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This program is captioned live. Tonight - the hospital crisis - sparks new admission rules. Jana Horska's ordeal take on police in Canberra. Wild scenes as Burmese protesters rugby league commentator Frank Hyde. And Sydney farewells legendary

and Deborah knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson

Good evening. Also tonight -

the most hated team in Rugby League. And some very public support for

But first tonight - the State Government the hospital crisis has forced is in damage control, The Health Minister for treating pregnant women. to implement new rules

hospital funding was cut rocked by claims are too wealthy. because North Shore residents

now works in a private clinic. Whistle-blower Dr Linda Dayan a senior sexual health specialist She quit as at the Royal North Shore Hospital, halved her budget, after a senior manager citing a new redistribution formula. What this lady was telling me have more money was that people on the North Shore they can go to private hospitals. That is an absolute nonsense and I refute that claim without reservation.

she's been unhappy But the Minister admits of Royal North Shore management. with the performance following the case of Jana Horska Dr Dayan was inspired to speak up

Shore's emergency department toilet. who miscarried in the Royal North morale at the hospital is appalling, Dr Dayan says afraid to speak out. hard-pressed staff and there aren't enough There aren't enough staff there

senior doctors and there isn't enough training.

In a bid to counter the attacks, own inquiry into the Jana Horska case the government has pre-empted its

by announcing attending emergency departments all pregnant women to maternity units instead. will now be referred the latest allegations The Opposition says for a full and public inquiry add weight to calls into the Royal North Shore Hospital. It says, at this stage, lives are being put at risk. Well, clearly with budgetary problems,

clearly with equipment problems, adverse care incidents we've seen, clearly with the sorts of

that's the risk. is refusing to widen its inquiry, The government, under pressure, Royal North Shore's redevelopment. citing record spending on the Paul Mullins, Ten News. A wild protest in Canberra. clashing with police Burmese demonstrators in their home country. after a deadly showdown a show of force - On the streets of Rangoon, a 2-day crackdown the military intensifying

on the biggest uprising in 20 years. But it failed to deter the crowds. An estimated 50,000 protesters filling the streets shouting, "Don't shoot your own people!" and, "We will win!" This time, though, far fewer monks leading the dissent after hundreds were dragged from their beds overnight by soldiers,

rounded up, beaten and arrested.

"They came in and opened fire," this monk says, "then they drove their truck and broke down the gate." In an effort to clear the streets, the military gave crowds 10 minutes to disperse, warning extreme action would be taken. The deadline expired overhead, but some into the crowd - and the shooting started - mostly among the dead. a Japanese photographer

State-run television of the uprising. has denounced international reports

living in Australia Tensions felt by Burmese boiling over outside the embassy in Canberra.

Back! Back! for an end to the violence in Burma clashing with police.

We didn't hurt anyone. protest outside the embassy We just wanted to have a sit-down there's not much it can do. The Australian Government admits With no major tride with Burma, sanctions are ineffective. But it says other countries can make a difference - these protesters joining the call for china to step in. China has more influence on the regime than any other country and of course Burma is a member of ASEAN and it's quite a challenge to the ASEAN group of nations. Brad Hodson, Ten News.

A breakthrough for hundreds of workers facing ruin after the collapse of a Sydney trucking company.

The Federal Government is now stepping in to cover the cost of their lost wages and entitlements. Ten reporter Eddy Meyer in Blacktown this evening. is with some of the workers Some of

have Some of McArthur's 500 employees

have come to the golf club here to hear

hear from the administrator. He's giving them the latest information which includes the news

that McArthur Transport will most

likely go into liquidation in about

three weeks and it pretty much

confirms what they expected. Good news today from the Workplace

Relationss minister, Joe Hockey

confirming that a

confirming that a scheme will be in

place to cover entitlements and 500

worker also get their entitlements.

It means that the employees will

get redundancy entitlements as well

as any of their lost general wages.

