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Live. Tensions ease as the

north release as detained

South Korea worker. Taiwan

appeals for international aid

to rescue typhoon victims. A

fourth body retrieved at the

Kokoda plane crash site and

the United Nations waters

down its statement on Kumar

Beverley O'Connor with ABC Sangakkara. Good morning.

News for Australia network -

North Korea has released a

South Korea worker being

detained for allegedly

insulting the country's

Communist leaders. It is

hoped the move will ease

tensions between the to Korea

s. Another foreigner

released held in the North Korea border city since late

March. But a visit to

Pyonyang by the chairwoman of

his employer the high undie

corporation helped secure his

surprise release.

greatlying that our TRANSLATION: I'm happy, I

government. Hyundai and our

citizens and their concerns

thank you. The 44-year-old

was an employee of the North

Korea arm of the company at

the industry park. More than

100 South Korea companies

employ thousands of people

from North Korea at the

factory. Top project is the

only business partnership

phone the two countries. A

move to free Mr Xiu is being

seen as a rare conciliatory

gesture likely the east

tensions between North Korea and South Korea. His release

comes after the former US President Bill Clinton went

to Pyonyang last week to win

the freedom of two American

journalists. They had also

been held for March for

suspected illegal entry. As

in the north there were to the release was made public

rallies in Seoul condemning

North Korea. Protestors

burned North Korea flags and

photo of its leader Kim

Jong-Il. Taiwan has appealed

for international help as it

steps up its rescue efforts

for victim of Typhoon

Morakot. Almost a week after

the event the country's

typhoon death toll is 116.

Hundreds are still missing

and thousands more stranded.

Local soldiers March through

Taiwan's disaster zone.

Floods and landslides in the

wake of Typhoon Morakot have

Tran formed rescue effort in

a battle against nature. Raging torrent have claimed

this road and now a rope

bridge is the only way to

cross. In this area 100

people have been evacuated

from remote villages from

high grounds with the

youngest 3 months old. At a relief centre close buy

workers are prepared for the

worst. These boxes are

labelled "Bags for remain).

There are 1100 bags for

remains donated by the

public. We are organising

them, it is not the exact demand. There is growing

public anger about the speed of official rescue effort.

The Government initially refused all foreign

assistance except for cash

but in the face of heavy

criticism it said any kind of

aid would be welcome. More

than 100 people have died so

far. Thousands more are

trapped awaiting evacuation. Like these people. TRANSLATION: I'm

worried the floodwaters will

come down the barer lake.

I'm so scared I feel

weak. Another 300 are still

missing feared dead after an

entire vim and was flattened

by landslides. A fourth body

has been found at the site of

the Papua New Guinea plane

wreck in Kokoda. It is hoped weather conditions today will

allow the effort to begin in

earnest. I'm at the airport

where I have been able the

make contact with some of the

people involved in the

recovery. My understanding is

that four bodies have been recovered from the wreckage.

They are up at the crash site

awaiting transfer either back

here to Port Moresby directly

or Kokoda where they will be

brought back on an

aeroplane. We now have to

in a sense brace ourselves

for what will be potentially

a painstaking and long

process much longer than we would want for the families

and obviously longer than the

families would want for

themselves but in addition to

the difficulties of the

extracting the bodies from

the site in the in Clement

weather conditions we will

then have the complex and

difficult processes of formal identification. All reports

are that the weather is

clear. They should be able to

get access on the site. There

is a Black Hawk, an

Australian Defence Force

Black Hawk that landed at

Kokoda last night and they

plan to make 10-minute

flights the crash site either

landing there on wire chink

in the Australian AFP disaster identification

victim scheme to assist the

other members on the ground. The United Nations

Security Council has approved

a watered-down statement

about the continued detention

of Burma's democracy

campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi.

North America correspondent

Kim Landers.the United

Nations Security Council has unanimously agreed the

express its serious concern

about the conviction and Sedge tenseing of Aung San

Suu Kyi but an earlier draft

statement had called for the

condemnation of her

treatments. UN Security

Council president John Sawers

has tried to explain why the

statement has been watered

down. I think we all know

that different members of the

Security Council have

different views on the

situation there and a strong

view in various Western

capitals are not shared in countries elsewhere but there

has been a collective effort

to build on the common

positions on the Security

Council in our three earlier

statements and this is a

important expression of

serious concern by all members of the Security

does not specifically call Council. The statement also

for the release of Aung San

Suu Kyi.

Indonesian police have

discovered a cash of bomb

making chemicals in West Java

during their investigations

into last month's hotel

bombings in Jakarta. The

bodies of two would-be

suicide bombings linked to Noordin Mohammad Top who is

behind the attack have been

buried. Among the mourners

was the radical cleric and

co-founder of Jemaah

Islamiah. Supporters carried

banners encouraging Jihad and

praising the dead men as

martyrs. Police say the men

were planning to explode a

truck bomb the kill the

President. They were shot

dead in a raid on a house on

Saturday. More than 50

people have been killed in

the Philippines during a

major battle between

Government forces and

militants. The offence

targeting Abu Sayyaf militant

was one of the deadliest

clashes between the to sides

in year. The 8-her assault

began at dawn when more than

400 troops coordinated

attacks on two rebel camps.

The raid targeted 150

al-Qaeda militant 90 0

kilometres south of Manila.

The enemy camp is the main

camp of the Abu Sayyaf group.

This was a deliberate

encounter that was planned by

the Government forces and

they were able to penetrate

until the centre of that

camp. The two camps were

thought to have been

strongholds of the militant group Abu Sayyaf. The

military says scores of groups and militants were

killed. We have 23

casualties in terms of the

armed forces of the

Philippines and we have a

report 30 casualties on the

side of the Abu Sayyaf

group. A further 18 troops

and police officers were wounded. Four of them are in

a critical condition.

Soldiers found homemade bombs

and high-powered weapons in

the camps. Troops are combing the area to determine whether

to targeted rebel groups are

among the dead. Abu Sayyaf is

on a list of US terrorist

organisations and earlier

this year held three Red

Cross workers hostage for

several months. You are watching ABC News for

Australia Network. Coming up

- like father like son. The

rights of passage in Japanese

politics. A boost for

equality of the sexes with

women's boxing added to the

2012 Olympic schedule.

Another prominent Chinese

civil rights lawyer is behind

bars in Beijing for

apparently asking potentially

embarrassing questions of the

rule elite. Political

sensitivities are rising in

China in the lead-up to the 60th anniversary of the

founding of the people's

republic. China

correspondent Tom Iggulden

reports. Police and security

officials raid the offices of

the Open Constitution Centre

one of China's handful of

legal organisations promoting

civil rights. The police

take everything even the office furniture.


confiscated all property in

this office and another one

including over 10 office

desks, sofas, dozens of

chairs, 8 computers and other

offers facilities. Officially

the raid is part of an

investigation din the

centre's tax affairs a common

front for politically motivated crackdowns in

China, they are supposed to

be a hearing before tax

officials but before that can

take place the centre's

leader is arrested and put

into detention. TRANSLATION:

You can see the procedural

justice has not been followed

and legal Justice is

distorted too. People like us

on are manipulated by their

powers do not have any

options. Mr Xiu has been in

the Government's sights for

years representing victims of everything from police

bashings to last year's milk

scandal but that is not why

the centre thinks he has been

arrested. TRANSLATION:

Earlier this year we

requested all the 73

departments of the Beijing

municipal Government to publish information on their

Government expenses on

dinners, cars and overseas

trips. So far we have not got

one single formal or

satisfactory reply. Instead

we got ourselves into

trouble. It seems they are

not the sort of questions the Government wants the answer

on the eve of celebrations

for the 60th anniversary of

the founding of the People's

Republic of China. Tom

Iggulden ABC News Beijing. Australia says internal

pressure helped persuade

China to downgrade its

charges against detained

mining executive Stern Hu.

The Rio Tinto executive must

now defend charges of

business bribery as opposed

to the more serious charge of

stealing state secrets. Matt

Conway reports. The arrest

of an Australian Rio Tinto

mining executive and the

refusals about bow the

Chinese pressure to ban a

film about a Uighur leader at

the Melbourne film festival

have placed China under

pressure. A confusion of economic security and

security in general helped

lead to a communication

breakdown. Australia

connected security with economic relations first that

it initiated the connection

between security issues and

economic relations. Stern Hu

was arrested one month ago

amid spying allegations. He

new faces formal charges

relating to violating

commercial information as

opposed to the more serious

charge of stealing state

secrets. If found guilty

Stern Hu could face up to 7

years in prison. TRANSLATION:

China is a country under the

rule of law. The Chinese vice

minister of companies says.

TRANSLATION : We believe the

Chinese judicial system will

give a just sentence no

doubt. What there is doubt

about is Australia's ability

to communicate with China.

Australia's Prime Minister

Kevin Rudd won an election on

the back of a commitment to

an Australian-Chinese

dialogue. Professor Ho says

the ability to speak China's

language does not equate to

communication. Kevin Rudd is

China language competent. In

the particular context in

Australia it becomes a kind

of burden on his shoulders. Those businesses with mutual stakes in both countries will be hoping its

ever it is a burden the

Australian Prime Minister is

prepared to carry.

Australian officials have tracked down and paid

thousands of dollars in

compensation to two failed asylum-seekers who were

deported back the China. The

men were part of a large

group of asylum-seekers

forced to be interviewed by

Chinese security officials

while the were being held at

a detention centre in Sydney.

Their lawyer want to know why

she was not told about the

payments. In May 2005

Chinese ministry of public

security officials were

allowed to interview Chinese

asylum-seekers being held at

Villawood detention centre.

Two of those asylum-seekers

were then deported back the

China, their lawyer and

Fallon gong supporters lost

contact with the the pair. I

would like to know if they

were returned home, if they

are well. Last year the Human

Rights Commission

investigated the case and

ordered the government the

pay compensation to 26 of the

people subjected the the Villawood interviews

including the two who were

deported. The Immigration

Department new says they have

been located in China and

paid $9000 each. Because

they were both living in

China it was a matter of

getting the embassy on our

behalf to locate them stow

the fund could be

transferred. As their

lawyer who represented them

for a number of years that

would have been nice to

know. She says she now wants

to know exactly what their

situation is. It would be

nice if we could contact them

as well to verify that

everything is okay. We

understand they are both living freely in the community and we were able

the transfer the fund to them

accordingly. Sandy Logan says the Immigration Department.

Has as a result of this case

changed its policy to restrict contact between

asylum-seekers and foreign

officials. India's security agencies are on high alert in

the lead-up to Independence Day celebrations this weekend. Terrorist groups have targeted the festivities

in the past and just last

week authorities arrested two

men over an alleged terror

plot. India correspondent

Michael Edwards reports. For

most Indians the day that

marks the country's

independence from Great

Britain is a day to

celebrate. I think I will

come here every year. I just

like coming her and taking

part in the party and I like

Independence Day a lot. But security authorities

throughout the country are fearful terror groups could

ease India's Independence Day

the stage attacks. In the

north-east Maoist insurgents

have called for locals to boycott Independence Day

events. There is a call to

boycott the Independence Day celebrations. In West Bengal

border patrols have been

stepped up to stop in

filtration by insurgents from

Bangladesh and there is a major crackdown in the

capital. The focus of the

celebrations is here in New

Delhi. Most of the city's

major tourist attracts have

been shut Dunn and security

is tight ahead of Saturday. There are genuine concerns

that a major attack could

take place. Last week two men

were arrested in New Delhi an

charged with plotting an

attack. A leading Indian

security analyst - Even a

small incident in the context

of on of these major event

would have much more

propaganda value, would be

seen as a far greater success

than random terrorist attack. Many countries

including the US have warned

citizens to city away from

crowds and major events in

New Delhi this Saturday.

There has been a mixed

reaction to reports the man

jailed for the Lockerbie

bombing could be released on

compassionate ground. Some of

the victims relatives say he

should never be freed, others

say he was not behind the

attack. Abdelbaset Ali

al-Megrahiwas found guilty of

murdering 270 people in the

attack on pandemic flight 103

in 1988. The Scottish

Government says no formal

decision has been made yet on

any early release. The New

Zealand Navy has released an

underwater image of the ferry

that sank in Tonga last week

with a loss of more than 90

lives. The forry which

appears in tack goes evert

and in an upright position

was reare located in 110

metres of water. The bodies

of more than 90 passengers mostly women and children are believed to be still on

board. He has the perfect

political pedigree but in a

tough election year that may

not be enough. He is Shinjiro

Koizumi the son of Japan's

former Prime Minister and is

just 28 but he hopes to

follow dad into the family

business. Politics in Japan

is a family affair. A fifth

of all parliamentarian are

descend from one or more MPs.

