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Tonight: internet pornography

claims the scalp of another

Keneally Minister. I cannot condone

the use of parliamentary resources

by a minister in this way.

Three Australians among the dead in

a fiery PNG air crash.

engine explodes. Sparks fly as a Qantas jumbo's

was on fire. Saw a bright light and engine four

And the deal is signed - the Greens

decide to back a Gillard Labor Government.

Good evening, I'm Deborah Knight.

And I'm Bill Woods, also, Matthew

Newtown's former partner applies

for a restraining order.

And sex in which city? Smith Jerrod

hits town and he's ready to play!

But first, a new blow for the

Premier - another of her ministers

has been forced to quit, this time over pornography and gambling. State Political reporter Josh

Murphy joins us from Macquarie

Street. Josh, Paul McLeay's timing

couldn't be worse?

It was only yesterday Kristina

Keneally pleaded with her MPs to

call their heads Ian and avoid bad

behaviour which is sinking her

government. But she has asked for

the resignation of Paul McLay, he

was found out accessing

pornographic sites and gambling pornographic sites and gambling

online all on a taxpayer's fund at

computer. -- funded computer Paul

McLeay was a minister for just 9

months. His snap resignation was

announced by a besieged Premier

this afternoon. He revealed to

Kristina Keneally he'd used a

parliament computer to visit

gambling and adult websites.

I made clear to the Member that I

expect ministers to use the

resources of office appropriately

and it is not the standard I expect

from a minister.

Mr McLeay was minister for Ports

and Mineral Resources. The Premier

morning. asked for his resignation this

I am sorry that this situation has

occurred, I will not condone it and

I will continue to make clear, that

I expect the highest integrity from


But he'd already been under fire -

Ten News revealed in July, that

he'd hired a family friend to work

plus salary. as a public servant, on a $100,000-

Yes, He has a great brain. A great mind.

The matter was referred to the corruption watchdog. This latest

saga, is another episode in an

increasingly ugly Labor soap opera.

It is almost identical scandals,

just change the names. Paul

shortly. McLeay's replacement will be chosen

Three Australians have been killed

after their plane overshot a

runaway and burst into flames.

The runway on a remote island is

notoriously with the locals say it

is a more slippery than ice. In bad

weather and treacherous terrain,

the plane approached Misima Island,

touched down then skidded off the

runway and exploded. Yesterday the

plane exploded after skidding off

the runway in bad weather. On board,

were three Australians and two New

Zealanders. Are only one survived.

Chris Hart was a marine pilot for

Australian a reef of pilots. We

have lost a respected friend and

colleague. We will always remember

his quirky sense of humour, his

passion as a chef and his

insatiable love of country and

western music. The sole survivor of

the last air disaster in Papua New

Guinea in which six people died. I

looked at this guy with the lower

half in fire. I use my arms like

paddles to pull away from the fire.

Without exaggerating, I blacked out

for over a month. He says of the

airstrip used to be covered in our

view. It is slip we're -- sleepier

than wet eyes. Australia has

offered to help with the

investigation into the cause of the

crash. We were not satisfied with

the safety that we saw at the

operation. Trans Air PNG could not

be contacted. A Qantas jet engine

has exploded mid flight with terrified passengers left watching

a shower of sparks. While the

airline is once again under

investigation, the captain is being

emergency. praised for how he handled the

45 minutes in, the 747's windows

lit up in an orange blaze.

Passengers heard a bang. And stared

out at the streaming sparks From an

engine that had just exploded. The

popping and then the whoosh and

then you looked out and there was

just... It was just extraordinary

really. It dropped and it dipped

and we all looked at each other and

we knew it wasn't turbulence. I

felt a rumble. Looked out the

window. Saw a bright light and

engine four was just one fire. As

newlywed Justin Roberts filmed, he

and 211 other passengers didn't

know this - shrapnel had cut a

gaping hole in the plane's exterior.

A calm pilot informed the cabin

he'd shut down the crippled engine,

was dumping fuel and turning around.

