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Welcome to Ten News. Hello. I'm Natarsha Belling. announces a massive defence spend, Tonight - the Government but critics question of dollars will come from. where the hundreds of billions

My first and foremost responsibility of Australia, is the national security absolutely no apology to anybody. for which I make of swine flu Asia gets its first cases test positive. as two Australians in London safely home And Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham after being evacuated from Mexico.

my own precautions. I'm going to take There's a 2-day incubation period. I'm asymptomatic now.

I think, for you to get it. But I would have to pash you, But first -

military build-up in our history it's the biggest peacetime to protect our nation. with more than $300 billion committed

of the huge military shopping list The announcement today Government's Defence White Paper. coincided with the release of the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in Sydney went to Garden Island Naval Base white paper in almost a decade - to launch the first Defence the navy is the big winner a clear message the Government's proposing. in a massive military build-up Australia has committed worth of military hardware: to buy or build billions of dollars My first and foremost responsibility of Australia, is the national security absolutely no apology to anybody. for which I make The Government believes growing superpower status that China's

for the foreseeable future. won't outstrip America No other power, no other power or strategic capacity will have the military, economic to challenge US primacy. is first the defence of Australia, The white paper's emphasis

to lead coalitions in our region, followed by using our forces to joint operations around the world. and lastly, contributing But the Government acknowledges will be to coax Defence its biggest challenge over 10 years - into making savings of $20 billion

the cuts to non-essential areas the increase in firepower. designed to fund

could have any confidence Nobody reading this white paper has the capacity, the commitment, that the Government how it is going to pay. or even knows

the new policy doesn't go far enough. Critics say on surface ships I think there's an overemphasis submarines and air combat. and an underemphasis on land forces, John Hill, Ten News. on the swine flu threat - To the latest and two Australians living in London with the potentially deadly virus. have now been diagnosed she probably has it. A third has been told Ten's Danielle Isdale is in London. they contracted the virus? Dani, do we know how

Both of these cases are menu have

returned to London from Mexico. The

first is a 23-year-old marketing

manager, Mark Robinson. He has been manager, Mark Robinson. He has been

quarantined in his north London

flat for the past five days. He has

tested positive for swine flu after

returning from a four-month returning from a four-month

travelling stint which ended in

Mexico. He will remain in isolation

for at least another week along

with his two housemaids who are

being tested. The second case is a

29-year-old builder, also in quarantine in his flat after

returning from a wedding in Mexico.

The Australian one month has been

told she could probably has the told she could probably has the

swine flu virus? We spoke with Kate

on Monday. She was in isolation at

that time but has now been cleared.

She found out that the 29-year-old

builder we mentioned earlier had

tested positive, her friend. She

travelled back to London with him

and once that happened her level

was upgraded to "probable". She is was upgraded to "probable". She is

back under watch. She is awaiting

her test results. She has tested

positive for influenza A survey are

waiting to find out if she has the

aged one and won their rent. There

are two other strains waiting for

confirmation whether they have aged

one and one. and their coach Two Australian Olympic divers

in Mexico as the flu crisis grows. have cut short a training camp

Gold medallist Matthew Mitcham says he won't be kissing anyone as a precaution over the next few days but, otherwise, he feels fine. Back home from Mexico, take off the face mask Matthew Mitcham could finally the whole flight. he'd worn as a precaution The team was called back increased to 5. after the threat level Because at level 6, to close off their borders, they tell all countries and we didn't know how long or how severe or how serious it would be.

anti-flu drugs and face masks at home Mitcham has a supply of for several days and will keep himself in isolation

pass anything on. to make sure he doesn't my own precautions. I'm going to take There's a 2-day incubation period. I'm asymptomatic now.

But I would have to pash you, I think, for you to get it. should be easier here than overseas Identifying sufferers of the virus

a short incubation period. because it has

Which is good news for Australians. to Australia, Because of the travel time

suffering from this disease many people who might be to be showing symptoms. would be likely today withdrew advice Queensland's Chief Health Officer for people to stockpile food. While there's an increasing number of confirmed cases around the world,

anywhere in Australia. there are still none

there's a n increasing list In fact, every day

of suspected cases that are cleared. of the swine flu. Asia has its first confirmed cases In Hong Kong, held in lockdown for several days 300 hotel guests and staff are being tested positive. after a Mexican tourist staying there

who recently returned from holiday And a 51-year-old Korean woman also has H1N1. where the virus was first reported, In Mexico,

authorities are urging people to stay at home for five days of the virus. in a bid to slow the spread to work on a vaccine, As scientists continue is satisfied the Australian Government

of anti-flu drugs - we have an adequate supply some 8 million courses if required. Evan Batten, Ten News. The rapid spread of the H1N1 virus has caused panic around the world.

But with mostly mild cases reported outside Mexico, some experts are questioning whether the threat of swine flu is being overplayed. As the H1N1 flu spreads, so does fear. Say 'aaah'. Hospitals are seeing an influx of patients worried they're infected.

