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(generated from captions) bloody parking wardens, bloody something I am outraged - those twitching beside me. He has to say Beat, it came to me. Paul has been "Heart beating" P Heart Skip as What was it again? Massive song. during the week. That is right. Initialising listener on channel 5

Anzac Day! Those (Second pleative" got parking tickets at 4.4 4am on there were a host of people that council. Do you know in Sydney

were out on the street specifically

to get people attending dawn

services. $88 tickets. Those

(Expletive". That is just viefplt

un-Australian. All they want is

revenue. Is tell only reason they

get up early. Not to attend the

dawn service. I agree, but you have

thousands of people flocking to

small areas in the city. It needs to somehow

to somehow be policed. Are you

working for the council? No I'm not.

You are being very brave this

morning, Kath. I know, no-one likes

to get a parking ticket but you

cannot have 30,000 people thinking

they can park in a city when there

are only 1,000 places. I was wrong,

you you are right. A lot of elderly

cannot get there any other way. You

cannot get there any other way. You

should listen to Kath, the elderly

should not be allowed out! I hate

councils and I hate that they do

that But you need a major event to

work well and perhaps one of the

ideas for a major event to work

well is to not have the streets

clogged up with cars. Don't you

have to remove the cars? If you

just put a ticket on there it will

not change the problem.

will not change the problem. Stan Walker

SONG: # Baby love... # WOMAN: A week ago, we asked these mothers to try the new BabyLove and this is what they had to say. the nappy was dry. His bum was dry, did we? And we didn't wake up once, is happy mummy. (LAUGHS) And happy baby BabyLove's new DriWave layer absorbs liquid instantly again, time and time for a dry night and a dry morning. excellent. I'm changing. The BabyLove nappies have been

(CHUCKLES) For drier nights - new BabyLove.

Welcome back. Lovely to have you.

Welcome back. Lovely to have you.

Day four of Rueben's trip to Hawaii

and this day he fund a bit of

romance. I don't need to do much to

show you Hawaii is romantic.

Everywhere you turn, people are

loving each other. Around 60,000

people come here every year just to say "I do".

say "I do". I always wanted to get

married in boardshorts on the beach.

If you try to woo someone in Hawaii

the list is endless. One of the

most romantic thing also you can do

here is to pamper yourself with a

day spa treatment. You and your partner, that is is.

partner, that is is. Definitely

more fun if you bring someone. If

you really want to impress your

date you can register one of these

bad boys for the day, get yourself

a Mustang and you are guaranteed to

win a few hearts. But if you want

the melt someone's heart I have the

ultimate solution. For $300 you can

take a date to swim with the

dolphins at Sea Life Park.

dolphins at Sea Life Park. The guy

giving me a eyed here is not a

dolphin but the product of a fling

between one and a false killer

whale! Who knew that could happen?

Do you get many people coming on

dates here? For sure. We often have

wedding proposals here so it is

cute. We have the animal bring a

ring an and the

ring an and the person preposes in

the water in font of everyone A bit

of pressure but it is usually a

very cute experience. Well, I'm a

single guy and here's hoping I have

a date later. Do you think I have

any success after this? (LAUGHTER)

That is a bit harsh. Rueben was in

Hawaii. All the great Qantas deals.

Hawaii. All the great Qantas deals.

After the break some of your

hotlines and Stan Walker is too

cool for this couch but is coming

up very shortly.

# Let the music play

# Let yourself be free

# Let the music play... That is Sam

sap Walker t winner of the last

sap Walker t winner of the last

Australian Idol. In fact when they

saw how good he was they thought

"He cannot do this show any more".

With his latest single out he is

Lear to promote it. You did that

thing when that was on. How do you

do it? I don't know. Is that what

they call cool? I don't know. I was

just like moving to the beat, you

know. When you came in, I did this.

Is that - because I thought that

was cool! Night was more

embarrassing. I said "Stan is in

the house". Maybe you have to do it

confidently or more chilled. I'm

not even listening. You have had

how many big hits? This is three

albums but how many big hits? I

don't know. We can't

don't know. We can't count them.

This is my fourth single off this

album so I did Loud. Black Box, I

thought that was first! No, the

first album. Of all time! Black

Box... This is going well, isn't

it? Laugh. You are hugely famous

eyeballs. You but you are not blinged up to the

eyeballs. You have the earrings.

They are fake. They all are. All my

bros... Shaggy is my bro. I talked

to him maybe twice. He has much

more than you. Yeah, I know, he is

probably cooler than me. Have you

pimped up our car? I have a scooter,

her fame is Dora, she is red, fast,

will beat all the motorbikes. The

answer to "Have you

answer to "Have you pimped up your

car?" is not "Do you have a

scooter" But she is a gangster I

think most people would associate

Dora with the explorer. Especially

when you say it is pink. No Dora

the Gangster. Stan, what is the

difference between this and the

previous one? You are trying to let

people know more about yourself.

Yeah, this is more they have a

solution of music for me and as an

artist. I wanted to venture out on

more different styles, you know,

kind of like dance, pop and I guess

associating everything with pop and

I did some cool stuff A song with

my mum. This is my fourth single.

with The first was Loud, then Galaxy

with Jessica Malboy then this one.

There is a variety of all types of

styles but that is how I am. I'm

not a "Put me in a box" type of

person. We have tease on ear and

some people might think that looks

like product placement and it

actually is! Because these people

honorary On Ears pay you huge amounts of

honorary just to be associated.

They give you food! I would rather

have food more than money. Really?

