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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Good morning. to Ten's Morning News. I'm Natarsha Belling and welcome has been killed First today - a Sydney animal lover

savagely mauled by her own dogs.

with bite wounds. 11 dogs have now been seized. made the grisly discovery. A family member

her backyard in a critical condition. The 61-year-old woman found lying in late yesterday afternoon on Sydney's north-west outskirts before they arrived. but the woman died Her body was covered with dog bites.

Police aren't saying whether the animals were directly responsible for the woman's death

dogs were found covered in blood. but witnesses say a number of the from the property. Council rangers removed 11 animals They've been taken to the pound. It's believed 14 dogs living on her property. the woman may have had as many as greyhounds She reportedly owned wolf hounds,

and Staffordshire bull terriers. who described the woman as quiet. Police have spoken to neighbours, well into the night Forensic experts worked at the scene to establish the cause of death. and a post-mortem will be carried out Ben Lewis, Ten News. the state of roads and bridges New concerns this morning about of New South Wales. in flood-ravaged parts of the Old Pacific Highway. Of special concern, a section

has more. Ten's James Boyce is in Newcastle Yes, good morning Natarsha. of the Old Pacific Highway Well, it's the section of five were killed on Friday night. just 2km from where that family a crack in it That section has actually got could give way and the local council is concerned it

just to inspect it so they've now closed it off to fill it in or repair it and see what needs to be done once again. so it is safe for people to travel on

to cause problems Now, this wet weather is still going as we look forward into the weekend. is still here on the sands The 'Pasher Bulker' behind me for a while to come. and it's going to be here actually have their action plan ready They're hoping by tomorrow they'll and set to go moving it tomorrow. but that doesn't mean they'll be looking forward to a week away, It means that they're probably if not longer, some heavy equipment when they'll bring in

to pull this thing out of the sand. is some wet weather coming through One thing that could hamper them on Saturday. The bureau is predicting through over the weekend that a southerly front will move regions into the Hunter and Central Coast of rain. and bring around 30mm or 40mm of course, Normally that wouldn't be a problem a few days ago but with this huge deluge we had only of rain to the area, that brought hundreds of millimetres

does cause problems. a little bit extra on top of that the whole area. They're still trying to mop up flooded, There are houses that are still they're still trying to repair and this extra top up of rain by the residents is really, really not wanted who've been working so hard and of course the SES crews to clean up all the mess. Back to you.

of NSW in Sydney. A masterpiece taken from the Gallery A major art heist.

The $1.3 million work Dutch artist Frans van Mieris. was a self portrait of the This is the first time in 15 years Investigations are under way later in the morning news. and we'll bring you more iconic landscapes Meantime, one of Brett Whiteley's paid for a piece of Australian art has fetched the highest price ever

sold at auction. The 1985 landscape, The Olgas for Ernest Giles

selling for almost $3.5 million of $3.3 million. eclipsing the previous record questions over his party The Prime Minister faces more at Kirribilli House

Commission now taking an interest. with the Australian Electoral

muzzling a senior commission official But the Government's been accused of the PM could face a $1,000 fine. over speculation

The Liberal Party's use Sydney residence for a party of the Prime Minister's with a political hangover. has left the Government Labor wants John Howard to explain for venue hire at Kirribilli House, why the Liberals did not pay Well, it is his house.

of Australia. He's the Prime Minister He had a few people at his house. doesn't stop him having guests. The fact that he's the PM the free use of the residence Labor claims to the Liberal Party constitutes a gift Commission says if so, and the Australian Electoral unless the PM declares it as such, he could be fined $1,000. who could say There isn't any other Australian "I want to use Kirribilli House for my function

"and I want to do it for free". After 11 years, it owns Kirribilli House. the Howard Government thinks the matter should be looked into. But at least one Liberal agrees any illegalities created, I think if there has been

then they should be investigated. I don't deny that. whichever side of politics. I think that's correct It's also claimed the Electoral Commission the Government tried to muzzle after word got out

over the Kirribilli matter. the Prime Minister could be fined

did call the AEC last night the Special Minister of State to keep quiet. but she denies he told the Commission of the highest order. This is a scandal desperately to get off a hook, The PM is like a worm squirming but the more he squirms, the more he gets stuck.

