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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. as flooding rains soak the tropics. Residents on alert his boys from dangerous seas. A father drowns trying to rescue

from police. And the soggy end to a failed escape Morning News with Ann Sanders. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven Welcome to Seven News. Good morning. Residents in Far North Queensland are battening down the hatches the first cyclone of the season with forecasters predicting caused major flooding A tropical low has already and worse could be on the way. is at Ingham. Seven News reporter Michael Best Good morning, Michael. at the moment? What's the situation there

We had to fight our way through

floodwaters. The town was isolated

from north and south. The flooding

peaked at 11.

peaked at 11.7 metres which brought

floodwaters right into town. floodwaters right into town. Streets

look like rivers about 100 metres

from the CBD and the SES has been

sandbagging and residents are

worried it will rise if more rain

comes. How widespread is the

flooding? Overnight the Whitsunday

area and Mackay

area and Mackay received torrential

rain up to 300 millimetres. It cut

rivers and creeks and roads across the

the region. More than

the region. More than 200 passengers

were stranded for the

were without food and blankets. were stranded for the night. They

Efforts are being made to try to

rescue them. Are officials issuing


specific warnings, evacuations? It

is still a case of wait and see S

they are being warned to stay clear

of any creeks and rivers. They are extremely

extremely dangerous and locals can

get swept away. The Bruce highway is

flooded in a number of places.

Locals are warned to stay away from

creeks and rivers. How long will

help be at Porcepine. The help be at Porcepine. The situation

there is heavy rain still. top international scientists A meeting of the world's

on the environment. will today hand down bad news A report is expected to warn caused by global warming rising sea levels disappear under water. could see beachside villages The mighty sea.

as the planet warms. Expanding slowly Sea level's rising 2mm a year - but it adds up, year on year. a tiny amount, do the scientists meeting in Paris So how far this century? think the sea will rise Well, in their previous report, they suggested a maximum of 88cm. about downgrading that They're thinking now to around 60cm maximum with their new information.

it can even be as high as 1.5m. But some scientists warn So why the uncertainty? of sea level rise - We know the sources and ice melts into them, the oceans expand as they warm uncertainty but the biggest remaining in West Antarctica is what's going to happen is sitting on rock below sea level. where that huge ice sheet like that respond to climate before. We've never seen an ice sheet

We're just going to have to wait and sea what the planet does.

for instance. Let's look at Greenland, is 2 miles thick in places. The ice sheet there it'd last 1,000 years. Scientists used to be confident Now they're not quite so sure. This is what's worrying them - with the sun, it used to be assumed that from the top. the ice sheet would slowly melt But now scientists have found can trickle into a crevasse, melt water

run down to the bottom, to crash into the sea. lubricate a big chunk of ice giant West Antarctic ice shelf. There's uncertainty, too, with the as the sea warms. It's being nibbled away from beneath

it'll stay stable. Scientists believe But if chunks of it go into the sea, there'll be a sudden increase

to even a tiny rise in sea level. Some places are vulnerable off the east coast of India. This is Lohachara Island at the tree roots and the soil. The water here is eating

as refugees. Thousands of people have fled might not last more than 20 years Scientists, though, warn this place before it goes under the waves.

Labor leader Kevin Rudd says on climate change concerns in the UN report will highlight the need to take urgent action. for the Federal Government just around the corner, With a federal election want to convince voters both the major parties of the environment. they're the better friend to the federal election It's less than a year it out on breakfast television. and the major parties are slugging

about this segment this year. I must admit, I'm a bit nervous for an MPs career - A regular spot can do wonders Kevin Rudd. just ask new Labor leader, who I run into around the country, Sunrise viewers or Liberal voters, whether they're Labor voters

have all been pretty good about it, to this segment this year. all looking forward the pleasantries ended But that's where over the environment as they exchanged blows much-anticipated report ahead of the UN's

on climate change. Action is needed now, I really get worried and I get worried - doesn't get this. that the Government We need to act, and act now. it's already taking action. The Government says greenhouse gas emissions office, We set up the first world

greenhouse gas emissions we've reduced Australia's

by 90 million tonnes a year. a national billboard campaign, The Greens, launching is at stake. say the future of the planet in this climate emergency The best thing to do is vote Green. and the environment With climate change as a major election issue, shaping up both Labor and the Coalition to embrace their inner Greenie. are going out of their way

I've put low emitting lights in, At home, of water tanks. I have 12,000 litres We've, ah - about a year or two ago - at home in Brissy. put in a very large rainwater tank away in a rip south of Perth. A man has drowned after being washed The father-of-two died while trying to rescue one of his boys from the dangerous surf. This is a night Ken Monson would rather forget. Told by neighbours that a body was floating in an estuary near his home at Mandurah, south of Perth, he jumped in the water to investigate. I was able to swim out and take the body to a safe spot and wait for the police and ambulance to come.

