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Interview With Mr. P. Garrett MP -

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(generated from captions) I think it is an icon. Is it the icon they say it is? in Southern NSW? as much as it does the people here The Indigenous people in Darwin people in Darwin? Is it really, does it really effect It's an icon for Indigenous people. the Aboriginal Tent Embassy Now lets talk about the tent embassy, is a big part of that process. our way forward coming together and agreeing and that reconciliation, recognised that we can do better Aboriginal people, saw what was going on with communities when we went out and visited those particularly with the Oils and I certainly I in my other life, very seriously It's something that Labour takes people for a long period of time. between us and our aboriginal country wanted to have happen in this because it's something we've word and people will kind of know the that's underway Reconciliation again it's a process incredibly well. and I think Australians do Yes, stuff that I really love Something very close to your heart? dance, theatre. television, painting, it's about our film, life, that is about Australia's creative and that is all the stuff straight forward Well the arts side of it is pretty What is that exactly? for reconciliation and the arts. the parliamentary secretary But your also officially and with the seat of Kingsford smith. as a serious politician in the big smoke these days Because we all know that you are to you about. Now this is what I wanted to talk Of course. Arts law. Fantastic, what did you study? No I went to Uni, to ANU. So which school did you go to? at about two in the morning. Really? my rock'n'roll career. and this is where I started anyway in the 70's And I was a student down here which ever way it comes. that kind of love it Look I'm one of these people and twos? How are you handling the minus ones Hi Alison. welcome to State Focus. Peter Garrett, at Parliament House in Canberra. use to these chilly winter starts But our first guest is also getting Barnaby Joyce. Parties Telstra crusader, goes one-on-one with the National Focus team And Guy Sweeting from our State this week. which did stop down in Canberra tour during his current stand-by comedy hecklers to find out how he handles the Gold Logie winner Rove MacManus, A little later we will sit down with happening on today's show. Plenty of opinion and attitude

get onto the internet, where kids can come in, community centres, facilities, drop in centres, and it's usually about providing they generally need resources have got good innovative programs Look there are places where people program for kids like this? is anyone getting it right in the see else where, in the country, Is this a common problem that you and not enough focus. on their hands kids that really have too much time Also some problems in Orange, at Dubbo on Gordon Estate. Central West We've had some problems in our aboriginal teenagers, kids. Lets have a talk about young to go. and that's the right way for them listening and they are, But they really ought to be really a great depths. and I could go into it interact with Aboriginal people about the way in which they this government Look I have a lot of criticism with making responsibilities? Is it bailing out of its decision a harder decision on this? or should the government be making process is the right way to go So do you think the consultation Yeah no question about it. It has, you can't deny that? it. It's got a bit of the scunge about saw? And it is a little bit of an eye now. recognise or actually participate every body can either identify, but it hasn't been a place that sitting around the camp fire needs to have that flame burning flame, I think there needs to be a sacred an aboriginal presence onsite. presence, I think there needs to be a He needs to listen to those voices and that is the right thing to do. future tent embassy should have in the as to what kind of function the the place Aboriginal people from around and he wants to hear from people, it and he's put indigenous people on and he's got an advisory committee he's got a consultant done, I understand what the minister has What's your suggestion? replace it. and I don't know what I can do to But I don't know how he said Yes I am getting rid of it. his portfolio, within a few weeks of him taking up Jim Lloyd, Because we had the Federal Minister and function it's going to take. as to what future form thought out but it probably needs to be well so yes it is an icon and they'll see it, they'll know that it's there coming from the Northern Territory, aboriginal people or actually even if their house with their kids, when people come down to parliament it's also a place to visit, strong political demands, and started to express their very Aboriginal people first set up camp I think it's the place where

and I'm sure many people watching all kids by the way. I mean as a kid I sat at school, I actually think it's the same for which reflect where their at. is having curricular Well I think part of that answer at school too? But how do you get them to stay so there's no short answer. livelihood start thinking about future education but also start thinking about not destructive and not doing things that are begin the process of being together look hang together here, streets, come on bring them in off the by which can say to these kids have got the means and the community themselves workers make sure that the community that we can do, one of the most important things and that's really in short community because they are an improvrished have access to which generally Aboriginal's don't do those sought of things play pool, play basketball this program will feel the same way, thinking you know how long is this going on? and what's this all about? You sought of know when you've stopped learning. You've got to have curricular that suits where people are at, that speaks to them and you have got to have the resources in place. They've got to be committed to seeing it through as well, it's not just like presenting stuff to people and putting it on a plate and having them nibble from it. It's absolutely true that people need to be committed to it as well. But I think if those things are in place you can move forward. You know, your known for your causes, and your passions You've always been known as your passion... How do you measure success for your self? Is it being in a suit and tie in parliament? Not really, the next place to be given what I've done with the Oils and given what I did working in environment organisations, on issues and courses that you mentioned, and I don't measure the success in terms of sticking crosses up on the blackboard or anything like that I measure it in terms of later on when I've done my job, have I done it as well as I can. have I spoken to the things that are important to me as clearly and as honestly as I can and have we shaken the place up a little bit? And seen people respond, I don't reckon that there's any reason why we should have aboriginal mortality rates as high as they are. There incredibly high, there third world levels and worse. It still remains something that's really problematic for us but I reckon we can fix it. So my job is to argue strongly both in the political world but also to the community, to the punters who I don't reckon wants to see it go on like this anymore. Have you got any time at all for music these days? Well not as much I did have in the past obviously. That goes without saying, but I'll do a bit of playing with people, just quietly By the by. You never lose, I don't think you ever lose that thing. We need a band for the Southern Cross Ten Christmas Party? I'm sure there is someone down at Tilly's wine Bar, maybe if their still playing who knows. You are becoming a local, this is great, terrific. Peter Garrett great to have you on State Focus, thanks for dropping by. Thanks Mate. Stay with us after the break, Barnaby Joyce, the politician regional Australia wants on it's side in the sell-off of Telstra. He's next on State Focus.