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(generated from captions) $750 in 16. our powers of joy and love People, concentrate on briefcase 16. Show me $750. Oh, yeah! Beautiful work! $10,000! Oh, Wendy, Wendy! Whooo! $500 for you, my good man. (Laughs)

Wendy along, then, aren't you? I bet you're glad you brought Oh, very much so! Very much so! Let's see the money! Well, thank goodness. finally made it onto the green. Thank goodness that someone

$500 for you. And, Wendy, played it to a tee! 10 grand! Nicely converted, pal. to kick off the career, huh? $10,000. Hey? What a great way ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for being with us, keep practising. All you golfers out there, See you next time. This program is captioned live. Tonight - amazing world record - Libby Trickett's the first woman to break 53 seconds. how much I wanted to do that. I can't even tell you

Free on bail - accused of running down five people. the drink driver to save a mate's life. I had to bite the dog's ear off. that fell from space. And the strange metallic object with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. for a golden games in the pool, Australia's swimmers are on target at the Beijing selection trials. setting six world records is at the Sydney Aquatic Centre, Seven's Jim Wilson their Olympic rivals on notice. and Jim they've put

It was an extraordinary night.

Licky was inspirational and the

rocket man from Western Australia

flew in the free

flew in the free style sechls. The fastest

couldn't be fastest man on the planet and life

couldn't be better couldn't be better. terms with his latest world record. His parents are still coming to Quite unbelievable, are in Disneyland at the moment - I think that our minds with it. just trying to come to grips

at a fun park It was like a wild ride

of the 50 metres free - in the semifinals was working overtime all arms and the windmill

as he regained the crown by Frenchman Alain Bernard. taken away from him last weekend to Eamon Sullivan again. COMMENTATOR: World record his coach's instructions Sullivan ignored in a brute display of power. and went for broke force and no technique, really - The last 25m was just all brute

it was just slugging away instructions out the window. and I just threw the coach's It set the tone for the evening and was just the tonic for Libby Trickett in the 100m freestyle.

where no woman had been before. She was about to go holder at 52.88. Libby Trickett is the world record disappointment It made up for last year's stripped Libby of a world record when the sport's governing body in a mixed relay. this world record? Now, FINA, will you recognise you kind of go...Ah! Obviously breaking a world record for the moment - You're pretty satisfied

and buzzing. breathing problems Grant Hackett had some minor in heats for the 1,500m for tomorrow night's final. but he'll be right slipped through the net this week - The biggest fish of them all has by our latest world record holders. Grant Hackett has been overshadowed

in, I guess, this is my 12th year. I've never seen the trials like this

The 133 days to go to Beijing,

Chris, our swimmers send a very

stern message to the swimming world. stern message to the swimming

Back to you. and deliberately The driver accused of drunkenly yesterday is free on bail tonight running down five people at Terrigal offences. despite three previous drink-driving at least one alleged victims. His release has infuriated from the holding cells Simon Hunter was released sporting a black eye.

Surry Hills police station The 35-year-old lingered inside then made a run for it. for 30 minutes

to the media He refused to stop and talk waiting out the front. and jumped straight into a car Go in the front. his wife was left behind. In the panic How will your husband plead? The South Australian man's accused five people of deliberately running down early yesterday. after a drunken brawl at Terrigal he's out on bail. Those who were hurt are furious I can't understand I can't understand how that is in

the best interests of the public or anyone for that matter. the best interests of the public or Hunter's free

his drink driving record revealed despite concerns about

during his bail hearing.

past angry. We are pretty upset about it. We're

of Public Prosecutions The Opposition wants the Director

to review the decision. by decisions like this. I think public confidence is shaken As part of his bail conditions, his licence. Hunter has had to surrender and must report to police daily. He's not allowed to drive

clear he's not welcome back. Central Coast locals have made it

His best case of action would be

leave to coast.