Union, the TWU has welcomed that

news, but is concerned that owner

drivers, though subcontractors

will not be covered and they're calling

calling on the Government to go a

little bit further. The offer

little bit further. The offer

certainly goes some way towards addressing peoples' concerns. The

thing is that it doesn't cover

everyone. The minister needs to be

upfront. If he's looking after everyone involved in the process, the

the owner drivers as well as employees, he needs to say so. the owner drivers as well as the

Accreditor's meeting will be held

next week. That will be of little

use to the employees B you good use to the employees B you good

news, a number of companies have

come forward offering work to those who lost their jobs. finally upgrade the Pacific Highway. A billion-dollar pledge tonight to But it's too little too late on the deadly road. for those who've lost loved ones when Alex Alexandrou isn't reminded A day doesn't pass of his teenage son Nicholas of the tragic death in a head-on collision two years ago. coming into work We pass that accident site every day and it kills us, it rips us apart.

The 18-year-old died along one of the notorious black-spots on the Pacific Highway. Both governments have long been criticised for not fixing the road. Now the PM hopes to brush away those concerns with an election promise.

When it comes to road funding, you have to cater for the whole community.

Very long overdue -

they promised it in '93 and now promising it again - is it because it's an election? Only a third of the highway from Sydney to Brisbane

is dual carriageway. The remainder, dangerous two-way stretches, of 25 deaths last year. the primary cause they would have announced If the government was fair dinkum for the next 7-8 years a billion dollars a year

by the agreed date of 2016. to complete the highway the state government There's talk the Coalition may ask to match its funding. if there were strings attached I'd be very disappointed

people who rely on Pacific Highway. because that would be very unfair on leaving Sydney for the long weekend, And so a timely reminder to motorists

to be cautious and constantly alert as you could be driving through one of the many dangerous black-spots. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

Preparations for the rugby league Grand Final paused for a few hours today, as the man who called 33 of them was farewelled.

And fittingly, it was in the heart of Manly where legends of the game said goodbye to the doyen of commentators, Frank Hyde. Two days out from the decider, rugby league greats big and small converged on Manly's Mary Immaculate Church to honour a man who had seen and called it all. Frank Hyde commentated 33 grand finals in a row, affecting the game's gladiators. his death last Sunday deeply

He's like a brother to me to the public - of a lot of people. he got into the hearts to remember an icon. Hundreds gathering somewhere now looking down saying, I can imagine Frank sitting down there "Look at all these silly buggers "congregating because I'm dead." Memories came flooding back

were told. as stories, none tall, all true,

(Laughs) Would have done it for nothing. of his life on Grand Final eve It was to be a celebration but as family members carried the casket out to the strains of his song, 'Danny Boy', some shed a tear. (All sing) # The pipes are glowing from glen to glen. # To borrow one from the vast Frank Hyde phrasebook, the line-up of footy legends paying their respects was certainly long enough, their thoughts of him high enough,

to get straight to the point when asked if we'll see or hear his like again. I don't think it is to be contemplated - there is one Frank Hyde alone. Norths to a grand final once, And even if he did lead arch-rivals who he'd cheering for. Manly fans have no doubt I'm sure. I'm sure he's barracking for Manly,

the voice of rugby league The man known as given one last standing ovation.

Frank Colletta, Ten News. in Australian sport, Manly might be the most hated club but for those who do support them, these are golden times. And fans are proudly showing off their Grand Final colours.

on Sydney's northern peninsula. A crimson tide Let's go Manly, let's go. The students from Beacon Hill Primary leading the Sea Eagles cheer squad.

The people in Melbourne don't even care about rugby league - go Manly! Most of these kids weren't even born when Manly last won a premiership. What do you think you'll do if they win on Sunday night? Probably run around the house naked! Today they were covering up in anything maroon and white. I notice you're actually wearing a bag. Oh! She could have borrowed a jersey off fellow fanatic Stephen Lucas -

he's got 54 of them. And that's not an isolated incident -

You wear a Manly jersey on the side

of the road and someone will scream

out, Many Sucks!

Manly have long been the team the people of NSW love to hate but the reality is if they want the trophy to stay here they'll have to board the Manly bandwagon.

The rest of the State may take some convincing - the reality is... you either love Manly or you hate them, and I hate them.

It's hereditary, I think. My father hated it, his grandfather... It's nothing new to the Brookvale faithful. I think I can see a bit of Max Killich's blood down there. Number one supporter Thomas Kenealley concedes even Melbourne's probably more popular

amongst the rest of Sydney's league fans. It's a question of comparative contempt - what do Sydneysiders dislike most? If they didn't win there'd be no tears coming out. Former Wests coach Roy Masters could be to blame. Well they continually push this God's-country view of the universe. He branded them the Silvertails during the '70s and '80s. while championing class warfare They like being hated, and I'll tell you what, they'll hate them even more if they win. Paul Cochrane, Ten News.

