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(generated from captions) Mark, that's a big scary, I don't know if I'm ready for that just yet, the cossie. Before we go tonight. Kevin Rudd has put his recap of our top stories

tax plan promising to defer tax cuts for tax plan on the table,

high income earners to families with education. A suicide bomber families with the cost of

Bhutto's home coming. And Pakistan and shatters Benazir

that's ABC News. Stay now for Philip 'Stateline' coming up next and the debate between John and Kevin Rudd will the debate between John Howard

live on the ABC at 7:30 on and Kevin Rudd will be shown

Sunday striegt after Have a great CSI Goodnight. Closed Captions by CC (Choir sings) The choir Abbey? You may You'll be answered later in the program. Hell o and welcome to Stateline. The federal election is finally under way. We'll go Michael Brissenden and meet the candidates for Canberra as they get 30 seconds each to convince us why we should vote for First, the ACT Government us why we should vote for them.

credentials. John Stanhope says we're leading the way on reducing greenhouse gases and his Government will consider building. The two men you're building a 6-star green office

about to meet say when it comes to the way build our houses. When when it comes to the way we

ratings, they see A simple roof over our heads, a place to call our gallon, a valley of dreams is a place to call our own. In gun

rapidly building a new reality. I see a perpetuation rapidly building a new suburban

of an energy guzzling society that is going to go on emissions and not doing it increasing greenhouse gas

properly. It's always confidence trick in a way. But properly. It's always a

it goes right that we've always recorded the it goes right back into history

sun as our enemy instead of our to control it and I don't think friend. We've got to learn how friend. We've got to

the building industry's learned that. Between physics head and architect have that. Between them, former ANU 91 years living in the capital. Despite the warnings warming and the obvious need Despite the warnings of global

for energy we're terribly slow learners. This house of course lot of glass on which in some ways is quite good, but difficult to shade a big area of glass like that, even though it's tinted. still getting a lot of heat intake through the window. The windows on the west still taking in the heat summer and in the winter time, still taking in the heat in

this house is casting over the windows. When this house is casting a shadow

the sun. If you look around the suburb, the whole has this type the suburb, the whole suburb

some 50 years so you're but they're going to last for

a high energy use houses and some 50 years so you're lock in

some 50 years when we should building low energy houses some 50 years when we should be

which take advantage of the and advantage of our which take advantage of the sun

and allow us the builders are spec builders sustainable living. MOels of

that are building to make some money, yed you'd they build what they people want. They're not building a sustainable house even though the on some houses even though the energierating

When you look at the houses and what they are achieving in terms of energy saving, they're not doing it. What does about the ACT's system? When about the ACT's energy rating sounds good. In practice, doesn't seem to work. There should be no gaps between the going to get easterly sun hoses. All these windows are

not northerly going to get easterly sun and at what is going to happen to our climate and the impact this is going to have on our grandchildren and so on, this is not helping. doing the opposite, it's making is not helping. This is just

everything worse to do so say the simple solution is to do so for a long time. Both above but not beyond us, working with and not against the sun. It's all a matter of north-facing but not really taking proper advantage of the sun in the winter but they're over using it in the summer because those upper eaves absolutely useless on because those upper eaves are

windows. absolutely useless on those aren't they? Yes. around, you look at houses and they're not - around, you look at these

they're not four or five stars at. All What's going snOn I don't know what's going on. It seems to me that there gives the star rating? What who looks at the houses and who looks at the houses

are they looking at to a star rating? They're not aththe sort of things I would look at which is energy you'd be efficiency. At the moment they're just energy consuming stars? Definitely because

houses. Architect Derek wriggly says poor estate planning makes the problem worse. He's a booklet outlining problems. the problem worse. He's written

This is the where every house gets the sun and there are more houses in the area plus extra space. What would you say the area plus extra community

people who buy very large space. What would you say to

houses with air and not taking advantage of houses with air conditioning

solar potentials? What would you say when they like the house the way it is. I you say when they argue, "We

don't care about pay the extra power bill."? It's saying, "Not going to to anything saying, "Not going to to do because porchsz emissions are It's less than 2% of the title." a plezants argument. It's a moral argument, not just

don't do that, by 20 30s, the a plezants argument. If we

climate system we're seeing now changes worse. There are changes will be far

built but according to these two, just not enough for them. Why is this a much better design? Because it is designed to take full advantage of the northern sun in winter time and the ability out in summer and so it's a very narrow block, very small all of it with north side, it will be north side, it will be a delightful fully automatic. What about fully automatic. What about the roof? It's a tin Galvanised roof, which is excellent. Why is that better? Because better? Because it will reflect the heat and not absorb the heat. Next door we have a the dark absorb heat, heat the roof space which means you have a higher temperature on so uget more heat transnered to the house, so the house is going to that. Should any houses require air conditioning units they're designed really. If really. If they're designed properly, they could manage without. They could in this clime. People are rushing to buy air conditioners these days because they are because they are living into imperfect houses. They've been forced into it and that's problem. If they were properly? They wouldn't need them. None of these places is have solar hotwater. Solar hotwater should be mandatory. Your main energy process is going to be through heating water. For John and Derek, it's a all so avoidable. Good design, available technology. All it takes is a collective get drier, we're going to get hotter. We taking account of that now building if for it. There building if for it. There are ways to do it. Do you feel a certain sense certain sense of desperation? Very Very much so. For our grandchildren, I grandchildren, I think. I don't think it will affect going to be gone in going to be gone in 10 years. (Laughs) sake, I'm very fearful. Now to the federal election and after five Opposition has released its long awaited tax plan long awaited tax plan and surprise surprise, it's not radically different from the Government's. It costs just about the same and with all about the same and with all the details of that plan and developments, Michael Brissenden provides one of the more back drops for a daily exercise routine and for John routine and for John Howard this has become a familiar route. Today he may have been buoy by new polling showing on Labor. As on Labor. As a seasoned campaigner campaigner he knows how long the campaign walk is. It's journey replete with hurdles, diversions, triumphs and dead ends. The unexpected and routine, like a chaser ambush. We know you need to pull We know you need to pull a rabbit out of your rabbit out of your hat. Here's a few. You blokes are better when you pick on someone when you pick on someone who's alive. This week, the alive. This week, the Chaser themselves became one of the fuse stories to get attention outside of the Government's political gamble about the and anti- union message. The Newspoll Galaxy poll shows Newspoll Galaxy poll shows a 6-point turn around on a 2 party preferred basis with Government on 47 and Labor Government on 47 and Labor on 53. The AC Nielsen poll 53. The AC Nielsen poll puts the splip splited the splip splited at 54/46. Still a big lead to Labor but momentum is important and momentum is momentum is what the Prime Minister has had, thanks to his day one announcement of a $34 billion tax package. The tax reform plan is entirely affordable and consistent with the Government's objectives in relation to both inflation and interest rates. Since then, the prefrlings been on Kevin to release his response -- pressure's. debate perhaps only coming up on Sunday night, he had to on Sunday night, he had to do it soon. Here it is. This is the tool box of the 20th century. We want to make sure every kid in Australia in the future has the chance computer literate. Let me computer literate. Let me tell you, in the future in a digital economy, fundamental business. Education is the headline feature Labor tax response that is me too with a twist, as the Treasurer dubbed it, me too, but. They would but. They would reduce the thresholds for tax to thresholds for tax to thrae-E three by buy 2013, against three by buy 2013, against the Government's four rates by 2012. Labor's plan includes a education tax refund that would allow families currently on tax benefit A to claim school related education expenses. Up to $750 for primary school and $1500 secondary school. Labor says the education refund will be available to two-thirds available to two-thirds of Australian children. fund by defer the fund by defer the Government's proposed tax cuts for earning over $180,000 for one year. Politics is about making choices between conflicting priorities. If you're on grand and more, as people like myself are, I don't think really need it just now. What I say instead is that most people an investment going into bridge in that bracket wouldn't mind

the digital divide for the whole point Aspirational, but, like the Government's plan, also dependent on a healthy Budget surplus. Of course, consistent with remarks made by the treasurether other day, there are conditions attached. The first relates to the national and international economic circumstance scpsz the second is general economic discipline of maintaining Budget surpluses of 1% of GDP. For much of 1% of GDP. For much of the week, the challenge from the Government has been clear. Government has been clear. If the Opposition on where to recommend our tax plan to recommend our tax plan to them. It's something that is good for that will build our economy and it will allow us to go for growth. Now that advice has been doesn't seem too happy. Mr Rudd talks Rudd talks about education. If he'd have brought his paper in after copying 91.5 pirs of the answers student sitting next to would have got an F for fail. It is true the Labor package uses the same parameters, coming in under the Government's over all 34 billion figure. It was in October last year that Swan first floated the idea of reform ing the system with fewer and lower marginal tax rates. Still, Mr Costello he thinks he's found a hole in Labor's numbers today. Labor's numbers today. This is where Mr Scprued Mr Swan really caught out, when they say on page 8 aspiration for 2012, 13 includes the 15 between 6,000 and they're wrong. That's the part they couldn't copy they couldn't copy because we never put never put down there. The Treasurer point out the Government's figures been projected as far tax year before that, 2011/12. No doubt the bean counters No doubt the bean counters on both sides will sift through the figures before Sunday night's debate. Still, whether it's me too with tax deductible technology thrown in or me too but, the Labor tax plan has effectively neutralised the Government's tax attack. Economists have expressed concern mattert who wins the now, interest rates will now, interest rates will be higher the local level, there are four electorates to focus on. Canberra, Fraser, Hume and Eden Monaro. Then of course there's the the all-important Senate race. Over present a mini profile of the electorates and electorates and each candidate will be given 30 sdedz to promote themselves. The order they appear in is randomly selected. This summation by renowned renowned Canberra journalist Crispin Hull is joining Stateline for these Stateline for these profiles. The Federal The Federal electorate of Canberra comprisathise Canberra comprisathise southern half of the ACT. Rougherly, if you draw it's all part of Canberra down to the border Canberra down to the border to NSW. At the moment, it's held by Annette Ellis for Labor and she's held it since she's held it since 1996 and there is little or no of any change to that. of any change to that. It's you would would say certain that she is going to be re-elected. support this support this election from previous elections the me tooism that's gone the me tooism that's gone on and a lot of people disappoint would Labor disappoint would Labor Party looking like twiddly dum and twiddly Dee but chances of winning seats house for the Greens, impossible. My name is Amanda Bresnan. I'm standing for the Greens because I believe it Greens because I believe it is important to provide a for people and provide an alternative to the two major parties. Important issues for theme are ensuring we provide health, housing and income for people who most need it, doing something now, not in 10 or 15 years now, not in 10 or 15 years time and also making sure we talk to the community use and deliver services we develop policy. we develop policy. Citizens electoral council, they're electoral council, they're a fairly odd mob of people who have conspiracy theories and they believe in the State onliership of the banks they're very tough they have a grab bag of policies from the far left policies from the far left and far them to get much more than one or two per cent of the vote f that. I'm John Holder with that. I'm John Holder with the citizens electoral Australia. My aim is to let people of Canberra

people of Canberra see they need to be involved in and concerned about Government decisions. The whole free trade globalised world system is bankrupt because it is not based on physical economic principles. You cannot do anything about our water, power, infrastructure, health and education problems under and education problems under a bankrupt system. The CEC have solutions to The Liberal Party candidate is Natalie Colbert. had a huge impact but it's early days in the election yet, but she caused a ripple of mirth when she was describing how she originally got into politics. She said she was very annoyed and disgusted with Prime Minister Paul Keating because she saw him sort of adjusting his trousers at some public this was such an this was such an appalling thing for an Australian Prime Minister that maybe she ought to become a Liberal Party supporter and supporter and take an active part in politics. part in politics. We'll probably see a probably see a bit more of her as the election go on but you'd have to say her chances have to say her chances of winning the are very remote. I'm Natalie Colbert, the Liberal candidate for Canberra. I'm standing for this seat because conbearens deserve bert. deserve bert. We have moved from streenth strength record low significant real significant real wages growth, family friendly tax cuts significant support for families. I'm committed to continue to see this happen for our electorate. I'm committed to strengthening our to strengthening our education, supporting our supporting our families, to working future and to making a safer community down community down here for all residents. Annette Annette Ellis has been a very good local member, she's good local member, she's always been around the town at functions, charity funks. functions, charity funks. She does a lot of work on the ground for her constituents. It's very hard to see her being upset in this my name is Annette Ellis. I'm the Federal member for Canberra. In the Federal parliament, and I'm the Labor candidate recontesting the seat of Canberra in the upcoming federal election. I'm federal election. I'm really looking forward to offering looking forward to offering to this community good ongoing representation of the community in the Federal parliament in the Federal parliament and I'm looking forward to to that community new policy in health, in education, in childcare and childcare and concerting myself with the issues of the cost living which I believe is dramatically affecting the people of my summary, you'd summary, you'd have to say Annette Ellis will get back in the seat of Canberra and she'll get about 60% of the Liberal Party candidate will be back on parade on the following Monday morning. And only five weeks to go. Next week, the seat of and next Thursday, the Great Hall at Parliament House will be devoid of politicians and be full of voices of the heavenly kind. kind. It becomes a venue for a one-off performance Westminster Abbey choir. Details will be on our website on Monday. But here on Monday. But here they are in their more natural habitat. The magnificent Westminster Abbey choir. They'll be performing at the Great Hall on Thursday night. Don't miss it. You might wonder You might wonder where up and coming chefs learn their coming chefs learn their craft. Stuart Walsh from the CIT can usually be found passing on his skills to would be Gordon Ramsey scpl Nigella Lawsons but he also writes a weekly he also writes a weekly food column which has been nominated for the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Food Media Awards. The results will be known tomorrow. 666's Adam Shirley Thirst fing we've got to is take the points off the wing. If you just fold that open and in between where the point meets the - that's the way, push it through. Excellent, all to the board there. That's it.

I enjoy eating food so I thought cook thought cook ing food might be a good thing. It is good have young people come in with a similar passion and to pass it on is fantastic. Just it on is fantastic. Just take your knife. Just find the breast plate. There's a nice ridge along the middle At CIT, I'm At CIT, I'm the Dean of Faculties so I look after a lot of the high-level administration stuff. I after all the hiring and firing of the staff. Doesn't take a lot though to encourage me to get back in the kitchen. For today's recipe we're going today's recipe we're going to use the breast. Remove the skin by finding an end and peeling argument that's the way. Flout. Ever since my first experience at trade school as a 17-year-old, those things I thought I was always destined to do. I always teacher. It give opportunity to be in the disrooe without working challenging hours, you have to work six nights or five nights a week while selves and you're in the kitchen. Put a kitchen. Put a good bit of oil tin there because the pan's going to be nice and hot. That's alright. Keep going. With food , I think important thing is to have fresh ingredients to me means seasonal ingredients. Baby carrots, baby turnips carrots, baby turnips are beautiful this time of the season. Also start to look regionally, see what's available, fresh good happening right now. That's how you a really good plate of food. try to cook most nights at home because I still enjoy doing it. Look, when I need to get Look, when I need to get out of jail free y have is a toasted sandwich. dpooed good eating, Feeling hungry? you've had your dinner. That's it for the program this it for the program this week. Next week, the seat of Hume, the Canberra fire becomes theatre and we take you to a secret place in a nearby forest for a dazzling display of orchids. Don't forget if you have a story or want to check Before you go, were you amongst the spectacular projections on the walls the walls of the National Gallery to celebrate their Gallery to celebrate their 25th anniversary? We loved much we're going to have another look. Good-bye. Closed Captions by CSI

Hi, I'm Andy Muirhead. Tonight we're travelling through space at the speed of sound and taking in everything from tins to topaz along the way. Wherever you're watching around Australia, welcome to Collectors. Hello, team. ALL: Hello, Andy. Now, Niccole, it's pitch perfect plastic tonight. I suppose you could say that. They're art deco. They're Bakelite and they're absolutely gorgeous. What I look for in a Bakelite radio is style, the quality of it, the rarity of it, the colour of it, and how it fits into the deco genre. And tonight Andy is tempted by the dark side of the force. MAN: It's a place for Star Wars fans to come together and talk about the latest product that's come out