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This program is captioned live. fears swine flu Tonight - will become even more deadly catch the virus from farmers. as hundreds of pigs north of Newcastle, A fisherman who fell overboard, found alive four hours later.

at the ALP conference Bob Hawke greeted like a hero weren't as welcome. but gay activists And a Sydney diver shows to set world records. you're never too old VOICEOVER: This is Seven News with Samantha Armytage. Good evening. Authorities are warning could develop a dangerous swine flu superbug caught the virus from farmers after hundreds of pigs in the State's central west. But, despite the new concerns, pork is safe to eat. consumers are being assured are in quarantine. 2,000 pigs at this Dunedoo property They've been isolated to influenza. after hundreds tested positive Authorities believe from infected farm workers. they caught swine flu we've had in the last 100 years - Two of the major pandemics

1918 and again in 1957 - had a human strain. were because pigs travelling from humans to pigs It's the first case of the virus in Australia. five times in Canada This transfer has occurred over the last period of time and once in Argentina. So it's a fairly rare event. contain the outbreak. Disease experts are trying to of people They're tracing the movements with the piggery. who've been in contact our piggeries across the State, If it was to float around in a far more virulent strain we could get of potential influenzas. come out of the mixing is that So the real worry about pigs bird strains and the human strains they're able to harbour both the of, or remix, and there can be a reassortment a completely new strain. so that we get there's no need to panic. But the professor says trying to allay consumer concerns - Pig farmers and food authorities are pork is still safe to eat. they insist to enter into the food chain Sick animals are not permitted in Australia. the pork industry will suffer. Even so, it's feared in disease pattern Any time there's a change they'll put in barriers. other countries react and, often, will hold crisis talks in Monday. Biosecurity experts that they pull it into line I just hope as quick as they can. and get on top of it in the ocean A fisherman has survived four hours while his mate was asleep. after falling overboard from a boat just after 3:00 this morning. A search was launched of Nelson Bay, He was found off the coast north of Newcastle. Just off Port Stephens, in a great white shark breeding ground, floated for four terrifying hours. a fisherman named Bill with a friend He'd been on a fishing trip in their 5m runabout, heading for nearby Broughton Island. His mate dozed off. When he woke up, Bill was gone. at about 3:45 this morning. We got the call with the night vision goggles The guys went out there and searched and had to come back to refuel. when they failed to locate and rescue crews feared the worst. Hours had passed at 150km/h, The rescue chopper was travelling dawn was just breaking above the waves and it was hundreds of feet but somehow, out there, the missing fisherman. the pilot managed to spot There was no time for the winch. dived into the icy-cold sea. Crewman Sandy Brown for a few minutes, I supported the patient in the water keeping his head above water. He was exhausted, semiconscious. He just kept saying "I'm cold." was in the foetal position, The fisherman and underwear. wearing only a t-shirt got there in the nick of time. I really think that we probably were smiling on him. I think the gods He was taken to John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, suffering hypothermia. Escorted by police, by his side. his family spent the morning outside the ALP conference 1,500 gay activists have rallied in Darling Harbour, legalise same-sex marriage. demanding the Government Protesters staged mock weddings refused to come to the party. but Prime Minister Rudd In the heart of Australia's gay capital, shared one voice. more than 1,000 people Same-sex marriage! ALL CHANT: What do we want?

When do we want it? Now! Their march through Sydney... marriage is a civil right! CHANT: Gay, straight, black, white,

Labor's national conference, ..ending outside same-sex policies where changes to the party's were being debated. Get some balls, Labor! because we're gay We may not be beaten up by people but we still can't get married. That didn't stop them trying. I declare you to be illegally wed. across Australia, Mock weddings were staged from Melbourne to Brisbane, (ALL CHEER) of South Australia's Parliament. and on the steps It needs to be overturned now! (CHEERING) gathering, With such a large and loud getting their message heard. the protesters had no problem enough people inside to listen. The real challenge was getting was among those who did Gay senator Louise Pratt the marriage ban, but the party wouldn't lift for a new national system instead voting to recognise same-sex unions. but you get what you need. You can't always get what you what, this movement will be unstoppable. A senior minister in the ALP said It will be unstoppable. more than welcome at the conference One man who was made was Bob Hawke behind Gough and Margaret Whitlam who became only the third person

of the ALP. to receive life memberships has warned the current leader But the former prime minister he faces serious challenges ahead. He's pushing 80 now but hasn't lost his touch with the younger generation... G'day. Are you a member yet? ..the original face of reconciliation welcomed like a triumphant warrior. (APPLAUSE)