Tim Webster is enjoying a double dose of Grand Final fever, joining us now from the hallowed turf of the MCG.

Tim, a big weekend of footy ahead. Yes, I'm here for Ten's AFL Grand Final broadcast. Ahead - we'll look at both Grand Finals. We'll catch up with Manly star and doting dad Steve Bell

who relaxes by simply playing in the park. That and more in a big Grand Final preview. Plus all the colour from here in Melbourne as the two Grand Final sides took to the streets.

And, the Port Adelaide coach trying to stir up his Geelong counterpart.

Deb, I'll just soak up a bit more atmosphere from this awesome stadium and will be back with you shortly. A woman faces court after repeatedly pretending she's a doctor - that story next. And special tributes to the police officers who've died in the line of duty.

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This program is captioned live. The Department of Public Prosecutions has ruled out appealing

the light jail terms who killed a Sydney publican. handed down to four men 47-year-old Shane Miles died with a bar stool after being hit across the head Woolloomooloo pub in 2004. while working at his family's for manslaughter His killers were last week jailed pushed for an appeal, Attorney-General John Hatzistergos didn't fit the crime. insisting the punishment the sentences are adequate. But the DPP believes

over a bizarre series of crimes. A woman has faced a Sydney Court She repeatedly posed as a doctor no qualifications. even though she has left court today undercover Lorraine Smith after having her secrets exposed.

She's facing a possible jail term for making a career out of pretending to be a doctor. Ms Smith, haven't you done enough masquerading?

Why the disguise? Excuse

Excuse me, could you stop harassing her. The Downing Centre Local Court today heard how she was employed as a carer with a foster care organisation after claiming: She spent years introducing herself

even a surgeon and forensic expert. In this case:

REPORTER: Do you not understand it

could have been dangerous for the

child in her care. blamed a personality disorder, Ms Smith's lawyer in a fantasy world. claiming her client lives

The court was toldz in her

interview, Miss Smith told another

dreadful lie, claiming dreadful lie, claiming her three

children and husband had been

killed in a horrible car accidents,

and she said she had been a doctor

in emergency on the night it

happened and claimed she had to

treat them in their final moments. while he was on a good behaviour bond This happened a doctor to dozens of other people. for 27 other offences claiming to be The Medical Board told the court: She'll be sentenced next month. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. A shock for patrons at Star City casino, police storming in early this morning, arresting two gamblers. The men are being held They were playing the tables like high rollers but detectives believe the money these men were gambling was stolen. Police were called to the casino just after 3:00 this morning after a tip-off the men were there. A 21-year-old man from Harden in the State's south and a 24-year-old from Young and taken in for questioning were handcuffed from Wagga Wagga. along with a 19-year-old woman an armed robbery at this credit union The arrests following in Coolamon. with a sawn-off shotgun. Two bandits armed the other wore a motorbike helmet. One had a balaclava over his face and occupant of the credit union. They threatened the sole female and demanded money.

quite a significant sum of money. They were handed over the robbery The men are now being questioned more evidence as detective continue to gather allegedly linking them to the crime. country towns targeted like this You don't see too many small it's something we don't like to see. and to this extent, and Detectives appealing for help from anyone with information about the robbery

they believe the men were driving. John Hill, Ten News. Memorial services have been held in Sydney to honour police officers who've died in the line of duty. Now in it's 20th year Police Remembrance Day pays tribute to all serving officers who've passed away. Hundreds turned out to mark the day, for those lost. laying wreaths and reading prayers

In 2007, 3 officers were killed in NSW, 10 across Australia.

A shock new study has linked drinking to breast cancer.

Scientists finding increases the risk even one alcoholic drink a day of contracting the disease. as good for our health, A glass of red has been promoted in particular the heart. the risks may outweigh the benefits But for women that poses a problem. and it's not just wine A US study of 70,000 women found alcoholic beverages a day of any type drinking one to two by 10%. boosted the risk of breast cancer in one drink a day A 10% increase in risk

is almost exactly the same risk you would get from taking post-menopausal hormones. Plenty of women stopped taking post-menopausal hormones because of that risk.