But for Shinjiro Koizumi

entering the family dynasty

is a particular problem. His

father was the popular former

leader who built his

reputation as a reformer not

afraid to shake up the old

order. TRANSLATION: I know

there is an Opposition to herditary politics I must

overcome and even they they

may think family politics is

not good I will tie my best

to persuade as many people as possible that Shinjiro

Koizumi is nonetheless worthy

of support. He is taking on

the seat his father is

vacateing after 37 years that

is going down well with at

least some of the locals.

TRANSLATION: I was a big

fan of his father so we have

great hopes for his son. But

Shinjiro Koizumi Junior is

entering politics at a tough

time for the Liberal

Democratic party which is

widely tipped the lose the

vote for just the second time

in the past 55 years. TRANSLATION : As you all may

know the win is blowing for

the Opposition and against

the Ruling Party. His

opponent could not be more

different. Trading on his

humble back ground and some

of his more humble

experiences. TRANSLATION:

Industry the commonsense of

ordinary people and a

grassroots spirit. I will

bring on my experience as a

child if a truck driver's

family and of having fail add

college entransexam and the

national bar exam. He may not

have the fund tore name

recognition but he just might

have chosen the perfect

moment in Japan's political

cycle. One of the pioneers

of the electric guitar Les

Paul has died at 94. The

American revolutionise ttd

music industry in 1952 with

his invention of the solid

body electric guitar. Eric

Clapton, Paul McCartney and

Keith Richard were devoted.

He died in New York from

complications of severe

pneumonia. In the headlines

this bulletin - it is hoped

North Korea's decision to

release a South Korea worker

detained for allegedly

insulting the country's

Communist leaders will start

the east pension are tensions

on the pen insular.

India and ASEAN's 10

member countries have signed

a free trade deal that will

lead to greatly reduced

tariffs on the majority of

trade between India and

South-East Asia. The

business markets now - it was

news out of Europe that

provided the strongest lead

overnight. Data showing

Germany and France have

unexpectedly emerge from recession and that led 509

day of gains on Wall Street

and it sent the FTSE to a

10-month high. Around the region,

The international Olympic

Committee has added women's

boxing for the 2012 Games

while golf and rugby 7s have

been short listed at the 2016

game. They were selected by

the executive board from 7

candidate sports including

baseball, squash and karate. The decision to

include women's boxing breaks

down barrel to the all-male

summer sport. The sport of

women's boxing has progressed

a lot in the last five

years. Three women's weight

classes will be added in

2012. Once you see it you will realise this is a very

good sport and going to be

very popular I can tell

you. Golf last featured at

the Olympics in 1904 but that

is set to change in 2016. The

IOC president says the game's

best players will want to be

there. Ask Nadal, Federer,

ask any top players, ask the

NBA, basketball players of

the Dream Team, they all want

to go, it is a major

objective so absolutely not

concern bad that. In those

countries where golf is a

relatively new sport it get much more Government

attention, backing and

exposure so it is a win-win I

think. Rugby is set to return

to the #1k57 games for the

first time since 1924 in the form of the 7 a side

version.. a magnificent sport

with new countries like Fiji,

Tonga on the role. It is a

festival rugby 7s, not just

at game a technical game a

festival on the field, it is

quick, fast and the fittest

athletes, men and women can

play. The inclusion of golf

and rugby 7s in the 2016 Olympic program still needs

to be improved by the entire

IOC men in vote in October..

Time the look at the weather

forecast for Friday -

Finally a bare has

returned the the wild after

spending a lazy afternoon

roaming a neighbourhood in

Southern California. The bear

was spotted wandering through

back yards in a suburb of Los

Angeles and even decided to

take a refreshing dip in a pool. The bear rummaged

through bins, jumped fences

and at one point decided to

climb a tree. It was last

spotted in the late evening and authorities believe it

has returned to the bush.

Nothing like checking out the

suburbs. You are watching ABC

News. Let's check our main

stories - North Korea has

released a South Korea worker

detained for allegedly

insulting the country's

Communist leaders. Taiwan has

appealed for international

help as it steps up its

rescue efforts for victims of

Typhoon Morakot. A fourth body has been found at the

crash site of the Kokoda plane wreck in Papua New

Guinea. That is the

bulletin. You can go to our

web site. Thank you for watching. See you soon. Closed captions by CSI