..and embraced as the federal party's third life member. Hawkie, the life and soul of the party - and not just our party! He gave up drinking in office but never his love of sport, and says Kevin Rudd faces a tougher time than his... No incoming government has been confronted with more daunting challenges and difficulties. None, ever! ..offering gave an insight

into how he confronted bad ideas. Allowed mining in the Antarctic. And I said to myself, "bullshit!" A short lesson in plain speaking. It's the evolution of the Labor leader right there on the big screen. And the clean-cut and corporate new leader is now more popular as prime minister than the old union warhorse ever was. Mr Hawke campaigned heavily in the last election,

particularly in John Howard's seat. I developed the fleeting impression that for Bob, Bennelong was personal! Wife Blanche d'Alpuget says he loves Labor... It's his life. ..but accepting this challenge in Malcolm Turnbull's seat might be too much. We wish we could clone you and run you into Wentworth at any particular point you're available. (LAUGHTER) It's HIS Labor party now.

There are fears tonight a series of violent attacks on women in the city's inner-west could escalate. Four women have been mugged at knifepoint in two days. Four women have been mugged at knifepoint in two days. Police suspect it's the same man. Three of the attacks happened this morning between 5:00 and 8:00 at Pyrmont, Annandale and at Glebe, where the first woman was ambushed on Thursday. Everywhere on her body - like, very bruised, very bad.

The mugger is described as white, 30 years old with an average build. The Premier has declared success after changing development laws to provide cheaper housing. Nathan Rees visited a new Alexandria unit block fast-tracked for approval on the condition some apartments be leased below market rate. It has a very real impact for people like Jenny and her family who have been able to benefit.

If it wasn't for affordable housing, I'd be priced out of here, I couldn't live here. Red tape has also been cut for granny flats and group homes for the disabled. An 85-year-old Sydney man has set a new world record by becoming the oldest person to scuba dive. He took the challenge to raise money for charity and to prove people can be active at any age. Saul Moss is fit for an 85-year-old

and his determination is just as strong. He already holds the record for the oldest unassisted scuba diver but after celebrating his birthday on Monday, he wanted to set a new benchmark. Well, I'm five years older - why not? His grandchildren are proud. You're never too old to do anything. If it's in your mind and you want to do it, do it.

He was just saying that he was going to jump in the water and try his best. Saul needed his best today - conditions were tough. Dirty water and big waves. There was a hiccup too, when Saul's fin strap broke, but the Sydney Dive Academy member soon felt right at home, playing with an octopus and exploring the coral. Saul was also raising money for the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter.

Its crew flew over to say thanks. Saul spent 45 minutes underwater. It was terrible, one of the worst dives I've ever had - you could hardly see anything. But regardless, the new world record was his. It's just amazing. I'm trying to get all the girls interested in scuba diving just so they can get to 86, you know - there's a record now to be broken in the family. But Saul's not finished yet. 90? Oh, why not? (LAUGHS) Cate Blanchett has graced the black carpet for 'Vogue's 50th anniversary party in Sydney last night. The actress will also feature on four different covers of the magazine celebrating five decades in Australia. Fellow actors Miranda Otto and Rachael Taylor and model Megan Gale were also among the guests at Fox Studios. Still to come - the Australian reality star cashed up after a newspaper accused him of cheating. Also, from joyrider to TV celebrity - meet the real-life Dennis the Menace. And a photographer's close call with a lightning strike. That's next.