The risk jumps to 30% if three drinks a day are consumed. That's similar to the danger associated with smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Scientists aren't sure how alcohol increases the risk, levels of estrogen, but believe it may boost a hormone linked to cancer growth. Lifestyle may also be a factor. other risky behaviours It's associated with

or any number of things. perhaps like smoking or overeating, Studies in the past have made the connection

between cancer and alcohol.

the type of alcohol is irrelevant. But this is the first to suggest had this advice. One breast cancer patient The things that you can control that everyone should control. are also the things to drink every single day. It's not a good idea Nicole Strahan, Ten News. In the United States,

Let's take a look at the weather now

now with Tim. And I'm a bit lonely

up here, Ron is off sick, Tim

Webster is in Melbourne. I'm

liking it, you and I together, a

long weekend on the way. Three big

fat days off in a rorbgs don't we

love that. What about today? 29,

that was 9 above average. that was 9 above average. Unbelievable. We're getting a

south-west change. Later on today

around about 10:00, it will drop

the weekend to mainly around about

22 to 25. Let's look at the weather

photo, this is a good part of the

day. Love giving away free stuff

and Michelle Russell of Wangi Wangi

is going berserk at the moment

because she has won the Sony Handy Cam thanks to because she has won the Sony Handy

Cam thanks to Harvey Norman, a

terrific shot there. Let's get up

to the sky watch, Fridays don't

come much better than that.

Fabulously fine and still 28 out

there with the sniff of a big three

days off in the air. Love that sort days off in the air. Love that

of talk. Looking forward to Sea

Eagles Sunday and Manly Monday as I

throw you back to the desk and

we'll see you again in around about

10. Next - the end of an era - sails out of Sydney Harbour. the last cargo ship And not such a tiny tot - at nearly 8kg. the baby that's weighed in

We can all work together to tackle climate change. Call now for your free Climate Clever booklet. Or visit our website to download a copy. I can do that. (Turkish accent) I have seen this place where it rains in colour.

Where a single second can last a lifetime. And fingernails are food! (Chuckles) Where men can be surrounded by thousands and feel totally alone. than gold. Where leather is more precious And men reach for the sky

into the clouds! and pull themselves Septopia. (Whispers) Septopia?

or not wearing your seatbelt If you're caught speeding over this October long weekend, half your licence. you'll lose at least isn't wearing theirs, And if just one of your passengers that's your licence gone. for seatbelt and speeding offences. Remember - double demerits

Let's take a look at all of the

traffic now with Vic Lorusso. It's

pretty clear who you're going for

on Sunday, but I done foe if you

can see the traffic through awful

the maroon and white. We're flying

high just like the Eagles. All of

the traffic escaping out of Sydney, unfortunately major traffic delays


on the Hume Highway. All four

traffic lanes through Inglburn and

St Andrews. The good news is that there's no major accident ors

breakdowns. For traffic sitting on the

the M5, it could mean an extra 30

to 40 minute travel time. We're

going to go up to the M3 and bring

up an update after sport in the Eagle Chariot! Sydney's most historic waterfronts. A day tinged with sadness on one of

East Darling Harbour Wharf The last cargo ship has sailed into ahead of a $4 billion makeover. Arriving from the Pacific islands, in Sydney's waterfront history. this cargo ship will go down to dock at Darling Harbour. It will be the last cargo ship ever just 80 containers, The 'Southern Moana' was carrying and will provide at the famous wharf, the final stevedoring operation that has a long and proud history.

and today's my actual last day. It's just a sad day Known as the Hungry Mile, through the Great Depression. it's where maritime workers struggled still call it by that name Wharfies and their families that much more difficult. which makes the closure was part of it you know - My grandfather they used to throw tickets out for them to catch and get a job -

you know, it goes back that far.

the East Darling Harbour Wharf Some stevedores have worked for more than 30 years. and other things Blokes have lived and died here for years and years. and it was all like one big family it's gone forever. Now it's gone, and once it's gone, to be swallowed by late October All the history here will start when demolition begins. In it's place will be Sydney's newest precinct, already named Barangaroo.