The victim, aged in his 40s, ran into trouble yesterday afternoon, when he tried to rescue one of his two sons from a rip at nearby Pyramid Beach. I simply just held him and sort of tried to comfort him, in a sense, until help came. He had deceased but I wasn't 100% sure at the time. After the father-of-two was washed away,

friends managed to help his boy out of the water. Both sons are now in their care as efforts are made to contact their mother who's overseas. A psychiatrist is appearing in the Melbourne Magistrates court this morning, charged with multiple firearms offences. Dr Gerome Gelb was arrested yesterday after he allegedly tried to enter the same court house with a gun in his bag. Seven News reporter Andrea Edwards is covering the case. Take us through yesterday's dramatic events.

In ab out of sessions hearing he was

remanded in custody after remanded in custody after allegedly taking

taking a loaded pistol into court.

His wife and friend were then later

arrested at the couple's home trying

to dispose of another weapon, a

shotgun, hidden under the bed. A

cattle prod, a spear gun were also

found. The couple told the bail

justice they lived in fear of justice they lived in fear of their

lives. The

lives. The weapons were all for

self-defence and have been living

under siege for a month. Why Were

they in court

they in court yesterday. They were

there to apply for an intervention

order who he claims had been

harassing him. He said he harassing him. He said he carried

the gun for self-defence and

the gun for self-defence and simply forget when he entered court. What

the procedure now? All three are

before the Magistrates Court this

morning where they indicated they will apply for bail and they are

facing serious charges so it is a

case of wait and see. Back to you. A Perth psychologist has been cleared of sexually assaulting and whipping a patient.

Bruce Beaton admitted making a 22-year-old patient wear a dog collar and act as a slave for treatment. The eating disorder expert claimed it helped cure the female patient of bulimia. The 64-year-old denied ever touching the woman. Despite being cleared, Mr Beaton has vowed never to work as a psychologist again following the case. A new Federal Treasury report has found child care is both accessible and affordable. The document says supply of childcare places is keeping up with demand. And the amount of family income spent on child care is not going up. The report contradicts claims

of long waiting lists and high fees at day care centres. Consumer choice is blamed for the reported shortage, rather than an actual problem with the system. A police chase south of Brisbane has ended with a car plunging into a backyard swimming pool.

Police say they tried to flag the driver down near Springwood over a number of traffic offences,

but he failed to stop.

He and his passenger then jumped out of the moving car, which rolled down a hill to a soggy end. Idiot, into a pool at Springwood in Plateau Drive. The two men were caught trying to run away and are now being questioned by police. Next in Seven News - Our business and finance report. And Miss USA tells why she was driven to drugs.

Almost 11 million people are diagnosed with cancer worldwide each year. For more than half, the prognosis isn't good. This Sunday is World Cancer Day and scientists will be trying to highlight new research to stop the disease from developing in children. Joining me now is Dr Andrew Penman from The Cancer Council New South Wales. Good morning, Dr Pernman. How common is childhood cancer in Australia?

There are around 600 cases of

childhood cancer each year

childhood cancer each year in Australia. It is one of those areas

where we make great strides in the

developed world. Of that 600 over

70% will survive the disease. It is

time to take that success and spread

it. What are the advances The

biggest cancer in children is

leukaemia and we have seen tremendous advances

tremendous advances in therapy and

bone marrow transplants which

brought it from nothing to around 55% brought it from nothing to around

55%, 80% these days. There are still

some challenges. Unfortunately 20%

of children relapse after being

cured and the children's Cancer

Council is looking to Makin roads on

that 20%. We need to look to the

developed record and try to

integrate them into the global

network of support and care. With

improvement in screening and

treatment, is cancer a fight that

treatment, is cancer a fight that we are starting to win? We are. The

trend show this. While the numbers

of cancer and incidence of cancer is

going up, the death rate is going

down. Some of the common cancers

like breast cancer we are talking

survival of 85%

survival of 85%. You guys do a

magnificent job. Good magnificent job. Good luck on Sunday. Overseas now, and police have laid charges over an advertising prank gone wrong that shut down parts of an American city. Authorities mistook electronic signs of a cartoon character for bombs.

Seven News reporter Rahni Sadler joins us from our US bureau with the details. Good morning, Rahni. The prank was clearly no joke.

That is right. This went horribly

wrong. Turner broadcasting hired 10

people to put up these signs. people to put up these signs. They

were flashing to advertise a

cartoon. Police in other cities

didn't have any problem with them.