Qantas is now left to explain

another serious incident blemishing

what was once, a perfect safety

record. In 2008, a faulty oxygen

tank tore a hole in another 747,

the same year a Perth bound airbus

plummeted. Qantas says, this engine

year. was overhauled in Australia last


We don't think there is any

systemic problem.

Tonight, most passengers are

Australia-bound. Including another

set of newlyweds, with one fiery

honeymoon story. Kept the sparks,

definitively. Started off firing,

just not in the bedroom.

A murder victim's family has

reacted violently outside court,

after her former partner was

sentenced to 14.5 years jail for

the crime. Diedre Burton's

mummified body was discovered under

a staircase. 46-year-old Deirdre

Burton thought she had escaped her Burton thought she had escaped her

violent relationship after

William Day. splitting with defacto Barry

But in May last year, he arrived at

her Mt Druitt home, and in jealous

rage strangled her to death.

Friends say they saw it coming.

We knew that he would kill. His

psychopath. whole family know that he's a

Today a court sentenced the killer

to 14.5 years' jail. Outside court,

Deirdre Burton's family became

violent, lashing out at a sentence

they called a joke.

She was nice. But she knew what

type of person he was.

As her parents sat weeping, the judge detailed how Deirdre Burton

was strangled. Her near naked body

wrapped in a blanked and hidden

under stairs, where it began to mummify.

This is certainly not the first

time Day has been in trouble with

the law. He has a lengthy criminal

history dating back to 1975. He's

been in trouble for assault,

robbery and drugs, and has also

escaped from custody.

He's the worst person in the world.

I don't hate anyone in the world as

much as I hate him. Day will be

eligible for parole in 2023.

The Greens have put pen to paper,

signing up to support a Gillard Minority Government. They immediately started pushing

for a carbon tax, but it could be

another week before we know who's running the country.

running the country.

Not exactly a break in the log jam

but the Greens are the first to put

their names to a Gillard Government.

Congratulations. Thank you.

The crucial point, Adam Bandt will

ensure supply and confidence in the

Government. There will be regular

meetings with the PM and topping a

list of 15 agreed positions - a

climate change committee.

This committee will look at all the

options available towards achieving a carbon price.

The committee will consist of

experts and parliamentarians and

sidelines Julia Gillard's citizens


Just 11 days after the election and

Julia Gillard has already broken

her first election commitment.

She says the assembly was only ever

a mechanism to gain support for a price on carbon pollution.

Am I going to get hung up on a

mechanism? No. Am I hung up on an

outcome? Yes, I am.

She says both major parties have to

compromise to win support -

something Mr Abbott's office has

acknowledged in writing. The

Opposition Leader accuses Bob Brown

of selling out his integrity.

This is a Labor Party which

deserves to lose and yet this is a

Labor Party which Bob Brown has

thrown a lifeline to.

The Independents spent the day

being briefed by Treasury on the

coalition and Labor's costings. The

PM is calling on Tony Abbott to

match her willingness to release

the findings. The Government's

economic credentials boosted today

by the best economic growth figure

in three years, a strong June

quarter seeing an annual figure of

3.3%.strong growth and a strong

outlook in a confident Australia.

Mathew Newton's ex fiancee, Rachael

Taylor, has formally applied for an

apprehended violence order against

the actor. Taylor's lawyer lodged

the papers in Sydney this morning.

It's alleged Newton bashed the

Transformers star twice while they

were holidaying in Rome last month.

Why did she feel it was necessary

to do this? Because she's coming

back to Australia, so she has fears

for her safety so she wanted to

make sure she took out an order

that prevented him approaching her in any way.

The matter will be heard later this month.

The NRL has called in the Police to investigate suspicious betting activity surrounding a match

between the Bulldogs and the North

Queensland Cowboys. Gambling

agencies raised the alarm, when 95%

of bets for the round 24 match were

waged on the Cowboys scoring the

first points with a penalty goal.

The NRL formed a panel to review

the game before referring the

matter. No accusations have been

made against players of either side.

Betting on Cricket matches

involving the Pakistan team could

be banned after a review by the

state government. International

administrators are talking tough on

match fixing. But Pakistani

officials have refused to suspend

three players arrested over the betting scandal.