Even mild illnesses like cough, cold,

sometimes they don't even have fever, and their parents bring them in. Doctors say right now there's no indication H1N1 is any more dangerous than the regular flu. Most of the people infected have recovered on their own. Marcy Roth thought about pulling her kids out of school, but had a change of heart after talking to her doctor. We were starting to wonder, "Why are we so concerned "when people die from the regular seasonal flu?" The new flu is unique,

containing pieces of swine, bird, and human flu. It appears mild right now, but that could change. This H1N1 virus could die out, or it could return during flu season.

It can mutate, and it can also become more aggressive in its second wave. That's what happened in 1918 - the mild Spanish flu changed

and went on to kill millions worldwide. In a regular year, about 1 out of every 1,000 people who get influenza die.

In 1918, it was as many as 20 people per 1,000. But the new flu lacks the same traits as the Spanish flu, and with modern medicine, and the ability to track the strain internationally, experts say a flu that deadly is highly unlikely - even in a worst-case scenario. In New York, Karen Brown, Ten News. Horrified partygoers witnessed a deadly dance-floor attack in a Brisbane nightclub overnight. A man was been stabbed to death. His attacker is still on the run. What should have been a typical night out in Brisbane ended with a 20-year-old man murdered on a dance floor. That stuff shouldn't happen, really. If everyone's going out to have a good time and then people getting stabbed in nightclubs - that's quite freaky, really. A brawl broke out between two groups of men at the Squeeze nightclub at Alexandra Hills just after midnight, when the man was stabbed to death in front of hundreds of terrified nightclubbers and staff. By the time police arrived, his attackers had fled. We got cleared out of the club. All I saw when I walked out was just a body lying on the floor. Police are questioning everyone who was at the club. They're hoping the hotel's policy of scanning patrons' IDs will help lead them to the killer.

We're certainly looking through all of that material and examining it. The Squeeze nightclub has been shut down and staff say they don't know when it will reopen, while police continue their investigations. And a Brisbane taxi driver has died after he suffered a heart attack during a fist fight with a customer over a $14 fare. The driver was treated by police upon arrival. QAS arrived and, unfortunately, the cab driver was unable to be revived. His death is not being treated as suspicious. Simon Hooper, Ten News. A man allegedly linked to an outlaw motorcycle gang has been charged following a police raid that netted an arsenal of military grade weapons. Police found a Tommy gun,

an automatic AK-47 assault rifle, hand guns, ammunition and an assortment of police issue bulletproof vests,

helmets, night vision goggles, uniforms and a safe. Last night, our bomb technicians searched that safe and identified a number of explosive devices and some methamphetamines. A new strike force will investigate the theft of the police equipment. An Australian boat skipper, held in a maximum security prison in the United Arab Emirates

for more than six months, is returning to normal in life in WA. 34-year-old Sean McNeair was arrested in Dubai in October following reports of a shot being fired from his apartment block. He had set up home there after being offered a job skippering luxury yachts for a sheik. During their investigation, police charged him with drinking alcohol without a licence and having sex out of wedlock.

But the charges were dropped last month and Mr McNeair was deported. He's now returned home to Shark Bay. Up next, the $5 million memorial to the historic Tree of Knowledge. Plus - the Western Plains Zoo delivers on a tall order.


This program is captioned live. The Australian Labor Party has celebrated one of its proudest moments with the opening of a memorial at the Tree of Knowledge. It's where historians say the party was born out of the 1891 shearers' strike, and thousands of unionists and locals turned out today. Dawn on a new day for the labour movement. The Tree of Knowledge, under which striking shearers met and Labor was formed, was poisoned by vandals three years ago. It was preserved, returned, and a somewhat controversial 18m canopy of 3,000 timber leaves built around it. Like it or not, it's ours. A steam train celebrating Queensland's 150th birthday brought Labor Party stalwarts to an opening that symbolised so much. Oh, everything. You can't let the fellas walk all over the top of you, can you? 28 clones of the original tree, which was up to 200 years old, have now been grown. Tomorrow one of them will be placed on the grave of an original shearer jailed for treason because of the strike. That shearer went to jail...

..for better conditions and better wages for the worker. Queensland Premier Anna Bligh officially opened the memorial. The tree under the new $5 million canopy is already on the National Heritage list. Today, Federal Heritage Minister Peter Garrett announced that the 1922 hangar in nearby Longreach, where Qantas first built planes, will join it. That's where our national airline began.

But today belonged to what's becoming known as 'Barkie's Box'. Some locals still say the memorial is an eyesore, but most believe in time, like the tree itself, it too will become an icon. In Barcaldine, Mark Suleau, Ten News. Thousands of people have lined the streets between Melbourne and Canberra to pay tribute to the firefighter killed in the Victorian bushfires.

David Balfour's widow, Celia, and her three children

spearheaded a 4-day, 800km relay in honour of their fallen hero. They were joined by 30 emergency service members, who took turns running the trek from Victoria back to the nation's capital. Probably, all up, I would've done about 60-odd ks. I don't know - I haven't counted it, but I feel good! When all the hype tends to fall away, these are the sorts of memories that will keep me going.

