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(generated from captions) # I tell them tenderly # Que sera, sera # Whatever will be will be # The future's not ours to see # Que sera, sera

# What will be will be # Que sera, sera. # the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. recorders arrive in Canberra Tonight - the Garuda black box

confirmed. as the Australian death toll's Norfolk Island murder trial. A guilty verdict in the notorious forced to resign And the Federal Shadow Minister to a drug baron. after giving a reference and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson

Good evening, also tonight - as fuel prices soar. petrol companies cry poor with the Bulldogs And Sonny Bill re-signs for an incredible figure. across Western Australia, But first, Cyclone George has blasted with a third feared dead. killing two people, At least 20 people have been injured mining camps which house hundreds. as winds of 275 km/h ripped up cyclone with winds of up to 275km/h The Category 4 severe tropical around 10:00 last night. crossed the coast just east of town Palm trees have come down

emergency circumstance We have got a very, very severe on our hands here. two people have died. But inland, the real tragedy - at Indee Station One person has been killed at a Fortescue Metals Group Camp and another around 100km south of Port Hedland. The camp was extensively damaged. one with critical head injuries. 15 people have been hurt,

Dongers, as they're called - they're cyclone-proof to an extent - even though some have rolled over in that circumstance. and people have been injured a natural disaster zone, The area has been declared for authorities flooding causing problems as they try to help the injured. are about the medical evacuations, Our critical issues rescues and damage assessment. medical support, has been set up A Red Cross call centre the latest information so people can get

on the cyclone-affected areas. from all over Australia, Those phone calls have come had some young children ring in. from mums and dads, and we've even about loved ones up in the region. They're concerned

can call 1800 810 710. Anyone worried about loved ones Matt Moran, Ten News. from the Garuda air disaster The Australian death toll has been confirmed at five. the plane have arrived in Canberra Black box flight recorders from to the cause of the crash. giving investigators vital clues Caroline Mellish says was living out his dream. her brother Morgan flight 200 crashed at Yogyakarta. A dream cut short when Garuda He had two goals in life - a foreign correspondent, one was to be the other to win a Walkley award. of Australian journalism, A rising star Financial Review's Morgan Mellish was the 'Australian Jakarta correspondent. he covered business, politics Over the years and natural disasters. I got a text message from him to make sure he was alright. after the floods and the earthquake on the emotional trip to Indonesia. Morgan's mother Dawn joined Caroline his girlfriend, Nila, Her son also leaves behind at the press conference. who was overcome by grief into the Garuda crash The investigation will be a long one pilot error was to blame. with Indonesian police now suggesting to suspend judgment The pilots are pleading for people

until the facts are known. more questions for the authorities. The local press corps still with many and reporting as you guys all are If Morgan was still here he'd want to know what happened. a massive down-draught Theories include to plunge into the runway forcing the aircraft of the nose wheel. and the possible collapse breaking up, of the nose gear. Most important clue is the breakage, have arrived in Canberra The black box flight recorders for analysis. It would have looked like this. the memory module. This is the important part, clues into just who is to blame. It is hoped they will reveal vital Ten News. In Yogyakarta, Murray McCloskey,

the Indonesian plane crash The RAAF airmen who survived to leave a Darwin hospital. have been allowed and Flight Sergeant Michael Hatton Kyle Quinlan with only minor injuries. escaped the burning Garuda jet they will keep monitoring the pair Doctors say to ensure their long-term recovery. Quite confident. They'll make a good recovery don't suffer from sinister elements. but we want to ensure they

to return home to Canberra. Both men are now expected

in clapping and cheers Norfolk Island Court has erupted to return home to Canberra. Both men are now expected in clapping and cheers Norfolk Island Court has erupted New Zealand chef Glenn McNeill as the jury convicted of Sydney woman Janelle Patton. for the murder to the 2002 killing. McNeill had pleaded his innocence the jury was told During the month-long trial,

violently stabbed Ms Patton to death that McNeill had abducted, bashed and before dumping her body.

that evening in a picnic ground. She was found by tourists

last February McNeill was arrested in New Zealand after a 4-year investigation. in custody. The 29-year-old has been remanded He'll be sentenced at a later date. for Kevin Rudd - Another political blow one of his shadow ministers has quit for a Melbourne crime lord. after admitting he wrote a reference Kelvin Thomson Shadow Attorney-General without knowing who he was. vouched for drug baron Tony Mokbel

led to Kelvin Thomson's demise. It was an anonymous tip-off which Kevin Rudd's office warned on Tuesday had vouched his Shadow Attorney-General in 2000. for drug kingpin Tony Mokbel and I said as much to them, At the time I thought that unlikely

there is indeed such a reference. but I went and had a look and

this reference from Mr Thomson, A search through files revealed by Mokbel for a liquor licence. written in support of an application

met the Melbourne drug baron, Kelvin Thomson claims he's never who's now a fugitive and wanted to face murder charges.

At the time, Mr Thomson says, his office was told Mokbel was a reformed citizen.

Spelling errors on the reference seeming to back up his claim the drug lord was unknown to him. This afternoon Kevin Rudd accepted his Shadow Attorney-General's resignation from the front bench. We cannot have a person in that position who has provided a letter of support of this nature. After the recent controversies surrounding Brian Burke,

Kevin Rudd is taking no chances. The Opposition Leader demanding a review of the way MPs provide references. Kelvin Thomson once bitten twice shy. I think I'll be putting something on the doors saying, "Do not ask for a reference as refusal may offend." But Mr Thomson won't leave politics altogether, saying he plans to run for his seat of Wills at the next election. Brad Hodson, Ten News. The embattled Liberal Party is trying a new tactic in the State election campaign. It will target what it sees as the Government's most unpopular ministers in a major TV blitz. Outside, demonstrators in Peter Debnam masks send up the Opposition Leader's habit of campaigning in his swimming costume

and the Liberals' record on the environment.

Inside, the Liberal faithful came to hear an underdog's fightback - the unveiling of a TV campaign

targeting what the Opposition sees as the Government's three most unpopular ministers. If Labor wins this election

Michael Costa, Joe Tripodi and Frank Sartor will still be calling the shots. And if you think things are bad now just wait to see what happens if they get back.

Peter Debnam says he's been targeted in a dishonest and negative smear campaign. Morris Iemma is seeking to scare people back into the arms of the Labor Party. The same Labor Party that has abused the people of NSW for 12 long years. Support from the Prime Minister. Please believe me that this Government not only can be defeated but it deserves to be defeated. The Opposition claims the Government has been hiding Messrs Costa, Sartor and Tripodi during this election campaign. But today, Treasurer Michael Costa went public putting the Coalition's unfunded promises at $28 billion. Michael Costa unimpressed with the Liberals' advertising blitz. What it indicates to me is they've just given up. They've given up on policy. The ads start going to air tonight. Paul Mullins, Ten News. They've just hit us with the biggest one-day hike in almost a decade, but petrol companies say we should feel sorry for them. In some parts of Sydney, prices have jumped a staggering 17 cents a litre. Petrol stations deserted, motorists avoiding the bowser at all costs today, waiting for discount days. Problem is, there doesn't appear to be much relief around the corner either.

Just days ago, with crude oil at more than $60 a barrel, the price of unleaded across Sydney was $1.12 a litre. Today, with similarly priced oil, pain at the pump is worth almost $1.30. And that is absolutely outrageous - it's daylight robbery. Motorists are going to be paying an extra $12 to $15 to fill up their tanks because of that rise. There is no good reason for it. And worse is to come next week. We would expect to see prices up towards $1.35 a litre

at the top part of the pricing cycle in Sydney. Petrol companies won't say it on camera, but they claim their retailers are actually struggling to handle low prices because of strong competition. It's pure profiteering on the part of both the oil companies and the major distributors,

which happen to be two supermarket chains. Uncertainty over Iran, which produces 5% of world oil, could soon push up the cost of crude. Fuel analysts insist there's only one option in trying to keep a lid on the prices at the bowser, and that's the introduction of a new petrol watchdog. They want to see a petrol ombudsman brought into play. Someone's got to be there to make sure we're getting a fair deal, to look at the books, to make sure we're not being exploited. A new report has revealed

the average of Caltex petrol sales alone in the past year was up 13 cents a litre. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Rob Canning with sport and Lote Tuqiri's angry with rugby officials. Yes, far from impressed they released details of a downgrade offer. Lote's reaction shortly. But the Dogs have their man signed, sealed and delivered. Ahead details of Sonny Bill Williams' massive contract. And what a time for it to happen. NSW bowled out for its lowest score ever - the highlights, well, lowlights coming up as well. A man-hunt on the Northern Beaches after a violent robbery, details next. Plus, a Sydney P-plate driver learns a lesson she'll never forget.

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A mother has foiled an abduction attempt on her daughters outside their Mt Druitt school. The girls, aged 6 and 10, were on their way through the gates this morning when a stranger with brown hair and a goatee approached them. He asked them to go with him and offered them a lollipop.

Both the girls declined and the mother, who was only a short distance away, realised something was amiss.

When she interrupted the man, he ran into a nearby reserve. A terrifying ordeal for a Sydney security guard overnight, robbed and abducted at gunpoint. The guard was stopped at traffic lights when another man ran up to his car threatening him with a pistol. The gunman robbed him of cash

and then forced the security guard to drive to an ATM to withdraw more money. The robber, aged about 30, later fled on foot. A police air and ground search failed to find him. The car is being examined for forensic evidence. A P-plate driver is in hospital after crashing her car through a fence and plunging several metres onto railway tracks. Police say the teenage girl lost control of the Commodore sedan coming off a roundabout.

She was trapped in the car for 20 minutes before emergency crews cut her free. She's now recovering with minor injuries. Police are investigating whether she'll face any charges. An inquest will finally start next month into the death of a 16-year-old Sydney girl in a freak golf course accident. Vanessa Anderson's family believe

a litany of hospital errors is to blame. 16-year-old Vanessa Anderson survived being hit in the head with a golf ball at a course in Sydney's north but two days later died in hospital. Her family blames hospital bungles for her death, but, almost 1.5 years on, they're still looking for answers. I've had 16 months of nightmare. And when I wake up, the nightmare keeps going,

for myself, my wife and my kids. With a fractured skull, Vanessa was transported to two hospitals. Once at Royal North Shore, it's claimed doctors lost the results of her CT scan. And, despite her father's begging,

Vanessa waited 30 hours after the accident to see a specialist. Her family says she was then given the drug Endone in a dose six times what it should have been. The powerful drug is not recommended for head injuries or asthma.

Vanessa had both. She died the next day, her father at her side. Today, one step forward for the Anderson family -

the Deputy Coroner saying this case must be heard in April. The families have the right to know the full details. The Andersons just want to know if Vanessa's death was preventable. We don't deserve any of it. I'm sorry.

Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Four men involved in a brutal Cronulla revenge attack could be out of from jail from tomorrow. A judge today sentenced the group to two years over the bashing, carried out just hours after the race riots.

After a day of race fuelled

violence at Cronulla, these four

young men were part of a convoy of

Middle Eastern males who descended

on the area seeking revenge. They

launched a violent and unprovoked

attack on this man, who was walking

along the street on the find to his

girlfriend. He was bashed to the

ground and repeatedly kicked in

their head and back. He was so

badly hurt he's no memory of the

assaults. The men wore all arrested

and charged, pleading guilty to

assault occasioning actual bodily

harm in company. A group of three

dozen supporters were in court

today. They denied they were racist.

The two men were also involved in

an attack on the three men and

North Cronulla Beach just five days

before the riots. The judge

sentenced to all four men to two

years in jail, but with time

already served, one of them will be

eligible for parole tomorrow. Two

others could be released next week

and the 4th men next month.

and the 4th men next month. Time

for a weather check with Tim

Bailey.. I can see the weekend

around the corner. It's not far

away. It'll be a shiny, sparkling

weekend, a roundabout 25-27 degrees

with a south-west wind. Warm-up on

Sunday, up to 31 degrees. We'll

have a beach reporter in a

roundabout 25 minutes. Let's have a

look at the storm action last night. roundabout 25 minutes. Let's have a look at the storm action last night.

The catchment are got between 10

and 20 mm of rain, and and 20 mm of rain, and there will

probably. Us to another rise in Dam

at levels, at the moment 38.1 per

cent. If we get that rise next

Thursday, that will be the 5th week

that the Dam level has gone up. And

the footage of a Friday afternoon

is good footage. Some cloud coming

through the brilliance blue-sky.

through the brilliance blue-sky.

Tomorrow it'll be 25-27 degrees,

and guess what - it'll be Saturday!

A deadly blaze in New York - nine lives lost after smoke alarms fail to go off, details next.

Does Peter Debnam have the experience to manage our economy?

He was the director of a stock & station agency which lost money.

He ran a gym, which he removed from his CV. He was the director of a prawn hatchery that went into liquidation.

See ya. MAN: Need a cab, sir? No, I'm right, thanks. Cheers.

SONG: # I wasn't doin' nothin'... # Catch you, Johnny. (Laughs) # Yes, what is it # I'm supposed to have done? # Hey... # Every police car is a mobile RBT so if you're worried about getting breath-tested, you should be.

SIREN WAILS # Better get a lawyer, son # You'd better get a real good one... #

Time to check the traffic with Vic

Lorusso. We're just trying to

figure out what's going in the city

tonight that's causing that

enormous traffic build up. We've

notice that traffic heading into

the city. This is the sitting down

to run. How friends down below a

going nowhere. There are three

lanes bumper-to-bumper. The delays

are all the way back to Naremburn.

We'll try to head over towards mass

got to see what's happening. The family of an Australian mining executive killed in a plane crash in Africa

says he was an inspiration to all who knew him. Garnett Halliday died flying to a mine in Malawi.

Garnett Halliday was the driving force

behind Paladin Resources' mine in Namibia, and was helping set up a new uranium mine in Malawi. His 18-year-old daughter, though, remembers him simply as a great dad. He'd never let you down - never, never let you down. Mr Halliday and his South African pilot died when their light plane crashed en route to the mine. Paladin Resources says the pilot was experienced and respected, and has called for a full investigation. He was a very good friend. We're a small team and it's a big loss for us, yes. His family says Mr Halliday had spent a long time in Africa, helping set up an AIDS program with the Zulu king in South Africa. He was my hero. He was someone who was very honest and honourable within his family

and work practices. He wanted to help communities, which was really nice. He was the most genuine person.

Garnet Halliday had moved his family to Mount Macedon, north-west of Melbourne, three years ago to follow his passion of cattle breeding and showing. His body will be brought back to Australia as soon as possible. He was a great dad and I'm always going to miss him and it's really annoying that he's not here. Laurel Irving, Ten News. A woman and eight children are dead after a tragic house fire in New York. Parents trapped on the top floor were forced to throw their babies and toddlers to strangers in the street below. With no fire escape and time running out,

those trapped were faced with one dreadful choice. A lady was screaming and yelling,

"Please save my babies, save my babies," so me and a friend of mine, we ran, we jumped the gate and she started tossing the babies out the window.

Neighbours could barely see the infants as they fell through the blinding smoke. We caught them, you know, and about three of them came down and the lady. Most weren't breathing by the time they made it to the arms of rescue crews.

This man's wife didn't make it, nor did his 7-month-old twins or 3-year-old son. Another man lost 5 of his 11 children, all of whom were members of an extended immigrant family who'd moved to New York from Mali, in West Africa. It just seems more painful and more unfair when it's children that die. It's New York's deadliest blaze in 17 years and is believed to have been started by a faulty heater or overloaded powerboard. The house had two smoke detectors, but neither had batteries. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A teenage boy is lucky to be alive after a freak nail gun accident. 17-year-old Ben Robinson was building a barn when his finger slipped on the trigger, sending an 8cm nail through his heart.

It hit right here. I wanted to take it out, but, then again, I was scared.

I didn't know what to think, really. Doctors say leaving the nail in his chest saved his life, the nail acting like a plug. Michael Jackson has charged Japanese fans $4,500 for an exclusive meet-and-greet session. The singer didn't perform, but everyone was guaranteed one minute of his time, a photograph and a signed poster. Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful evening. I really appreciate everybody's performance tonight and your attendance. No, I thank you. Acquitted of child molestation charges in 2005, the former king of pop said

he wouldn't change the path of his career, despite what he called "deliberate attempts" to hurt him. A Sydney woman's quest for justice over Japanese war atrocities - her story next. Also, the colourful life of TV star John Inman. And fate reunites the boys from Take That.

The State election is on Saturday 24 March. It's your day to be heard. But if you can't get to a polling place, or you're out of the State, you can vote at a prepoll voting centre or as a postal voter. Remember, voting is compulsory. For more information, call 1300 135 736, visit the website or check the papers. Your vote is your voice. Be heard.

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This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - Shadow legal affairs spokesman Kelvin Thomson resigns after giving a reference to fugitive drug baron Tony Mokbel. He provided the letter in the year 2000 when Mokbel was applying for a liquor licence. A guilty verdict in the high-profile Norfolk Island murder trial. New Zealand chef Glenn McNeill

has been convicted of murdering Janelle Patton five years ago. The victim disappeared during a morning walk. Her body later found at a picnic reserve. And Cyclone George has blasted across Western Australia killing two people with a third feared dead. At least 20 people were injured as winds of 275km/h ripped up remote mining camps. Ten reporter Rob Newton is at the disaster control centre in Karratha. Tropical Cyclone George crossed the WA coast last night just east of the iron ore town of Port Headland, one of the region's biggest population centres. It was a terrifying night for residents and unfortunately there was one fatality about 100km south of Port Hedland at a workers' camp site. With me now is Alan Gale

from the Fire and Emergency Services Authority. Alan, what can you tell us about this fatality? It's apparently the destructive winds of the eye of the cyclone have passed right past the campsite, caused the dongas - the accommodation for workers -

to be extensively damaged and one person has become deceased as a result. There is also several others wearing injuries. We have people with head injuries and other serious injuries and about a dozen people that need medical attention. So the priority is to get them out of their work camp? That's right. There was a special helicopter flown today with their medical team on board plus rescuers and police

to go and assist the company to deal with it. And we are hearing reports of perhaps other fatalities through the region. Can you shed any light on that? Yes, at the station just to the north, called Indee Station, has reported one casualty there. And any others? Perhaps at Wodegna mine site? Wodegna mine site has a lot of damage - extensive damage - but the people are all OK, the reports are great. We do have helicopters going out to other locations including Aboriginal communities, other mine site and campsites as well particularly where we had we are having trouble getting communication to check that everyone is OK. OK, thank you, Alan. As you have heard, a busy couple of days for Emergency Services.

That's it for now,

we'll be back to you you with further reports as the story develops. An elderly Australian woman is helping force Japan revisit one of the horrors inflicted during World War II. The Japanese Government will now hold a fresh investigation into the use of so-called comfort women. Age hasn't dimmed 84-year-old Jan Ruff O'Herne's fighting spirit.

For more than a decade, the Australian citizen has bravely spoken publicly about her ordeal as one of thousands of women used as military sex slaves by Japanese soldiers during World War II.

Never did any Japanese rape me without a fight. I fought each one of them. Now her international lobbying for the Japanese Government to acknowledge the atrocities

has paid off. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced a fresh investigation into military use of "comfort women". It's absolutely wonderful news, it's really a step forward. After last week suggesting there was no proof the women were coerced into prostitution, Prime Minister Abe has agreed to hand over government documents to the investigation. We really hope to see an apology, a formal apology,

and we hope that Prime Minister Howard will stand up and support my mother and the other women on this issue. It just shows what one little voice can do, and that's all I am - a small voice. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. In finance news, the Australian share market ended the day higher.

John Inman, one of the stars of the classic British comedy 'Are You Being Served?', has died. He's best remembered for his role as Mr Humphries, the camp sales assistant in the '70s comedy

Are you free, Mr Humphries? I'm free, Mr Lucas. Inman had been battling hepatitis A for some time and died in hospital in London. He was 71.

When they broke up 10 years ago, women around the world wept. But the biggest boy band in the world won't go away - so Take That. It's the year of the band reunion - Genesis, The Police -

they're all getting back together. But while they've had the decency to wait 30-odd years, Take That are back with us after just 10. # I want you back, I want you back # # I want you back for good # Still, they've been busy. There's Mark Owen. I've been writing songs. Made three albums. Gary Barlow. In 10 years I've had a couple of solo albums early on. Then I've been writing and producing. I've been married for seven years and got two kids.

Howard Donald. I've got two girls. I've been DJing around Europe as a house DJ. And Jason Orange. I haven't written any songs. No songs at all. And I've had no kids. In fact, I've become a bit of a bum in the past 10 years. These were the scenes that greeted the boys when they were here in 1995. When they announced they were breaking up two years later, suicide help lines had to be set up for fans.

Now, as they travel around the world promoting their new album 'Beautiful World',

We recognise quite a lot of them as well when you get to the airports and stuff. Our fans are like a little army. And they've sent them back to the top of the singles and album charts in the UK and helped them sell out a 39-arena tour through Europe. Meanwhile, their former bandmate Robbie Williams

checked out of rehab yesterday. It's a story for the press, isn't it - as one goes up another comes down. But amongst our camp we don't see it like that. Robbie's a friend. Fans hoping they'll be back for an Australian tour. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Time for a weather check with Tim

Bailey. Could you perhaps display

some boy you enter moves? I thought

it would be a big weekend before I

heard that news. What have we got

for you? 25-27 degrees at your

place tomorrow. Fine and sunny and

a lovely weekend coming your way.

We're doing a tour from Birkett and

Lightning Ridge is on the menu. Lightning Ridge is on the menu. I

told you it would be a great

weekend. You might like to go to the beach. I'll I'll see you before 6 o'clock. Sport now. Rob Canning, one signing saga is over. Sonny Bill Williams stays a Bulldog but Lote Tuqiri, well, he's now hot under the collar over negotiations, we'll explain why shortly. Also, claims former footballers turned fighters are making boxing a joke. And a hockey face-off of a different kind.

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This program is captioned live. The Bulldogs will use today's re-signing of Sonny Bill Williams as a lure to recruit other players to Belmore. But the 5-year, $2.5 million deal leaves the club with a cash crisis to keep Mark O'Meley. Congratulations all round for Sonny Bill after signing a rich new contract that's finally put the smile back on his face.

I haven't been sleeping too well the last couple of weeks. Yeah, just not sleeping well, getting headaches, it was bad. Sonny Bill re-signing after a long chat with his dad last night. Growing up we pretty much didn't have that much. After this signing, after five years, I'll have something for myself and my family. The Warriors the only real temptation for the young Kiwi.

Yeah, you always want to go back there because I've got a lot of mates in the team over there and most of my family over there. It's just I couldn't see myself

last night when I was talking to my old man, I just couldn't see myself playing in another jersey. I think it's been weighing on his mind and distracting him from what he should be thinking about which is the 2007 season. The Dogs set to dangle his signature in front of rivals

looking for a new club.

A player like Sonny Bill Williams is a magnet for players from other clubs.

The question now -

whether the club can afford to re-sign Test prop Mark O'Meley? But while the Bulldogs are happy to talk about Sonny Bill Williams re-signing, they won't talk about O'Meley. I'd rather celebrate the fact

we've signed Sonny Bill Williams this morning for five years than talk about other player contracts, I'll do that if you don't mind. Geez, you guys. We're trying to have a nice feel-good moment here. No, look, I'm not going to comment on that. Adam Hawse, Ten News. On the eve of the Waratahs' Super 14 clash with the Bulls, Lote Tuqiri has hit out at the ARU over the release of his new contract offer. Tuqiri has until Monday to accept rugby's terms but wants an extension to ponder a rival bid from the Rabbitohs. All smiles at training

but Tuquiri's far from happy with the ARU. The Wallaby winger livid

that details of his downgraded contract offer were released to the media. They're running a pretty tight ship there. They're telling the media first before they tell the players so it's pretty disappointing in that sense. A decision on his request to have Monday's deadline stretched to Wednesday is yet to be made with the ARU refusing to talk or release any further statements.

I don't where it's at at this point. I would've liked Wednesday but if it has to happen Monday, it's up to the governing body, it has to happen Monday - with or without a decision. Souths remain the only NRL club in the running to lure the winger back to league, and Tuquri is certain they'll table an attractive offer in time. I'm sure there will be. I'm quite confident there will be. They've always said they wanted to be at the table when I'm making my decision. But Tuquiri ensures union fans his disillusionment with the rugby officialdom won't affect his final decision. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Tributes have been pouring in for AFL Commission chairman Ron Evans, who died today aged 67. Before stepping down last month as he battled cancer,

Mr Evans oversaw a period of record growth in the AFL. Evans is credited

with instigating the league's rich television agreements, its expanded national competition and new stadia deals.

Ron was a man of great principle and great integrity. His dignity and sense of fairness and his humility was what made Ron such a wonderful and inspiring leader. I gave him a big cuddle and a big kiss and said, "Thanks for being such a great person."

Evans is survived by his wife Andrea, two sons and a daughter.

A debacle for the Blues at Bellerive Oval - bowled out for the lowest-ever score in NSW history. After wrapping up the Tigers' first innings for 370

the Blues folded badly - All out for 53 in the first innings! The second dig a bit more respectable. Phil Jaques out for 13, not many - amazingly it was the innings' high for the Blues.

Seamers Luke Butterworth, Ben Hilfenhaus and Damien Wright sharing all 10 wickets between them. The day all but guaranteeing the Tigers a first-ever home final. If the Blues do lose, they'll need Western Australia and Victoria to both fail in their bid for outright points. Sydney FC coach Branko Culina rates the team's 2-1 Asian Champions League victory over Shanghai Shenhua as the biggest international achievement

by any Australian club, and he says the best is yet to come. Culina is confident the players are picking up his style of play after working with them for just three weeks.

Players enjoy playing football - they are entertainers. And, for whatever reasons, maybe in the past we didn't do that often enough.

Sydney's next play Japan's Urawa Reds at Aussie Stadium Wednesday week.

Learn to box - that's the advice world champion Lovemore Ndou is giving John Hopoate and Les Mason. Ndou says victories by the former footballers have turned the fight game into an embarrassment. Throwing punches out of the ring, Lovemore Ndou is angry that the sport he loves is being turned into a mockery. The world junior welterweight champion blames former NRL star John Hopoate and Willie Mason's big brother, Les.

There's a genuine fear someone can get hurt and at the same time the sport is turning into a circus. Hopoate and Mason were the undercards of the Anthony Mundine-Sam Soliman fight on Wednesday. Ndou says their victories were embarrassing. It looks like they just walked into the nearest pub and picked up the first guy they could see

and put them in the ring. I know what they're doing - they're trying to build up Hopoate and Mason. He's lashed out at the promoters, accusing them of compromising the sport for money. There are a lot of people in the boxing industry who would agree with me, but I know they're scared to come out and say it. Ndou regards 'The Man' as an exception because he grew up watching his father fight. Mundine, though, has jumped to the pair's defence.

He says they've only been in the ring a short time and already showing plenty of promise. Daniela Intili, Ten News. Sure, we know ice hockey is a tough sport, but what you're about to see

takes the game to another level of mortal combat. A big hit in the local derby between the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders with an even bigger retaliation. COMMENTATOR: Oh, Simon just smacked Hollwegg with a stick!

Stiches for the player who almost lost his head while the Islanders' Chris Simon cooled his heels on the sidelines and now faces a lengthy suspension for his cranky coathanger. To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for Randwick tomorrow.

Have a great week in. Plenty more

in sport later. Time to check the

traffic with Vic Lorusso. It's

problem at City in the city. The

traffic still trying to coming from

the north shore, there are massive

delays over the Harbour Bridge.

This is the traffic over the Cahill

Expressway heading towards the

domain. The delays go all the way

back to Neutral Bay. It's this

Friday night free for all trying to

get into the city. It's looking good on the weekend weather front. Tim Bailey's beach report up next.

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Time for a weather check with Tim Bailey.

Bailey. Kim Bailey is out there

fiddling with the thermostat to try

to turn up the heat. Mission

accomplished - 25 is up 27 degrees

tomorrow, fine and sunny and a big

one on Sunday, many fine with

increasing cloud. We waited out of

10, don't we? It really should be

superb in Sydney. There will be

southerly winds and a lovely clear

blue skies. What else have we got

for you? If you're not doing

anything on Sunday you now are.

Barry Sheene was a wonderful human

being and they're having a memorial

race meeting for him at Eastern

Creek at around 10:00am on Sunday.

He was a great human being and this

will be a great day. Get involved.

In around about 90 seconds I'll do

as surf reports on television.

Cloud is building at the south-east

Queensland along a trough hit

bringing heavy rain and severe

storms. Cyclone George is causing

widespread rain. But there's cloud

across the tropics that's generating

generating showers and storms.

Cyclone George will weaken tomorrow Cyclone George will weaken tomorrow

in July but maintaining heavy rain

and strong winds over in mind and strong winds over in mind

Western Australia. There will be

showers and storms in the north.

Northerly winds will bring hot

weather to South Australia, New

South Wales and Victoria. The

business of the brolly, predicted precipitation, drips and drops across rooftops

If you're going surfing this

weekend, here is this first report.

It'll be a shiny, happy Saturday

and Sunday will be even warmer.

Have a good weekend, everybody. See

you Monday.

That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Enjoy your weekend. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.