And this is what a $4 billion urban renewal project of high-rise and parkland. It may look impressive, but you'll never convince the wharfies who worked here. Well, every time I drive past I'll have mixed feelings, you know. Josh Murphy, Ten News. A woman in the United States has been caught on surveillance camera forcing her child to steal. She can be seen kicking the little girl,

encouraging her to crawl under a glass counter

and steal a bag from a worker at an arcade. Police are confident they'll eventually catch the woman, but fear she'll force the child to commit more crimes. NASA has launched its latest mission to discover more about our solar system. The 'Dawn' probe lifted off from the Kennedy Space Station, heading to the belt between Mars and Jupiter. First stop - exploring an asteroid called Vesta,

before moving on to a tiny planet named Celes. MISSION CONTROL: We have exceeded the speed of sound and coming up on Mach Q. All going well, the mission should wrap up in 2015. The inquest into the death of Princess Diana is under way, with potential jurors urged to ignore the conspiracy theories surrounding her crash.

The coroner overseeing the 6-month inquest making the plea so that jurors can decide the case only on the evidence they hear in court. 11 jurors will be chosen by ballot. They'll be given police protection to ensure they're not harassed. Evidence begins on Tuesday. A small town in Russia has just welcomed a really big addition. A woman has given birth to what's thought to be the heaviest surviving baby on record. Nadia weighs in at a whopping 7.75 kilos,

more than double the average size of a newborn. She's the 12th child for mum Tatyana and, yes, she was born by caesarian section. A political advertising campaign leaves footy legends fuming - that's next. Also - the breakthrough the racing industry's been waiting for - in Sydney. the horse flu vaccine arrives

And, an enviable task - putting decades of Grange Hermitage to the taste test.

Guess what? I'm on one of those Workplace Agreements now.

Yeah? You're alright with that, aren't you, Dave? Yep. Yeah, boss ran it past me and I thought it looked alright. And with the new fairness rules he also had to get it passed by the Workplace Authority. Really? Yeah. They said he needed to up the money a bit though to get it through, you know, make it fair. There have been some recent changes to the Workplace Relations System to give people even more protection. Like the Fairness Test. So, at the Workplace Authority,

call us on the Workplace Infoline. Right.

Where a single second can last a lifetime. Where men can be surrounded by thousands and feel totally alone. Where leather is more precious than gold.

(Whispers) Septopia? MAJESTIC MUSIC

This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - a $1 billion pledge to upgrade the Pacific Highway

if the Howard Government is re-elected. Only one third of the road from Sydney to Brisbane is dual carriageway. As many as 25 people per year losing their lives in crashes. Labor is sceptical about the funding promise, demanding to know where the money will come from. Wild scenes today in Canberra They were demonstrating against a deadly showdown in their home country where at least nine people died

as the military cracked down on a pro-democracy uprising.

And new rules to govern the way hospitals treat pregnant women, following the shocking ordeal endured by Jana Horska, who miscarried in a toilet. All pregnant women attending emergency departments will now be referred to maternity units. Footy fever is catching.

They believe that expensive ads

are politicising sport.

Here we go. Hup! Well done. Aussie Rules clearly isn't the Labor leader's talent. is party has turned to two former footy greats to tackle the Government over taxpayer-funded advertising - rugby league legend Tommy Raudonikis lending his voice to attack the ads this weekend. ADVERTISEMENT: Tommy Raudonikis here. There's something going on right now that just wrong. And for AFL followers Peter 'Crackers' Keenan takes a swipe,

Grand finals are about playing footy, not playing politics. Labor estimates the Government is spending up to $1 million a day on the taxpayer-funded ads. This is starting to corrupt our democracy. But when it comes to democracy, Mr Rudd makes no apologies for dumping 100 years of tradition of the Labor ministry, to be the sole selector should he win government. He says it's time for the party to modernise.

In the past, the Labor leader has effectively been handed a list by the factions

as to who should hold the top posts. Not anymore.

I'm concerned about one thing,

which is the best team of talented individuals to serve the interests of Australia. John Howard hasn't ruled out quitting politics if he wins his seat but his Government loses the election. I don't know. I just obviously have to give thought to my future.

ut I'd do the right thing by the people of my electorate. The PM says he still hasn't decided when to call the poll.

It won't be this weekend. He'll be at the footy. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. It's the news horse owners have been desperate to hear, the arrival, finally, of horse flu vaccine.

20,000 shots arrived from France this morning. The vials being sent straight to flu hotspots.

Experts warn the vaccine can't halt infection, but will reduce symptoms and there's no guarantee it will stop the disease spreading. A lot of transmission of this is by the two-legged variety. Authorities are now trying to speed up the arrival of a second batch, not due until October 9. Finance, and the Australian sharemarket is booming, hitting its third record close for the week.

