprising admission from the team that faces the Titans next. And Ron it's all on again for the Swans after their annual guernsey presentation. And tonight the Aussies take on the Windies at the world cup. An elderly woman runs down her husband outside their Sydney home - details next. Also tonight - the monster of the deep North - a cane toad the size of a dog captured in Darwin.

And joyous news for the PM - he's about to become a grand-dad. Sanitarium are committed to helping every Aussie grow up healthy, happy

and full of wholegrain goodness. So, we've asked IGA to bring you Super Specials in selected Sanitarium cereals. Hurry - this week only. This program is captioned live. Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby and her family have been stripped of all proceeds from her tell-all book. The Queensland Court of Appeal has secretly frozen money made from book sales and prevented family members profiting from media interviews, including an alleged $15,000 payment due to Mercedes Corby for an exclusive magazine deal. The Corby family claims the money was intended to fund Schapelle's ongoing legal battle against her 20-year sentence for smuggling marijuana into Bali. Tragedy for a Haberfield family after a woman accidentally ran down and killed her elderly husband

in the driveway of their home. Police are investigating how the man was trapped under the car as it careered across the street. 80-year-old Santa Viccino was run down as he tried to close the front gate of his home in O'Connor Street, Haberfield. Police say his 72-year-old wife Cecelia was driving and might have mistakenly put the small Daihatsu in reverse, backing over her husband and dragging him halfway across the street. She began screaming hysterically when she realised what had happened. She was really upset, she got out of the car, she got back into the car, she started turning the ignition and all of a sudden the car went into reverse, accelerating across the street,

up the gutter and through a front fence. Mr Viccino died instantly, his body jammed under the front wheels. Ah, she was hysterical, she was hugging the body and there was blood all the way through the road. Neighbours say the woman didn't know her husband was behind the car. She was in a terrible state, nothing anyone could do for her. We tried to settle her down but she was distraught, of course. The car has been impounded by police to check whether it's mechanically sound. But witness statements given to detectives suggest this is nothing more than a tragic accident. The couple have been living in the street for 40 years. We're all just saddened by it all, we're overwhelmed and saddened by it. Mrs Viccino remains in hospital, suffering from shock.

John Howard has staunchly defended his controversial WorkChoices laws, on their first anniversary. The PM claims Australian families have never been better off. There are workers who are happy with the new laws - this engineering company has a non-union collective agreement. In fact, after our agreement, nobody lost anything - everyone went forward. And the boss is happy. If WorkChoices were torn up and the way we were able to negotiate with our guys was thrown away, we'd go back 20 years. But there are workers who are far from happy - these security guards trying to stop their boss slashing their pay by 13%. We actually live on the poverty line as we speak, and all we want is a basic life to live. Being forced to sign a non-union agreement, no negotiation, the boss says, "Take it or on your bike." Will the Prime Minister repeat his statement from yesterday

that working families in Australia have never been better off? I stand by what I have said.

Mr Howard says the fairest thing you can do for a worker is give them a job, and, on that measure, fairness is at a 32-year high.

He accuses the Opposition of being captives of union bosses. 70% of the front bench of the Labor Party are former trade union officials. Kevin Rudd is determined to put his stamp on the ALP, releasing today draft policies for next month's national conference, and they drag the party back to the centre. The leader, in a move reminiscent of Britain's Tony Blair,

is prepared to slay some of the party's sacred cows. REPORTER: Are you doing a Tony? I'm doing a Kevin. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Celebrations in the Prime Minister's household with the news he's going to be a grandfather. Mr Howard's only daughter, 32-year-old Melanie, is pregnant. She's expecting her first child with husband Rowan McDonald in September.

We are very happy for our daughter and son-in-law and we look forward to the event with great enthusiasm. Melanie Howard, a lawyer, married Mr McDonald four years ago. The last grandfather at the Lodge was Bob Hawke. A cane toad the size of a small dog has been captured in Darwin. The 1kg warty pest is the largest ever found in the NT.

At more than 20cm in length,

it beats the previous record by a whopping 5cm. Well, hopefully this guy is just a freak and we don't have a whole heap of these guys coming through. The monster is not destined for the big lily pad in the sky just yet. He'll be used as an educational display at schools.

After driving for hundreds of

kilometres through the outback

today, and still spitting dust from

between his teeth, is Tim Bailey.

I've always done that Ron. We've

done a few kilometres in our car.

We left Bourke at 1 am. We're 50

kilometres from the Queensland

border, in a brilliant place called

Lightning reach. It would be rude

of me to come all this way without

a postcard. Look at these pictures,

but we shot today of Lightning

Ridge. An opal mining and Tourism

Commission nitty. They don't know

how many people live that he, I'll

tell you about that later on. Most

people live on the open fields.

What do we've weather-wise at your

place. A round about 22 degrees.

Tomorrow will be a mainly fine and

sunny day, about 26 degrees.

Tomorrow in Lightning Ridge will be

30 degrees, fine and sunny. Small

weather on your TV in 10 minutes.

It's Bailey's back of Bourke and

back to La. Bob Woolmer - joking with the Pakistan team before he died - a new twist in the murder investigation - next.

And - what a party - the concert celebrating Elton John's 60th Birthday.

There has been a smash at Homebush

for traffic leaving a ride. Lot of

cars taking that exit wrapper to

get onto the end for to avoid the

the problem at South Strathfield.

There's one way to avoid this and

that by Victoria Road and Silverwater Road.

An historic day for Northern Ireland with leaders of the major Protestant and Catholic parties reaching a power-sharing agreement. Sitting side-by-side for the first time ever, Unionist hardliner Ian Paisley and Sinn Finn leader Gerry Adams, committed to work together in government. After a long and difficult time in our province, I believe that enormous opportunities lie ahead.

The discussions on the agreement between our parties shows the potential of what can now be achieved. The deal comes into effect on the 8th of May. A father and his four children have been found dead inside their home in the US. The children, aged between one and nine, were found in bed tucked under the covers. Police made the tragic discovery after breaking in through a window. The alarm was raised after a school official visited the house to check on two of the children who had been absent from class for a number of days. Investigators haven't confirmed the cause of death, but initial reports indicate a murder-suicide. Investigators will seek DNA samples from everyone in the hotel where Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer was murdered, including members of the West Indies and Ireland teams. Pakistan's Cricket Board has denied

a major row erupted between the team and coach Bob Woolmer, hours before he was strangled. There was no heated row whatsoever, in the bus or at any time. There have been a lot of assumptions that the relationship between Mr Woolmer and Inzamam-ul-Haq were strained, which is incorrect. The side has released video filmed during the World Cup preparations, showing Woolmer joking with team members. An autopsy report has finally revealed exactly how Anna Nicole Smith died. The finding shows a prescription drug overdose killed the former 'Playmate', ending speculation of suicide or murder. Six weeks after her death, US authorities have closed the case on what killed Anna Nicole Smith. We found nothing to indicate any foul play. We are convinced, based on extensive review of the evidence that this case is an accidental overdose. She died sick and depressed. Authorities found nine different prescription drugs in her body

including antidepressants, muscle relaxants, pain-killers and anti-seizure medication to control her weight. But it was the drug she used to help her sleep - Chloral Hydrate - that killed her, the sedative shutting down her respiratory system. She didn't suffer, she went to sleep until death. The autopsy showed Smith - whose son died five months earlier - was suffering from the flu and battling a bacterial infection from where she injected some of the drugs. She was unlikely aware of the risk of using multiple drugs. Police say there were no signs of illegal drugs in the Florida hotel room where she died last month nor were there any suicide notes. The findings finally clear her partner, Howard K Stern, of any involvement in her death. The case is closed, they have said this to me directly as counsel for Stern. But the custody battle over Smith's baby girl, Dannie Lynn continues. DNA samples taken from the baby last week expected to prove once and for all whether Stern or Smith's former boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, is the real father. Elton John has celebrated his 60th birthday at a star-studded concert in New York.

Showing no ill effects from the previous night's lavish bash with 300 celebrity guests, he treated his fans to over 30 hits spanning four decades. APPLAUSE (All sing) # Happy birthday dear Elton. # Elton reportedly spent years planning the big event. Our military tries a new tactic in a recruitment drive for troops - details next. Also - how parents can keep track of their children, using mobile phones. And a rethink on the best treatment for many heart patients.

This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - a 42-year-old woman in police custody following a deadly crash at Kogarah in Sydney's south. Her vehicle hurtled out of control, mowing down 11 people waiting at a bus stop. One of the victims, a 19-year-old woman died a short time ago.

Several other people remain in hospital, including the driver, who is being treated for shock. The victims included two babies. More turmoil on the conservative side of State politics in the wake of the election loss. There's speculation

the coalition deal with the Nationals is about to collapse. And David Hicks pleads guilty to terrorism related charges at Guantanamoo Bay. He's now expected to serve any jail time at home and could be returned to Australian soil by the end of the year. Hicks is due to be sentenced later this week. Ten's Max Futcher is at Guantanamo Bay - he was in court to hear the guilty plea.

It was the guilty plea that

surprised everyone. Theory Hicks

and David Hicks sister were on

their way out of the country when I

heard it. What his sentence will be,

we don't know just yet. The is some

talk of a plea bargain but his

defence lawyers can't talk about

that yet because they're subjected

to a gag meaning they can't talk

about it until after they're

sentenced. He'll be sentenced in

front of a full panel of the

military commission. His lawyers

tell us this is the first to step

in at six been returned to

Australia. David Hicks may be home

in Australia by the end of the year.

The next step - we'll all be in

court tomorrow to he are from David

Hicks exactly what it's but he's

pleaded guilty to. We'll hear, from

David Hicks, exactly what he was

doing in Pakistan and Afghanistan

have five or six years ago. A series of emotive posters will be displayed in schools and employment centres to boost army recruitment. A touching image of World War I digger Marcel Caux looking on at a current soldier in the Middle East, the most popular of the series. The posters aimed at modernising the military's image.

It's pretty good to wear the uniform if you are a cricketer or a football player. But the real heroes of Australia are our soldiers. And our current diggers have been getting some heavy duty protection. This Dutch Howitzer just back from Afghanistan, will soon return to safeguard the next wave of special forces from the Taliban. The Australian share market has lost almost half the gains it made yesterday:

Keeping track of children can be difficult at the best of times.

But new Aussie technology now lets you find family and friends using your mobile phone. PHONE RINGS Hello? If Romony Archer had a dollar for every time her mother called to asked where she is, the 11-year-old schoolgirl could pay her own mobile bill. I have instances where she goes into a shop and I look around and I can't see her. Well, now she can, thanks to Telstra's new service appropriately called Where is Everyone. It's Australia's first tracking system on a mobile phone. It's a really useful tool. It almost replaces an address book.

It's one click to see a list of where your family and friends are, two clicks for a map and their individual location. Such as near Queen Street, Brisbane, or near Cavill Avenue on the Gold Coast. Available through 2G and 3G networks, the technology is the brainchild of Brisbane man Mark White. We came up with the idea for you and me, based on wouldn't it be great if we had a tool to find out where out friends are, get alerts when people are nearby. Providing your family and friends agree to be part of the service, catching up has never been so easy.

While this product is aimed at 18- to 25-year-olds, parents have also shown a keen interest as a way of keeping track of where their children are. Once they get old enough to be responsible you could maybe drop out the mapping part but at the moment I think it's a wonderful thing. Of course Romony's not so sure. I don't really like my mum knowing where I am constantly because I think she should trust me and I think it's enough for me just to be able to tell her. Kate Donnison, Ten News. A shake-up in medical thinking tonight with claims many heart operations are unnecessary. A landmark study shows patients using common drugs do just as well as those who undergo surgery. Coronary heart disease is the biggest cause of death in Australia and the most common treatment is to clear clogged arteries using an expandible metal tube, or a stent. But a US study now questions this treatment for low-risk stable patients. Medical therapy fared surprisingly well and, in the past, I believe medical therapy has been regarded as an inferior treatment strategy.

The study examined over 2,000 patients with one or more blocked arteries. Half were stented, the other half placed on prescription drugs. Both worked equally as well,

showing drugs are as effective as surgery. What this study shows perfectly reasonable first approach. However, a third of the medically treated ended up with a stent within five years as their condition worsened. This study doesn't show that you're worse off by having a stent. What it shows is that stented patients get immediate and better relief of their angina than with medical therapy. Analysts speculate the results could have been different

if the study wasn't limited to just bare-metal stints

and instead also included drug-coated stents which lowers the rate of arteries narrowing again. Experts reminding patients, while stents unclog arteries,

it's not a cure for the disease. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

Lightning reached a turning on the

hospitality for you eating? We've

had a great trip - Bourke yesterday,

Lightning Ridge today. Lightning

Ridge is the opal capital of Ridge is the opal capital of

Australia, a fantastic place. Some

good people here. That they don't

know how many people live here,

they think around 3000. I think

there must be 2999 on your TV right

now. Can we thank the visited

tourist information centre for the

free feed tonight. tourist information centre for the free feed tonight. Tomorrow will be

26 degrees and a nice looking Day.

Lightning reached - write it down

and make sure you do the trip. It's

a winner - or wait until you see

the pictures at 5:55pm. Yes but what a finish.

And the Preston Campbell the toast of the coast. COMMENTATOR: Oh he's got it down. And by process of elimination at the world swim championships. Or is it none?

Most people on Centrelink payments do the right thing... It's about my Parenting Payment. My boyfriend's moved in with us... ..and tell Centrelink when their circumstances change. have to pay back money Do the right thing and you won't or risk a penalty. The longer you wait to tell Centrelink, the worse things will get. She had to pay back six grand! She was living with a guy and she didn't tell Centrelink. The consequences of not reporting your changes can be very serious. So let Centrelink know right away. And:

This program is captioned live.

Bulldogs fullback Luke Patten has launched a stinging attack on his own team-mates saying they're guilty of believing their own hype. The Dogs are winless after the first two rounds and face pumped-up new boys the Gold Coast this weekend. With so many big names the Bulldogs should be sitting comfortably

after two rounds like the premiership favourtism tag suggested. I think maybe people read that and think things are going to happen for us. You know, we've got big name players like Sonny Bill and Willie Mason and these sorts of guys and we're just going to go out on the field and things are going to work for us. It's not like that. It's hard work, a tough competition, every team's tough each week and I think that's what we needed, a little bit of a kick in the arse.

That swift kick supplied by Penrith in their 40-10 win. Last week against the Panthers was embarrassing I think, I was personally embarrassed. Last week against the Panthers I wish we could have played a game against the Titans the night after or straight after the game because I'm sure it's going to be a long week but it just wasn't good enough for our club. Coach Steve Folkes says they have a problem but it's not arrogance. I don't think they're big-headed. I don't think we've actually believed the publicity but we've probably sat back and the guys would admit we've probably sat back and waited for someone else to do it. There's no better time for the Bulldogs to end their slump than this Sunday. More than 200 former first graders of the club have been invited to attend the match as part of a celebration of the club's history.

But the Gold Coast are keen to spoil the party after last night's maiden win against Cronulla at Carrara. The 2-point win sealed with a controversial late try to Preston Campbell. COMMENTATOR: Going over the... Oh, he's held onto it! Nah, she was good. I knew she was a try as soon as I hit the ground. I thought she was fair, it was just a matter of the video ref putting up the try. Campbell the only survivor from the last Gold Coast team ten years ago.

Ironically that final game was a 2-point loss to the Sharks. It's the weekend for comebacks from injury - Matthew Head returning to the Dragons line-up, and the timing couldn't be better for workaholic forward Nathan Hindmarsh to be back with the Eels. But holding him back for more impact could be the key.

The first week back, and I think

the other players need to share the

workload and get on with their own

job as much as waiting for him to Newcastle has Andrew Johns back. But, Queensland want him knocked out of Origin consideration if he won't play Test footy.

You can't just pick and choose what

you want, you can't just say all you want, you can't just say all

wait for Origin and not worry about the test.

At today's rep season launch, Darren Lockyer said Johns would be setting a precedent by just playing Origin. After a dramatic off-season of bad headlines, the AFL season kicks off this weekend. The Sydney Swans will open their campaign with a grand final re-match at Telstra Stadium against the team at the centre of the most recent controversy, the West Coast Eagles. Brilliant side, they're an unbelievable side so to think that they're not going to come out and play their best football would be crazy by us and we're going to play our best. They're raring to go and I guarantee they can't wait

for Saturday night to come, just like us.

Last night, the Swans received their 2007 guernsey's in a gala ceremony at Sydney town Hall.

Grant Hackett has put in another lacklustre performance at the World Swimming titles, struggling into third spot in the 800m freestyle. It's in sharp contrast to the Australian women, who are again in dazzling form. It's a famous golden smile,

flashed for the second time in as many days. Libby Lenton upstaging Australian butterfly specialist Jessicah Schipper to take out the women's 100m. COMMENTATOR: Lenton, Schipper. Lenton, Schipper... And Lenton! The number of times I've come second to Jess is, you know, a few, but to actually turn around and get the gold is pretty special, and at a World Championships, nothing's much sweeter. 14-year-old Emily Seebohm stunning on international debut, setting the fastest time in the 100m backstroke ahead of tonight's final. Seebohm might be going to tip them all out... And she will! Leisel Jones set to join the gold rush tonight after qualifying second fastest in the 100m breastroke. Today team captain Grant Hackett laboured his way into the 800m final. Craig Stevens was leading qualifier, while Hackett could only manage third in his heat. Big finish here. It's Mellouli in front. But his woes were nothing

in comparison to a trio of try-hards in the men's 50m breastroke.

Second heat. There are two scratchings there - lanes 6, 4 and 2. That brings it back to three starters. Take your mark... Now we're down to two. Or are we down to none? I think we're probably down to two. It turned into a slow two-horse race won by Leatualevao from American Samoa, 12 seconds outside the world record. Ian Cohen, Ten News. Australia is set to field an unchanged team for tonight's opening world cup Super 8s match against the West Indies. The winner almost assured of a spot in the semi-finals With a new stadium and a home crowd behind them, the West Indies say they've nothing to fear. We'll see. We'll see.

If we play like we did against South Africa then I think they'll have a lot to fear.

And the Australian tactics that brought South Africa undone on the weekend

don't seem to bother the host nation either. That's the thing that actually drives me - the fact that the opposition is going to come after the so-called key player in each team.

That's the sort of thing that's going to trigger

a positive response from someone like myself. Lara loves playing in Antigua. He's made a Test match 400 and a 375 on the island. The Windies further boosted by two wins in their last four one-dayers against Australia. We've had some success against them in the recent past.

We know that it's going to be tough. The Australians have a never-say-die attitude. It'll take a pretty good solid team performance It'll take a pretty good solid team performance from us to beat the West Indies. I think they're a good one-day side. They should know these conditions as well as anybody and they'll have great crowd support here. The Aussies haven't scored less than 300 so far in the tournament, the wicket at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium the kind of track to make the master blaster proud. It's very hard and it's got a nice shine on top of it and I expect the new ball to skid onto the bat pretty nicely

so once you get through the new ball,

I think you're gonna see some handy runs made out there tomorrow. Leanne West, Ten News. Murtajill remains favourite for this Saturday's $3.5 million Golden Slipper,

despite drawing poorly at this afternoon's barrier draw. The Tim Martin trained colt will have to defy history to claim victory in the world's richest 2-year-old race. No horse has ever won from Barrier 16. Happier days for Gai Waterhouse, her Todman Stakes winner Meurice drew nicely in barrier 5. He's been on my mind all week. I wake up in the middle of the night and I'm not calling out," Robbie". LAUGHTER Blue Diamond winner, Sleek Chassis, one of David Hayes record six entrants, also drew poorly. He'll start from the outside gate.

That's easy - later in Sports

Tonight - more on the rumours that

Eddie Jones will be sacked. We've

sent Tim Bailey two Lightning Ridge

- the weather is next. Dentists tell me that almost one in three Australian adults That might be, you know, a cold drink of water or breathing cool air in and they're running and breathing through their mouth, Treating sensitivity There's no need to use your other toothpaste once you've started on the Sensodyne. It will help to relieve the pain of sensitive teeth. Brushing with Sensodyne is such a simple solution. Driven by primordial instinct, John West endures the worst

APIA believes that if you're not working full-time and are over 50, and choosing an excess that suits you. And on top of that, unlike most others,

for understanding, not just insurance.

Unfamiliar territory for Tim Bailey

- he's as far from the beach as

he's ever been outbid in a

lightning which. I love it out he

up and I can't explain the

hospitality of the people. Thank

you berk for last night and thank

you Lightning Ridge for today. Tim

Bailey and the crew a very happy

here. Auntie Julie can you please

welcome asked to your land. Welcome

to our country our friends. Welcome.

gone on for 42 years. You've to

treat it as a job you've to be

working. The ball come out here to

try their luck. The big Opel - that

tiny little ones are the valuable

once. It's a cosmopolitan town - 52

nationalities out as he our. They

come from everywhere and they don't

go home. Thanks to Graham Anderson up.

up. High Low Kenny Smith in Sydney

- he's the wave you wanted. What do we've the

- he's the wave you wanted. What do

we've the weather-wise for you?

Cloud over WA generating heavy rain. Cloud over WA generating heavy rain. Cloud over WA generating heavy rain.

Will be strong winds and rain

across the South Australia, which

in Tasmania later in the Day. A

patchy rain in western NSW. A in Tasmania later in the Day. A patchy rain in western NSW. A

little bit of patchy rain and that's it. What little bit of patchy rain and

that's it. What can we do to help

the environment? Earth Hour - from

7:30pm. Turn your lights off and

reduce carbon emissions by a about

5%. The goat races will be honest

here on Saturday. They also be a

radio at Easter. here on Saturday. They also be a radio at Easter.

And lightning read Waugh b 30 degrees tomorrow A blue

Good while lightning reach. Carlo

Narrabri ape, tomorrow night.

Someone get me adopt a. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. Thanks for your company. Sandra Sully and Brad McEwan will have the Late News Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.