Angry Pakistani cricket fans burnt

an effigy of captain Salman Butt

over the latest match fixing

allegations. Once heroes, they're

now more like gamblers says this

man. In Somerset, members of the

touring team trained ahead of a

match against the local county side.

But no sign of 18-year-old fast

bowler Mohammed Amir, captain

Salman Butt and opening bowler

Mohammed Asif. They'll meet the head of Pakistan's cricket board

tomorrow but haven't yet been suspended.

They are normal, they are here,

obviously they're human beings and

they would be under pressure. The

dismal performance of the Pakistani

team in Australia last summer could

now become part of the ICC inquiry

into the match fixing scandal.

The Sydney Test match, if that

match was thrown by the Pakistan

team, that's probably the most

serious allegation and the question

then raises, if they threw that

match, they could be involved in

further match fixing. Simon Katich

didn't suspect match fixing.

Probably people might have had

every right to feel something might

have been happening but we won't

know until they get questioned

about it. I guess we must

acknowledge that this is quite sad,

it's very disappointing, it's not

good for the reputation of the game

but we will clean it up. The NSW

and Victorian governments are

examining whether to ban betting on Pakistan teams.

Some breaking news involving an Australian Olympic great?

Swimming champion Libby Trickett is

sitting over there in our sports

department as she is part of our

news 10. She has told us something

that both stunned and excited us.

She will tell us of later.

A Commonwealth champion far from

happy and we will hear from Greek

Inglis. The big news will be

revealed in about half an hour's

time. It is very exciting years.

The homicide squad takes over the

investigations of bones discovered in the Forest.

How Paul Hogan was warned he could

be stopped from leaving Australia.

And the mass breakout from a dull

Telegraph' this Sunday.

This program is captioned live.

The search has widened in the

Belanglo forest for any clues to

this week's discovery of human remains.

Crime Reporter Daniel Sutton went

behind the police tape today. Dan,

how big is this search operation?

Police said sealed off an area

about 50 metres in either direction

from where these bones were found.

They're going through all the dirt

and Moshe grain by brain. A

mechanical see if there was brought

in today to look for evidence and

further bone segments. They also

use a metal detector to spot

anything metallic. Keys or possibly

weapons as well. They also used the

line researchers. To make sure none

of the evidence is Moss. Today

became a homicide led investigation.

The postmortem is still under way.

The indications are dairies one set

of bones but, again, we are

searching the areas to cover all options.

Are we any closer to knowing who

the remains might belong to?

Police confirmed what we reported

last night, they believed it is a

female but are looking at three

cases in particular. 15-year-old

just go up small, abducted from

Bathurst. Janine Vaughan, also

suspected of being murdered after

getting into a car. They are also

looking at murders committed in

1987 where two young schoolgirls

were abducted, raped and murdered.

Their bodies have been found but

police are looking into whether

there were any further victims.

Paul Hogan's legal team says the

actor can be kept in Australia as

the battles the Tax Office.

But Paul Hogan says he is not

afraid of a jail and will go

bankrupt before handing over a cent.

It could be a very long time before

Paul Hogan is able to leave

Australia. That time line is

possibly 2, 3 or 4 years and that

would be obviously quite horrific

personally to him and his wife.

The Tax Office placed a Departure

Prohibition Order on the veteran

actor when he returned for his

mother's funeral. He had been

warned of the risk.

Someone who, in full knowledge of

what he is facing, has voluntarily

come in and out of Australia 12 or

13 times since the investigation

has started.

In the Federal Court, the Crime

Commission and Hogan's accountant

debated whether 1,200 pages of

documents should remain

confidential. As the lengthy legal

battle draws on, Paul Hogan says

he's prepared to fight the ATO to

the bitter end, even suggesting

he's being held for ransom. A tax

department employee is able to make

an order stripping a citizen of his

rights to travel. His lawyer would

not rule out a settlement figure

being reached. Hogan though, won't

admit any guilt. I've paid too much,

I've paid more than a wise

businessman would have. If I was a

tax evader, which I am not, I must

be the dumbest one in the world.