The big miners are surging thanks to higher metal prices.

It's not a bad way to spend a Friday, 12 of the world's best wine critics sipping their way through a complete collection of Penfold's Grange. They say the sacrifice was worth it

to learn which should be preserved and which should be popped. Individually, they're rare indeed.

As a set, don't skfplt We think

that around the world, there could

be anything up to 18 to 20 complete collections, there's one less as a

result of today. 12 world renowned

wine experts invited by Penfolds to

to sample a tipple of every grange.

Almost $200,000 worth, it seems a

shame to spit it out to learn which

vintages should be enjoyed now. If

anyone has 54 or 57, drink them now.

Why save them, at least from my

point of view. A lot of the grains

from the 50s are rare and some of

them, the odd one is falling

them, the odd one is falling off

its perch. We thought, let's do the

last historic monumental tasting.

54 bolts from the first vintage

created in 1952 to the not yet

released of 03, 04 and 05. Well,

the 04, watch out for that one. The tasting notes will be published

for collectors. You have to be very

quiet in here. This tasting is a

serious business. This is the

serious business. This is the 1953

grange. It is $50,000 a bottle.

That alone is enough to break your

concentration. Seems I picked a

good one. That was of the quality

of any of the greatest cabernets of any of the greatest cabernets of the world, without any question in

my mind. Nor mine! Sipping wine is

one way to spend a Friday, another

one way to spend a Friday, another

is dipping your feet in some water.

You reckon I'm excited about three

days off. What about the Year 12

girls from Berong High. Last day of

school today. The other mob up the

back as well. There's a few people

down at Darling Harbour can't wait

for the weekend to start. I think

it has started. Earlier, we gave a

camera away, a Sony Handicam. The weather photograph

weather photograph said it was

Wangi Wangi, it's not, it's Wangy

Wangy. Now what have we got, a

southerly change. Tomorrow, fine

and sunny and 22 degrees. For the

Sea Eagles Sunday, it will be

delightful, 25 degrees. The map of delightful, 25 degrees. The map of

NSW, Tim's top temps on a fabulous

Friday. Three days off in a

Friday. Three days off in a row, Friday. Three days off in a row, you beauty!

Do ul remember, cast your mind back

to the last day of school, Year 12.

Berong High. Fete pretty good,

didn't it. How excited are they.

Thank you Tim. And on to the other

Thank you Tim. And on to the other

Tim, Tim Webster who is lucky to be

at the MCG for the AFL Grand Final.

A few mind games going on down there. to wind up his Geelong rival all day. Yes, Port Adelaide's coach tried More shortly. While in the NRL, debate rages suffering psychological scars over whether the Storm are still

from last year's Grand Final loss. But they're making themselves at home,

the laidback Storm players soaked up Sydney's weather

and perhaps some support. And, out of hospital for a second time, but is Stephen Larkham's World Cup campaign over?

This program is captioned live. Manly has held their penultimate training session

before Sunday night's NRL decider with Melbourne. The Storm had a day off and spent much of it in the eastern suburbs surf as they strive to exorcise the demons of last year's Grand Final defeat. went maroon and white mad... As the Northern Beaches ALL CHANT: Manly, Manly, Manly. ..Melbourne players were infiltrating the eastern beaches. Former Rooster Michael Crocker revelling in his old surf.

Not as much fun though for prop Ben Cross. Assessed by club medicos, he's still in doubt with a hamstring strain. Fellow prop Brett White enjoying time with his daughter, Georgia. Another Grand Final dad also escaping pre-match pressure, Steve Bell finding daughter Sienna the perfect distraction. Especially big games like this. Sometimes you start getting it all in your head and you get a bit nervous and sort of play the game.

of fun time, a bit of quiet time, So to come out here and have a bit he leaves to go on the bus, Even right up to the time

he's still playing with Sienna A It's a good distraction.

former Storm player But, he and another few secrets on their old team-mates. have still found time to spill a have had a word to Dessie, Matt Orford and myself

got everything covered. but he's pretty much An Eagles legend claiming between now and kick-off. Melbourne will be feeling the heat

so the pressure is on. There are favourites,

They've got to perform. It's nice to be the underdog. extent and going with Manly. I'm going against the grain to an I think they've played quite well into last week's game and maybe four or six I'll say.

Royce Simmons knows the taste of Grand Final defeat at Penrith, and that's why he thinks Melbourne will triumph second time around.

If I go back to '90 and '91, I've got no doubt the experience of getting beaten in '90 put us in a lot better position to win the following year. And Manly assistant coach Geoff Toovey sharing what his final words to the players will be. Just to, ah, don't stuff up! Adam Hawse, Ten News.

through their final preparations. And it's not just the teams going Sunday's pre-game entertainment. So too are the performers for their moves and grooves. The Rogue Traders rehearsing of popular artists The band heads a long list Shannon Noll and Vanessa Amorosi. including the Hoodoo Gurus, also put through its paces - A Black Hawk helicopter the 2007 Telstra Premiership Trophy the chopper will drop in with

before the match. of tomorrow's AFL Grand final The mind games have escalated ahead between Geelong and Port Adelaide. Grand Final parade On the day of the traditional his opposite number Mark Thompson Port coach Mark Williams goaded

at every opportunity. Overcast skies, but as always, the streets of Melbourne were filled for the Grand Final parade.

Go Cats! Cats and Port fans side by side.

Geelong coach Mark Thompson happy and relaxed during the parade. REPORTER: How are the boys feeling? They're fairly relaxed. Ready for a game of footy. But at the pre-game press conference his mood changed when Port coach Mark Williams questioned Geelong's selection

of ruckman Steven King. He's old school Geelong.

a huge amount of pressure. To bring him back now will mean as being experienced Mark might have meant old school and an all-Austrlain player,

and a best and fairest player. as far as he was prepared to go. Thompson's retort was I'm not interested. But the the tension is clearly there, particularly for the Cats, who are raging favourites and are carrying the weight of expectation of a team which hasnt won a flag in 44 years. And finally something to cheer about for the locals at today's Grand Final parade -

a Victorian team in the season finale for the first time since 2003. Geelong remain the popular pick to win the flag. Most experts, including 3-time premiership captain Michael Voss on their side. They've just been the dominant side the whole year and I can't see them faltering at this particular stage. After contesting the last two grand finals, Swans coach Paul Roos is avoiding this one and heading to the Sunshine Coast,

but supporting the Cats. I'm rapt for them. I'm glad they're there a good account of themselves. and I hope they give Neil Cordy, Ten News. And the AFL Grand Final can be seen

on Ten tomorrow. live and exclusively here Scott Staniforth has been ruled out The Wallabies injury dramas continue, match against Canada. of tomorrow night's World Cup pool

playing for the Wallabies again And any optimism on Stephen Larkham is fading. most certainly out of luck Out of hospital, out of the World Cup. and it seems more than likely that he may not play They is a chance

we've got to be aware of it. that's something with the infection, The thing to understand is, of the knee there has been a clean-out and that creates irritation

and it's all about how quickly that settles down. An intensive rehabilitation process only a fortnight away But with the semifinals team management is now conceding his glittering Wallabies career has almost certainly come to a premature and devastating conclusion. as it is for all of us - The reality for him has been that - Stephen may not play again in the tournament.

I would hate for his career with Australian rugby

to end as it has, as it might. have arrived here in Bordeaux Larkham and the Wallabies against Canada tomorrow night. for their final pool match Full back Chris Latham today revealing

negotiations with a European club that he has put on hold contract for the time being. I put a whole stop to it all. after the World Cup. It'll all happen I don't want it to be an issue

it's not going to be an issue and for that reason no-one talking to anyone. because there's Rob Canning, Ten News. who'll face the Wallabies The match to decide is a real battle of the haves and have-nots. Mighty England up against tiny Pacific island country, Tonga. The country's tiny - not the Tongans themselves. They turned up to training with green hair to thank a sponsor, but the new look didn't go down well. The boys wanted to show some respect or give something back,

but I guess the rugby IRB are saying we couldn't. I'm sure some of the other guys on the other teams are wearing blond hair, so why can't the rule go both ways? biggest in their country's history, They're building up the match as the it's the biggest Test of his career. while England coach Brian Ashton says the England-Tonga match And you can catch early tomorrow morning. live here on Ten,

match tomorrow night And then the Wallabies last pool is live, starting at 10pm. stamped their authority America's golfers

first-round matches. winning five of the six on day one of the President's Cup,

could muster - The best the internationals team and two very special chip-ins. one tie extraordinary bunker shots today. COMMENTATOR: Wow! We have seen some Oh my goodness me! (Beep)