In Boston they went s they called in

every kind of emergency service and

they shut down some

they shut down some of the streets,

trains and buses. These two blokes

were charged, a 27-year-old and

28-year-old, obviously found

28-year-old, obviously found the whole thing amusing. They were asked

about it in a press conference and

the lawyers asked them not to talk

about the case so instead they

about the case so instead they talk bad their hair. I feel my hair

bad their hair. I feel my hair is perfect and I want to the haircuts

perfect and I want to redirect it to the haircuts of the 1970 because

the haircuts of the 1970 because I want to educate myself more. They are asking

are asking to pay for the whole cost

of the fiasco which is a cost of $

of the fiasco which is a cost of

of the fiasco which is a cost of $1 million. Police have been accused of

ignoring a pregnant woman in

distress. Yes, it was captured on

video. She borrowed a car to take

her to hospital. When she was pulled

over she told them she was going

over she told them she was going to hospital because she thought she was

having a miscarriage but the police

didn't believe her.

After silver pleaded with them, she

took her to jail. When she got

medical assistance she lost the

baby. She is suing for damages and

the mail and female police officer.

The police has launched

The police has launched an investigation. Miss US has spoke

about her problem with drugs. She

narrowly avoided losing her crown.

She admitted she did take cocaine

and drink lots of alcohol.

and drink lots of alcohol. Now that she is out of rehab she can admit

all of these things and admits she

was in fact an alcoholic. I was very

manipulative and I was a very

dishonest person and I - I

dishonest person and I - I don't know. It was basically insanity and

now I have a really good who I am now I have a really good feel for

who I am and, you know, face some of

the things that brought some of

these things on. So it is onwards

and upwards for miss USA. Australian troops and UN police

have started a crackdown on street gangs in East Timor.

47 people were arrested in the first operation. Their charges include arson and the murder of two people during a gang fight. The arrests are the result of a 2-week joint operation. British police have been given more time to question nine men accused of plotting to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier. The suspects have appeared in court over the Iraqi-style abduction plot under tight security. It's going to reverse into presumably an underground car park and they will be taken from there to the cells and up to court three. The nine men were arrested on Wednesday

following a six-month surveillance operation. British entrepreneur Richard Branson To business and finance news now.

Joining us is Anthony Morriss, ANZ senior market analyst. Good morning, Anthony. How is the sharemarket performing this morning after a positive lead from Wall Street?

Good news for investors. We hit a

new record high. The ASX up 5841. We

are seeing profit-taking now.

are seeing profit-taking now. It is

on the back of a record close

on the back of a record close on Wall Street. A short while ago the

market was up 9 points. What about

the Aussie dollar, is that holding

up some big falls over the

up some big falls over the past week? We seem to have found

week? We seem to have found some support. We are waiting big numbers

from the US. We are up against a

weaker New Zealand dollar but

weaker New Zealand dollar but we

wait for the new figures out of

wait for the new figures out of the US tonight. Thank you for the update. Next in Seven News - All of the day's sports news, including the amazing match sealer that was nothing but net. Australian captain Ricky Ponting is in doubt for today's one-dayer against England at the SCG. Ponting pulled up with a sore hip after a net session yesterday. He'll be assessed this morning. In-form Victorian batsman Brad Hodge has been called into the side. Ponting says the Aussies won't change their tough tactics. environment for the opposition - I think that's probably the best way to put it. We try to put opposition teams under pressure. his one-day international debut, Fast bowler Shaun Tait will make

replacing Brett Lee. The West Coast Eagles have recorded the biggest profit of any club in AFL history. A third premiership last year helped the club to a profit of $4.5 million. Yes, we've come in with a very good result from a $39 million turnover turned profit of $4.5 million, which is biggest financial result in the club's 20-year history. The profit will be spent on further improving the team's on-field performance, which is all part of the plan to stay in front of their rivals. Shane Heal lit up the board in the South Dragons' NBL win over New Zealand in Auckland overnight. The Dragons won 106-102 with captain-coach Heal bagging a game-high 38 points. The win cements the Dragons in the top eight. They're almost certain for the play-offs in their first season in the League. With the NBL finals only two weeks away, some clubs may be looking to Texas for some talent, after this match-winning basket from a girls' high school game. Jasmin Bacon secured a rebound during a free-throw and with only seconds remaining on the clock, launched the ball towards the basket from three-quarters up the court, with great success. Stay with me here on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weekend weather details after this break. And in news just in - it's believed Australian singing star Delta Goodrem has been admitted to hospital in Ireland suffering a mystery illness. There are reports her appendix may have ruptured. Now for a look at the national weather, Brisbane can expect rain and 29. A few light showers for Sydney and 25. Melbourne, fine and 31. Hobart, a little cloudy and 24. Adelaide, hot and 37. Perth, even hotter and 38. And some storms for Darwin.

Looking ahead to the weekend - A wet weekend for Brisbane. Some showers for Sydney on Saturday, but clearing on Sunday. Canberra showers, fine on Sunday. Melbourne 30 tomorrow but a very hot Sunday on the way. Hot, too, in Adelaide. A scorching 41 for Perth tomorrow before a change. And 31 and storms for Darwin. And that's Seven's Morning News to now. We'll keep you up to date throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30 and 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders. Thanks for your company. Have a great weekend. See you on Monday. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.