Parents are being warned tonight

given to children. about two common medicines One is an asthma drug for a possible link to suicides. that's now being investigated

The other is cough medicine. not to panic. But doctors are urging parents leading asthma drugs. Singulair is one of the world's

rely on it. Tens of thousands of Australians are now investigating But US authorities whether it leads to suicide. Kody Miller believe it does. The parents of American teenager with not sleeping well, He started having some issues for long periods of time, and just kinda agitated behaviour. and leg aches,

Soon after, Kody killed himself. once daily to prevent attacks. Asthma sufferers take Singulair side-effects may include - Users are advised But the Asthma Foundation warns people not to panic. There's potentially greater risk in not taking the medication

for your asthma so I'll stop taking it." than saying, "I have heard a story says it's received The Therapeutic Goods Administration at least two reports of depression from Singulair's Australian users and its now reviewing the drug's possible link to suicide overseas. And Australian authorities say they are not surprised six major cough medicines have been banned in Britain. Experts were worried children under two could suffer accidental overdoses.

Previous studies both in the US and UK and several other countries around the world have clearly demonstrated there's no benefit for these medications. Experts say old fashioned remedies like honey and lemon drinks work just as well. Households shocked by news of a $100 jump in water bills copped another bucketful today. A Federal Government report has urged more competition in urban water supply. Critics say that means privatisation

and could lead to even higher bills. The prospect of a privatised water industry has come a step closer, opening the flood gates for a price free-for-all, say opponents. It will turn the price rises we saw yesterday into a picnic. Private ownership has the potential to massively raise prices on Sydney households. The idea comes from the productivity commission,

the government's top economic think tank. Or to use its words - It argues that allowing competition in what has been a government monopoly will lead to market pricing, more investment, and greater efficiency. The commission wasn't available to talk today. But an influential lobby group says the report demonstrates how consumers are paying the price for decades of political inaction. The absolute irony is that when they get caught short for doing nothing, with desalination plants, and they have to rush to catch up that means the price of water has to double. I think that because the infrastructure hasn't been maintained any move towards a market will see an immediate increase in price. But the report argues that the privatisation of electricity in three states

serves as an example of how water could be better managed. In the privatisation debate, water is perhaps the most emotive and sensitive issue of all, since any move to sell it raises concerns that water will become too expensive for low income households. Westpac is jacking up mortgage rates.

Variable home loans will rise on Wednesday by 0.1% taking them to 9.37%. It comes a day after the Reserve Bank Governor said such rises are 'just life'. The Prime Minister doesn't agree with Glenn Stevens urging caution from banks.

Kevin Rudd has arrived in Washington saying his main priority is finding ways to protect Australia from the global financial crisis. Touch down on the first stop in Kevin Rudd's 17-day, whirlwind world tour and it's the red carpet treatment in Washington. While back at home, many mortgage holders are seeing red after the Reserve Bank governor said this about banks jacking up rates above official rises. I think that's just life in this environment. Mr Rudd had a very different message. Banks should be very, very cautious about what they do there. The Opposition Leader described Mr Stevens' remarks

as bordering on the insensitive. I think that any comments that are made on people that are losing their homes need to reflect care and sensitivity. With the housing crisis deepening Mr Rudd said he would use this visit

to find ways of further protecting Australian home owners from the US sub-prime mortgage collapse. I'm not in the business of sitting at home, on my hands,

hoping that it'll all get better in the morning. My attitude is different - you get out there and you participate in the global solution. And Mr Rudd said that's what he'll do in his first White House meeting with George Bush. will mark Tomorrow's Oval Office meeting

a shift from the political past to the future. The outgoing US President meets the new Australian leader - a lame duck hosts a spring chicken.

After a 4-year battle, Australia's biggest sexual harassment case has been settled. An $11 million claim against accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers was withdrawn by former partner Christina Rich. She'd accused the firm of having a boys' club culture. I'd like to thank my family, my friends, my many supporters, my legal team. It's been a long process. I'm glad it's over.