Despite this putt from Adam Scott he and partner Geoff Ogilvy were disappointing, going down 3 and 2 to Steve Stricker and Hunter Mahan. Australia's hopes of bringing home the world surfing crown have been given a boost. Top American contenders Kelly Slater and Andy Irons made an early exit from the Quicksilver Pro in France. Slater, the current world number two, was knocked out by Tahitian wildcard Michael Bourez

in round three. Luke Munro, Irons fell to Aussie rookie continued his title charge while world number one Mick Fanning Mikael Pikon. after beating local hope you know. That was a pretty big heat, going up against wildcards, It's tricky especially on their home break. Taj Burrow and Joel Parkinson, Australia's other title contenders, also remain in the hunt. in tomorrow's first quarterfinal. They face off To the tips in Sydney or Melbourne tomorrow and with no metropolitan meeting

here's Michael Sullivan's selections at Moonee Valley tonight. for the big meeting That's it for now. with more Grand Final news. Sports Tonight is from Melbourne too is live and exclusive here on Ten A reminder the AFL Grand Final tomorrow afternoon. and on Sunday afternoon Formula 1 Grand Prix from 2pm. it's the Japanese

stkpwhrts another weekend on the

couch with the old remote. A big

weekend ahead. Enjoy it there in weekend ahead. Enjoy it there in

Melbourne. Let's take another look

at the traffic with Vic Lorusso who

it is obviously he's only got one

sporting event on his mine, but it

seems that there's problems for

people getting out of Sydney for the

long weekend. It is horrible for

people on

people on Pennant Hills road

through Demorman Hurst. We showed

you the M5 earlier. Let's hope

Manly get up on Sunday night. Good

on you Vic, enjoy the Grand Final.

Thank you for that.

weekend weather forecast is next. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's

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I muls admit, it is not unusual for

Tim Bailey to be excited about

Fridays, but he reckons we should

be excited about weather like

be excited about weather like

this? What about the weather, 9

degrees above average. Things will

be tempered with a southerly change

getting to your house after 10pm. A

fine and sunny weekend, 22 degrees

on Saturday, and for Sea Eagles sun,

25 degrees. Manly Monday at 24

degrees. A quick question,

degrees. A quick question, how many

chops and sausages will be BBQed

this weekend with the NRL final and

the AFL final. Three days off in a

rofplt get your dictionary, look up rofplt get your dictionary, look up

the word "office" and scrub it out,

you can forget about it for a few

days. Good weather on the way for

six days. Fine and sunny is all she

wrote. Into your backyard, check the temperatures out.

Satellite, cloud is building over

the north-west NT and a moist

unstable atmosphere. Speckled

cloud driving across Tasmania and Victoria.

Victoria. Cold westerly winds in that causing

that causing showers and isolated

storms. The weather map for

tomorrow, we whack it on your TV

and go strong winds and showers

gradually easing in the south-east

as a cold front moves into the

Tasman. That's all you need to know.

The bris of the brolly, pripgs,

isolated showers clearing from the southern NSW ranges,

southern NSW ranges, possible

showers in the Queensland ranges.

So tomorrow, 22 degrees, fine and

sunny and it will be a little bit

more pleasant than the 29 degrees

was today. 25 for the Grand Final,

kick off time around 7:20. We're

thinking temperatures down to

around 17 degrees and absolutely

perfect for Sea Eagle Sunday.

Monday is a good looking day. Every time

time you have a Monday without the office,

office, it is a good looking day,

trust me, I'm a weatherman. trust me, I'm a weatherman. 24

degrees and fine and sunny right

through until next weekend. Let's

go and have a look interstate. go and have a look interstate. A

lot of people are travelling for the

long weekends.

The best backyard in Australia is

called NSW. We jump the fence and

tell you, most lip sunny in Lismore.

It will continue sunny across

Sydney tomorrow. A fine and cool 22 degrees.

Mostly sunny for Sunday, Monday, Mostly sunny for Sunday, Monday,

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and

the other two words, you know what they are,

they are, "go many". Good on you Tim.

That's the news at 5:00. I'm Deborah Knight, have a wonderful long weekend, enjoy the footy, and I'll see you again - hopefully with Ron back on deck on Monday. Goodnight. This program is captioned live.