One outcome is certain, Hogan faces

massive legal costs. We've brought

together a team of people we think

are the best tax experts in Sydney

and we have lodged objections to

the entire assessments. The 70-

year-old says he's not afraid of

going to jail. And he'd rather go

bankrupt than pay up to $150

million in reported back-taxes and

penalties. I could pay 10% of it,

and then say please take this and

let me go, bugger 'em.

Dozens of police have ended a day-

long stand-off with asylum seekers

who broke out of a Darwin detention

centre. Struggling in the heat, 92

Afghanis staged a defiant protest,

after storming through two electric fences.

No. No. If I go back, they killing me!

Escaping from detention and

damaging detention property is a criminal offence.

Five of the men were hospitalised

as negotiations continued. Police

eventually ended the standoff this

afternoon, taking more than 70 people into custody.

Time to check on the weather. It

has been getting a little warmer

bar will be getting wetter at some


First off, we made history - that

was our warmest start to spring

since 1865. 145 year record. We

were 26 degrees in Sydney and that

was six above average and it was a

cloudy day! You work it out. It was

warm across most of NSW. Just

repeating, our warmers start to

spring scenes at 1865. To another

highlight of the day, each and

every day, the weather photograph.

You have an eye for beautiful sky,

young man. That puts you in the

running to win the beautiful camera.

Turn your shot over, send it to

last. Warmest spring day since 1865,

I can assure you, I was around -- I

was not around to confirm it.

Are you sure about that? Not sure.

I'm next - a mother jailed for

killing her two young sons.

Also, coming home - the Iraq war

finally over. We have removed

nearly 100,000 US troops from Iraq.

And curtains for the UK's longest-

running police drama.

No, you are so tasty. OK. We get the message. rice crackers from Vita-Weat.

Everybody likes trees. ..and not to obstruct ActewAGL's

This program is captioned live.

A truck causing problems on Homebush and dried?

Earlier this afternoon, traffic was

thrown into chaos when a truck

modest -- lost a load of paint

barrels. It has reopened now but

everyone is avoiding it. As

everyone heads into the inner West,

significant to delays.

A Melbourne mother, who murdered

her two young sons, has been jailed

for 27 years. Donna Fitchett

claimed it was her greatest act of

love, when she drugged and

suffocated 11-year-old Matthew and

9-yearold Thomas, before a failed

suicide attempt five years ago. Her

life sentences. ex-husband had been hoping for two

life sentences. It was her second

trial. Fitchett will serve at least

18 years.

Now to the ING Direct finance

report with Jacqueline Maddock, and

Jacqui, investors welcomed today's

better than expected national

account numbers?

They did indeed. And why not? Last

month our market lost 4%, and so

far this month, the first day of

spring, it's has rallied

2%..Evidence that GDP has rebounded

to pre-GFC strength really bouyed

the market, and we saw broad based

gains as a result.

Taking a look at the final numbers,

the the All Ords was ended 88

points firmer. RIO added 3%. Shares

in discount airline Virgin Blue

shares soared 11.5%.

On the currencies front, the

Australian dollar gained ground on the strong GDP numbers.

Both Gold and oil firmed too.

That is finance news for now -

here's hoping the rest of September

looks as good as today. US markets

Street. are in for a positive start on Wall

Barack Obama has declared America's

war on Iraq over. This is years

after President Bush says it was

mission -- mission accomplished. A

sovereign Iraq is now in sight.

Operation Iraqi Freedom is now over

and the Iraqi people now have lead

their county. responsibility for the security of

In a rare, televised address from

the Oval Office, President Barack

Obama declared an end to America's

combat mission in Iraq. A conflict

which has cost America almost $1

trillion and 4,400 lives.

The United States has paid a huge

price to put the future of Iraq in

the hands of its people.

The announcement fulfils President

Obama's 2008 election promise to

end the war. But his administration

has stopped short of declaring

victory. Just last week, more than

50 Iraqis were killed in violent attacks.

Sectarian tensions remain a fact of

life. Al-Qaeda in Iraq is beaten, but not gone.

The current stage is a sensitive

and most difficult one in Iraq's

history therefore we expect to face

great challenges over next days.

50,000 US soldiers will stay on

until early next year, to train the

country's security forces. But some

residents fear Iraqi troops aren't

up to the task. The Iraqi security

forces are not qualified enough to

control the security situation in

Iraq. Australia withdrew its combat

forces from Iraq in 2009.

After almost three decades, the

final episode of the deal has gone

to air.

Britain's have long as running

police drama has been axed after

copping it in the ratings.

For 27 years, the feet on the beat

have marched across televisions the

world over. But now, 'The Bill' has

taken it's final bow. It's not as

if the writers ran out of material

although Sun Hill station has been

blown up 3 times.

The truth is, a slide in the

ratings nicked them in the end.

Do you base all of your police work

on how someone looks when you arrest them?

From Hugh Laurie of 'House' fame to

Little Britain's David Williams, it Little Britain's David Williams, it

seems everyone who's anyone popped

up on the show. You look on

anyone's CV, you go to the theatre

and look at any actors CV and it

says 'The Bill' - you worry

slightly if you don't see 'The

Bill' on an actor's CV.

And while actual policemen did at

times complain that the lack of

paperwork on The Bill made it a

little unrealistic - many officers

count themselves among the shows

biggest fans. Just ask the stars.

You were treated by real police

officers as a bit of an honorary

policeman. That happened a bit and

'allo sarge'. still does actually - you still get

And that may be the case for some

time yet with more than 2,400

episodes in the can, there are

plenty of repeats to go around.

Cut. Good? Ladies and Gentlemen

that is 26 years of making 'The

Bill', that is a wrap.

The drama is not over for NSW. An

update on the latest scandal to

rock the Keneally Government.

Also, the Memorial Service for

three or Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

And sex in which city?

sweet honey and rich, dark soy

This programme is captioned live.

Kristina Keneally's government has

another scandal with another

minister handing in his dismissal.

He has held a press conference. He

was talking about the revelations

that were about to surface. I am personally humiliated and

embarrassed, I have accepted

figures wrong and that is why I

have offered my resignation as an -

- as a minister. I have spoken to

my wife, my mother and that is why

I am here this afternoon. The Labor

government is dealing with a lot of

fall-out here. He is the 5th

minister to resign. It has been a tumultuous year for Kristina

Keneally to say the least. It has

been scandal after scandal. This

one, the latest one, will not do

her any favours. She has got a

record low poll results at the

moment. Paul McLeay has indicated

that he intends to run at the next

State election. There is a covenant

of vacancy and we will he who will

feel that in the next few hours. -- feel that in the next few hours. --

who will fill that in the next few who will fill that in the next few

hours. The 6th Battalion has their

world the most number from their

forces at once. The service was in

Brisbane. 21 diggers have been

killed in Afghanistan. One of the

stars of Sex and the City' has

snuck into Sydney. Jason Lewis is

known to fans as Smith Jerrod, and

he's here and he's ready to play.

Look up hot' in the dictionary and

you'll find a picture of Jason

Lewis. He's the 39-year-old actor

who was catapulted onto the sexiest

man alive listings when he starred

as Smith Jerrod on Sex and the City'.

Bit of Smith on show.

He turned out to be the perfect guy.

Thank God for writers. Is it close

to the real Jason? Some people say

that. I don't know.

Jason also featured in the two Sex

and the City' movies, and is a

little baffled as to why the

critics savaged the sequel. And, if

he looks a little odd jumping

around like he is, that's because the about-to-be-released X-box

Kinect he's playing doesn't have

any controls - it uses motion

capture instead. I had been

changing shirts all day. You have

to be engaged. But it's not all game-playing...

game-playing... Apparently tonight

I am going to be taken to some good

pubs. And for the information of

single. Sydney-based female fans - Jason is

Plus, why controversial sprinter

Jon Steffenson is threatening to

quit our Commonweath Games team.

Libby ticket is about to reveal all.

The red tides remark made a

decision on the weekend. -- the

retired swimmer made a decision.

Also, a smashing good time for Eels

co-captain Nathan Hindmarsh.

This programme is captioned live.

Olympic swimming champion Libby

Trickett is coming out of

retirement. After just over a year

out of the pool, Trickett is

returning to training with the goal

of swimming for Australia at the

2012 Olympic Games in London. Libby

Trickett joins us now. Libby,

congratulations - why now and

what's brought about the decision?

It was a progression from me when I

made the decision last year to

retire, was something I thought

about a lot and was really ready to

do. Throughout the course of the

sea, there are little things that

the made me miss it. Just the smell of

the poor, things that -- the smell

of the pool. I was ready to test

myself again and really, I want to

see how far I can take my swimming

and how fast I can get. You're 25,

do you still have the fire in your

belly? I retired last he thinking

that I did not have any more goals

and that was the reason to retire.

I realise that I still love the

sport so much and I really enjoy

swimming, so that is the goal

itself. To enjoy it. The squad is

very excited. Yes, they are very

excited which made me feel great. I

was excited they were thrilled for

me and welcomed me back. When are

you back in the Paul? I am doing

one session a day this week. I will

progress from there.

Congratulations and all the best in your comeback.

One of our leading Commonwealth

Games gold medal hopes is

threatening to boycott Delhi

because of on-going dispute with Athletics Australia. John

Steffensen claims he's been poorly

treated and is prepared to take a

stand on behalf of other athletes.

It was the golden moment of the Melbourne Commonwealth Games, and

in one breath, John Steffensen says

he's hell bent on defending his

gold medal in Delhi. In the other,

he concedes he's no certainty of

even going because of a

Australia. disagreement with Athletics

Australia. There is an issue with

my federation that managers may.

Hopefully they can come to some

sort of resolution. It is a dispute

with the Australian Athletics

Federation. Hopefully the spot will

benefit. -- hope to leave the sport

will benefit. His manager is his

father, Russell, who refused to

comment this afternoon. John

finished second at the selection

trials in April. But the Steffensen

camp is taking a stand, furious he

was forced to compete 12 weeks

after back surgery. That was the

worst thing I could ever do. They

want Athletics Australia to put

measures in place to ensure its

athletes are treated better. If there's no guarantees, Steffensen

says he's prepared to forfeit his

place on the team for Delhi. I am

ready to go. My job is to run. I

leave that the rest of the worrying

up to Mike team. -- my team.

Storm superstar Greg Inglis has

proposed a showdown between

Melbourne and this year's

premiership winners. It's the first

time the Storm won't be involved in

the grand final for five years. A

galaxy of stars for the opening of

Asics new Oceania warehouse

including one who's still coming to

terms with the fact he won't be

playing finals footy for the first

time in his career. We are heard by

not being in the finals. We wished

we could be there to defend a title.

The boys will be sad and unhappy

about it, but that is how it is.

Before he takes his boots to

Brisbane, there's one more game

Greg Inglis would really like to play.

We should play the winner of

whoever wins the grand final.

Rivals believe it will be the

Dragons who finally breakthrough

for a premiership.

The Dragons have to be the

favourites. They deserve to be

minor premiers. The Dragons have to

be the favourite. I think they'll

play Wests Tigers in the grand final.

Some players can't believe match-

fixing would happen in the NRL.

Match fixing - do you think that happens?

No, it's too hard in rugby league, mate. Yeah.

After 14 seasons, Nathan Cayless

facing up to his final game in blue

and gold - and not ruling out tears.

I will try and keeps it all

together I suppose. Many are will

have a few quiet ones over a few

beers on Mad Monday. 5,000 Cayless

masks will be available at Parra masks will be available at Parra

Stadium as the Eels bow out against

the Warriors. Stevens claims the

damage was done with a punch, not

with his teeth. Sydney Swan Daniel

Hannebery has capped off a stellar

year by winning the AFL Rising Star award. The 19-year-old from

Victoria was the unanimous choice

of the judges, receiving the

maximum 45 votes - 10 votes clear

of Melbourne's Tom Scully.

Hannebery is the second Swan to

take home the award, after 2-time

Brownlow medalist Adam Goodes in

1999. There are a lot of great

players who have won it.

Aussie star Jarmila Groth has blown

a 1-set lead to go down to Maria

Sharapova at the US Open. Alica

Molik was also ousted in the first

round, while Rafael Nadal and Novak

round, while Rafael Nadal and Novak

Djokovic both had wins. As one of

only six players who've made the

final 16 of both the French Open

final 16 of both the French Open and Wimbledon this year, Jarmila

Groth had high hopes against Maria Groth had high hopes against Maria

Sharapova. Groth closing out the

first set in style, But unforced

errors let Sharapova back in the

match. A double fault handing the

Russian the second, and from there,

Sharapova dominated. Groth Sharapova dominated. Groth

remaining upbeat despite the loss.

I think it's better to laugh than

cry, right? This interview would

really suck if you have to do it

with me crying.

Alicia Molik not letting her

emotions show despite a straight

sets loss qualifier against Mirjana sets loss qualifier against Mirjana

Lucic. Rafael Nadal was commanding

in his match against Taymuraz

Gabashvili. The world number one Gabashvili. The world number one

ruthless, but forced to two tie-

breakers before closing out the

third set 6-3. Novak Djokovic

survived sweltering 35 degree heat

to beat fellow Serb Viktor Troicki to beat fellow Serb Viktor Troicki

in 3 hours and 20 minutes.

in 3 hours and 20 minutes. How nice

was it to get a in 3 hours and 20 minutes. How nice was it to get a little bit of shade

here in the fifth set, did that

help give you a little bit of energy?

I don't know - it was like sleeping

with my girlfriend kind of feeling.

It was a day of broken careers and It was a day of broken careers and

comebacks at the Billabong Pro

Tahiti. Kelly Slater was on the

ropes against Tahiti's Heiarri

Williams, but managed a late 8.8 to

advance to round 4. The King

relieved to get past the local.

Yeah, get rid of those guys man, it

makes the crowd hate you.

Jordy Smith was knocked out by

Manoa Drollet, while eight Aussies,

including Dean Morrison and Tom

Whitaker, failed to make the mid-

year cut-off. Veteran Mick Campbell

the hardest hit. He copped a

controversial loss and dealt the

judges a departing shot. And in

Sports Tonight at 9:30 on ONE, we

talk to one of the world's best big

wave surfers, and go one-on-one

with Sydney's Rising Star. A big

day in sport. Slow going on the M4?

Three-car accident at Eastern Creek.

Traffic into Penrith starts from

Greystanes. Four lines are very

slow traffic. We are breaking

records in the weather Stakes with

a very warm

This programme is captioned live.

What a warm day. Spring has sprung.

Our warmest September 1st since

1965. I'm 140 by the record. Spring

by its definition is a little bit

of winter and a little bit and some

are coming at varying times. That

are coming at varying times. That

will be illustrated in the next few

days. We were six above average

today. We have 19 degrees tomorrow

after a Lakes suddenly changed --

after a late subtly changed.

Tomorrow will be wet and windy with

rain on Saturday before it gets

sunny and warm again. A little bit

of everything, but we broke a record today.

A cloud band is crossing the south

and generating rain in southern New

South Wales and Victoria. Tomorrow

will have the tail end of a front

across the New South Wales coast.

Another fund will clip Tasmania

bringing showers in the south. A

low will bring rain over Southern

Western Australia. Patchy rain for

a southern New South Wales,

scattered showers over the New

South Wales coast, are referred the

-- over the Illawarra. South Wales coast, are referred the -- over the Illawarra.

It is a than warm up on top of the

mountain and that is causing a

little bit of unwanted grain. -- reign.

A little bit of everything in the

next few days in Sydney. That's Ten

News for now, I'm Deborah Knight.

I'm Bill Woods, thanks for your

company. We'll have updates

throughout the evening. You can

join us on Facebook at Ten News

Sydney. The Late News is at 10:35.

Our first bulletin tomorrow is at

6:00am. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia ( BELL RINGING ) D-OHH! ( SCREAMS )