Details of the settlement haven't been revealed. There's an old saying in journalism - if a dog bites a man it's not a big story. But if a man bites a dog? Now that's a story! It's happened in Sydney's south-west - a man bit a dog's ear to stop it attacking his mate. Tail wagging, it looks almost friendly. But just after 9:30 last night,

this stray dog attacked Merv Wilson's housemate, Gary.

I cme outside, got the dog in a headlock, yeah, by that time it wouldn't let go so I had to bite the dog's ear off. The dog's jaws were locked on Gary's thigh. (Dog barks) Merv's teeth aren't very sharp but the bite did the job. He says he had no choice. It just had lockjaw and it would not let go. I was punching the dog in the head. I thought I'd knock it out. The dog eventually let go. Merv, what did it taste like? Yeah, pretty disgusting mate, doggish (laughs). The dog turned on Merv, latching onto his wrist, before he managed to pin the dog down and tie it up.

The dog has since been impounded. Merv says Liverpool Council told him the dog wouldn't be put down - they hope to find it a new home. Merv's mate is in Liverpool hospital in a stable condition after surgery on his thigh. I really feared for Gary's life. If I wasn't there it would've killed him. Just lucky, sometimes man does bite dog.

A Queensland farmer

has found what he believes is a piece of space junk, crashed on his outback property. At least, James Stirton hopes it's space junk because otherwise this charred thing looks pretty nasty. Experts say it's probably a gas canister - of rocket rubbish part of the estimated 5,000 tonnes orbiting our planet. Still to come -

Ray Martin's new starring role.

Also, she who won't obey - the French President's wife ditches him for the cameras. And the kids getting to know each other at the Easter Show.

TV star Ray Martin says he's excited about the biggest gig of his career. Today the Catholic Church officially announced

he'll be the host of World Youth Day in July. He'll be on television screens around the planet, welcoming Pope Benedict to Sydney. of half a billion before I've never had an audience

so we'll see how nervous that gets on the day. are expected in Sydney 200,000 pilgrims

for the 5-day Catholic celebration.

A report's revealed Australia is in a diabetes epidemic with nearly 500,000 people affected. And the obesity crisis is only going to make it worse. Doctors say they've always known the problem is serious - but they never thought it was this bad. Well, I'm amazed. A new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has revealed the grim reality - 1.4 million Australians

are now living with the debilitating disease. This is going to have a very big impact on the Australian economy and productivity. Sonia Charpot is living proof of the burden that diabetes carries. She's suffered from the disease for more than 23 years. If you're away or things like that, that, somehow, you can manage to take all your medication.

to live with the illness. Sonia has learnt

A new drug called Byetta has helped her lose more than 14kg and reduced her insulin injections. But doctors say many more Australians are suffering in silence. For every one of those known cases there is one person walking around in Australia with diabetes who doesn't know they have got it. What's even more frightening is the number of people living with pre-diabetes. At the moment it's more than 2.5 million. Doctors say within 5 to 10 years, nearly all of them will be suffering from the Type 2 disease. We need better urban planning -

we need better bike paths, we need better playfields. We need to address the issues in school. A public relations stunt by China has ended in a PR disaster.

Selected media outlets were invited to Tibet,

to show the world that life has returned to normal following a riot against China's rule. But the script came unstuck when monks stormed the news conference, telling journalists impostors were posing as religious leaders. It's all fake. Everyone inside are all communist officials. It's all lies. Only the official version of the tour made it onto China's TV news bulletins. has done it again, The French President's wife

to Britain. upstaging his official visit

Arriving at a banquet in his honour, Nicolas Sarkozy quickly passed by the media while his wife soaked up the attention. He tried to move her on, but she pulled away and posed for a little longer. Carla Sarkozy didn't look nearly as comfortable during the official function. The couple has left Britain, after two days of creating headlines. Kylie Minogue is apparently planning to announce her engagement to on-again, off-again boyfriend Olivier Martinez. A Czech website quotes a promoter saying the pop star will reveal all during her Prague concert in May. He claims Minogue has asked for an unprecedented number of VIP passes for the Czech show. But those close to her say Kylie and Olivier are no longer together.

