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rescue 220 Australians from Beirut. Lucky escape - British forces in the war-torn region But thousands remain during the deadliest day of fighting. And fatal attack - by a pack of dogs. the toddler mauled to death Ten News with Jacinta Hocking.

Good morning. is sending evacuation teams The Defence Force to Beirut and Cyprus out of the wartorn region. to help get Australians One team of 19 has already left due to depart tomorrow. with another group of 65 have been left stranded But more of our citizens after their ship left without them.

Stranded again - left high and dry at Beirut's port more than 200 Australians sail ahead of an Israeli deadline. after a Greek naval ship abruptly set After waiting several hours, made it on board. only about 45 Australians to tell you what we went through. I can't get the words together 5 years old 4-year-old kids, you know,

in a garage. You're locked up for seven days Nowhere's safe. for many Australians Despair has set in a vessel from Turkey - after their initial lifeline - following a double-booking. failed to show The British have come to the rescue, onboard Royal Navy ships. taking more than 200 Australians to the back of the queue - Our citizens forced other nations taking priority. and I want to be leaving today. My name is on the list are critical of Australia's response. Back home, worried relatives being evacuated, All we hear is Americans English people. Canadians, Polish, Italians, Where's our Aussie help? more charter ships. The Government booking tomorrow. The first expected to arrive into the port Whether we'll be able to get them on the circumstances at the port is going to depend very much so it's not going to be easy. As the war intensifies, for the trapped Australians. the clock is ticking We are a week into this crisis have arranged ships and many other countries to get their folk out. of his sons was stuck in Lebanon? What would John Howard say if one What would he do? 2,000 Australians out of Lebanon The Government hopes to get over the weekend. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Israeli forces have battered Beirut, 23 tonnes of explosives dropping more than on targets across the city. At least 70 people have been killed since the fighting began. in what was the deadliest day is in the Lebanese capital. CNN's Nic Robertson

23 tons of bombs is a lot to drop. We 23 tons of bombs is a lot to drop.

have heard bombs going off in the

southern Beirut suburbs. As the wind southern Beirut suburbs.

been blowing in the wrong direction?

It doesn't seem to be the case. Could

these bombs have dropped a further

out into the suburbs? Yes that is

possible. The suburbs where the

leadership has been living, we have leadership has been living, we

been able to hear the bombs falling

in there. It is an interesting

development to learn that so many

bombs had dropped although we haven't

heard it any. Icons are contracts we heard it any. Icons are contracts

are not able to get through to our contacts. since violence erupted For the first time militants have exchanged ground fire Israeli troops and Hezbollah on the border. a dozen Israelis killed overnight. Two soldiers among more than in its sites. Israel has a very ambitious target that force can change Its leaders believe in this part of the Middle East. what they call the rules of the game their people They say they're protecting

for modern democratic values and also fighting against the forces of evil. the latest battleground This is looking like the war on terror. in what the West calls of two Israeli soldiers, It may have started with the capture much more than that. but for Israel it's now about For them, it's a single fight and its sponsors in Syria and Iran. against Hezbollah Israel's Western allies agree. the diplomatic room to keep going. They've given Israel are solidly behind their government Israelis under attack from Hezbollah and want it to hit back hard. They like their leader's message to score a clear-cut victory that this is a chance in the war on terror. in the White House in Washington A long way from these streets and this is a quote - they're saying -

intact the terrorist infrastructure that "a ceasefire that would leave "would be unacceptable." that this could be a long war, Now, that suggests or so that we've been working here, because, in the 15 minutes by Hezbollah security patrols. we've been approached five times in the southern suburbs of Beirut That suggests that here is very much intact. their infrastructure and longer working hours Slashing sick leave reportedly being considered are just some of the changes the Government and big business. in secret talks between The ACTU says a leaked memo of Commerce and Industry from the Chamber shows a raft of new cutbacks to AWAs. to cash in all holidays The changes also include the right and cuts to parental leave. his next assault Yes, John Howard is planning with the Chamber of Commerce, but we will stop him. The ACCI says the Government on workplace issues it's in regular contact with improving conditions for business. and will continue to work on and another toddler injured A little girl's been killed in separate dog attacks. was set upon in Warren near Dubbo The four-year-old in central west New South Wales. but didn't survive the night. She was rushed to hospital No-one saw the overnight mauling. in the neighbour's yard. The 4-year-old was found bleeding by three cross-bred hunting dogs Police say she was attacked if this is one of them. although it's unknown neck and torso. She suffered injuries to her head, in a critical condition. She was rushed to the local hospital of doctors But despite the best efforts and extra blood being flown in, early this morning. the little girl died The incident came just hours after a 3-year-old boy was set upon in Sydney's west. He was climbing a tree at Cambridge Park when he fell into a neighbour's yard where the Staffordshire bull terrier attacked biting him on the face. He's in a stable condition. Police and council officers have interviewed that dog's owner. Max Futcher, Ten News. The incident has renewed calls for dangerous dogs to be banned. Hugh Worth is from the RSPCA and joins us now. Good morning, Hugh. Should we being doing more to eradicate these dangerous animals?