Mr Balfour's family was presented with a Purple Heart on behalf of US President Barack Obama as a tribute to a fallen member of the emergency services. A home has been destroyed by fire and two others damaged in what's believed to be an arson attack in Redcliffe, north of Brisbane. The flames quickly took hold around 10:30 last night, burning the 2-storey house to the ground -

witnesses capturing amateur vision of the blaze. Police are now hunting two young men spotted leaving the scene. As I was coming out of the house, we heard a car - it was just trying to get away from something, just fleeing. No-one was hurt. The owners weren't home at the time. Three people, including a police officer, have been taken to hospital after a fire at a Sydney unit block.

Dozens of residents were forced to flee the 3-level building just before dawn after a woman, allegedly suffering from a psychiatric issue,

set fire to her mattress. The injured officer and residents suffered minor burns and smoke inhalation. Werribee Zoo has taken delivery of some very special cargo. Two new giraffes turned plenty of necks on their road trip from Dubbo.

From one open range to another, the young giraffes hit the road. It's going to be a long journey for them. I went and had a little talk to them this morning and told them it's going to be about 15 hours before they went to their new home at Werribee. At 18 months old, the half-brothers Amani and Thembi are already 3.5m tall, making the long trip a little tricky. But besides a lot of rubber-necking and a little traffic, the 850km relocation ran smoothly. And once they'd reached their new home at Werribee, the boys were happy to stretch their legs.

They've got really nice personalities. One thing between these two boys is they were only born two weeks apart,

and they do have quite a strong bond.

Amani and Thembi will be kept in quarantine for 30 days before they're introduced to the public. Their arrival signalling a family reunion of sorts,

with grandfather Tony already calling the open savannah home. If anything, the challenge will be for them to fit in with the rhinos, the eland, and the zebras out there. The new additions no doubt sticking their necks out to fit in. Angelina Anictomatis, Ten News.

Next, Madeleine McCann two years on - her parents release a photo of what she'd look like today.

And caught red-handed - a bank robber discovers the true meaning of dirty money.

This program is captioned live. An image of how Madeleine McCann might look now has been released, two years after the little girl's disappearance on a family holiday in Portugal.

The new picture was unveiled

as her parents appeared on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show'. This is Madeleine McCann aged six - at least, it's what she looks like today, if she is still alive. An American forensic imaging artist used a picture of her taken when she was nearly four, and then with specialist technology aged her face by two years. Kate McCann on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' to be broadcast next week admits she sometimes fears the worst.

I think it's natural, and I think people mean well and they say, "Don't let yourself go there," and it's not going to help - going there - but as a mum, inevitably, there are times when I do. Do you think that someone was watching your family?

I do now, yeah, yeah.

A week ago, the McCanns were here in Virginia and visited the Centre for Missing Children, the organisation that provided the expertise for the new image.

The computer-generated image produced here at this centre, will, without doubt, be broadcast and published right around the world. The McCanns are clinging to the hope, however remote, that it makes a difference, Kate adding that Madeleine's bedroom is being kept ready in anticipation of her safe return. It's all ready, waiting. Do you go in the room often? I do, yeah, yeah. I go in about twice a day.

Do you talk to her? I do. Usually, I mean, I must admit, I tend to open and close the curtains, morning and evening, and just say 'hello', really. The desperate hope remains, that even two years on, someone, somewhere, will provide that crucial piece of information. someone, somewhere, will provide that crucial piece of information. Robert Moore, Ten News. A thief in the United States has a new understanding of 'dirty money' after bank staff planted a booby trap on the stolen cash. The robber was captured on CCTV moments after the hold-up, as red smoke starts pouring out of his pants. The teller had hidden a dye-pack inside the bag of money, which exploded as he ran away. Despite the set back, the robber managed to escape, but police are confident they'll be able to catch him red-handed. The 'Chaser' boys have found themselves in hot water again. This time breaching the no-fly zone above the Vatican. It's not the first time the satirical comedy team has landed in strife - most notably their notorious APEC security stunt. The show's Julian Morrow and Craig Reucassel were detained and questioned after flying an unmanned blimp filled with helium above St Peter's Square. It's believed charges have been laid. The weather's next, and then it's Sports Tonight with Adam Hawse.

And Adam, Round 8 of the NRL continues on the Gold Coast this afternoon. Yes, Natarsha. And it was an absolute nailbiter between the Titans and South Sydney. We'll have all the details next, plus plenty more. Jarryd Hayne's bag of tricks bamboozles the Cowboys. Doug Bollinger goes off in Dubai. And we get up close and personal in the NBA.


without soap or water. And now look for new Refresh with aloe vera.

This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather.

That brings you up to date with the latest news. Stay around for Sports Tonight with Adam Hawse. I'm Natarsha Belling. Good evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia.

This program is captioned live.

Hi, I'm Adam Hawse. Welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight.

Today, it's all about redemption. Like the Melbourne Storm avenging their grand final defeat. Jarryd Hayne and the Eels step past their critics. The Gold Coast Titans looking to bounce back after a loss to the Panthers. In AFL, the Pies gave a horror week the punt. Hands off the Waratahs - they show they still have some fight.

The Aussie one-day cricketers win a series again - finally! Things are heating up in the NBA - Dwayne Wade with 41 for Miami.