You can buy food with money You

know how there are drug addicts?

I'm a food addict. Mr What is your

favourite food? Raw fish. Yesterday

favourite food? Raw fish. Yesterday

in the US now at Pizza Hut you can

buy pizzas that have cheese burgers

all around the side. How good would

that be? Deadly but you would need

to buy a bigger school scooter. You

said you did a song with your mum.

Were you classicly trained or did

you learn your techniques with your

family. "Classically trained"

family. "Classically trained" that

is far from me. I was brought up

like that. My family sings, I

learnt a as my culture t a big part

of my culture and eating. You have

done stomaching? Your first role?

Yes, in New Zealand I got back two

days ago so... Are you any good? I

don't know, man. You must be

worried because a lot of singers do

that. They become actors. Glock -

give us your receive sexy look? I

cut my hair by the way. I cut my

own hair. That is the sidetrack!

own hair. That is the sidetrack! Say something to the camera. "I'm sorry, darling, I only have a scooter" Are we getting Stan to come back and sing? Can you sing without like your whole band? Only Today on The Dirt Miranda Kerr gives cat woman a run for her money in a sexy suit for Reebok Easytone. Miranda made skin tight PVC look hot as she purred in pumps. I make sure that I do half an hour of yoga in the morning so that then I'm feeling good if I'm in the car on the way to work or wherever if I'm on the plane or on the way to a job I'll do a meditation. And Coldplay finally unleashes a sneak peek of Rihanna in their music video Princess of China. Could have been a princess. You'd be a king. Could have had a castle I wanna

ring Go oh oh oh oh. Let me go oh oh oh oh. And that's it for now but we'll be back soon with heaps more right here on The Dirt.

Great to have you with us for

Breakfast. Stan Walker is here with

us. I have a surprise for you, I

have just been talking to Peter

Leach, he has a signed Warriors

jersey for you. He emailed me!! So

you knew. Well that wasn't much of

a surprise. She the man. You are a

really good actor. It is time for

you to sing, what are you going to

sing? I am going to sing my new

song. Go. Right now? I need help.

You can't stare at me, though. (LAUGHTER) OK.

(Sings) # When everybody's gone

# No-one else is on the same train # Mm

# Moving on your own

# Moving on your own

# You are the only one that's changing.

# Straight ahead

# You thought this road was going

to be easy.

# But you missed again

# It is this kind of love never

lasts lasts forever.

# Love can break your heart # But not too

# But not too night

# Let the music play

# I said let the music play

# Let yourself be free

# This is your night

# Let the music play.

# Because the music, the music, the

music won't break your heart # Let the music play

# Let, let the music play

# The music, the mike won't

# The music, the mike won't break

your heart.#


Great. You have to do that at the

end. You have the voice of an angel.

That is amazing. We do this thing

when people phone the program and

we record what they say and this is

what they have to say about the

best song in the world. How can anyone

anyone go against that, that is the

best song in the world, 'Billie

Jean'. I love that song. Sing it.

Ow!! That was good. It has to be

'Easy', faith no more. Love your

work, fellas. I don't love your

comments. I mean, thank you for phoning but this

phoning but this is nowhere near

the best song ever. We have another

one. Morning all, what about

DWMcCoy and convoy. There is a life

over there if you can just catch up

with it. What is yours?

Circumstances of life,

Circumstances of life, off 'The

Lion King'. That is a bit

embarrassing. That is the best song,

man, it is the most -

(Sings) # Is circle of life

# And it moves itself to despair

and hope.# It is a good song.


On that note, could

On that note, could you live on $2

a day, well the reality is that

quarter of the world's population

do and your guide to what is

happening around the country this

weekend. That is The Project. We

will have that tonight from 6 to 7.

If you are on $2 you will not be

able to afford a pair of these, but

if you have more money than that,

stand - Yes, you can afford them.

They are available now at Dick

Smith anywhere near you in

Smith anywhere near you in

Australia. You earnt that. Thanks

so much. You did a great job. That

is it for us, speaking of the

circle of life, now to The Circle

of Ten. Smooth, smooth segue there.

If Breakfast doesn't work out you

can always do an advertorial on The

Circle, Paul Henry. Welcome to The

Circle. It is Friday morning and

joining us on the couch today, Terri Psiakis and

Terri Psiakis and Colin Lane.

Morning. Good morning. Morning.

Hello, morning. Great to see you,

we have a wonderful jam packed

studio audience today. I am looking

forward to interviewing UK music

star Olly Murs. He was the runnerup

in 'X-Factor' UK and he has his

second album. He has a TV show too

so he knows how to chat.

so he knows how to chat. I love a

session muse sew, who is blond,

female, under 30 and sexy as!!

Orianthi has played for people like

Michael Jackson. She is here for

the live show with Michael Bolton.

I want to chat to her. I will be looking at the hits

looking at the hits and missing of

the fashion this week. And I will

be announcing the winner of the New

York City competition, and Andrew

McClelland will be along with more

of with more weird and wondering

experiences from the interesting

net. Well, guys it is an exciting

day, not only because it is Friday,

but they announced there will be a sequel to

sequel to the classic film 'Top

Gun'!! I have been waiting years

for this. They insist that Tom

Cruise is on board to star as a

slightly older maverick. I first of

all want 20 get your opinion on

this. Are you happy about this? I

remember when that movie came out

it was so sexy, all those hot men

in uniform. And volleyball,

shirtless. I would have loved a sequel then.

sequel then. Not so now, I don't

know. Negative Kpwost Rider. You