Murray McCloskey, Ten News.

for childhood obesity. on who's being blamed Researchers in Adelaide for nine years analysed media reports on the subject lays the blame squarely at mothers and found that most coverage accusing mums of everything and shopping badly from failing to bottle feed school lunches. to packing inappropriate An extremely small number of news stories mentions the role of fathers.

Dietitians Association joins me now. Susie Burrell from the on Aussie mums? Susie, are we being fair

I think we cannot blame others

alone. Bira number of factors their

children ate and exercise. We

children ate and exercise. We have

significant problems of child avoid

obesity in the Australia. It is up

to parents to be aware of that and

make practical changes in deal

already overwhelmed lifestyles. D

thing society is unfairly targeting

mums? A thing mums are under a huge

amount of pressure. We need to look

ways - look at ways to help them.

ways - look at ways to help them.

The importance of turning the

television off, I getting the kids

outside and perform activities. The

where possible, but can be a

powerful way of entrenching good

eating habits before their eating habits before their life.

The importance that role - the

The importance that role - the

importance the role of parents to

play. Daisy think mum and dad can

do is eating at the table. Turn the

television of when meals are being

served. Try and get the kids

outside each State to do some

activities. Try and get them

involved in the cooking, make the

food with you. They're very busy

and they are very overwhelms so it is balancing it

is balancing it with all the

already stressed last oz. 12 on a

busy bee is a massive problem,

there is no reason - one reason to

blame. The major thing is getting because more active. Turning off

the television, looking for good

third options like reduced-fat

flavoured milks. Good things that are

are still nutritious but will fill

up the kids. Their great factsheets

on the children Hospital at

Westmead sweat website. This corny

to take a greater role. There would

be fantastic if we could get some

extra school time they are already there,

there, kids spend a lot of time and

after-school care. Terror in the

television of is a really good one. television of is a really good one.

If parents and a confused with all

the mixed messages we can they go?

The dieticians of Australia has a

good website. Parents can

good website. Parents can download

quick and easy snacked options. The anonymous letter that could lead police to missing British girl Madeleine McCann. That's next. And looking for a holiday that's out of this world? The tourist space ship that promises the ride of your life.

This program is captioned live. A Queensland court has heard an Aboriginal man who died in police custody

suffered injuries usually sustained in a high-speed accident. A forensic pathologist testified at the Mulrunji Doomadgee case and admitted the death could have been the result of a fall. Day two of the trial into the death in custody of Mulrunji Doomadgee two and half years ago. Outside the court members of the Aboriginal community were joined by Doomadgee's former partner in justice ceremonies. Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley,

who pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter charge, looked calm as he made his way to court. The court heard from the doctor who conducted two autopsies on the body of Doomadgee. Forensic pathologist Guy Lampe told the jury the injuries that caused the death could be compared with those suffered in a high-speed car crash. The court heard Doomadgee was resisting arrest

and struggled with Hurley when the pair fell through the police station door. Dr Lampe testified that the most likely cause of the injuries was by Hurley's knee contacting Doomadgee's abdomen. But he couldn't say if it occurred accidentally or if it was an intentional knee drop. Doomadgee died from a loss of blood after his liver and a vein ruptured. He had a blood alcohol level of 0.29 when he died. The prosecution

is expected to call the remainder of their witnesses today

who interviewed Hurley shortly after the death. Anthony Donaghy, Ten News. The Palestinian President has appealed to the warring groups in Gaza to stop what he calls the "madness" of fighting. But the violence has intensified with more than 60 people killed in clashes between Fatah and rival faction Hamas. Gaza's day started with defiance and anger. was not the sound of war, The noise, for a while,

but the sound of protest. Some shouted in anger at the gunmen. They want unity. They didn't get it. RAPID GUNFIRE As one gunman started firing, an unarmed protester dared to rush in and stop him.

This is the panic, the chaos, the danger of life in Gaza these days. They ended the same way. Years of poverty, isolation and conflict with Israel have all helped to create this situation. Now Palestinian children have to shelter in a mosque from their own people.

What's happening on the streets is part of a power struggle between the two main Palestinian groups, Fatah and Hamas. It's impossible to say who will win but the green flag of Hamas does seem to be flying from more buildings. And today that fuelled Fatah's desire for revenge outside Gaza. In the West Bank where Fatah is the superior force,

its gunmen raided a building. They took a number of hostages they said were Hamas supporters. From across the street Hamas gunmen fired at them. into the back of a car. Fatah shoved their hostages We managed to find where the hostages were being held.

Then Fatah's gunmen told us they wanted to make a statement.

"The message we are sending to Hamas is to stop killing Fatah members. "If they don't," he told us, "there will be blood for blood." Later, their point made, the gunmen released the hostages. For now it is the gunmen, not the politicians, who are exerting control.

As we drove around one fighter brought us to a halt.

Everyone here is on edge. This is a sign of how bad things are getting here.

There was a gun battle here just a few short minutes ago. These men are from the Fatah movement Hamas snipers all around here. but they tell us there are They fear fighting could break out again any time soon. And every time it does, it is the people who suffer. For decades, Palestinians have been brutalised, pushed to the limit.

There is a real chance now that in the land of despair, a land without hope it will be the gunmen and extremists who ultimately rule. A major development this morning in the search for British girl Madeleine McCann who disappeared in Portugal. Police are searching an area 14km from where she was last seen after a Dutch newspaper received a tip-off. An anonymous letter 4-year-old's body can be found. suggested a location where the

That's the area now being searched. Investigators insisting they're taking the information seriously. President Bush's disappearing watch is intensifying. The timepiece seemed to vanish during a meet and greet with well-wishers in Albania but now the mystery has been solved once and for all. CROWD CHEERS

Adoring crowds, unfettered adulation. Albania may be the poor man of Europe but this village gave President Bush something that has alluded him elsewhere on the planet. And yet, even here, there was a bitter twist. The feverish pressing of Albanian flesh appeared to result in a first for the history books.

from the presidential wrist. Welcome to World News. A splash on the US networks, a hint of glee in the British tabloids and a scramble to respond in the West Wing where they're more used to talking about other missing items like weapons of mass destruction, for instance. REPORTER: Was the President's watch lifted in Albania?

No, it was not. The President put it in his pocket and it was returned safely home. Well, we've cleared things up. Those hands clasping George Bush's arm and fondling his watch do not belong to a pick-pocket.

No, the President himself is the culprit. Here, he slips off his own watch, perhaps fearing the worst. And what is the precious time piece? by a Saudi prince, No, not a gold-plated Rolex gifted

but a humble Timex embossed with a presidential seal worth 50 bucks. A gift from a boss at Timex no less, a very old college friend. Conclusion - with friends like this at home, he's better off in Albania. A new player has has entered the space tourism race. A European company unveiling a model of the craft

it hopes will take passengers into orbit but it won't come cheap. The trip of a lifetime will cost around $235,000. Putting the final touches on a vehicle that's out of this world - a space jet for the super rich. This is a full-scale model and the real thing is due to launch in five years time. The plan is to turn passengers into astronauts.

There's room for four on each flight who should get the ride of their life. There'll be one pilot flying the plane from here in the cockpit and a digital display on the back of the pilot's seat tells you the height and the speed you've reached. And these are the rather unusual-looking seats, a bit like a high-tech hammock. And for the journey up, you'd lie back like this. So is space tourism really set for lift-off?

or will this just be a fancy fairground ride for a multimillionaire? At the beginning the ticket will be a little expensive. But if it develops we are extremely confident that the prices will be lower, generating possibilities for a wider public. The 1.5 hour ride will begin like a conventional flight,

then a rocket engine takes over, powering the craft over 60 miles into space. There's only three minutes of weightlessness from the 15 windows. but a lot to admire The view that you'll have will actually be pretty fantastic. be four passengers I mean, there'll only to passengers is pretty fantastic, so the ratio of windows

compared to a normal commercial aircraft. And thanks to a new type of rocket fuel, the company claims that each flight would produce just 5% of the carbon emissions of a transatlantic flight today. Stay with us - we'll check today's finance figures next. And a disturbing look inside our aged care system.

The indignities

our elderly population are being forced to endure.

This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $9 million.

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This program is captioned live. A woman has been mauled to death by a pack of dogs believed to be her own pets. It's thought the 61 was savagely attacked by up to 11 of the animals.

They have now been seized by rangers. A new study shows society blames mothers for obese children. Researchers analysed media reports on the subject

and found that most coverage lays the blame squarely at mothers accusing them of everything

from failing to breast feed and shopping badly

to packing inappropriate school lunches. A major art heist - a masterpiece stolen from the Gallery of NSW in Sydney.

The $1.3 million work was a self portrait of the Dutch artist Frans van Mieris.

It was painted

It was painted around the front

infantry. The 5th the fly is a bit

it is safe or painting. It was

painted around the 17th century.

This is the other side of it it it

is a small painting. It is worth $1.4 million.

$1.4 million. What place does it $1.4 million. What place does it

hold here? By is a much more

important question. This was a gift.

It was given to the gallery by 1993.

This was one of those more treasures.

treasures. Its place in the history

of the collection is significant.

Police have interviewed all staff

members, have close to think they are

are to fobbing it? You'll Have To

ask them. This picture has an

appreciation around the world. Not just in Australia.

just in Australia. It is up to the

police and they are looking at police and they are looking at

every possible avenue. It he made

that point earlier that you cannot

sell this item locally.

The Federal Government is promising $10 billion to improve aged care. But complaints are common

for a system that appears hopelessly overwhelmed. They're called "the greatest generation". Men and women who lived through the Depression and two World Wars themselves. now in need of looking after But instead of finding it, we're letting them down. three months ago we got a call and there were are eight families vying for this one bed. Like many of us,

for his 94-year-old mum. Rob Charlton is trying to find care

It is pretty competitive out there. of 2,000 beds across the country. Labor claims there's a shortfall accommodation, Rob's mum is in temporary told to urinate in a pad at night because there's not enough staff to help her get to a toilet.

on her behalf I was really upset for her over it. because she was actually in tears about her mum's care. Anne also disturbed She had no exercise.

like a dog on a leash. She was treated And they're just two cases. Diane leads a group called DANIEL. In Elderly Lives. It stands for Doesn't Allow Neglect these horror stories They're collecting who work inside the homes. Stories confirmed by those just horrifies me. The neglect that I have seen

the election issue Aged care is fast becoming childcare was a few years ago. about their ageing parents, Baby boomers are worried and they're worried about themselves. so it is up to us to change it now. We are the next lot in, are currently under sanction - Three homes in Queensland and a lack of qualified staff malnourishment, dehydration just some of the problems. that every one of them was perfect I'd like to tell you

that is not attainable. but obviously that is a goal for Ageing, Christopher Pyne, But still the Federal Minister denies the sector is sick aged care systems in the world. saying Australia has one of the best

Hasn't been in any, has he? pictures on the wall. He's only looked at the pretty Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News.

for the rest of the day. Now national weather Stay with us. her weekly entertainment report. Angela Bishop is next with

GIRL: WOMAN: WOMAN 2: ALL: gave me Milo... Oh! WOMAN: And my mum

Oh, well! (All chuckle) (All chuckle) GIRL: Oh, Gran! This program is captioned live. And to check conditions on the slopes in Thredbo. we're joined by Simone Smith

very cold there. Simone, you're looking for this weekend? How are things looking

A it is very cold in the mountains

today. Nobody minds that much.

There is fresh snow on the ground.

all systems go. It is all over the resort. It is

We had

We had chilly overnight think some

It's Thursday, that means it's time for Angela Bishop's entertainment segment shoulders with Cindy Crawford and Ange, I believe you rubbed she's got a few inches on me, Well, I don't know about shoulders, turned supermum but yes, the supermodel last night set alight the harbour city to launch a new Omega watch store.

on the red carpet. I caught up with her

from Network Ten. Cindy, Angela Bishop Welcome back to Australia. since you've actually been? How long is it I think we figured out today

since I've been here. it's been 11 years I knew we've missed you for a while. it must be an important one for you. It's a long way to come for a party, I've been with Omega for 12 years Yeah, it is. so to be here to help them open their store here is a great honour for me because I have friends here and it's fun and I've had a good visit. as a fashion accessory Are watches underrated as an item that we wear every day?

underrated at all. Well, I don't think they're I think people get that a watch - a statement about who you are it's one of those things that makes

even more important and it's like a great bag, for so long because you have your watches you know, get a little, depending on what mood you're in you will wear. What is your secret? Now, you look a million bucks. now that my secret is being happy Oh, you know what, I can tell you

in my life, and just being in a good place I think that really helps and I look at my mum and my mum still looks pretty good.

is you're a mum yourself. And part of that, of course, and all of that? How are you juggling work and family a job and small children, I think for most women that have it is a challenge. some days I'm better than others. Getting the balance right and But for the most part, no to some things I just prioritise and I have to say so that I can do other things. I believe you can have it all, but not at the same time.

Lovely to meet you. tonight and enjoy. Thank you very much for talking to us Thank you. the big screen right now It's one of the rare movies hitting that isn't a third sequel, or threequell, as they've become known. with the ogres, 'Transformers' is set to compete wandering around Vegas the pirates and the spunky men into the action. by bringing alien robots the film's director Michael Bay Yesterday, I caught up with

and Aussie star Rachael Taylor

And congratulations. of this extravaganza. Michael is the director to see this last night. We were the first audiences

to see the finished product. The first audience in the world watching for the audience reaction? Were you feeling relaxed or were you I was leaning forwards in my chair. No, I was listening.

It the web

A there was a a lot of applause and

laughter. It was good. A D manage

to have a few friends there? Or why

finny friends came and saw the finny friends came and saw the movie.

movie. The girls and the guys love

it. A likelier that the girls love

it. You're a front as it mania. You

can best be last

A house you laugh from Tasmania.

Someone up shouted out from the Someone up shouted out from the

audience where is your other head.

I think Tasmania should be very I think Tasmania should be

proud. It is a great opportunity

for you. And you got to play in for you. And you got to play

Australia. I am very pleased that

he went with the accent. Be

studious said she is going to American up, right? studious said she is going to speak

American up, right? I said No She is in his big Aussie.

Digital pressure when you're

getting ready to do this. The fans again been asked if they

again been asked if they were

unhappy the you always get flak

from fans who do not like change.

But they're not directing a movie.

You have to ring then some things.

You have to bring it to the big

screen. Sometimes she would get

flak. You might get death threats

and protests. I

and protests. I moved office, so

luckily they were protesting at the luckily they were protesting at the

old office. They were saying, as

you read my childhood. I was taking

a dated cartoon and bringing it to

the screen. You have to reinvent.

You have to change the look. We get

the iconic stuff. There was changed.

A change of pace now and veteran actor Vanessa Redgrave is just as famous, or infamous, for her acting as she is her politics. It nearly ruined her career, but the Academy Award winner,

now 70-years-old, shows she's withstood the test of time and controversy. APPLAUSE Opening night and a standing ovation for the star and the playwright. A far cry from a different opening 30 years ago. BOOING AND SHOUTING

At this Los Angeles movie theatre in 1978 - a bombing and protest, the furore sparked by a documentary called 'The Palestinian', a film produced and bankrolled by Vanessa Redgrave. Many people were outraged. Can you remember what your reaction was? I didn't know why people were outraged.... see a film about the Palestinians. Perhaps it was this scene where she wielded a rifle.

Fuelling the controversy were her frequent inflammatory remarks condemnation of Israel and Zionism. Zionism is a brutal, racist ideology and it is a brutal, racist regime. Nothing will happen now. Everything's fine. At the same time she appeared in a different film, 'Julian', in which she played an anti-fascist helping Jews escape the Nazi regime. But when she was nominated for an Academy Award, some Jewish groups demanded that her nomination be dropped. On Oscar night - more protests. then made some controversial remarks. At the Academy Awards in 1978? You know what she said. Let me repeat it if I may.

"You should be very proud that in the last few weeks "you stood firm and refused to be intimidated "by threats of a small bunch of Zionists "who are hoodlums, "whose behaviour is an insult to the stature of Jews all over the world." what I added to it also? Please tell me. Well, I said that and I pledged myself for the rest of my life. Well... And I think I have. You have a lost a few roles, I understand, had several theatrical engagements cancelled, putting yourself in financial straits even, because of your politics, because of your activism.

Was it worth it? I think that it's always worth - to stand by some basic principles. So, if I've lost some roles because somebody, some distributor didn't like my politics, as they used to say. that's par for the course, That is monstrous. of what she calls lovely films like the period drama 'Howard's End'. but she did not appear in any Hollywood blockbusters for years -

until 1996... ..when she was cast in 'Mission Impossible'. Who are you and what are you doing here? I played a British arms dealer which I was delighted to do. Why? Because it broke the convention that only shady, foreign types go in for arms dealing. I don't have to tell you what a comfort anonymity can be in my profession. (Laughs) So I was very pleased to play a rather wicked lady who was an arms dealer and British. Candour is one of Vanessa's virtues. Patience, another. Take the case of her nearly half-century romance with Italian actor Franco Nero. They married just five months ago. On New Year's Eve you got married? Yes. (Laughs) Why bother? Well, we've known each other about 40 years, we've loved each other. He's been calling me his wife I always liked that. It was a ceremony of respect and love

with the family and very close friends and dancing and grandchildren. It was wonderful. Love, marriage and children - between them she and Franco have three children -

their son Carlo, a director, and her two daughters from a previous marriage, Joely and Natasha Richardson, both actresses. Are you ready? At this later point, Vanessa shows no signs of slowing down

but one role you will not see her play anytime soon is that of retiree. Why? Because I can't afford to. What do you mean you can't afford to? I mean, I can't afford to. Why? Who - How do I pay my mortgage? Vanessa has spent much of her own money on projects in which she firmly believes. Age has not quieted her convictions, just given them new directions. No, Vanessa has not given up - on trying to change the world. I came to see that human rights and human rights law is the only basis that my children, your children, our grandchildren can live in.

Katie Holmes has stepped out in Beverly Hills with new hairdo. Holmes emerged from having dinner with husband Tom Cruise sporting her newly cropped locks, swept off to the side. Now if the cut looks a bit familiar, there's a reason for that - new Hollywood gal pal Victoria Beckham has the same look - dubbed 'the Pob' or 'Posh Bob'. Holmes has previously called on the former Spice Girl's style for advice for a magazine shoot. Ahead - Lleyton Hewitt's major setback for Wimbledon. That's when Ten's Morning news returns. And Queensland wraps up the State of Origin series.

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This program is captioned live. Queensland has wrapped up rugby league's State of Origin Series but it may have come at a cost,

halfback Jonathan Thurston suffering a suspected broken hand. There was just four points in it. Queensland scoring its fourth consecutive win over the Blues. Back-to-back series wins for the first time since 1989. COMMENTATOR: ...and Nicholas takes with him the Origin trophy. An 11-game winless streak at Telstra Stadium snapped in style. We haven't won a series back-to-back for a very long time

and we haven't won here since Origin began here so it's something very special. I thought it couldn't get any better after last year and I'm just so proud of the boys. The Maroons were behind early though, a debutant sneaking through. Brett Stewart, he's over - the kid. Yeah, probably had a good game, but would have been much better if we won, obviously. But Queensland found a reply It's a try for Queensland. Here they come, Inglis. the deadlock remained until the 68th minute. Bell! Bell scores. Steven Bell awarded the try, despite a possible forward pass. I felt it was a bit against the trend of play. It just blew us away and then we obviously just couldn't score Queensland holding on and now eyeing off game three in Brisbane.

I don't think that's gonna take any sting out of us. We wanna go for the whitewash. It's devastating. I've never been on the end of a dead rubber like this going up to the third game. The Maroons sweating on the fitness of Brent Tate. He's injured his knee. Jonathan Thurston has a suspected broken hand.

And so does Blues five-eighth Braith Anasta. It could have went either way and breaking my hand in the first half doesn't help either so i"m spewing about that. To AFL, and ahead of this weekend's split round -

two remarkable comebacks are on the verge of being played out on the football field. Bomber Adam Ramanauskas is just weeks away from a return having twice toppled cancer. And on Sunday, Tom Lonergan defies doctors predictions who said he'd never play again.

Tom Lonergan lives with a daily reminder of what was lost and how close he came to never playing again. It's something I have to live with, but I'm not going to get plastic surgery or anything, something to tell the grandkids in years to come. to make it back on a footy oval The 23-year-old wasn't expected after losing his right kidney from this sickening collision with Melbourne's Brad Miller. He spent a month in hospital after being placed in an induced coma and suffering severe internal bleeding. But this brave Cat says he has no fears about returning to the footy field. I guess with a shoulder or knee you get it strapped, you can sort of feel it, maybe a little bit whereas I'm just normal, so I'm all ready to go. And Essendon's Adam Ramanaskus is set to make a stunning return to AFL football. Battling cancer for over two years his VFL form has been so good

Kevin Sheedy in no doubt he will play this season. I think Ramanaskus will now play footy league footy this year yeah, he'll play a game on Monday, he's still a little bit away from it but he still has to get a few games under his belt. He's spent over two years on the sidelines but now Essendon's faith and Ramanaskus's resilience are set to be rewarded. He's training well out there with the boys and I think he's enjoying himself and he's quite happy within himself you know, pretty pleasing if you've got cancer, or had cancer and you're overcoming cancer.

Rob Waters, Ten News. The Wallabies team for Saturday's Tri-Nations series opener against South Africa will be named tonight. Coach John Connolly expected to reunite the old firm in the back line,

with George Gregan and Stephen Larkham in the halves, and Matt Giteau back in the number 12 jersey. On the first two tests, moving back to inside centre, I felt completely comfortable. I felt like I knew my role really well. I felt at ease. I could just go out there and play my normal rugby. It's 15 years since the Wallabies have won in Cape Town. A violent storm has lashed Oakmont ahead of tonight's US Open Championship. It means early predictions of a 10-over par winning score

look unlikely. The rock-hard greens will now be relatively soft. Australian contender Adam Scott confident he has put his slip-up in Memphis last week behind him. I think if I keep pushing myself and I'm still there every week, I'll get on that run where I'll win more than I don't. Defending champion Geoff Ogilvy also predicting lower scores after the rain. A setback for Lleyton Hewitt's Wimbeldon campaign bundled out of Queen's in straight sets in just the second round. It was the defending champion's first match of the tournament but he couldn't get past a lowly-ranked French qualifier. Hewitt's next match will be at Wimbledon. The transition from clay much easier for French Open champion Rafael Nadal winning his first match in straight sets. The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

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