No young child should be able to get

anywhere near three hunting anywhere near three hunting dogs that

are not pet dog they are used for

hunting. State governments have done

plenty as far as the law is concerned

but not so much for education.

Government should sponsor education

programmes. It is essential. A teenager working in a Melbourne McDonald's restaurant has almost been blinded after being shot in the face. The girl was one of two victims injured in a series of shots believed to have been fired from an air rifle. The 16-year-old girl was working in the drive-thru section of the restaurant in Melbourne's east when she was struck in the face by a pellet about 7:30 last night. The missile, one of several fired from nearby bushes, narrowly missing her eye. This appears to be a very stupid act where the girl or any other member of the public could have been more seriously injured as a result of these shots. A customer who was walking in the carpark at the time was also shot suffering minor injuries to his shoulder. He was able to give police a good description of two men as they fled from their hiding place. I ran up and chased them. They escaped. The police air wing and dog squad called in to take up the search.

But it proved fruitless. Police now calling for witnesses and warning of dire consequences should the random attacks continue. We don't want this sort of thing happening again. We want to put a quick stop to it. Kellie Morgan, Ten News. One of Australia's favourite kindergarten girls is back in her classroom.

5-year-old Sophie Delezio has returned to her Sydney school after nearly three months recovering from her second horrific car accident. Other students formed a guard of honour and clapped as her mother carried a suddenly bashful Sophie into school. Coming up after the break - Indonesia threatened by another tsunami following an underwater earthquake. And the Brits bask in the sunshine as temperatures reach record highs. That's why, by the end of August, we need 10,000 sponsors Children like 6-year-old Nadzua. Nadzua is so weak from hunger, she can't even play. Without help, Nadzua will struggle to survive. But you could help change the life of a child like Nadzua You'll help provide the basics every child deserves - like food to eat, clean water, We get the progress reports and, you know, cards and things from the child, the money is reaching them. or call 13 32 40 now. This program is captioned live. A strong earthquake has hit Indonesia, prompting early fears of a second tsunami. The 6.2-magnitude quake struck undersea last night in the Sunda Strait, causing tall buildings in the capital, Jakarta, to sway. It followed Monday's 7.7-magnitude quake which triggered a tsunami on the island of Java. 560 people were killed and 275 people are still missing.

In the wake of this, Indonesian authorities say they will build a tsunami early warning system in Bali. Eight people have been killed after a fire broke out in a karaoke bar in the South Korean capital. Fire crews were called to the building after witnesses reported hearing a loud bang just before the 4-storey complex exploded into flames. The fire spread quickly. Those who died were residents living on floors above the karaoke bar. 10 patrons from the bar were taken to hospital. US President George W. Bush has taken extraordinary action to prevent advances in stem cell research. Mr Bush cast the first veto of his 5.5-year presidency to prevent more federal funding from going into embryonic stem cell research. It crosses a moral boundary that our decent society needs to respect, so I vetoed it. Polls show most Americans disagree with the President's veto for the controversial research to help find a cure for conditions like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes and spinal cord damage. We may associate the UK with the wet and cold

but Britain is currently in the grip of a heatwave, registering the hottest ever July day with the mercury hitting 36.3 degrees. A normal working day in the middle of the week but just look at the beach here busier by the hour the sunshine just too tempting. A few admitting they bunked off work, I'm supposed to be at work. I just thought I'd have the day off. A cheeky day off.

I'm skiving from work. Get down the beach. Perfect time to come, isn't it? The boss is in Sweden on holiday for four weeks. I'll tell him about it when he gets back. Possibly. With temperatures higher than many sunshine resorts abroad some have changed their minds about going overseas. One couple amending their honeymoon arrangements. We were going abroad but no need to now. There's sun here. But health professionals are concerned that basic sun safety messages still aren't getting through. You need to put some cooling lotion on. Cool themselves down with water. In the long-term they are risking skin cancer. Even though temperatures will now fall back there are plenty of hot days ahead. Ahead, Aussie cyclist Cadel Evans makes his move in the Tour de France, that's when Ten's morning news returns.

And singing instead of swinging - golf's wild thing plays at the home of the Beatles. That's why, by the end of August, we need 10,000 sponsors to help 10,000 children in urgent need. Children like 7-year-old George. Every day George fetches water from the only source they have. and even though it makes him sick, he has no choice but to drink it. Without help, George's future looks bleak. But you could help change the life of a child like George health care and the opportunity to go to school. please do it today. 10,000 sponsors for 10,000 children in urgent need or call 13 32 40 now. This program is captioned live.