Babies of the two and four-legged variety took centre stage at the Royal Easter Show today. A healthy dose of curiosity was all that was needed to get inside the baby animal pavilion - and there was plenty of that. Human kids sized up their furry friends and vice versa, communicating in a language all of their own.

Everyone got the chance to pat and feed the animals,

delight written on their faces. There was even a special cameo appearance by Bambi. Time for sport with Ben Damon and tonight's the night for Tim Smith? He's out of rehab, his shoulder's fixed and tonight he is back against the Knights.

We'll cross live to Parra Stadium next. Also tonight - the Roosters react to Freddy's drinking ban. It's up for discussion - it's a week-by-week thing. And playing golf safari-style.

Look at these golfers hit the deck - incoming! WOMAN: Made from 100% arabica beans,

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It's set to be an emotional night at Parramatta where the Eels will take on Newcastle in round 3 of the NRL. Nathan Hindmarsh is playing

I spoke to him as he a I reeufd at

the ground, he says

the ground, he says he is looking forward

forward to playing, it is almost

comforting for him. You can say the

same for Tim Smith who makes same for Tim Smith who makes his

come back after a shocking 6 months. It's possibly the biggest night of Tim Smith's playing career. His coach will deliver these instructions to try settling his playmaker's nerves. Just slow things down a bit - that's something Andrew Johns has been working with Brett Finch and Feleti Mateo about, more composure and taking their time and that should apply to Tim Smith on Friday night. Smith returns from a shoulder operation and a stint in rehab

after several incidents involving alcohol. The Eels halfback says he owes his team-mates for letting them down.

A lot of them have been really, really, good. I want to repay them as well 'cause they're my team-mates and they're my best mates. Roosters dressing rooms have been alcohol-free all season and the captain has backed Brad Fittler's plan to enforce strict drinking bans. It's up for discussion - it's a week-by-week thing. We still get our chance to have a social drink together. It's all about picking our time, what's best for our recovery, our preparation for the week after. Players are only allowed to drink on the day after a game but Craig Fitzgibbon doesn't think that will lead to weekly binges.

on what we do Make sure we keep a lid and behave responsibly. with who'll play for Melbourne The Roosters are more concerned against them tomorrow. Greg Inglis and Michael Crocker They expect Storm Test stars to make surprise early comebacks. And after winning at the judiciary, still out of tonight's clash Broncos fullback Karmichael Hunt's with the Cowboys. from a bruised quad muscle. Hunt hasn't recovered

We are being told that Darren

Lockyer is also out of the game. His

knee is playing up. Back here at

Parramatta we really hope it goes

well for Nathan well for Nathan Hindmarsh. The Sydney Swans are unhappy with the state of the SCG pitch ahead of their first home game against Port Adelaide on Sunday. Sydney trained on the oval for the first time today and Roos is believed to be concerned the hard surface will cause injuries. Ah, next question. Are you happy with the state of the ground, Paul? Ah, next question. Swans star Adam Goodes is struggling to find form but his team-mates say he'll be back to his best soon. will turn around at some stage - We know his form and it'll turn eventually. he's just got to keep his head down is live on Seven from 1pm. The Swans/Port game has beaten New Zealand Australia's cycling pursuit team at the World Track Championships for the bronze medal in England. their world record get smashed The Aussies had to watch by the British who beat Denmark for the gold medal. In the race for the bronze, Brown, Mark Jamieson and Brad McGee Australia's Luke Roberts, Graeme were too fast for the Kiwis. We're not at 100% and we know that as a stepping stone for August. and we come here And watch out - it'll be a great ride in Beijing. Katie Mactier also won bronze for Australia in the 3,000m individual sprint. Golfer Peter Lonard is just one shot off the lead after the first round of the Zurich Open, where holing birdies has been

the least of the players' problems. A swarm of bees forced a long delay as the call went out to duck for cover.

COMMENTATOR: Look at these golfers hit the deck. Incoming yellow jackets. Oh what a moment. You just don't see that everyday. with this big fella in the way. Then try playing your approach shot for the clubhouse. Some would have headed Not Davis Love - he was too busy taking photos.

Don't you think golf Don't you think golf is a tough

enough a port without having

in enough a port without having to play

in a zoo That would have been the

livyest game they have ever played. Checking finance now, hit banking stocks today and credit crisis fears more than 2%. with NAB and ANZ down The ASX 200 fell 21 points. Centro Properties was up 16% on reports the company's refinancing deadline has been extended. Sara's next with the weather and after a chilly Friday we could be in for a warmer weekend? Northerly winds are going to push temperatures a touch higher, Chris. I'll have all the details next in Seven News.

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An unexpected cold pool drifted over Sydney last night bringing a few early morning showers. with 5mm falling over western parts. Cronulla picked up 10mm of rain

The city missed out under all the cloud, but temperatures stayed quite cool 15 to 22 degrees. Right now it's 20. at 23 degrees, but 21 was the average. storms over the ranges There were a few late afternoon

and south-western suburbs but they've now cleared out to sea. From the satellite - and southeast Queensland northeast New South Wales for the third day in a row. remains on storm alert The upper cold pool over Sydney today that produced some instability but some cloud will remain along the coast

while in Victoria and Tasmania

another cold front will push through bringing more rain.

So around the country tomorrow cold and wet in Hobart, Melbourne, and Adelaide. Fine in Canberra 19. Clearing in Brisbane 27. Perth, a sunny 30 degrees.

across western suburbs. Warming up to 24 degrees Cronulla and Manly 23. Terrey Hills 22. down to 5 degrees Katoomba is in for a cold night -

then heading for a top of 17. As for Sunday, it's looking very nice with sunny tops of 25 degrees across the board. to next week, And something to look forward

and even warmer temperatures. lots of sunshine

And that's Seven News to now but I'll be back later with updates.

Next on 'Today Tonight' - strongest man. a challenge for Sydney's I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.

Rescuing runaways. trying to keep the family together. Now the law turns on mums

shocking TV confession. Bad boy Wayne Carey's Parking cars, hitching a ride. Throwing stones. to become a gladiator. What a growing boy needs

Good evening. fall from grace At 36, Wayne Carey's and further than anyone imagined. has been spectacular he's made another big play. Facing court in two countries,

at least for public opinion. If not for absolution, Julia Gillard in today. It's sucked acting Prime Minister interview Carey using his first television and cocaine use. to admit to binge drinking not much else. And, as Jonathan Creek reports,

I'm ashamed and I'm embarrassed. I don't want to be seen. Basically, Another headline-grabbing performance from Wayne Carey but the footballer, once known as 'The King' has a habit of using these occasions for spin rather than regret. Did you change your drinking habits after that? No. On Monday night, Carey will front Andrew Denton on 'Enough Rope' in his first television interview about the violent assaults he launched on his girlfriend and police, his drug addictions of misbehaviour. and his long history in my life It was one of the worst decisions direction of my life. and certainly changed the as his confession booth before But Carey has used television he could be referring to is endless. and the list of incidents

I am sincerely sorry about that. If I have offended anybody, Magistrates Court in 1996. This is Carey outside Melbourne's a young woman on the breasts. He'd just pleaded guilty to grabbing His real concern is obvious - himself and his football career. I'm glad it's over now. NEWS FOOTAGE: And ah, I would have liked to have come up This isn't something halfway through the season. to the camera's again In 2002, he was apologising having an affair after being caught out with his team-mate's wife. of my actions I regret the circumstances which has led to the decision to my wife and family. and the pain it has caused following yet another affair, Not long after, Carey left his pregnant wife. The latest incidents have Carey facing assault charges in both Victoria and Miami. rampages For drug and alcohol-fuelled involving his girlfriend Kate Nielsen and police officers.