A man has fallen to his death after climbing a wall while running away from police in Katoomba last night. Officers began chasing two men who were acting suspiciously near the Carrington Hotel. One of the men tried to scale a wall but fell 7m on the other side. He couldn't be revived. A critical incident team has been set up to investigate the death. The other man escaped. A 7-year-old boy who took a car for a joyride and led police on a chase in Utah has been grounded for four days but his parents have allowed him to go on American television for his 15 minutes of fame. He's the real life Dennis the Menace, the 7-year-old who got into this police chase after taking his parents' car for a wild spin. I started it up, pushed on the brake, put it in reverse and backed out. 'TODAY': The 7-year-old who went for a drive in his parents' car 'cause he didn't want to go to church - we're gonna meet him. Instead of being punished, Preston Scarborough became an instant TV star - but other motorists weren't impressed when they spotted him behind the wheel. 'INSIDE EDITION': I'm following a kid right now. A young kid in a car. 911 calls show their disbelief. He looks like he couldn't be more than 12. Preston's motive was pretty simple. 'Cause I didn't want to go to church. His parents were at home, unaware he and their car had gone. I hear sirens and I assume it's him playing a video game or something upstairs. But the sirens get louder and louder and louder and he says "Hey dad, the cops are outside." Preston isn't the first pint-sized joy rider. Preston's parents know it's not a joke. It makes me sick to my stomach. I mean, he could've killed somebody, someone could have killed him. Are you sorry you did it, son? Mmm hmm. The Philippines' first female President, Corazon Aquino, has died, aged 76. Aquino restored democracy to her country in 1986 when her so-called Yellow Revolution put an end to almost 20 years of rule by corrupt dictator, Ferdinand Marcos. She took over the Opposition struggle when her husband was assassinated, going on to hold office for six years. 'Cory' Aquino had been battling colon cancer for more than a year. Australian pop star Peter Andre has won an undisclosed damages payout from a British tabloid newspaper. 'Sunday People' claimed he'd cheated on his estranged wife, former glamour model Jordan. Now, hopefully this will put rumours and lies to an end

and let me move on with my life. Thank you very much. The 36-year-old singer recently split from his wife, whose real name is Katie Price. An American man taking pictures for his website didn't expect this. (LIGHTNING BOOM) Look, yeah, this one - it's on this side of the house and then that's on the other side of the house. Tori Strange was with his dog on the balcony of his Florida home when the weather turned violent. He says the lightning strike knocked him back and scared his dog but they're both fine. Australian actor Eric Bana has spoken candidly about baring it all for his latest Hollywood leading role, in 'The Time Traveler's Wife', which opens in November. He's also converted his American co-star to become a fan of Aussie rock. Despite its name, 'The Time Traveler's Wife' is not science fiction. It's a love story movie. 'THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE': There's no such thing as a time traveller. Well, if you hang around long enough, you'll see me disappear. Eric Bana plays Henry De Tamble, a guy with a genetic disorder that makes him spontaneously disappear to other points of his life. He's very grounded and I think he's very down to earth. When Henry time travels, his clothes don't. Rahni, I don't do abs. Let's face it. If I had have known I was going to be butt naked, perhaps I would have at least tried. He stars opposite Rachel McAdams, who called Bana the most generous actor she's ever worked with. It's such a pleasure to come to work when you're going to work with him. She just did 'State of Play' with Russell Crowe. He taught her about rugby. Eric Bana briefed her on Australian music. I like Powderfinger. Nice. See, I really do actually, I really do. They're really fantastic. Converted her. Most Americans don't realise Bana started out as a comedian. G'day kids. Today, I'm going to be reading to you from this top little book, right? He got back to his comedic roots in another movie coming out, 'Funny People'. Director Judd Apatow let Bana make his character an Aussie. I just knew I could make him a little bit crazier if he was Australian. Time for sport with Johanna Griggs, and it wasn't quite a golden day for our Aussie swimmers in Rome. No, it was more a case of bronzed Aussies, Sam, Libby Trickett winning one of three bronze medals for Australia. More on that shortly. Plus, Australia collapses in the second Ashes Test and the Dragons continue their premiership march. There is no doubt that the Dragons are the team to beat after soundly humiliating the once mighty Melbourne Storm last night. The Cowboys ended the Titans' 9-game winning streak. And at Jubilee, the Storm were held scoreless in the second half, going down 26-12. Brett Morris got off to his usual explosive start. COMMENTATOR: Morris is looking for the first try again. He's got it! Melbourne's night didn't improve from there, losing Sika Manu for the rest of the season with a broken leg. A flying Greg Inglis couldn't be stopped, despite this effort from Jamie Soward. It gifted the Storm a penalty try and he's on report. He was obviously trying to make the tackle. He loses his centre of balance and flips up. But the villain soon turned hero, setting up Wendell Sailor with a sensational ball. Wendell scores his 12th try of the year! More Soward brilliance followed with this perfectly weighted kick, resulting in a Beau Scott try.

Joseph Tomane got no joy for this attempt but Soward and Sailor dazzled yet again, leaving no doubt about the Saints' premiership credentials. It was Matt Bowen's big night out on the Gold Coast last night. Bowen's got 100. It was a vintage performance that had everything. Here comes Matty Bowen! The fullback underpinned the Cowboys' 34-18 win - the first by any visitors to Skilled Park this year. Bowen has been shot out of a cannon! Matt Bowen! The Broncos are playing for their season in Canberra tonight and so far, they're in trouble. The Raiders came out firing, cracking the Broncos early. COMMENTATOR: McCrone on the last, looking for an option, can't find one, gives it off to Monaghan - that was too easy! The Raiders went over again soon after

and lead 16-0 at half-time. The Sydney Swans aren't fazed by what many are calling 'mission impossible' tonight. They take on the undefeated St Kilda, comforted by the fact they've only lost once this season at the SCG. Last night, Carlton kept the Kangaroos at bay. Today, the Bulldogs were too good and the Cats just held off the Crows. Ricky Ponting has become Australia's greatest Test run scorer, overtaking Allan Border. But the milestone will be savoured later as the Aussies battle to salvage the third Test after England dominated Day 2. Anderson and Onions were relentless in the swinging conditions as they tore the Australian battling line-up to shreds. England's bowlers desperately needed early wickets - they didn't have to wait long.

clean by the sensation Graham By the very first ball, Bella wiped Onions. COMMENTATOR: That's out! Surely it is out! What a start for Graeme Onions! Watson got first ball then Hussey's horror run continued.

needed to regroup, Ponting all-time The Australian special shocked and

run-scoring record provided relief.

A great moment for Ponting. A bit of a bittersweet taste in my mouth after getting past the record and then not being able to go and get a big score today was a little bit disappointing.

desperately needed and the sign was A Clachan Ponting fightback were

good until the skipper headed his

wicked onions on a platter. He is

out. It got worse, Clarke copping a

raw deal on 29. And nervous Brad

Haddin looked on as his stand-in

actor on the imminent attack but he

too fell victim to the end doesn't, onion show. Great catch. The Aussie tale battled bravely, creeping their way to 263. The series on the line, Siddle struck early and then

Hilfenhaus. England were two for 60.

Johnson bowled well without luck, England, two-for-one 16 at Strutz

dull - stumps. Samantha Stosur has stunned American top seed Serena Williams to advance to the semi-finals of the WTA tour event in Stanford. It took three sets to defeat the 11-time Grand Slam singles champion. Stosur will clash with Frenchwoman Marion Bartolli in the semis. Defending champ Libby Trickett lost her 100m freestyle title at the world championships in Rome overnight, finishing with a bronze medal instead. Germany's Britta Steffen claimed the glory with a convincing win. COMMENTATOR: Steffin too strong, and she wins in world record time! A gracious Trickett refused to blame her inferior swimsuit for the defeat. Christian Sprenger collected bronze in the men's 200m breastroke and Australia won yet another bronze in the 4x200m freestyle relay. Team USA won in the 35th world record of the meet. Will Davison has won his first race for Holden, taking out the opening event in Sandown. Starting from pole, Davison lost the lead but got it back in style on the second lap. He beat home James Courtney with Holden's prodigal son Craig Lownes third in a Ford. There was a spectacular crash earlier when a mini got airborne. The driver escaped unhurt but the mini was maxed out.

midday on Seven. And around 14 action tomorrow from The first day of August was a lovely winter's day. I'll tell you if the sun's here to stay, next in Seven News. to have taken home more

We're into the final month of winter and it's not looking too bad at all with plenty of sunshine this weekend. Today's warm top of 19 degrees was one above average for August. Right now, it's 15 degrees under clear skies. While daytime temperatures were slightly above average, we still have to rug up at night. Overnight temperatures were several degrees below average. Most suburbs had a high of 19 degrees. Around the country tomorrow - a late shower is possible tomorrow in Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide. It should be fine in all the other capitals. Canberra will have a top of 13 degrees.

The good news is tomorrow will be a carbon copy of today. Looking ahead - no sign of rain. More of the same sunshine, although top temperatures will drop slightly around Tuesday as a weak change moves through. And that's Seven News to now but I'll be back later with updates. I'm Samantha Armytage. I hope you can join me for 'Weekend Sunrise' from 7:00, tomorrow morning. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia