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(generated from captions) the Tamil minority and the rest

of the country. An alleged

people smuggler is being

extradited from Indonesia to

Australia to face people

smuggling charges. The man who

holds dual Iraqi Iranian

citizenship is accused of

shipping 900 people to

Australia in separate voyages

in 2001. The police

investigation into last week's

fatal boat explosion is

continuing but very few details

are being released. The

Opposition's spokeswoman joins

us now from Sydney. Good

morning. Good morning. We've

got news this morning that some

of the asylum seekers will be

processed as arriving on an

excised off shore place and others as having

others as having arrived on the

Australian mainland. Should

they all be processed as having

arrived on an excised off shore

place? Well, according to

Australian law as it currently

stands, where you arrive has

some significant influence on

whether you can have different

appeals through our courts so

the issue really is fairly

academic because most of these

boats are being intercepted

boats are being intercepted in

Australian waters or in a

migration zone that's been

excised like Ashmore Reef or

Christmas island itself. The

Immigration has the power to

block any application for

refugee status by people who

arrive in excised territories.

Should he block their

application s? No, you can't

block any application from an asylum-seeker if

asylum-seeker if they also

reach an excise zone weemp have

an obligation under our United

Nations High Commission for

refugee s obligations that if

you arrive as an asylum-seeker

in Australia, whether to

Ashmore Reef or on the

mainland, and you seek asylum,

Australia must carefully

process your application and

see if you are, as you claim

see if you are, as you claim to

be, a refugee. Should they

receive any special

consideration considering what

they've been through? Well, we

have a 13,500-person refugee

intake program. We go into to

some of the hell holes of the

world, into Africa and the

Myanmar border, Thai border,

Bangladeshi border, and there

disadvantaged and we select some of the most

disadvantaged and endangered people you'll find anywhere in

the world so arriving by boat

from Indonesia is not

necessarily, I have to say,

going to give you a higher

level of risk in term of

whether you'll survive without

our support than the people who

are coming through in those

other places. It's all about looking at whether or not if

you return back to your home

death because you are country you face potential

death because you are a

minority, a racial minority,

ethnic minority. That is that

the way it's worked out. I

should say the UNHCR has what

it calls a durable solution set

of priorities. The first is

that the individuals can be

returned home if at all

possible. The second is that

they are assisted in the first

place where they seek asylum.

The third is if they haven't

been able to be

been able to be supported in

that first place for whatever

significant reason, then a

third country - in this case

it's Australia - will look at

their scenario. So that's why

in Australia we've always been

very interested in how long

have people spent, if they've

come via boats, in other

countries like Indonesia,

Malaysia, perhaps parlths of

of the Europe. All of that is the part

of the mix. People involved in

this incident shouldn't receive

any special consideration?

They have a set of life

experiences which we have to

take into consideration but the

fact that they've come by boat

doesn't mean they are more

endangered than some boy

soldier in the Congo, say, or

the Sudanese area, so it

circumstances depends on the individual

circumstances abslootly. Have

you received any more

information about what actually

happened on board this boat? We are dependent on the

Government for handing out that

information and I think, like

the media, we the Opposition

are very frustrated. One of the

key issues is whether or not

the people on this boat, the

boat that exploded, were told

that they were going to

Christmas island and so could

relax in a sense

relax in a sense and understand

that they were already under the protection of the

Australian Government in that

sense or were they not told?

Were they still in doubt? Were

they worried that perhaps they

were being turned around and

being towed back to Indonesia

and therefore was that the

trigger perhaps for splashing

around the fuel? We need to

know that answer because we've

had two different versions coming through from

coming through from people

involved in the incident,

Australians involved in the

incident. Now, that needs to be

urgently sorted out because we

have more boats of course

coming on down. The Australian

response, the official response

to what they tell asylum

seekers, if that was a trigger

it absolutely needs to be

sorted out. That why there's an

urgency about this matter. We

proper don't think it is right and

proper and sensible to go into

deep secret mode, not to tell

the Australian people just what

in fact transpired out there in

the seas. Isn't it prudent

though to wait until the

results of an independent

investigation? Well, we have

had always in such an incident,

within 24 or 48 House of Lords,

it's called a rapid and quick

it's called a rapid and quick

assessment of what the problem

was. We've already had muns of

people interviewed in relation

to this tragedy. Obviously

there are some still too

injured to be able to speak as

the asylum seekers themselves

but we can't wait around months

while this Government decides

what to do with the information

when, as I said to you a minute

ago, some key information about

ago, some key information about

what triggered this episode

could save lives in the future.

Meanwhile, I want this Government to be more serious

about the whole people

smuggling business itself and

what we have is still a totally bungling and bumbled response

where we had Minister Evans

claiming he doesn't know about

Federal Police reports which

warned him about the connection

between this government's

policy and more people

policy and more people

smuggling, we had him saying,

Minister Evans, "I did want

know, I wasn't told but no, I

still haven't asked." We have

Minister Debus not quite sure

what happened on Warrior Reef

when there was a people

smuggler boat stuck there for

four days in early April. We're

told it is a case of Customs

not sure whether it was their

job or the navy's job- There is a bit of confusion

is a bit of confusion over the

state of your party in relation

to temporary protection visas.

Would you like to see them part

of your party's policy stand?

Temporary protection visas were

introduced back in 1999 when

there were in fact about 4,000

people coming down. It was part

of an emergency strategy which

included the Pacific Solution

and the good news was it

brought down people smuggling

by two-thirds in

by two-thirds in the next

year. You would like to see

them reintroduced? I'm telling

you they were very effective

back when we had the huge

numbers coming down with loss

of life at that time too so

clearly what sort of visa is

associated with those who come

via people smugglers needs to

be considered in our policy mix

but we haven't yet gone through

our Coalition party's

our Coalition party's

processes. We are looking very

carefully at a complete and comprehensive immigration

citizenship policy for the next

election but visas, the issue

of visas for asylum seekers who

come via people smugglers, are

certainly in that mix and I

need to add for your

information when TPVs were

introduced into the Senate as a

introduced into the Senate as a

set of regulations in 1999,

amongst all the Labor Party who

voted for them was Minister