In finance news, the Australian share market is trading strongly and after a strong lead from Wall Street

sparked by upbeat comments from Reserve chairman Ben Bernancke.

Essendon coach Kevin Sheedy is due to be discharged from hospital today following a shoulder reconstruction. But for the first time in 26 years Sheedy won't be at the Bombers' helm when they play Carlton at the MCG on Saturday. He's on his way home but that's as about as far as Kevin Sheedy will venture this week. Most people are in worse positions than me at the moment in hospital. I'm pretty lucky to get in there and out as soon as I can. His shoulder reconstruction resulting in assistant Gary O'Donnell

reluctantly stepping into the role of senior coach for the clash with the Blues. Denis Pagan hoping to take full advantage of his great rival's absence. I remember sitting in the third row thinking about, "What would I do and how would I go about this?" It's completely different when you're in the front row. Lions coach Leigh Matthews has reportedly convinced Mal Michael to play on, at least for one more week. The defender having told the club he's lost his passion for the game and wants to retire immediately. Michael didn't train with team-mates yesterday. And disgraced West Coast ruckman Michael Gardiner appears destined for the football scrap heap after his latest off-field indiscretion. He would have to do a lot more to be able to come and sit in front of me

and have me believe a committment from him now. No, we won't have an interest in Michael Gardiner or Jason Akermanis, no. Who's going to take that chance? He's put himself in a hard spot. Damian Booth, Ten News. Rugby league's most wanted man, Nate Myles,

has ended months of speculation surrounding his NRL future by signing a 3-year deal with the Sydney Roosters. The Bulldogs foward's decision was largely based on lifestyle reasons. The Roosters won the race for Myles beating offers from seven other clubs in a deal worth nearly $1 million over three years. The 21-year-old, who came to the decision after talks with his manager and Roosters coach Ricky Stuart, his future's sorted out. says he's relieved to a lifestyle thing for me. It came down

living out here at Cronulla I really enjoy the clubs at the final hit-out, and there wasn't much between

so I'm happy to stay in Sydney. will take the heat off its fall out The club hopes the signing with halfback Brett Finch who's been told to look elsewhere. I admire the stuff he goes through. It's got to get to him eventually. to show it for us. He just doesn't seem their hand up for the 24-year-old The Parramatta Eels have put but if they can't lure him former Newcastle premiership player they may even look to Sean Rudder as a fallback option at the end of the season. when his contract in the UK expires

has made up ground Australian cyclist Cadel Evans in the French Alps. on the second gruelling day yesterday, After a disappointing effort Evans stuck with the challengers and jump back up to fifth overall. to come fourth the highest of the five peaks As the race approached showed his amazing ability to climb Denmark's Michael Razmussen to give him the stage 16 victory. mounted a late attack Spaniard Carlos Sastre chances, finishing second. to increase his yellow jersey Oscar Pereiro But it was his fellow countryman the leadership who has dramatically stolen back from American Floyd Landis, to hack the mountain pace who was unable dropping out of the top 10. For just the second time in history, has suffered a series defeat the Australian men's basketball team to New Zealand. The Boomers went down 79-71

of the 4-game test. in the final match at two wins all, With the series locked claimed the Ramsay Shield the Tall Blacks

in their two victories. thanks to greater margins slam-dunked his way to 18 points, NBA star Andrew Bogut isn't the ideal lead-up but the result world championships in Japan. to next month's about to get under way later tonight With the British Open golf tournament found an unusual way to warm up. former champion John Daly than his fare share of problems The American who had more with booze and gambling at Liverpool's famous Cavern club, was the star act first ever gig in 1961. the venue for the Beatles' tell the tale of a life Daly's self-penned songs

which has included three marriages an estimated $80 million. and gambling away weather around the nation. Next in Ten News at the national weather. Now for a look

on ski fields across the country And for a look at conditions we're joined by Madeleine Hubbard. A bit of unexpected snow overnight. Morning, Madeleine.

Yes, hi, Jacinta. here in the mountains. We've had a bit of a snowy surprise It was blue and sunny yesterday started falling in the afternoon and then suddenly some flakes

and, as you can see, at the moment. it's very lightly snowing combined with the cold temps The overnight dusting

means the firm cover at the NSW resorts

has had a fresh, dry upper level

but it's mostly man-made are back in action. now that the snow guns to clear Clouds and snow are forecast through until Sunday so we should enjoy sunshine are expected to hit. when more snow showers See you soon. with all the news. That brings you up to date for updates throughout the day Stay with Ten in Ten's news hour tonight. and the full details

I'm Jacinta Hocking. Good morning. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions