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(generated from captions) OK. But I wanna open this case first. it's been a game of 2s, has it not? I mean, the whole game... Let's give the stage to 22.

You say you got 4 G's. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Or has your sister got the cash? Whoa! Tracey - on the money! Thank goodness for that Megaguess. There's the $4,000.

as it ultimately transpires. Saved by the 2, Let's see the money. with your cheque for $750. The lovely Emma Gurney for $2,000. Not quite as good as Tracey's cheque "Doesn't matter!" As Con the Fruiterer would say, Been fun playing with you, pal. your uncle and mother say, alright? Don't listen to a word Cook her a nice dinner, Marie. See you later, Australia, and Greece, and wherever you are. Goodbye. This program is captioned live. This program is captioned live.

Tonight - raped a 10-year-old Aurukun girl. Tough new sentences for the men who by the Premier John Della Bosca suspended

A fresh Origin battle,

he wrote to himself. over an apology on this basis. Now, I am standing John aside Relief for Lauren Huxley for 20 years. as her attacker is jailed Yeah, celebrate, definitely. Greg Bird Why police arrested Blues star outside a Brisbane nightclub. There is no truth to the story as part of a joke. that Mr Bird was arrested And the consumer watch-dog sues over claims sun beds are healthy. with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. the Iguana-gate scandal broke, Almost a week after to stand down as Education Minister. John Della Bosca has been forced The Premier gave him no choice after it was revealed the letter of apology Mr Della Bosca drafted from the Iguana Bar management to clear himself of any blame. which he used The smile was forced his time was up. for a minister who knew The Premier and I spoke stand aside as Education Minsiter, and we agreed that I would and Minister for the Central Coast. Minister for Industrial Relations that it's reached the time I do believe from his parliamentary duties. where he needs to stand aside revealed Mr Della Bosca It's been a week since Seven News

Federal MP Belinda Neal, and his wife,

at Gosford's Iguana nightclub. had got into an argument with staff of being aggressive Employees accused the couple and Ms Neal a bully. Today it was revealed to Mr Della Bosca a manager's letter of apology by the Minister himself. was actually written

that Iguana's management REPORTER: Do you now accept was heavied into writing or signing this apology? I don't have any... ..I have to act on evidence of that and I don't have any evidence are not telling the truth. but I'm not saying that the parties The truth has been elusive. Yesterday, he didn't write the apology. Mr Della Bosca told the media

to anybody about this I have absolutely never lied or any similar matter. Like Watergate,

than there perhaps was on the night there's now more in the cover-up but still, needs to be investigated. the episode on the night

Morris Iemma is seen by many this week to have failed a crucial test

to discipline Mr Della Bosca by not moving quickly to anger counselling. after Kevin Rudd sent Belinda Neal fresh leadership questions Now he's facing electricity sell-off. on the verge of his make-or-break in the possible leadership coup One minister named

says it's nonsense. to speculate on that sort of thing. Oh look, I'm not even going Like I said, it's a good nomination for Australian fiction. for the Miles Franklin Award in the Iemma Government But the crisis is now very real. now Federal, Minister Bob Debus. Something not lost on former State, and I feel very happy. I am in Federal Government

with her attacker, Robert Farmer, Lauren Huxley came face to face in court today for 20 years. to watch as he was jailed The Huxley family comforted Lauren the ferocious assault as the judge detailed which almost claimed her life. Celebration and relief. For Lauren Huxley and her family to smile and relax. there was reason at last 3, 2, 1... Cheers. CHEERING Woo hoo!

for the first time Today, Lauren came to court who tried to kill her. to front the man That man is Robert Farmer - until at least 2026. he'll now be behind bars forward to most doing now - REPORTER: What are you looking

is it celebrating? Are you happy that this is over? and having a good time tonight. Yes, celebrating - definitely, yeah

(Laughs) In November, 2005, into the Huxleys' home at Northmead. Farmer forced his way across the head with fibrocutters, He bashed her repeatedly

bound her and set her alight. as the house burst into flames. Lauren was left for dead after 23 days in intensive care, Miraculously,

Lauren survived but doesn't remember it. Lauren sat with her head down, As the judge described the attack, from her face. occasionally wiping the tears sat Robert Farmer, Only a few metres in front of her no emotion or remorse. who again showed as dangerous. Judge Peter Hall described Farmer He's a very calculating, evil man. No remorse. And I just feel that I'm glad he's off the streets. Which means Lauren can now move on. Yeah, closure, definitely. Farmer will appeal his conviction

but for the Huxleys, the celebration continues.

No more coming back here, Lauren. We're outta here, mate. Queensland police say Greg Bird early yesterday hand-cuffing rugby league star was not a joke as claimed by the Blues' five-eighth. disorderly, resisting arrest They insist Bird was drunk, and lucky he's not behind bars. is Greg Bird, Somewhere in this crowd

early yesterday morning. leaving Brisbane's Uber nightclub He stayed behind the locked gates at Sharks training today

and let his boss do the explaining. He was looking to hail down a taxi, as were a number of other people, then he proceeded to get on the side of the road to try to get a taxi, then he was confronted by the police officer. Police say Bird was asked but refused to move off the road. He was handcuffed and put in the back of a police car. Police attending described Mr Bird as being intoxicated. They described him as being unsteady on his feet and they could smell alcohol on his breath.

Bird was released after a few minutes and thought the incident was a joke. Police didn't. Mr Bird owes our officers an apology after trying to excuse his own behaviour by making false accusations. Sharks' coach Ricky Stuart wasn't commenting today and wants his star five-eighth to concentrate on this weekend's game. The club hasn't ruled out taking disciplinary action against Greg Bird, although he'll still play against the Warriors here tomorrow. He still maintains he did nothing wrong and still thinks it was all a joke. Bird hasn't been charged. The players really have to appreciate no mattter what they do, they're going to be under the microscope and they've got to behave appropriately in all situations. Police are hunting a serial sex offender who's attacked six teenage girls in Sydney's north-west since April. His latest victim, a 16-year-old, was assaulted at knifepoint in Mount Druitt yesterday afternoon. I'm very confident he will strike again. he will strike again. As I said, he doesn't try to disguise himself at all.

He approaches during the day. Police have released this sketch of the suspect, who's of Asian descent with bucked front teeth.

New documents reveal former Crime Commission officer Mark Standen was becoming increasingly desperate prior to his arrest on drug trafficking charges. A magistrate refused Standen bail,

worried he could use his special police knowledge to leave the country. The family of alleged drug cop Mark Standen offered their homes and 24-hour supervision in exchange for bail today. REPORTER: Have you spoken to him at all, have you had any reaction? Speak to Mr King, please. But the courts said "No". It's disappointing, but that's the way it goes. The police case too strong. Court documents showing for the first time phone intercepts alleging Standen's desperate need for cash. A co-accused claiming:

Police allege he masterminded the $120-million scam, the drugs hidden in rice bags and wrapped in Alfoil.

The tapes are comprehensive. Undercover police not only knew when and where Standen was meeting alleged accomplicies but were able to beat him there and set up listening devices. They did it 16 times here in the CBD - twice in cars on the move. The tapes also apparently show panic when the shipment was delayed. Standen allegedly saying he'd be happy with just $100,000: And when a co-accused thought police were on to them, Standen allegedly said: Record levels of heroin and cocaine have been seized by Australian authorities as they combat new ways to import illegal drugs. The fight against the traffickers is far from over with increasing opium production overseas. Australia's emerging drug threat stems from the poppy fields of Afghanistan. It is the world's largest producer of opium. This year's harvest the biggest ever. Now the opium from these war-zone poppies has begun turning up on our streets. In the last couple of years, for the first time, we've seen the emergence of brown heroin and that's heroin that comes from the Afghanistan region. According to a new crime report, 7,500 tonnes of illegal drugs was seized at our borders last year. including 85 kilos of heroin. Most of it from South-East Asia

but a lot is coming from Afghanistan via its neighbour, India, too. The greatest, by far, proportion continues to come from the Golden Triangle and the Afghanistan situation is one that we must be vigilant about. As part of that vigilance, Australia is sending eight additional Federal Police officers to Afghanistan where it's not just heroin production that's the problem. This week, local police seized 237 tonnes of hashish, believed to be the biggest drugs haul in history. And notable successes here as well. 82,000 Australians were arrested for drug offences last year. Improved police technology has helped. Scatter importations through postal and air cargo systems continue to account for the largest number of heroin detections. Australia's tanning industry is facing a legal battle over claims it lied, about the safety of sun-beds. The consumer watchdog took action following the death of a woman who blamed a solarium for causing her cancer. Clare Oliver may have lost her battle with cancer but she's winning her fight against solariums. Clare Oliver would be thrilled to see that this industry is now going to be held accountable for their actions. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has lodged legal action against Victoria's biggest solarium chain, Body Bronze, the Australian Tanning Association and franchise Tropical Sun. The consumer watchdog alleges the industry claimed: The Cancer Council says since Clare Oliver started her campaign against solariums there's been a 50% drop in the use of tanning beds across Australia. This action will only add to that and I think it will really affect the viability of many operators. I've got a lot of spots already so, no more for me. I just find them very unsafe, particularly for my fair skin. So yeah, it's detrimental. The ACCC's claims will be heard in the Federal Court next month. The tanning industry has declined to comment. Whale watchers hit the jackpot off Sydney Heads today when a pod of humpbacks came up close to their boat. One friendly whale rolled over and gave the delighted on-lookers a wave. Today, they were like, you could just nearly touch them. They just kept coming over all the time,

having a real good stickybeak. The three humpbacks were migrating north a couple of kilometres off the coast. Still to come - Sydney casualties as a car and ambulance collide. Also, trapped inside a killer tornado. We're right underneath it, dude! It's swirling right above us. Oh, God! And Peter Garrett's master class at the school of rock.

Paramedics had to attend to one of their own

after two car crashes at Hurstville this afternoon. The officer was on his way to the first crash when his paramedic response car came to grief on King Georges Road. Rescue crews had to cut a passenger out of the Mercedes. Two people in that car and the paramedic were taken to St George Hospital. Kevin Rudd is refusing to down-grade Australia's travel warning to Indonesia despite a plea from the country's President. Mr Rudd's meeting with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was overshadowed by a part-time translator who triggered a major diplomatic incident. A colourful welcome for Kevin Rudd at Indonesia's Presidential Palace with cannon firing... (CANNON BLAST) ..and inspecting the rifle-toting honour guard but words can be weapons, too, like these from the President, through an interpreter, on Australia's Indonesian travel warning. INTERPRETER: But I do look forward that this advisory would be lifted. A surprised Kevin Rudd fell back on the same response he'd used on Japanese whaling. And we have, of course, some disagreement among friends on this. As diplomats on both sides went into meltdown, the President's official spokesman summoned the Australian media to say the interpreter had misinterpreted. We have a translator and, ah, there was a mistake in translation, He said the President did believe

it was now safe to travel in Indonesia

but he'd said

Australia should determine its own travel advice. The official palace interpreter was off sick. It seems

his fill-in's linguistic career will be a short one. Kevin Rudd will next inspect the reconstruction efforts in Banda Aceh. The Indonesian President thanked the Australian people for their generosity in helping the victims of the tsunami, a message that wasn't lost in translation. Amateur American storm chasers have captured remarkable video from inside a killer tornado. The twister swept through western Iowa with sudden, terrifying force. We're right underneath it, dude! It's swirling right above us.

Oh, God! They tried to drive clear but their weather radar showed them right inside the funnel. Our ears are popping. The tornado is right over us. Holy smokes! The twister went on to hit a boy scout camp, killing 4 and injuring 48. Heavy rain flooded Iowa's capital, wrecking bridges

and leaving 100 city blocks under water. Sydney school students are being offered lessons in the three Rs - reading, writing and rock. Today's class was taken by a politician better-known to their parents as Midnight Oil front-man Peter Garrett. Midnight Oil. REPORTER: What's he do now? He's a politician. 'Beds Are Burning'.

# How do we sleep while our beds are burning. # The Arts Minister came to Randwick Girls High to talk about jobs in the music business - rock and roll career guidance. He doesn't miss it. Do I miss doing this? I did it for 30 years. And I love the job that I've got. I just miss hanging around with the guys maybe backstage, a Vegemite sandwich, a cup of tea. (Laughs) But at the big audio desk he just seemed to light up. (DRUMS BEAT) Snares what you dance off, so you got to be able, you can hear the cymbals up high and it sounds pretty good. He went on stage with the band but only to introduce them. It's Amy Meredith. (CHEERING) The girls loved it. And was this the Arts Minister trying to stay in or the rock star trying to come out? The band could tell. We've come up with a word - I think it's either mutician or polisician, that's what he is. Look, you get called a lot of things in this business

but I think that's probably the best two things I'll be called today. At the end he spent a long time back-stage with the band. He doesn't miss it. Thanks everybody - wasn't it good? (APPLAUSE) Time for sport with Matthew White and a major injury worry for the Blues.

They don't want to change the team but they might have to because this tackle has left Peter Wallace in doubt for Origin II. Details next. Also tonight, Andrew Symonds to the rescue in the Third Test. COMMENTATOR: And this time it's going to be six. RADIO: Coming up to 7:30am... (ALL SPEAK AT ONCE) With a lightly toasted bagel, egg, bacon and spicy ketchup, the McAmerica Bagel is now at McDonald's. Come in bright and early and try one today. (GUITAR MUSIC PLAYS) (BIRDSONG) WOMAN: It's great, catching up with our friends. We're always up for something new. But back pain can really get in my way. That's why I rely on new Panadol Back + Neck. Its active ingredient

works where I need it, fast. So I don't have to hold back. Panadol Back + Neck - it's my choice.

The Blues halfback position could be up for grabs in Origin III

with Peter Wallace injured. He's facing at least two weeks on the sidelines after he underwent groin surgery last night. Matt, at least two weeks after he underwent groin surgery last night and he's a major doubt for the Origin decider. And he might not be the only change with Braith Anasta hoping for a Blues call-up with a big game for the Roosters tonight. This is the incident which had Peter Wallace in pain. COMMENTATOR: And Peter Wallace just down receiving some attention. A knee to the groin led to surgery for the Blues halfback.

He's out of action with the Broncos for at least two weeks, meaning New South Wales selectors might have to look elsewhere. Braith Anasta could also be in line for a surprise Blues call-up. They go to Anasta who puts his body on the line.

His chance to sway selectors comes tonight against the Panthers. I've thought my form has been pretty good - I think I've got a lot to offer. The Roosters were thumped 42-0 last week by the Eagles but with their Origin stars back they'll be hard to beat. We've come off a bad loss on Sunday and the Origin boys have come off a pretty big loss, too so we've got a pretty experienced team that want to redeem themselves. Tonight will be a classic East versus West battle. REPORTER: East versus West - which is better? Definitely East, mate! (Laughs) Matt, better news for Queensland with Johnathan Thurston cleared of a shoulder injury

and he will play for the Cowboys on Monday. But the Tigers have lost Keith Galloway and Taniela Tuiaki for their game against the Eels on Sunday.

A relieved Anna Meares has set her sights

on more Olympic gold after finally booking a spot for Beijing last night. Five months after fracturing her neck in a fall, Meares posted a near personal best time You go into an Olympic Games and everyone believes they can win it

and that's what I'm going in, thinking that I can win it. Meares broke the world record when she won the 500m time-trial at the Athens Games. He missed the team bus to training earlier in the week but Andrew Symonds was just where Australia needed him this morning. Symonds held the innings together with 52 as Wayne Bravo's pace helped reduce the tourists to 7/226 on day one. Australia started well but the loss of skipper Ricky Ponting sparked a mini-collapse, Bravo collecting the wickets of Mike Hussey and Michael Clarke in the same over. That brought Symonds to the crease and he did what he does best. COMMENTATOR: Symonds again going aerial and this time it's going to be six. Test debutant Beau Casson and Brett Lee the unbeaten batsmen when rain ended play early. Aussie golfers Stuart Appleby and Geoff Ogilvy are just a shot from the lead after the opening round of the US Open. Americans Justin Hicks and Kevin Streelman head the field at three under while Ogilvy and Appleby both carded 69s. Appleby stormed home with four birdies on the back nine including this at 15 to get to two under. Tiger Woods struggled in his first round since knee surgery in April, carding a 1 over 72. Ogilvy, who won the Open two years ago, had mixed fortunes with five birdies and three bogeys in his round.

The rugby, the Wallabies play

against Ireland, Timmy will help us

out in the news tomorrow You have it

all covered. I know. No finance but Sara's next with the weather and there's some welcome snow at the ski-fields? A wintry onslaught dumped up to 15cm in Thredbo today. I'll show you how it's looking I ll s gw youhow it?slookin'

If you stepped outside to soak up the sunshine this afternoon you would have had quite a shock. It felt close to 10 degrees for much of the day thanks to gusty winds but that cold change is welcome news for our ski-fields. since around 4:30 this morning, Snow has been falling steadily dumping 5-10cm on Perisher and up to 15cm over Thredbo.

More snow is expected this evening. or snowboard Enough strap on your skis for a good snowball fight. and more than enough Back in Sydney in town today. and it reached 19 degrees Right now it's 14 approaching from the south. with isolated showers

Most suburbs hit 19 degrees, made it feel much more wintry. but winds up to 72km/h its coldest day this month Katoomba shivered through on its overnight low of 8. gaining just 1 degree brought snow across the Alps today. This is the front that across much of the State That system will drive a cold change in the Hunter this evening with potentially damaging winds and frosts over the inland. will see isolated showers Fresh southerly winds along our coast. around 10cm of snow last night, Victorian ski-fields had their first of the season.

but clearing in Hobart and Adelaide. Showers for Melbourne tomorrow A chilly 13 in Canberra. Fine in Brisbane and Perth. windy and rough this evening Sydney will continue

a possible thunderstorm offshore. with a gale warning throughout and south-south-west Winds will tend more as those showers push up from Wollongong in the next few hours. a dive tomorrow So temperatures will take but it should be dry in the west only light showers along the coast. Expect tops of 16 or 17 degrees

Penrith, and Campbelltown, with lows down to 6 in Liverpool,

showers on Sunday and Monday There'll be a few coastal

but nothing to heavy. And that's Seven News to now during the evening. but we'll have up-dates thanks for your company. I'm Ian Ross, Goodnight.

The $5-million man. and her 'Big Brother' dealmaker. The 'Underbelly' queen of publicity to be glorified How Roberta Williams' desire and her friends. has angered her family Is it for fame, or fortune? Seeing is believing. or 30 years time? How will you look in 10, 20, The new technology to keep your face young. and the changes you need to make

Good evening. with an investigation We begin tonight

bureaucrats failed a little girl, into how as did her parents. She was 7 of apparent starvation. and died in her bedroom who've remained silent until now. An event that has other victims, Marguerite McKinnon reports. This is a horrifying nightmare. This is one of the worst and saddest cases I have ever seen. Now there's definitely no way we can live here ever again. Chris Alexiou and his wife, Deborah, have a house nobody wants. A beautiful home in a picturesque coastal retreat where prime ministers holiday. But it's what happened inside their house that will haunt them forever and may well ruin them financially. We just didn't know this could possibly happen to us. Last November, 7-year-old Shellay Ward was found dead in her bedroom, reportedly starved to death. The story made national headlines. FILE FOOTAGE: When they found Shellay's body on Saturday morning she weighed 9 kilograms - the weight of an 18-month-old. Homicide police swoop on Blake and Sharyn Ward's Hawks Nest home.

the girl's body was skeletal 10 days ago, and covered in filth. Just two months after they moved in, left the Hawks Nest home Shellay's parents Blakely and Sharyn and two other children. they had rented with Shellay Why do you believe she died? What do you believe happened to her? She didn't cope with being here. She's autistic. public housing for six years Blakely Ward had been in and wanted out. private rental in Hawks Nest said, His application to move to a and kids". "I want a better life for my wife 39 pages of rental history, They sent us a rental history, of how good they are plus some verbal mentioning and with all this given to us,

"this is what we have" the agent rang us and said, let them have it. and we thought, well that's fine,

They're a family. They're a family. going to move into the house. A family's the Department of Housing The references were from that they're great tenants. which stipulated